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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 15, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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it again, the remote and the ashtray and you are going to turn off the stove. and if that's not luck, i don't know what is. ♪ ♪ good evening it is tuesday october 15th i am gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. the bart saga continues tonight, once again the bay area faces a possible strike. there is another midnight deadline set by the unions. happening now, negotiations is under way in oakland, live monitoring talks right now just five hours away from this next deadline. >> reporter: just ten minutes ago, bart spokeswoman came out and gave us an update, she says
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mediator are meeting with bart officials right now, talks resumed at 1:00 and the general manager grace kuhn can has been quote leading the charge. >> it was clear that he wants to team to operate with him of the financial framework that was set and that's what we are doing right now. >> reporter: for bart 400, 000 daily riders tonight will be the fourth time they have to wait for words whether trains will run on friday or sunday. the unions postponed of deadline and at this hour a strike remains a possibility. >> if we don't reach an agreement, there could be a strike, we are doing everything we can. >> one union narrator tellingyou
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know negotiator, i did learn that he had to leave early monday morning because he had an engagement and it is not clear if he will be back here on the table. the final offer they submitted on sunday was about 3% annual increases over four years with the possibility of union workers earning up of a $4000, it still remains that any gains would be offset by higher requested contributions of pensions and medical benefits. right now we are still waiting and we understand that the unions are returning and they're expected to return back here and this is going on most likely late into the night. reporting live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news >> the the uncertainty of the situation is taking its toll. >> it is stress full because we
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don't know up to midnight if they're going to run or not so we have to stay awake and we have to wake up early in the morning. >> come on now, this should be taken care of a long time ago, you know, i don't know what to say, it is appalling. >> stay with ktvu for the latest on bart and we'll have the live update on the 10:00 news and tomorrow morning our coverage begins at 4 a.m. and we'll post development on facebook and twitter and on there is a possibility of an ac transit strike. the agency petition the governor today for a 60 day cooling off period. neither leaders were ratified. >> we handed out two agreements and both of them recommended by the unions leaderships and both times have been rejected and now we are wondering what we will hear from the union next.
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>> both sides say they're ready to restart negotiations but there is no remeeting scheduled. continuing coverage of the government shutdown, we'll give you a live look on what's happening on capitol hill. just about 3 hours ago, the house voted on banning the plan. the clock is ticking towards the default deadline tomorrow night. the house unveil a bill that would permitted the treasury to raise the debt ceiling until next february would allow the gun shot to open remission funds to carry to mid december. >> we are going to continue to work with our members from both sides of the aisle to try to make sure that there is no issues of default and to get our government reopen. >> tonight senate leader express of a bipartisan solution that they say can pass both house in
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congress tomorrow. wall street reacted negatively in washington and all the uncertainty. dow jones dropped 133 points and nasdaq fell 31. workers there said to be furloughed starting thursday and pritchett found out that the impact is already being felt. >> lawrence livermore well, furloughs here means that fewer people eating at this italian restaurant. >> 30% less for business at lunch and dinner. >> he's worried about business and his customers are worried about their jobs. >> they don't know what to do. >> we have learned that the lab
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will be on minimum staffing after tomorrow if furloughs kick in, on sunday workers expressed their fears in a town hall meeting who worried that there could be a drain of highly skilled workers. >> if we give them greater un uncertainty and -- there is really very little incentives and reasons for them to stay. >> he's working to guarantee back pay if the lab shuts down. that still leaves business owner like fran which he is erica of -- that can change if the shutdown went down for long.
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in livermore ktvu, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news . they fill around the island that did not actually stop. they spoke to tourists today and took vizors around alcatraz tries to be on board on thursday. police say two small children in the backseat of a stolen car have been found safe and sound. the incident started at 6:15. it was reported of a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old in the back of thon when a woman jumped in and took off. police say the children are unharmed. yahoo say ss. it may take another year for yaho to
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match the market. revenue was also flat, the santa clara company demand for pcs worldwide. we now know that twitter shares will be traded on the new york stock exchange, not nasdaq. the decision was revealed in a regulatory filing. twitter ipo is expected next month. and nasdaq and nyc has been competing. a warning tonight for residents on peninsula ---- >> reporter: there is also extensive surveillance and testings.
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>> i am glad that we have still funded and aggressive control agencies that can identify that there is unusual mosquitoes present. >> inspectors discovered the problem in late august when mosquitoes eggs were found in one of the parks. >> it is one of those types where you do not want to have in your neighbor. >> so far, yellow fever mosquitoes, eggs or larva have been found on 20 properties and as recently inspectors found more larva that's tested positive. >> if we have mosquitoes that bit people and then that will have the ability to transmit the disease to somebody else. that's what we are trying to prevent.
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>> this is an aggressive mosquito that can transfer yellow fe veer. fe ver. >> it is a significant public health threat to have the mosquitoes here. communities are currently battling the out break of yellow mosquitoes experts are not sure how they got here but it is possible how they brought in on a plant or some other vegetation. >> repo residents can help with eradication. we are live in ktvu channel 2 news. our cameras were rolling as law enforcement law enforcement offers carried their -- officers say they found meth and cocaine and arrested
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one man and raids involving the fbi. sheriff's office were carried out in oaklandan antioch. a south bay light rail car strike a young boy, relatives say it could have been worse what he was doing right before he was hit. three homes in an exclusive neighbor hit by burglar and how police say of a simple push of a button granted of the access. does not mean you don't need your jacket to start your day, i will have a look for your morning temperatures and what you are expected for the afternoon, coming up.
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still part of an effort to keep those teams moving to other cities. and now to the peninsula where police say thieves were able to get into the victim's home with a push of a button. police say the burglar simply took the garage door opener to unlock car to get in the home. swan says he and his wife were watching to have.
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>> someone has enough stones to come into a house with dogs going nuts and clearly they can hear us at the other end of the house watching television. that was just frightening in terms of what else can these guys do. >> police reminding residents to make sure their car doors are locked and those garage door openers are hidden. san francisco's da after a scan targeting immigrants. today launched the public awareness campaign of can scans and getting them in front of the line for visas. the da is asking scam victims to come forward so the authorities can get those responsible tauf streets. off the streets.
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industry insiders expect apple to unveil an updated version of the ipad of i0 s7. it is set to take place next tuesday in san francisco for center of the art. the ceo of luxury fashion of the brand -- apple's ceo called erickson an eks ex extraordinary leader. it is due to take part next spring. on friday, the fire department sent out alerts about this saturday's breakfast. the chief says the notice went out because the department was going to land a helicopter part of the event. the chief says he wanted to let the residents know so
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they could not call 911. >> i was not expecting it to be some sort of emergency and i read the pile of pancakes for breakfast and i thought this was ridiculous. >> she says next time we'll put the most important information up first. now trending at ktvu, take a look it is a giant fish found sunday by a marine down california. 18 foot long creature was dead and still intact and more than a dozens of people helped hauling the fish. they're hardly seen dead or alive. you can see the link on hot topics section at a nice day p around the bay area and widespread upper 70s and to lows 80 and from the coast and around the bay in inlands. they began to cool off, 64 in half-moon bay and 64
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in oakland. lows 70s live moore and 71 right now in concord. into the afternoon, some areas like napa were nearly 8 degrees warmer than the day before. the ridge of high pressure establishing itself over the west coast and as it does, it is going to continue to bring us dry, warm weather and the flow around the highs something like this. and so for the coming days that dry northerly flow will be in the bay area and that'll continue to bring us temperatures very similar to what we had today. now, with the clear skies of the longer night and the dryer air in place, allow for any air we have flown away. this is what i have tomorrow morning of a chilly start, inland communities expected for napa and get around the bay and temperatures not as chilly but still a cool start, 51 for oakland and upper 40s for redwood city.
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48 for san jose. and inland east bay 45 degrees h 45. a repeat of what we had for the afternoon today. 81 degrees in nevada and into the east bay 08 degrees d once again in oakland. low 80s for pittsburgh as well as antioch and for the santa clara valley and sunny skies tomorrow. 81 for you san jose. and 81 for sunnyvale and along the peninsula for the afternoon it is going to be a nice, warm day. 82 for palo alto and 78 degrees in san fran that's what you hit for this afternoon. take a look at the coast, mid to upper 70s. notice little change in the forecast and lows 80 in the forecast all the way through saturday. sunday looks to be a bit cooler with mid-70s in the
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forecast inland cities and 70s around by the way. a san jose's nail salon back open tonight after a car drove right into the front. police say the man driving the car was not impaired and is not clear of what happened. there were no customers in the store at the time but two employees were inside and neither was hurt. the boston red sox today regain home field advantage. the 7th ending was the only scof john and the boston won the bulls. the red sox leading of the game series, and game four is tomorrow night starting at 5 p.m.. it is mid october and halloween is in the air. tonight of a spirit of a very special group of children. and calling all-star wars fans of the new exhibit.
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some young patients of the children hospital received an early treat today. hospital officials say the annual event helps with the spirit of children to enjoy a traditional
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halloween event. president obama today presented the nation's highest military honor to retired award to wilson. he helped with the battle of taliban in afghanistan that killed five americans. it would be the first time ever a medal of honor winner has returned from retirement of service. the museum in san jose is about to open the new exhibit that's expected to atrack the star wars fans. today of a preview of the exhibit and costumes and it is scheduled to open this saturday. thank you for making us your choice for ktvu. tonight we'll have the latest on the labor saga of bart and we'll let you
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know if the trains will be running tomorrow. keep in mind we are always here for you at and tmz is up next right here on tv 36. look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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>> today on tmz. blake shelton wants the westboro baptist church to do something to him and he's been church can baptist [bleep]. >> and he's not being felacious. >> shaquille o'neill at l.a.x. shaq?at's up, >> and he's walking out, i realize where he is. he hit the international terminal at china southern air. must be amazing. you see this old chinese man go -- >> patrick dempsey. >> any truth to the rumor you're taking over "50 shades of grey"?


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