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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 16, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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congress finally gets it done. an 11th hour deal ends the government shut down and avoids default, prompting this from the president. >> we've got to get out of the habit of governing by crisis. >> good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. finally, an end to the fiscal stalemate to the government. tonight, yosemite national park has already reopened, and the
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white house is telling nearly 1 million furloughed workers to return to their jobs tomorrow. the bill opens the government through january 15, and extends the nation's borrowing authority through february 7. president obama already signed it, but as ktvu's heather holmes tells us now, the only a short term solution. >> reporter: the good news? no historic default. the bad news? it's only for a few months and there are no guarantees republicans and democrats will be able to bridge the rest. tonight's last minute legislative deal brings the government and yosemite national park back to life. >> this is pain inflicted on our nation for no good reason. we can't make the same mistake again. >> reporter: the house and senate negotiated for the agreement, to end the tense political stand off, lift the debt limit, and provide back
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pay to furloughed workers. >> this has been a long, challenging few weeks for congress and for the country. >> reporter: the deal does not include any major changes to president obama's healthcare law which fueled conservative opposition. >> this it is far less than many of us had hoped for. but it's far better than some had sought. >> reporter: president obama applauded the down to the wire deal that reopens federal agencies and averts a financial crisis. >> we can begin to lift this cloud of uncertainty, and unease from our businesses and from the american people. >> he hopes lawmakers can work together on a budget. >> reporter: from texas senator ted cruz who read dr. suess during his 21 hour protest of the affordable care act, continued defiance. >> this is a terrible deal, and i urge my colleagues here to
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oppose it. >> reporter: before tonight's vote, house speaker john boehner conceded defeat, telling a cincinnati radio station, quote, we fought the good fight, we just didn't win. the hope is they'll be able to do what has been impossible up to this point, and that is to finally agree on a spending package. >> what does this mean for places like alcatraz and other parks around the bay area? >> reporter: i just checked, you can buy tickets for tours of alcatraz tomorrow, also, the grounds of yosemite open tomorrow at noon. the first ten days of the shut down, this went on 16 days, 715,000 park visitors were turned away. the cost? about $76 million per day. that's one impact. >> heather, thank you. so what else did the 16 days of the federal government shut down cost the american
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economy? $24billion according to an estimate from standard & poor's. $24billion amounts to two weeks of unemployment insurance, two years of school lunch programs, or 33% of what the country spends for food stamps each year. investors had reason to cheer as the closing bell range on the stock he can change. the markets rallied on news of a deal. the dow industrials ended up gaining 205 points. s that more than 1%. the nasdaq was up 45. now it to our continuing coverage of the b.a.r.t. negotiations. we're expecting an update at any moment about whether the trains will be running tomorrow. jana katsuyama is live to tell us what's happening. >> reporter: there have been some developments in just the past few minutes. earlier, seiu's president said
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they would call for a strike by 10:00. there are some season eiu officials and members we've seen come down just in the last few minutes and talk. we're waiting, we're standing by to see what's going on. meanwhile, negotiations still happening on the 13th and 15th floor. >> we share the sentiment of the public. we can do this, we should do it, it is within our grasp. >> reporter: they tried to appease the public with shows of empathy. >> we are here for those who work in the restaurant industry, the hotel industry. students that have to take exams the next day. >> reporter: for many b.a.r.t. riders, patients has reached the end of the line. b.a.r.t.'s general manager would not comment on the talk. she's been at the table since
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monday. and thomas hawk returned today. we learned he was in anaheim for two days, speaking at a california association conference on the art of negotiating the deal, but no b.a.r.t. deal yet, and b.a.r.t. reports ridership has dropped. >> our ridership is down 89,000 trips for weekday trips. >> reporter: we're seeing the live picture of people with the seiu in the lobby. they are expecting someone to come down soon and address the public, as to whether or not there will be a strike tomorrow. we will be here and bring you that information as soon as we get it. reporting live in oakland, jana katsuyama. the evening commute was longer than usual for some b.a.r.t. commuters due to a small fire. train service stopped for about 15 minutes after a railroad tie caught fire on the elevated tracks before those tracks dip into the transbay tube.
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that led to delays of 15 minutes on all the lines using the tube. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we're monitoring tonight's talks for any sign of a breakthrough, and the ktvu morning news will begin a half hour early tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. to bring you up to speed on any overnight developments. also in just 5 minutes, the threat of a strike at ac transit. we'll explain what the governor did late today and what happens next. new at 10:00, good news for commuters using the caldecott tunnel. we learned a project manager at caltrains tells us, they're it tentatively planning to open it in just one month on the weekend of november 16. however, we're told that date is not set in stone. the $417 million project will allow for two dedicated tunnels in each direction. now to the south bay, where a distight between a mother and her son led to a place standoff
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this afternoon. officers were called to anmar court about 3:15 in the afternoon. police blocked off the dead end street. about two and a half hours later, the man finally surrendered, and was taken into custody. police say he did have a weapon, and there were other family members taken out of the house. plainclothes police officers on campus, after four armed robberies in just the past week. the hold ups have happened in and around the campus. the latest was yesterday morning. police say it's an unusually large number of armed robberies. they are warning students and faculty to be extra vigilant, and pay attention to your surroundings. a san francisco couple is expressing gratitude tonight. ken wayne is live now in san francisco. the couple told him, if the crime had to happen, they're
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grateful it happened here. >> reporter: the thomas family moved here to cole valley from utah about 6 months ago and fell victim to one of the most horrifying crimes any parent can imagine. mccay, and stephanie thomas are holding the two most precious things in their lives. the children were sleeping in the back of the family car last night in the mission district as the parents stood outside talking to a cousin. the car was stopped, but the engine was running. that's when a woman jumped in, and took off. >> i just said that's our car. and then it started barreling toward us. >> i was waving my hands, stop, stop. but she just kept accelerating. i got hit by the car, i was kind of thrown under the hood, and i rolled off under the road. >> i was freaking out, yelling my kids. my kids were in the car. >> reporter:my cay caught ride with another motorist, and gave
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chase, but his car and children were lost. >> it was hard to stop looking. you have nothing more you can do. >> reporter: police swarmed the neighborhood and a short time later, the car was found. the children were inside, unharmed. the car thief gone. the thomas's say if this crime had happened in a rural area,thy may not have seen the response. >> within a few minutes, we literally had thousands of people on alert. that speaks to what this city is capable of. we can come together when we need to, and we did, within 35 minutes, we had our family found. and an hour after that, we were reunited with our kids. i love san francisco. >> we felt so home here. we want to settle in the bay area. >> reporter: the patients say the two children apparently slept through the entire
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ordeal. the search for the thief, a white woman with burgundy hair continues tonight. businesses excited for prostitution, and shut down, but are they in business now under a new name? we investigate concerns from neighbors and police. >> i'm monitoring winds shifting direction. the difference you'll feel in your area tomorrow. >> and next, look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver. back in our day,
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ac transit buses are rolling tonight, despite the threat of a walkout come midnight. john fowler in oakland, with how the governor's office intervened to put the brakes on a strike. >> reporter: well day and night, 180,000 east bay riders use ac transit. the governor late this afternoon ordered no strike, and a seven day period during which a board of inquiry will gather facts. they be the governor may ask a judge for a 60 day cooling off period. >> very relieved for our drivers, particularly the school children who would have had to find some alternative form of transportation. >> seven days, that's great. then what? then i'll be back on edge.
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>> reporter: oakland high schooler, winny smith says her children could not get her to the school of the arts and back without this bus. >> it would cost me school time, i would have to miss work. my grades would go down. >> we're sympathetic to the riders, i don't want to be on strike. my family has to use public transit to get to school. >> reporter: david lyons said they rejected a pay increase. with inflation, he says those deals have amounted to cuts in pay. >> a negotiated contract that gives us a raise, that after medical payments is a real raise. >> reporter: ac transit says what's frustrating is that union officials supported those rejected deals. >> left in the dark when it comes to coming up with a
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proposal to give to the union. >> reporter: the ac transit says without that three year deal, it may have to raise fares. negotiators met briefly this evening, and prepared written briefs for the panel. ac transit buses will be running for at least a week. facebook has new privacy guidelines for teen users. the social media site now gives users between the ages of 13 and 17, the option to make their post public. facebook says it will warn teen users if it is being sent out for all to seen. a dmv crackdown on disabled placard sheets resulted in hundreds of citations around california today. the dmv says investigators staked out schools, mall parking lots and other areas that it had received complaints
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about. a total of 241 citations were written statewide, including 25 in the bay area. san francisco general hospital says it has new protocols in place following the death of a patient who's body of found in a little used stairwell. as ktvu's david stevenson learned, it turns out hundreds of patients go awol at that hospital every year. >> reporter: san francisco general hospital says it's making it more difficult for patients to slip through the cracks. 17 days after she went missing. hospital officials told us, all fire stairwell doors will trigger an immediate alarm. >> if an alarm goes off near a patient care area, that the nursing staff takes immediate census of the unit. >> reporter: it highlights
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hospital awols and patients who leave against medical advice. >> they may have to go to work to support their families, they may need to care for a loved one, they may need to secure their housing. >> reporter: figures from the office of statewide health planning show sf general had 2.5% of the total patients seen here as awols. sf general says its own numbers show 136 awols and ama's this year. a problem they say effects every hospital. >> is there anything you can do to keep people in the hospital if this he don't want to be here? >> the bottom line is no. >> reporter: multiple investigations are looking into why it took more than two weeks for her body to be discovered. in san francisco, david
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stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. city college of san francisco named a new chancellor tonight, and he has experience with troubled colleges. arthur tyler joins city college. he will be working under the school's state appointed trustee. he was the state appointed trustee for compton college, which closed in 2006. tyler's first day at city college is november 1. a press conference is set for tomorrow mortgage at the campus in stockton. they are known for its large undergraduate program. what some are calling one of the best salmon seasons in nearly a decade has just wrapped up. the state department of fish
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and wildlife says nearly 267,000 salmon were halled in during the end of august. the season ended yesterday, and the complete numbers aren't out yet. however bay area fishermen say the fish have been large and abandon. just nine days before the opening ceremony for the famed maverick surf contest. tonight, there is word of a new sponsor. contest owner jeff clark says body glove has agree today a multiyear sponsorship. the contest brings big wave searchers from all over the world to the mavericks break located off the san mateo county coast. >> a few high clouds drifting overhead in the next hour or so. that will allow it to get pretty cool out there. overnight lows forecast to be until the low 30s. just like last night pretty much. you wake up tomorrow morning, a lot like today, expect slightly cooler. daytime highs are going to be one or two degrees cooler than
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they were today. forecast highs, yellows, when it pops up, they're going to be the 70s. lots of yellows, lots of mid- and upper 70s. you may not notice between a day, which was very warm, and your forecast for tomorrow. you may notice a little more fog back at the coast, i'll have all the specifics on that, we're back here at 10:45. should california explore legalizing marijuana? then south bay businesses reopen under new circumstances, just week after getting in trouble with police. >> also, what a paddleboarder had to say today when a shark, look
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a bird strike forced an alaska airlines flight out today. the plane had just taken off en route to honolulu. the crew members onboard transferred to another aircraft, and they all left for hawaii about an hour later. tomorrow, we're expecting to get details on a blue ribbon panel. officials are the aclu say gavin newsom will chair that panel. it's mission is to study legal and policy issues related to legalization. the aclu says it will release poll numbers showing public support for legal pot. analysts say currently, the
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bay area is at a job high. they believe the job rate here will increase. the owners of broadway plaza in walnut creek are planning a maive makeover, that's raising some concerns about the futures of businesses there. according to the san francisco business times, about 40 businesses have already been told they have until january 31 to find new homes. some businesses haven't received a guarantee of being allowed to come back. a decision on the project from the walnut creek city council is expected in tease. in the meantime, hayward is looking to replace it's long closed mervyn's headquarters. the current proposal to build 194 townhouses on the site is scheduled to come before the planning commission tomorrow night. in addition, developers want to put in nearly 17,000 square feet of retail space.
11:25 pm
that building has been vacant since 2008. the circular building will stand 60 feet high. it is set to be build at a former hp sight, and house 14,000 employees. apple founder steve jobs presented his vision two years ago. >> we have put a tremendous amount of love and energy into this campus, and we can't wait to get started building it. >> it's a very special being building. it's a very special company. >> apple says the building will be the most environmentally advanced in the world, but it is not saying how much it will cost. the company hopes to move in by 2016. and south korea's samsung is expanding its presence in mountain view. they broke ground today on a
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new research center. the new campus is on an 8.5- acre site on clyde avenue. the plans call for six fore office building. construction is expected to be completed by december of next year. some incredible moments for a paddleboarder in southern california today as a shark, that he thinks may have been a great white, swam right up to him. >> he's checking me out. oh, my god, right into the board. >> wow. that shark was one of two the man spotted today in the waters off manhattan beach, in los angeles county. he says he decided to go back to shore and get his camera after he spotted the first shark. he also says this whole experience left him quote shaking like a leaf. full time officers diverted
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elsewhere. >> on this anniversary eve of loma prieta. california is promising an early earthquake warning system. the ñáçwçñ
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some breaking news now on b.a.r.t. negotiations. we want to go straight to jana katsuyama outside caltran headquarters in oakland. >> reporter: julie, just 30 seconds ago, the federal mediator, george coen came, stood right here at the podium, and said the unions had authorized him to say they do not plan to strike tomorrow. he said it was in there interest and in the public's best interest. he says that negotiations are
11:30 pm
continuing, and he says he expects them to continue well into the night. they turned around, and basically made their statement and went right back into the building. this past half hour, we had heard that the unions were going to make a statement at 10:00, we saw the mediator come down. we saw the seiu come down. as we mentioned just in the past few minutes, they have made this announcement, so trains will run tomorrow with b.a.r.t. back to you. >> that is certainly good news, talks continuing, trains will be running tomorrow. california has committed to establish a new early warning system. but it's missing one key component. funding. ken pritchett lies in emeryville with how or when it might be in place. >> reporter: imagine having a few seconds, or even tens of
11:31 pm
seconds to seek shelter when the next big earthquake hits the bay area. it is a reality that could be in our future, if the money can be found. >> reporter: michael skyler is ready for the next big quake. he should be ready. he owns earthquake supply center in san rafael, and says when the anniversary of loma prieta is near, business picks up. he says everyone should be prepared with an earthquake kit, but how prepared is california? compared to japan, we are lacking. an early warning system alerted the public, california has approved building such a system, but the money must be found. >> $82 million more money over the course of five years than we're currently getting. >> reporter: dr. peggy halweg showed us an early warning system. one seismic wave is measured.
11:32 pm
>> this yellow wave is the p wave, which is faster. >> reporter: let me set a timer on my phone for 20 seconds. let's say loma prieta hits, i'm in berkely. the scientists say with this system in place, as the waves move out, i would have a full 20 seconds of warning before i would feel any shaking. the demonstration system works off existing earthquake sensors. hundreds more would have to be installed, or upgraded to create a statewide network. >> it will save lives. it will save infrastructure. it will save money. it will make our state more resilient, i think. >> reporter: if the money were available right now, it would still take about five years to build out this system. at emeryville, ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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>> more details now. the great california shakeout is set to begin, to take place rather tomorrow. this is video of last year's event. a record 9.5 million californians have signed up to participate in the statewide, annual earthquake drill. organizers are encouraging everyone to be prepared, and when the shaking starts, drop, cover and hold on. the drill is scheduled to begin at 10:17 a.m. a judge sentenced a san francisco man convicted of child molestation to 24 years in prison. 46-year-old omar melendez will also have to register as a sex offender. a defense attorney claims his client has limited mental abilities and says his client was wrongfully convicted. learning that plans for
11:34 pm
extra police have fallen apart. as ktvu's allie rasmus tells us, we've now learned police are shifting resources away from at least one of them. >> i don't carry a wallet. i don't carry anything on me. >> reporter: even in the middle of the afternoon, it's her new strategy to avoid becoming a crime victim. armed robberies, and police area too are up 34% from a year ago. >> they tried to burglarize my home, which is close by here. >> reporter: residents in north oakland thought they were going to get a team of six new police officers and a sergeant to deal with crime specifically in their area. >> originally the plan was to have them there full time. >> quite simply, it was the level of gun violence in east oakland. the murders and the shootings. >> that's what's happened every time they have said they're giving us police protection. >> reporter: the business owner says she feels let down by the
11:35 pm
shift in police resources. she says she understands the crime in east oakland is more violent than other parts of the city, but says her neighborhood deserves protection too. >> what we want is faster reaction to things that are important. armed robbery, mary seems to be important, but it's not fast enough response. >> reporter: it is a department's belief that if they focus their resources in east oakland, crime will go down in all of oakland's neighborhood. he also says in north oakland, armed robberies have dropped since their peak about a month ago. >> some oakland residents are planning other options. discussing hiring private security companies for patrols. that talk is set for tomorrow night at faith presbyterian church on 49th street, we're told the public is invited to attend. one month after the launch
11:36 pm
of apple 5c, apple is cutting production orders. at the same time, apple raised orders for the 5s model. the company is set to report its fiscal results later this month. san jose based ebay released its 3rd quarter earnings this afternoon. the numbers hit exactly where analysts had predicted. sales up 21%, year over year. ebay says mobile sales are growing significantly, jumping 75% from last year. hundreds of care packages are on their way to cancer patients around the bay area, and beyond. all thanks to volunteers who gathered at san francisco's moscone center today. they assembled so-called comfort kits. the citeds include item -- kits include items like blankets, socks, and also hand written notes. >> usually, are without a support network that you and i
11:37 pm
take for granted, so this little gift that thoughs we care, makes a huge difference in the life of who receives it. >> the foundation says they will be delivered to cancer patients throughout the bay area, and in 33 other states. back here at 10:45, we're going to go looking at the bay area weekend, we'll talk about a warm up for part of it, and a cool down for the other part. >> two south bay massage parlors accused in a prostitution sting are now open as a different type of business. and frustrated neighbors are vowing to fight what they call
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11:40 pm
a family in pleasant hill lost their home in a wildfire. the homeowner wonders if his actions play have played a role. >> reporter: stared at what was left of her friend's land rover, she used to carpool in to school. behind it, a home is in ruins, after a fire erupted shortly after 1:30 this morning. >> it sounded exactly like gunshots, and i heard my other neighbors yelling. >> reporter: firefighters say the tires exploded from the heat. >> the garage, everything was just orange. that's all you could see, and it was quite scary. >> reporter: the family says
11:41 pm
they were sleeping but the wife heard noises from the garage and called her husband to investigate. >> he started getting engulfed in black smoke so he yelled to the mother and daughter to get out. >> reporter: firefighters were able to knock down the fire in 30 minutes, but the damage had been done. the garage and attic were gutted, the destruction was devastating. >> their lives are accounted for, all the other stuff can be replaced. >> reporter: allwere safe, except they're looking for one cat they believe ran away during the fire. the homeowner left oily rags to air out, fire investigators are investigating whether that sparked the fire. the death of a san francisco social i'd remains a
11:42 pm
mystery tonight after the coroner found no obvious cause of death. amber marie bently was a jewelry designer. an autopsy found no signs of trauma, and toxicology tests revealed nothing. halloween may be a little scary this year for some u.s. retailers, but here in the bay area, store owners expect plenty of treats. why this weekend is key. >> bill martin, updates his forecast, in five minutes, he will take us to
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
only on 2 tonight, we
11:45 pm
learned two massage parlors busted for prostitution are back in business. now they've reopened as salons. >> they have now names and are operating under different business licenses. maureen naylor asked police if the change is only skin deep? >> reporter: julie, when we were here a week and a half ago, what was angeline's is reopen but with a new name, and a new owner, but police say they're still getting complaints. >> reporter: two establishments are back open tonight as beauty salons. while police say they may be legitimate businesses, they're suspicious, because the complaints have not stopped. >> we're continuing to get the same complaints that we got before being that men were going inside the business, and parking away from the business
11:46 pm
to avoid seemed connected to the business. >> reporter: an undercover officer says he was offered sex for a cost. bethany hooks owns the just be dance center. >> at the end of the day, it's the safety of my staff and my parents. it's not only what they do there, but it's the clientele that they bring in as well. >> the police department is taking these concerns seriously, and we are addressing them to make sure that the business is following the appropriate guidelines. >> reporter: the previous business owner said they were unaware of any legal activity, and we were unable tonight to reach any of the new owners. many of them will tell you the problem with prostitution is
11:47 pm
widespread, not just this area and beyond. a follow up tonight on a story we brought you last night about the lack of lighting in pleasanton. we return to a road where a 65- year-old and her husband were hit on saturday. we found the lights embedded in the crosswalk had been replaced, and they are working now. we also followed up with a pleasanton city attorney, he says they're looking at additional ways to improve safety at the intersection. as we reported last night, the solar powered flashing lights were removed last week, so they could be hard wired, amp neighbors complained they were only working intermittent whether i. that's when the deadly accident occurred. fewer people plan to celebrate halloween this year. nearly $7 billion will be spend this year on candy, costumes, and decorations.
11:48 pm
that's about $1 billion less than last year. we found one retailer saying it is bucking the national trend. >> the peak is probably this weekend. but it started last weekend. >> reporter: analysts say the national drop in halloween spending is due to general uncertainty about the economy. another nice day, we had temperatures today back until the 80s. 80 in antioch, 80 in fairfield. 83 in oakland. that's interesting that your oakland temperature is warmer than the temperature in fairfield. typically this time of year temperatures get washed out. temperatures in the bay area, oftentimes here warmer than the bay valleys. a few high clouds going overhead tonight. they're gone now. overnight lows tonight, are not going to get cool, these are
11:49 pm
the current numbers. lots of low 50s and 60s. overnight lows are the up 30s, and low 40s. the winds are variable. in mountain view, a northwest wind in san francisco and a an east wind in hayward. we expect a little bit of an onshore push tomorrow. that's the trend for the temperatures to drop off just a little bit. that's the way we've been, a minor bump. the winds have kind of been north and northeast. this northeast wind is going to shift tomorrow, just slightly. when it does, it gets a little northwest and that drops temperatures down just a little. towards the weekend, it may bring in a little bit of patchy coastal fog. the forecast in san francisco tomorrow, 80 degrees for a daytime high. 72 at lunchtime.
11:50 pm
83 around 3:00. 85 in richmond. fire warning is always high, but this pattern, which we've had a few days now, it is just below the radar, in terms of strong winds in terms of very, very high temperatures. if these were five, or ten degrees warmer, you would have seen a red flag warning. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, what we can do is we can pop it out, and i can show you the weekend looks great. mild afternoon. a nice looking bay area weekend ahead. if i go way beyond the five-day forecast, i cannot find any rain. >> it's pretty though, while it lasts. some young people in oakland have a newly
11:51 pm
refurbished basketball court. the warriors center was there to lend his hand. the team, and the good tightens foundation have refurbished nearly 50 baseball courts around the bay area. it looks like we might have along weekend of baseball. at first glance, you say the detroit tigers, boston red sox, series even, 2-2. but boston, a little edgier about that. boston, advice there, win tomorrow. two runs already in for the tigers. jake peavy, two out. torii hunter, struckled at times during the postseason. not here. he comes through. two run double, 4-0. and more in the inning for detroit. really, their first in a while.
11:52 pm
0-2 pitch, miguel cabrera, didn't slug it, just looped it soft to center. the other run coming in in the person of hunter, more than enough for doug fister who would get the win, just to make sure. austin jackson, hitting .091, they called that a hit. 7-3 final. 2-2 series. 5:00p.m. tomorrow. channel 2 for the next one. keep in mind now, the dodgers were one loss away from elimination. season over, done, through, finished. but it's tinseltown, after all, and they decided it would be a good idea to have will farrell introduce the lineups. see how you think that went. >> in right field, number 66. he said the chupacabre is real. yasiel puig. number 5, he absolutely loves
11:53 pm
katy perry. juan uribe! >> uribe but who's counting. the players didn't seem to really love that. the dodgers were able to shake it off though. matt holliday for the cardinals. rbi double off zach greinke in the 3rd. got a 2-2 ballgame. not for long. adrian gonzalez had himself a day. 3 for 4. that's the first of 2 home runs for him. 3-2, the dodgers would lead for good. carl crawford, 447. 447 what? feet. way gone to right. they take a 6-2 lead in the 9th, cards threaten, made it interesting, but they'll go back to st. louis a little edgy themselves, leading the dodgers 3-2. friday night for the next one. 49ers headed to nashville, tennessee for sunday. talk a
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hey, looking more and more like the team that made it to the super bowl last year. 49ers, steady progress. making it happen on defense. four more turnovers sunday. even without smith, they actually seem better on the d right now. >> our goal is, you know, to cause turnovers, and we're doing that. we've just got to keep it up. just get more receptions and strip the ball. just, team effort. >> being physical, flying around. that's our defense. you know, early in the season, we weren't doing those things, but we knew how to correct them. that's why we never panicked. dan boyle spent the night in the hospital in st. louis, he's back home, won't rejoin
11:58 pm
the team, but he's stable and recovering. they're obviously going to play it safe. all the best to dan boyle and the sharks. >> in case you missed it, there look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver. back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party.
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on tmz, the whole out to a wax rabbit. they have a jacket over her. >> kylie. why?u know >> why? >> drinky, drinky. >> you think so? oh! >> this just in we found adrian mama.on has a new babe >> it's new to us and not him >> this is great for our fantasy teams. >> there are going to


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