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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 28, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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it's the first significant snowfall of the season. we're in the sierra to see what's to come. good evening i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off. >> and i'm julie haener. we begin in truckee, ktvu's
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deborah villalon is standing by live and shows us winter has arrived, deborah. >> reporter: and julie it's as cold and as beautiful as ever. right now it's 32 degrees here in truckee with snow on the ground. snow piled up from the snowplows and as you can see flurries still falling. but the real action is up higher. making tracks on the mountain in the darkness. and steve adowell won't be happenner. tonight it's game on. this is the sounds of the season for the sierra. >> it'll compact a little bit more. >> reporter: suvall and his crew will add to what nature has brought. >> the more -- the colder it is, the more we can open up the
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valves. >> reporter: alpine meadows 14- inches in its elevations. squaw valley 12 high. it's good estimations after having two dry months. the resort not scheduled to open for three more weeks but it could come alive earlier if the snowstorm stays open. >> we had a couple of feet every week that would be perfect. >> reporter: wouldn't that be perfect. the guns also going on at boreal who says they may actually open this weekend as long as the snow lasts but most
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of the resorts expect to be open before thanksgiving bringing people and spending to tahoe. deborah villalon, ktvu news. we checked with cal caltrans and chained are we -- required to the chain exchange. how long will this system continue to deliver snow? bill particular -- bill martin is live with the conditions. >> reporter: you saw snow flurries on deborah, it's snowing at blue canyon as well.
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just north of the truckee area more snow showers but they're tapering off. for us it just means that cold air is going to back up. i'll let you know how cool it's going to be when you wake up tomorrow morning back here after the break. and cleaning up after the storm. the teen was holding a toy gun that looked like an assault rifle. the victim's father tells ktvu news he wants justice for his son and he wants the deputy to serve time behind bars. also today the sonoma county sheriff's department identified
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that deputy in that shooting. he is a veteran officer with extensive knowledge of guns. >> reporter: candle by candle, this memorial has grown. all day long a steady stream of people have come to the site where andy lopez was killed on tuesday. some of them know the boy personally. >> he would come over after school and ask us if we could play outside. >> reporter: his linked in program shows he served in the iraq war and according to his profile a writer for s.w.a.t. magazine. he was on a training exercise tuesday night when he saw lopez holding a bb gun that looked like an assault weapon. gilhouse shot lopez seven times. >> shame on sonoma county
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sheriff. shame on you. you have broken our heart. >> reporter: there are two marchs planned this week. one at 10:00 tomorrow morning. day organizers holded out fliers so that students could be excused from school to attend. there's another march planned for wednesday at 5:00. kerry kerrion is planning that event. she did not know the teen personally but is tired. >> people are feeling suspicious in some way. >> reporter: people have been handing out fliers about the marchs this week. we're told that sheriff steve perez will be meeting with the latino advisory committee and a department representative says the goal is to help for ways to deal with the healing process and make sure this never happens again. allie rasmus, ktvu news. new at 10:00, oakland's
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search for a permanent police chief. however only a handful of people gathered for the meeting at castlemont high school. they want police to focus on homicide hoes but also other crimes like home invasions and robberies. one person says it's a given that oakland needs more officers but it questions how officers are allocated. >> there's a lot of police officers that show up and stand around. this is standing around and doing nothing. >> reporter: jordan steps down in may of this year. tonight's community meeting is the first of three who are scheduled together input from the community. ktvu news has learned new details about yesterday's officer involved shooting in san francisco's marina district. sources tell us the man who
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officers shot is navarrez jr. a man with that name is in critical condition at the hospital. he will be formally charged tomorrow. this incident started yesterday afternoon with a report of a man pistol whipping another man on pierce and then firing several shots. police were called. they say they found the suspect hiding in the bushes at a near by residential street. according to police chief greg suhr, the man started to run away, then turned and pointed his gun at officers. that's when offers opened fire. police say they arrested a campbell woman accused of backing her suv into her friend and killing her. this is the booking photo for monica johnson. she was driving under the influence when she struck and killed 26-year-old cassandra buck of los angeles. the accident happened this morning. johnson and buck were inside the vehicle but at some point
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buck got out. they say that's when johnson backed -p -- backed up and pinned her friend against a garage. >> i heard what sounded like a door slam. it got my attention. it was just loud enough. >> after that i heard a lady's voice and the voice was saying help me. stay with me, stay with me. >> reporter: officers say they found beer cans inside the suv. they have charged johnson with drunk driving and vehicle manslaughter. a judge in san francisco has ordered strict driving restrictions for the city gardener accused of -- the judge said bernoski is only allowed to drive when he's taking his children to school or to look for work. he has been suspended from work. he is accused of driving a city truck that ran over and killed
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christine savendemire. a jury agreed with more than a dozen firefighters late this afternoon who said they were denied promotions because of age discrimination. as paul chambers tells us, the smoking gun appears to be changing that city officials made to the firefighters test scores. >> there are a lot of smiles from some of the 15 firefighters who were awarded $3.7 million in promotions, back pay and damages stemming from a 2008 lieutenant exam. >> i was a prosecutor before. this feels just as good as it felt to put away really bad guys. >> reporter: the key contained faulty information and scores were changed by city official in secret without consulting the experts who prepareed the key. most agreed with the firefighter bringing closure to the man and attorney who says it's about time the justice was served. >> for the people that it might
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advantage, it validates something we always thought. this is the group that is saying, hey wait a minute, this isn't right. >> it's time to hear that there's big problems with the examination they're giving with the fire department. >> reporter: the city attorney's office responded by saying they disagree with today's verdict and are very disappointed but they also want to point out there's no age discrimination within san francisco's fire department. in san francisco, i'm paul chambers, ktvu news. accused of driving drunk when she hit and killed a couple out driving a car. >> she still doesn't believe she hit anything. >> the history we uncovered about the woman behind the wheel. >> here it is, the hard fought tentative agreement that's being distributed to b.a.r.t.'s union today. what it feels
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there's a battle brewing in san francisco over a new proposal to keep all city parks closed at night. new at 10:00, noelle walker is live where a group is protesting that change. >> reporter: there's people at dolores park planning to break city law in order to protest a proposed law to close the parks at night. it's a chilly night for a camp out in san francisco.
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but a hot button issue has a few protesters ready to spend the night at dolores park. >> this is also about criminalized poverty. >> they're proposing legislation to give parks uniformed closing time. >> the people who are in the parks at night aren't all causing trouble. they're people who are down on their luck and have nowhere to go. >> reporter: some neighborhood associations think it's about time. >> do you use the park between midnight and 5:00 a.m. >> no, as gavin newsom once said, nothing good happens after midnight. >> reporter: san francisco is the only major city in the country without a uniformed closing time for its parks. supervisor scott weiner sponsored the proposal. >> there's nothing more frustrating than to see vandalism in our parks. >> reporter: in may of last year, vandals struck the newly constructed dolorer park one day after it opened.
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vandals have caused millions of the dollars a year most of it happening in the cover of darkness. >> we want to spend our money on maintaining not cleaning up graffiti and wrecked equipment. >> i know there's been some issue made that this would be used wholesale for a clearing of the park and we actual think -- actually have the resources that that's how it would be used. >> grass is softer than concrete but a bed is softer than grass. let's get some shelters. >> reporter: so there are some exceptions to this like outside lands, the curfew, the closing times don't apply. reporting live, noelle walker, ktvu news. a three alarm fire in san
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francisco's mission district damaged several buildings today. started at about 12:30 this afternoon in a residential area. gusty winds blew the fire into adjacent buildings and filled the neighborhood with large amounts of smoke. fire crews helped people escape from the building and evacuated several other buildings including a pilates studio. it took firefighters 90 minutes to put out the fire. it will cost $400,000 to fix maverick restaurant and repair water damage to the apartments above it on 17th near mission. investigators say the fire was accidental. the owner told us he thinks a pot of oil left on the stove was to blame. we have new information tonight on a deadly shooting in oakland that claimed the life of a care giver. police today identified the victim as 43-year-old damond jones of oakland.
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jones was shot and killed about 13:15 yesterday afternoon. police say he was walking near his home on 22nd and holly when he was confronted by a stranger. we are learning more information about a woman accused of driving drunk when her car struck and killed a husband and wife who were out walking their dog. rob roth spoke to the suspect's brother who says she remembers nothing about the crash. >> reporter: losell's first court appearance was cancelled because of a medical condition. she was accused of crashing into a couple out walking their dog. risel's brother offered condolences to the family and says his sister remembers little about the accident. >> i visited her yesterday and
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she still doesn't believe she killed anybody. she says a car cut her off and the next thing she knows, that's the last thing she remembers. a car cut her off. >> reporter: records we have obtained show that losell's has had dozens of rashes with the law. past convictions also include possessing drug paraphernalia and driving without a license. the district attorney says the night the singh's were killed losell was without question driving with a blood alcohol level of .8. >> my sister had a melt down when my mother passed away and she's been on a downward spiral ever since. >> reporter: the family did come to court this afternoon but didn't stay to talk to the media. if convicted risell faced up to
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15 years behind bars. in redwood city, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a guilty plea -- bashon sent an e-mail threatens violence against yee. he now faces up to 10 years from prison in a statement yee thanks law enforcement for their work on the case and said threats will not prevent him from pushing for gun safety legislation. 12 years in prison, that's the sentence handed down today to an oakland banker who admitted stealing more than $2 million from her customers. 62-year-old linda foss cried during today's sentencing. prosecutors said foss had first befriended many of the
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customers she ended up stealing from. the wind storm that blew through the area overnight made for a lot of clean up work today for tree trimming companies. >> take a look at this this is a prime example a redwood fell over and landed right on top of a house in danville. that house has now been red tagged. tree service said the redwood was rotten probably from overwatering and growing in the shade. >> redwoods is a soft wood. in this case the whole root ball broke. >> reporter: a spokesperson said 15% of all power outages are caused by trees and tree limbs. those winds have since died down. they died down this morning.
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temperatures warm. we had mid-50s in the warmest spots. highs tomorrow much like this. tomorrow is going to look very similar to today but minus the wind. no wind tomorrow. what you will notice are very cool lows. then the hills of the north bay are going to be 50 in the coolest spots. if you're 40 in napa you can still see frost in some of those inland valley areas. be ready for that tomorrow morning. especially north bay and east bay out toward the antioch area. so look for some very cool overnight lows. the forecast for san jose tomorrow then just like today. sunny when you wake up but cool, daytime highs about 65. when i come back after the break we're going to get specific with the forecast high for your neighborhood and then we look at that five day forecast for the warming trend. how warm can it get. hackers get into e-mail accounts belonging
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celebrity chef guy fieri was out of the kitchen and on the witness stand as he testified in an attempted murder trial in marin county. this was fieri as he was leaving court in the trial of max wade. wade is accused of two counts of attempted murder as well as orchestrating an elaborate theft of fieri's yellow lamborgini. that car is valued at $200,000. wade stole it to impress a girl but she declined his advances. >> i got a chance to own one that will probably be the only
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one. we'll move past it. we'll stick with american made. >> reporter: fieri testified he did not give wade permission to take his car. the case wept to the jury late this afternoon. and at we've posted more video of fieri speaking outside of court today. you will find it under our top story tab. wall street started the weak flat. apple was one of the companies report lower quarterly earnings. the cupertino company was down 30%. the company said it sold more of the new iphones but the average price was down lowering its profit margin. apple stock fell $6 in afterhour trading to $523 a share. syrian hackers say they compromised facebook and twitter accounts linked to
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president obama. instead links were redistricted by a proassad group. it said since president obama doesn't have ethical issues about spying it would return the favor. president obama is reportedly close to ordering the national security agency to stop spying on the heads of state of american allies. the diplomatic crisis is brewing following recent reports of nsa surveillance programs in europe. among those is lungo. she was outraged. former vice president dick cheney said that he believes snowden is a trader, plain and simple. >> i hope we can catch him at
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some point in time. he violated the conditions under which he got the information. >> reporter: snowden also has his supporters. the fbi held a ceremony to honor its new director. he said he wished his mother could see him now. >> she snapped over the shades every single mother and said, rise and shine and show the world what you're made of. i found it less inspiring at the time, but it made us who we are. and i will never forget that. >> come was the number two official when the nsa's wiretapping program came up for renewal. then attorney general ashrcroft was hospitalized at the time.
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he became fbi director last month. a local baseball hero and a special tribute to his hometown petaluma and the soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it.
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and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at
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new video from hayward. tonight the building on jackson and graham street are boarded up and the 10 people who live there were not allowed to return. a ford mustang crashed through a bedroom wall at around 3:00 this afternoon. the good news is nobody was hurt. officials say it appears excessive speed is to blame. b.a.r.t.'s two largest unions are set to vote this friday on whether or not to
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ratify the contract agreement that ended the strike last week. jana katsuyama is live in san leandro after speaking with the union's rank in file on whether the agreement will be approved or rejected, jana. >> reporter: today inside a station booth we found copies of the contract that were being handed out to union members, the rank in file for the first time they were seeing it today. and so we asked them, whether they'll vote to approve it. it's been one week since the strike ended and b.a.r.t. trains are running but riders are still unsettled. wondering whether b.a.r.t.'s union and the board will ratify the four year deal. >> i'm hoping they do. i'm a little skeptical that they will. there's just been so much drama. >> reporter: that drama of two strikes and contract talks is the last thing that this agent said he wanted to see.
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today they added to the tentative deal. we asked rank in file if they will approve it. >> of course everything is not going to be perfect. but as far as initially read over it as far as what i see now it seems pretty good so i'm going to vote yes. >> i think it's a decent contract we can live with. considering the long fight we've been in i think we'll come out victorious. >> reporter: one leader estimates it could pass by a 3- 1 margin when members vote friday. and an icou says that one in three members seem to like the deal. >> we're so excited because we got our safety proposals passed. every single one we were putting forward. >> reporter: president rodoluvich said if they ratify the contract they will approve the deal too. he will considering calling for a special session next week.
11:33 pm
even though the union still has to vote in early december. they should know the results of their vote by friday night or saturday morning. reporting live from san leandro. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. 124 new bike racks have been added to the north berkeley station. the racks are more secure than standard poles but officers are asking people to stay vigilant. b.a.r.t. says more bike racks will be installed at the lake barrett station in oakland in the next two weeks. disgraced supervisor shiwokawa was arraigned today. carrasco ended up losing that
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race while a political ally of shiwokawa won the race. there is something about petaluma and baseball that seem to go together. last year petaluma put a team in the little league world series. this time the community celebrates another team. the community is rallying around jonni gomes. >> reporter: his high school jersey even hangs on the wall here. jonny gomes two run home run was celebrated not only but boston fans but also here in petaluma. >> we all root for our hometown heros. it was fun to see one succeed. especially one like the red sox. for them to tie the series and
11:35 pm
make it a lot more interesting. >> yeah, there is pride. >> reporter: watching tonight's game as beyond the glory, this man's son played baseball with gomes. >> he was a catcher back then. they were a talented team in the 80s. you could tell. >> reporter: we caught up with gomes brother by phone. >> i think i almost did a back flip to tell you the truth. >> reporter: when he's playing, jonny gomes pays tribute to his hometown. >> he puts it on his glove and it's on the inside of the hat. sometimes he wears a 707 shirt under his jersey. a lot of people back home. it's something to stay grounded and stay something down to earth. >> he knows where he's from which gives him props for. because he always comes back to petaluma. >> reporter: joey tells me
11:36 pm
while he was exchanging text messages with his brother today in between a lot of national interviews, jonny sent him a text message said i'm still jonny from petaluma. >> p town pride is what they call it. mark ibanez will be here to give us a run down on today's pivotal game five of the world series. barry bonds is giving it one more shot to get his obstruction of justice restriction overturned. bonds attorneys are asking for an 11 judge panel to reconsider the case. a majority of the judges must agree to take the case. singer chris brown has dodged a felony assault charge but his legal troubles may not be over. it was a chaotic scene in washington, d.c. as brown was released this afternoon. he spent last night in custody after being arrested for allegedly punching a man in the face. the unidentified man apparently
11:37 pm
tried to bud into a photograph of brown outside the hotel. charges were downgraded to simple assault. brown is on probation after being convicted of 2009 of attacking former girlfriend rihanna. he returns to court next month. after a federal judge blocked part of the state's restrictive new abortion law. the state stripped the law of provision which acquires doctors to have admitting privileges at a near by hospital. abortion rights groups say that requirement could face 1/3 of the state's abortion clinics to close. texas officials say they will appeal today's ruling. preteens spending hours on social networks. the dangers some see in the new trend. from frigid weather and frost to a double digit
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testla stock suffered another blow after reports of a second fire involving a tesla s. this video was posted on the video of a mexican newspaper. it shows the tesla moments before it crashed into a tree. the owner jumped out of car moments before it crashed into a tree. the model s in washington caught fire after it hit a metal object on the streets. this second news worried stockholders. it had already fallen 16%
11:41 pm
since the first fire on october 2nd. we got a look at that nursing home where the owner allegedly abandoned several residents. residents moved over the weekend to several facilities. neighbor told us that for years conditions here were appalling. >> elder abuse in the needs of elderly people. >> reporter: he found one woman naked and shivering on the sidewalk. >> i would hear screaming and yelling and things like get me out of here. >> reporter: like we showed you, paramedics took the residents after there were only three workers. >> they were preparing a
11:42 pm
temporary suspension order without knowing what we had done. >> reporter: attorney glover decline residents were abandoned. saying that three crew members were enough. she has had previous problems with state regulators. the sheriff late today told me there is a criminal investigation but no arrests are imminent. john fowler, ktvu news. the failed wrongful termination lawsuit filed by a fire chief may end up costing him more than half a million dollars. a judge ordered casper -- kapler to pay for court costs. kapler says his contract
11:43 pm
allowed him to use a county card while using a private vehicle while doing city business. the money raised would go to health and nutrition programs for young people. if the majority of the other supervisors approve the measure could go on the ballot in november of next year. falling temperatures tonight but what about halloween as we look live at the oakland port. chief meteorologist bill martin is back with
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the american academy of pediatrics says the use of social media by children has
11:46 pm
exploded in recent years. the group says 72% of children 8 years old and under have used a mobile device for games and videos that's up almost 40% from almost two years ago. ktvu's robert handa is live in san jose with the warning and advise from pediatricians, robert. >> reporter: we're here at the san jose tech museum where there's many games for children to learn from. this study shows how important it is to monitor their use, their media use from smart phones and just about everywhere else. 5-year-old anthony martinez is having fun and learning at this exhibit at the tech museum. his mother patricia martinez wasn't surprised to hear about the study warning about social media use by children but she was surprised to hear him tell
11:47 pm
me that this game halo is his favorite. >> the graphics are really violent. i'm not sure if halo does but i'll have to look into that. >> reporter: excessive use of tv, and all forms of social media is -- >> this is age like their minds are really observant and it's very important that we lay a very solid foundation at the early ages. >> reporter: patricia martinez is also keeping an eye out. >> just making sure he's not replicating or mimicking what he sees sees on the games and tv or anything like that.
11:48 pm
>> reporter: there is beneficial media use for youngsters such as academic learning but a good way to watch and figure out what's appropriate watch what they watch. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. penn state is agreed to pay $60 million to settle sexual abuse claims against assistant football coach jerry sandusky. the settlement was announced for 24 victims. 23 of the deals are signed, three others are pending. the prosecutor said quote, we hope this is another step in the healing process. the site is running today but it was down again last night because of an issue with the verizon networking service and today the government granted a six week extension for sign ups. instead of mid-february deadline, it is now march 31st for those who want to get
11:49 pm
enrolled and avoid tax penalties. britain and northern europe are recovering after overcoming a storm. wind gusts reached as high as 119 miles per hour. damage was widespread. hundreds of thousands of people lost power. and just trying to cross the street was a challenge for pedestrians. watch out. we had a bit of wind this morning. the highs today they warmed into the mid-60s. numbers tomorrow are going to be very similar to these. not big changes. we're going to see lots of mid- and low 60s. that will probably match again tomorrow. 64, 65 degrees right in that range. so a very similar day tomorrow. we checked the radar real quick, you can see a few showers showing up. everything is moving up this way. all the activity in the foothills as that low tracks off is moving off to the east.
11:50 pm
the cool air is going to be in the area it already is. that's why the frost advisory is in effect or will go into effect tonight at 1:00 a.m. and for the north bay hills and that doesn't just mean frost in the hills. most likely you're going to see frost in the low laying valleys. i would not be surprised if we have that tomorrow. the winds are blowing a little bit. we have 9-mile an hour wind in concord. it's not completely still out there right now. the forecast then for tonight we're looking for a very cool night. tomorrow a lot like today. and in the extended forecast dry and mild with a slight warming trend as we head into the bay area weekend. the temperatures right now are pretty mild. in oakland it is 56 degrees. the forecast for oakland tomorrow as we get into the 10:00 hour about 54 degrees.
11:51 pm
by 4:00 it's 61 degrees. san francisco downtown tomorrow, you're in the 50s pretty much all day. 59degrees just like today for a daytime high in san francisco. the forecast 61 in clear lake. 65 in vacaville. 64 in pittsburg. a lot like today. temperatures will be noticeably warmer as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday. along the coast it's pretty cool. the five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view a cold start the next couple of mornings with daytime highs increasing into the bay area thursday and friday. thursday is halloween, how does the weather look for that? it looks really good. clear skies as we head into the halloween forecast with plenty of sunshine during the daytime hours. it's nice to have a dry halloween. we've had some wet ones recently. this one looks real good, thursday. >> everybody is happy. we want to go to park.
11:52 pm
world series heading back to boston. 3-2. >> i still have this feeling it's going to be a seven day seres. yes -- going to be a seven day series. red sox looked dead in the water. two days later the script has been flipped. first-inning sox come out swinging. back to back doubles. dustin pedroia and ortiz here down the right field line. rbi double. he's 3-4 tonight he's hitting .733 in this series. john lester gives it up. 1-1 stayed that way into the seventh. david ross usually a weak hitting catcher for the sox down the left field line with a rope. it's a ground rule double. grounders at second and third for elsbury. a little fister to center, it will fall.
11:53 pm
one run in no problem. but ross slow a foot out at the plate. molina with the tag no problem. but that was it. a 3-1 final as coji iuhara comes in for his third of the season. and what a brutal day for the series. across the way [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz
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man the niners back from the uk and nearly handed a huge welcome home gift from the st. louis rams. would have been big had they pulled it off against the seahawks on monday night football nearly did. richard sherman does it seem this guy is in on every defensive play. clemens sets up a touchdown 7-3 seattle into the lead for the first time of the game. now picked it up in the third quarter. 7-6. russell wilson for golden tate. who find an opening in the ram defense a rare one on the night. watch him. he thinks he scored a touchdown, come on, come on and he gets called for taunting.
11:57 pm
the touchdown calls but pete carroll has a thing or two for him when he hits the sidelines. four seconds left that's it. seahawks win it by the skin of their teeth. they're now 7-1 one up on san francisco. first time in ages, raiders have themselves a quarterback who oozes confidence. charisma and he can make you take notice. but just don't compare him with any of the up and comers in the nfl. >> he's terrell pryor, he's unique. he's not somebody else that somebody might want to compare him too. we know what his strengths are and we know where his weaknesses are. i think each and every player is unique in and of himself. we have to do a great job to put him in position to make plays. >> raiders fun to watch. 3-4. looking all right. that's the sporting life.
11:58 pm
>> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. the ktvu morning news starts at 4:30 a.m. as we leave you a special goodbye to rocky ruiz is retiring f
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12:00 am
>> today on "tmz," chris brown is in huge trouble. he is arrested in jail and could go to prison because he may have violated probation by allegedly breaking a guy's nose. >> on the plus side, at least he didn't hit any women. we know that for sure. >> cee lo, he's happy. he's cleared of his sexual assault charges. >> do you get nervous talking to chicks? because of all these allegations?


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