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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  November 2, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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. thousands of festival goers celebrate what may be the largest day of the dead event ever in san francisco. good evening. the day of the dead is a mexican holiday where people come together to celebrate the lives of those lost and pray for their souls. in the mission district it is attracting a larger than usual
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crowd. police are out in force as people pack the area. the festival is growing in popularity. more on the big celebration. >> we got a bit of a party like atmosphere. days of dead face painting. shows us your face. as the party spill noose the street which is not officially closed. you look across the street. this sea of people has been going all night long, a lot of people coming down to honor the dead and take part in tradition. once a year they gather. to make a connection between two worlds. >> hole the memory of those who die. you couldn't pack more people
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on the streets than in the mission district. they gathered for the day of the dead procession. >> it's not halloween or carnival. back to the mission. >> dia de los muertos is steep in tradition. >> it's a celebration. i came back to town and it's always been in my neighborhood. >> it's a time to connect. >> my uncle. >> to honor and remember loved ones lost. he passed away november 15th just a few weeks ago. >> gone but not forgot 19 i'm happy we're celebrating him, i'm sad he's left. >> today many put in writing what they carry in their heart. i'm writing about my two cats that died a long time ago. like a string connecting this life and the one beyond.
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>> we were having aude crow problems -- audio problems, we want to take you across the bayat oakland -- bay at oakland's fruit villarea. folks enjoyed, food, craft and music and they had alters on or -- honoring those who passed. more details on the day of the dead, a solemn holiday to remember loved one, not a halloween party. it is meant to encourage visits of the departed. scholars trace the origins back to the aztecs. to our counting coverage of the deadly shooting at lax.
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terminal three fully reopened early this afternoon. the incident closed the airport for hours throwing air travel into disarray. prosecutors filed a murder chances against anthony ciancia -- ciancia. the fbi has found antigovernment writings allegedly penned by ciancia. >> on the floor. on the floor now! >> federal prosecutors are filing criminal charged against paul ciancia. he's charged with opening fire and killing gerardo hernandez and wounding others. filed multiple rounds at point- blank range. >> hernandez wife spoke to to
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reporters. >> he would have been 40 next week. i am devastated. >> a man who came face-to-face with the gunman said the suspect was looking for tsa employees. >> the shooter calmly walking down the corridor had his gun and looked at me and said tsa and i shook my head and he kept going. the fbi said law enforcement shot and wounded the gunman. a note on the suspect made his intend to harm the tsa clear. he addressed them in the letter and stated he wanted to "instill fear into their traitorous minds." >> law enforcement said ciancia originally from new jersey sent text messages to family saying he was unhappy and discouraged living in los angeles. >> it was to his little brother
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and they had concern about it. >> police say ciancia had no history of violence or record of mental illness. >> gerardo hernandez was with the tsa for eight years. he was devoted to his family and ready to help anyone in need. he came to southern california at the age of 18 and graduated from los angeles high school. he is survived by a wife, a son and daughter. >> people in the gunman's hometown are stunned by his arrest. >> i am trying to process it. >> police have been surrounding ciancia's family home. the suspected shooter lived at the home before moving to los angeles two years ago. flights in and out of the area are back to normal after
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disruptions yesterday. san jose airport took in diverted flights and nine flights were canceled. a group of musicians from thailand boarded a bus for l.a.x. >> we didn't think that we would fly here. it's a good opportunity that we fly to san jose. >> i was supposed to catch an earlier flight, i fell asleep at the gate. i was going to be at that terminal around that same time. >> the high school orchestra arrived in l.a. eight hours late. >> our coverage continues on line and you can hear more from the widow of the tsa agent at a jetblue plane was met by law enforcement because of something a passenger said.
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someone on the flight from long beach said another passenger was making threatening statements. we don't know what that passenger said. the flight crew requested officers meet the plane. that passenger was detained. part of highway 1 was shut down after a deadly crash involving a stolen car. they found the car 200 feet down the cliff. the male driver was the only person in the vehicle and was pronounced dead. the car had been stolen. a castro valley care home where 14 patients were allegedly abandoned had four visits from state inspectors but nothing was done. we got our first look inside valley springs man or. state documents show analyst were at the home four times and documented a food shortage and
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missing residents but nothing was done until someone called 911 days later. patients were left with an unpaid cook and janitor to care or the them. a patient that went missing was found safe. edmond bascom was found and taken to a hospital for evaluation. the bay area cooled off because of the weak system and behind it stronger winds. the winds are not here yet but that will be changing. as far as the current wind speeds. santa rosa winds 17 miles an hour. in fairfield 9 miles an hour and more reports coming up. that will be the overall wind direction over the next two days. as i mentioned the wind speeds will be increasing. coming up the timing of a wind
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advisory, we could have gusts to 45 miles an hour and break down the temperature drop for the second half of the weekend. happening now the first gamblers are trying their luck at california latest taste after vegas a new casino in san ohma county. it is set to open tuesday -- sonoma county. >> the party for invited guests. >> people are still coming in to this huge casino. biggest in northern california, look the parking garage has six how to spots. no question, since they built it players will come, the question, how many. >> guests flowed into the new casino tonight. >> this car from san rafael, 25
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minutes away. i think i'm coming for the opening, see how lucky i am tonight. this was a soft opening for members of the tribe, their families and invited guests. >> my instructions are no media on property. we need you to leave. >> last month news people were ushered in for a casino tour. it cost $800 million, 2000 employy, 150 table games and 3,000 video poker and slot machines. if as estimated each slot generating s 14 trips a day that adds 40,000 cars to the freeways and the streets. if people come in droves chp and police will do traffic control to keep cars from backing up on to 101. when thunder valley opened outside of sacramento traffic
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jumped 90%. dui arrests six hub%. >> 20,000 cars exit the freeway there will be a problem. traffic is a reason critics tried to stop the casino. now that it's ready to owner residents are divided. >> i love the casino, i like the slots, the penny shots and the nickel machines. >> will you go in there? >> never. a fool and his money are soon parted. >> this property was actually developed and run by a las vegas gaming corporation and the tribe estimates this will pump $275 million a year into the economy. the chp advice if you're coming the first week, take the back
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roads. reporting live, ktvu. >> there will be another traffic slow down on highway 101 because of construction from two until 9:00. 101 between ignacio and roland boulevard will be closed. the closures will be done in 15 minute increments. a man in san francisco says he's being followed and now he's missing. >> he kept saying call the police, ask for help. the tool police are looking at in hopes of finding that man. >> s this neighborhood watch is on high alert after an assault on halloween. it may be
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police are looking for an attacker in a woman's home. >> this neighborhood has million dollars views. >> it's wonderful, very quiet. the neighbors are very friendly. on thursday night after the final trick-or-treaters had
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gone home someone tried to rape a resident. we've never worried about that. is it out there, sure, but we've never experienced anything. >> i talked with the victim, walked through her house as she described the ordeal. she didn't want to be interviewed on camera. she let the dog out, the man followed her inside, pulled her shirt over her face so she couldn't see. she bit him on the hand. he stopped grabbing her, he stopped touching her for a second and she stood there and everything went quiet. and she realized he was no longer in the house. the woman showed scratches on her face, neck and hand but she was otherwise okay. the neighborhood watch is on high alert. i'm going to take more precautions to make sure the
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doors are locked. keep my eyes open. you can't trust people. >> the blood the attacker left behind could help the police find him. there's no physical description because the victim never saw her attacker. an odd wound on the hand could be a sign. san francisco brazilian consul it is asking for help finding a person not seen for five days. he was supposed to go home sunday but on monday he called his sister and father and said he was in trouble and someone was following him. >> he kept saying call the police, ask for help, send a taxi, send the police here. ask him to collect me. >> she found out last night that someone used his credit
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card at 16th and mission street. san francisco city college is welcoming a new chanceler. arthur tyler was attending the football game. ccsf has been battling the state commission. on his second day of the job tyler said that fight is his top priority. >> city college will remain an accredited institution, that's my goal. that's what everybody is working towards. accreditation is something that we must have so that our students can transfer, they have a valid degree. >> earlier today volunteers helped clean up the campus, an effort to solve the visible problems. they will go to washington, d.c., on a hearing on the college's status. the health care web site is
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off line for extended maintenance. will be out until 6:00 a.m. pacific time. it will affect applications and enrollment tools. the obama administration hopes it will be operating smoothly by the end of november. >> the dc circuit ruled the law interferes with the religious rights with business owners who are catholic. whether our government can force religious business owners to pay for abortion causing drugs or contraceptives. >> an employer shouldn't have the right to deny the people who work at that institution their right to follow their consensus. >> because of differing opinions from other circuits this may go to the u.s. supreme
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court. cover california lost an insurer officials removed the alameda alliance for health because it didn't meet requirements. the east bay nonprofit said it is temple rarely. that leaves levin surers -- 11 insurers. the bitter labor dispute. union members ratified a tentative agreement. both sides say they will benefit. members approved the deal. employees want a 15% pay hike with increased medical and pension contribution. but bart managers earned the right to change outdated work
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rules and introduce new technology. you will be stunned at the way this place operates because everything has to get the union's permission to introduce new technology. managers will no longer face roadblocks as they bring on new cars or set up a online job assignment. >> we still talk to the union and the employees the it pacts of the new equipment. the union say they have never stood in the way of progress, and today sciu negotiator said bart employees made the biggest gains on the issue of safety. the contract calls for a computerized tracking system for safety complaints. improved lighting in tunnels and brush clearing on tracks. those concerns moved to the forefront after two workers were hit and killed by a bart train during the strike. >> that's something we want to
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make sure never happens again. that's why we fought to improve safety. >> it's important that we are in a safe work environment. that our passengers are in a safe riding environment. >> bart's board of directors will hold a special meeting to vote on this contract, bart's general manager expects they will approve it. a san francisco restaurant is the second best in the country. that as cording to trip advice rear er -- adviser. gary danko. it's at hyde and north point street. number 1 on the list is colonel oakial and son dining room in new york city. a cross country drive in 29 hours. >> a transformation in the east bay. an old military base will be
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home to thousands of new residents and the way recycling will help pay for it. residents on high alert. what this sink hole may have to do with reports of small earthquake in an unlikely place. >> this the bacon and cheese diet?
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bernard getz dubbed the subway vigilante was arrested. he was taken into custody after accepting $30,000 -- excuse me, $30 in exchange for marijuana. getz ignited racial divisions when he shot four black teenagers when they asked him for $5. he was acquitted. he's awaiting arraignment. security will be tight at tomorrow's new york city marathon. there was nomarthon last -- no marathon last year because of shortstop -- shortstop shortstop: superstorm sandy.
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the town of boulder, colorado remembered a hero at the funeral of astronaut scott carpenter. carpenter was the second american to orbit the earth and one of the original seven astronauts chosen for the mercury launch. john glenn attended the service. carpenter died last month. imagine driving 2800-miles from new york city to los angeles in under 29 hours. three men from atlanta did it to set a new cannonball record. 28:50. the car was equipped with radar detectors, police scanners and
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a bed pan. turning san francisco into gotham city. >> get ready for a population boom. the reason a 26,000 new people are expected to move into a east bay city and why recycled
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new at 10:00 a population boom heading for contra costa county. a's development bringing thousands of new residents. when the pentagon started colleaguing navy bases there were high hopes of what would replace them. progress has been slow.
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in concord it's shaping up to be a different story. it's an increasingly rare sight in the bay area. thousands of acres of open space, an open canvas for developers. in 2000 fire the weapon station was the last of the bay area military stations to close. redevelopment continues in hunter point, alameda and treasure island, base that's closed years earlier. plans at concord are moving quickly. concord could complete it's transition while others are finding their way. we could accelerate faster than some of the other bases. >> michael wright heads up the concord redevelopment project. >> it's going to be a real world class place to live. 26,000 more residents are expected to move in.
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they will be surrounded by thousands of acres of open space and parks connected to mount diablo. once you are out here you feel you are in the middle of the nowhere, dry rolling hills and not much else. this location has one big advantage. bart. >> that allows us to get people out to the site, and address a lot of transportation challenges that hunters point or alameda, treasure island have the transportation is a limiting factor for them and what they can do. >> it's a reason the raiders visited the sight as a possible stadium location. not that there's been any conversation with the raiders. they came out and looked at the site and that was the end of the story.
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>> development is expected to begin in less than two years. part of the cost could come from what's left behind. concrete bunkers could be pulverized as root material. we have 60-miles of steel. that will be pulled up and recycled. >> concord officials have learned from the mistakes made at bay area base transitions and so has the military. with real estate prices surging the timing could be just right for the rebirth of the station. police are investigating a armed robbery in a business. it happened on goth street near oak and hayes valley. the suspect was armed with a gun and took belongings from multiple customers. san francisco will become goth only city -- gotham city
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in less than two weeks. it's because of this boy. miles is fighting leukemia, his wish is to be a superhero. miles will ride in a bat mobile, rescuing a damsel in distress and saving giants mascot lucille. if you would like the donate go to underwent links. the soothing lullabies play be doing more good. a study find has lullabies reduce pain in sick children. researchers relied on the old standbys, twinkle twinkle letter star and five ducks and sang them to heart patients less than 3-year-old. the children had lower heart rates and less pain. boston strong. the red sox and fans celebrate
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a world series championship. the special tribute to the boston marathon bombing
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. it's that time of the year seeing a few weather systems drop into northern california. strong enough to change things up a bit. a few high clouds in parts of the region, the low clouds and fog clearing out. could have a patch or two of fog overnight. over all the wind direction is increasing, that's the
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headline. winds out of the north to northwest, you will notice that especially in the higher terrain. as far as current temperature we're dropping as you would expect. talking about upper 50s. 58 degrees, oakland checking in 50. and half moon bay 54 degrees. as far as the live camera, we'll show you this. mostly clear skies, fog across parts of the coast earlier today. we're looking out toward the flag, not a lot of movement right now but that's changes. a wind advisory kicks in. overnight lows tomorrow morning. upper 30s in napa. santa rosa 32. mid-40's at 45 degrees. a cold front moves into northern california and central california. this area of low pressure sticks around. behind this front the winds
11:39 pm
increase out of the north. partly to mostly sunny. tomorrow will be the coolest day of the weekend. the strongest winds for the local hills, the coastal waters for the outer waters we have a gale warning, the winds 20 to 30 miles an hour. a wind advisory that begins at 11:00, lasting to 7:00 in the morning, this in place for the areas i mentioned earlier. the winds not as strong as last week. an increase in the fire danger when you get a northerly wind the fire danger goes up. tomorrow morning at 10:00 the wind gust forecast. picking up especially in parts of the north bay for the hills. backing off by tomorrow morning, or tomorrow afternoon into sunday night. a bit breezy. strongest winds overnight tonight lasting into sunday
11:40 pm
morning. afternoon highs. santa rosa 69. san francisco 60. pacific can 58. san mateo 62 degrees. the windy conditions for the bay area hills tomorrow into monday morning. warming up tuesday and wednesday. heather and ken, no rain clouds in the five-day forcast. the model is trying to bring in rain chances. watching out for that. >> getting close. breaking news from richmond, a pedestrian has been hit and killed to freeway, all lanes on westbound 580 are blocked at harbor way. the highway patrol says the man was possibly hit by two vehicles as he ran across the lanes about 50 minutes ago. it's not known why he was walking on the freeway. traffic is being diverted off 580 at harbor way. don't forget the set your
11:41 pm
clocks back before you go to sleep. we get an extra hour of sleep. this is a good time to change the batteries in the smoke alarm. the boston red sox celebrated the championship with a victory parade and tribute to the boston marathon bombing victims. ♪ ♪ god bless america. >> players and fan gathered to sing "god bless america." had years wiese "boston strong on them. >> the warriors look to bounce back after their loss. >> one of the catches of the
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. good evening, welcome to saturday night edition of sports wrap. the warriors were home and looked like the team with high expectations. the white jerseys with sleeves will be the saturday night home apparel. mike malone coaching the kings after two years on mark jackson's staff. green drains the three for the warriors, no time to enjoy that. sacramento answers with mclemore beating the buzzers, warriors up 10 after a quarter. outscoring the kings by 10. the three part of a 27 point night for thompson.
11:45 pm
the warriors stretch it out in the 3rd quarter. bow gut was the -- bogut with the force, he had four blocks, cousins rejected. that starts a warrior break. thompson to david lee for two. lee had his double. 15 points and 12 rebounds. iguodala has been as advertised. he's rewarded by curry, and we have not mentioned curry on the scoring end. three of his 22 points coming up. the warriors make 2 out of first three with a 98-87 win. the sharks see the return of dan boyle in a game with phoenix in a sudden death shootout. boyle was out 7 games. coyotes with a 1-0 lead after the first period.
11:46 pm
pawelski takes control. game tied at one. still in the 2nd the sharks to powerplay. pawelski to boyle who finds the net. the sharks happy to have boyle back. the second scoring was not over. finds the corner of the net. they were tied through the third and overtime. go to a shootout. vermette was the fifth coyote shooter and fired past for a win. the coyotes win in the shoot out but the sharks stay in first position. arizona the challenge for goth and the bears at memorial stadium. cal took a 7-0 1st quarter lead but arizona scored 19 straight. denker to phillips who finishes
11:47 pm
the scoring play. 19-7 wildcat. goth threw four touchdown passes. a reverse pivot. lawler would have a game to remember. 19-13 at halftime. look at this one handed effort to haul in another touchdown pass. this is in the 3rd quarter on the get the bears within five at 26-21. again arizona padded the lead and the bears made it closer. goth and lawler hook up. lawler up and over mcknight. it's 33-28 with 1:42 to go. the bores need the ball back. the 17-yard gain, allows the wildcats to run out the clock and hang on for the win. cal falls to 1-8 overall. 0-6 in the pac-12. arizona improves to 6-2 and 3-
11:48 pm
2. >> stanford has the weekend off. they are ready for the match up with oregon on thursday night. san jose state and david fails trying to continue the strong effort in the mountain west conference. finding chandler jones for the 7-0 lead at unlv. the spartans add to the lead. nun with the ability. freeman with the 40-yard score. they led 24-3 at the half. after the rebels closed to within a touchdown. tucker sprinted 37 yards for a score. spartans improve to 5-3 and impressive 4-1 in the mountain west. >> mcintyre in colorado a well kim -- welcome site for ucla. the bruins got it going when hundley beat the rush with the pass to fuller. fuller goes 76-yards to the end
11:49 pm
zone. colorado hung in for half. ucla got back into the win column. miami trying to pull the upset in the middle of the climate that's florida state football. seminoles leading 14-7, winston with the swing pass to freeman, that's all the opening freeman needs. third ranked florida state stays perfect with a 41-14 win. >> wouldn't expect less than emotional when michigan and michigan state meet. this year at the home of the spartans. michigan state defense was stifling. gardner wants the pass. michigan rushing -48 yards. the 4th quarter run, goes for a touchdown. michigan state improves to 8-1. the win means the spartans get
11:50 pm
possession of the paul bunyan trophy. when georgia plays, a short pass to girly. nothing girly about this. going 73-yards to the end zone. neither of these teams are ranked. georgia winning 23-20. >> the nebraska-northwestern game, the unquestioned play of the day. nebraska trailing by three, kellogg throws to the end zone with all he's got. the ball comes down in the crowd where it's tip and into the arms of jordan westercamp. 49 yards on the score as the cornhuskers win. the loss keeps northwestern winless in the big ten. still to come on this saturday night edition of sports. the giants make a move that
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doesn't surprise anyone but signals
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cup else and perry is pest golfers in the charles schwab cup. kenny perry stands to take home $1 million. perry about the birdie putt at 13. he's tied for seven. perry can't win. he's hooting for fred couples. they will hit in the middle of the green and stick. couples made the birdie from there. looks likely he will get it.
11:55 pm
cup else for birdie at 16. he shot a 68 has him 15 for the tournament. they will wrap it up tomorrow. >> the giants officially parted ways with barry zito. zitty much talked about contract called for $18 million next year or $7 million buyout. the giants exercised the buyout. zito was giving a rousing ovation at his final appearance at at&t park. game five and last year nlcs when they beat the cardinal as louing the giants to win 2 in a row. game one against detroit zito was at his best winning a 4 game san francisco sweep. zito was 63 and 80 during his tenure with the giants. the raiders hope to continue their road back when they host the eagles tomorrow.
11:56 pm
prior is the biggest story on a team that can get back to an even 500 tomorrow with the win. pryor has thrown seven interceptions. he is without question a work in progress but will be known as the final draft pick made by al davis and channeled the old man when asked about his critics. >> not trying to prove anyone, it's about getting a win. we have to win. if we lost and had that bad game, yeah, winning, just win baby. >> here's what happening on channel 2 and fox tomorrow. the pregame show is 9:00, the eagles and raiders at 1:00 followed by the point after. north america's richest
11:57 pm
horse race. last year's breeder cup mucho macho man lost by a head. today the macho man was trying to hold off two other horses. mucho macho man was the winner, but not by much. just a nose. another win for stevens closing out his comeback year, in addition, kathy is the first woman trainer. see you tomorrow at 5:00. >> mucho de niro. >> thank you for making ktvu your source for news. >> coming up tomorrow night. many of the people were pushed out in the way of african- americans out of oakland. 10,000 whites left an east bay city. what's behind a huge shift that's taking place in the east bay. that's tomorrow night on the
11:58 pm
10:00 news. >> join ktvu mornings starting at 7:00 a.m. >> have a great mom?
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