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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 4, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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the faa gives a green light to new landing procedures at sfo that should ease chronic delays for travelers. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> a change of course at san francisco airport. the airport is replacing a long standing protocol with a new one, designed to land more planes during fog, or bad weather. ken wayne is live at sfo to tell us how the faa's relaxed
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actions may work. >> reporter: the busiest airport is also the worst for on time performance. and just in time for the busy holiday travel season. this new landing procedure is expected to cut down those delays, and keep the planes moving. regular travelers through sfo all have the same story. if you fly through her during bad weather, expect the possibility of being stuck. ically just expected there's a possibility of fog, and bad weather, and it might have a delay. >> reporter: the delays are caused by incoming flights forced to line up single file in bad weather. >> i'm always checking if it's going to be delayed, because it's like, you could come here and be delayed an hour or two. >> reporter: since sfo sits on the edge of the bay, the two parallel runways used for landing are just 750 feet apart. >> i'm a small plane pilot myself, so i understand that a little bit. it is not the best place in the world to have an airport.
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>> reporter: with tonight's clear weather, there's no problem. >> during clear, visible conditions, the crews can advicably sight one another. you get into low clouds and fog, it requires a greater degree of separation for safety. >> reporter: that separation slows arrivals from 60 planes an hour, to just 30. the fix? >> it's called closely spaced parallel runways. we call it casper. >> reporter: instead of having them line up single file. that means as many as 40 planes an hour could land, even in low visibility. that should improve the airport's currently dismal 65% on time performance. >> if we could get to around 75%, that would be a good start. >> reporter: boston, seattle, newark, and new jersey are also using the casper system. will it work here? sfo officials say we'll find
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out once the weather changes. by the way, it's not raining, we just got hit by the sprinklers. the deadly shooting at los angeles international is calling for an armed presence at tsa check points. the union says there should be a new class of officers that would carry weapons, and armed officers in the screening area would help safeguard the tsa officers and the flying public. u.s. attorney, eric holder says he would look at ways to improve airport security. one of the three people who was shot and wounded at l.a.x. spoke out today. tony grigsby was shot twice in the foot. he is saddened by the death of his colleague, and says hernandez was dear to him. police say the gunman shot hernandez two times, apparently to make sure he was dead. grigsby said he was trying to help an elderly man when he was
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shot. >> a lot of people would have done the same thing, given the same opportunity. >> reporter: grigsby said, all he could think about was helping travelers as they were running to safety. and the suspect paul ciancia remains hospitalized, unconscious, and unable to communicate. he was shot several times by police, and received a gunshot wound to his face. fbi agents returned to his apartment today. neighbors say they removed several boxes. last friday, police went there to do a welfare check, 45 minutes after he had a roommate drive him to the airport. ciancia's family received a text message that sounded like ciancia was going to commit suicide. new at 10:00, police in oakland are investigating an attack onboard a transit bus that sent a young man to the hospital with burns. a spokesman said the victim was wearing a kilt, and riding a bus near ardly boulevard when he was attacked.
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authorities say it happened about 5:10 this evening. police sources tell ktvu, the 18-year-old was set on fire, and suffered burns to both of his legs. the initial reports suggest the victim may have been dozing off when he was attacked. he's currently being treated in the burn unit at st. francis hospital. now to san francisco, where authorities still haven't found their mystery witness in the death of lynne spalding. tonight, 2 investigates a new climb that the witness doesn't -- claim that the witness doesn't even exist. the conflicting stories are frustrating the victim's family. no one seems to know what happened to 57-year-old lynne spalding. a worker found the missing woman's body in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital. investigators recently asked for help finding an asian man, possibly a hospital employee who saw a person lying in the stairwell days before spalding was found. now some deputies say that key
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witness may not even exist. >> i don't think there was ever anybody that came and said, hey, there is a dead body. >> reporter: today state investigators interviewed the deputies about what happened. stern told ktvu, he thinks the story about a potential witness who may have stepped over a body on the stairs is made up. >> i certainly haven't heard anything credible to seems to seth that happened. >> how did lynne get into that stairwell? >> reporter: tonight, he told ktvu, information about a possible witness came directly to him from a doctorate the hospital. perry said the family wants all members of law enforcement to work together to find answers. >> all we know is that her body was neglected like a piece of trash on the stairwell in san francisco general for 17 days,
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and the organization charged with security. the sheriff's department has yet to give us any explanation for how that happened. >> reporter: san francisco general's spokesperson told ktvu, we stand by everything that we've said, and are continuing to cooperate with all investigations. we also reached out to the coroner today who would say only that this case is still under investigation, and that there is no timeline for releasing lynne spalding's cause of death. in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. the parents of a 13-year- old boy spoke out today after they filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the sheriff accused of shooting and killing their son. speaking in spanish, the boy's mother demanded justice for her son, andy lopez. the boy was carrying an airsoft bb gun in his neighborhood.
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the sheriff's office, says gelhaus opened fire after the boy refused to drop what looked like a gun. the attorney representing sonoma county saying the filing of this lawsuit could jeopardize the process. tomorrow is election day in parts of the bay area. in antioch, voters will be deciding whether they want to pay a higher sales tax so the city could hire more police officers. amber lee is in antioch tonight with a possible solution to a problem that exists in many parts of the bay area. amber? >> reporter: frank, supporters say measure c will enable antioch to hire more police officers it to fight crime. but opponents argue that there's no guarantee the money will be spent putting additional officers on the
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streets. this yes on measure c sign is at the intersection of buchanan and somersville roads. perhaps underscoring what supporters say is the need for more police officers. >> reducing traffic accidents, which is a huge concern. >> reporter: a yes vote will raise the sales tax in antioch from 8.5 to 9%. city leaders say that money will enable the police department to hire 22 officers. the police chief tells us, the current average response time for emergency calls is 10:54. a few minutes ago, the average was about 7:30. >> there is a correlation with the police officers you have working. you're going to get reduced response times, and higher arrest rates. >> they're trying to fool the public. >> reporter: they cowrote the no on c argument. the couple says there's no guarantee the sales tax money will be spent on hiring police
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officers, since it's going to the city's general fund. >> any counsel majority, present and future can use that money, those funds for anything they want to use it for. >> we're going to have an oversight economy that comes out, and confirms, and assures that we are spending the money the way it's supposed to be spend. >> reporter: opponents say a higher sales tax unfairly burdens the city's merchants. >> we need people to buy things in the city of antioch. that's what really supports your general fund. so we're cutting our own throat. >> reporter: measure c is the only item on the ballot. a low turnover is expected. opponents say that may help measure c pass. live in antioch, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. voters in strain get their chance tomorrow to weigh in on a controversial condominium project. it would sit along the
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embarcadero at the foot of washington street. it features luxury condos in two buildings. opponents call it a wall, and say it includes no affordable housing. there are two propositions, b, and c, on the project. a yes on either clears the way for its construction. a no vote on both would force it to be revised. and we did some checking and found supporters of the nc have spent more than $1.8 million. opponents have spent nearly 800,000. these numbers come from the city's ethics commission. some say it's a lot of money for a small election. stay with us for continuing coverage. tomorrow on the 10:00 news, the latest election returns from around the bay area. twitter is raising the price range for its much anticipated initial public offering expected this thursday. the san francisco company upped the price range today. it had been 17 to $20. now it's 23, to $25. demand is expected to be
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strong, and that could send the stock price even higher. ed lee took a walking tour of twitter's mid-market neighborhood and pointed out the growth in businesses, both big and small. mayor lee said the 5,000 housing units are also coming to the mid-market area, and more than 1,000 of them are designed as affordable. wall street posted modest gains today. the dow was up $23. positive reports on the housing, steel, and transportation sectors led the markets higher. shares of electric car maker tesla rose 7% today. they deliver the 3rd quarter earnings report tomorrow, and investors want to see if tesla outdelivered the 5,000 model s sedans that it promised to ship in the quarter. 2 investigates why he still
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has his job. >> i think it points to real issues with how discipline is being handled. >> parts of the bay area are going to wake up to a frost advisory.
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it is the proverbial calm before the storm. the new indian casino is
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expected to draw crowds of people tomorrow to its grand opening. debra villalon is live. >> reporter: this place will never be this quiet, or this empty again. you can see some of the 3,000 slot machines lit up and waiting for the 10:00 a.m. onslaught. last minute tweaks on the slot machines. tomorrow, the bells and whistles begin for real. in this business that never closes. >> i think that you'll find virtually every seat here nicely filled. >> tens of thousands of players. >> reporter: he down plays a traffic nightmare, noting the roads already managed to get visitors to sonoma, and wine country. arriving in droves at first, but he says shaking out over
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time. >> everyone in northern california know it's traffic. >> reporter: the freeway already carries about 100,000 vehicles on a normal commute day. now, add gamblers on top of that. at the aptly named 101, the hope is if the freeway clogs, players might get off, and give their tables a try. >> for us, it's an opportunity to seek more players. maybe a different variety of players. it's going to be a different opportunity. >> reporter: this woman already played penny slots at a private event, and noted some glitches. >> they were kind of breaking down, and having troubles trying to get them fixed, and paying people out. >> i've had the fortune of opening up a number of casinos in my career. >> reporter: gm says the wrinkles have been ironed out. with 2,000 employees new to their jobs. and those that question whether the bright lights are a good
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fit here. >> it feels right to the people who work here. the people that can count on the paycheck and the benefits from a job like this. >> reporter: this casino is now the north bay's largest, non- hospital employer. california now has almost 70 indian casinos. more than any other state by far. reporting live, debra villalon, channel 2 news. >> the california highway patrol says it will have extra officers on patrol for tomorrow's opening. the main concern is that northbound traffic on highway 101 will back up down into petaluma, especially during the evening commute. >> additionally, surface streets congested as well. the main one being willford avenue. >> the chp says its offices are
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located off one of the major thoroughfares into the casino, and it's concerned about keeping roads free for emergency vehicles. they agreed to open on a weekday, so traffic issues can be addressed before the weekend crowd. new details about the killing of federal investigator sandra coke. randy alaina is accused of killing coke, who is the mother of their 15-year-old daughter. who of of allana's daughter's testified. she also testified that after coke disappeared in august, allana called him, sounding suicidal. the preliminary hearing is set to continue tomorrow. the numbers are in on california's operation boo. that's the law enforcement effort that tries to make sure children are safe from sex offenders on halloween.
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they checked on 1200 sex offender parolees. 90 were arrested during operation boo. most were for parole violations, such as possession of child pornography, but six were for new sex offense charges. new to our continuing coverage of an accident in san francisco. a man in a wheelchair was struck by a car and killed. >> reporter: friends of bryan goodwin brought flowers late today to the intersection of market, and octavia streets. the site where the wheelchair bound man was fatally truck by a car just after midnight this morning. >> bryan was an inspirational person. he took his disability with a grain of salt. he was always living life to the fullest. >> reporter: goodwin died later this morning at a hospital. police say it appears the car
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had the right of way as it crossed market. it is the intersection with the most collisions in the city. 30 between 2009 and 2011. >> the higher the traffic speed, the more traffic we have in general, and the crossing distance all contribute to increased risk for collision. >> reporter: the city has installed cement islands, and warning signs to prevent pedestrians from being struck. the latest edition, a red light camera activated at 6:00 a.m. >> especially with the disabled community. we need to make sure that our crossing time is long enough. >> reporter: goodwin's coworkers told us he was involved in the disabled response. his family is mourning his loss. >> my prayers to the gentleman who accidently hit him too. i'm sure he feels horrible. >> reporter: pedestrian fatalities appear to be on the
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decline. there were 13 so far this year. 16 last year, and 17 in 2011. a frost advisory in effect late tonight, early tomorrow morning for the north bay. it doesn't mean you won't see frost in your neighborhood. overnight lows are going to get down there. frost, a possibility throughout the inland bay valleys. the winds are blowing a little bit. so the temperatures are going to stay mild. when the winds die down, and in those wind shelters valleys, you're going to see temperatures dipping into the low to mid-30s. tomorrow morning, it's cold. temperatures in livermore, and antioch, 38 degrees. you may be scraping the wind she'lls, give yourself a littler to -- a little more time in the morning. when i come back, we're going to look at the five-day forecast, weekend in view, and also changes when we get to the
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weekend. a bullying rocks the nfl and leads
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hundreds of police officers searched a mall for a gunman tonight, but he got away. gunshots were reported at the garden state plaza mall in northern new jersey, just before closing. no one was injured. the mayor of paramus said they found one shell casing. witnesses described the suspect as black and carrying a long shotgun or rifle. what does a bullying look
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like? tonight, allegations of bullying are rocking the nfl. and heather holmes with the latest now on the former stanford player who left his nfl team after being harassed by his own teammate. >> jonathan martin, a 2nd round pick from stanford walked away from the miami dolphins after harassment, and now a teammate has been suspended from the team. >> reporter: creating a football culture free of hazing has been a priority for alameda high head coach, kent moyer. >> we teach respect. we expect that guys will be respectful. >> reporter: respect was apparently not what miami dolphins player jonathan martin was receiving from his teammate, representatives for the offensive tackle told team officials he has been bullied and taunted, and the harassment has gone beyond what sometimes occurs in nfl locker rooms. >> we immediately took those concerns very, very seriously. >> reporter: last night, the
11:26 pm
team suspended indefinitely, the player who appears to be the main culprit, richie incognito. >> there's absolutely no tolerance for here. >> reporter: the stanford coach said what martin endured his first season and what continued into his second -- >> they teach those guys how to be pros. they teach them about the game, within the game. those are the positive locker rooms. those are the positive teams. those are the teams that win games. >> reporter: the case is raising the case of bullying. >> i was really shocked in the nfl level, they were having stuff like that go on. i could understand maybe high school, maybe college, but to see pros doing it when they're getting paid millions of dollars. it was shocking. >> reporter: the nfl is looking into whether dolphins coaches and staff were aware of the
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harassment. it's going to be a question whether they allowed the locker room behavior to flourish. the u.s. senate today moved forward on a bill that would -- seven republicans crossed party lines and voted to debate on the measure. the republican controlled house is another story. speaker john boehner opposes the bill. he says it would encourage frivolous lawsuits and hamper job creation. california is one of 21 states that offer workplace protections for gay, bisexual, and transgender people. and apple's ceo tim cook wrote in part, for too long, too many people have had to hide that part of their identity in the workplace. if coworkers cannot be themselves in the workplace,
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they certainly cannot be their best serves. my hands were
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new at 10:00, police in morgan hill tell us, they arrested a daycare worker for being under the influence of alcohol. anna marie lopez was charged with child endangerment. she was arrested at 7 this morning at the child development center on maine avenue. lopez has worked there for ten years. family and friends are honoring a 40-year-old man from santa cruz. he was struck and killed by a car while riding his bike. they say josh alper was a
11:31 pm
generous man, and a talented, and inspiring musician. he was riding on a bike lane yesterday morning. alper worked in the library at uc santa cruz. he was struck by this tesla model s. the driver told officers he fell asleep at the wheel. witnesses say the driver swerved to avoid a car, striking albeer. so far, no charges have been filed. uc berkely police are warning about a surge of robberies, on or near campus. campus police say they're putting officers on overtime, and that some are working undercover, but they are also asking students, stay off your cell phones while walking. police say the descriptions of the robbers are different in each case and that the incidents do not appear to be connected.
11:32 pm
2 investigates tonight, concerns about the discipline process involving law enforcement officers. >> receiving termination papers twice, but was never fired. the accusations against him, include physical abuse, and inappropriate sexual behavior. a rare look at the investigation into a sheriff's deputy, and why his attorney says the allegations against him are unfounded. >> reporter: deputy doug jones has worked for the san francisco county jail system for 13 years. it's what's happened in the last three that's gotten him in trouble. howard barnes sat in jail on a burglary charge in july of 2010. barnes and this inmate, darius mackey became victims at the force of the deputy. >> they kicked me, they kneed me. my hands were actually numb. i couldn't feel my hands no
11:33 pm
more, and that's when i started breaking down, and crying. >> reporter: the documents refer to video, which shows the other inmate, without any justification getting thrown to the floor with a knee on his back and a boot to his neck. >> i didn't know. i was scared. i ain't going to lie, i was scared. >> reporter: the sheriff took action. 2 investigates obtained this letter from michael hennessey, that jones successfully fought the firing, instead, receiving a one month suspension. attorney harry stern now represents deputy jones. >> so a forced case in the jail, even one that resulted in a suspension isn't that unusual. >> reporter: but new allegations surfaced with six female inmates who accused jones of inappropriate sexual behavior. >> this is a group of people,
11:34 pm
they're professional crooks, professional cheats and liars. they basically were trying to perpetrate, more or less a scam. >> reporter: and stories from women after they were released from jail. like carolyn gomes. saying jones allowed her to shoot his guns at the jackson arms range. she says jones went against orders not to attack her. obtained her address from her booking card. went to her residents to have sex with her and asked her to assist in purchasing crack cocaine. cell phone records indicate he made calls to her cell phone. >> she found out his cell phone number i believe from another inmate, and began calling him. it was a series of phone calls from someone, he wasn't sure who it was. >> reporter: the assistant legal counsel for the sheriff's
11:35 pm
department. this time, jones received a 6 month suspension from ross mirkarimi. >> 6 months is quite a lock suspension. that would indicate that there was behavior or a history that needed to be addressed. >> reporter: he says he can't go into detail on specific cases, so we showed the documents to an independent police accountability specialist. >> it's very disturbing. >> reporter: barbara says she's reviewed thousands of suspension cases. >> if there was another incident he would be terminated. so that's somewhat like being on probation, i think, and there were two more incidents. why he was not terminated, i don't understand. >> there's a history here. there's a pattern. >> right. the history and the pattern here is him being harassed by someone. >> reporter: we tried to ask jones himself, but were unsuccessful. the intern affairs documents don't contain jones's defense, or why the sheriff's department
11:36 pm
changed its mind, not once, but twice. >> it would absolutely depend upon what the nature of the allegations were, and how they were proven or not. >> reporter: but the stack of documents and history of this deputy leave some wondering. >> i think it points to some real issues with how discipline is being handled in the sheriff's department. >> reporter: he will be back at work wednesday. 2 investigates has learned he will not be allowed to have any contact with inmates. >> the attorney for deputy jones says he accepted the suspension to avoid litigation. not because he did anything belong. if you have a tip for 2 investigates, we want to hear it. email your tip to transitioning to a wet weather pattern. i'll break down the changes you can expect by the when our little girl was born,
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we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. hit a landmine when i came here, i couldn't move. [male announce david was broadsided on the highway. they weren't very hopeful that he would survive at all. [male announce their traumatic brain injuries have yet to heal. the way i describe it is you're just afraid. am i going to start forgetting things? [male announce tbi is as serious as any battlefield injury.
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thankfully va has made important advancements in tbi so if you think you or a veteran you know has sustained a brain injury, get screened. a proposed merger between american airlines and u.s. airways. the justice department is suing to block the merger because of concerns about a potential reduction in competition. today, eric holder said discussions are ongoing, but stressed that any resolution must include landing and takeoff slots at key airports. holder says he hopes the case can be scheduled before the
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trial. the justices dismissed oklahoma's appeal of a decision -- the oklahoma supreme court ruled the restrictions violated precedence that bars states from imposing an undue burden on abortion rights first recognized in the roe vs. wade decision. there are questions tonight about the discovery of artistic masterpieces confiscated by the nazis and missing for 70 years. about 1500 pieces of art were found in the apartment of the son of an alleged nazi collaborator in munich. the news news came out yesterday, but we're learning the art was found two years ago. why the word didn't come out sooner is not known. state regulators are hoping to send a strong message to pg and e, by more than doubling a fine against the utility. saying pg and e failed to
11:41 pm
promptly notify officials for record 141 which runs beneath san carlos. the cpc posed a $17 million fine for that. state regulators say the new proposal takes into account when pg and e likely became aware of the issue. a final decision could be made next month. a special education teacher has been named california teacher of the year. >> i was a police officer for 27 years. as a police officer i worked very closely with the mount diablo school district. when i retired from the district i wanted to stay connected with you. >> bcaco is one of five teachers recognized statewide. the former police officer has taught at solano middle school for 14 years. he says he tries to give
11:42 pm
students incentives to succeed. which includes trips to his horse ranch to spend time outdoors. the san francisco district attorney's office is looking at a feature to dissuade thieves. apple users are asked whether they have i07, and whether they have the anti-theft. as an incentive to take the survey, two lucky respondents will win golden state warrior tickets, or a signed basketball. you will find a link to the survey at under web links. returning a stolen motorcycle back to its original owner 46 years after it was taken. here's a picture of that 1953 triumph motorcycle. it was about to be shipped to japan after it was discovered
11:43 pm
by customs and border investigation. it was reported stolen in omaha, nebraska in february, 1967. at that time it was worth about $300,000. a disney worker answers to a judge after two explosions at the theme park. plus the effort to clean up a bay area water way. a decade of decay. >> and at 10:45, chief meteorologist bill martin is back with your complete bay area forecast, and when we'll start to see changes
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11:45 pm
there is a packed house at the pleasant hill city council meeting.
11:46 pm
late word of vote on the topic. >> reporter: julie, we've been here since the council meeting started at 7:30. people have been coming out, and i'm just getting word the that the council has voted 3-2 in favor of imposing new gun restrictions on gun dealers here in the city of pleasant hill. i have not had a chance to go up and speak with those councilmembers. but we are hearing from some people coming out out of the meeting, just in the past five minutes, they have voted to adopt these new restrictions. at times shouting out concerns as the council discussed the measure. this dominated tonight's meeting, civil, but intense. the authors, agreed to modify their proposal. right now, there are four gun shops which have not caused any problems.
11:47 pm
gun dealers say they feel this is unnecessary, but the mayor tonight said he feels this is an important safety precaution. >> this it is a matter of making sure that gun dealers in our town operate in a safe fashion. that they do appropriate background checks on employees, and that they're a reasonable distance from schools. >> they did not investigate. we're already complying with everything they want to do. by atf and doj. >> reporter: this proposed ordinance that just passed in the past 10 minutes stating that gun shops could not be located within 100 feet of homes. within 500 feet from a park or adult entertainment site. gun dealers would also be required to submit fingerprinting and background checks. they'd be asked to have insurance, and undergo inspections for adequate security. we understand that the current shops that operate here would be exempt from the distance requirement, but would have to
11:48 pm
comply with the other means. this was a big surprise. this vote with one of the councilmembers not clearly indicating which way he would go. 3-2 in favor of new gun dealer restrictions in the city here in pleasant hill. reporting live from pleasant hill, jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. in the south bay, residents vote on a gun bill tonight. firearms would have stob stored in a locked box or disabled when not in use. supporters say it will help prevent accidental deaths, shootings, and suicide. critics argue it infringes on a gun owner's constitutional right. a former disney worker pled guilty in setting off to dry ice explosions. 23-year-old christian barnes
11:49 pm
was sentenced to 36 days in jail and 100 hours of community service. barnes was a worker at disneyland when the explosions happened on may 28. no one was injured in either of the explosions. neither prosecutors, nor the defense offered a motive in the case. rotting, and polluting wrecks are being pulled from the oakland estuariy. they removed a tug boat that was abandoned long ago. the epa says the estuary has been a dumping ground for decades. efforts are made to track down the owner of the wrecks. a cool start this morning, then a warm day. temperatures got into the 60s, and 70s. 69 in antioch. that wasn't one of the warm
11:50 pm
spots. but 73 in santa rosa, certainly up there. highs tomorrow, going to go up a couple of degrees. the jet stream is well north. there's the rain up into the portland area. yes stay down here in the dry zone for the rest of the week. the hope is the jet stream will start to drop down and change our weather pattern. much needed wet weather. current numbers outside right now are mild. they're not that cold. we have a frost advisory in the north bay. the reason numbers are mild rye in and out, is we have pretty significant winds out there, mainly not north bay, and some of the south bay too. when the winds die down tonight. fairfield is 17. when the wind speeds start to die down, the areas are going to cool enough that frost is going to be a real issue. especially in the north bay, where a frost advisory is in effect. you will see frost in walnut creek, and fairfield. the north bay has the frost advisory. cold tomorrow morning when you get up. 37 in fairfield. 38 in antioch. 38 in livermore.
11:51 pm
so a chilly start. a lot like this morning. then daytime highs tomorrow, a lot like today. maybe a little warmer. we'll see 60s and low 70s. mostly sunny, and warmer tomorrow. a dry week ahead. the jet stream is still going to stay north. as we go into the next couple of days, this high pressure will turn temperatures up. as it sits there, that cool air is going to continue to remain, mainly in the north bay. sunny, and breezy as we go into the next couple of days, especially in the hills. 73 in vacaville. 72 in pittsburg. 73 in livermore. nice daytime highs. the next day, wednesday, will be just about the same, or a little bit warmer. no coastal fog to speak of. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, you get a little more of a warm up. temperatures start down thursday and friday. as your weekend comes into view. more clouds, and with those clouds, the gem is working seth. maybe, just maybe, monday,
11:52 pm
tuesday, and wednesday, we get a chance to return to a little bit of wet weather. which would be nice, it is november. >> it's been a while. >> we kind of feel like we dodged the fire danger bullet a little bit. which has been nice. maybe some rain next week. >> thank you bill. mark's higher now. a great night for the warriors. >> a lot of people will tell us the most exciting, interesting team in the nba to watch, the warriors right now, and most players never led on that it's any big deal. playing the team they once sweat for. andre iguodala sure did some screaming when his play once he hit the floor. the warriors just roll people. watch them get out on an 18-0 run here. step up top for andre iguodala from way out. perfect pass. this time, it's your chance to see iguodala return the favor. behind the back to the corner for david lee.
11:53 pm
right underneath. lee, and everybody else having a great game. curry, a triple double. 18 points. 12 assists, 10 rebounds. nice right there. this is a blowout. most of the warriors rest in the 4th quarter, the former sixer, andre iguodala nails it. 7 threes. 32 points. warriors win easily. 110-90. the final score? it was not that close. the final score was not good at all for the green bay packers, but that may be the least of their problems tonight. they aren't even
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monday night football turned into the battle of the backup quarterbacks in green bay. you don't even know the final score, and that information going to put a knot in the stomach of every packer fan. jay cutler already out, and joined on the sideline, 1st quarter, by aaron rodgers. banged up, as chicago's sean mckellen beared down on him. injured left shoulder. don't know how serious. he did not return bears backup, josh mccown, a former raider. it turned into a decider, 27- 20, chicago wins in green bay.
11:57 pm
packers have some concerns tonight. meanwhile, the 49ers idle as far as anything goes out on a football field this weekend. carolina's sunday front office working it. they departed company with nnamdi asomugha, injured early, and then not able to get back on the field, mainly because of the fine play by brock. the 49ers able to activate another quarterback, rice, to help them in the backfield as well. the niners going to fill the advantagecies on their roster by welcoming back receiver mario manningham. hoping he is officially healed from injury. 42 catches and a touchdown before severely injurying his left knee last december. ryan vogelsong, the giants have opted not to pick up his option, but they're still negotiating with him, so he could come back. that's the sporting life for tonight. >> thank you for choosing ktvu
11:58 pm
channel 2 news. >> the morning news starts tomorrow morning at 4:30. you can follow us anytime on twitter, facebook, and all of our ktvu apps.
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12:00 am
>> today on "tmz" -- >> let's get to work, everybody! welcome, first order of business, josh, jibs and jabs brolin. >> the morning after halloween. got into a couple incidents. >> he was out solo? where are his friends. >> if you drink seven nights a week, it's hard to come up with a friend for saturday or sunday. >> kendall jenner is now 18. which means she can now do porn. >> she is not doing porn? >> why not? kim went that route?


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