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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 5, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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only on 2, police discover a stash of guns and drugs in an area suburb where you might not expect it. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. police bust a drug operation they say was selling drugs and marijuana. a search of that house turned up something else. seven firearms. only on 2, ktvu's heather
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holmes is live in martinez. >> reporter: detectives here tell me that they were shocked, surprised by the large amount of drugs and large amount of weapons all of which they say were loaded. that included an assault weapon. i want you to listen now to the phone call we obtained that first tipped off police. >> martinez police department. >> we have a weapon being fired on the street. taking off very quickly. >> reporter: this 911 call about a gunman opening fire led police to swarm this house on valencia court. >> i heard a pop, pop, pop. and they told me, get in here. cops are coming. >> reporter: police released these photos of firearms they found. in the center the most dangerous of the weapons
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confiscated an ak47. >> it actually had fixtures to it. it had the handle reconfigured. >> reporter: the suspect was arrested. >> every day there's cars up there. that area gets filled they come and go they come and go. >> reporter: people in the area say they suspected drugs were being sold. >> was it rapid fire or single shot. >> it was rapid fire and he's headed toward the intersection of bush and pacheco. >> reporter: but concerns began when those guns were fired. >> when it gets to guns and meth, it's just very scary.
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>> police tell me several people lived inside the house including a small child and that more arrests could come. police are investigating whether anyone in that house had any gang ties. heather holmes, ktvu news. new video now from the aftermath of a chase involving a highway patrol in oakland tonight. chp officers say the short chase involved the fruitvale district and involved a stolen vehicle -- short chase happened at the fruitvale district. a suspect accused of stabbing a woman was shot and killed by police in fairfield today. the confrontation led to the closure of highway 12 for much of the day. police say the suspect came at officers with a knife and that's when they opened fire. they had chased him from a near by apartment complex where they found a woman who had been stabbed more than 30 times she
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is now suffering from life threatening injuries. the suspect ended up dying at the house. he is identified as 24-year-old diante trailer of fairfield. he was on parol for robbery. we are learning new details tonight about a young man who was severely burned on a bus in oakland. and the 16-year-old who is accused of setting him on fire. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live now in san francisco where the victim is being treated for his burns, eric. >> reporter: julie this 18-year- old who goes by sasha fleshman is in the burn center. i briefly spoke to his parents who said they simply were too upset to go on camera. some of his family and friends are expressing relief that police have a suspect in custody. police say this 16-year-old in a hood did the unthinkable.
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setting a passenger on fire. >> we saw the guy, he was laying out there burned. >> was he in bad shape? >> yeah he was in bad shape. his legs were all burned up. red and black. >> reporter: tonight friends of sasha set up a website to help raise money. his parents tell us he's a senior. >> everybody started yelling they were saying fire fire and the victim was running up and down. >> reporter: the victim appeared to be wearing a kilt or skirt. and that it is not known whether the suspect knew sasha. we road the same line and spoke
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to passengers. passengerred commended the driver. >> reporter: do you drive this rout every day? >> not every day is unshine, i'll tell you that. >> reporter: the victim is in the hospital with second and third degree burns. member of the cal bears football team is recovering from a concussion after being knocked out by a teammate. fabian hale says he doesn't remember being hit. he also needed stitches to his ear. >> it appears one person punched another. i don't think the victim threw any punches. >> reporter: the other cal bears player has not been identified. hale has not played in a game this season. it is election day and parts of the bay area you can see local results at the bottom
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of your screen. this is an off year election and some cities and counties have no issues on the ballot. one exception is san francisco where proposition b could allow a developer to build luxury condos at the foot of washington street. nearly all returns are in and it is losing 38% in favor of the project. 52% opposed. a companion measure prop c would weigh tight limit. for more now we go to amber lee. she is live at the election party for the yes on b campaign. and amber it appears they have lost. >> reporter: that's right, we're just outside cuqueta restaurant where prop b supporters are holding their party. you can see the mood is somber. >> they ran a very smart
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campaign. what i guess maybe we didn't anticipate is how the discussion about the issues of a project of about a specific sight somehow became something larger about the soul of san francisco. >> reporter: a yes vote would allow two condos to replace a park and fitness club. the project would provide jobs and a public park. over on broadway the no on b campaign is holding its own election night party. the opposition included waterfront residents and the sierra club. they say the condo exceeds the height limit. >> this is an attempt to take over the waterfront from the people who own it. the people of san francisco. and it's a loud and clear message from all across the city, hands off our waterfront. >> for the first time on election night, city hall was lit in red, white and blue. out in front election workers
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offered curb side drop off. the department of elections tells us 1,000 people took advantage of this service just today. >> i just think it's really important to be active in your citizenry and i always try to get out to the polls and vote whenever i can. >> reporter: still, voter turn out was low. elections director john arens estimated it to be at about 25%. >> for an election of this type, it's about where the number has been for a few elections in the most recent past. >> reporter: prop b supporters are obviously disappointed. telling me that the san francisco based developers are quote heartbroken and not sure where to go from here. live along san francisco's waterfront. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. we're keeping an eye on several other hot button measures this evening. in antioch, early returns show voters are on track to approve a half cent sales tax. supporters say the money would go to hire police officers. right now the yes votes are leading with 70%.
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the measure only needs a simple majority to pass. early results now from sunny vale where voters are being asked to vote on strict measures. so far it may appear that voters will approve the lead. the measure only needs a simple majority to pass. and in rohnert park, measure a appears to be approved. if it fails the tax rate would be reduced to 9% when the tax expires in 2014. you can find an election guide on apple is reviewing the type of information requests it gets from law enforcement and mostly it's about lost or stolen devices. apple says it's not in the business of amassing the
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personal information of its customers. and requests for information about devices is never related to national security. but apple and other tech companies are restricted by their government from going into detail about those requests for information. tesla motors is reporting deliveries were up during the third quarter. but investors were still disappointed. the palo alto electric car company says it delivered 5,500 cars. analysts say investors were hoping for a bigger number. tesla shares fell more than 12% or $22 to $154 and change. the broader markets were mixed. the dow fell 12 points. markets have been relatively flat since the big run up a few weeks ago. a shake up in a bay area police department. two investigates why some say it will help but others fear it could jeopardize crime solving. >> plus cooler weather is
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when ouwe got a subaru.s born, it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. fire crews are finished mopping up after a house in oakland went up in flames this evening. two women were inside and a neighbor ran to their rescue. it all happened in the 3800
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block of mid-vale and santa ana street. and jana katsuyama is there and tell us how a neighbor helped the woman and her daughter escape. jana. >> reporter: it really is remarkable neighbors helping out neighbors. i want to let you know right now there's a crew that just finished boarding up the house. securing the house. you can see all of the debris in the front yard. the two women are being helped by the red cross tonight. we did obtain cell phone video from one neighbor that shows exactly how bad this fire was. >> reporter: a neighbor along mid-vale avenue took video of these flames across the street. >> i thought oh my god. i seen the window blow. i saw the fire busting out of the window. >> reporter: miyra saxton was inside the house. >> i heard this big -- and i thought what is that. >> reporter: outside neighbor
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enriquez says he heard smoke alarms. >> then i heard mayra screaming. i turned and i saw flames coming out of her house. >> reporter: langarira quickly went to the apartment and got the mother out. >> he says get out, get out, get out. i didn't even have my purse. >> reporter: the electrical transformer started blowing out and sparking. >> what made it more complicated was that the power lines had dropped down. so that was a safety hazard for the firefighters. >> reporter: pg & e crews cut the power allowing the firefighters to go in. they were able to put out the fire relief for the women, family and friends. the fire melted the gas and electric meters on the house next door. investigators say it appears this fire was accidental but they are still trying to determine what the cause was.
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but the bottom line here, neighbors helping out neighbors here in oakland and really those two women safe tonight thanks to their help. reporting live in oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. just released 911 calls during a car fire in the caldecaut tunnel have been released. many drivers abandoned their cars and phoned dispatchers saying it was hard to breathe. one caller said he worried about the safety of the elderly man who was behind the wheel of the burning car. >> just to tell you, the guy may be kind of not in a safe place. he's in the right lane. >> eight people were taken to the hospital after inhaling a lot of smoke. late tonight caltrans says it needs to delay the
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demolition of the old eastern span of the bay bridge. we were expecting to see demolition work on the old candelever tomorrow. the agency did not say when it expects to begin the work. the entire demolition project is expected to take at least three years. the city of san jose has recorded its 39th homicide of the year. police arrested this man 28- year-old john rios. they say he shot and killed 37- year-old jason ford early yesterday morning. at the san fernando street. investigators say the suspect and the victim knew each other but they are still searching for a motive. two investigates tonight a plan by the san jose police department to ease its chronic staffing shortage. it is set to roll out on thursday. but as robert handa found out not everybody is happy about it. there are only 912 working officers in the san jose police
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department. 457 on patrol. the department says that's not enough to cover the city. so this week around 70 detectives will begin rotating on the patrol units in a pilot program. detective james gonzalez of the domestic violence unit says cuts have already hurt detectives. >> it's devastating to our investigations. >> reporter: the police department says the rotations which include other nondetectives are well as needed for officer safety and 911 calls of a serious nature get priority. but those in which the suspect has fled do not. >> we're hoping the addition of these new officers will help to obviously reduce that. >> responding to those energy calls is very important --
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emergency calls is very important. and that's our priority. >> we have to get to those 911 calls but it's going to come at a cost. as we stop reporting drug cases. >> the program's impact will be reviewed at the end of january. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu, san jose. with san jose and other police departments short on officers we wanted to know how do other cities across the country compare with their staffing levels and their patrol plans. >> patrol is most important. that's the number one priority of any law enforcement agencies. the officers that are working the street. >> two investigates looked at departments in cities similar in size to san francisco, san jose and oakland and tomorrow at 6:00. we're going to show you how
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they stack up and how many more officers bay area departments need to keep our communities safe. that's2 investigates tomorrow on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. a chillily -- chilly one out there right now and the numbers are going to drop. 49degrees overnight right now in santa rosa. 48 in napa. 50 in concord. still very mild. court -- quickly dropping into the 40s. winds are calm and that's an indication that temperatures will be allowed to drop everyone lower. forecast overnight lows easily down to the mid-30s in the mid- bay. low 40s in vallejo, mid- and low 30s around the livermore valley as well. you're going to see frost in inland bay valleys. get up a little early tomorrow if you had frost this morning or yesterday morning and get ready to scrape those windshields especially for those early morning get outs. we have a five day forecast
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that shows significant changes. it's been dry around here but that all could change. we'll see you back here with the details. >> jammed parking lots and crowded streets. >> it took 25 minutes to get from there to down here. >> what happened that put
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the chp says it is cracking down on the number one cause of accidents in california. aggressive driving. as ktvu's ken pritchett reports officers say tailgating, speeding and rapid lane changes can have deadly consequences. >> reporter: look at this car crossing four lanes of traffic on interstate 80. and this car in oakland
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speeding and jocking for position in the fast lane. aggressive driving an all too common sight. >> it happens every day. >> reporter: mike butala commutes every day. >> the young people are in too much of a hurry. they're cutting in front of people and going across three or four lanes in order to get two seconds ahead. >> reporter: the chp will be cracking down thanks to a $4 million state and federal grant targeting aggressive driving. >> what we're looking for is those people who are zipping in and out of traffic. cutting people off. and particularly those who contribute the most to traffic collisions. >> reporter: you tube is littered with dash cam video showing aggressive driving but in an hour long drive around oakland and a few miles on i80 we shot our own video that showed chp officers mike grogan what they saw. >> this driver was tailgating when he made that lane change. >> reporter: another darted
11:25 pm
through i70. aggressive driving, speeding in particular is the number one cause of crashes. in 2011 the chp says there was more than 30,000 crashes attributed just to speed and that aggressive driving in total resulted in 80,000 fatalities. the goal of the crack down -- >> hopefully reduce by 5% the incidents of fatal traffic collisions and injuries. the chp announced this yearlong crack down today but it actually started last month and will continue through next september. in oakland, ken pritchett. the woman accused of a deadly drunk driving crash made her first court appearance after a week of delays. margerie rizel is -- reitzell
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is facing dui charges. republican governor chris christie won reelection in a decisive victory. he thanked supporters and he told them they made him the luckiest guy in the world. christie received 60% of the vote to defeat barbara buono. this win could position chris christie as one of the top republicans as a candidate for the race to the white house. a shopping mall gunman died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. reports of a man walking around with a gun led to massive evacuations. after hours of a s.w.a.t. search, police found the body of shoop.
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his family said they had no idea what he was planning to do. northern california's largest casino is now up and running. and you don't have to step inside to feel its effects. we'll have a live report. and you can get ktvu news
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hundreds of people poured into the new casino in rohnert park this morning. it opened an hour early because of the huge crowds waiting outside. the casino had to close its doors because it had reached
11:30 pm
capacity at one point. and ken wayne live in rohnert park on how neighbors are handle this rush of gamblers. >> reporter: the enthusiasm for this new casino is still going strong. the cash is flowing at rohnert park and it's not just at the casino. near by hotels are booked. >> it took forever. took about 20 minutes to get from that end to over here which usually takes about a minute. >> reporter: signs are posted to keep gambler cars out of parking lots. this salon was slower than usual. except for one.
11:31 pm
>> she said, i need to get in because i need to look good, i'm going to the casinos. >> why don't i charge $15 for a car to come in here and park. >> we thought it would be a fun place to go. >> reporter: the driver of this car gave up and headed north to river side casino. >> it was so crowded there you could hardly find a place to play. it's not normally. >> reporter: it's all a little overwhelming for this small town. >> it's one of the biggest casinos right now. so i think it's just a little bit worrisome for everyone. i think it's exciting nonetheless. >> i guess i'm used to casinos being far out. it's weird to have it in rohnert park. >> reporter: expect to see heavy traffic in and aren't rohnert park at least through the weekend. people we talked to here say they're happy to see all the
11:32 pm
new business, not so happy about all the cars. investigators say they are looking into whether a man committed suicide when he fell to his death from a helicopter in southern california. a 60-year-old man booked a helicopter ride for two but showed up alone. at some point in the ride the door was opened and the man fell 300 feet to the ocean off new port beach. rescue crews were able to pull him ashore but he died at the hospital. friends and family are remembering an 86-year-old woman from san jose who died one day after becoming the oldest woman to finish the new york city marathon. joy johnson stumbled during the 20th mile of the race and hit her head on the pavement. the former gym teacher finished the race and everyone made a tv appearance the next morning with a bandage on her head. but hours later she said she was tired and took a nap at her hotel. she never woke up. johnson's daughter said quote at least she was running the
11:33 pm
way she wanted to go. budget troubles at san jose state are leading to what instructors say are unexpected and unwelcomed cut backs. tomorrow morning department shares and school directors are scheduled to hold an emergency campus meeting to discuss the budget issues. department heads say they just learned they needed to make massive cuts to classes next week. and many students are worried they won't get the classes they need to be able to graduate. a woman says a man broke into her home and attacked her and her puppy. martinez was high on drugs. he allegedly tried to drown her puppy and then tried to strangle the woman. investigators say the suspect worked for the victim's son. some experimental bike lane
11:34 pm
striping is causing confusion. rob roth talked to drivers and everyone some cyclists who say they just can't figure out the new green lanes. >> reporter: it's a stretch of green roadway that extends less than a mile on 40th street near the mcarthur station. but we found many drivers aren't sure what it's for or who it's for. >> i don't know what to do. >> reporter: the motorist mystery is an experiment that began here in september. the green lane indicates that it's open to both motorists and bicyclists. >> problem with that is as a cyclist is that you're constantly in a car's blind spot when you're to the right or left of a car. i think the idea is on a busy thoroughfare you should be out in the middle of traffic. >> reporter: we're finding some cyclists are preferring to stay out of the green lane preferring to stay on the right of the road. and drivers say they prefer to
11:35 pm
stay out of it everyone though they're legally allowed to be on it. >> i just stay off of it. it doesn't seem like you can get in there. >> i hope that the lane would start to increase awareness that bikes really need a whole lane. >> reporter: oakland is studying the green lane. and it'll be a year before officials will decide whether they should paint more green lanes or they've done it all. shrider has died in his home in chicago this morning. the 54-year-old's cause of death has not been determined. but the chicago tribune reported that trotter was aware that he had an inoperable brain
11:36 pm
tumor. the restaurant that shared his name in 1987 and it was considered one of the finest in the world. in 2002 he famously removed fra gra from his menu because he did not think it was ethical. the decision made tonight on pig hunting. i'm tracking the path of a system,
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11:38 pm
parents say they are shocked and concerned to learn that a long time day care worker in morgan hill was arrested for being drunk on the job. police were called to the
11:39 pm
center yesterday. a day care worker was slurring her words and fumbling with her keys. 58-year-old anna marie lopez was arrested and charged with child endangerment. she has worked there for 10 years. one mother said over the years she never smelled alcohol. >> my grand kids they all loved her. she was a good person. >> police said they added they heard from two other parents who had prior concerns. the state is also investigating. you can check evaluation reports and any complaints against a child care facility by contacting associate services. we posted a link to their website on a 21-year-old hayward man was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his whole on a san ramon julie store robbery that
11:40 pm
left a teenager dead. michael porter was one of four people who prosecutors say took part of an armed robbery of a store. during the store, the suspect shot byru. porter pleaded no contest to one count of armed robbery. as part of the plea deal, charges were dropped. tonight the city council voted eight to three to allow residents to shoot the pigs providing they have the rightful hunting documents. the provision runs through february 5th. birds can be shot to keep them from striking planes. the san jose city council appointed a replacement for the current city manager who is retiring at the end of the
11:41 pm
month. ed cicada is scheduled to take over -- ed shikada. in a vote today mostly along party lining the illinois legislature gave same-sex couples the right to get married and the governor says he intends to sign it into law. couples could begin getting married in illinois as early as june of next year. tours at the white house resumed today and visitors got a vip surprise. the white house released these pictures of president obama and michelle obama welcoming people to the tours. right now there's only enough
11:42 pm
money allocated for the tours until june. a piece of history for sale, how you can take home part of candle stick park after it closes for good. >> bill martin tracking changes in our weather. he's back with his complete forecast. >> and in ♪
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the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we have updated election numbers now from sunny vale where voters seemed inclined to adopt new restrictions on gun stores and gun owners with 41% of the precincts reporting. the nra has vowed to sue if measure c passes. pieces of history have been found while digging san francisco's new central subway tunnel. ktvu's david stevenson reports how this is adding to the cost
11:45 pm
of the project. >> reporter: it opportunity -- doesn't look like much. but this chunk of rock means a lot to this church. the church relocated about a mile away just before the 1906 earthquake. contractors building san francisco's controversial 1.7- mile central subway last month unearthed the foundation and returned a chunk to father chakahachi. >> for us it's a good connection to the past. >> reporter: the priceless piece of history for the church but a pricey extra for the subway project. the foundation lay below the pagoda theater. the discovery and removal of the church foundation hiked the cost of the project. >> the cost involved with that church is about $250,000 which we're asking our board today to approve.
11:46 pm
>> reporter: another $300,000 is needed to pay for additional costs including demolishing the theater. still project organizers say the under ground drilling remains on budget and on time. >> once they got through the hard manmade material we're able to move at the pace of 60 feet a day. >> reporter: service on the central subway is scheduled to start in 2019. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. pg & e is facing a $5 million fine over poor inspections. the california public utilities commission says the tests were not performed correctly. pg & e then fired the contractor and conducted new tests and they ended up finding that more than 250 wells had been x-rayed incorrectly. pg & e now has 10 days to
11:47 pm
either pay the fine or appeal. a small reprieve tonight for more than 100,000 californians who's blue shield insurance coverage was set to expire at the end of the year. blue shield california gave the policyholders a three month notice that their plans were being withdrawn from the market. but the insurance commissioner said state law requires a six month warning and he threatened legal action if the insurance company did not extend the plans through the end of march. and that is what blue shield has now done. a new space race is on and india is trying to be the leader. only the u.s., the former soviet union and european coalition have sent a class to the red plant. other nations have tried but failed. the mars project is a matter of national pride for those in india. others consider it a waste of $73 million.
11:48 pm
high temperatures today nice warmer than they were yesterday. temperatures tomorrow will warm a little bit more. these are the numbers from today. the hot spot 78 in santa rosa. 70 in san francisco. and then 72 in san jose and 73 in morgan hill. highs tomorrow going to be slightly warmer than these. we're going to see a couple of more upper 70s and more mid- 70s. the jet stream drives to the north like this. as we get late in the week, the jet stream is going to drive south and open up the opportunity for a few sprinkles for showers. maybe more than that. we'll be tracking that over the next few days. these are the overnight lows forecast for tomorrow morning. we'll see frost, we had the frost advisory in the north bay. but it's not there tonight but you'll get frost in these inland bay valleys with temperatures in the mid-30s and low 40s. the overnight lows tonight are going to be chilly.
11:49 pm
wednesday like today, the extended cooler as we go past wednesday. so wednesday numbers kind of tap out. they peak. then they start to trend down after that. san jose right now 56 degrees in san jose. as we head into your tomorrow forecast. san jose at 1:00 will be around 71 degrees. then it'll warm to 72 degrees for daytime highs in san jose. temperatures mostly in the mid- 70s tomorrow and in the warmest spots in the inland bay valleys. the satellite loop combined with the isotherm maps. you see a couple of clouds coming in which means the high temperatures are breaking down a bit. high pressure for one more day. when that departs this guy comes in. temperatures trepd temperatures- - trend down but it's not a big deal. that's not bad for this time of year. it's not going to get cold it's just going to get cooler.
11:50 pm
when the temperatures start to drop off for the day. the overnight lows are going to warm up a little bit because of the cloud cover. so it's kind of a trade off. tomorrow 63 after an overnight low or 43-degree. 76 in vacaville. 75 in brentwood. plenty of 70s in the santa clara valley. there's no fog, the coast is real nice right now. and you can see all the temperatures kind of working their way down after tomorrow but still it's not a wash out. the week is going to be beautiful. saturday and sunday the clouds are going to increase. that's an indicator that things are changing. >> it's been a long time since we've seen any rain. >> it's always nice to get rain in november, to get something going. demand for golden state warrior tickets is at an all time high. the team says it has sold out
11:51 pm
of its season tickets. fans now are putting a name on a waiting list and those who do that will have priority for partial season ticket plans and postseason tickets. the warriors have now sold out 40 consecutive games that's the most since the 1995 season. and the 49ers announced that current season ticketholders will be able to buy and take home their actual seats from candle stick park. single seats aren't for sale. you can only buy them in pairs for $643. starting december 9 the general public will be able to buy a pair of seats. the team says most of the money will be used to benefit parks in san francisco. >> i think that includes for shipping. >> i hope so. and the sharks are not looking so good right now. >> yeah. we're not used to this. after their hot stop they lost
11:52 pm
two games. happy to come out with a point after a shoot out loss but that's not really going to be the case. they got robbed of a victory even on an off night. it is now three straight losses. physical early against buffalo. and they were getting the best of the sharks. now it's 3-2 after a joe thornton the shot. it was now 4-4, watch this closely. tommy wingel will shoot the puck across the line clearly it is a goal to win it for the sharks. no call by the refs. instead it goes to a shoot out. buffalo's cody hutchins scores and 5-4 is your final and yes it is three straight losses now for the sharks. you always wonder how a young player is going to react
11:53 pm
under extreme media scrutiny and the early returns are in. after a month in rehab, the 49ers star answered questions and talked about the maturation process as a person and as a player as well. >> i came into the league on the young side of things. just taking every free chance i've got to get better and grow. i mean that, i think everybody should take the time just to grow and get to where they want to be. of course i didn't want to be away from where i love. but it was good for me to get away and get my mind you know together. and work like i say just to get into the positives where i needed to be at. >> all right alden smith looking relaxed. not showing any outward signs
11:54 pm
shop early with kmart free layaway don't let the holidays sneak up on you.
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and get 5% off toys when you put them on layaway. kmart. get in. get more christmas.
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you know players in any sport usually it's a fraternity. they have each other's pack and well understanding the nature of the beast.
11:57 pm
a little message from alden smith's teammates. supportive but no special treatment. >> keep a tight circle just understand that we're here for him and if he wants to talk that he can come to us. >> i don't think anybody is his babysitter in here. i think everybody is -- we're all adults in here. everybody handles their own business. he'll handle his own business so there you go. >> so there you go. no babysitters. michael crabtree prepared to return to practice. still no word on when he might return to game action. but a very good first step. meanwhile close it out tonight with this incredible shot you can practice a thousand times. kentucky's james young unfortunately he shoots that into the other team's basket and it counts.
11:58 pm
a fourth down. it's a college preseason game. monte bello. i haven't heard of them but kentucky has some work to do. >> that basket over there. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> we have been subpoenaed. charlie sheen's nemesis, brooke mueller, wants all of our video. this could end up putting charlie sheen in jail. >> charlie sheen just tweeted. "happy birthday, brooke, go ahead and blow out this candle." there's a grenade on top. >> d.m.x. was in hot water yesterday. again, he adds another fine mugshot to his repertoire. >> what did he do? >> driving while d.m.x. >> jaimie alexander, she's in thne


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