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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  November 9, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. a man already vulnerable struck down in one of the city's most dangerous intersections. tonight, his loved ones rally to remember his life and call for change to help save others. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone i'm heather holmes. >> friends and family gathered tonight in san francisco to remember that life, cut short at a notorious intersection. ktvu's noelle walker is live
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with the efforts underway to make the streets safer. heather, bryan goodwin was an advocate for safe streets and he was hit haun killed in this intersection, one of several in the city with a history of accidents and new pedestrian safety improvements. amid the castro's colorful lights. >> he lived life, you know to the fullest everyday. a few flickering candles cast a long shadow. >> he raised me, like my father would. so it's a tremendous loss. >> reporter: 31-year-old bryan goodwin lived bigger than his small stature and tonight they said goodbye to a life too soon. >> just after midnight on monday, goodwin, who used a wheelchair was hit and killed at market street and octavia. this intersection has a reputation for accidents. between 2009 and 2011, there were 30
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collisions, the highest rate in the city. >> that say crazy one, people trying to get on the freeway, bikers are in danger over there, everyone is in danger. >> the day goodwin died right turn cameras went active. >> feeling safer because they have cameras. >> reporter: cameras would not have prevented goodwin's death. the vehicle that hit him was going straight from octavia to the freeway. other notorious intersections are getting pedestrian-friendly facelifts too, three blocks of 6th street from market to howard have new red buffer zones meant to extend the sidewalk and give pedestrians a jump on traffic. >> they will run you over. they have no regard for us. >> reporter: pedestrians, scooters bikes, vehicles there is an electric traffic mix on san francisco interests and one wish from someone who knows how treacherous navigating them can be. >> it's safer for pedestrians walking around. i know my brother loved this
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city. >> reporter: not despite these accidents walk score recently rated san francisco no. 20th its list of most walkable cities in the country. in san francisco, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. now to our continuing coverage of typhoon haiyan in the philippines, a television news crew rescued people trapped in a hotel as the typhoon slammed into the island nation. >> i can feel electricity in the water, guys, my legs are tingling. >> the crew was able to get all of those out the hotel safely, but across the country are manages of mass destruction and reports of many dead. in the chaos following the storm there are no firm numbers on just how many were killed. the government estimated several hundred people died while police fear as many as 10,000 people may have perished. tonight ian woods shows us the power of the dead lay storm as
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it hit land. >> reporter: this is what one of world's most powerful storms looks like while all-around you buildings are being ripped apart. this is what it looks like after it has passed through. nothing has been left undamaged. and it's only the chaos of the aftermath which is preventing accurate figures of the dead and injured from being known. the bodies of some of those who died have been recovered, others still lie where they were found. >> we have so many dead people, we don't have bags. bags for the dead. >> reporter: compiling the statistics is a low priority as people pick their way through what is left of their homes, their villages, their cities. >> the devastation is -- i don't have the words for. it it's really horrific. >> reporter: they have seen this many times before, typhoons pass through the islands 20 times a year, but they have never encountered a storm of some power and size. >> i'm looking for my
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grandmother, my mother, father and my child, who i accidentally left go of in the typhoon. >> reporter: almost a quarter of a p.m. people live in tacloban city. those who survived have collecting those who did not. >> there are bodies piled upon bodies in several areas and we're just even for people like us who have been covering typhoons and seen this kind of destruction before, it's just heart-wrenching. >> reporter: a flight into the province of leyte, on the ground children wept and trembled avenue what they had endured. but
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elsewhere, shops were looted as desperate people grabbed anything that they could find. lives were saved because warnings about magnitude of the incoming storm prompted a massive evacuation. now they are returning to barry recognizable scenes. more details on that typhoon disaster. the obama administration said it made aid available to provide immediate assistance with clean water, sanitation yawn health care, u.s. aid which is the lead u.s. agency for international humanitarian response has sent a team to assess which areas need the most help. a typhoon relief drive is set for tomorrow in the bay area organized from pachter pearls in san bruno. group is collecting canned and dried goods as well as baby food, shravanoo and toothpaste to send to the affected area. tonight typhoon haiyan is
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heading for vietnam and here is a view of massive storm from the international space station. our meteorologist mark tamayo joins us with more on storm's current palk. >> that typhoon right now half as strong as what it was two days ago. you can see the satellite and overall weakening process. it's not as organized as you see typhoon powerful. winds right now 100 miles per hour, that is sustained moving to the west-northwest at 20 miles per hour. the line you can see here is the path of the structive path over the past few days with the supertyphoon and the track sunday into monday will continue to weaken and tomorrow expecting winds 70 miles per hour making it a tropical system and no longer a typhoon as the storm approaches vietnam. >> thank you, mark and be sure
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to go to on more of how you can help the victims the typhoon. control down and look for web links. now to our continuing coverage of the outrage after the deadly shooting of 13-year- old andy lopez by a sonoma county sheriff's deputies. today was a day of action in the boy's hometown and across california, calling for the deputy to face criminal charges. the boy's parents and best friend took part in an emotional event in his hometown of santa rosa. >> andy lopez' family, friends and neighbors came together in julliard park in santa rosa today. so many in this community have been touched by the teenager's death. elizabeth cozine's husband is one of the firefighters who responded to the shooting. >> all of us as parents, as families, you know, andy could have been any of our sons. >> reporter: lopez' parents came to the
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rally, but they were too overcome with emotion to speak publicly. today lopez' best friend antonio described issues hymn as caring and generous. >> we were always there for each other and he would be the one who will put a smile on your face. >> reporter: this was one of several events that took place around state in honor of lopez. the 13-year-old was shot to death by sonoma county sheriff's deputy erik gelhaus, accord to the departmention gelhaus mistook the teenager's air soft pellet gun for a real ak-47 assault rifle. this past week's lopez' family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the sheriff's department, but many at this rally say that is not enough and they want criminal charges filed against the deputy who opened fire that day. >> the cop gets put in jail, for something that he has done and he took away a great person from a lot of people. >> reporter:
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protesters are calling for a transparent investigation. promising okeep the pressure on the santa rosa police department, which is looking into the shooting and the use of deadly force. in santa rosa, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. justice for andy! >> more details now, a few hundred people in oakland also marched in support of andy lopez, some carrying signs saying that "we are oscar grant," recalling the shooting death of oscar grant at the fruitvale station. a few dozen protesters gathering at the federal courthouse in sacramento. they called for a federal investigation into the shooting. can we send our 10-year- old, 11, 12, 13-year-old kids out for them to do what they play society? they make these guns for the kids to play with, to do things with. >> other rallies took place in
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san francisco's mission district and in los angeles. protesters in the mission called police brutality an epidemic across the country. there was training with a dose of inspiration at a free sports clinic in san francisco today. ucsf hosted the event for those who lost a limb with their prosthetics and trainers offered techniques to improve speed and balance. >> i met so many awesome people and they have taught me so many things and i have taught other people other things and it's fun to be a mentor, but also have mentors and it's really neat. >> you may remember that young lady, ktvu anchor julie haener introduced us to bree in 2011. she was just 10 years old then and battling bone cancer when she made the decision to have her leg amputated in hopes of fulfilling her dreams of being an elite athlete. she took a running course at
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today's clinic. former secretary of state hillary clinton makes two appearances in the bay area and draws big crowds, but not everyone was invited. who wasn't there and why it's a possible politic move?. and sharing a tragic bond and the reason strangers came together on the old bay bridge to say a final goodbye. >> and beer could step one, prepare for triumph. step two, baconated cheese for awesome. step three, get ready to wow. step four...
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. happening now, former secretary of state hillary clinton is visiting the bay area and the question on many people's mind is will she or won't she? as far as hillary clinton is concerned it's too early to talk about running for president. but she is talking to some san francisco audiences tonight. ktvu's debora villalon is live at a benefit still going on. >> reporter: ken we're outside the regency ballroom on van ness, where hillary and chelsea clinton, but as earlier stops no press allowed. from twitter the former secretary of state on stage at moscone center in san francisco making a paid speech to a crowd, the national association realtors. >> a very warm and welcoming audience. a friendly audience in a clinton-friendly town, so why
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keep the media out? >> she doesn't want to appear to be eager to jump into a race, where there is plenty of time for that to happen. >> i'm proud of the work we have done. >> with her departure from the current administration so fresh, expert say her low profile makes sense. clinton recently dropped in opinion polls without doing anything, just by association with washington. >> the anger about washington is something that has affected her, and opinion towards her and even without being in the press at all. >> fans gathered for a glimpse and clinton and daughter chelsea appeared together at regency ballroom at an event benefiting the clinton's foundation aimed at younger voters. for families streaming in the mother-daughter duo was the draw. >> i think it's great that they are engaging the next generation and improving this country and that a mother- daughter thing as a father is fantastic. >> we're going to call a
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million californians over the weekend. >> the san josi campaign stop with was one of candidate clinton's in the bay area where she won the california primary, but lost the party nomination to barack obama. it has her supporters excited and i mean the registered republicans intrigued after hearing her message. >> stop putting agendas and politics to the side and really doing something collectively rather than separately. >> we're realtors, and so the family and our communities are critically important to us and she identifies with that. >> athir second stop, clinton touched on childhood obesity, supporting farmers and empowering women and girls. she and chelsea also took some questions that they got from interstate.
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this benefit wrapped up with the band blues traveler on stage. debora villalon ktvu channel 2 news. more details now before coming to the bay area this afternoon, hillary clinton did allow media access at two appearances in southern california. she received an award this morning in los angeles from the mexican-american community. and another last night in beverly hills from the international medic corps. a hit-and-run crash ended with one person in custody and two others on the run. oakland police say a honda crashed into a oncoming patrol car at 4:30 this morning at foothill and high street. three people inside the honda ran off, one person was caught and arrested at 48th and bancroft, but the other two got away. officers say no one was seriously hurt. police in lodi have now arrested the driver accused of causing that horrific crash last month that killed five members of the same family.
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28 -year-old ryan christopher morales was arrested eight hospital where he is treated for injuries sustained in the crash. he is expect to be charged with second-degree murder and gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. that crash killed lewis miranda, his wife, viviania rodriguez, who was 7 months pregnant and her three children, a fourth child was only sue. san francisco police are working to identify the body found in the bay this morning at at&t park. police say a passerby walking his dog spotted body floating here pier 48 and mccovey cove. they haven't said if the body is that of a man or woman or if the case is treatedded as a homicide. here is the view from our cameras in downtown san francisco, you can see the heavy smoke over the east bay hills. calfire is conducting the burn in big basin state park in the santa cruz mountains. the plume could be seen from
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space and here is on the national weather service satellite. officials tell us that 250 acres have burned so far and the fire will continue overnight. firefighters making progress against a brush fire with the cantwell fire east of highway 29 is 50% contained. it's burned about 120 acres since it started yesterday afternoon. that is down slightly from earlier estimates. crews are protecting up to i dozen homes in the path of that fire. one outbuilding and at least one vehicle were destroyed. a group of strangers was escortedded onto the old bay bridge to remember and reflect on their loss. ktvu's allie rasmus tells us that family members of those who died on the span were given one last opportunity to visit the site before the bridge is demolished. >> for lana battagello, this
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is a scared place. >> god grabbed his hand here. >> in february 2008, her son pulled over to help a stranded driver on the side of the bay bridge. the 36-year-old husband and father was killed when other car struck him and today battagello was one of many who took part of an informal memorial. >> i don't want to use the word "closure," but the softening of my heart. >> some hung pictures and others stood alone and stared out to the bay. for the people who wanted to come to the spot where their loved ones pass away, this was their last opportunity since demolition is scheduled to start next week. the idea for the memorial was inspired by a an east may mom who lost her son no "drunk- driving crash. leister left ktvu follow her to the site where her son died as she created a small memorial. chp and mothers against drunk driving wanted to let others have the same experience. >> well, we're thankful, we're
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very thankful for the people who put this together and said, let's do it in memory of life. >> reporter: lois reed said she was grateful to have this time and place to say goodbye. in oakland, allie rasmus, ktvu . the san josi fire department honored fallen firefighters in a remembrance mass. the department tweeted these photos of annual ceremony. church was adorned with flowers a bell and a firefighter's helmet. they have held these ceriums annually for the past 39 years. there was a do over for the bay area sand castle contest that was canceled during last month's government shutdown. bay area students joined up with architects and contractors to build elaborate castles using water, sand and a whole lot of elbow grease. >> the theme this year is
11:22 pm
"event masterpieces in sand." we have seen models of the golden gate bridge. we have seen at&t park, and all kinds of phenomenal art and creative ideas happening out here today. >> today's winner was the chinese immersion school at deavila school. the money raised goes for art education in public schools. >> those are some pretty fancy sand castles. a dog thatcopt walk and amazing recover. >> hundreds protesting against a famous late-night talk-show host. . and any a aircraft carrier is ready to hit the water and what is different about this vessel and its connection to the bay area? >> another warm day across the entire
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may god bless the ship and all who sail her. [ applause ] >> susan ford bales crittened the latest u.s.s. gerald ford will be able to launch jets fast we are fewer crew members than previous ships. benicia's rix industries contributioned generators and cressors to the ship. a bay area man spotted take a gun from his luggage set off a scare at los angeles international airport. they say the 27-year-old man arrived aterminal 3 from san francisco, where he was seen taking the gun from his bag. that is the same terminal where a tsa officer was shot to death one week ago. man was arrest on charges of brandishing a weapon, but alert
11:26 pm
released. gun was not load and police say he was carrying it really. no deal on iran's nuclear program, but a promise for diplomats to come together again before the end of the month. secretary of state john kerry was among those who gather interested in geneva to freeze iran's program and lift certain sanctions against iran. iran prime minister says progress was made during the meetings. organizers for macy's thanksgiving parade were out practicing take some of the iconic giant balloons out for test flights in an empty lot in new jersey. 90 people are assigned to each one of the balloons to maneuver the balloons through the streets of new york. macy's annual thanksgiving parade has been going on through 1924. >> a new hampshire turkey farmer says the secret to a juiceie bird is beer. he has been feeding beer to his
11:27 pm
turkis for a decade and says the brew makes the birds fatter and more flavorful. a poultry expert says that the calories probably pump up the birds just like for us humans and there is nothing illegal about it. putting on game face, uc police were check for more than just tickets at tonight's home- game. >> on average, the blood alcohol level is .15. just what we were keeping an eye out for and why some fans weren't happy. >> from
11:28 pm
11:29 pm
. today was last home-game of the cal football season and
11:30 pm
some fans left memorial stadium disappointed by more than just the score. as ktvu's john sasaki tells us that is because officers checking tickets were also cracking down on drunk fans. >> reporter: uc berkeley there is no day quite like game day. >> go bears! >> especially for cal's final home-game of the season, the party was on. >> you want to go to the football game or drink beer? >> reporter: that senior says that, because memorial stadium excessive alcohol and football do not mix. uc police watch everyone coming through the gates that leaves through the student section look for obviously drunken people. >> if you are over 21 and overly intoxicated offered under 21 and intoxicated that is a problem for us. >> reporter: once police have a suspicious, they interview the student and check for blood-alcohol levels. >> on average, the people, the blood-alcohol level is .15. >> reporter: sometimes officers cite them
11:31 pm
and in extreme cases arrest them. >> having drink to excess, you have to understand that you are in a public place, you are in an area that can hurt people. i have -- there has to be some control. >> reporter: with so much alcohol consumed on game day, police say the policy is about safety and some students argue it goes too far and keeps people away from the games. it's about safety, but if people are coming in and holding their own and able to hold themselves up and not cause a disturbance, they should be able to. >> reporter: people at the game said it's good from preventing fights and people hurting themselves. >> for safety reason it's nice and for health reason it's nice. some people are not too drunk. >> reporter: the intoxicated students that don't end up in the drunk tank are still kicked out of the game or perhaps return to the party where they started john sasaki ktvu channel 2 news. community college officials are voting next week on a new plan that could affect thousands of bay area students. about 40% of students at california's communication colleges go to school for free. but after years of budget cuts
11:32 pm
the state board is considering a way to drop the number of students getting fee waivers. plan being voted on tuesday would require students to maintain a c average before being eligible for those waivers. more troubles for bank of america in connection with this perfect of countrywide mortgage crop co. the feds want the bank to repay $864 million. for losses that the government suffered after buying countrywide loans. bank of america acquired countrywide in january of 2008. last month a injure found bank of america liable for knowingly selling thousands of bad home loans to fannie mae and freddy mac between august of 200 and may of 200. bank of america dies there was fraud. hundreds gathered outside of san francisco city hall to protest remarks made by late- night talk show cost jimmy kimmel by china. some of the protesters in the large crowd holding signs saying "fire jimmy kimmel." the crowd is angry over a group
11:33 pm
that kimmel asked children how to solve the tradeipl imbalance with china and some boy said "kill everyone in china." kimmel and the network have both issued apologizes. the highway patrol is issuing warnings about traffic through the new casino near rohnert park and now the chp is telling drivers to expect delays all weekend. they will have extra officers on duty to handle the congestion. a north bay street is expected to re-open at midnight, following a day-long closure due to this downed power line. le highway patrol says the white suv struck the pole and flipped at rohnert park. the driver was arrested under suspicious of driving under the influence of drugs. a shop that afternoons up
11:34 pm
everything oakland opened its second location today oaklandish held a community opening party at its new star at few vail in the diamond district. it sells city-pranded clothing and other items made by local artisans and artists. oakland mayor jean quan was among the crowd of shoppers checking out the wares. >> it's really important to shop local. you want to support your local economy, and the local community that you live in. >> part of the store proceeds here and at the downtown store go to boist local young groups and other non-profits. if you are a dog lover this is the story of a day. a 5-year-old doberman pinscher that was said wouldn't walk again after an electric fence crashed his back. this is what kenny the dog looked like after his accident the group raised $6,000 to have surgery and now after six
11:35 pm
months' of rehab, there is kenny on his paws a running. he is also looking for a new home. i'm sure he will find one. >> i'm sure he will, too. pretty coo. going where no olympic torch has gone before returning to russia before the winter games. >> mark tamayo will let us if any how much cooler it will be tomorrow. >> you can get ktvu news to
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. well, another warm day across the entire bay area. things are changing right now. you will notice the changes as we head into the second half of the weekend. you can see on the satellite a big fog bank developing offshore and more southerly flow developing that will impact our temperatures into sunday and monday and tuesday. as far as current numbers we're really cooling off, especially in the north bay, santa rosa 45 degrees, napa at 45. oakland 53 and san josi at last check reporting 56 degrees and partly cloudy conditions. time-lapse from this afternoon. this was at about 4:30 and you heard about that smoke plume from the santa cruz mountains and that southerly flow transporting the snoqualmie closer to oakland and hayward, across the bay areament we could have a bit of haze with the fire, that controlled burn still going tonight. tor this evening, partly cloudy skies and the fog will continue to develop. here is our live camera looking
11:39 pm
out towards the bay bridge and san francisco. tomorrow the key headline is it will be cooler out there and tiers in the upper 50s coast side and warmest locations inland, lower 70s and then the developing weather headline is this, by tuesday mostly cloudy skies and chance of showers, around santa rosa and a chance around the bay for san francisco and oakland. a slight chance in the south bay for san josi. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning, cold, upper 30s, san francisco 48 and san josi to start out the day, 47 degrees. for the coast for tomorrow, patchy fog and a bit of a breeze. the forecast timeline throughout the day, starting the day near 50 degrees and by 4:00, right around the bay, same deal, cloud coverage and skies becoming partly sunny, the 49ers playing tomorrow at candlestick and at 1:00, partly cloudy skies and patchy fog and
11:40 pm
temperatures in the 60s with winds around 150 miles per hour. mudslide neighborhoods, overcast and hazy sunshine. here is the overall weather pattern, that southerly flow transporting the fog closer to the area. monday increasing clouds. those clouds could produce a few showers as we head into tuesday. forecast model, all that that overcost first thing tomorrow morning and clearing back to the shoreline. santroethlisberger santa rosa 68, and look ahead your five-day forecast, increasing clouds on monday. chance of a shower into tuesday, especially in the north bay, heather and ken, this is not a big deal and we warm up by wednesday and thursday. >> thank you, mark. well, for the first time an olympic torch has been taken on
11:41 pm
a spacewalk. two cosmonauts showed off the torch that work on the international space station. the torch returns to russia monday when the winter games start on february 7. >> m hundreds of children and grown ups started their way day with a charity run in the south bay. it was the first-ever santa clara county sheriffs hero run and our own robert happenedda emceed the event and even sheriff laurie smith was dressed as a character from "toy story." the event raised more than $10,000 for pediatric programs at valley medical center. >> coming up, the warriors have the memphis blues. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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. the toyota sportswrap brought to you by your local toyota dealer.
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toyota, let's go places. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. not long ago splitting a four- game road-trip would have been considered a success for the warriors, with the current team 2-2 is a disappointment. steph curry back in the line up in memphis on a back-to-back effort. tough loss in san antonio, the big problem tonight was that the warriors didn't have an answer for zach randolph. down 14 in the 2nd quarter, the bariors closed the first half on the 10-0 run. the warriors ran the floor on 2- 1. curry leads the ball for andre iguodala. but again, too much randolph, this time it's green who tries to stop him. randolph ended up with 23 point and 11 rebounds. david lee would foul out and the warriors ended up with 13 points in the 4th quarter,
11:45 pm
memphis runs the floor here. mike miller pomike to mike conley. the warriors come home 2-2 and back home to host detroit on tuesday. well, if you followed cal football this year, you had to feel the bears were in for a long day today against usc. as it turned out the bears played the trojans on fairly even terms and those two aspects of the game are offense and defense. not a 44th birthday sonny dykes will want to remember. the aspects of the game that kept cal from having any chance winning was special teams. nelson agholor won't be caught. less than two minutes into the game it was 7-0. 2 1-0 after a quarter, but the bears showing life in the tornado. govto lawler making it 21-7.
11:46 pm
then on the next cal possession, goff finds powe in the end zone, 21- 14. but again it was special teams that came up and bit the bears. the punt is blocked and it's a pop-up that is grab by josh shaw who takes it back to the end zone. sc back in control, 45-14 and it got worse. before halftime, thanks to agholor, he fields the punt. this is a 9-yard return and agholor becomes the first usc returner to take two punts back in the same game. the guy who did it back then was former usc athletic garrett. this one 62-28, they are 1-9, 0- 7 in the pac-12ment despite how the numbers look, dykes says there are good things going on with his team. >> the only way in my opinion
11:47 pm
you can judge what is going on in our team if you are there everyday watching and it's hard for people on outside to see the positive changes that are taking place because we come up on saturday and get two punts returned for touchdown and a punt blocked for a touchdown. and wow, we have some issue -- experienced, tough, grown men win football games in a conference like the pac-12 and that is not whoer right now. now it's who we are going to be, but it's not who we are right now. stanford off to bask in statement made by this win over organization on thursday. cardinals move up at least to 4th in the new bcs standings. arizona state is the team that controls its destiny in the pac- 12 south. sun devils trailed utah with less thanminutes to play, the ute had two more chances, but
11:48 pm
nose tackle will sutton gets this attempt. they improve their conference record to 5-1. ucla leading by 5 at arizona with freshman linebacker miles jack lined in the back field upon 3rd and 1 play. that is say linebacker who knows what to do with the football. 66 yards later the bruins padded their lead 31-19 and went 31-26 and stay one one game of the asu in the south. they seem to fly under the radar, but no opponent should take san josi state lightly in its first year of play in the mountain west conference. in a late start against san diego state, you would have to say aztecs weren't ready for that play. the game is now in the 4th quarter, the spartans are leading by a score of 30-20. big game in the sec,
11:49 pm
alabama trying to avoid an upset at upset hands of lsu. howard going 52 yards to the end zone and alabama never trailed again and stays perfect in nine games with 38-17 win. florida state solidifying its chances of playing in the national championship game. seminoles figured to be able to handle wake forest, but this 2nd quarter stretch sealed it. the pass is returned to the end zone and florida state in front 28-0 and just 19 seconds later, jalen railsey picked up the fumble and ramsey takes it back 23 yards and seminoles are in line right now to play in the bcs title game. it wasn't just cal with punt team deficiencies. at tennessee, auburns a chris davis starts to pick his way through brokers. davis goes 85 yards to the end
11:50 pm
zone. auburn also returned a kickoff for 6. outscoring the vols 68-23 bulldogs of mississippi state trying to upstate johnny manziel and texas a&m. manzieled to a his career-best with five touchdown passes. this one down the middle of the field to travis labhart, the aggies out scored the bulldogs, 51-41 and manziel eligible to enter this year's nfl draft. very civilized rifles in ann civilized rivals today in ann arbor. ameer abdullah with the winning margin in the 17-13 game, nebraska 4-1 in the big 10 and husker fans with the bragging rights in this one. disappointing day for notre dame starting with a key defend are ejected.
11:51 pm
and tommy rees was intercepted on consecutive passes. the game was tied at 21, but not for long. james conor punched in his second touchdown of the day and pittsburgh wins and ending any bcs ballgame hopes for the irish. since 1945, florida got this crazy touchdown pass against vanderbilt. fullwood fulwood gets the score, but vandy wins, the commodores had lost to florida 22 straight time and hadn't beaten the gators in their home stadium in 68 years. still to come on this saturday night edition of sportswrap, reinforcements on their way for the 49ers and
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how much money would it take to get tiger woods go to turki to play in the turkish airline opens in the answer is $3 million, the guarantee that tiger gets for gration the tournament with his presence and this is tiger with the errant tee-shot and he went on to birdie this hole. no such result at 16, where another tree took its toll and tiger made bogey. there are no trees when you are on the green and at 18, tiger rolled this putt in for birdie and end up with a 6, tied for third, but six strokes back from leader victor dubuisson of france. tomorrow's nascar race in arizona, johnson will be on the pole as he tries toorin the driving championship for the
11:56 pm
sixth tame. at phoenix international speedway, keselowski had to head in for body and fender work after that brush with the wall. for the 12th time this year, kyle busch was the nationwide winner, the liter for the championship is austin dillon, who was third today. a. fresh off their bye-week, the 49ers start the second half of the season at candlestick against the carolina panthers. they do so with reinforcements bask on the roster. last december? december, mario manningham underwent surgery and for the first time this season is he on active roster and players often talk about how difficult it is to rehab while your teammates are playing games. >> the storms, ups and downs and ever sunrise we got hurst, we talk to each other about a couple of things and doing what we have to do to put this team
11:57 pm
in position we were at the end of the year and a different result. >> you have a sense of what your role will be on sunday? >> makes plays. >> reporter: do you expect to be given that opportunity? >> make plays. >> on channel 2 the fox pregame show is the at 9:00 and 49ers and panthers at 1:00, followed by the point after andet raiders are on the road playing the new york giants. we're in the first days of the college basketball season around the country and at kansas state they figured out a fur away to get people to show up for the women's opener, serve bacon and lots of it. if you came to the game you got free bacon. the school fried up 300 pounds and the wildcats won the game. that will do it for this saturday night edition of sportswrap. >> bacon exactly. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, for making ktvu your source four news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. join ktvu on channel 2 at 7:00 a.m.
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while you are enjoining your bacon and wire always here for you at and mobile ktvu. have a great night as they enjoy this final shot
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