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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  November 10, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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heavy smoke from a large plant. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. a fire at a recycling plant has been burning for almost nine
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hours now. ktvu news is over the scene. residents in parts of three counties were told to she woulder in place in san mateo, santa clara and alameda counties. >> that fire is at the sims metal management. it's a recycle center for scrap metals and electronics. it's located at sea port. we have team coverage tonight of this fire. mark tamayo has the condition for the fire and what direction the winds are blowing. >> but we begin with deborah villalon. >> reporter: it's a slow smoky fire fight because the seat of the fire is buried down deep. thick dark smoke spread far and fast. over the peninsula this
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afternoon and into the evening. all billowing from the sims metal yard where crushed cars go to be torn apart. >> it smells like, burning plastic. >> reporter: the fire marshal walked us in. some 600 yards from the fire. and shared his photos of what firefighters are up against. flames deep inside a debris pile 300 feet wide and 30 feet high. cranes have to pick it apart. >> they're moving tons of material. and they have to do that in a safe fashion. you just can't push it over like a sand castle. you systematically have to move everything for the safety of everyone around here. they have sprinkles. a system that dumps copious amounts of water continuously. >> reporter: but this time fire overwhelmed the in-house system. as crews arrived smoke was
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spreading for miles blowing south and west and triggers -- triggering a shelter in place. >> we advised residents to stay indoors. >> reporter: at this menlo park soccer field, smoke billowed for a while and it puzzled players for a while. >> smoke. it smells like burning plastic? why is there burning plastic? >> to the left you see a lot more steam. >> reporter: by 9:00 tonight the fire was contained. it hadn 't spread to any other piles but it will have crews on it all night long. >> the goal is to by 10:00 tonight is to have the main pile that's burning broken up so we can get to the seat of the fire. >> reporter: and they are getting to the seat of the fire as these latest pictures show
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good progress being made and a lot of steam being generated now along with the smoke. tonight checking with local hospitals we are told that no one has shown up sickened by the noxious air. reporting live tonight in redwood city, deborah villalon, ktvu news. the fire marshal mentioned fires are a risk at places like this. are they fairly common. >> he did say it's an occupational hazard. we know this is not the fire first that has happened at the sims plant. we have video of the last one that burned in 2007. it did send out a lot of pollution. the fire marshal tells me that the plant has had maybe a half dozen fires in the past 10 years but that most of them they managed to put out themselves with their own fire fighting system. the one they're fighting now certainly appears to have the
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biggest one since 07. >> live in redwood city, thank you deborah. and we continue our team coverage now with the ongoing air quality concerns. our meteorologist mark tamayo is monitoring the conditions and where the wind is sending the smoke. mark-- >> we have been tracking a light wind. here's the closing inspection looking out toward redwood city and the scrap wood fire. as far as the wind speeds all day long. winds coming out of the west and northwesterly winds as well. as a result that smoke is just settling right around the area here and also pushing across the bay. as far as the smoke you can see the overall direction here heading to the south and heading to the east. so some of the areas impacted to the east we'll bring those up to you right now. a few spots at least with the air quality. you can see come up with union city. the cities to the south coming up for you in these areas for menlo park, palo alto and
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mountain view. as far as the smoke levels in redwood city. this is the measure of the particulate matter of the smoke. just get an idea, the higher the number the worse it is. the average should be right around 35. at 12:00 it was 30, this is micrograms per cubic meter. look at what happens maxing out at 6:00 this evening. the last measurement an hour ago down to 84. hopefully that trend will continue over the next few hours. now to our continuing coverage of that deadly typhoon haiyan. the president of the philippines has now declared a state of calamity as rescue crews carry out the very grim work of removing bodies after one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded swept across that country. with food and clean water scarce, people are now raiding grocery stores and gas stations. the government is considering marshall law -- marshal law to
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try to stop those looters. the mayor fear it is death toll could reach 10,000. >> reporter: it struck with terrifying and deadly force. the aftermath. this was home to thousands. it was not the wind that did it. it was a storm surge reports of a five meter wall of water that engulfed and tore through the city. authorities had pleaded with people to leave, many did. but many stayed. this man was searching for his father, and brothers and his uncle some where he thinks under this rubble. wind upward of 250-kilometers an hour leaving a trail of destruction. >> get international help to get here now. not tomorrow, now. this is really, really like
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bad, bad, worse than hell. >> reporter: no power, food and water running out and medical supplies almost gone. the hospital we're told is the only functioning medical facility in the city. they can't admit any more patients there's no room. just first aid in the worse of conditions. just a block away from the hospital the increasingly desperate search for food and water leads to looting. and this is just one city. authorities are still waiting to hear word from. andrew stevens, cnn, central philippines. and coming up a little bit later at 10:30. we talk to a woman who just arrived from the philippines who tells us about the devastation in her hometown. only on 2 a disturbing attack captured on surveillance video. a man stomping on a homeless person who's lying on a san
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francisco street. after this video first aired on ktvu on friday. a viewer told us he recognized the attacker. but as ktvu's alex sadvige tells us, his call to police did no good. >> reporter: he viciously attacked a sleeping homeless person, stomping his head then walking off. >> it's shocking. >> reporter: and sterling says he believes the man behind this assault is the same person that usually pan handles. >> he started showing up around this neighborhood. >> reporter: the man is white, heavy set, at least 6'tall, clean cut and extremely aggressive. he's worried the attacker from this video is still out there. >> what's frightening more is that the bigger picture is that this behavior is acceptable. >> reporter: this assault happened just before 5:00 a.m. on wednesday. two officers showed up. but the victim eventually walked off on his own. after seeing this surveillance
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video on ktvu, dury told me he called san francisco police to tell them he recognized the attacker. >> i thought, if he's still out at large that this information might help. >> reporter: when we asked police about this video on friday they told us there was no report on the assault. and that's why dury could not pass along information. >> i find it very frustrating that i cannot call police and say, hey i have information about this case because there's no report. >> reporter: no one from the san francisco police department was available today to comment on what happened. in san francisco, alex sadvige, ktvu news. as we honored the men and women who have served our
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country, more on the treatment they're getting at the v.a.'s department. chris ellison is learning to talk and to walk. when he went to a v.a. hospital for routine health teeth extraction, they ignored his high blood pressure. tomorrow night at 10:00, 2 investigates how many other malpractice cases are out there. how much tax money is used to settle these cases. two investigates tomorrow night on the 10:00 news. san francisco honored those who served today with its 22nd annual veteran's day parade. the parade made its way along market street to city hall.
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dozens of city groups participated in the parade. this year there was a special focus on the 60th anniversary on the end of the korean war. but like it does every year, the event honored all veterans. the san francisco 49ers today honored veterans and active duty members. before today's game against the panthers, fans and players paid respect to the veterans. the 49ers returned from a bye week to host the panthers. the two teams had not faced each other since 2010. we have game highlights a little later on. and a man who is known to have the largest collection of armoured art has found a new place to show his collection. littlefield died at the age of
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59. his $30 million fleet of tanks, missell launchers will be given to a museum that will display his collection. it's a plan to reduce crime in one bay area city but it's not going to make very many teenagers happy. we'll tell you where a curfew is being considered. speaking for the first time what suspended miami player richard incognito has to say about allegations that he bullied another player. it's been a long time since these boys of summer were boys. >> the only wars
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it is a controversial idea that has failed in the past. a curfew to curb crime after hours. oakland leaders will once again take up the issue this week. eric rasmussen talked with a councilman fishing the latest proposal that is already facing opposition. >> reporter: rebecca washum has her hands full and says police in oakland do too. >> they come through here all the time and it's horrible from kids to drugs. my kids are scared sometimes just to even walk down the street in the daytime.
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let alone nighttime. >> reporter: that's why she says she supports a curfew. >> if it's able to curve violence in any way i'm all for it. >> reporter: city council member noelle gallo is reviving the idea of a cur view requiring them to be off the street between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. it will also be in effect from 8:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. on school days. violating curfew could include warnings, citations and even arrest. but he is not convinced it will be implemented correctly.
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the goal is to protect kids. >> not to lock kids up but to be able to as an adult reach out to them and be able to grow oakland. >> reporter: a meeting of the safety council committee here on tuesday. in oakland, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. tonight the chp is investigate ago deadly head on crash that left one person dead in alameda county. the crash happened on procanyon road near north canyon road just after four o -- 4:00 this afternoon. that's when a subaru and saab collided. the coroner tells us he was 29 years old. the road was shut down for almost two hours as officers cleared out the scene and conducted their investigation. we're hearing from richie
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incognito about his suspension and the type of language hoe used against his teammates. today incognito denied any bullying was done. he says harsh language was common in the locker room and that he did not intend anything maliciously. >> this isn't anything about bullying. this is about mine and john's relationship where i've taken stuff too far and i didn't know it was hurting him. >> reporter: jonathan martin left the team a few weeks ago and is now in counseling for emotional issues. some of the messages that incognito sent him included the n word and threats to kill his family. incognito says they are jokes among friends but he does regret the n word. >> in no shape or form is it
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okay for me to use that word. even if it's to a friend in a text. 49ers defensive end alden smith was back on the field today for the first time since his arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence. smith was arrested september 20th for allegedly driving drunk and crashing into the front yard of a home in san jose. no one was hurt in that crash. shortly after, smith entered rehab. he is scheduled to appear tomorrow in a santa clara courtroom for arraignment on separate weapons charges. a date for his dui arrest is set for november 19th. they own their home but not the land underneath. some homeowners say their landlord is doubling their rent to kick them out. >> it is a peaceful, serene
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ocean view. but some say they're at war to keep it. >> it's financial warfare. it's what they're doing to get us out of this park. >> reporter: a dozen people own their homes here and the company that owns the property. >> no warning, no nothing. here's your letter, be prepared. pay 1,100 on top of what you pay. >> i paid $130. >> what will you pay? >> i will pay $1,200. >> by calculating and submitting all of our costs our operating costs the improvements that have been made to the park there's a formula. and the formula indicated that an 1,100 increase was warranted. >> reporter: the county will decide if the fee will go up
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and by how much. they're the last of the private owners at the park. >> as simple as that. if we can't afford to pay we're going to have to leave. >> reporter: before the homeowners here much remains unknown. even if the judge sides with ownership and the rents go up they may not go up as high as ownership wants and only then will the homeowners know if they can afford to stay or must go. in pacifica, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. well for some baseball is played by the boys of summer. in concord it's played year round. by some men well past their boyhood days. >> come on guys let's turn two. >> reporter: it is a game where the youngest player is 68. the oldest 88. most who play are veterans. simmons played in world war ii. >> the only wars we have are on the baseball diamond. >> players don't have to be a vet to play.
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but many are. they say they are all team players. a skill that was strengthened during their military service. how the amount of sleep children get may effect how much food they eat. plus-- >> a bay area company is recalling more than 100,000 pounds of food. the prepackaged salads and wraps to look out for. and it's a visit to a kudos restaurant. is that inappropriate for middle school football players. why the players and the coach say no. and what school officials did about it. and the clouds will continue to move into the region overnight. coming up a change in the forecast model. the rain forecast model that could impact one of your commutes this week and the unusual weather pattern developing by wednesday and thursday. >> we're still continues to monitor that fire at a scrap yard on the peninsula. a live picture. you can see the smoke still coming out from the fire
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returning to our developing news. the fire that is burning in redwood city. crews are starting to get the upper hand of that fire at a scrap metal yard. the sims yard in redwood city. the fire has been burning since about 1:20 this afternoon near the port of redwood city. there's still smoke coming from the scene. firefighters say it will likely be smoldering all night long and they will remain on the scene until that fire is out. two people are dead more than 20 injured after a party in texas turned violent. it happened last night in harris county that's near houston. it was advertised as a birthday celebration. a third victim remains in critical condition. investigators say the rest of the partygoers were injured trying to escape. >> a stretcher would come this way and it looked like a
11:26 pm
female. maybe between the age of 15 and 16 they were carrying her and she did not look good. >> reporter: authorities say the victims ranged in age from 14 to their early 20s. the deputies are looking for two shooters. some young football players tpwot the end of season party they wanted but it ended up costing their coach his job. -- football players got the end of season season party they wanted. when the players were asked where they wanted to celebrate they said hooters. coach randy burbeck insisted so the school district fired him. hooters donated 20% of their sales to the middle school football program. children who don't get enough sleep tend to eat more than their well rested piers. researchers studied 38 children and they found when kids got
11:27 pm
more sleep they ate 200 fewer calories a year. it strengthens the idea that lack of sleep and obesity are linked. and as a bay area rallies around typhoon victims, we talked to a local woman who just returneded from the philippines about the damage and devastate to her hometown. and you can almost buy the whole bar a round for what it costs to buy just
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returning now to our coverage of the deadly typhoon in the philippines.
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with aid slow to get where it needs to get tonight, people are searching for a way to get to the airport, and to get food and water. >> reporter: and we caught up with those arriving from the disaster area and those reaching out for help. >> reporter: we talked to a hayward woman who just returned from the philippines she tells me she is thankful that her family and friends and loved ones survived but they're dealing with an overwhelming amount of damage. >> the kitchen collapsed considering that it's 60 years old. then leaking of course. and from the roof simply because it got blown off.
11:31 pm
some of them were blown off. it's flooded and everything. >> reporter: she says she was able to buy a ticket to manila and got out a day before the typhoon hit. >> i'm lucky but not lucky for my family that was left behind. >> reporter: dry goods were collected by project pearls. volunteers say thanks to all the donations that came in today they'll soon be shipping out about 30 boxes of supplies over seas. >> it's sad. you know but, we all have to stick together. and we have a lot of friends and family out there. a lot of people are worried. >> reporter: in san francisco, south of market neighborhood another fund raising drive at the west bay philipino service center. students and volunteers hoping to get supplies including canned foods, flashlights and first aid kits to victims as quickly as possible. >> it can make a difference between life and death at this point. because they have no food, no water, no medical supplies. >> reporter: and some of the
11:32 pm
kids involved with this local center showed up a couple of moments ago to lend their support. the center is planning to stay open for at least another 24 hours straight in hopes of collecting more donations. we're live in san francisco, cara liu, ktvu news. be sure to go to for more ways to help the victims of the typhoon. our web team has posted a list for you under web links. efforts to crack down on drunk drives in contra costa county just got a big financial boost. the sheriff's office just received a $30,000 grant from the california office of public safety. the money will help fund dui enforcement through september of next year. officials say drivers can expect to see dui checkpoints during the winter and summer holidays as well as super bowl sunday, st. patricks day and cinco de mayo. investigators with the u.s. department of agriculture are still trying to figure out the source of an e-coli outbreak.
11:33 pm
allie rasmus explains the items in the recall and the company behind them. >> reporter: angela shops at her local trader joes on a daily basis. >> probably every day or so. >> reporter: but the packages recalled are not on her menu. >> usually not: i usually try to eat fresher. >> reporter: the recall includes food made between september 23rd and november 6 and the food being recalled was shipped to grocery stores in arizona, california, nevada, new mexico, oregon, texas, utah and washington. >> at the company's headquarters this afternoon the parking lot was fairly full. and we did see employees go in and out of the building. but no one wanted to talk to us and our calls to the company
11:34 pm
president went unanswered. according to the report, 200 people got sick. the ready to eat meal are a convenient choice say shoppers. >> they're very tasty and delicious. >> possibly a healthy snack for work. >> reporter: the others are sold under the delish and food bank names. officials told us today they are still trying to identify which other grocery store carry the recalled items. allie rasmus. more details now on e-coli. the bacteria is common and not usually harmful. it may cause dehydration, diarrhea and abdominal cramps.
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in its worse cases it can cause death. you get more than a pricey drink made from high end beverages. you also get a ride through downtown manhattan in a mazarotti. it's capable of hitting speeds of 176-miles-an-hour which is where the drink's name came from. and with traffic it's nearly impossible to go close near the speed limit in manhattan. >> it should be the $20 cocktail for 20-miles-an-hour. and that fuel wastes just five grand.
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well the bay area has been locked in this dry weather pattern. things will change significantly. we are dry right know and tracking this pacific system that will impact part of the bay area as we head into tuesday. right now our main concern is this. the fog regrouping along the coast. dense fog located across napa. there's some of the coastal fog regrouping right now. as far as current temperatures it is dropping as you would expect this time of day. it is currently 54 degrees in san jose. oakland 54, livermore right now reporting mostly clear skies at 53. fairfield 52 and the cool spots in the 40s for napa and santa rosa. in fact, santa rosa right now 43 degrees. the forecast for tomorrow, shaping up like this by 10:00 back up into the 50s.
11:39 pm
forecasting highs into the 60s. tomorrow will be cooler than today. here is the overall weather set up. it'll be dry tomorrow as well. i'm hinting at a change on the 12th and there's a slight chance of a few showers that could be approaching parts of the bay area. this is not a big deal at all. for this evening partly cloudy skies. fog will continue to develop out there. in fact, here is our live camera we're looking out toward the bay bridge. tomorrow for veteran's day. some early fog and increasing clouds. the chance of a few showers that forecast model showing the bulk of the activity to the north of the bay area on tuesday. overnight lows, first thing tomorrow morning starting out the day pretty cold here. upper 30s with santa rosa, napa. lots of 40s for san francisco, san jose and livermore 41 degrees. for the coast mostly cloudy skies and areas of fog. temperatures will start the day at 7:00. 50degrees on track to reach the upper 50s by 4:00.
11:40 pm
around the bay partly to mostly cloudy skies at 7:00 mid-40s. 64degrees by 4:00. temperatures the warmest low -- locations by 4:00. out here in the pacific it's going to fall apart by the time it gets to the bay area for tomorrow. partly to mostly cloudy skies then into tuesday. mostly cloudy skies that chance of a shower. that chance will be favoring the bay neighborhoods and just a chance of a few sprinkles right around san francisco and oakland. here is our forecast showing you this. increased clouds for the noon hour. warmest locations mid- to upper 60s right around 70 degrees. a look ahead at your five day forecast with your weekend always in view. that little chance of a shower on tuesday. we're going to warm back up. that's the unusual weather
11:41 pm
pattern heather and ken for wednesday, thursday. back up into the 60s and 70s and no significant rain in the forecast. and police were called to the scene of a side show in oakland. our cameras arrived and saw about 100 vehicles. there had been reports that people were fighting in the streets on vehicles even reports of gunfire but police were not able to confirm any of those reports for us tonight. we did see police stopping and citing some drivers. there were reports of 200 vehicle there is at some point. no reports of any arrests. a connecticut company says it is in the process of developing a new way to power automobiles. the secret is the radio active element thorium. you're looking at a photo of a thorium concept car pretty cool. laser systems has been using
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small bits of thorium to create a vapor that heats water then burning the thorium. these cars can run for 200 years with just 8-grams of fuel. and we hear from we all have our little tricks. mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler.
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good evening everyone. thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports wrap. san francisco is fresh off a bye week. several injured players returned. and the thought is we're reloaded and ready. until carolina brought a smash mouth defense to candle stick today. he was not a factor.
11:45 pm
but defensive back termain made himself known today. it looked like a great scoring chance but the panthers rank in the top 10 of every defensive category you can name. they can hit and they can hurt you. mike mitchell takes on vernon davis. vernon ends up leaving the game with a concussion. niners settle for a field goal on the drive and they led 9-0. but carolina comes back. this is the only td of the game. deangelo scores a 27-yarder it was 9-7 niners at halftime. panthers sack collin kaepernick six times. it's mike mitchell's turn. no he didn't. he kaepernicked. 49ers defense lost reed on this play. and crashes into reed this was
11:46 pm
reed's second -- then with 10 minutes left, carolina's graham ganaeu takes this field goal. 10 minutes left. san francisco needs to make the play. and this is not what i meant by making a play. final 30 second, collin kaepernick feels the heat. makes a desperation throw. makes an easy pick to put the lead on this victory. panthers they are for real folks. carolina wins their fifth straight. and snaps the 49ers win streak. this game just didn't follow the script. >> with two of the best quarterbacks in the league paired up against each other, the 49ers did hold up their end on that side of the ball. >> i just wish we were able to you know do a little bit more
11:47 pm
on the defensive side. score on defense or something. >> i think it's a gut check. time to step up. you know get this win next week. >> they're a good defense. but today was more of our lack of execution than what they were doing. >> don't feel good as a coach. it's not a good feeling when you prevail. especially when you had multiple chances to get it done. >> reporter: before this game there was talk about the 49ers running the table and the big game coming here against seattle especially for the nfc championship. now the focus turns to more immediate concerns. like figuring out how to win on the road next week. joe fonzi, sports wrap. two struggling teams met in new jersey today. and they seemed to mirror each other. met life stadium will host a super bowl and it was windy and
11:48 pm
rainy at times. jones forces the fumble. jones forces the ball down the line. they get 7-0 raiders. oakland special teams get right back on their first possession. break down go ahead and give it to me. cooper tyler races for a td. giants led 14-0. but eli manning throwing his 16th pick of the season. raiders corner back tray -- tracy was laying in wake. quarterback terrell pryor does his best eli manning impression. thomas takes about 65-yard down to the 5-yard line. thomas loses the ball but referees ruled that he was in fact, down. talk about give and take. two plays later, giants andre brown scores the go ahead touchdown. they had a fourth quarter field
11:49 pm
goal. new york led 24-20. raiders had plenty of time to at least tie it. pryor sacked, fourth time. he fumbles. giants jenkins fumbles. raiders lose at home 24-20. each time is now 3-6. this was a winnable game but the raiders have now lost nine straight games to nfc opponents. they hit the road again to visit another struggling team houston. with pryor still licking his wound. >> he's banged up. it just got worse during the week. so i was just trying to come out and play. and try to help the team. and you know, just didn't feel well today. we have to find a way to finish. it didn't help that. we had a blocked punt. interception taken all the way down to the 4-yard line. things like that can't win a game.
11:50 pm
we have to learn. >> back to the niners, the seahawks they maybe the best team in the conference. they may be the second best. and the niners have to play them in new orleans next sunday. superdome today. full of its usual cast of characters. dallas in the big easy. saints set an nfl record. they set a franchise record with 625 yards. drew breas throws the pass. they crush if cowboys. saints are 7-2 and await the 49ers. russell wilson and dolphins qb ryan making nice today in atlanta. seahawks win this war of the birds as wilson was flawless. he hits germane. limp also ran for 145 yards. seattle pours it on. again they lead the 49ers by 2- 1/2 games. arizona, their late team today
11:51 pm
against houston. case keenum fumbles. for the scoop and the score. cardinals hand houston its franchise record 27-24. arizona is just 5-4. broncos peyton manning threw for four more than the chargers. andrew luck helped celebrate the veterans weekend. rookie receiver tayvon two losses but turned it into a 57 in this 89-yard touchdown also ran a punt. that 98-yard for a touchdown
11:52 pm
was a ram. coming up college basketball is next. and it should have been a
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san jose opened a five game road trip tonight with a shoot out between the jets and sharks in winnipeg. and we're not talking about some off broad way production of west side story here folks. san jose in their white sweaters. to rocky thomas hurdle. his tenth goal of the season. it's 2-0 shark i -- sharks in the first. boyle scores his second power play goal of the game.
11:56 pm
and check out that clever back handed pass. you have to like that. tonight's game featured eight goals. and third time in four games san jose faces a shoot out. sharks are not great in shoot outs. lad against antiniemen. and lull it is goalie to sleep trick, it didn't work. loses the fourth straight game to shoot outs this season. and stanford gained one spot thanks to thursday's beat down of the ducks. and the heels of a televised win against oregon. the ducks fell from fourth to sixth. alabama remains number one for a state two, ohio state sixth and third those two teams are undefeated. stanford is 8-1. fans in berkeley had high hopes.
11:57 pm
blue devils led most of the way. get -- gets a three pointer. and jefelo sets it up on both sides of the court. duke blue devils they never give up the lead. nice passing here as jackson makes the lay up. cal reaches its season opener. and jimmy johnson finishes at 28th. raiders and 49ers both lose very winnable winnable games today. >> thanks fred. thank you for joining us for the news. >> join us at 4:30 for the very latest on that scrap yard fire. we're always here for you on mobile
11:58 pm
we hope to see you back here next weekend.
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