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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  November 17, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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a tornado caught on camera. here in the bay area people are counting their blessings after a harrowing storm escape. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. >> capture on video a huge rolling funnel cloud came too
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close for comfort to a house in illinois. and today twisters, thunderstorms and high winds caused damage. the mayor of the town of washington says it looks like a war zone. entire neighborhoods are wiped out. residents could hear the tornado coming but it moved so fast survivors say they only had a few seconds to escape. i didn't -- >> i grabbed my daughter and ran. i didn't let her out. >> i -- a lot of people have a rubble. i don't have anything.
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i don't know where it went. the good news is that severe weather system has now passed and conditions are improving. >> but there's widespread damage and mark tamayo is here to show us the huge path that was covered by this severe storm. >> most of the severe weather moving to the north and the east. but about 12 hours from now that was a complete different story. that potent storm pushing to the northeast. very widespread in terms of the tornado reports. the tornado reports in this area some might be double counted but in this box here 92. as far as the latest right now with the severe weather things are beginning to calm down out toward western pennsylvania.
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we do have severe thunderstorms watches that will be expiring. good news things beginning to stabilize and severe weather moving out of the picture. as far as our local weather we have rain to talk about. we will let you know when the rain will begin in your neighborhood and how long it will last. the worse may be over but that severe weather is still causing flight delays into san francisco international airport. and deborah villalon live after talking to people coming in. >> reporter: passengers have vivid stories to tell. >> it was raining pretty good. there was a lot of lightning. a lot of wind. >> this oakley family returning from visiting relatives in illinois found the harrowing
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rain very eerie. >> it was almost like the world was ending kind of thing. it was a lot of shades of different black and blue and that kind of thing. >> reporter: tornadoes were all the talk as chicago flights arrived. late by a couple of hours but at least they weren't cancelled. that had been the fear for a lot of passengers coming in for a conference in san francisco. first day, tomorrow. >> most important right? >> it is. >> they were strong winds, 50 to 60 miles per hour. so it was strong winds and continuous rain for four hours. >> did you think you were going to get out today? >> no i did not. >> reporter: passengers called it a minor inconvenience. a compareson from the damage that residents are digging out of now. >> we're driving through these big puddles and they're splashing over the bottom of
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the car and you think the car is going to stall out. i keep getting these messages on my cell phone telling me there's flash flooding. >> reporter: looks like most flights returned to normal by morning. oakland and san jose did not report any problems at all. reporting live at sfo, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. for more on the severe weather in the midwest including pictures of the destruction. you can go to and click on the images tab. and ahead at 10:20, a week after a deadly typhoon, has donation fatigue set in. we'll tell you why some say it's just the opposite. san francisco police are searching for a motive in a deadly shooting outside a nightclub in the city's south of market neighborhood. allie rasmus talked to witnesses and tell us the two female victims were simply siting in a car. >> reporter: san francisco police closed off the intersection of sixth and jesse streets as they gathered evidence for their investigation into a deadly shooting. it happened just after 2:00
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this morning after a near by nightclub had closed. >> i heard a lot of arguing. it was hard to tell what it was about because there was a lot of people arguing. the next thing i know, there was gunfire. >> reporter: two women were shot in their parked car. one died from her injuries. the other was in critical condition. cooper did not want his face shown on camera but he lives over the nightclub and says he saw the gunman. >> he shot one suspect then the other. >> reporter: so it looked like he was targeting the victims. >> absolutely. >> reporter: he says things improved after police opened a substation on the street but he understands why some of his neighbors are fed up with the
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rowdy crowds that flood out of the nightclubs. >> that club right there, that club right there. at night, during the weekends they're all here. >> reporter: there are several cameras across the street from where this happened that may help with the investigation. allie rasmun b.a. -- rasmus. b.a.r.t.'s two largest unions plan to gather to talk about the new contract. b.a.r.t.'s board is set to vote on the deal on thursday. more than three years after that san bruno deadly pipeline explosion, new questions about safety. a meeting set for tomorrow in san francisco is supposed to grill cpuc officials on how
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they can improve safety policies. the meeting comes after a critical report on the cpuc last month. it is part conference, part concert that pumps millions into the city's economy is expected to take over the convention center. it's estimated 120,000 people will attend this year's event. dream force has turned into a huge event. patti lee has more on the line up and those benefits from it. >> reporter: i've just been told 135,000 people have registered for this event will take place under this giant inflatable tent. you can see there are a lot of
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people still here. howard street is blocked off. it's going to stay blocked off for the next four days. as an estimated 100,000 people stream through masconi center for dream force. the streets around masconi center were packed tonight. traffic backed up all afternoon as techies from across the country arrived in force. an estimated 93,000 people attended dream force. sales forces annual convention which is anything but conventional. this year 27 bands will play under this custom tent. and hackers will code for a million dollar prize. >> this is awesome. mesmerizing. it's going to be a great four days, yes. >> cabbies are busy, limo drivers are busy, restaurants, bars, you name it. >> reporter: the continental hotel on howard confirmed it is
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booked for the next three nights as are most mayor hotels. >> i'm staying at the palomar. and colleagues are staying here. the marriott, everywhere. >> reporter: holding dream force in november was a boom for hotels which usually experiences a low for the holiday season. >> they're going to be here for the next three or four days. keeping us busy for the last convention of this year which we all appreciate. >> reporter: another bonus, hospitality advisors say people who attend tech conventions tend to spend more than conventional conventiongoers. some concerts are free but you do have to register. patti lee, ktvu news. more details now on the big
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dream force event. organizers are estimating as you heard patti say at least 125,000 attendees during that four day event. to attend the keynotes and expo for free you must register on the dream force website. paid admission include a tuesday night gala at at&t park. many retailers are working on their bay presence. retail chains such as wal-mart, target and kohl's have launched technology test labs in san francisco and silican valley. they're headquarters in every state but they set upshot -- set up shop here in the bay area. the big chains want to up the ante on amazon and other rivals. many of their younger employees need a few lessons in manners. sheila kiest teaches etiquette. some youngsters learned how to
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behave on the thanksgiving table. but she is often hired by silican firms to teach how to behave on a face to face situation. >> i think we are losing etiquette because nobody talking face to face anymore. nobody makes phone calls. well, at least not on a land line situation. >> kiest says that etiquette can mean the difference between success and failure. from 2,000 to $12,000 a year. the huge flood insurance bill the owners of this home just received and why the spike is being felt all over the bay area. and sending a message a man puts a vulgar statute outside his
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a tragic event captured online for everyone to see. and now an east bay father is fighting to remove this imagine of his dead son. it shows the teenage boy dead on the railroad tracks after being shot. ktvu's alex sadvidge spoke to the father about his uphill battle to have the tech giant remove that imagine. >> reporter: zoom in to google
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maps on these railroad tracks that run through richmond. and you will see a railroad track. it's believed to be 14-year-old kevin barr era who was found shot to death in 2009. his father jose barr era says he learned about this disturbing imagine just two days ago. >> when i see these images, that's still like it happened yesterday. really fresh, you know. and that brings me back to a lot of memories. >> reporter: his son's killer was never caught. frustrating enough for the family. now another challenge, trying to get the internet search engine to do what barr era says is the right thing. >> what's the point to show those pictures to the person, to the people. pictures of my dead son. this is really painful for the whole family. >> reporter: one technology effort says despite this gruesome scene google probably won't pull the imagine. >> when they remove it for one person, for one thing then how do they not do it for others so
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they found it easier just to say no. >> reporter: barr era says he will not take no for an answer. he's looking to reach out for lawmakers for help. he's on a mission to get justice for his son. i reached out to google on the controversial imagine but did not receive a response. google is constantly getting requests to remove things from the web and most of them go in where. alex sadviged. the constant confusion over the health care act is ending in frustration with people constantly receiving letters of cancellation. angel rodriguez and his family will have to pay at least
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double what they do now and they're not alone. tomorrow we go shopping online with the experts to help show you where you stand and the best options for your family. it's all in our special report tomorrow night on the 10:00 news. the backlash over the affordable health care act and the federal website failures continues to cause anger and debate. republican congressman paul ryan spoke from iowa today to condemn the health care law. >> this law is doing real harm to real people. this law is taking people and disrupting their lives. millions of people are getting cancellation notices. millions of people are seeing their premiums go up. >> reporter: nancy pelosi admitted the role of the federal website was quote terrible -- the roll out of the federal website was quote terrible that -- but that it will be fixed. >> the affordable care act is right up there with social
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security, medicare, affordable care for all americans as their right not a privilege. >> reporter: president obama met with assurance executives on friday in hopes of getting their support to renew policy that is were cancelled. new video of tonight shows the effect of typhoon haiyan as it surged through the philippine island. haiyan was the biggest typhoon ever to make land fall. >> we have to gather food. we have to gather water. we have to make anything out of anything that we have left. >> reporter: people in the devastated city waited for long lines to get rations of water
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and sardines. here in the bay area relief efforts continue even though there's concern of what they're calling donor fatigue. raising funds and supplies here doesn't seem to be a problem. >> reporter: inside the church of st. isabela there were prayers for those lost. and outside the church on parish grounds an effort to render aid to the victims of typhoon. one of those tropping off supplies is azella metzger. >> my uncle was lost. thankfully they all survived. >> reporter: after more than a week of the disaster, news reports today suggested much needed aid is finally getting through. >> we've never seen this devastation in the philippines.
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>> reporter: jeloti is with fili pix no americans who organized this effort raising cash along with at least two dozen boxes of supplies ready to ship. >>filipinos, americans, everyone is helping now. >> reporter: this fund is echoed by another taking place in san jose and likely all over the country and it is needed. 375,000 people in the philippines have received some sort of assistance and millions could be in need. with every major disaster comes relief efforts and donations a wave of support. that eventually fades. but donor chuck burkett says he isn't seeing that yet. >> actually i feel there's some momentum building. >> reporter: and organizers of the event agree. on our web team has posted a list of ways you can help the victims of typhoon haiyan.
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just control down and click on web links. now for a stunt meant for a woman's ex-wife gone wrong. the strip club owner bought a home next to his ex-wife and the man he left him for. he installed a statute of a hand with the middle finger up in the yard. we've blurred out the offensive imagine. the statute is of course facing his neighbor's house and it's lit so it can be seen all night long. and under water
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accommodations. how one hotel is letting guests sleep with the fishes and live to tell about it. the bay area has been lock
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deadly crash in the russian republic killed all 13 people on board. witnesses say the boeing 737 burst into flames when it hit the ground. there's no word yet on what may have caused the crash but they blame a recent string of russian crashes on government oversight. a guided missell carrier was brought into the naval base
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today. you can see the big hole on the side of the rig. the drone veered off course and hit the ship. there's no word on what caused the drone to malfunction. in an exclusive interview with fox news. rob ford today flatly denied that he's an addict. >> i've admitted to using illegal drugs in the last year. okay i've admitted to drinking too much so i'm dealing with it. i'm training every day. i'm in a gym for two hours every day. i'm seeking professional help. i'm not an alcoholic. i'm not a drug addict. >> despite a string of embarrassing moments and nasty language caught on video including his use of crack cocaine, the 44-year-old ford says he's going to run for reelection because the people haven't yet spoken. today was the last day for an operation for a pediatric
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unit. patients there are being transferred. nurses who oppose the closure says it'll make gets treatment difficult for children in fremont and hayward. >> the community needs to know that this is going to impact them. we're going to keep fighting this every day. the special pediatric care will be offered at kaiser's san leandro facility when it opens next year. a scuba diving resort in africa is offering visitors a hotel room with quite a view. the floating room is anchored off the coast of tanzania. it has three levels, a deck on top, a sea level lounge and a bedroom below the waves where you can watch the fish from bed. but immersing yourself in the underwater room is not cheap. more than just feeling blue. how depression can age people from the inside out. talk about sticker shock.
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a 500% increase. >> what did you think when you saw that bill. >> typo. that's what our insurance agent said, it must be a typo. >> we look into why some bay area homeowners are seeing their insurance rates skyrocket. >> some scary moments at a buffalo bills game. we'll show would you rather have spoons for hands or elbows for ears?
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i'd rather have food. [gasp] let's make a late night foody call and get - my munchie meal with the new hella - peño burger. it's loaded with sliced and stuffed jalapeños, melting cheese, and spicy taco sauce. i'll eat it with my... sppoooooonnnnn haaaaaands! what? i can't hear you... talk into my elbow! a sudden spike in the cost of flood insurance has some bay area homeowners seeing red. people from the south bray to the delta contacted ktvu about their bills -- south bay to the delta contacted ktvu about their bills. and ken wayne has the impact
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it's having on some families. >> reporter: the price of peace and quiet just went way up. >> i just got this a couple of days ago. >> what did you think when you saw that bill? >> typo. that's what our insurance agent said too. it must be a typo. >> reporter: but it wasn't. the flood insurance premium on this 1,500 square house on bethel island went from 2,500 to $12,600 a year. >> that's for no contents that's just the structure. >> just the structure. >> reporter: their policy and millions of others through fema got a change. devastating storms such as katrina caused the program to go millions in debt. now a new program to make the program sustainable is coming at a huge cost. some of their neighbors have seen their rates everyone higher. >> 40,000 one resident out
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here. another resident i heard 25,000. >> they cut holes in the garage. >> reporter: this couple has made changes they're told might lower rates. >> this is the second load of dirt we've gotten and we have a couple more comes. >> reporter: but the reality is they may have to leave this house they just bought and remodeled a year ago. >> i will not continue to live here if there's no resolution to pay that much money in insurance a year is not sensible to me. >> you will move? >> yeah, for sure. >> on their website fema says the rates have been changed to reflect true risk. there's some in congress pushing to delay the hikes at least in some cases. eric rasmussen, ktvu news. the mass murder suicide at jones town was led by bay area cult leader james jones. 912 people most of them from here in the bay area died after
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drinking kool-aid spiked with cyanide. leo ryan was shot and killed on a trip to investigate the cult. until the september 11th attacked it was the greatest single loss of american civilians from a deliberate act. tonight at 11:00, ktvu's second look will examine the terrible day and its legacy. a bicyclists in san francisco was hospitalized tonight after a hit-and-run accident. it happened just a few hours ago at 7:00 near the intersection of mission and seventh streets. police tell us they are looking for a white van likely with front end damage and possibly a shattered window. there's no word on the identity of the condition of the bicyclists. a san francisco landmark is set to close tomorrow for a five month renovation. coit tower has towered over the hill for 28 years. the $1.7 million project is expected to be completed by mid-
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april. at least 10 people are recovering after being hurt last night at the usc-stanford football game. >> as you can see thousands of fans rushed the field at the los angeles coliseum after the trojans upset over the number four cardinals. five people were injured during the game although it's not clear how. another five were hurt when the crowd ran on to the field. all of the injuredded were taken to the hospital for evaluation. and get this, a frightening fall at a buffalo bills game in new york city. look at the circle there. one man fell from the third deck on to the head of a man on the second deck. it happened during the second quarter of the game against the new york jets. the man who fell injured his shoulder and the man he fell on suffered a head injury. both men are expected to recover. there is now scientific proof that being depressed makes you look and feel older. lab tests show that depression speeds up the aging process in our cells. researchers from the u.s. and
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the netherlands recruited close to 2,500 people to take part in the study. a link has already been proven between depression and age related diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and. ben affleck who is set to play the cape crusader says bat kid was the best batman ever. christian bale called him touching and fantastic. and michael keaton said it's the cutest thing in the world. >> it was very, very cute. all right, going nowhere fast. one car company's answers to stopping drivers who are late on their payment. plus, mission to mars uc berkeley's role in nasa's latest study of the red planet. your workweek will start dry but that
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for nearly two months we've been talking about rainfall and the day will come we're finally talking about increased chances across the bay area. not for tomorrow. your monday will be the transition day. you see on storm tracker. just a few rain clouds paying us a visit. here's the system offshore getting its act together. it's going to be a factor on tuesday into wednesday. here's a live look at our doppler sweeps. no rainfall to show you right now but by this time tomorrow i think that will be a different story in the north bay because of a few light showers that will be the beginning of this rain event. as far as rain numbers it's cold out there. san jose 52 degrees. walnut creek at 44.
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con concord 49. for tonight partly cloudy and cool. tomorrow for your monday increasing clouds here is our live camera looking out toward san francisco. where we do have a few high clouds paying us a visit in san francisco tomorrow. on track to reach the upper 50s with mostly cloudy skies by 3:00. those clouds eventually producing rain drops by tuesday and into wednesday. here's a look at those cold overnight lows tomorrow morning mid- to upper 40s up in the north bay. lots of 40s for san francisco, oakland, fremont and san jose 45 degrees. so once again here's this weather system offshore. tomorrow increasing high clouds as you can see coming up. we will take this into your tuesday. now the cold front passes through. this is not the big deal but what's behind it will be. it'll set up this flow off the pacific bringing in moderate rainfall. periods of rainfall for tuesday and into wednesday. looks like the heaviest could be up in parts of the north bay. especially for the coastal hills.
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most of november has been pretty dry. things will be changing by the 19th and 20s for tuesday and into wednesday. there's the possibility of a shower into thursday morning. as far as the forecast, if you can see a chance of a shower . about a half an inch to 1. 1.5. up to 2-inches in the coastal hills. by tomorrow night the chance of a light shower. santa rosa up toward heelsburg and clover dale. up toward yucaiya as well. especially into the north bay. then look what happens tuesday night and into wednesday morning. there's that flow setting up. especially by wednesday this could translate to increasing rates by wednesday afternoon. temperatures for tomorrow.
11:40 pm
as i mentioned off to a cold start. not much of a recovery. upper 50s to lower 60s for afternoon highs. san jose 61. san mateo 63 degrees. you will notice rain clouds especially for a tuesday night into wednesday. possibly once again tuesday afternoon. chance of a shower wednesday morning. we're going to dry things up with a cloudy sky. things are changing drastically and steve will have the updated forecast coming up. >> stay tuned. thank you mark. excitement is growing among engineers and scientists for tomorrow's nasa mission to mars. nasa is expected to launch the maven. maven stands for mars atmosphere and volatile evolution. the project will help scientists study climate change
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on both planets. reminder for car owners who let their payments slide. the french payment company installed technology that disabled the battery and renders the car useless if payments are late. it's not clear how strict the payment schedule is but it could provide a whole new meaning for the saying excuse my french. >> the flip side is if someone steals the car, they can shut it down. could will be a quarterback controversy brewing in oakland. we will show you why. >> and the saints game co
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play offs? don't talk about play offs.
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are you kidding me? play offs. good evening everyone thanks for joining us on the this sunday night edition. that famous quote came to my mind today after watching san francisco against new orleans. san francisco hits the field goal. special teams played a big role in this game. cadet takes the ball back to the 29-yard line. three players later, new orleans scores a touchdown. they led 14-10 at halftime. 49ers forced three touchdowns. watch brooks, brooks steps up and interferes brees. kap to the tight end vernon
11:45 pm
davis. yes he's back and played the whole game. it was 20-17 niners in the fourth quarter when it looks like brooks was going to make a big game statement. brooks to reed. forces the fumble he recovers it. niners back right? wrong. the refs flagged brooks. that gives saints another 15 yards. that goes down, hartley kicks the game winning goal. niners lose back to back games. 49ers held new orleans to four field goals. they pass for a net 115 yards in game that was winnable. >> i think we made it difficult on ourselves at times.
11:46 pm
we didn't make plays when we had a chance. >> were you surprised that you lost four games at this point in the season? >> i think we are. but we still have six more to go. we can still finish this season 12-4. >> i felt like i hit him with my chest. you know what i mean, like i basically bear hugged him. kind of hard. and he lowered his shoulder. >> the game could have gone a totally different direction than i went. i'm just mad because that was a big play in the game. and you know we lost the game and that's probably the reason why. >> raiders rookie quarterback matt mcgroin was a walk off on penn state. he was undrafted in the nfl. and today in houston mcgowen proves he has a major league arm. and texans head coach gary kubiak returned to work a week after collapsing on the field. a five yarder to morris.
11:47 pm
houston started their own undrafted quarterback case keenum and he threw his first interception in the first quarter. inside the red zone for the second time. mcglowin needs one play to throw his second nfl touchdown. streeter16yards and once again raiders start fast but can they finish? houston scores 17 unanswered points. martin bobbles the punt but makes it worse. martin scores the touchdown. texas led 17-14 at halftime. houston is a terrible second half team thousand and here's mcgowin. and youth is served. raiders led. mcglowin led with two touchdowns. another back up came up big. jennings look at him go.
11:48 pm
career touchdown and they led. 77 seconds left. schaub looks for andre johnson. not going to do it. wouldn't be prudent. raiders win. schaub and johnson carry their frustration on to the sidelines. they've lost a franchise records eight straight games. the raiders score season highs to match their win totals from last year. they also snapped their eighth game road losing streak. and after wards, coach matt ryan was gushing over his undrafted quarterback. >> some of these guys just have it. some of them there's something deep down inside of them that they don't pay any attention to the fact people say they can't do it. it's not shocking that he was able to come in here and play as well as he did. he's really smart. you know obviously again not everything was perfect. i mean he made his mistakes in the game. but over all, i was really pleased with the way he went in there and played. >> now the raiders look good but they're not yet scaring the two other afc west teams kansas city and the broncos.
11:49 pm
they met today in denver. peyton manning was limping all week. he still threw for 275 yards. manning to julius thomas. touchdown, chiefs hold ken -- hold denver to a season low but they still win. the other afc west team san diego loses its third straight game and matched the raiders with a 4-6 record. arian and the cardinals trail in jacksonville then scored the final 27 points of the game. the jackson defenders look like a bop pop warner team. one takes down their own team. floyd scores a 91-yarder. they're styed in the nfc west. niners next opponent washington led today in philly.
11:50 pm
today in seattle pearcy harvin scored against his former teammates. the ponder pass all the way back. they lead by 3-1/2 games. pittsburgh outscores detroit. the raiders led in chicago today before a torrential rainstorm. kicker robby gold kicks the field goal in time. chicago is now 6-4. defending baltimore 8-4. green bay hosts scott olvine to hold the fort.
11:51 pm
but he threw four kicks in his first nfl start. the defensive end jason pierre paul gets his pick six. and giants win a four straight after starting 0-6. buffalo beats the jets big. tampa bay wins its second straight game and the panthers host new england tomorrow night. coming up the sharks try to finish off their road trip
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ithis the bacon and cheese diet?
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this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant the sharks win three straight game in canada but tonight they came back to l.a.
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and back to reality. sharks pevelski shoots and watch this. misplays the puck and oops. season tied 1-1 but chicago comes back with four unanswered goals. patrick sharp beats his former teammate antiniemi. san jose finishes 3-2. they're off until thursday when they host tampa bay. stanford cardinals knew they were going to fall in the standings but today's poll send them from fourth to ninth. sanford lost to ufc in the last night in l. a. cardinal coach david schaub says it shows how packed the pac12 conference is. undefeated alabama, florida state and ohio state are all still one, two and three in the poll. cal women's basketball team is still on the east coast. they held court at georgetown today. britney shows why she's so big.
11:56 pm
part of a 19-4 cal run. bears led by 14. and rigby and drives two of her 14. 67-52. jimmy johnson played prevent defense today in homestead florida. the california native needed to finish this season finale 34 or better. jimmy and his closest point was matt kenseth kiss. johnson gets a few dents on his fender and the crew chief say, that was close. and watch this. a tire on fire and it explodes.
11:57 pm
luckily no one got hurt. and johnson wins, he needs one more to tie with petty. and to austin for the u.s. grand prix. twelfthwin over all this year. but there's just one more race left and vetel has listen clenched his fifth championship. that's sports as we see it this sunday night. raiders win in houston. suddenly play offs -- >> looking questionable. >> it's not easy. it's not going to be easy. >> well, still a few games left to go. >> and beatable teams. winnable games but they're offense needs to show up now. they have to find something. >> absolutely. all right. >> hope they do? -z -- thank you for making ktvu your source for news. we will see you next time news breaks. >> and join us at 4:30 for your workweek weather and morning commute. and mark you're saying rain for
11:58 pm
the morning commute. >> yes and that will be changing for tomorrow night and wednesday. >> get that umbrella out. we're always here for you on a [ yelling ]
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hey, we don't have to have this cowboy party on saturday. i'll get my scissors and cut your birthday right out of the calendar. [ doorbell rings ] oh, come on! maybe this is a bourbon salesman. mom, hi. oh, my gosh. you know you're early. the birthday party is not for two days. no, i know. i came today because i wanted to talk to you. oh, okay, but why didn't you call? your father and i have separated. marie: hello, lois.


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