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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 28, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> and they are off. retailers open earlier than ever. shoppers take their turkey to go so they can hit the stores and fill up with holiday bargains. good evening and happy thanksgiving. >> happening now, the holiday season shopping season is in full swing as thousands of people put away the turkey and took advantage of early
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thanksgiving day hours. from best buy to toys r us, opened their doors early. doors opened at 8:00 tonight for the first time. jana. >> reporter: the crowds keep come and going when you look around, you see lots of shopping bags. national retail federation survey showed there were 33 million americans who said they planned to shop on thanksgiving day. >> outside shoppers stood in line down the sidewalk. inside store staff were preparing for the rush. at 8:00 shop the doors opened at sears and the rest of the sun valley mall. more of a turkey trot with people flocking to get tvs and other deals. this year, macy's also opened at 8 p.m. thanksgiving day. >> it was clear to us, the customers wanted to be shopping on thanksgiving day. we advised our retailers they should be
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open. >> that meant working 363 days instead of 362. he says that is business. >> i'm always so thankful even if we have to work on thanksgiving, there's a lot of people worse off than us. >> babies r us pushed even earlier. 5 p.m. . >> we turned it into a thanksgiving lunch. >> still this man and many others came out to shop. >> we want to give people a chance to come here first without having to divide their time with the other competitors out there. seems to be working good so far. >> the top of the wish list? >> xbox. >> i want the sky landers for the wii. >> we want to get baby wipes. >> no toys? >> nope. >> wipes and diapers. >> still some people say thanksgiving shouldn't become just another shopping day. >> we have a family member works at wal-mart. i feel he should be home with family. >> one day retailers plan to
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take off. december 25th. at least this year . who knows for next. back here live, among those plan to be open from now through 10:00 tomorrow night. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >> old navy stores opened early to draw in customers. we were at the emryville store. experts say bay area shoppers will likely spend more money than shoppers in the rest of the country. the bay area has the strongest local economy in the nation. consumer spending drives about two thirds of the nation's economy. >> a computer glitch delayed shopping at the kmart store early this morning. instead shoppers were left out in the cold while employees scrambled to fix the computer problem. >> i mean, things happen. we're depending on the computer system. it is what it is. >> the store eventually opened about 7:15 a.m. some discount
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offers will be extended through tomorrow. >> there are still a few states where stores are banned from opening on thanksgiving day. rhode island, maine and massachusetts banned big box stores, department stores and large super markets from opening today and on christmas day. some of the laws go back to colonial times. efforts by business groups to overturn those laws have failed. ahead at 10:30. going beyond extra patrols. how retailers plan to keep shoppers safe this black friday. >> now to the south bay where we have new details tonight in a deadly officer involved shooting in east san jose. started at 10th 30 this morning with a stabbing that left three people injured. police say the suspect then car jacked a nearby mini van and led police on a short chase which included going the wrong way on interstate 680. >> this man was coming -- this van was coming towards us
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swaying crazy like 17 miles per hour. oh, my gosh, what is this guy doing? >> all ended a short distance away. that's where we mind maureen with one family's tail. >> reporter: since our earlier report, this has since reopened and we can show you where the mini van crashed into this tree. and we were able to speak with the father inside this home who is inside with his children when gunfire rang out. >> this family left home this thanksgiving evening even more grateful after a violent incident just outside their front door. >> i think it's a relief. i can take the family and have a happy thanksgiving on turkey and good stuff. >> for more than 8 hours today, michael's street remained a crime scene. a now starred -- scared tree he intended to cut down. >> you planned to cut that tree down? >> yes. i haven't done that.
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but now i think i'm going to leave the tree there. without that tree, probably into my house. >> the crash happened just before 11:00 thanksgiving morning after police say an officer opened fire on a stabbing suspect who was driving the stolen mini van. >> the suspect rammed the officer vehicle. the officer feared for his life and fired his weapon at the suspect. >> more than 6. good number. bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. >> sam was inside with his 8 and 6 year old son along with his 7 month old baby. >> i told them to run into the room. when i hear the shots, i afraid it go into the house. >> had to duck under police tape and get an escort. other neighbors had to wait to get home. >> and i have to go around.
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>> here's a look tonight. both the patrol car and the mini van. the officer has been with the department for 12 years. he is on paid leave. we're told the three stabbing victims are expected to survive. reporting live tonight, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now. san jose police say this is the 6th officer involved shooting this year. back in october, police opened fire in two separate incidents. neither person was killed. then in march, three officer involved shooting. two of those suspects were killed. two people were shot in a single incident. both is your viefshed. >> police are also investigating two early morning shootings. the first happened around 2:00 this morning. a gun man in a car opened fire on a crowd of people gathered outside a home near berkeley way. one man was shot but is expected to survive. friends identify him as 32-year-old juaquin rico.
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a young man and a woman sitting on a porch were both shot in a drive by shooting. it happened on state street near virginia street. and investigators say it appears the shooting was random. the couple's injuries are not considered life threatening. >> food and companionship were on the menu. >> more than 100 volunteers dished up a dinner in oakland. many of those who served say it's an annual tradition to take part. they get as much as they give. >> i guess i always think about ways of not only feeding your body but giving back to other people. seeing smiles on other people's faces. talking to them, finding out how their day's going. >> the church delivered 200 thanksgiving dinners yesterday to sick or elderly residents.
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some young volunteers made up gift bags for people less fortunate. >> we have shampoo, conditioner and lotion. >> deliver nearly 200 thanksgiving dinners yesterday to sick or elderly residents. people were reaching out to help those less fortunate. >> the salad goes on this side. >> the work started early to make a meal to feed thousands. at 10:30, how a group of people found a family atmosphere in this san francisco tradition. >> the teen who was burned while riding a transit bus is back home for thanksgiving. john has sasha's take on what happened. and on the 16-year-old boy accused of the crime. >> reporter: sasha hadn't been home since november 4th. that was the day the teen's life
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changed dramatically. >> i looked down and my skirt is on fire. i freak out cause i'm on fire. >> as you can tell, sasha has a sense of humor. on an ac transit number 57 bus heading home from school when someone set the a -- gender's teen skirt on fire. >> my second reaction which is probably what saved my life is i went back to my kindergarten class and stop drop and roll. i just dropped on the floor and start rolling around and some other passengers started stomping on the flames. >> sasha spent the last 24 days at a burn unit at a san francisco hospital. the boy who is admitted to setting sasha on
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fire is in jail. >> know better than to light someone's clothing on fire. you should be able to realize that that's not just a funny prank. >> thomas is currently facing felony charges in adult court. his attorney has made a motion to have the case moved to juvenile court. the family who are very forgiving agrees with that move. >> i don't want to be too harsh just because people do dumb things, you know. especially when they are teenagers. >> sasha and that family are an incredible family. >> a group to educate school kids about gender identity variation. >> the lesson of this tragedy is that we have a long way to go as a society to make room for people to simply be themselves. >> sasha plans to return to school next week. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> the attorney for 16-year-old richard thomas filed a motion earlier this week to move the
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case to juvenile court. the attorney says thomas did not think sasha would be hurt and remorseful about what happened. thomas is due back in court on december 20th. >> celebrating thanksgiving, christmas and new year's all in one night. >> preparing for the unknown. preparing for those difficult times. >> we spent thanksgiving with an army staff sergeant as he and his family prepare for deployment to afghanistan. >> walked away after plunging several hundred feet. what authorities say probably saved their lives. >> plus, a once in a
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u.s. troops serving in afghanistan got a taste of home today. traditional thanksgiving meal dinner with all the trimmings and more. no ignoring where they were. several of the troops brought their weapons to dinner. this is the 12th thanksgiving for american forces in afghanistan. plans to withdraw by the end of next year. a family is giving thanks that a loved one is able to come home for this holiday. new at 10:00, amber lee live with how the staff sergeant are making the most of this holodachlt. >> it is a happy thanksgiving.
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an emotional home coming for the soldier and his family. >> cheers, buddy. >> 37-year-old julio ramos is back home spending time with his family. >> i'm thankful to be here and have such a loving family who has always been there to support me. >> after two towers in iraq -- tours in iraq. wife martha became emotional about telling us how she copes. >> i think it's the hard part he's coming back safe. it's the hard part. >> he has just six days to spend here. so with thanksgiving, christmas and new year's all rolled into one. >> he showed us photos of his time in iraq and described close encounters. >> a vehicle got hit with an iud. gunman went down.
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he's okay. >> thankful ly everyone in his quadrant survived. return to duty is in the back of his mind. >> preparing for the unknown. preparing for those difficult times. >> martha cherishes this gift. a dog tag with an inscription. >> what does it say? >> protect my soldier. >> ramos says memories such as this thanksgiving helps him. the bags are already organized. flies to texas early saturday morning and waits for the order to come to deployment. he's not scheduled to be back home until the end of next year. live in the nudz room, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> in the south bay, runners laced up shoes and hit the road for turkey trot. >> and they are off. 25,000 people took part
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in the 9th annual event. it was the largest turn out ever for some participants. perfect way to start thanksgiving day. >> it doesn't feel competitive. it's just fun. a community atmosphere. that's the best part. >> and the turkey trot benefits local charity since it started 9 years ago, raised $3.5 million for local food banks. >> three people are under arrest after a police officer -- we told you about the shooting last night on the 10:00 news. two homes were sprayed with bullets. last night, an officer saw a car matching the description of the suspects. police say -- two juveniles and a 21-year-old men were arrested. may be linked to other shootings. >> four young men should be thankful tonight after they survived a fall down a steep
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embankment. happened when their car plunged off highway 92. why the coast guard was called into action on land. >> reporter: this is what's left of a car that failed to navigate a hairpin turn on highway 92. four men in their 20s were inside when the car careened off the edge down 300 feet around 12:30 this morning. pilot christian was part of the rescue team called in to help reach the survivors. the mission required dropping a cable 150 feet from the hovering craft into a wooded area. >> there were some obstacles that concerned us. we had to make a few approaches. >> get on the edge on your knees. >> ryan pulled the three survivors into the helicopter. >> it's not everyday the coast guard is called in for a car accident. but according to chp,
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there was nothing standard about it. >> when you hear the vehicle went down an embankment, you expect there's going to be fatalities. >> spokes person says it's a miracle not only did all four men survive, they didn't even break any bones. a combination of factors likely helped. speed and alcohol were probably not the cause of the accident. all four men were wearing seat belts. and the brush on the embankment might have prevented the car from rolling all the way down. >> another attempt to launch a private rocket failed today in florida. the space x falcon 9 down to 60 seconds. supposed to carry new communication satellite. this was the third scrub of the launch this week. >> kind of cool out there now. going to be a cold overnight.
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just as it has the last couple nights. the weather pattern is steady. we're going to see clearing tomorrow. overnight lows will look like these. daytime highs tomorrow not much different than today. the temperatures are going to be in the mid 60s. maybe upper 60s. we had a couple low 70s. the greens represent 60s. from the coast all the way inland. so a nice mild to warm day tomorrow. we're going to look at the rest of your holiday weekend saturday and sunday. which day on the weekend will be the warmest. and that coastal fog is going to return. see you back here. >> bay area air quality managers called another spare of the air day tomorrow. the third such alert this week. forecasters are calling for cool still air. that can lead to high levels of pollution. fires are banned both in doors and outdoors during the spare the air season. violators face fines up to $100 for a first offense.
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>> too much to eat and sometimes way too much to drink. the simple mistakes officers are looking for that often lead them to drunk drivers. >> the first of its
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ask is is thanksgiving may be better known for over eating but too many people are drinking way too much. officers are out in force looking for them tonight. erik road along with the chp to see the simple mistakes that officers are using to spot drunk drivers. >> as soon as we got in officer's cruiser in oakland, it was time to go. >> an accident with an ambulance responding.
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>> once on scene. >> come out of the road. >> everyone was okay. last thanksgiving holiday, 17 people were killed in crashes in california. the chp made 800 dui arrests. it's part of what officer is looking for today. >> minor traffic infractions. that's how we find the majority. could be weaving, following too close. speed. stop sign, red light. the idea is catch them before they hurt or kill somebody. >> in santa rosa, police are looking into whether played a role in this wreck. the driver took off when police tried to make a stop. had to pull two men from the car after crashing into a light pole. >> while thanksgiving might not be as synonymous with drinking, they are taking it just as seriously. >> we are about to watch the raiders game, i have to come back for another dinner in san francisco. >> and that's exactly what the
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highway patrol wants to hear. >> unlike new years, officers tell me people often to fail to plan ahead such as having a designated driver. and even after a big meal, some people who have been drinking simply hit the road too soon. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> tensions are rising in the east china sea as china flexes territorial flames. declared a new defense zone. and then japan and south korea flew own military planes. some see a dangerous potential for escalation. >> how do you enforce it? what are you going to do? shoot somebody down? if setting up the zone was provocative, setting up the zone. >> in the pacific near japan's
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island. >> there are new developments on the troubled web site. switching the data center from verizon to hewlett packard. the move is aimed at doubling capacity. the insurance site has been plagued with glitches since october 1st. the tradition -- transition is already underway. palo alto based hp had no comment. >> keeping holiday shopping safe and sane. >> the fine line between shopping mania and mayhem. how to keep black friday from becoming a bad scene. are. >> raising their voices and givening bac
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things got out of control today at a bran smart usa store. shoppers began yelling and shoving each other. it's scenes like that that have police and shopping mall security more prepared than ever. debra live in san leandro where gunfire broke out thanksgiving before last. >> we're seeing heavy security here tonight. communities are trying to avoid the dark side of black friday. >> two bikes here and two bikes at kmart. >> sale bikes for the first 100 shoppers to arrive early. no pushing or shoving. >> there have been fights in these lines. >> tonight they have a dozen extra officers on patrol. protecting shoppers from each
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other. and from robbers. black friday before last , a young man was shot and wounded resisting a group trying to grab his purchases. >> it was crazy. >> the shopper remembers that 2 a.m. shooting. he's back for more black friday but says he'd never bring his kids. >> god forbid someone's firing shots and some kid gets hurt. >> looked like they were not shopping. >> like they were trying to rob somebody. >> men who reached into their shopping cart going after their new tv. >> they wanted the tv and harassed us for it. >> this year retailers are hiring more guards and making security more visible than ever. >> i have my purse in front of me. i can see it. >> shoppers too say they are stepping up own vigilance. >> yes, for sure. all the time. i'm always looking around me and making sure nobody's
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lurking. >> the other dark side? mayhem among shoppers. this brawl at a roseville mall. a woman shot to death over a parking space in florida. a wal-mart employee trampled to death. employers plan for crowd control. >> they are learning from their mistakes. every year i believe things get safer because of things that happen in the previous year or years. >> headed out for overnight shopping, it's best not to go alone. there's safety in numbers. be watch full. don't bury your face in your phone. look for well lit parking and stash your valuables out of sight. you can always ask the store or mall security for an escort to your car. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >> happening now, check this out. this is what it looks like at macy's in union square in san francisco. it's after 10:30 on
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this thanksgiving night and there are people out there going in and out of the store. as we mentioned at the top of tonight's news cast, macy's is one of many that opened on thanksgiving day. for those of us who have trouble deciding what to give, there are always gift cards. 80% of americans plan to buy at least one this year spending on average $163. but some cards come with a catch. gift cards from credit companies such as master card and visa can include a fee and a charge if the card isn't used within a year. shoppers usually spend more than the value of the card when they redeem gift. >> san jose police arrested a suspect in connection with the death of an 18-year-old. shot and killed near capitol park
11:33 pm
saturday afternoon. last night police arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting. officers have not released the suspect's name or age or a motive. the family says he was legally blind, stayed away from gangs and enjoyed working at a movie company. california's realignment law. that's the finding of a new associated press analysis. inmate on inmate assaults rose 32% on average in the ten counties they studied since october 2011. the population rose 14%. the law moved lower level offenders to county jails. >> the spirit of giving was felt where it was most needed today where the less fortunate were served holiday meals. everyone came away feeling good about this thanksgiving. >> san francisco's memorial church raised their voices and sang.
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>> it's pretty awesome. >> 500 volunteers in the basement got down to the work of feeding dinner to hungry people. turkey, ham and all the fixings. >> we're serving 5,000 meals today. >> volunteers said they had personal reasons to be here this holiday. >> i have a lot of friends and family that aren't in good as i am. want to give back. >> for many guests, it's a tradition that unites strangers. >> i've been waiting for this moment all year. it's a tradition for me. i'm from san francisco and my family is gone now. >> family that included the cast. >> the actors used were you present of their few days off to volunteer. >> didn't really have plans for thanksgiving. and we wanted to do something as far as serving
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and giving. we want to help out. >> turkey goes at the end right there. salad goes on this side. >> volunteers prepared 1500 dinners to go to keep the hungry fed tonight. ktvu channel 2 news. >> and ktvu is kicking off our annual one warm coat drive tomorrow. you can drop off a new or gently used coat at several bay area locations. find a list of drop off locations at and a number of our colleagues will be on hand to greet you. >> in a rare coincidence, this year thanksgiving day overlapped the jewish holiday of hanukah. >> the chief rabbi lit the first candle to mark the start of what's called the festival of lights. imperial power of syria during the second century bc.
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more than a few food related traditions. >> hanukah is -- it's fun. >> the tradition of thanksgiving back to colonial times. wasn't until 1863 the president proclaimed a national holiday. the next time they coincide will be in 70,000 years. >> pope francis offered blessings today. clean up of the vatican bank. taking office in march, pope francis embarked on an effort to make the bank more transparent and root up krupgs corruption. it wouldn't be turkey day
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without the macy's thanksgiving day parade. why
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the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade went on as planned. organizers had to make adjustments to pull it off this year. concerns over high winds threatened to ground those character balloons. some 3 million spectators were on hand waiting to see the popular holiday parade. there's that snoopy. 87th annual parade. here's a look at the floats as they made their way
11:40 pm
through manhattan. hello kitty and greg from diary of a wimpy kid. the balloons flew 5 feet lower than normal. >> 19 years it's been my dream to come. and we're here. so we're very excited . >> it's koolaid man. >> back in 1924 the parade featured animals from the zoo. the event was such a success, decided to make it an annual affair. this year's spectators had to bundle up. the temperature dipped to 30 degrees. along with the 3 million people, another 50 million tuned in to watch it. >> bay area thanksgiving tradition rolled into san francisco today. the 56th annual auto show opened. organizers say the number of cars on hand reflects an upswing for the auto industry. 38
11:41 pm
manufacturers showing off 2014, even 2015 models. concept cars were on display giving people a peak. presenting new vehicles intended to provide quick power. the utility says these new trucks can provide 75 kilo watts of power. small subdivision. pg&e says battle -- the utility says the first utility in the country is pg&e using this technology. the auto show runs through sunday. >> a serious game hot seat in texas to get what is advertised as the best deal of the year. offering big end of the year deals on 300 used cars. he'll open gates tomorrow morning at 7 avm and would be buyers can run to the driver's seat or passenger seat. at 9 a.m., the manager starts marking down the prices on the car's windshield. >> if they are in the driver's side when the new price is
11:42 pm
marked on the car, they have a right to say i'll take it. >> if the person in the driver's seat passes, then the customer in the passenger seat gets next dips. all of the cars will be marked down. and three will be marked down to $1. and customers don't know which three those will be. >> many ways and reasons to give thanks from the woods. also to the grid iron and even if you are riding the rail. we'll catch up with bay area people to find out what they are thankful about this holiday. aaçó@
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president obama took some time away from his family to call 10 minutes of the u.s. military from the oval office. the white house released this photo of the president on the phone. president obama thanked
11:45 pm
them for their service and wished them and their families a happy thanksgiving. the recipients of the calls weren't revealed. president obama expressed his gratitude for all the men and women serving in the military and the first americans. >> we give thanks for the men and women who set sale nearly four centuries ago risking everything at the chance for a better life and people already hear. our native american brothers and sisters. >> some conservatives were angry president obama made no mention of god in the address. >> it is because of the bravery of our troops and their willingness to endure tremendous hardships that we're able to be at home with our families this holiday season. >> south carolina senator delivered the republican thanksgiving address focusing on his gratitude for the military. and he did mention god. >> on this day, ktvu's mike
11:46 pm
found many people who are thankful for their country, health and more than anything, their family. >> a sprinkle of sunshine dripped through the trees providing a reflection on a day many do just that. >> we are just thankful and we were talking about that for family and our health to be able to walk through the beautiful woods. >> home to giants and on this thanksgiving the natural beauty. >> so peaceful and so wonderful and it's so great to see so many people sharing that view and coming to see it. >> it is a beautiful shot to spend your thanksgiving. but if we take you outside of the woods, you get that sense that a lot of people are grateful for no matter where they are or where they are headed. >> here's our stadium, san francisco. the turkey bowl, classic nearly century old tradition. >> we won in 96 and lost in 97.
11:47 pm
>> zach once played in the game and today along with his mother in law he watched another generation. they are thankful for the moment and for so much more. >> i'm thankful for the fact we live in a great country that has so much for so many. when so many people don't have that much. >> i'm just thankful to be able to spend thanksgiving weekend with my kids. >> and across the bay in oakland, we found a father and son watching a train on board. >> i'm on the way to see my family. >> gregory jones who came for college and never left. >> mainly i'm thankful for being here as many years as i've been here. >> and we met a conductor named eileen. >> thankful i still have my mother and i have a partner that's healthy. i have a great job. >> so many thanks from so many places. the train, the football field, the woods. all three, the centerpiece for a special
11:48 pm
memory on this thanksgiving day. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> it was a beautiful day today too. temperatures got up there. we had low 70s out there. 71 in fairfield today . it was 70 in santa rosa. 68 in morgan hill. and 67 in downtown san francisco. certainly warmer than you'd expect for the very $67 in downtown san francisco. certainly warmer than you'd expect for the very end of november. the cloud kind of pushing in from the south over the top of us. the clouds cleared later on this afternoon. and we had more sunshine. we're going to see a few clouds tonight and more clearing tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow about where they were today. slightly cooler. it's mild and cool outside right now. it's cool in santa rosa, 46. 46 in novado. not as cool. kind of mild. temperature s overnight going to get down there into the 30s in the very coolest location. partly cloudy tonight. clear in some areas but very very cool as you look
11:49 pm
at the bay bridge. all lit up for the holidays. going to be a nice one. mild to warm with temperatures back into the 60s. the computer model shows a few clouds lingering. this is your friday. your saturday and sunday don't look different than this. as we go into friday, a little fog form off the coast. as we go into friday afternoon and saturday morning, you see more fog off shore. still mostly sunny around here. and as you go into saturday afternoon, more clearing. we're going to see patchy fog returning to the coast tomorrow night and saturday morning. patchy fog. mostly sunny elsewhere. these will be the highs that will be forecast for your friday afternoon. 66 in napa. 63 in vallejo. 64 in concord. mid 60s. a little cooler than today. i don't know if we'll see low 70s tomorrow. morgan hill, gilroy. and along the coast, the big surf we had was pretty good size. we got up there and going to drop.
11:50 pm
tomorrow it will be down to 6 to 8 feet. if you are heading out there, such a nice stay. and tomorrow as well. just be aware of the nasty rips that can develop. they were real bad today. tomorrow will be bad. the next three days are going to be really nice. as we get into monday and tuesday, more clouds. into tuesday night and wednesday, clouds, clouds, clouds and hopefully rain. middle of next week, rain. the forecast is nice for the rest of your holiday weekend. right now your sunday looks to be the warmest nicest day on the bay area weekend with lows getting back down into the freezing ranges in the inland bay valleys. >> the storm threatening so many travellers is really gone. >> yeah, it's out of here. we had a good run out of here. >> timed it perfectly. thank you. the crew on board the international space station didn't miss out on thanksgiving.
11:51 pm
it wasn't like dinner back on terrafirma. >> green bean casserole. we have to mix it together as we eat it. >> they had apar baked beans and dessert. thanksgiving journey towards the sun spelled the end of comet ison. hope that more than a mile long tail shining brilliantly perhaps for weeks. but european and nasa astronomers say they lost site. believed it was torn apart in immense heat. >> i don't know if we can blame the trip and the turkey but they looked tired. >> they had a lot of work today. the raiders were
11:52 pm
dominating the game. by the time we got to the pumpkin pie, dallas was in total command. rookie quarterback earned the started to. he was handed a 7 point lead before he took the field. cowboy's terrence williams grabs the opening kick off. williams fumbles and greg jenkins. the play was reviewed. it was upheld. and 23 yard fumble return. but then inside the final minute of the first quarter, matt pulls back before he gets a snap. fumbles the ball away. and need just one play to tie the game at 7. matt comes back and leads the raiders on a drive. runs the first of the 2 touchdowns. 21-13 before selina gomez took the stage. dallas takes first lead of the game. then the going makes
11:53 pm
big mistake. for that mighty might. just too tall. raiders lose 31-24. the boys are 7 and 5. we have two more nvrl games for you to highlight. plus the turk get in the bag, get in the bag, get in the bag, ow! there's a better way to save... at the sears black friday sale. doorbusters start 8pm thanksgiving day. this 32" tv is just 179.99. and get 50% off this kenmore fridge.
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holiday a better way. sears.
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49ers receiver back for r for sunday's game. trying to return from a torn achilles hill. ravens hosted pittsburg today. 5 field goals in one touchdown. came down to the final 63 seconds. steelers just scored a touchdown. they need the two point conversion. receiver can't hang on to it. ben roethlisberger's pass is too hot. that's all, that's it. baltimore back to 500 with a 22-20 victory. lion's fans were ready to see their team. green bay quarterback still nursing an
11:57 pm
injury. throws down and hits home for a safety. packer's offense held to 126 total yards. check out this one. one handed catch by kevin. go got to like that after losing 9 straight. detroit wins big 40-10. turkey bowl features the mustangs against the lions. lincoln goes for the half back pass here. tries to throw back to the quarterback. number 40 ; great pick. great name. and lala goes down to lala land. the lions will score right after this interception. wins 34-30. lions finish 12 and 1. and that is sports s as we see it this thanksgiving night. >> been a good day. thank you. and thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news.
11:58 pm
starts at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow. rebroadcast right now on tv 36. >> good night. have a great weekend.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> happy thanksgiving, everybody! >> yeah! [applause] so here's the drill today, here's the drill. i'm going to give you a challenge. you are going to eat thanksgiving day baby food down to the bottom. and when you do, then what you can do is look at the clue and if you can guess the celebrity, you will win a prize. >> and they're all hot. >> it looks like we could look at the clue without eating it,


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