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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 4, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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(grunts) that was definitely pathetic, but not more pathetic than the world's stupidest stump. why did i think that would be fun? -- captions by vitac -- now at 7:00, questions surrounding today's break down down. faulty brakes left many stranded. >> as the temperatures sink to lows not seen in months, those with somewhere to go try to brave the elements. >> and more records possible for tomorrow morning, and freezing tonight. >> a frightening right side for some bart riders and another
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black eye for bart. i'm gasia mikaelian. anxiety, fear, and smoke while stuck under the berkeley hills, after the system suffered another major break down all because of a problem with the brakes on a train headed for the rock ridge station after it left the orenda station with about 700 passengers on board. it was an electrical short to cause the parking brake to fill with break dust. some passengers mistook the fumes for smoke. the train was stuck for an hour. >> you're in a tunnel. nobody was telling us what was going on. most were complaining about going on. our coverage continues with john is a sack i -- sasaki in oakland
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where passengers were saying there were no communication. >> reporter: passengers told us they felt like bart kept them in the dark. it came to a halt this morning at 8:30. >> it took a half-hour to mention what was happening and the train was filling up with smoke. >> numerous people were scared by the smoke and no one knew bl it was a fire or something -- whether it was a fire or something else. >> i called bart and got put on hold. there was no communication. >> bart officials told me the train operator knew early on it was a break issue and not a fire. >> we always want to give every bit of detail we have. >> they add if there had been a fire, the train would have been
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evacuated. >> if there were flames or heavy smoke that continued, we would have gotten the passengers out of there. >> she was among the passengers what had to remain on the plat form to seek medical attention. >> that man is talking about his mother who was on the train yet is not soured by the experience. >> she'll continue to take it. sheers going to take it back -- she's going to take it back home. >> but even hearing about the incident left this pregnant woman concern for her own safety. >> it just made me feel really freaked out, just kind of anxiety taking bart, like you can't rely on it. >> reporter: and one passenger wrote saying she's very considering never riding bart again. i'm john sasaki ktvu channel 2 news. >> this is video taken by a passenger as she was stuck on that train.
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during the stoppage, can you see a bart rusher rushing through the train while passengers are covering mouths and noses. this the second time in just over a month bart has had to deal with overheated equipment. and late october, a fire was sparked on a train with evening commuters. today's break down is just the latest pr hit in which bart has had two strikes, a botched labor contracts and a member of mishaps. people complained there was little communication about what was going on. >> i am very, very you upset about all of this because i was on my way to work and i'm very upset. it's always something going on with bart. >> reporter: one of those stuck was bart's spokeswoman. for ktvu coverage, you'll find under the east bay tab at the
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home page. and maybe the coldest night of the season. blankets are being handed out near kelly park in east svj and is provide -- san jose and is provided by the community homeless alliance ministry. some of those same people receiving blankets in the south bay. rob ross shows us some challenges they'll be facing. >> this is johnny. he says he's been homeless for about a year soon after he lost his job as a handyman. he's now one of about 150 people living in this homeless camp in a ravine by kelly park. >> it wakes me up, and i have to move around. i have to start moving around. >> the coast snap helped officials expecting to be at
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full capacity tonight. johnny says he's thinking about going. >> actually, i'm, like -- i'm, like, already there at the door ready to knock. >> he may not get an answer. there are only 100 emergency beds in san jose for an estimated 4,000 homeless people. >> and time just flew. >> she says she won't go to a shelter so she's getting through the bitter nights as best she can. >> very cold. you can feel the temperatures drop. it's ice cold to where your fingers hurt with gloves on. >> homeless people are preparing for another tough night. at least they'll have fresh blankets. rob ross, ktvu channel 2 news. not north bay, somewhere getting ready to make surefire places are safe. he says he sees at least half a chimney every year alone. our chief meteorologist at the weather center with your how low
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the temperatures are already getting around the bay area. >> this morning, you'll get the vibe. it was 26 this morning in santa rosa. 27 in napa. we're going to see teens tonight. we've got the freeze warning in effect until tomorrow morning. the coldest spots will be down into the teens and the coldest spots places like napa and san francisco, will find some record lows tomorrow morning as we get into probably the coldest morning we've seen in the bay area in sometime. when i come back we're going to talk about how cold this was and then a chance for some snow on bay area peaks as we head into friday. we'll see you back here after the break. >> a man accused of a killing over a play station 4 made his first court appearance in san francisco and we're learning some details. 21-year-old ronnie collins was
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in court today. he's accused of shooting and killing 22-year-old euwaka in the bay you view neighborhood on sunday. they were beating so he could sell collins a play station 4. the victim tried to purchase the gun away before she was shot and even offered to give collins the play station 4. >> and the defendant said, nah, and pointed the gun back down him, shot him in each arm and twice in the lower abdomen. >> collins is being held on $5 million bail set to court to enter a plea. >> a 17-year-old high school student has been accused of hitting a bike rider through vista park drive and branham lane. he was the 25th cyclist killed this you're. the driver is cooperating. >> and carl icon is again
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prodding apple to share more of its wealth. icon owns more than $2 billion worth of apple stock and already returning $100 billion to shareholders. wall street ended mixed. its next meeting is scheduled in two weeks. >> more than 200 oakland businesses are being asked to pay up in order to use their own business names. fbn brokers owned by mark smith purchased 233 expired fish tissuous names in oakland -- ficticious names. they recently got a letter for the right to uses it own business name. >> if we don't pay by december 11th, it goes up to
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$435. >> mark smith refused do an online camera. what he's doing is legal. he says we should contact the da. >> and the bay area based corporate sponsor with ties to cal. it added it won't effect the name, memorial stadium. a deal could help the university with its $474 million long-term debt and earth wake retrofit work plus a training center. a chaotic scene caught on camera which has neighbors rattled and police looking for answers. >> and experts say big web sites are not to blame and what can you do to protect yourself from identity theft. >> and the mystery may be solved. the so-called smoking gun that
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fremont police say this is a look at a burglar on free month boulevard -- fremont boulevard. any witnesses are asked to call police. >> and a surveillance camera on a because seems to capsure a possible kidnapping. we hope the grainy images show what happened. >> should shows a man and woman fighting over a bag. as the man pulls her away from the bus, the woman tells the driver to call police. the driver did and as we showed
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last night, it led to a massive search. one witness told ktvu she didn't know if she wassy seeing a possible kid -- was seeing a possible kidnapping. >> it looked like she was grabbing her and she was scrambling. >> police are trying to airon the side of talk continuing to treat the case assay -- trying to err on the side of cause of action. police describe her as asian wearing light colored clothing and a dark baseball cap. people who work in the nearby medical complex say they hope someone comes forward. >> i want to know who it is. maybe it is a mutual patient of
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ours, maybe someone we know. >> police say they acknowledge none of their leads have panned out. robert handa, channel 2 news. a mystery man has been handing out huge tips around the bay and elsewhere. valley wag reports its former paypal executive claims he's behind an insurance stagram account -- instagram photos. and according to the san francisco examiner, full-time enrollment is down 26% from last year. low numbers may be due to rumors due to its loss of accreditation which is under appeal. however a spokesman says low enrollment can be blamed on a
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payment policy which effected the delay of printed scheduled. and 911 operators are being praised how they handled frantic calls during the sandy hook elementary school shooting. the 911 recordings were released today. victims said their release would add to the pain of the loss but the public said it would effect them. we chose not to air the audio hear. you can find it on our web site, under us world news on our on homepage. >> the death of fast & furious fast was not just from the impact of the crash alone, according to the preliminary autopsy. according total corner, he -- to the corner, he died from traumatic injuries and burns. reports show his friend was driving, and died on impact.
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toxicology results for both walker and rodas will be complete. >> universal pictures put filming fast and furious on hold. the latest installment will so stop for an unspecified period. it was set to be released next july. universal says it will assess all options available to move forward with the production. according to marine mammal experts. near ever grades national park, some have beached themselves. ten died so far and rescuers are worried. experts say the pod appears confused. the team of biologist is trying to steer them back into the
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ocean. and as eric rasmussen explains, they're targeting you. >> reporter: the password might be hidden from looking at your pass word. >> there's no evidence hackers collected more than 2 million passwords from users of facebook, twitter, yahoo and others. trust wave discovered the stolen passwords were posted on line to a site written in russian. >> baylor is a stop security information expert with the mal malware. >> they find credit cards, millions and millcombronions of logons, every single message you've ever sent. >> the biggest mistake, using the same password over and over.
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in a statement, a facebook spokesperson wrote it appears people's commuters may have been attacked using malware scraped from their browsers. the company reset the passwords to anybody who was exposed but there's no telling how much damage has already been done. >> the question is how old is the data. are these people compromised today? >> we heard back from google which referred us to resources from better protecting your password. the most common, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. google may be expanding into on robots. google is not saying much about specific plans. they look at manufacturing, something like electrons assembly. the man helped build then driveway software. and bill martin is here. bill, you have been telling us
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about these extremely low temperatures. it's really cold and the oldest night we've seen so far. these are the numbers we're looking at, the highs we achieved. highs tomorrow, upper 40s, but most temperatures tomorrow, cities, 49, 48 degrees. for a daytime hi, clouds are clear and that's what lets things get really cool. it's tlieven in santa rosa, and fairfield, 31. -- 31 in santa rosa and fairfield is 31. they're below freezing right now. you bet you're going to have no trouble into the teens. napa 21, you'll find teens east and north of there. if we go towards forestville, cold night. 28 degrees for an overnight low. a there warning in effect for
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the bay area tonight for the entire bay area, excluding san francisco. the computer model sets us up cool. tomorrow afternoon, it's still clear. coming around over my shoulder. by friday morning, it starts to tee up here up the north coast. and by friday morning we might see some sprinkles shows up. where all that cold air in place, snow on bay area peaks it could certainly be a possibility. watch friday afternoon. we could see scattered showers around the bay area, cold showers on friday, with snow on bay area peaks you're going to a foot of snow and see snow levels in the west area here in nevada down to 1,000 feet below grass valleys. the forecast for that wet weather to move in after tomorrow.
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that's a friday thing. forecast highs tomorrow, as i said. right there all in the upper 40s. 49 and 48 in livermore. the five-day forecast with your bay area in view then a big cold one here. at 10:00, i will update the forecast. golden state warriors head coach joined cheerleaders and volunteers from pg&e to put together gift cards. the 2,500 bags are fill body soaks filled with socks, toothpaste and other things to be given out on christmas day. and the big reason why everyone managed to survive this head on collision. and it's three of a kind for one northern california couple, why
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doctors are call particular an extremely rare kurance. -- occuarnce. >> to ♪ i love it! ♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday occurrence. -- occurrence. >> to
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now trending a mid--air collision prepared to make a jump over superior wisconsin. sky divers found themselves 12,000 feet amid burning debris. all the sky divers used parashoots to land. look for the link under the hot topics section at and three paintings by normal rockwell, sold for millions of dollars back in 1951 showing a boy and a woman showing guys. the identity of the buyer is not known. >> a northern couple is showing off their new arrivals. hannah a and tom welcomed abby, brynn and laurel into sunday. a single egg produced three babies.
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they're extremely rare extending on who you talk to, from one in a million to 1 this 100 million. >> thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll see you the next time your news break. our coverage continues at the 10:00 news. we're always here for you at tmz is up next on tv 36.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> justin bieber is a little princess who needs to clean up his mess. >> i have a message for pop princess justin bieber. >> mayor threatening bieber. >> two choices -- come back and clean up your mess or come back and sing at the mayor's christmas carol. >> if you don't do either -- >> i don't have anything to say. >> we have good old gypsy fighting. a show on tlc called "gypsy sisters."


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