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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  December 22, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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pausing to pray for a young girl on life support after a routine surgery. >> the doctors think they know everything. but in they knew everything then my daughter wouldn't be brain dead right now. >> the growing support for the family and the new demands this afternoon for an investigation. good evening i'm heather holmes. >> an i'm ken wayne. hospital officials insist
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there's no chance for a recovery. but the girl's family is ratcheting up their demands. >> reporter: doctors say she will never wake up but this afternoon her mother remained defiant. >> we pray that you would look upon this hospital. >> reporter: surrounded with prayers the mother of 13-year- old mcmath isn't giving up. >> i just have faith that my daughter will wake up. >> reporter: faith might be all she has left. 10 days ago, doctors declared mcmath brain dead. she had a heart attack after surgery to remove her tonsils. >> the doctors think they know everything. but if they knew everything,
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then my daughter would not be brain dead. that's why i lean on god saying, whatever you want to do with her, i will let you do. but i won't let children's hospital to do it. >> the answer is not pulling the plug on this child. >> reporter: ministers read an open letter to the hospital asking for more time and discipline for an official accused of being insensitive with family members in a private meeting. >> when you are wrong, you are wrong. you don't need a judge to tell you you're wrong. you need to do the right thing and give this family an opportunity to explore every possibility of remedy. >> reporter: today the hospital issued a statement that it has a responsibility to not create hope where there is none.
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today the district attorney's office denied to comment about the re request for an outside investigation. eric rasmussen. >> a rally and march is planned for tomorrow. a facebook page has been set up. people are encouraged to bring signs and to wear purple which was jahi's favorite color. now to some developing news. sheets of ice ranked down on shoppers in oklahoma city. tonight a december storm is whipping up severe weather throughout much of the country. that video was very amazing. a tornado is being blamed for the deaths of at least nine people flooding in the south creating dangerous driving conditions and piling up roads. some states forecasted to get 10-inches and ice downing trees
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and power lines. >> reporter: a dangerous ice storm coats much of the area. at least 1 million homes and businesses are without power from up state new york through maine and the extensive outages mean it could be some time before the lights and heat are back on for everyone. >> it'll be ongoing until the ice melts from the branches and everything lightens back up again. >> reporter: in tulsa oklahoma the ice brought down this tree and sent it crashing into an apartment building. >> all of a sudden you hear this boom, boom, boom. >> then there are the flood waters from little rock arkansas to indiana. this is a bird's eye view above the city of franklin where homes are surrounded by knee deep, near friezing water. firefighters are going door to door trying to get residents in low lying area to safety.
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a powerful tornado with winds topping 450 miles per hour ripped through the town of hughes arkansas. it hip hopped through the area destroying homes and killing three people. >> i'm scared. i'm terrified. >> reporter: the twister ripped apart robinson's home and blew the windows right out of her van. the terrified mother shielded her children from the devastating tornado. >> i threw my body over my 16 -month-old child to save his life. then i found my daughter and flung her toward the bathroom to save her life. >> reporter: we checked and the san francisco airport had minor delays earlier today because of the winter storm. especially that winter tomorrow hitting the east. but airport officials say there are no weather related issues to report right now and that planes are taking off and departing on time. we want to show you now a live look at new york city where believe it or not it's 63 degrees right now at time square. you can see it's dry now.
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the storm system is making its way up the eastern seaboard just as more people here in the area prepare for their christmas get away. mark tamayo is tracking the condition for thunderstorms. >> there's two parts of the storm system. you have the cold part and warm part. that's why new york city is now in the 60s. the focal point for all the weather was the cold front. you can pick out all the activity here on storm tracker 2. as you can see first we'll bring up the current temperatures. we'll show you at least right now the latest observation where there's a closer inspection. a rainfall pattern. here's a look at the current temperatures right now it's 11 below in fargo north dakota. a big temperature contrast. that will be the source of primarily rainfall for your monday forecast. here is a look at the forecast
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for tonight and into tomorrow morning. a lot of rainfall showing up impacting new york for tomorrow morning. we'll talk about areas that could drop into the lower 30s over night. i'll let you know if we have any rain chances in the five day forecast. if you're sticking around the bay area get ready for more stagnant weather and another spare the air alert. air quality officials think pollution is expected to rise to unexpected level. tomorrow night might be the start of a new series that could include christmas eve and christmas day. tomorrow will make the 16th alert for the winter season. organizers of the snow globe music festival at lake tahoe say safety is their top priority this year. you may remember last year, burns wandered away from the event. her body was found in the snow
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a few days later. and the coroner determined she died of hyperthermia and had -- a body was discovered in a shopping center parking lot. police received a call just after 1:00 when someone found a body. officers closed the portion of the parking lot near a starbucks. police are treating the death as a homicide but haven't said yet if the body is that of a man or woman or how the person died. vallejo police are investigating the shooting of a woman who was found dead at a parking lot.
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the victim is a male. there are no other details though on a possible motive or possible suspects. new details tonight about a road rage attack that left a petaluma pedestrian unconscious on the street. turns out they are looking for three suspects not just two. the 47-year-old man knocked out with a pipe is now talking. he's able to provide some details about the altercation that happened as he was crossing the street. >> all i could hear is myself screaming to help. >> reporter: it's her boyfriend. but this woman doesn't want to be seen because the man who attacked him is still out there. the man had just bought tacos when a speeding car had to stop for them. >> there's a car stopped. he hit the hood of the car with
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his hand and yelled at them to slow down. >> reporter: which triggered an argument. he got out, grabbed a pipe from his trunk and hit him in the head. >> hard enough that it will require surgery to repair. >> he went after him and jumped up in the air and whacked him in the head. i saw him. he is forced, he used force with that pipe. i'm surprised bud is not dead. >> reporter: bud was in and out of consciousness at the scene. once at the hospital put in an induced coma. when he woke up this evening he was able to tell a detective he saw not only a front seat passenger but third person in the car's backseat. and got a good look at who hit him. >> he said i can identify this guy if we can find him. get a name and he's willing to prosecute and put him in jail for this. >> it happened so fast. it just happened super fast. >> for the couple who's walk home with dinner went terribly wrong it's a shock how a verbal
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altercation became potentially deadly so fast. >> i think it's sick. i think it's ridiculous that you can't have people say, up yours, screw you whatever. it's just not normal anymore. people are using violence instead. >> reporter: the car involved is a mid-90s buick or pontiac with an oxidized faded blue paint job. both the driver and the front passenger with white men in their 20s. small in stature. no one got a good look at the passenger in the backseat. bud is a chef who will need quite a bit of time as he heals with these head injuries. debora villalon. the st. john's foundation is asking for more donations to help feed a large crowd. charities frying to collect 500 hams for a holiday dinner. but earlier this day they had
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only collected half that number. they've been feeting more people since the food stamp program was cut. a man says he has faith that donors will come through for christmas but says there's not enough time left. >> folks are heading out of town. holiday plans start to get a little closer. we're in that last minute pinch. >> try to have an open mind and open heart because people are here for different reasons. >> reporter: among those who rely on st. anthony. a mother who is struggling to buy her baby formula. the quick actions that saved this little puppy and an investigation of how she ended up in the garbage. >> police investigate a
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shooting that happened on the freeway. this is not your average christmas carol. the special
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left for dead this adorable little puppy was discovered in a garbage bag in a conveyor belt in a recycling center.
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a particular bag caught their attention. ken pritchett talked with those who found the little pup and their hopes to find the person who threw her out with the recyclables. >> reporter: the poodle mix was here on a cold steel conveyor belt piled high with trash before she was saved and named gem, g-e-e. >> she's a precious little gem that ended up in the trash can. >> she had some injuries on her that we would like to know how she got injured. >> reporter: she has wounds on her neck but will survive with veterinarians and two workers from recology who were sorting trash by hand and saw a bag wiggling. >> it would have been
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transferred to one of the landfills. >> reporter: gregory foster and his coworkers acted fast. called animal control. >> we pulled the puppy out of the bag. we examined it. the puppy was frightened. >> reporter: investigators want to know where this puppy came from. however the workers i talked to here say that will be difficult to determine if not impossible. one thing seems clear this puppy was disposed of. a deliberate act. >> it had to go into a dumpster by someone placing it there. >> reporter: animal welfare says if it can't find her owner, adoption for this gem should be no problem. >> someone can definitely you know take good care of it and raise it and be somebody's best friend. >> in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. police say a phone scammer is tricking and threatening vallejo residents.
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a resident was recently contacted by someone who said he was a police officer. then they told her that there was a warrant for her arrest and if they didn't pay $3,000, their children would be placed in social services. about 2 million chase accounts were affected by a breach at target stores. between november 27 and december 15 data was stolen from as many as 40 million credit and debit cards. the annual scramble to try to find gifts is on with only a few days left to shop. piedmont avenue was busy with shoppers this afternoon. the holiday season caught some by surprise. a national survey found that on december 9, 32 million people had yet to everyone start
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shopping. the national retail federation report says 10% of shoppers wait until christmas eve. in business news today. apple announced a landmark deal. china mobile will sell iphones starting in mid-january. with the deal apple potentially reaches 160 million customers twice the population of the u.s. that's a huge potential boost because china is right now dominated by android phones and the iphone's mobile market share has been shrinking. >> tomorrow is the deadline for people to sign up for the exchange. a grace ozborne recently enrolled and said coverage for her entire family will be less than $500. up until now, only osborne's nine month old son had insurance because she says it was just too expensive. >> it's almost half of the cost now with all of us being added to a health care plan. so it worked out great for us.
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>> enrollment counselors at the call center were busy today helping people sign up. that call center will be open tomorrow. while tomorrow is the final day to apply for coverage starting january 1st. open enrollment continues through march 31st. paying tribute to a place that's home to millions of bay area memories. alex sadvidge was at candle stick park and shows us how fans are saying goodbye to the stick on what could be the final game. >> okay guys you ready? >> reporter: ready or not it's time to say goodbye to candle stick park. this family stepped by for final photos before what could be the final game. >> reporter: diego shot photos before the fence. trying to capture the essence
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of this inexplicable beautiful stadium. a piece of sports history. >> it's a little bit of a relic, but it is still standing. more just a building, it's a home. >> reporter: a faithful 49ers fan from merced remembers when the 49ers started playing at the stick. he thought these were nice digs. >> at the time we didn't know any better. >> reporter: most everyone agrees it's time for an upgrade although some fans are finding it difficult to say goodbye. >> i get attached to things and i don't like to leave them. i've gone through so many players, so much history has gone on here. i don't flow if i will see it again. >> reporter: the giampalos are paying to take seats home. san francisco will be will be on the look out for anyone trying to steal pieces of the
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stadium to keep as souvenirs. alex savidge. we have more details now on that on what is likely the niners last game at candle stick. police tell ktvu there will be more officers at the game than ever before. we weren't told exactly how many but sfpd says officers will be in uniform and undercover in both 49ers and atlanta falcons apparel. you can say farewell to the stick by sharing your thoughts. you can also tweet it to us with the hash tag farewell candle stick. the holiday spirit filled a pennsylvania neighborhood as thousands there gathered to fulfill the dying wish of a terminally ill girl. >> an estimated 8,000 people sang christmas carols last night outside the home of delaney brown. delaney was diagnosed with a
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rare form of leukemia and one of her wishes was to hear a chorus of christmas carols. delaney was too weak to see her wish come through but her family says she heard it and posted this thumbs up photo to her facebook page to let them know she was there with them in spirit. another one of the girl's wishes was filled last friday on her eighth birthday when she got to speak to her idol taylor swift. a brawl breaks out righted in middle of a california mall. the coveted item that's led to violent fights throughout the country. at $23 million it's the biggest lottery in the world but there's a big financial twist in this year's el gordo lottery. the lottery locked in and the weather pattern were locked
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she says help me get out i've been in here for a long time. the ohio man who helped release three women has signed a deal to write a memoire. they had been held for years by ariel castro who pled guilty to more than 900 counts and later hanged himself in prison. ramsey has been working with a local author to describe the day of that rescue. a teenager wounded in a high school shooting earlier this month died. a steady stream of people visited a memorial for claire davis and other students at arapahoe high school.
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davis was shot at point-blank range. she died yesterday after more than a week in the hospital. claire's parents released a statement today saying in part although we have lost our precious daughter we will always be grateful for the journey she took us on over the last 17 years. we were truly blessed to be claire's parents. the restaurant and gift shop chain cracker barrel has pulled the duck dynasty merchandise. today executives backtrackedded and put the merchandise back after a backtrack from customers. it is the richest lottery in the world. a christmas lottery in spain
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gave out lottery tickets. children sang the numbers for the jackpot. the top prize is just over half a million dollars. for the first time this year the tax man will take 20% of the larger prizes. spain is still in the midst of an economic crisis and 25% unemployment. shedding new light. what researchers are now saying about alzheimer's starts and how it spreads. plus-- >> a vicious fight at a california mall and it's not the only one. the hot item causing problems at shopping centers across the country. >> i have a wish. >> a touching christmas request.
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gunfire on a busy east bay freeway. tonight police and the chp are still looking for the shooter. allie rasmus tells us about the shooting and that officers found key pieces of evidence. >> reporter: 3:00 a.m. on westbound 580 traffic slowed to a crawl with one lane open on the far left lane investigators used flashlights to carefully comb the pavement. they were searching for evidence of a drive by shooting that had happened in the freeway moments earlier. >> we're finding casings in the area where the shots were reported. it's like finding a needle in a hay stack. we came out here not anticipating to find anything. but luckily one of our guys had a real keen eye and was able to
11:31 pm
find the casings quickly. >> reporter: police close off the parking lot to start their investigation. some of the passengers in the suv recounted the drive by shooting on the freeway. they told police a sedan had pulled up alongside them as they were heading west on 580 just before the split. >> people described that the passenger leaned out the right side and began shooting back at the escalade. >> reporter: police don't have a directional of -- description of the suv or sedan. the driver of the escalade had been coming back from a nightclub. so investigators are looking into whether the altercation began at that nightclub. and the demand is high for
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jordan sneakers, and it's leading to brawls. it shows one young man on the ground with no shirt being punched in the head. in milwaukee two people argued about their place in line were hit by gunfire. santa claus danced to the music of mariachis as he made his stop in oakland. el chaz the elf and santa handed out dozens of gifts on international boulevard. the two say they started a toy give away in a whim after they drove through oakland handing out gifts. they say the experience was so great they decided to keep it going. thanks to their friends, the contributions have rolled into their website oak love >> my friends and family. people just want to give. they don't really know how
11:33 pm
sometimes and so, everyone just keeps giving us more and more every year and it just keeps growing. >> in all santa and chaz the elf say they were able to give 500 gift this is season. a new alzheimer's study find where the disease begins and how it spreads. and at the end of the trial, only the 12 people who developed mild alzheimer's showed a plaque and protein build up in an area of the brain that stores memories. scientists say these findings can help. a blended family in iowa is having a bittersweet holiday as it experiences the wishes the first wife asked for them before her death. >> i have a wish. i have a wish for david the boys and the woman and her family if she has kids also. i want them to know i love them
11:34 pm
very much. >> brenda smith wrote a letter in 2011 the letter you heard the woman reading. it was kept secret until it was read. she expresses the wish for the family to be happy. and her widower cried as that letter was read. >> i asked how would you know i will be the right person and she said you will know, i will be there. >> reporter: brenda asked for a new weekend for the new wife. a magical trip for the new family and a party for the people who cared for her as she died of ovarian cancer. the family is going to disney world.
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miles of extension cords and five breaker panels. that's what it takes to put on this massive christmas light display and why the man behind the magic says he is not slowing down. >> the first week of winter will continue with mild weather around the bay area. our meteorologist mark tamayo is up next
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well today the first full day of winter we're talking about mid- to upper 60s. that was the case for today. not much of a change for tomorrow. right now on live storm tracker 2. there's the storm line that will be approaching our
11:38 pm
coastline over the next six to 12 hours. most of the bay area will be in the clear first thing tomorrow morning. right now we have mostly clear skies as a result, temperatures in a few neighbors dropping off quite a bit. right now it is 37 degrees in napa. san francisco downtown checking in 54. san jose 71 and livermore reporting 46 degrees. there's been a chill in the air. toward the east bay. for tonight mostly clear skies, tomorrow a cold starlet to the day. sunny and mild. there is a camera and the forecast at san jose right around 40 degrees. by 12:00 60. by 3:00 an afternoon high of 64. overnight lows the coolest low
11:39 pm
kaeug -- locations. south of the golden gate bridge first thing tomorrow morning, could be possibly the last 49ers game at candle stick. we do know it's the last monday night game. weather looks just great with cloudy looking skies. by 8:00 right down to 850 degrees which is still clear skies and weather shaping up just tyke for tomorrow evening at candle stick. as far as the air quality we want to stay in the greens. the stable air mass up above is trapping the haze. that's where we have the spare the air alert on monday. this cold front remaims up to the north of the bay area. it has been very try all december long. this is the one day we had rainfall december 6th. but as this area of high pressure remains control of our wind, there's a slight chance
11:40 pm
of a shower. a very little tiny change. for tomorrow mostly sunny skies afternoon highs on track to reach the -p upper 40s. not too much change for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. overnight lows back down into the 20s. back home for tomorrow it'll be a little bit cooler but still lots of 60s out there. san pa rosa 64. san francisco 61. and forecast a raord high of 56 degrees. here is a look ahead. your five day fear cast. still mild and it's used tay. merry christmas day around 64, 65 degrees. with the weekend more chance of a spring -l wednesday and thursday. feeling tropical in the
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afternoon. >> christmas at the beach. >> people in su sur for the past 22 years, bill vaughn has decorated his house in alex san tkreu -- in alexandria says that he started off small and got bigger year after year. >> it's very gratifying. >> reporter: over the years he's spend $50,000 on th
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good evening everyone welcome to this late sunday night nfl week 17 edition of sports wrap. there were time this is year when it seemed the raiders had turned the corner but now it looks very much like they will save with the same skills. center nick hardwick recovering the ball. mcmcglowen gets the defense going. oakland ball at the san diego
11:45 pm
five. from there daryl mcfadden's sighting. mcfadden barreling in the entrance. >> the kharbgers entered back for as long as you can expect -- the chargers entered back for as long as you can expect. here's exhibit b. near field jacobs is felts for every game. eight plays later, the five year play. 26-23 san diego late. the flail -r -r are are. if you need one play that
11:46 pm
epitomizes oakland season you don't need to look very much further than this one. after this six will have 12 win, the raiders need to beat denver at home next week to avoid finishing with another 12- 4 season. something dennis has not seen. >> hae -- we had too many penalties. a lot of our penalties defensively came on third down which allowed them to turn some driveless. guys are frustrated, i think we all are. the mayor story line tomorrow will be that the colorado rockies are playing their last game. the likelihood is still slim but the facts of the play off game became a little more
11:47 pm
visible. arizona cardinals trying to do what not one heal doze dun. intercepted by chancellor to stop the drive. there was a field goal battle hat # which have # in the fourth quarter. russell wilson stands up. first touchdown. a fan general ben fits from her responsibility. byron maxwell for the score. the packers lose three games. 17-4 the mill. that second team are the -- a win on week 17 and seattle loss would give the nfc west title
11:48 pm
to san francisco depending on other events in week # 29. the niners would be site seated three, three and tkphrepbd, frederik andersen business completely out of the play offs. stay tuned tomorrow night. drew peas aeb the -- drew no shortage of fourth quarter drama. throws to a diving hicxon.they khrefrpl a play off spot. they still need to win this week until they buy a sack. two paneled 289 yards worth.
11:49 pm
mccoy wanted two filler quarterbacks. this cutler pass picked off by the eagles brandon boykin and boyklin won't be stopped. philly in a rout 54-11. the eagles play for the championship the beers will do a championship. the registration dips at least and they could play spoiler against klaas. on tphoáurpbt to any. the 8-7 cowboys will play the eagles as we said. one other team was able to stay home tonight. the giants up with a touchdown when michael stan ford is off
11:50 pm
to pick. p pill takes it back to score ta and getting eliminated with another late season collapse. still to come on this late sunday night sports wrap. the
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is the afc play off history pretty much set. the number six seed when the day began denver in kansas city both had visuals of buying the
11:54 pm
record. this pass to julius thomas was manning's fourth of the day. 51 touchdown pass. that's because it was a long day for alex smith and the khaoeufings. tasz passioned off, i was wanted to shu shoot a couple of ticks. andrew lot hands off to bryan a the colts win 23-7. the colts winners of the afc south. the chiefs as a kaoeuld card. new enlands will be in the play offs as the winner of the 26 0á- 0. new england scores two coupe
11:55 pm
degrees picked up by williams who goes back 74 yards for a score. patriots win. baltimore still alive for the last afc wild card start. the packers an steelers tied at 21. bell goes in standing up for pittsburgh with one% $25 to play. they're they wered to tie but with the ways finally similar s- blg hae a shell shot. same for the sammers in fact, ncc. the bengals have quietly won all of their games at home. tkalg ton drops a pass in front of green. cincinnati rocked the candles and is set to go as the afc north division. play off imply kaeugs in this case where the bills shut out
11:56 pm
miami. the genes winners over the the bears in omaha to face the blue jays of crayton. here's richard solomon in a low scoring start to the game four before 4-the two years. and mcdermott added 11 rebounds as the blue jays were 68-54 benefits. the opening tkroupbd of the diamond head classic and sa sa la pleamented
11:57 pm
p lacer. here's the back maker. the games 9-1. carolina bill the sev. winner at home over university university. routed by the 20710 of the country you con by a score of 84. that will do it for this education kapd -l it can, we will see you will. >> the last three weeks have never failed everything gets scrambled. >> especially when you're talking about last game. potentially at candle stick. >> i'm wondering what people are going to try to carry in there. there's going tom i mean, can you tell eus a. so they're not going to let those go any where. but few i'm going to ask you --
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>> what is your shoes most so you made some bad decisions last night. make a good one this morning. get two biscuit sandwiches, with your choice of country grilled sausage, egg, and cheese, or bacon, egg, and cheese, both on my new southern style biscuits.
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you'll save some cash 'cause right now they're two for just three bucks. c'mon cody... let's get some breakfast. you drive. i traded the car for the tattoo.
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