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tv   11 News at 5 AM  CBS  February 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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ma pgr t lobeo p-thenghnotes ngreer fusschoro ingsn ondent reporto or dnd i, gefon, ae po wis.yon thil at ponlin p am a pe stn.mb, u ca o angicondith ews app. it's downadju store. happeng lor woteng cn pearm thin tes 25 athdslo
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rme wha hon o ilyereo iassr ceho o.ple's t avon rty thsis ofsoes t usy busal st leyou iu hiavere on gas co fa / ac triple nation ris attle bthe tirage. $1.63 forof gas.ueblo erage t $1# fah r e ab$18. s ntfi e ob of n p wsrn n 11 callert: ou h long x a co involved
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and i'anniate t thsi dittoel zo macasligzy, addi ilwarm! wel a bit thursday.eruresl wi isdig, movstorstill swg stat w ow, atlio y idma b dobeseemid aer
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mpatury inthe 30anda ae w bao than of sufore we start a nice won monday. incre aror del f. on acathrotown min on rs b ticmo dve r veff conti goc h urupco mes inah--o bi isda
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we're taking sneak peek atintodcaser bwee pte ouin be m he f 36 -thp ama untond a ower ament p16 ocamell spken ar2 avanwhinsp dcnge melout b re ti oss pe tben v r pebo 5e th e enhisty.tirack sea t ave pric llmb, e tionht h
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onda kk t 30rit w- b afaellllar on ssw pie ofoy k. hiwemade jers mad plastic bagwi nd n n ker. afthhmma un, this ot ferioar garelswointoineehid i me te enintodayour fay c soc gi boasnded o y...utdethte sersec to ar "fry.
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w &ns itsi hat rkinthor s in ccrtoeme ow arown heolado.ha ha p plus. y rrspce s what e leboe agnssteven bisrng... i from youewaders ne rng.
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or r lochool.ill ys. 3849d 28 aa la la acrng thom o a are oin dot co d-11 say eyenbuts d feel sheseeintwith questionser on yo sn. 520 ttet a a enghw wihernoradr. otheor
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