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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  March 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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run by the man known as the king of coal, who just became t t first e.o. o&oa majoamerican company convicteof aorkplace safety c cme. >his coal mine e d a company that was, not an exaggerati to o y run, aa criminal enterprise. >> this can be likened to a arug organination andhe defenda was thngpin. ilwhitakak: l th condemd n in texasout 25 thered in place:th r in lingston. prpronet us inside t speak with s seral condededede kis juststks before ththth ececio t ttoldininin fal dada mprisisu. what do y think youililbe thihking >>f i am going to hell or heaven if i am m ing to hell eaean. >> i am steve kroft. > am lesley stahl. >p i a adersrs cooper. >> i am bill whitaker.
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>> i im sct pelley. those stories t/nighghon "60 mites." bsoneychate sponsoby fanciciinl@lhf offers.. g: glo gd eveving. ian bil was seentoth f ng from in's sun oil mpy. chinid tod it pisd nely 300,0,0 o offffia for rruption lasasyear. anpeytyt manning iseteting as the highest-p-pd player in l history, earning nenrly $250
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>> la lolon: whejujujn udeau cos to wasasng ter eek,anada's new primmimiuterl l l l& the firsnanaan ldeininlmos two lo b bwelcomed bythe white housuswi a ste dinn. it's an portrtt tionship - - u.s. gets more oil from canada than any other cotrtr anit's onef this nation' biggest trading rtners but relationlately have been a
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cocoervative leadership in ototwa t tt was often at odds with t obama administratn. that changed when 44 year old trudeau took oice last fall. his faer, ime minist pierre trudeaumously made canada o of the most progreivcountries in the wod and many in canada wononr if justin trtrwould ever have mito thuntry' top ofit t mos oried na in naan polics. unusual pao isffice of e minister. >> justin trudeau:u:ell, i was-- i waa snsnboard instruor, i was a bouncer in a nightclub-- i was a white water river guide for many years. i i rk as a teacher. you knowl7i make no apologies for a very varied-- set t life experiens. >> l: but it's also opened you up to o iticism. i mean, we've heard it, yove heard it you kn what peoplp say, that you're too young, you're inexperienced, that, you don't have what it takes to thi job.
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way i respond to it is by ignoriri it. i mean, , u-- uocannnn letet yoyose b bdedenedeby t-- hopes s at y y will fulfill dkestswishsh of yourur po ( cheerspplae >> lanjuin tdeauausweeng vicicry w not ed.d >> jusn tr tisha tive p pitits do!!>>ogw weear, his lipawastpoll yet enot we cound,d, 'de nhele a d ev don >> jn eau: t you merci,erci beaoup! >> l lan: taken his party y _` its worst defeatn the last election tan historiwin, atching power frfr the conservatives aftetenearly a decade of le. in that moment of victory, his yoyoh, his looksnd hisamily nametivad the world. >> he's soandsome!
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is. iplook at what i iave asas challenge and i cod list a whole bunch of different challees. and i ooot daunteded ny o oth>> logtendllst, wi majygornmenthagives hihisiict power says he'l e toeturn untry to its liberal r ots. he's already fulfilled one of the boldest promises of his campaign: : lcoming 2500 syrianefugees,s,ome of them in rs. justin trudeau: welclme to your new home. >> logan:..... aime en the u.s. has taken in a little over2,00refuge frorosyria. and governmemes are e re concnethanver abt serity rks. udeaea we were ableto auqlly y ndk oosendcreeeed d d erthpeleosos d g gesa mu anivs a a ch gatatleveoftr andenon over wuallgoto in. og: aru sangths is
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is stiti a risk? >> jn eau:very te a toist t aimmimiant or refushows upn anothehe country,there's a seserity sk ani ame an comfoable at doingt , pting in 25,000 syriri refugees, does right by both the safety of canadians and by tht values tt define us as a nation. >> logan: would you beust as comfortabl there was a terrist attack carried out by someone who o me through as a refugee? >> jusuin trudeau: uimately, being open and respectl towards each o oer is much moree powerful as a way to dfuse hatrednd anger than-- you know, layering on, you know, big walls anoppressive policieie >>ogananhis commitment to
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ca. >> pierre trud canadadad pes, , cana mt be jussoy. >> lnshrinntlawr ofofigs s frmsr to u.s.' bi of righgh, thtd sti defines what it means to be canadidi today. d adthe cotryof bingugi che ctus enh. owowow mfos wering llect, as s amour m,e cacadian politics for nearly two decades. >> reporter: and once again at's? >> pierrtrudeau: justin. >> logan: and from t t moment s sosowas born ochristmama day in 1971, justin trudeau was thrust intnthis fafa's spotlight.every step, includg s me of his s rst, chronicled by a nationbsbssed. >> tv announcer:ith his dest son justin w w in tow. >>ogan: his d toto h a
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ime ers d yaltis le broers tis at hde.>> rter:hat yo ofy diana? >> yngtiudea oshe s ve bif, ani'm ad pnce arles pied her. logan: : was unie dhoo but it defid him in canada as pierre trudeau's son,& ananhe struggled to break free of that legacy. you still ce the people who say, "thth guy didn'earn it.t. you k`ow, 'srading on his father's glorious s st." >> jtin trudeau: i'm proud to is son. and i-- and i don'mind-- that people remember that. i i ink that's a gogd thing. t one of the thingatomeswithhat avinlived almy it whohoould ite wutnowi me cause ey dknow mth people o ved withknowg memeecau t ty ved my fath. >>ogan: : d both areal. >> justin ea bh are lse. >> logan: in012, four years into his political car he os unu w to ov
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canaanalty. jn@udu! >> l lned an annnnlity bongatcha lil rty,chpatrazea anar he oppositititwho had a b,ack beltltn karate. canaans okokne look at the twof them, and said trudea had lost his mind. the first round went as expected. but and his trainer a a nestor, , d d epar for this balele he wldltake a beatatg in the ring, tire his opponent anan outlt him. >> sophie treau: i think i was like this. ( laughs ) oking through ththfingers. it w w not easy. >> logan: trtreau's wife sophiee was in t t croro. >> sophie trudeau: you're thinki, why is he doing this
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and i don't like seeing this. toe so m my tititi "i thi it's'sna b beasy. i goit.. can do i i" >> logan: : d you know the sttegy goingngn?n? >> shie udu: iid k att t -- hadmiedtthpuncheweweith such strength a force, he had been nchehebefore but not with h at streng. and-- there were some momess whe-- you , heas seeing stars. t he-- he ststed uprprht. lan: trudeahe firirto ththplan and when brazeau tirere pounded him into submission. the referee had to stein befofo the end of the e irdd round. >> did not even go to the end, not en close. >> justitrudeau: people think that boxing isisll aut how hard you can hit your opponent.t it's not. boxi is s out how hard a hit u can take and k kp goinin u u uately isisuch morerehe measure of a%psothan someone who o ys, h, i've f&ver been knockedown," or,r,i've never en punched in the face." well, you kn what?
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u ght learara few things abouyouruflflf >> log: the primnierl s he sau real wre hand itrained fotht. we stoppppy atch the ththdsdsdse knkn hnd stl h bs fit me.( riririritrudu prov hs ugthanosop thoht. >>ogan..strength thaca pt from life defined d t st by privive, buty agedy. his ther, , mea sensationn nearly 3 3years youngegean h h husbabd, s sugglededidh mental ileses- then u uiagned. en she left@hehehuand and her boys, the painful separation play out in the tabloids. ananwhen trudeau's younger her r chel wasille an avalanche inin998, loss was very pububc. trudeau says his father was never the same.
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> jusn u: denieis foa lo te. i thk k e s a nse of owpepele what ea ta he s by whaha love h ss were capable of giving him. >> logan: day, it's his family people come to s. his chilen growing up in the spotlight, unphased by cameras and temperaturesesell below zero
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in quebec city, where we joined them in a ri he d his fafaer ud to enjoy much of his time as prime minister i )spent here on parliamentntill in ottaw thehe country's capi this is aty call thelilibld ofofs decrac&whlaws ared tru spon in n tess frheitthllways wwalk whi w wh meesfathereray in state s rtrait hann wa co r r r the manheasll >> lan: longaven ols?t eieit >> jtin ududu: a eig year yeah. loganand yowewewem ro pri misfofo ( hs aboutight yea? >> justititrudeau: things fefe intotolacece ththe was a& opportunini for fresh adership. and i i s-i was successfuf. logan: under his leadership, canadas redefining its role in
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he pulled the country's fighte jets out of the e s.-led air war against isis, , t more than doubled the mber of adsors ononhe ground.d. yourururin t ts war is bigger than it s with just six planes in the y. justitrudeahere's a lot of cououries that do very well atroppinbombs. there are other things that cana actually does better an most other countries. and one of them is trainggg ople on the ground. >> logan: but it's not disengagement. in fac is a ---- >> justin n udeau: no. logan: --deeper engement in the wa >> justitrudea indeed. >> l/lan: trudeau's father liked to say that ckeylalars and cold fronts were canadads main exports. bubue u. relon i y nononornrneighfofomore t tthatat thstdepameayaymo eig million a arica dede onada forir job nenely $2 billion in tra s across the border ery day. on the eve of his visit to the white house, we asked the prime mimister aboutanadians feings toward the us and were
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>> logog: what do canadians not like about the u.s? >> jusn trudea i had a cocoersation one tim an american pent of a friend of mine and shehe a b suprter of a aresintial caidide. and i pointeteout that if that person was run-- if indeededhi man was svnning to be-- as icics like to say, the "most powerful m in the world"i just felt like it might be nice if they paid a little more attention to the world. havavg a little more of a a awarenesof what's going on in the restf thworld i think is-- is s at mananannadians would hope f americans. yocacacaca cadia thbeg awar alet e he t uni ates, becae 's s poanto uthinweometes lik inthower
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workple e ferime.s na in nsd heas oknhe "ng ocl" anhean, massey engy, ownere40 mes in cenen appachi inclululu upper brchinloted ontcest viinia, a stwhere coal is thminantndtr in 2010, t upper big branch mine was theheite e the worst mining disasr in the u.s. in 40 years. the nd of accident that t n't supposed to ppennymore.@ it w w just after three o'cloc on apr 5, when a massive explosion torehroughgniles of undereround nnels, killing 2 mirs. prprutcused@n kehip p p gninne fety lawanananering a rprpate mentalitthat allede sasterero occur. >> sey stewart: itas tremendous.. i'm expert, but jusfrom what i know what happened and the thin that were torn up i i the, it had tolike an atomic explololo
6:23 pm
worked athe upper r g branch mine for 15 years. heas 300 f fundergrod and had just started dis shift whennn the explosion occurred.. >> s ewart: i felt a little breeze of air coming from inside. d i said "that's not right". well then it got harder, and we just took off ruing to the tsid and looked and d u could see the whoosh jt ke coming and coming. ed le for someee between twand d ur mines.and e of the young guyid l)whatatapd?"an "buddy, the pce bl up" coo esi occurrrr00 fde d hrhrililns esphph, n byhee safend healtadmistti, haev beeseen be, se forcofst flames m moranan,500 feet sd hroumoren 5 mileofofo dergund tunn instigators lieve thblast
6:24 pm
built up due to inadequa ventilation. high flammable coaststhatt hahabeenenowed tculala througut theheine fuel t t t exexosion. >> stert: it w aearly 19's type ofofxplosion. conditions should never ha exisisd fofoth to o ke place. >> cooper: stewart was therere when some of thehe9 ners he' worked side-by-side th for decades were brought to the surface. what kind of contion were theyey in? >> stewerteir faces were ve bck it smelleke dymi. llergeth sme >>oo the miners rara e frfr 2to 61. most werfathers. a ird were killeinstantly. robert atkins, a former coal miner, and his wifshereen, lost their son jason, who waat e enofofis shift a w heading towawaine entrance, when he was overcome ticumes. >> shereen atkins: the coal dust was so bad that it carried, it igted l the way...
6:25 pm
...... took our son's life who was almost out of the mines. cooper: garquarles, a 3rdrd generation coal miner, lost h only childary ybyne,e,ho lef behind two chiren. >> gary quarles: they lived righbeside of us. d imes, we thoht tt wa athinth to likthatatananthfter he. ( crng ) tehe g i said that wagohing per:ary ys he e d hi sor talklk aboutaf su in the e nebury knew all about massey because he haworkhere as s ll. >> gary: i knew how w ey operiret. theyeyidn't know nothing butoo lie, cheat and outlaw. that's the w t ty done things. >> steve ruby: this was a coal mine a cpany that w it's n an exaggerati to say, run as a criminal enrise.
6:26 pm
attorney ste ruby led the prosecution against t n blankenship along wi u.s. attorney f wt virginia bootod >>th gogdw: th c blined ruruorornizationd the deans she pi >>oooo theefefdodo hip,ad f des beenne owest v vgia's mo flueial d powerful gu the c.e.o. of massey energy, the largest coalroducer in appalachia, he employed 5,800 ople and operated momo than mines. ankenship wouldn't do an interview with "60 minutes" but prosecutors say for years he ndoned andntolerat safety olioio f the s ke profif. >> ruby:ightununl the time the upper big branch mine blew up, th wasashe way that thee coany n,n,n,ause everybody derstood thawas thway y n blankenship wantnt it run. >> coopepe thawas th corporate mentntity that he illed in his company. >> booth: ririt. th w the crerehat exted.
6:27 pm
of sety olatns precororgued blankship ditt trrecth cacscsupr bibranch was a big moymakakak masy, rnininmore00,0 ay, a benship's rectlyryoot t coalin in his last ree e arat sseyblankensnsp's total compensa was me th80 million. >>ubhe men and womenent we tald to who w wkein this mine said that iwas absntely understoodit was eted that ifou worked at that mine, you were going tbreak the w inin order r r roduce a#muoaoaas possible, fast and as cheaply as possible. >> bobbie pauley: erythingngaspp prode,e,e,duce, produce. itidn'make a differencof thngerer ititn'makeny difrencif had tshuts. itasllbout toae be>> cr: bbiulashehe onlyalmir u big brch. she wasnsn workingheayf
6:28 pm
boone payne e s. he died in the b bst.. boboie says shehand d one worried every day thmine was an acaident waitg totoappen. everyone knew there were problele? everyone knew there were safety ises? >> pauley: absbsutely. we all knew. cooper: was there enough air in the mine? >> pauley: o o section never had air. >> cooper: v vtilalaon is critical to o ne safety because fresh air carrieexplosive coal dust and methane out of the area where minersrsork. withouadequate ventilati and propor clele up, coal dust culatete ands not onlyly ly fmmleit cau ack lung d dse, whicst tkied in e pliowereaterndo ha.>> stetertt timeseul't have anannt couldn'tound frt ofofour >>oor: ry?yocouldl't see yha in frt ofour fafa? >> stewa: could not your nd in front of your face. >> cooper: and thas becae there's noair fresh air ving through? >> stewart: right, right. cooper: it's all dust? >tewart: all dust. ruby:his is whas cacaed dust p pp. >ooper:s part of their case, prosecutors showed jurs the pumps ners were suppos
6:29 pm
of coaduststbut at upperig branch, boboie pauley says they re routinenstructed@by eir bosseseso cheaeaon the test, byananngpsn the frai au sureasumes thewere tted came mpant th theooededaline inspececrs visised upp bigig branch aososdaily y t prosecororory thmi had an gal ncncwaing em p. at therawoworemees t tmirsunroaltiti thean spector s cong >> cooper: ty would e de rds? >>te: ahbad weher. >> coopey d it's ba >> swart-h-h. which means, w y k he's comi y ywaoroing other w. pepe so yoyowod gefrom uabobe th ok,n ininectococong, they would use code words, and thth you wod basically clean up your area to make it lookigig? >>tewart: uh huh, yeah. >> cooper: upper big branch h s a non-union mine. inspectors were e onlylyeople ners couou tn to for help.
6:30 pm
inspectoto. s there fear about saking up? >> pau iu wanted a job yokeptour h sh me, li aot of other rs mi ioue instit's bst&ryn the statof westvirgia you u ve cldren, yout them to have. you want to prove for thth. i was a le mom, u@knowow >> cooper: you needed that job? >> pauley: i didhe besi could. ( crying) we did t best we could for our families. e ys did as we. ruby: some of thetories at they have to tell a a horrifying. being forced twork without enough fresh air, being forced to work in)waterererto their necks, milesndndgrouou. being forced to work in areas of the e ere the roof and the walls of the mine wererealling in oundndhem. >r:rosers nswas ar athessaty pbls bee
6:31 pm
oversightpover every aspect of massey minespersonally approving every hire, hourly ise, and capital expenditure. >>uby:e wanted everybody in that c to knkn he was chge. goodwindo it don's wa exexct you to do exactly whatt i tell you to do, when i tell you too it >> cooper: that was his mess to his manager>> goodwinabsolutetime and again. uby: and that's on tape. >> don blaenship: this game is about money. >> cooper:hat message was reatedly emphasid by don blankensnsp ininhone cocoerertions withthine managers he secrey recorded othese ches he installein h fice>>lankenship: nt y y to takeka deeeand w wt toisisn carey. you >>lahardyes,ir. >>naenipipbeing a pp esident and/or s seday being a v.p. at massey or present @f ssey requires at y b cuol. >> cr:nt t t hateananmetomamars ctiziheforhiostsnd low cl uction
6:32 pm
wrwr "doour r b". itiful could krusev you" and "in my opinion, children c/uld d n these mines better than you all do." the bosses were under pressure? >> stuwa: they were unde tremendous pressure. >> cooper: to keep mining, keep gettitg al? >> stewawa: keep mining,g,ight. and they carried out his orders to the t. they treated the people under them as he treated t tm. i mean, he talked to them li they were dogs, they in turn talkededo the superintendents thsection foremen, whatever, likekehey weres and keke that pssure apppppd to force ese peopo do hisill. coope b bnksh attotocallededo tnesess at trial poted toafety ininiativevetheieiclientut in place at upper big branch. >> ruby: miner a aer miner after miner who worked at uppur bibi branch took the stand and said that the so-called safety initiatives were a joke. that the safety prograstops at the entranceo the ne. and once you're underground,
6:33 pm
>> cooper: after two weeks of deliberation federal jury@ came to a landrk decision, findg don blankenship guilty of conspiring g willfully violatmine safety laws. >> biltaylor: there wawanener enough evince tofyconvting mr. blankenship. >> cper: buthey di'tindm guiltyf consngo defraud thmineety d& aisator nvtors a a gulatorsy violatnsfelo countwhich could have senblblkenship undedethe law, jurors aren't allowed to know whetr the unts they're considering are misdeanors or felonies. and jujurs totd us, they wer unaware the count they convict him of wasnly a misdeanor, which carries a maximum seence of aear in prison. pam: : acally thought thehe re felony charars. >> cooper: wheyorealized - when you h@ard ok, may he' rva year in prison, what was your gut?>> pam: i was surprised. per: you were surpd, pam?m? in wt wa surid it so w? pyes.
6:34 pm
r gei s- i w py >> cper:amililmeerof t adininho attded every y, we aldioied. `[ou tnk was juice done in this verd >> sherry: no,o. there was no justice. >>ooper: judy petersost her brother, minean jos.y peas a r rult of e pln, 2pe agogoand d ' a aerversio j j. rubwet a e- yeene for d nsnsp p p cvi s ghgno. donbubuit's aleasght now at e lalaveus t tworkitit >> d blaenship and s atrneysususutant "60inutes" denying was involved in n y copiracy.&- ey cim t esiasas
6:35 pm
federal investigatioio found the at othth miners were prentablbl a theest of ilure of basic mine safety stanrds. don blannsnsnshas said thi was just an act of god that these kinds o othings happen in coco mining. >> stert: well, , u know, don blankenshihi iikikto te those`words anstuff them r rht ck dowowhis that because&& at was not an act of god. thatas man-m-me 100%. thmeme youheyy wen'just9 oplehat t t killed thth we a lot !od men. >> coooor: and they deservededer than what they got? stewart: thththeserved much bettererhan they got. >> cooper: don blankenshipill be sentenced in april. prosecutors say they'll ask r the mamamum o e ar prison
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>>bill whitar: texas executes momo prisonershan any otr ate. atatof more an one nt t kil almlmt as manmess all otr stesesombine l d men t,abou2525m, are hel onplace: death in livingon at sompoinlmost all of them wilil told the exact day- the exext hour--of their demise. and that has an impact otheir view of life-and death-and where they find emselves. ce inmates get to deatrow, th are rary se again.
6:41 pm
spspwiththeveralajondemned lls, just weeks s fore their ececionsns what they're thinkg in t tir finadays may surprisyou. st surtos was daniloz,ho td us he es his execioio >>anl lopez: i just turned in my 14-day n nice r my, my death papers. >> whitaker: you know th in 14 ys you are gng tdie. >> lopez: yes. >> whitaker: what was it like to sign tse papers? >>ez: : felt really relieved to finally g this s er with. >hitaker:r:aniel lopez, unlike almost ale other mates s re o odeath row, d d not fight his sentence. instd d asked to be executed n as possiblbl >> l: i got no dignityyou knowhat i'm saying there's-there-therit doesn maer to me. ow, diity es not tter to me.@ it's just, you know,w,'m-- i'm worried about t t lfy family anthe victim's fy.d vedyo mo o
6:42 pm
the easy w o? >> lopez: that, i seit as a yes and no. you knowyes to finally get thisveth. no, because i don'n'wa to e. nobo wan to di >> whitaker: lopezas arack dealer when n killed police eutenana stut alexexderr during a high speed e seven years ago. began as a traffic stop, when another officer pulled him over r driving through a stop sign. aftea scuffle, lez drove off. police put spikeketrips down on the road to opncture his tires. when lopez veered to the right to get arounu the spikes he hit lieutenant alexander. lopez said he didn't see the officer in tite to avoid him>> wkeidnow w at hah t him?->>opez >>hir:n't stop? opezi didn sto keke not? >> lop: whwould whitaker:ou hit somebody. >> lopez: okay, and m ruin from the polic right? m trng to get away, rit? >> wker: butou're compounding it. you're making bad situation worse. >> lopez: i was tryiyi to escape for this little incident.
6:43 pm
escape.>>hiker:fter police finally caught him, he was charged wi intnttionally dring g toieuten alande aighls ected -yr po vetan.>> wtake yhiwas an ci? >>opezyeye whiker: jury dn't tnk. tookm le than hou coict you.. >> lopezezezest make them rit? cae ju didt thinin so, that makeharigh >> wtar:r:hink that wa an accccen>>: : o, n knkncciden the inki." di'teato kill m. didn'an to kiimlf. so ts yond our powers, righ d that's'shyelieve there's a a eater power the. >hitaker: so who'o! respononble? sponsible r fleeg theh& first mate, i elponsiblele fofoit. but it was ner intentional. ansh`hldave ne thgsiffe. gus the onore to do ns, kto llssr r he nexwoand knb fgive jes g g. w wtakeou he sa that no amount opain n llenishmuntnougfokillgg
6:44 pm
lez: s.s(not only d endise,affdisle fils life. - - and th bome ey he v vtims t, ririt? d sot'justt's thjusto amountpain that iouldufe fothat. and i thk e st w w wort end ifoth tgo ahe d ecmend t famil te thaveir c, d myily geo,o* knono nay get elies nally itanwe cld aov in li. >>lliams: hem threei.>>take but anotherer ng dowate,@,perriams,rsae s o oviviwillia kila mecal udent, st hi the hea king hislet whichh c c ced $40. wiwiiams was jeks ay fromomis execu dwhenet tempary hed us theountwn fyin ilamsn it'thing to knowcthournd me thayoyo g d.
6:45 pm
ecuted w wtaker: y actcly dshes aold ts >> williams:es sir. >>hitar: whyo u thkn weinthat wayay >>lis: f fr of the unknn,ear of theea >> whita shotexas ve e depe >>illiams: i tnk t . usi i n't k body sh he ththpoto take anr pe's life. >> whitake butetou did. >> wilames, i unta and m sosoy e pa i eaused. >> whoyou amamfour bei on ath ils:an'tlay else. i j am >> wtakey dero mauqemselves, not elvis ro dyou ble foyo being he on death elvis wbrook:y wi >> whitaker: he e his ex-wife invited him to a small par t at the party, he felt threened. and his ex-wife was having sex with a atheran. he grabbed his hngngifle and kill all fivpeopop the.
6:46 pm
w wke it ike u n'itt the ity yoyo cri, wh yallyose vm wel u' aot. >> wk:wellm nono going toheuch long now,w,m i? co marchth, i wot be here.@. >>ker:s ththe any chance that date wi be popod?>> woo no. nothinelel is gog to be led d my case. >>hitar:o yoyowawat me to passwly or quickly? wesesook: i'll tell you wha yoy gotot pill, i'l'ltake it right here in front you, and we'll get it ovevewith rig now. whitaker: you would take a lethal pill? >> wesbrook: yeyei would. >> whitaker: you don't thi texas should have the death penay? 6>> wesbok. en thougthe o@ ecutmethey he mee thmaairs too.. hikekeououe a rr d ught? >>esbr yes >hitaker:l she bebeyour exe[ut >>esook: no. >> whihiker: do you want her ere? would you? >> wesbrook: no, not rlly( don't you think thatat pretty
6:47 pm
to w wchchomebody die? >> whitaker: former warden, tom reilly, who we interviewededn front t thetate's old electric cir, , ldlds he esided8er@about 0executions. what sort of impact do you think th's had on you? >> tom o'reieiy:e. i i n't feel bad abo it or anything if youommit those kinds of crimesi caexecececyoand i doha a pem al. whitakee tothe d,atesrato theindt emeewa into the ath chambeand lie e on theieidedehbed. do they er resist being ststpped d >> o'reqllll a coup did, but it's a futile gesture. >> o'reilly: it's going to ppen. >hitaker: i read on description that it's likeke hoalrucifixion, the way he'said out on the on the gubuey.. >> o'reilly: that's a go way describe it. it's--e ys o othe gurn o his back with his arms out in either way. we put an n v. in the leftrm and the ght arm.
6:48 pm
>> o'rlly: it is. it is. aftetehe's tdo a&everodse`icleared eexeciochn eur to where the witness can see him. >> michael graczykwe@e@ech through a glass. >> whitaker: ated press reporter michaelelraczyk h h obably witnessed more executions than anyone in thecocotr morthan 350. >> g gczyk: you hear the descriplion of ias being roine. i hopet never becomes routine when the state decides to take someons life. i think 's significant. >> whitar: unlikother states, texas says all executio have e ne sothl and ito shtage of lethal dpugs. alal, exas condemned inmates can no lger c`oose theirirt meal y hat? >>raczykykpe oe rr de say, , u ow ov d"dt an poity pick t eist meefth were ki. should heheave thatort of opportuty?
6:49 pm
f final statemenen then, on theheardesignal, the ly drugs beg flowing. >> graczyk: there's a reacaconon of breath, ta a&w deep breathor a aough and they start snoring. the snores get progressively less and then there's s movement at all. >> whitaker: butt genellyy looks like they're jfaing asep? >>rayk: wtakeke mt ins, sa, diwiwiwi 1 2minutes.s. when wspe tol lo itas just days bere his at he tus sethi dtetear on ath roa a uatnay. >> lopez: i'm m m of foit and ainst it 6>> whitak: i woulthink someone death row would be opsed to the deathenalty >> lez: you kn, ceceain people will ill gogout there, rape p pple and kill people. and they enjok doioi that. and som r it for some people. but it's just the people that rese to c angege >> whitaker: are you a betr person now for having be on death row?
6:50 pm
i've cnged i matured back here.m not b t& yj l le that. t i learnedo ac je my fe. wtar:o when our viers e , ,@wiwi be adwhou y wthemrereer of you? >> l lez: i justrying to bring light totohe situation back here we're people. we'rpepele and we are people. we do ha hearts. we dlove. we do chahge. we do care. d they need to knothat, you ow? th whahai want them to understand thah,h,ou know, you' n n executinghe same rson that you convicted ten, 20 years ago you know, you're executing a chand ma most of u >> o'reilly: chahae in prison is initable. but that does not forgive the act that ty committed to be there in the first place. >> whitatar: six o'clock church bells mark the hr as danllo relativesesk tohe hoe at himie nd tls, strappedo a guguey, niel lopez madedhis final statement.
6:51 pm
family of the victim that he was sorry. then he said, ,b am ready." about a minute ler, the lethal drugs gan flow io his veins. after ababt t seconds, he lostt consciousn at the same time, inue demomotratatns, off-duty police revvedheir m mcycles to show support for ththfallen officer.dedeh penalty oppoponts reondewith wailing siren.. these were the last sounds lopez heard. lilitenantntlexander's widow vickatat' ' ececio >> vxandou met d sometng dfent an i hadver felt i think heheas guinely trying to connect wh me and let me know it's ok. this has nothingo do with ruvengn' this has to wi thlaw. and when you break the law, there's punishment for wyou do.
6:52 pm
had to pay the ultime pricic my husband did. >> whitaker: aft lopezaid thultimateterice, his chilenen""meo his fufurara adalalal uabth, bere hed lthe me to is n/w instof to get kids atched to meme i them whikekendr death is wh besfor them>> lez: , myea's n st for tm, it's for them movingn is what's be for them. this is my fate.( and d d pt it. i want to start o er and this my way of startingver. >> whitar: w wt do you thihi yoll bebthinng? ezf i'going to go to hell or aven. if i'm goio go to llr heheen. osneas thre. do i look arte ahaha little. u're m ney w, ynvesng? we, i'do meearc me iroduoutour bro hwmuchoehe crgegi n'ow
6:53 pm
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with tom ctury >> whitaker: nown update on a story we calald "handu off e whwel," bouthe rise of self- dring cars. one ofofhe indtry's topscientists, goog's christold us vicleve come ng in sfv yea >>is uson:e are gein place w we e mparab thuman d iving toda >> whitaker: vercoarab. in february, a google sese- drivincar miscsccuted and hit a munipapabus. o o was hurt in the accent, but the car has been reogrammed.
6:57 pm
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other edition of "60 minutes." the new rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway.
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