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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  August 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the operation... before they stepped on the property. the valley's news leader starts now./// > how long will this last tedd?
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light winds. t'storms could increase winds from their outflows. some models depicting some better chances late this evening. we'll have more on your forecast and what to expect for the rest of this week coming up in a few minutes in your most accu ((dave courvoisier)) another top story
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disappointed to hear that a decision on rooftop solar rates will not be on the november ballot. an initiative to restore more favorable rates to customers was turned down by a lower court... and the state supreme court upheld that decision. justices ruled that a referendum by opponents of a 2015 state law was fundamentally flawed, with a summary for voters the court called "inaccurate," "misleading" and "argumentative." n-v energy spent more than a million initiative... which has had a significant impact on the industry: (( chandler sherman/bring back solar alliance: "if you look at the nv engery website, last month only 18 people in the entire state applied to go solar. it used to be about 1300 a month so under these new rules solar has dropped by 99% because its unaffordable to go solar." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> we reached out to nv energy for comment... but did not hear back./// ((christianne klein)) >> economic opportunity...nat
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issues hillary clinton wants to tackle as president. she stopped off in las vegas today meeting with union leaders. 8 news now's mauricio marin was at today's rally. he joins us with more on what clinton finds most troubling about her opponent--donald trump. ((mauricio marin)) >> hillary clinton wasted no time bashing donald trump. saying he's not fit to be president. and even though americans don't agree on every issue...she argues the country is stronger working together--not divided. >> clinton spoke at an electric workers union headquarters ann hillary clinton says if she gets elected---she plans to call reid for advice because he's been able to work with both parties to get things accomplished. the presidential hopeful spoke to a large crowd pushing for apprenticeship programs for technical jobs---and even says community college should be free. before her rally...she visited with mojave electric..a company that helps train electricians locally. (( hillary clinton/presidential candidate: "that's a company that understands they can do well by doing good.
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it has benefits that are going to benefit families together and keep them growing that's what we need more and i'm on the side of businesses and unions that work together." )) >> as clinton talked about creating more jobs....for a moment---clinton had to stop her speech after animal rights activists tried jumping a fence around the stage. but depi stayed on stage. ((mauricio marin)) >> a few dozen protesters met clinton outside the rally today. many held up says reading "crooked hillary." those we spoke with say she can't be trusted. a lot of those protesters say they will be voting for trump. back to you.// ((christianne klein)) while clinton is on the west coast... donald trump is back east... campaigning in maine. he's still shaking off criticism for refusing to endorse fellow republicans.. senator john mccain and house speaker paul ryan.
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states like florida and pennsylvania... but the businessman has a strong lead in new hampshire./// ((christianne klein)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters. you can find all things politics both on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) metro detectives are releasing new details tonight about an illegal rooster fighting investigation in a northeast valley neighborhood. two brothers have been arrested in the case. 8 news now reporter karen castro is live in the neighborhood near owens and lamb where police seized approximately 550 birds. karen? ((karen co their neighborhood is a lot quieter this evening after police removed hundreds of roosters and hens from these two homes. meanwhile, police are calling the bust the largest in state history. ((karen castro)) the back yard where police removed 550 birds on wednesday is now empty. chicken coops are no longer in use. ((victor tubbs neighbor: it surprised me. i was really shocked.)) ((karen castro))
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roosters crowing. he says he also saw large gatherings at the home but never connected the dots. ((victor tubbs neighbor: this pretty much, this whole block right here is packed with like, you know, at least 10, 15 cars, maybe on this side and this side.)) ((karen castro)) metro police say an officer was responding to an unrelated call at an apartment complex next door at a unit overlooking the home's back yard when something caught his eye. ((det. robert sigal - animal cruelty unit, metro pd: due to some prior training he had had, he was able to realize that an animal fighting ring was occurring in this backyard )) ((karen cr alleged rooster fighting was going on for but they found ample evidence including, training gear. ((det. robert sigal - animal cruelty unit, metro pd: treadmills where they'll actually run and prepare and get the way to get their cardio. you're gonna see boxing gloves that are put on their natural spurs so when they are doing fighting, training, they're not actually harming each other.)) ((karen castro)) two brothers... javier salgado and silvester gayton were taken into custody and are facing two counts of animal cruelty each. police say more charges are likely as the investigation continues.
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low. i don't figure how people can call themselves human if, you know, you're hurting animals.)) ((karen castro)) police did find dead birds, while others remain on the property because metro could not capture them all. the rest of the roosters and hens are at the animal foundation where they are being checked out by a vet. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((christianne klein)) a trial date is set for the three men accused of killing a lee's discount liquor employee. lee dominic sykes... ray brown... and lee murray sykes will face a judge august 7... 2017. police say the three were armed when they walked into the southwest store in april... they demanded 24-year-old matthew christensen open the safe.. but when he couldn't he was shot and killed.
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motions./// ((dave courvoisier)) three teen girls, three accused pimps...and charges which could result in life sentences. ((christianne klein)) the i-team has learned about indictments and disturbing court testimony. vanessa murphy has been following this story and is here with the latest. ((vanessa murphy)) the victims....teen girls at green valley high school. one of the accused pimps is 17 years old and is being charged as an adult.... two men have also been been indicted...for this alleged prostitution ring which police say earned the group thousands of doll. murphy/reporter: are you a pimp? william hoard/sex trafficking suspect: nah, i'm not a pimp.)) ((vanessa murphy)) william hoard talked to the i-team from jail back in june after we first broke the story about the sex trafficking case against him and two others.... the 22 year old man, along with 19 year old malik clark and 17 year old donald adkins have been indicted by a clark county grand jury. ((nat from grand jury )) ((vanessa murphy)) robert stephens is the chief deputy district attorney on the case.
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that we've got young victims and young defendants involved here.)) ((vanessa murphy)) a family court judge ruled in june adkins - at age 17 - will be tried as an adult despite mental issues and a rocky family background brought up by his attorney. ((defense: he has a tough past. )) ((vanessa murphy)) the victims - according to court records - 15, 16, and 17 year old girls...also students at green valley high school. testimony reveals the three victims....agreed - the girls would sell sex and share their earnings with the group. they made visits to homes and hotels....sometim es five or six times a night during last christmas break and on weekends...leavi ng with up to five hundred dollars per customer. the girls claimed they were never forced to participate....but in the eyes of the law in nevada....they are victims of sex trafficking. ((stephens: we take a look at all the circumstances when we are analyzing cases.))
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life in prison if convicted. ((vanessa: what's the truth? hoard: the truth is i'm in here for no reason. like for a lie.)) ((vanessa: okay, so you're not sorry for anything? hoard: i didn't do it so there's nothing to be sorry about.)) ((vanessa murphy)) the three defendants face numerous charges related to sex trafficking. malik clark also faces a charge for lewdness with a child since he's accused of having sex with one of the victims. defendants' attorneys and did not receive any responses. the next court date for them is set for august 18th.// ((dave courvoisier)) another case the i-team has been following will go to trial later this year. career criminal shawn eisenman was in court today... where he waived his right to a speedy trial.. so a judge set a jury trial for october 10-th. attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon are just some of the charges he's facing in this case. but he's also linked to two
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((christianne klein)) the lvcva has announced a historic addition to terminal 3 at mccarran airport today. hainan airlines will add a direct route from las vegas to beijing before the end of the year. the 13-hour nonstop flights will begin december 2nd... and run mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. this is the first ever direct flight from vegas to china... local leaders say the boost in tourism will bring an added 33-million dollars to our city./// ((christianne klein)) still ahead... >> what the newest hotel on the strip needs help naming... and the incentive for locals to send in their ideas. plus... (( michelle mortensen - healthy spaghetti, vegetables my kids might actually eat. we test out the wonder veggie slicer next in try it before you buy it. ))
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free ..
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flour is bad for you. so what's a pasta lover to do? ((dave courvoisier)) >> the veggie wonder slicer promises to turn raw vegetables into tasty pasta. but does it really work .. or taste good? ((christianne klein)) >> consumer advocate michelle mortensen finds out in tonight's try it before you buy it. lots of kids don't like veggies. mine sure don't ... and i've been told the key to getting them to eat up ... is making veggitables fu. spaghetti. so today we're putting the wonder veggie slicer to the test to see if i can get my kids to finally eat up. and to help me out ... i've got try it before you buy it super fan .. katie boer... by my side. (((katie boer) huge fan. (michelle mortensen) huge like the segment? (katie boer) as long as you give it the go ahead, then i will go ahead and buy it. basically if you say download this app, do this- i'll do it. (mm) well there you go. as everyone should do everything that i say. alright, you're a
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)) ((michelle mortensen)) the wonder veggie slicer comes with three differnt blades to slice and spiral your veggiest and fruit. and the feet also have suction cups to make sure it stays in place while we're cranking away. then you just cutoff the ends of your fruit or veggie ... like we do to this zucchini here ... stick in this plastic contraption ... and crank away .. ((katie:look it's happening, it's coming out! it's spirals!)) ((michelle mortensen)) katie was very impressed (mm) does it look good? (kb) it looks amazing! (mm) do you want to eat it? (kb) with some garlic and parmesan ) )) ((michelle mortensen)) and she right -- we gotta cook it up. most of the receipes just recommend adding salt and tomato sauce ... but katie decided to cook up her own receipe. and while she working hard at the stove ... is slice up some carrots. it did alright but a simple shreeder would have wokred better. then i move on to apples ... and it wokred. finally i spiral a potato. ((katie: you could scallop potatoes .. or fries ... michelle: tornado
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but weren't we supposed to be making healthy food? and speaking of healthy food ... it's time to see if katie's healthy dish is worth dishing about. ((katie: it's actually really good ...)) ((michelle mortensen)) katie's sold on the wonder veggie slice. me ... i'm on the fence ... the real test is will the kids eat it. i'll keep you posted. ((michelle mortensen)) the kids were impressed with the shapes ... but they still knew regardless ... the wonder veggie slicer sells for 25 bucks on amazon... if you want to pick one up. and remember ... if you have something you want me to try before you buy ... hit me up on facebook. i'm mmm ((weather toss))
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((christianne klein)) the lucky dragon hotel
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year... but you have a chance to win a weekend getaway before opening night. the resort near sahara and las vegas boulevard needs help naming one of it's restaurants. it will be modeled after the
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asia.... and will showcase cuisine from places like taiwan and china like fresh seafood... dim sim... and barbecue. entries will be accepted through august 15th.. and the winner will get a two night stay at the lucky dragon... a meal for 4 at the restaurant you named... and 100 bucks in promotional play./// ((christianne klein)) we asked you on facebook for some ideas on what it should be called... pamela suggests... "serenity". leonard wants... "zen eatery". and cynthia had two ideas to go with the dragon theme.... "dragon's castle"... and "dragon's nest". we've posted a link to enter the contest at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) up next... almost 20 years later and still going strong. ((christianne klein)) >> how sales of the latest harry potter book hold up to the series' record. ((dave courvoisier)) >> plus... young athletes are training harder than ever. coming up at six... we dig into the life- long consequences all that hard work is creating for athletes./// ((coming up... the president defends a new offensive in libya. and we sit down with democratic vice presidential
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are the chemicals safe for humans? coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. ))
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jim: i'm one of them. fermin: yo tambien. barbara: i'm one of over 300,000 nevadans who rely on social security. fermin: social security helps us pay the bills. jim: and enjoy the retirement that we've earned. barbara: that's what makes joe heck so dangerous. fermin: his plan to privatize social security means billions in profits for wall street. barbara: risking retirement security on the stock market. fermin: what if it crashes again? jim: wall street has given joe heck
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barbara: i wonder who he's working for. jim: because it's not us. afscme people is responsible
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attendance isn't the only thing dropping for seaworld... the stock price is also falling. "seaworld entertainment" plunged to an all-time low today.... shares dropped 11% at the start of trading. attendance dropped by nearly half a million guests in the second quarter. the company blamed a "shift in the timing of holidays"... a drop in tourists from latin america... and tropical storm colin.. which tore through florida in june. others say the dip is a result of animal rights activism... improve conditions of its orcas./// ((christianne klein)) harry potter fans' dedication to the popular series isn't slowing down. the latest book... "harry potter and the cursed child - parts one and two"... sold more than 2 million print copies in north america in its first two days on the market. that makes it one of the fastest selling works in history. however... it's far behind "harry potter and the deathly hallows".. which sold 8.3 million copies on its first day./// ((dave courvoisier)) thanks for watching 8
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leader. don't forget we're always streaming on the "news on" app... and you can find us on facebook and twitter. ((christianne klein)) the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// news music ((dave courvoisier)) a major setback...
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there you have it folks. t double-play ever. t two medium two-topping zzas for $6.99 each. add any four, twenty-ounce pepsi-cola products for just $5. papa johns.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: the war against zika. >> the situation is getting critical. >> dubois: they're spraying for mosquitoes, but how safe are those chemicals for humans? also tonight, that cash to iran. the president says the $400 million payment wasn't a secret, and it wasn't ransom. >> we n >> dubois: accusations that u.s. gymnastics officials ignored sexual abuse by coaches. >> he took her innocence. he took her trust. >> dubois: and the decades-long search for a missing veteran takes a surprising turn. >> i was like what? are you for real? and i was just, like, speechless. i was just in shock. this is the "cbs evening news"


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