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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  August 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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in a last minute roundup. why it's leaving some very upset. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus...a tennessee fair is cancelled after three children fall off a ferris wheel. ((patrick walker)) >> and... an air quality advisory is in effect here in the valley... as several california wildfires rage on. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((patrick walker)) this morning, i'm patrick walker in for brian. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and i'm kirsten joyce. a man is fighting for his life this morning.. after he was shot multiple times. ((patrick walker)) >> this happened last night near lake mead and hollywood. that's where we find reporter michael stevens with the latest, michael? ((michael stevens)) right now a man is fighting for his life after being shot
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mead and hollywood at the avion apartment complex. police say the victim was taken to the hospital.. where he's currently in critical condition. no one has been arrested.. we're told that the man who was shot is affiliated with a gang, but police aren't sure if this is a if you have any information on this case, call crimestoppers. /// ((kirsten joyce)) >> ((michael stevens)) >>
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there after a windy and dry monday.... we did see a little smoke yesterday, but the winds helped to thin it out. tle smoke still, clark county leaving that air quality advisory in place through today as long as we have that stronger southwesterly flow that will bring in some smoke from the pilot fire east of big bear lake. ........... it was a hot start to the week, with temps above 105 and gust to more than 30 mph. ............. temps right now in the 80s
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............ some monsoon moisture sneaking up into arizona, but southern nevada under high pressure and another windy day ahead. ............ we could see some smoke today again from that fire to the west. let's take a look at
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((demetria obilor)) there's a crash at fort apache and tompkins, which is north of tropicana.crash at fort apache hualapai and durango are alternates no slow downs in the spaghetti bowl rightw traffic is moving away from your screen.
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back to you!/// ((patrick walker)) a round- up is underway just outside the las vegas valley... to move wild burro's to a new location. the b-l-m tells us 40 animals will bee that's out of about a hundred in the area from kyle canyon road to good springs... which is about 160-thousand acres. but to many... the b-l-m doesn't have a good track record when it comes to removal of animals. ((vanessa murphy/reporter: the blm has faced criticism for these types of operations. what would you say to people who are concerned about this now? kirsten cannon/blm: i would say that unfortunately these burros have really been habituated to people. alan levinson/bonnie
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the year before it gets hot. it is stressful on the mamas and the babies. don't over take em out of here. they're great for the park. people love em.)) ((patrick walker)) >> alan levinson is a co-owner at bonnie springs ranch - a tourist attraction which is right next to spring mountain state park. he says there is an abundance of burros but again - he wants to know the gathering is being done humanely./// ((patrick walker)) m-g-m resorts will be making room for the re-invention of the monte cl it's closing the monte carlo pool..."the pub" restaurant and bar... and the "street of dreams" shopping area. all three areas will close october third. it's part of the 450- million- dollar transformation of the property... to turn it into "park m-g-m" and "the nomad las vegas." "the park mgm" will have 27- hundred rooms... while the nomad will have just under 300... and is modeled after the property with the same name in new york city./// ((kirsten joyce)) on the other side of the valley... chicken restaurants are taking over henderson!
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new location. there's still a lot of work to be done... but the new chicken shop will eventually open near stephanie street and wigwam... just off the 2-15. this will be raising cane's most eastern location... and the second one in henderson./// ((patrick walker)) start your week on 8 news now good day.. with "monday mornings with the mayors." each week we'll hear from one of our southern nevada local mayors. you can submit y and then tune in on monday during the 6am newscast.. to see if your question was answered.// ((kirsten joyce)) an officer in oregon is severely wounded after a man opens fire... ((patrick walker)) >> coming up on good day... what happens after the suspect ....then takes a woman hostage... ((kirsten joyce)) >> and officials try to figure out what caused a group of kids to fall off a ferris wheel in tennessee. the latest on the investigation./// ((you're watching the valley's news leader... with brian loftus, kirsten
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((kirsten joyce)) three girls are recovering from serious injuries after they fell from a ferris wheel in tennessee last night. the car holding the children got caught as the wheel lifted them upwards... essentially spilling them out. the girls bounced off the metal bridging of the ride
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two of the girls were airlifted to the hospital, another was rushed by ambulance. the ride has been shut down ./// ((patrick walker)) and investigators are figuring out what went wrong on the world's tallest water slide in kansas city, kansas... where a 10-year-old boy was killed over the weekend. officials say caleb schwab died after suffering a neck injury on the 168-foot tall ride. the boy was recovered in a pool at the end of the ride. now, there are questions of oversight for these types of attractions: two others suffered minor facial injuries on the same ride. tommorow... but that particular ride will not./// ((patrick walker)) in oregon a man is dead after he shot at a police officer and took a woman hostage at a restaurant. authorities say it started when one officer tried to stop the suspect, who was riding a bicycle, for a traffic violation. when a second officer approached the man, the suspect fired at the officer...hitting him in the vest. the officer was not hurt. the suspect then ran into a nearby restaurant and took a woman hostage. after the suspect refused to
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a swat team later stormed the restaurant and fired at the man. he was taken to the hospital.. the woman, was not hurt. ((kirsten joyce)) coming up on good day we'll be looking at the some of the sights and sounds of brazil >> including a look at the iconic "christ the redeemer" statue. ((demetria obilor))
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hazyand pete's dragon takes flight. chris martinez has your eye on entertainment. the stars of pete's monday for the film's world premiere in hollywood. (show old film) the film is loosely based on the 1977 disney classic about a boy named pete and his best friend elliot the dragon. (show new film) the film reimagined for 2016 stars robert redford, bryce dallas howard and oakes fegley as pete. (sot: oakes fegley/actor) howard and oakes fegley as pete. (sot: oakes fegley/actor) we had worked on it for four months so it was kinda sad to see it all leave. pete's dragon flies
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robert de niro is about to drop some major star power on a film festival in sarajevo. he'll attend the opening night of the 22nd sarajevo film festival to present martin scorsese's restored film "taxi driver." (nats "taxi driver"/columbia pictures) de niro will also receive the festival's first lifetime achievement award. --- (wipe vo) and lifestyle icon martha stewart is getting her grove on in the kitchen. (nats) "i can't wait to get snoop in the kitchen." she's teaming upit new cooking show on vh1, called "martha and snoop's dinner party." the show premieres this fall and stewart's already learned a thing or two. (nat pop from martha stewart) "our new show is rizzle, dizzle for shizzle." that's your eye on entertainment. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. /// sherry how's the
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today... with temps getting back to normal and a little below the next couple of days. ................ we still have some breezes out there after a fairly windy monday. the air is staying very dry again today. gusts have already been bumping around to overnight. ........... and the mountain has some gusts to 20 mph and higher at times. ...................... some monsoon moisture spreading up into arizona, but southern nevada under high pressure and another windy day ahead. ............ tropical moisture from javier
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desert and bring some heavy rain for the rest of the week. ........... flood watches are already posted over much of arizona and western new mexico. ............... we could see some smoke today again from that fire to the west. let's take a look at
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back to you!/// ((kirsten joyce))
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venture off into a new direction... ((patrick walker)) >> what customers can expect in the next few weeks.. as they start to transition into a new service. that story and more coming up on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader./// ((patrick walker))
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medals. and the lack of excitement over some sports is leaving empty seats at some venues organizers say about 80 percent of tickets to the games have been sold but women's rugby, cycling races and the kayaking competition only drew a few thousand spectators. you can find any soo so far the brazilian has arrested 40 people for scalping and confiscated hundreds of counterfeit tickets./// ((patrick walker)) las vegas swimmer cody miller is making a splash in
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and received a bronze medal in the 100 meter breastroke monday night.. ((kirsten joyce)) >> cody's club coach ron aitken got emotional talking about his athlete's performance ..... (( ron aitken/sandpipers swim club: "you can't fake that stuff." "at that moment that's not rehearsed, the things he said, about how grateful he was to everybody that supported him." watching him celebrate and the relief of it all and all that hard workd and perseverance that he's put himself through and come out of it every single time." )) ((kirsten joyce)) chance at a medal. he is waiting to see if he will be part of the 400 medly relay scheduled for the end of this week..either way miller is a las vegas swimming pioneer./// ((patrick walker)) over the next couple of weeks our team in rio is stepping outside the olympic village... to get a better understanding of the culture in rio de janeiro. ((kirsten joyce)) >> jacque jovic checks out one of brazil's most recognizable landmarks... the "christ the redeemer"
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it's breathtaking." (jacque) that's the reaction from most people who make it to the top of corcovado mountain to stand at the feet of jesus. the 98-foot tall, 700-ton concrete and soapstone statue known as christ the redeemer is one of the new seven wonders of the world. the outstretched arms... nearly as wide as the statue is tall... overlook rio. security guard jorge murta overlooks the statue and says he feels fortunate to work here. (jorje murta/security guard) "the la i work and enjoy myself together." (jacque) tour guide neyla bontempo says christ the redeemer is her favorite spot. (neyla bontempo/tour guide) "how about to have my own office here you see... it's nice to work in this place." (jacque) visitors from all over the world say they feel the open arms welcoming them to this beautiful city. (esther albers/holland) ""it's a really impressive statue. it represents everything rio stands for in the country. it's really impressive to be here with this view and feeling the spirit of the
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an overnight shooting leaves one person in critical condition. what police say led up to the shooting.. at an apartment complex. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus -- a hotel employee sexually assaulted and battered on the job. the advice from a personal security expert. ((patrick walker)) >> and, a slight cooldown is expected mid-week.. before temperatures climb back up! ((kirsten joyce)) >> 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) thanks for joining us this morning, i'm patrick walker in for brian. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and i'm kirsten joyce. a man is fighting for his life this morning.. after he was shot multiple times. ((patrick walker)) >> this happened last night near lake mead and hollywood. that's where he find michael stevens with the latest, michael? ((michael stevens)) >> (( ))


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