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tv   Post Sports 8 News Now  CBS  August 13, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the beginning, keenan, that the starting offense was firing on all cylinders. >> i got in the locker room. i feel so blessed. not around the last half of the season. d so happy to be back with the guys. game seven in the locker om. >> your health is 100%. it's obvious to see you out there and playing. it's got to be a good feeling and feeling as great as you look. >> most definitely. feeling good. being able to run. do everything i want to. being able to play with technique. and then, just feeling the game. so, when the first game comes, i can do it for the whole game. >> in your mind, watching the game tonight, where are areas there can be improvement? >> just missing tackles. just filling gaps. we're not trying to show too
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obviously, basics. get to work. >> keenan allen, thanks for your time. have fun tonight. >> obvious he es have a good time tonight. they're playing some music up here. 's just football. d out here to have a od time. keenan allen, wide receiver, number 13. guys? >> all right, thanks. no one happier to be back on the field than keenan allen. maybe philip rivers is happy to see him, as well. >> you bet he is. >> allen, the last kidney in eight game in baltimore, is having the game of his life, for the injury that day. and anyone wants to know the impact this kid has on this offense, just needs to look at the numbers. eight games with him last year. number one offensive elite. and the eight games without him. 24th in the nfl. they are expecting big, big things after signing keenan allen to the
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steal for the go-to guy for rivers. great to see him healthy. could be the final play. second and half. clock will continue to run. that will do e preseason opener in the oks. chargers to philip rivers and marcus mariota. rivers, successful, the first team offense left. 44-yard touchdown ay. in the end, it's too much tennessee, as they win it, 27-10. for those of you watching on the chargers network, you will leave us to return to the local stations. those on cbs
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final from nashville, titans 27, and the san diego chargers, 10. spiero dedes, dan foughts with you. takeaways from preseason game number one, what did you see? >> rivers, two of three for 64 yards and the touchdown pass to melvin gordon. that was the positive, along with the play of backup quarterback, kellen clemens. giving up 288 ya defense is something that has got to be improved, obviously. >> short preseason work week coming up for san diego. they will be back in action next
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certainly, some defensive struggles for san diego, their preseason opener. and theye short. ahead for the next preseason me coming up friday night, at home against the arizona cardinals. for dan fouts, heather hires, our director and our entire crew, spero dedes saying good night from nashville. the final, titans over the chargers, 27-10. coming up next, a special edition of
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special edition of 8news now. i'm sharie johnson. a metro police officer has been arrested on child pornography charges. reporter brittany edney is following the story... she joins us now live from metro headquarters. brittany, what do we know so far? ((brittany edney)) sharie.... officer ruben delgadillo was arrested yesterday after investigators searved search warrants at his home for child pornography allegations. metro tells us that delgadillo without incident. he was booked into the clark county detention center and faces charges of one count of possession of child pornography and one count of distribution of child pornography. we're told this was a dual investigation between the "internet crimes against children task force" and internal affairs bureau. metro says delgadillo joined the department in july of 20-15 and was last assigned to the community policing division for northwest area command. ((brittany edney)) officer delgadillio is
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and will likely appear in court this week. metro says he will be placed on unpaid admistrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. reporting live, brittany edney, 8 news now. ((sharie johnson)) >> police are on the hunt for a murder suspect they say shot and killed a valley father. it appears the suspect may have been trying to steal the victim's wallet. 8 news now's mauricio marin was on scene where the victim's family braced for the worst. ((mauricio marin/reporter: "it appears the victim, a hard working father, was just getti parking his semi truck when north las vegas police say a suspect ruthlessly shot and killed him at around six o clock this morning.")) ((gregg rojas/trucker: "not a good day. not a good day." )) ((mauricio marin)) it's a scene gregg rojas didn't hope to ever encounter. ((gregg rojas/trucker: "it's horrible. it's just horrible thing. a split second like something like this can happen." )) ((mauricio marin)) one of his fellow truckers shot and killed just outside a north las vegas business. ((officer aaron patty/north las vegas police: "detectives are trying to figure out if there were witnesses out here as well.
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police and medics arrived to the scene after neighbors called awoken by the loud noise of gunshots. officers say the victim died on scene. ((officer aaron patty/north las vegas police: "we have crime scene investigators out here as well that are going to capture as much evidence as they can." )) ((mauricio marin)) rojas hopes they catch the suspect soon. ((gregg rojas/trucker: "i can't imagine how his family feels right now it's just sad it really is." )) ((mauricio marin)) the family of the likely victim gathered just behind the yellow crime scene tape. comforting each other waiting to hear from detectives--- bracing for the worst. understandably too upset to talk on camera. but friends on scene tell us they knew him as marlin. he had just arrived back to town. about to hit the road again to california--this time for a family trip. but that never happened. ((gregg rojas/trucker: "none of us should take life for granted ever." )) ((mauricio marin/reporter: "right now north las vegas police don't have a good description of the suspect they're turning to the public for help. if you know anything about this case please give north las vegas police a call or crimestoppers. mauricio marin. 8 news now." )) ((sharie johnson))
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take a good look at this man... his name is jaime santana. metro police say he beat cinthia rodriguez to death---hitting her in the head and left her body inside this house near rancho and the 95. he may have taken off in a 20-15 blue two-door scion. police were first alerted after one of the men living inside the house found her body when he got home...with obvious trauma to the head. for another look at the suspect's photo---head over to ((sharie johnson)) a local boys and girls club director is in jail tonight.. accused of sex crimes. 44-year-old willis brown was arrested thursday -- accused of lewd conduct with at least two victims. brown is the club house director at the boys and girls club on southern highlands parkway. parents were given a letter friday addressing the allegations. (("i would definitely think, you should call the parents, actually make an effort to call them. talk to them and explain to a certain extent of the actions
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hand them a letter.")) ((sharie johnson)) >> the organization says it is fully cooperating with authorities -- and until the investigation is complete, brown has been suspended and banned from all boys and girls club premises. if brown is found guilty, he is facing prison time and he will have to register with the nevada sex offender registry. often times, that person is required to register for life. /// ((sharie johnson)) >> now to the weather.. and another wicked hot day out there.. ((keely))
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through tonight and tomorrow. ................ your sunday day planner. waking up at 84. 103 by noon and 108 tomorrow afternoon. enjoy the pool, or maybe a little football inside in the ac. ((sharie johnson)) flash flood warnings issued more rain is expected throughout the weekend. the devastating floods have killed at least two people and displaced hundreds. mary moloney reports.. nat -"everybody is saying this is the worst they've ever seen." days of relentless downpours forced residents to take what belongings they could ..and travel through waist high waters to safer grounds. (kelly vessel / resident) "my heart is broken because there is so many elderly people here and people
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and it's like the water is literally up to your waist so that means their houses everything in there is destroyed." emergency crews rescued more than a thousand people from their cars and homes.. help even came from complete strangers... (jesina martin / volunteer) "i don't live here. i pulled over. i saw the kids up on the balcony and i saw some elderly and was like we needed to help. so me and my fiancee got out and came to help." after declaring a state of emergency, louisiana governor asked residents to take all necessary precautions.. / (d) louisiana) "we're asking everyone to evacuate if you're supposed to do that. stay off the roads and if you have to be on the roads be extremely cautious." and the families that have already evacuated are now forced to tough it out in temporary shelters. (tracy franklin/evacuated home) "we woke up and water was all in the bed and everywhere so we didn't have a chance to pack nothing up we just had to call the fire department to come get us." i'm mary moloney reporting.
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vice presidential candidate, tim kaine held a campaign rally in the battleground state of new hampshire. kaine slammed trump for not releasing his taxes, implying they could reveal things the republican candidate might not want voters to know about. (( if trump produces his tax returns, then it might show investments that are connected to people we'd have some questions about. it might also show us in right down to the centow by the tax plan he just put down on the table. this guy will make up anything and we are not gullible people, we're not going to let him pull the wool over their eyes. )) ((sharie johnson)) >> kaine also said donald trump would say anything, even if it's a lie, in reference to recent comments about president obama being the "founder of isis.///
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presidential debates donald trump said the country is in big trouble and -- quote -- "we don't win anymore." he was referring to trade, immigration and national security. a few of his critics are turning the republican nominee's signature line against him. and they're using the rising tally of u-s olympic wins to do it. here's just one example. ohio governor john kasich tweeted -- "someone said we don't win anymore. must not be watching americans swimming in rio tonight!" ((sharie johns) election headquarters for all the races and political news that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((sharie johnson)) prosecutors in colorado are upset with the judge in a college sex assault case. they say the sentence he handed down to a convicted rapist is too lenient. dan simon has details. 22-year-old austin wilkerson has been sentenced to 2 years in the boulder county jail. but there's a catch--- it's called work release an arraignment where defendants are able to go to
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too lenient of a sentence for a convicted rapist. (lisa saccomano/ prosecutor) "we were hoping to see a prison sentence in this case. obviously we feel that prison is appropriate for someone who commits a rape of this nature and particularly given the aggravated facts here." they were students at the university of colorado. it was march of 2014. a st patrick's day party. lots of drinking. wilkerson offered to look after the victim. instead prosecutors court documents say when confronted by investigators, wilkerson said he made "repeated advances on the victim, but that she rebuffed him each time." he later "admitted to friends" that she was "passed out--- and "let his hands wander." but in court--- wilkerson's story changed. claiming that it was consensual and that the victim was sober. (lisa saccomano/ prosecutor) "he definitely, in our opinion, as we argued to the court, throughout the process, has
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going to serve him." in the end, jurors found wilkerson guilty of sexual assault and unlawful sexual contact. changing his story yet again, he admitted to his crime and apologized at sentencing. judge patrick butler, who also sentenced wilkerson to 20 years probation. said he struggled with the decision . "mr. wilkerson deserves to be punished, but i think we all need to find out whether he truly can or cannot be rehabilitated." the outcome immediately drawing comparisons to t brock turner, who received 6 months in jail for raping a woman behind a dumpster. victims advocates say the legal system is failing to recognize the seriousness of rape on college campuses with the colorado case, being the latest example. (janine d'anniballe/moving to end sexual assault) "in this case, we have kind of come to accept that light sentences in these kinds of crimes are the norm." --tag--- prosecutors requested a sentence of four to 20 years in state prison... wilkerson's attorney told the local newspaper that
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that the judge based his decision in part on a recommendation from the probation department --- which called for no prison time. ((sharie johnson)) a north las vegas company is shooting for the stars. in tonight's "street talk" with the i-team's george knapp... how many finalists does the local company have to compete with... to score a major contract with nasa. you're watching the valley's news leader...with sharie johnson, katie boer & jon tritsch.
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((sharie johnson)) nasa has just announced plans for eventual missions to the moon and mars, but for humans to survive long term missions in space, they will need safe and secure habitats. a local company is among the six finalists to design the prototype for future space colonies. the i-team's george knapp has that and more in tonight's
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((george knapp)) america's ambitious lunar missions are a distant memory. the space shuttle era has likewise ended. but it looks like nasa is starting to think big again. this week, the space agency announced the next step in what it hopes will be a human presence on mars. six companies were chosen to develop prototypes for long range missions in space. more specifically, how to design habitats that will allow humans to live in space for extended periods. giants lockheed and boeing...but also named-- bigelow aerospace--whose plant in north las vegas built an expandable spacecraft that is currently attached to the i.s.s. as part of a two year mission. nasa will dole out 65 million dollars so the 6 companies can come up with the best, safest habitats that will first be used on or around the moon in the 2020's before the next big step to the red planet. the bigelow team has 24 months to come
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singing)) ((george knapp)) next week will mark the 39th year since the king of rock and roll died. elvis presley's immense influence is still felt here in las vegas, and the cause of his death is still debated. drug use certainly played a part in his demise at age 42 but now, a new analysis of the medical evidence suggests the king had deeper, underlying health issues related to a traumatic head injury. our website so fans can read it for themselves. a trial date has been set for las vegas sports gambler bill walters, accused of conspiring with others in a multi-million dollar insider trading scheme. when the indictment was announced a few months ago, the unofficial consensus in town was that walters' goose was cooked and maybe he should cut a plea deal.
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team is not only ready to go, but wishes the trial could start sooner than next march. they should sell tickets to that one. and finally, are you following the saga of the monkey that was smuggled aboard a las vegas bound airliner? turns out, this was no ordinary stowaway primate. its owner claims, it's a service monkey. highly -trained, whose job is to provide emotional support. i know what you're thinking because i'm asking the same question. who knew there were service is bart simpson, whose animated tv series is the wellspring from which all human wisdom flows. "how many monkey butlers will there be?" "one at first, but he'll train others." ((george knapp)) now that monkey butlers are real, there's only one other question to ask...where can i get one?i' i'm george knapp. ((sharie johnson)) >> we've posted links on las vegas now- dot- com so you can read more about nasa's plans, as well as the new medical report
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did you know one of the new 7 wonders of the world.. is in rio. and we take you to a special tour of the statue that sits on top of rio./// "now, live...this is 8
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((sharie johnson)) if you're doing anything outside this weekend.. don't forget three things: hydrate... hydrate... hydrate.
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storms along the gulf and up through main. extreme heat for central atlantic states. fairly queit weather on the west coast. ................... the gulf .... areas of flooding .................... the west coast. ridging will be setting up in the next few day. ................... the valley will be hot and sunny tonight clear skies. ....................... tomorrow sunny and hot. ..................... uv index high for sunday. .................... here is the 7day ((sharie johnson)) christ the redeemer is one
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--and it's the number one attraction for those visiting for the olympic games in rio de janeiro. but as jamie yuccas shows us-- even this new wonder is prone to mother nature's wrath. (pkg) (nats of crowd) the picturesque statue of christ the redeemer sits atop rio's corcovado mountain and is considered the largest art deco style sculpture in the world. (sot) wherever you are you, you can't ever forget about the christ the redeemer every year nearly two million people get up close and take pictures from every angle. it's brazil's national icon and protecting it can be a challenge. (jamie yuccas bridge) the statue sits 2000 feet up and because it's in between the atlantic ocean and mountains, it's a prime target for lightning. workers say it is hit about 6 times a year. the catholic church now works with a weather monitoring center so the busy area can be evacuated during a storm.
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don't hit the same place twice, the finger of the right hand of the christ the redeemer has already been hit more than ten times. cristina ventura is an architect, she says it's her privilege to literally care for "christ." ventura says copper lightning rods have been placed on the statue to send lightning to the ground. (sot) they are in the tip of the finger, run over the shoulders, there is a crown on the top of the head - this is all the system of prevention of lightning 2013 and 2014 did major damage to the statue - breaking off part of the middle finger and thumb. repairing the statue is quite an undertaking. architects must go through a rigorous approval process because the stone used in the original is now hard to find and can sometimes be the wrong color. nats picture taking but it's worth it to keep the statue looking like a masterpiece for generations to come. jamie yuccas cbs news rio de janeiro.
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las vegas... promising new jobs. we're talking about the grand opening of curacao.. we take you to the job fair.. next on 8 news now.. the valley's news leader./// "now, live...this is 8
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>> our top stories tonight.. a metro police officer arrested on child pornography charges. metro tells us that officer ruben delgadillo was then taken into custody without incident. he was booked into the clark county detention center. he faces charges of one count of possession of child pornography and one count of distribution of child pornography. we're told this was a dual inst children task force" and internal affairs bureau./// ((sharie johnson)) police are on the hunt for a murder suspect after a father was shot and killed early this morning. north las vegas police say a truck driver getting off work was approached by a person with a gun. it appears the suspect shot and robbed the victim near owens and main street at around six this morning. the shooter took off and left the man bleeding where he later died on scene./// ((sharie johnson)) are you in the market for a new job?
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curacao a california based retailer, is hiring. today they hosted a job fair at meadows mall. this will be the home of their new las vegas store. the electronics and appliance giant told us what they're searching for: ((andres ruvalcaba, curacao we're looking for people that are primarily bilingual because we want to serve both of our customers, english and spanish, with great desire of customer service, somebody who is very enthusiastic and has a lot of happiness inside of them )) employees. the fair runs through next friday. to apply, just stop by their employment center, inside meadows mall, from 10am to 6pm. the store opens october./// ((sharie johnson)) scary moments at a mall in raleigh, north carolina. eyewitnesses reported hearing a popping noise. then a panic broke out. people raced out of crabtree valley mall. one shopper claims they heard
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mall officials and police temporarily forced a lockdown. officials have yet to confirm why it was shut down./// ((sharie johnson)) a mother of two is fighting for her life tonight after she was crushed by a giant tree branch... on a sunny day. this happened in seattle this morning. the mother was just sitting on a park bench watching her kids play. then, out of nowhere, a big branch breaks off, crashing down on her. an eyewitness jumped into action and kept the 37 year old mother of two from moving until (( mitchell schoenfeldwitness, visiting from seattle she had a pool of blood under head and she wasn't moving i took her pulse and she was unconscious when we got there and while i was taking her pulse, she took a big breath, so at that point, you know she's alive)) >> the woman had a skull injury. as for the tree in question-- a canary island pine-- the city say's it's in good condition. they're still investigating what happened./// ((sharie johnson)) take a look at this video..
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catastrophic... but there are some great rescues that we want to share.. including this air mattress full of weiner dogs. a whole family of dogs.. including puppies being rescued from a home outside baton rouge. you can see the dogs are being moved into a car... we're told all of the dogs were saved just in time. but more people and animals are still trapped tonight./// ((sharie johnson)) the rebels were hitting bright and early today see who impressed in the first /// you can hear the buzz around camp rebel..the sound is not of
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flowing passion.. unlv football is not into 5 year plans.. the rebels want to attacth first fall tony sanchez slightly intense.. offense under the direction of kurt palendech..movi ng the chains early.. meet darren woods..he's going to be a factor this year..gain of 25.. defense would take a stand the first few drives.. dalton baker nice play in the back field.. but here comes johnny.. .. stanton finds allan cui.. a 5'5'
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tribute to the offensive line.. david green finding green and celebrating in the endzone.. stanton.. across his body to brandon presley in stride.. 3rd a 3...johnny stanton..35 yard touchdonw.. the offense exploded onto the scene.. and starting quarterback contender says he and the rebels are thriving with competition (( )) another to be in charge.. the it's one thing to be's another to be in charge.. the offensive line has show
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many times today the controlled the line of scrimmage.. enforcing their will and letting the running backs turn upfield..they hogs are a work in progress..but the scrimmage was proof that they are big..bold..and better (( )) tinsel town welcomes back the touchdown.. nfl returning to los angeles today with the rams first preseason game against the cowboys.. the coliseum was rocking for this most anticipated exhibition the city of angels from above...a long overdue sight for
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foursome..vince ferragamo..eric dickerson.... none of the them were walking through that door as seen on the opening kickoff.. cowboys lucky whitehead.. to the house... they'll have time to regroup wait for it riddick bowe has worn the belt as a heavyweight champion..he's been enshrined as a boxing hall of famer..but before his punches were captured on pay per view he was a hungry amateur in the 1988 seoul olympics riddick bowe walks through las vegas today with no regrets in his decorated professional career..but the former champ still can't get over what happened 28 years against rival lennox lewis..the two rising
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the gold medal when the east german referee stopped the fight despite a fully cognizant and standing bowe.... lewis was declared the winner by tko .. the decision made bowe both sour and silver..but the brooklyn native still cherishes his days as america's super heavyweight (riddick bowe/silver medalist: "that was one of the happiest moments of my life even though i didn't get the gold. i wanted to get the gold but i feel like the referee gave me a raw deal. but it is what it is. to represent my country at the end of the day is the most important thing.") united states bullying the world with greatness..japan making an appearance today though in 4th they can throw 93 miles per hour but today we found out they can also gracefully serve an entree...the annual tip a 51's player fundraiser was a hit at pot liquor restaurant and bar pay attention to the order like
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the 51 players were put to work attempting to collect tips from customers with all proceeds going to olive crest's safe at home charity.. the fundraiser is expected to raise close to $4000 for neglected and abused children mountain ridge little league repped las vegas in style again.. regional championship against mighty southern california and the valley boys gave it their best shot.. southern cal got a late run and had a dominant 6 foot pitcher who controlled the game.. mountain ridge falls 1-0 1 game shy of the little league world ((sharie johnson)) thanks jon. we'll be right back with another check of the
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it's gonna be a scorcher. ((keely))
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fairly queit weather on the west coast. ................... the gulf .... areas of flooding .................... the west coast. ridging will be setting up in the next few day. ................... the valley will be hot and sunny for sunday. ....................... tonight clear skies. ....................... tomorrow sunny and hot. ..................... uv index high for sunday. .................... here is the 7day ((sharie johnson))
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you. a football player who is defying the odds... he has no hands... but that doesn't stop him./// ((sharie johnson))
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decided to go out for football in seventh grade. but way looks different. he was born without hands. peter terp-stra from our sister station in midland-- caught up with the teen who is an inspiration to everyone. ((sharie johnson)) adlib that's it for us. see you at 11. police are on the hunt
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police are on the hunt
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>> the one thing i've learned in this job is that anything is possible. people will do anything. and if you have $80,000 to throw around, you can absolutely find someone in los angeles county to kill your wife. this story is definitely ripe for a made-for-tv movie where you have the ex-model-turned- housewife with the millionaire husband who is cheating on his wife and tries to hire a hit man because he's not winning his


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