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tv   8 News Now Sports Special West Coast Training Camp  CBS  August 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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week one of the nfl season is but the preparations began months ago. over the next half hour... we'll be taking you up and down the west coast... for an in-depth look at the work that's being done before the regular season kicks off. we'll start in los angeles... where the rams will officially call home once again... to find out how the team is adjusting to the move. then we'll head to mile high city... where the defending super bowl champs are hard at work training to defend their title... without the man who helped them win it. next... we go back to california... this time to oakland to check in on the raiders... who have a new face to back up star derek carr. from there... we hop across the bay to check
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quarterbacks has been brewing. last but not least... we come full circle with a stop in san diego... and see how a handful of new players are fitting in with the bolts. ((chris maathuis)) as promised... we start with the most recent team to set up shop in l-a... the rams. a quick history lesson... the team's first stint in so-cal began in 1946... ten years after forming in cleveland. the rams spent almost 50 years in l-a before hitting the road for saint louis in '95... but a new stadium offer brought them back to california. what will be known as the "los angeles entertainment center in inglewood should be read ((chris maathuis)) with the new home... comes new expectations for the team. and fans are hoping to see a resurgence among the rams. lina washington spoke with the players and coaches to get their take on the new year. (lina washington/los angeles) lina washington reporting: "the nfl is back in los angeles for the first time in more than 20 years. the rams won the relocation battle between the oakland raiders and the san diego chargers and while the team awaits their new multi-billion dollar stadium to open in inglewood, just 20 minutes from here, the legendary l.a.
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and this young team is looking to shine in hollywood." lights. camera. action. it's the los angeles rams: the sequel. (jeff fisher/rams coach) jeff fisher: "you know, i love the midwest but it's hard to beat this." "welcome home rams!" lina washington reporting: but what these fans are really hoping to welcome, is a playoff run. like the state of california, the rams are in a drought... a post-season drought. and they have been since 2004. but with a roster full of fres flip the script. fan: "i wanna see gurley, where you at gurley? where you at?" lina washington reporting: second-year running back todd gurley will be one of the stars this season. he rushed for more than 11-hundred yards, the third-most in the nfl, with 10 touchdowns in his rookie campaign. (todd gurley/rams running back) todd gurley: "i mean everybody's been doing a great job we're definitely seeing everybody getting better especially from otas to now." lina washington reporting: gurley will be sharing the
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overall draft pick, quarterback jared goff. the cal-berkeley product threw for more than 47-hundred yards on 64 percent completion with 43 t-ds in his junior season. but the 21-year-old knows the transition from being the big man on campus to the potential back up quarterback won't be easy. (jared goff/rams quarterback) jared goff: "i'm going to go back to what i've been saying, just the comfortability. i don't know if that's a word, is that a word? comfortability? comfortable every day and felt better every day and continue to gain confidence that's what it is just each day try to take a little bit of a step and i felt like i've done that." lina washington reporting: one defensive player who called the iconic los angeles coliseum home before the move from saint louis, is safety t.j. mcdonald. the former usc trojan recorded 63 tackles in 11 starts for the rams before suffering a season-ending shoulder injury late last year. after undergoing surgery, he's ready to get back at it.
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t.j. mcdonald: "man it feels great just to be back out here with the guys doing what i love just grateful to be out here, great energy with these fans out here and just having a good time getting better." lina washington reporting: the rams have plenty of getting better to do. they're coming off a 7-9 season and finished above .500 just four times during their 21 years in saint louis. so while fans are rolling out the red carpet welcoming their team back, they're also banking on a blockbuster season. jared goff: "right now they're very happy to see us and hopefully we ca "the rams open their season facing two of their nfc west division rivals. on september 12 they'll be in santa clara taking on the 49ers and on september 18 they will have their home opener against the seattle seahawks. with the rams in los angeles, i'm lina washington." ((chris maathuis)) so what do the rams have to look forward to at the start of the season? week one... they're on the road to face the 49ers. then it's back home.. where the super bowl 49 champion seattle seahawks will be waiting.
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the rams are at tampa bay./// ((chris maathuis)) before the season gets underway... the rams will take on the defending champs at home during week 3 of the preseason. so let's get right into the broncos schedule. weeks one and two will go down at mile high... first against the carolina panthers... then the colts. after that... it's road game number one for the broncos... with a trip to paul brown stadium to face the bengals. so how is denver feeling heading into the season after a win at super bowl 50? we go to adam lucas in colorado to find out. for the first time in almost two decades...the denver broncos super bowl champions...but for the first time in five years...they enter without their field general...peyton manning... not only does that open up a spot on the depth chart in what john elway calls a wide open competition between mark sanchez...trevor siemian...and paxton lynch...but it also leaves a huge void on that side of the ball... the start of broncos training camp was as much about who wasn't on the who did suit up in orange and blue "the good thing about have [number] 18 is he was the leader,
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leadership role you can have," said c.j. anderson, denver broncos running back. "right now we're searching for a new quarterback. it's a new team, but still the same dream of winning a championship," said emmanuel sanders, denver broncos wide receiver. with peyton manning riding off into the sunset as a world champion...the broncos face a pair of monumental shoes to fill... enter journeyman mark sanchez...last year's third-stringer trevor seimian...and the kid...paxton lynch... but what the broncos may miss more than peyton's the intangibles...and nobody's fooling themselves into thinking one guy can single-handedly step nt greatest to ever play the game... "we all understand that that's over. it's gone. this is a new group. there are going to be some new leaders. there are going to be some new people. it's gonna have a new identity, and we don't know what that identity is yet. we're working on it each day," said gary kubiak, denver broncos head coach. "i might have a piece of what peyton had, but not all of it. so does d.t. [demaryius thomas], russell [okung] and everybody. so i think if we all come together and we lead as an offense, as a unit, as a group, that's almost better anyway," said anderson. even with a leadership-by- committee approach...the quarterback position will be under a microscope...just part of the territory...
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siemian...leading the race... "whenever coach is ready to decide, it's his call all the way. we've just gotta keep competing through the whole season, really," said mark sanchez, denver broncos quarterback. "i think we're competing and i think we're getting better each day. i think that's the main thing, is every guy -- you can see noticeable differences in how he's seeing things or how he's looking at things, whether it's mark, paxton, or myself," said trevor siemian, denver broncos quarterback. but don't think the rookie is complacent with sitting back and watching someone else seize the starting job... "just from a competition stoi say, 'yeah i'll take the back seat in this.' but it's my job as a rookie to push those guys that are ahead of me out of our camp," said paxton lynch, denver broncos quarterback. repeating as super bowl champs is a rare feat...the last team to do it was the patriots in the early 2000's...the team before that? the denver broncos in 97 and 98... while the quarterback position may be a question mark right now...the defense -- which arguably ranked as one of the league's best -- said they can be even better in it may not take a herculean effort from the
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((chris maathuis)) still ahead on the program... lots of news centering on the possible raiders relocation from oakland to las vegas. we'll explore that... just at the raiders have a pretty good shot to reach the post season. that's coming up next here on
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but could the team be on the move across state line? if you ask mark davis... it's a resounding yes. sheldon adelson wants to build a 1-billion dollar stadium.. and if it becomes a reality... davis says there's a chance it becomes the new home of the raiders. when asked about the thought of moving... head coach jack del rio took a step back... saying he's focused on the now: (( jack del rio//raiders head coach - "man, i'm loving it right now in napa, and we're looking forward to playing in the coliseum this year, and so, you guys that are around me last year, know i didn't spend any time talking about those stories, for me, it's about being here, being in the moment, you know, being respectful of the position that
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opportunity to lead this great franchise" )) ((chris maathuis)) for now... oakland is where they'll stay... and as you just heard... the team isn't getting ahead of themselves. as scott bemis shows us... the raiders are optimistic that the success they saw last year... will roll into the new season. (scott bemis - napa, ca) at raiders camp, optimism is running high. oakland hasn't had a winning season since its 2002 super bowl run, bt coming off a 7-win campaign a year ago, and appears to have the pieces in place to make a serious run at the post-season. (khalil mack - raiders defensive end) "that's always the goal, the goal is to get to the playoffs and win, and be productive and that's what this team is gonna do, i feel it" perhaps the biggest reason for all this optimism is the emergence of 3rd-year quarterback derek carr... who threw for nearly 4000 yards a year ago, with 32 touchdowns and only 13 interceptions. (jack del rio - raiders head coach) "i think derek is a natural
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tough, he's accurate, he really understands the game, he's got the ability to put the ball where he wants to put it, great teammate, great worker" (derek carr - raiders quarterback) "the game has slowed down a lot, that's the biggest thing, once you're out there playing football, you're not swimming mentally, you know, that's the biggest thing, again i'm only in my third year, so i got a ways to go, but that fact that it has slowed down already, helps me out a lot" 1000-yard receiver amari cooper, the 4th overall pick in last year's draft, figures to get even better in year two roommates during training camp, to help good chemistry get even better (jack del rio - raiders head coach) "i think you're talking about being on the same page as the quarterback, and certainly seeing him every night has to help" (derek carr - raiders quarterback) "now it's those little details that we're always talking about, hey make sure you get to the top of the numbers, whenever you turn, i'm throwing it right at the back of your helmet, so when you turn around, that's where it's gonna be, those things that we can get to, that's the next step" on defense, edge rusher khalil mack is only entering his third
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with 15 sacks last year. (khalil mack - raiders defensive end) "we looking forward to just dominating" the mack sack attack got some help this offseason when the raiders signed pass-rushing threat bruce irvin from seattle. (khalil mack - raiders defensive end) "having him on the other side it makes me smile" and in the secondary, the loss of the retired charles woodson will be eased by some new arrivals, 1st round safety karl joseph, former chief corner sean smith and former bengal safety reggie nelson, who made the pro bowl a year ago, after tying for tle (khalil mack - raiders defensive end) ' "we had a young secondary before they came over, and it's just been helping all over on our side of the ball" (scott bemis - napa, ca) the raiders will be tested with a tough stretch to begin the season, as they'll play three of their first four games on the road, so we'll see early on... if all this optimism was just talk... or if this team is ready to walk the walk in napa with the raiders, i'm scott bemis. ((chris maathuis)) so while the coaches and players are fired up about the upcoming season. so is raiders owner mark davis.
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enough not to throw around the playoffs around lightly. but for the first time in over a decade this could be their year. mark davis/raiders owner: "like i said we're undefeated at this point in time... that's basically how the season starts once the super bowl is over. we start off undefeated we're all undefeated.. there's a lot of good things in this team right now.. got some good free agents had a great draft.. jack del rio have a good grasp on what's going on we're just excited." ((chris maathuis)) looking ahead th oakland kicks things off on the road against the saints. one week later... the atlanta falcons fly to california for the raiders home opener. then week 3 is away again... this time in tennessee for a matchup with the titans. ((chris maathuis)) still ahead... a battle to become starter is unfolding in the bay.. plus... some new faces are adding to san diego's ever-improving defense. those stories and more are up
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david was proud to be an american soldier.
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but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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but as julia lopez explains... the 49ers quarterbacks aren't the only ones competing for a top spot. all right the action is underway here at the 2016 training camp for the san francisco 49ers. unlike the team that's up north 82 miles, the raiders already know who their starting quarterback is, the niners do not, it's a neck and neck race to see who's gonna be their starter between blaine gabbert and colin kaepernick. "again, i have no idea who's gonna be injured or not or whatever, i'm not into predictions, to make a i evaluation, they have to both get reps with the ones, so." "both guys are doing a good job, they're both competing their tails off in the classroom on the field, they're both doing a good job, i wouldn't say anyone's ahead of the other right now." curtis modkins wouldn't say who's ahead in the race, but he did mention what characteristics he's looking for from a starter. "i think accuracy is very important, i think decision making is very important, i think the ability to lead the team, to move the
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i don't think you can separate one from the other because i think they're all important in this league." the quarterbacks aren't the only ones competing for a starting spot... there are two first round draft picks who have to prove their worth... former oregon defensive end deforest buckner and offensive lineman joshua garnett, out of stanford. "i mean coming out of college i like to hang my hat on being a powerful guy and that's what i'm trying to get back to here just trying to get the playbook down pat and not have to think mo off the ball and kinda do the stuff that i got drafted to do here." "it's a man's game, you know what i mean, any chance guys will get they will try to dominate you. you gotta come out with the mindset that you're gonna dominate everyday and that you gotta do what you gotta do to be on top." and one player who's at the peak of his game right now is inside linebacker navorro bowman. this will be his 7th season in the league, but he's showing his leadership on and off the field. "just leading
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just showing them how you carry yourself, how you take care of your body things like that. i think they're starting to take note not just me but from guys at their position also so you're first year is really nerve-racking, but so far i think the young guys are doing a great job just taking example, taking piece by piece to become a professional." the niners are trying to get back on top of the nfc west... they season... and although they have a young crop of players with a brand new coaching staff, including head coach chip kelly... that might be a good thing... in kelly's first year in philly... he turned the 4 and 12 eagles to a 10 and 6 playoff team. "we're not thinking about what our final roster is gonna be like we're just trying to come out every day, we're learning them as a coaching staff, they're learning us we're putting in new schemes not only offensively, but defensively and also special teams, it's a combination of all of those." "you know we're very hungry to work i think i'll be the first to tell you that we have a lot
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that's what it's gonna take to turn this team around and i've been very excited about the first week and a half that we all show up every day ready to work." when preseason wraps up the san francisco 49ers will welcome the l.a. rams on september 12th right here at levi's stadium and it is gonna be a monday night football showdown. reporting from santa clara, i'm julia lopez. ((chris maathuis)) as mentioned earlier in the show... the 49ers start off 2016 with a home game against the rams. after that... its a trip across the country to go head to head with carolina. and san francisco wraps things up in week three against ((chris maathuis)) let's keep it in the afc west now and head south. the bolts from san diego jump start the regular season at kansas city... then its jacksonville that hits the road for the chargers home opener. and one week later... the indianapolis colts will welcome san diego to lucas oil stadium./// ((chris maathuis)) now that they know san diego will continue to be their home... the chargers are settling in... along with some new faces. lina washington takes us to southern california... with a look at what could make a difference for the bolts this season. (lina washington/san diego)
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chargers are back to work in san diego for at least one more season. of course, the biggest storyline in the offseason was whether the team would be moving back to los angeles. ultimately the rams got the bid for a new $2.6 billion stadium to be built in ingelwood and the chargers have the option to join them there but for now, they're just looking to improve from last season's 4-12 record." (jahleel addae/chargers safety) jahleel addae: "new year man. new year and with that we have all the confidence in the world to go from worst to first. that's our mind set, that's how we're coming out, t we're approaching it." lina washington reporting: the bolts opened training camp and charged through weeks of work at their murphy canyon facility without this year's third overall draft pick joey bosa. as the unsigned defensive end and the team continue a stare down over some terms of his contract. but san diego's defense has been establishing its identity without him. (manti te'o/chargers linebacker) manti te'o: "we want to be aggressive. we want to be a physical football team and we want to dominate." lina washington reporting: the
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season while the offense managed the fourth-most passing yards per game behind 13-year veteran philip rivers. (mike bercovici/ chargers quarterback) mike bercovici: "his personality, he teaches me a lot about what it means to be a quarterback here. just the way he carries himself every single day you don't even have to talk about it much just have to sit back and watch and see what he does and learn every day." lina washington reporting: rivers and long-time teammate tight end antonio gates are among the players who have head coach mike mccoy's system down pat. and thei trickling down to rookies looking to make a name for themselves in the nfl. (hunter henry/chargers tight end) hunter henry: "philip and antonio they're both studs on and off the field like i was saying in the locker room they're fun to be around, they know how to rally the guys. it's fun to be around those guys that still love the game so much and are so passionate about it." lina washington reporting: and san diegans are passionate about their bolts... who failed to make the playoffs the last two seasons and have yet to win a super bowl championship. (mike mccoy/chargers head coach)
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whether it's each player or each position you know each scheme, offensively, defensively, in the kicking game. and each year your team changes new players come in they have to learn your system." lina washington reporting: second year running back melvin gordon, who was sidelined late last year with a knee injury, will be working to become effective in mccoy's system this upcoming season. a season that almost wasn't going to happen in san diego. so when the team takes the field at qualcomm stadium this year, they will be looki addae: "the only thing i can do is know that we're going to be here this year and give san diego and its fans everything they deserve." lina washington reporting: "the chargers kick off their season september 11 in kansas city against their afc west rivals, the chiefs. reporting from chargers training camp in san diego, i'm lina washington." ((chris maathuis)) coming up... how do the oddsmakers see this season playing out for west coast teams. we head to the sports books in vegas to get that answer from
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typically only found in las vegas... is now part of mainstream sports... betting. so... how do bookies see this season playing out for our west coast teams? we went to the world's largest sports book to find out. ((jay kornegay/westgate superbook)) one of the big questions about the defending champions is their quarterback situation. mark sanchez, simmian's there. they have question marks about the most other than that. they're still gonna have a strong defense, most likely they're going to contend for the afc west. it's not going to surprise me to see them contending for the afc, but they've got their work cut out for them because their quarterback situation hasn't been determined. ((jay kornegay/westgate superbook)) the 49ers have gone through some rough times since they went to the super bowl and lost to the ravens a couple years back. they just haven't been the same and that's mainly around the
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he might not even be the starting quarterback this year. we'll have to see this year, but it's a change. they have a new coach. they have some new personnel there. if they can change the attitude, what they've seen over the last couple years, it's not going to take too long for that organization to be back on top. ((jay kornegay/westgate superbook)) the raiders were kind of the sexy pick this year. a lot of people are talking about them. they've shown tremendous strides over del rio is a great coach, carr has been showing flashes of being a really good quarterback. their draft picks over the last couple years have really contributed. so they're right on the verge of being a contender. but it's still the raiders and they've found ways to lose in years past. ((jay kornegay/westgate superbook)) they've had high expectations over the last three or four years, they just haven't really fulfilled those expectations.
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inconsistent play through the rams. ((jay kornegay/westgate superbook)) unfortunately for the chargers, they're going in the opposite direction compared to the other three teams in the afc west. you've got the chiefs that are going in the right direction. the raiders are certainly going in the right direction. and on the verge of being a contender. then you have the defending super bowl champs. ((chris maathuis)) > say it... but there's no question they all have their eyes on the prize... that lombardi trophy. super bowl 51 will go down february 5... at n-r-g stadium in houston texas. this will be the third time the big game will be held in houston... and the first time in more than a decade./// ((chris maathuis)) and with that... we say goodbye. thanks for joining us for our "west coast training camp" special. i'm chris maathuis...
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rejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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