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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  November 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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we'll be there to assist them." lawyers are volunteering their time to make sure everyone's rights are protected. but they're not the only ones keeping voters safe. ((denise valdez)) >> the clark county school district... once again addressing it's plan to reorganize. so what's next in the process that will give principals and parents more say in a student's education? ((tedd florendo)) the warm spell continues as we approach record temperatures. when will the streak end? details straigt valleys news leader
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valdez)) >> brittany edney spoke with both metro police and the a-c-l-u -- to find out how they plan to keep voters safe on election day. she joins us now live from the county election center. brittany. ((brittany edney)) >> the aclu of nevada says they are sending legal volunteers to polling sites tomorrow to ensure rights are safeguarded. they'll be focusing on both high turnout precincts... and minority districts. ((tod story, executive director, aclu of nevada )) "cast their vote, express their voice." ((brittany edney)) the aclu of nevada says heading to polling sites on election day in both reno and southern nevada.... to ensure eligible voters are able to cast their vote. ((tod story, executive director, aclu of nevada )) "they've gone through at least two trainings and then when they go out in the field tomorrow, they will be on site at polling locations and make sure that the right to vote is being respected.")) ((brittany edney)) the aclu mobilized legal observers during the last two presidential election cycles. but it was in 2012 when they really saw problems arise. ((tod story, executive director, aclu of nevada ))
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agencies and those voter registration forms had not been forwarded to the registrars of voters in the particular county that they registered. we did have issues, those have been rectified." officials say the most frequent issue is when a resident has their registration status challenged. ((tod story, executive director, aclu of nevada )) "we have not had issues with the equipment per say, but there's been issues around registration, where individuals thought they were registered or they forgot to change their registration, they moved across town." ((brittany edney)) "observers will either be wearing one of these blue aclu vests or a black t-shirt that says 866-our vote, because volunteer turnout was sogr t-shirts." ((tod story, executive director, aclu of nevada )) "we've doubled the participation this year." ((brittany edney)) as for voter safety...metro says there's no credible threat here in the valley... but remind the community... if you see something... say something. ((dept. chief charles hank, metro pd) "we'd like that folks report anything of concern or if they feel threatened or feel that there's a problem at a location just let us know and we'll get officers out there." ((brittany edney)) people there to protect both your safety and rights.
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the government and our country who you want representing you in our government itself.")) ((brittany edney)) >> aclu legal observers will be at polling sites when they open at 7am tomorrow and will stay until closing at 7pm. reporting live, brittany edney, 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) casino mogul steve wynn is changing his tune when it comes to question 1 in nevada. the measure would require background checks on all gun sales. wynn says he once supported it.. and even donate0 but now says after learning more about what it means for gun owners... he doesn't like it. (( steve wynn//wynn resorts "if you've been accused of something that could be a year or more in jail, then you would go on the federal criminal registry and you could not buy a gun. that is to say, you're constitutional right would be canceled." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> wynn was also candid about his dislike of legalizing recreational marijuana.. because of the danger edibles pose to children. he wouldn't make a pick for president... but praised congressman joe heck..
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reid's open u-s senate seat./// ((dave courvoisier)) we are your local election headquarters.. and be sure to tune into us tomorrow on air and online for election day. cbs news will be covering the national races... and we will have updates on the local races every 30 minutes... and a one hour special at 11 o'clock./// ((denise valdez)) a plan to overhaul the clark county school district is taking another step forward. the stakeholders met tonight -- to unveil what key role parents, teachers and students will play shakala alvaranga is live near tonopah and lake mead boulevard with the details. shakala? ((shakala alvaranga)) >> denise, though we are in the early stages of this plan, the process is beginning. the board of trustees is calling on parents, teachers and students for help. the team that will be making those tough decisions, like coming up with a budget, is the school organizational team....and election day is next
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there's local involvement in school decisions. so ... the team, which will consist of teachers, parents and support staff members, will help with developing a school performance plan each spring. they'll also give the principal advice in carrying out a plan of operation. chief student achievement officer mike barton addressed some concerns tonight. (("some of the concerns are just wanting to know more details, how is this going to look for my school? but i think as we work through this with ab 394, h able to determine how the school organization teams function.)) barton says staff members are currently being trained for this implementation. ((shakala alvaranga)) >> the nomination process starts tomorrow. teachers, staff members, and parents will be elected next week. reporting live shakala alvaranga 8 news now. /// ((dave courvoisier)) almost one week into november and we're still seeing unusually warm temperatures... how long until it really feels like fall tedd? ((tedd florendo))
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for the region as temps stay nearly 10 degrees above average not just today but through the extended. winds stay light and we stay dry again with low humiidityand dewpoint readings. plenty of sunshine will occur through the extended as well. ................................ ... ............... hour by hour through the night stays extra mild and cooler through the evening with clear skies and light winds. expecting 60's late night and by morning with more clear skies and unseasonably warm temps. ... ............................. weather headlines say expect close to record highs and lows. temps stay nearly 10 degrees above average with no sign of rain in the extended. changes late week by veterans day and beyond. ((dave courvoisier)) t's stil but we want to make sure you know about some road closures happening this weekend because of the annual "rock n roll las vegas marathon". the race itself will shut down the strip from sunset... all the way to downtown starting
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tropicana to charleston along i-15 will also be closed off throughout the night. by the way... the race is one of only two events that blocks off the strip... the other of course is new years eve./// ((denise valdez)) one of the top 10 prep basketball players in the country plays at centennial. troy brown announcing where he'll play college ball... chris maathuis will have the details. plus... that extra hour of sleep we got this weekend was great... but researchers warn.. daylight saving could be doing more harm than g./ voice over: "you're watching the valley's news leader...with dave courvoisier, watching the valley's news leader...with dave courvoisier, denise valdez, as you make up your mind, remember --
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heck took all that money from wall street and predatory payday lenders and voted their way. he even wanted to privatize social security, risking it on the stock market. congressman heck just doesn't care about people like us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. narrator: the target... seniors.
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vulnerable seniors... fronts for telemarketing schemes. seniors lost millions from the scams danny tarkanian helped set up. jacky rosen has always led with integrity. in congress, jacky rosen will protect seniors and strengthen social security. and jacky rosen will always be responsible with your tax dollars. jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen
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this is 8 news now at eleven." ((dave courvoisier)) there are so many teens sex trafficked in las vegas - there's a day reserved in court every week to review their cases and get those involved the help they need. the i-team's vanessa murphy brings you the story of one victim - and takes a closer look at the problem. ((vanessa murphy)) the glitz, the glam and the ((teen: he just wanted money.)) ((vanessa murphy)) this teen's story all too common in las vegas. her identity is protected due to safety concerns because of the danger she escaped. ((teen: i just sort of lost all my respect for myself and like what i had going for me.)) ((vanessa murphy)) at 17, she says she ran away from her southern nevada home, fell into drugs, and met an older man when she felt she had nowhere to go.... ((teen: he started telling me like little sweet nothings.)) ((vanessa murphy)) he offered food, shelter, shopping trips - it's called
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out that it wasn't there was stuff you had to do.)) ((vanessa murphy)) she was expected to sell sex and hand him the money. ((teen: he was like here you're gonna wear this tonight and then basically told me like all his rules.)) ((vanessa murphy)) she describes about two months with her pimp...and another victim under his control. ((teen: he just pushed me harder. harder, harder, harder...he was like okay you need to go here, twice a day, you need to go there, maybe visit once, you need to te people and just see what you can do.)) ((vanessa murphy)) vanessa standup: that's until an undercover metro officer picked her up on the street earlier this year.... she says he honked the horn, stopped for her, and she agreed to a sex act for money. that's what police needed to take her into custody. ((court video: judge william voy: want to keep one step forward, all right?)) ((vanessa murphy)) she ended up here... there are so many teens like her identified as victims of sex trafficking in clark county.... ((susan rosky/public
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first day of high school.)) ((vanessa murphy)) every wednesday morning in this courtroom.... ((prosecutor: so we would ask that she remain detained at this time.)) ((vanessa murphy)) appear in front of judge william voy and a team of professionals ready to begin outreach. from a 14 year old caught with a pimp for a second time... ((she's engaging in extremely high risk behavior...)) ((vanessa murphy)) to several who continually try to run... ((she cut off her gps...)) ((vanessa murphy)) the goal is to treat them as victims - not as criminals. in some cases - rather than a charge fo goes on the record is "minor in a gaming establishment..." many of the teens the i-team saw in court were tracked down in casinos on the las vegas strip... a problem area for addition to hot spots downtown and stretches on tropicana and boulder highway. ((vanessa murphy/reporter: are the majority of them under the control of someone like a pimp or are many of them choosing to do this on their own? lt. patricia spencer/metro police: what we find is nearly all are trafficked.)) ((vanessa murphy))
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in charge of metro's vice unit - the same team that picked up this teen and her pimp. ((spencer: the pimps are the creme de la creme, right? so we go after the pimps any chance we get. )) ((vanessa murphy)) spencer is also leading a push to bust the customers - also known as the johns more. ((spencer: it literally is modern day slavery. we say it over and over again and it really is true.)) ((vanessa murphy)) she says so far this year, metro has rescued more than 120 teens from sex trafficking. ((teen: life these days is so much brighter because i just, i stopped looking in the shadows you know for that love ((vanessa murphy)) treatment for this teen continues.... through the courts, that can include drug programs, psychiatric help, and counseling provided at agencies like the salvation army. the road to recovery can be a long one....because of the brainwashing from the pimps, the violence the victims may have
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selling sex. vanessa murphy, 8 news now.// ((dave courvoisier)) >> according to spencer, it's estimated within the first 48 hours after a teen has run away - they will encounter a pimp. and she says the pimps recruit victims in many ways - whether it's on the street, at the mall, or through social media like instagram, facebook, and other apps to meet up./// ((denise valdez)) now to some "news you can use"... the holidays are coming up fast... which meansl while most of the big box stores like dillards and nordstrom have already filled openings -- other places like "williams-sonoma" and "gameworks" at town square are hiring. all the information you need is posted to las vegas now dot com./// ((denise valdez)) most of us love the extra hour of sleep that comes with daylight saving. but turns out... it could be hurting us more than we think. according to researchers at the universities of copenhagen and stanford... the shift in time leads to a rise in crime.. disrupted sleep patterns and depression.
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experts say you should get outside as much as possible when the sun is up. but more importantly... they think the switch is pointless -- and would like to get rid of it for good./// ((tedd florendo)) ((( warming up this week again and staying above average. expect close to record highs for a few days before changes late week. nearly 10 degrees above average and staying dry for a while. could see slightly cooler temps by veterans day and the weekend. ................................
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of the valley with the warmest temps over to the eastside of town in the mid 80's and westside foothills cooler as normal. some locals in the high 70's today and coolest up in the kyle canyon again but comfortable. ................................ ... ............ regional temps also stayed extra mild today with temps from death valley to laughlin warmest. comfortable but above average for mesquite and over to moapa. coolest up in the central great basin and even cooler up in elko and the north part of the state. ................................ ... ......... people experiencing unseasonably warm temps from the pacific northwest through the midwest and over to the eastern seaboard. record numbers will be reached in seattle and boise for the next few days and even down to northern california. ................................ ... ............ satellite and radar show clear skies and a strong ridge of high pressure will keep the conditions dry and unseasonably warm. we do expect some occasional clouds but otherwise no rain for a while. wind are also expected to stay light in the long terms as well. ................................ ... .................... tonight expect a low in the high 50's tonight and cool at times under clear skies. winds again not an issue
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record being 83 set back in 1950. tomorrow expect light winds also for tomorrow with sunny skies and some clouds at times as well. ................................ ... ................... neighborhood by neighborhood temps tomorrow in the 80's again for the eastside of town where they will be warmest in the valley. we'll be in the high 70's again for the westside of the valley and coolest. ................... ................ ................. extended forecast shows close to 80 for most of the week and nearly 10 degrees above normal for the first week of november. seeing some changes late week as d trough approaching the west coast. we will not get any rain with that trough unfortunately, but it will knock our warm weather pattern back to the 70's..
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raiders in the bay area. ((denise valdez)) >> maybe they can sense things are slipping away. ((chris maathuis)) >> plus... they also see a first place team in the afc west. the raiders are suddenly surprising everybody and sittin' in first place and fans don't want to see their team leave. plus... troy brown plays at centennial.. the local five star playe intentions. more next here on channel 8. ((chris maathuis)) one of the top high school "she's a slob." "she ate like a pig." "i'd look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers..."
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nevada, there's a better choice: ruben kihuen. kihuen pushed to crack down on employers who pay women less than men. and kihuen will always protect a woman's right to choose. ruben kihuen for nevada.
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happens to be from las vegas is taking his skills to oregon. the young man made his intentions known with a slick video... where he dribbled around las vegas and at the end of of the minute long promo reel who made a special announcement. troy brown/centennial high: "take my game to the next level...
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((chris maathuis)) he choose oregon over kansas, ohio state, unlv and georgetown. congrats to troy brown who is a star at centennial high.. meanwhile the rebels are getting ready for their season opener this friday at the thomas and mack. they'll meet south alabama at 7 pm... it'll be the third time the two schools have played each other, e the unlv women's soccer team had a record breaking season in wins, goals and assists. now they they get rewarded for their efforts by playing in the touney. at today's ncaa selection show, the rebels found out they'll meet 4th seed byu on friday in provo. ((chris maathuis)) if you ask the fans in oakland, if the raiders move to las vegas is legit, they'll tell ya its all a mirage. that's its not going to happen. fans in oakland are doing all they can to voice their displeasure with mark davis saying he's going to move his team to las vegas.
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bought a banner that read... "vegas, if you build it we won't come." raider fans: "i'm beyond mad, you not going to take an identity badge away from us and think we're just going to go away quietly.. i feel like we're betrayed.. its like waiting for the election on tuesday.. waiting for the other shoe to drop and for mark davis to say something... it doesn't make any sense to go to las vegas the fan base isn't in las vegas, the fan base is here... we're facing our first winning season in 10 years and yet we're facing our raiders and our owner trying to relocate out team and is there a better monday night team than seattle... they enter tonight's game at home with buffalo riding a 10 game monday night winning streak. seattle used the arm of quarterback russell wilson, but the seahawks needed just one hand from tight end jimmy graham... he used one had to make two terrific catches.. both in the first half. same right hand to cradle both t-d toss and the seahawks beat the bills 31-25..
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((chris maathuis)) in front of 16 thousand fans manny pacquiao put on an impressive show over the weekend winning back the wbc welterweight belt. now he's attention shifts back to the philippines where he's a senator for his country. but before he left... he talked about the fight and the future. and part of that future is opening the door for a rematch with floyd mayweather. manny knows he disappointed a ton of fans in what was supposed to be the fight of the century. so he wants to make it right. manny pacquiao/champion: "i believe if there is a rematch i want to make sure the fan it... i will give all i can to get back the trust of the fans, if there's a rematch, i'm going to make sure the fans will not be disappointed." ((chris maathuis))
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three scorecards.. inexplicably one judge had it a one round fight... manny winning by one round. maybe they'll discuss that at the nevada athletic commission meeting on thursday. ufc interim light heavyweight champion jon jones will serve a doping ban until next july after an arbitration panel denied his appeal of a positive test. jones was pulled from ufc 200 in july shortly after news about the positive drug test. the u.s. anti-doping agency , which handles ufc testing, declared jones ineligible. he took theas and that panel delivered the maximum one-year suspension. jones will be eligible to fight next july. ((dave courvoisier)) our strange stories for monday right after this.///
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i'm catherine cortez masto. i know some people are so disgusted with politics they think their vote doesn't matter. but we can't just sit on the sidelines when so much needs to be done. i know that, working together, we can make progress. as attorney general, i brought democrats and republicans together to fight sex trafficking and drug dealers. and i took on the big banks who took advantage of nevada homeowners. i'll work with anyone to solve problems. for nevada. with all of the shenanigans danny tarkanian's pulled in nevada -- helping set up fake charities used to scam nevada seniors, failing to pay thousands in property taxes, losing $17 million in a failed development scheme, then sticking taxpayers with the bill -- imagine the shenanigans tarkanian would pull
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tarkanian in congress, ever. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. narrator: the target... seniors. danny tarkanian set up thirteen fake charities that preyed on vulnerable seniors... fronts for telemarketing schemes. seniors lost millions from the scams danny tarkanian helped set up. jacky rosen has always led with integrity. in congress, jacky rosen will
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responsible with your tax dollars. jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen
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((dave courvoisier)) up first... imagine being 39-thousand feet in the air... and seeing this above your seat. no.. samuel l jackson didn't film this on a hollywood set. this really happened on a flight to mexico city. the plane was given priority landing.. and the reptile was picked up by animal control. the strangest part of the story.... crews have no idea where it came from./// ((chris maathuis)) here's something pretty strange.... the so called "mannequin challenge" is taking over social media and tv screens. this is what it lookek everyone on set at the "sec network" took part over the weekend. basically... you stop whatever you're doing and hold that position while someone gets it all on video. let's be honest... this fad will be old news in the next week or so./// ((tedd florendo)) finally tonight... we know... just about everyone is sick and tired of the election talk... but here's a story you probably haven't seen. this bird is the talk of it's town... because of it's familiar "hair". recognize it? the pet store owner says this
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the animal have even gone so far to name it... "trump bird"!/// ((dave courvoisier)) that's all for us live at eleven. ((denise valdez)) >> the late show with stephen colbert is next. tonight's guests... don cheadle and stevie wonder. we'll see you back here tomorrow
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as you make up your mind, remember --
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heck took all that money from wall street and predatory payday lenders and voted their way. he even wanted to privatize social security, risking it on the stock market. congressman heck just doesn't care about people like us.
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i'm catherine cortez masto. i know some people are so disgusted with politics they think their vote doesn't matter. i know that, working together, we can make progress. as attorney general, i brought democrats and republicans together to fight sex trafficking and drug dealers. and i took on the big banks who took advantage of nevada homeowners. i approve this message because in washington,
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>> yesterday "the new york times" reported that donald trump's staff took away his twitter account. the following is a cartoon reenactment of his reaction. >> all right. here we go. all right. all right. 3:00 a.m., time for a tweet storm. let's see what i can pinch out. "crooked hillary along with jay- z and beyonce-z totally incited violence at my rallies. sad. hashtag "99 problems and hillary is all of them." end tweet. kellyanne, i can't tweety tweet. >> donald, i told you. your twitter has been disabled. >> unacceptable. i'll tweet about it. "my twitter has been disabled.


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