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tv   8 News Now at 4 PM  CBS  November 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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((christianne klein)) >> thanks for joining us for the news at four... i'm christianne klein. ((paul joncich)) >> and i'm paul joncich. despite the protests going on across the country... it's full speed ahead for donald trump's transition team. ((christianne klein)) >> he spent most of the day with advisors inside trump tower... and as weijia jiang reports... vice president- elect mike pence is already taking on a big role. vice-president elect mike pence is adding a new title to his growing list of duties...heading up the transition team. (gfx) pence will lead the team that helps to pick who will join his new administration. new jersey governor chris christie had been leading the effort and will remain as vice-chair along with dr. ben carson, newt gingrich, senator jeff sessions and rudy giuliani. (sot: rudy giuliani/trump transition team, vice chair) "i can see already that he's going to be a great president and i'm glad i can play a small role." campaign c-e-o steve bannon arrived at trump's office friday morning. he's the former head of
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become trump's chief of staff. (standup: weijia jiang//cbs news//the white house) as for his agenda...trump has been vague about his policies, but blunt about the big ideas behind them--many of which clash with president obama's signature initiatives. trump promised he would repeal obamacare and cancel the landmark agreement on global warming...calling climate change a "hoax". on friday, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell talked about the issues he and president-elect trump discussed in their meeting u mitch mcconnell/(r-ky) majority leader) "much of it reflected positions he took and many of us took prior to the election. the american people expect us to pursue the agenda that we talked about and i'm confident that that's what we're going to do." trump will take the oath of office 10 weeks from friday. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. ((paul joncich)) be sure to watch 60 minutes this sunday night. correspondent lesley stahl will interview the president elect... along with his family. it's the first extensive interview donald trump has done since being elected. you can see it all this sunday night at seven... right here on channel 8./// ((paul joncich)) today is veterans day and people across the country are
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one way vets are being recognized here in the valley... was at the veterans day parade. afterwards... hundreds of meals were served up by "u-s vets" volunteers... for people living at its facilities. we talked with one veteran who never takes these meals for granted: (( charles boeckman i can't even express how much i appreciate these types of events, veterans day, memorial day, these special days even though it's a daily thing for us, these days really bring out the best in everybody and it's a unique experience)) ((paul joncich)) meals for the veterans. the goal of the organization is to get them off the streets... and transition back into a normal life./// ((christianne klein)) five days of relaxation. for the 6th year in a row... that's what mgm resorts international is doing for more than 70 wounded warriors. ((paul joncich)) >> this is their "salue the troops" weekend celebration recognizing veterans day. sharie johnson is live at the mirage where the event is kicking off. ((sharie johnson)) about 30 minutes ago, you couldn't even hear me because of
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veterans with. check out this sign that reads .. .you dedicated your service to us so we dedicate this weekend to you. when the veterans arrived ... they we're greeted with hundreds of mgm resorts music, cheers, flags and lots of love. mgm teamed up with american roll out the red carpet for our veterans. their weekend includes a welcome reception, dinner, events lined with cirque de soliel, shark reef and the secret
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>> reporting live, sharie johnson, 8news now./// ((christianne klein)) let's get a
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tedd? ((tedd florendo)) could we reach 8th day at 80 degrees for november? if so that would tie the record set back in 1950. right now we're close but not quite 80 so it's a wait and see for today's high. light winds and slightly cooler than yesterday at this time. ................................ ... ............... good. clear skies and mild through the night. we wake up to more clouds tomorrow but still mild in the morning after dropping to the mid 50's for our morning start and a little chilly. ((christianne klein)) body cam footage just released...
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>> for the first time police are releasing video showing the inside of the club... just hours after the deadly attack.///
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this is 8 news now at four. ((christianne klein)) today we got our first look inside pulse nightclub... just hours after that deadly massacre there earlier this year. florida officials released the footage from inside the gay bar... it's e avoid showing bodies. in the video... officers enter the club searching for victims with their guns drawn. they're also wearing latex gloves to protect themselves from blood spatter. the gunman shot and killed 49 people inside pulse... before being shot and killed by officers. earlier this week the city of orlando announced it was buying the club and turning it into a memorial./// ((paul joncich)) the city of flint michigan is still in a water crisis. and today a federal judge ordered bottled water deliveries
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water for more than two years. this... after learning their water was tainted with lead. the motion for home delivery of safe drinking water was filed as part of a case brought under the safe drinking water act. the water delivery is to start immediately./// ((christianne klein)) reaching out to veterans. ((paul joncich)) >> up next on the valley's news leader... the startling statistics behind suicide among our nation's heroes... and what groups are doing to combat the problem./// announcer: you're
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americans took a moment today tt served in the armed forces. here in the valley--- thousands made their way to the veterans day parade in downtown las vegas. ((paul joncich)) >> while there are tributes happening--- at the same time, some veterans are struggling with thoughts of suicide. 8 news now's mauricio marin joins us with how one local group is working to combat the issue at hand. ((mauricio marin)) >> veterans account for nearly 20-percent of suicide deaths in the u-s. although that number has gone done slightly in the last few years according to the department of veteran affairs--one local group known as "forgotten not gone" says that's not good enough.
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themselves. >> the group was proud to show off the therapy they provide at today's veterans day parade in las vegas. getting veterans of all different ages onto bikes and tricycles. group organizers say the physical activity has a profound effect on a person to get their minds off things that might be troubling them. peter guidry---who founded the group with his wife battles with depression. he encourages veterans who may feel lost or hopeless to get active to combat those unsettling feelings. ((peter guidry/forgotten not gone: "yeah it'a things myself and i'm embarresed even though you see me smiling right now. it's a struggle every week. chronic pain it's a daily basis but i have hope today because i have veterans that i can pick up the phone and go riding and i'm just glad to be alive today." )) ((mauricio marin)) >> forgotten not gone has grown from just having two therapy tricycles three years ago to now having it's own facility in north las vegas with 28 tricycles. and alot of folks who take part say getting to hang out with
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them to cope. ((mauricio marin)) >> about 65-percent of all veterans who died from sucide were 50 years or older according to the latest statistics. so the group encourages veterans to stay active. for anyone looking to get involved with forgotten not gone--or interesting in helping out---we have a link on las-vegas-now- dot-com. back to you./// ((christianne klein)) check this out... madame tussauds decided to honor our veterans today... by taking a fictional vet to nellis air force base. the wax figure of marvel's madame tussaud's on the strip... all the way to nellis today. the chris evans replica was posed in front of planes across the base... and it will be displayed throughout the weekend for the "75 years of air power" air show. by the way we'll have more on that air show coming up on our news at 5./// ((paul joncich)) it feels like it was just
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town square celebrating halloween. ((christianne klein)) >> but now... it's already time for christmas! tedd is santa claus coming to town... square? ((tedd florendo))
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more like september as of late. our sky across the region. .............. right now temps across the valley are in the low 80s and some upper 70s -- so very mild into the early evening. .............. today we climbed to 80-degrees...that's 10 degress above seasonal normal! normal temps. for
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degrees. ............ we'll continue to see our sunny skies for the next couple of days.... strong high pressure will bring persistent mild and dry weather through the period. temperatures will average several degrees above normal. slightly cooler conditions with periods of high clouds can be expected over the weekend and into early next week. ............ tonight look for lows in the upper a little cooler--but still thid time of the year. tomorrow look for temps. in the upper 70s more sunshine. ............. your extended forecast shows temps finally dropping out of the low 80s into the upper 70s through friday. mid 70s through the weekendand into early next week. ((christianne klein))
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making it easier to get around downtown, and it's all thanks to project neon demetria checks that out and also has an update on the billion dollar project, in what's driving you crazy?" (( )) demetria obilor: downtown commuters are starting to reap the benefits of project 6am, ndot will open the new four-lanee with charleston and grand central parkway. western used to dead end at the holsum design center, just south of charleston. the state says the newly completed link will improve mobility by creating another north-south connection for crosstown traffic, which will relieve congestion and enhance downtown las vegas access. vist ndot project neon dot com
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send your traffic question to traffic eight at las vegas now dot com. ((paul joncich)) that students get asked... "what do you want to be when you grow up?" ((christianne klein)) >> up next in "what's cool at school"... the variety of jobs some students got to experience first hand./// announcer: you're
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((christianne klein)) taking career day outdoors gives students a better idea of what the jobs are really like. ((paul joncich)) >> it's the subject of today's "what's cool at school." here's brian loftus. ((brian loftus)) kids need to learn about electrical safety. so why not roast hot dogs and marshmallows to teach that p 20:41.21 - 20:41.27 trey young-winfrey 2nd grade "they touched it and it like burnt, or got cooked, and i feel like eating it." ((brian loftus)) this was one way to capture the attention of students attending career day at bonnor elementary 21:22.25 - 21:22.36 paul catania bonner elem. principal "the teachers incorporate writing with all of the different presenters, and inside we have well over 100 presenters that are inside as well, talking to the kids about these important things." ((brian loftus)) outside was especially compelling - as work trucks, fire trucks, and squad cars showed students the possibilities and potential of these jobs 20:52.52 - 20:53.01
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pretty cool." me: "why so?" yolana: "because there's like cars, and you get to see different kinds of vehicles." 21:32.18 - 21:32.24 savannah lunkwitz kindergarten savannah: "the dump truck." brian: "why so?" savannah: "because it's cool when it dumps the garbage." ((brian loftus)) one student now considers herself a.....future firefighter 20:54.18 - 20:54.24 yolana huff 2nd grade "because you get to go in houses, and investigate." ((brian loftus)) companies on hand demonstrated what they this case tech.....taking the crane sky-high 20:57.29 - 20:57.35 josh villegas yesco service tech. "their faces just light up, i mean, they instantly just go....oh my god....i'd be so scared." ((brian loftus)) unique jobs generated interest - from hay bales being delivered throughout town, to a cotton candy food truck 21:10.07 - 21:10.14 sari sedillo esquivel i luv cotton candy owner "show all the kids we represent the food trucks, and and that there's a lot of fun with the food truck industry..." ((brian loftus)) students left career day.....with insight and excitement about many jobs 21:15.25 - 21:15.30 patrice tew ccsd trustee "we want to be able to
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((brian loftus)) and for young students to get a glimpse of bright futures.... 21:33.23 - 21:33.28 savannah lunkwitz kindergarten savannah: "be a paleontologist." brian: "wow, a paleontologist....why do you want to be a paleontologist?" savannah: "cause i like dinosaurs, and i want to figure out what the dinosaur bones are, and how dirty they are." ((brian loftus)) and that's what's cool at school ((paul joncich)) to vote for this program or if you know something that's cool at school just head to las vegas now dot com.. it'll be under the commut cool at school at las vegas now dot com. the winner will receive 250 bucks for their program./// ((christianne klein)) a new charter school... from a local man who graduated from c-c-s-d. ((paul joncich)) >> we find out why he decided to open his own school... and what sets it apart from the rest... that's coming up on the valley's news leader./// announcer: now, live...this is 8 news now at
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more educational opportunities are coming to an under-served area of the valley. ((paul joncich)) >> a new charter school is set to open next fall in east
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look at the plans for it. ((karen castro)) >> the school's name is futuro academy, which means future in spanish. the public charter was approved by the nevada achievement school district. it's a state program providing students at under-performing schools access to charters that will get them ready for college. the campus will be located at the corner of washington and lamb, taking over an entire shopping center. futuro academy is a k-though-eight charter school. while anyone can apply, the targeted demographic is families who live in the surrounding which are predominantly latino and spanish-speaking. in fact, the executive director has been knocking on doors around the community, informing parents of the opportunity for their children. ignacio prado says futuro academy is personal to him for many reasons. ((ignacio prado executive director, futuro academy: i moved here when i was 10 years old, here to the united states, when i was 10 years old and i received some english as a second language support, particularly in middle school, struggled. i also taught, not far from here as the clark county school district to the overwhelmingly english language learner population.
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cause and i now it's something that we need to work on as a district.)) ((karen castro)) >> the clock is ticking to get the school ready for the first day of class next fall. there's construction to be done, enrollment and hiring as well. the school is starting off with kindergarten and first grade totaling about 120 students. prado is also looking for six highly motivated teachers to help him open the school. ((karen castro)) >> futuro academy is not officially accepting student applications. but "inter we have that information on las vegas now dot com. ((paul joncich)) a motorists is dead after suffering some type of a medical episode while driving. this happened this morning around nine... near sahara and valley view. investigators say two cars were involved. the driver who had a health problem crashed into a second car... that second driver was not hurt./// ((christianne klein)) thousands of runners likely spent the week training for the 'geico rock n roll marathon' the main marathon gets underway on sunday...
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expected to take part. the strip will be shut down to allow for all the runners... and since it's 26- miles... it will also weave through downtown streets. people from every state are taking part... as well as folks for 83 different countries. participants are encouraged to dress up... there will even be a mass wedding ceremony along the route!/// ((paul joncich)) you now have more options than ever to fly to mexico. interjet just launched new service this week from mccarran... to mexico city. the 'las ve there will be one daily flight... which will shuttle about 22- hundred people weekly. the airline also offers service to guadalajara and monterrey./// ((christianne klein)) let's check back in with tedd florendo... he's live at town square where things are beginning to look a lot like christmas! ((tedd florendo))
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degrees for november? if so that would tie the record set back in 1950. right now we're close but not quite 80 so it's a wait and see for today's high. light winds and slightly cooler than ................................ ... ............... hour by hour tonight looking good. clear skies and mild through the night. we wake up to more clouds tomorrow but still mild in the morning after dropping to the mid 50's for our morning start
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could it be the hot gift this christmas? ((paul joncich)) >> up next on the valley's news leader... how nintendo is turning something old... into an overnight success story more than 30 years after its original debut.///
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this is 8 news now at four. here at channel 8, a number of us are marking movember or men's health month by growing out our mustaches. too many men are dying prematurely because we don't address our health issues! for instance, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer and the sixth leading cause of death in men. but it's very survivable - if you catch it early. so why do so many men delay getting checked?
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partners dr. philippe lam about it: ((5:10 paul joncich: "does a prostate screening necessairily involve a manual examination, someone touching you down there?" dr: "that really depends on the patient's comfort level and also with the provider. 5:36 dr "some men just don't like such a procedure and we understand that.")) ((paul joncich)) doctor lam says, if there's blood in your urine or you have difficulty stream, you may need a p-s-a test, which is a simple blood test to determine if you have prostate cancer.. join dave and chris and me and patrick in spreading the word about mens health during the month of movember. and thanks for all the encouraging emails. our staches are a work in progress and they are only temporary thru movember. christianne./// ((christianne klein)) it looks like nintendo
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the holiday season! the 'n-e-s classic' went on sale last night... and many stores are already sold out! it's already unavailable on amazon. the system comes pre- loaded with 30 classic games like super mario brothers and the legend of zelda. while it looks identical to the one that was released in the 80's... it's much smaller and it will set you back 60- dollars... but since they're selling out... some are going for as much as a thousand dollars on e-bay./// ((christianne klein)) plenty of you had something to say... charles says "i was at target around 9:30 and they were long gone. i think nintendo is trying to make them worth more than just $60." krissi posted this picture of her playing her n-e-s classic... saying "got mine last night and loving it!" barb says "i still have the one i got when i was 15yrs old.
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was." you can share you stories by going to our 8 news now facebook page./// ((paul joncich)) the runnin' rebels take to the court tonight... and one spotlight at the thomas and mack. ((christianne klein)) >> up next on the valley's news leader... why an instructor at southwest career and technical academy deserves to be this season's first 'teacher of the game.'///
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i wanted the same plan that my mother had. senior dimensions. i've had senior dimensions for over 20 years. and i love it! at the plan that offers you more than original medicare. senior dimensions members pay a zero dollar monthly premium. senior dimensions members pay a zero dollar copay for primary care doctor visits. and, our members pay a zero dollar copay for specialist visits and a zero dollar copay for hospital stays as well. i wanted a plan that's been here as long as we have. senior dimensions is one of the longest-standing local medicare advantage plans in nevada,
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i like that i have plenty of doctors and specialists to choose from. senior dimensions offers a broad network of local providers including southwest medical associates, one of the largest and fastest growing multi- specialty groups in nevada. it's what i want. and she gets what she wants!
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rebels take on the south alabama jaguars. has this week's featured 'teacher of the game.' ((chris maathuis)) once again here at channel 8 we're proud to join with mgm resorts, silver state schools credit union and the clark county school district to bring you our teacher of the game. this week we recognize robert davis from southwest career and technical academy. this english teacher challenges his students to become the best they can be.
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say it's an opportunity. sot davis has been teaching for more then 15 years... not only are his students successful in the sot service is part of his life... he volunteers for many school committees and coaches cross country. helping students succeed is robert's mission and for that he's this week's teacher of the game.
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across the region. .............. right now temps across the valley are in the low 80s and some upper 70s into the early evening. .............. today we climbed to 80-degrees...that's 10 degress above seasonal normal! normal temps. for this time of the year is usually 70 degrees. ............ we'll continue to see our sunny skies for the next couple of days.... strong high pressure will bring persistent mild and dry weather through the period. temperatures will average
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periods of high clouds can be expected over the weekend and into early next week. ............ tonight look for lows in the upper a little cooler--but still trending warmer than normal for thid time of the year. tomorrow look for temps. in the upper 70s more sunshine. ............. your extended forecast shows temps finally dropping out of through friday. mid 70s through the weekendand into early next week.
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pimps in las vegas -- taken whole new case no one saw coming! ((paul joncich)) >> the i-team's george knapp brings you the inside story of the investigation that could send our courts into a tailspin./// announcer: you're watching 8 news now at four.
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grand for "google glass"... when you can get similar features from a much cheaper pair of glasses? enter... the smart sunglasses. they come from snapchat... by way of these funky yellow vending machines. the first one has been installed in venice beach,near the company's headquarters. the glasses run about 130-dollars and feature built-in wireless video cameras. no word on where the next
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((christianne klein)) a federal investigation into sex trafficking in las vegas is taking an unexpected turn. ((paul joncich)) >> the 8 news now i-team has learned that fbi agents are now looking into possible connections between a suspected prostitution kingpin... and a high profile detective who was once assigned to investigate the sex trade. george knapp has the exclusive story.
4:54 pm
to a stunning surprise for investigators--a link to a superstar cop. chris baughman/metro vice: 9-20-2011 they make promises to women, young girls, about how i'll take care of you, i love you, we'll live together, we'll make millions of dollars.... ((george knapp)) during his years with metro vice, chris baughman became one of the best known las vegas cops. he was selected in 2008 for a team that targeted las vegas pimps. baughman and his crew went after nevada, he became a fixture on local newscasts..inclu ding when the i-team went along on a joint metro-irs irs raid on a suspected pimp living in luxury at lake las vegas. baughman was there for the soundbites. chris baughman/metro vice 3-16-2011 we don't like you preying on our daughters and we're going to keep coming until we either get you or weed you out of our community. ((george knapp)) baughman's star rose. he was featured in network tv shows, wrote two highly-flattering books about
4:55 pm
and was a star witness in the prosecution of big-time panderers, including ocean fleming, a one-time bodyguard to mally mall who was sent to prison after a savage attack on one of his hookers... (sound of woman screaming--9-1-1- call)) in his many on-camera interviews, baughman expressed sympathy for the victims, women who came to him for protection. baughman: 9-30-2011 i have seen girls burned with irons, beaten with baseball bats, sexually assaulted... ((george knapp)) star in a cable tv series called "slave hunters". after it was cancelled, he tried to get reinstated at metro but was not rehired. according to multiple law enforcement sources, vice officers first became concerned about baughman when he revealed he had taken his teenage daughter to mally mall's home so she could meet justin bieber. the girl
4:56 pm
when the fbi raided rashid's home, it wasn't the sex trafficking team, it was the public corruption squad that initiated the warrant. one focus of that search may have been the relationship between rashid and baughman. according to police sources, baughman admitted to having romantic relationships with women who had worked as prostitutes, including some of the victims who had come to him for proc began, the bureau has twice requested case files from metro, specifically, files involving pimp investigations that baughman worked. a few months ago, baughman's life took another unexpected turn...he married deputy d.a.
4:57 pm
the pimps that baughman investigated. public records show that baughman's company uses mercer's home address. ((christianne klein)) >> since the 2014 raid, no charges have been filed against mally mall, nor have any been filed against chris baughman. ((paul joncich)) >> multiple law enforcement sources have told the i-team that one of their biggest concerns is what might happen when convicted pimps learn that detective baughman allegedly slept with victims who became witnesses. we will have fh ((christianne klein)) before we leave you hereat four... we want to check back in on those protests we showed you earlier. ((paul joncich)) >> this is in miami florida... where demonstrators are taking to the street... to protest the election of donald trump. this is the third night of protests that have broken out across the country. ((christianne klein)) >> already tonight... demonstrators have showed up in portland, chicago, and new york./// paul joncich that's all for us at 4. christianne klein >> 8 news now at five starts after this. don't forget.. we're always on at las vegas now dot com, on facebook and
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now at 5...
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"it's so important to recognize that there are those that need help." ((denise valdez)) >> support groups are using this day... to combat a serious issue among those who have served our country. ((dave courvoisier)) >> we're 10 weeks away from donald trump being sworn into office... but protestors are still voicing their disapproval over the outcome of the presidential
5:00 pm
>> a debt solution... isn't all that it seems. it's actually making matters worse. michelle mortensen is on your side... with ways to avoid falling into the trap. > as many people thank them for their service -- one local group is working to help veterans struggling with suicide looked into what's being down to prevent veterans from hurting themselves after serving their country. ((mauricio marin)) >> veterans are more than 20-percent at greater risk to commit suicide according to the department of veteran affairs. so one local group known as "forgotten not gone" is using an unconventional way to help former military men and women work to ease the pain they might be dealing with. ((mauricio marin)) it's been a long journey... ((peter guidry/forgotten not gone: "we just accomplished 2,222 mile journey of riding our recovery trikes in las vegas."


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