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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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struggling schools are not sitting well with them... but what does the proposal really mean? ((dave courvoisier)) >> the clock is ticking... is your holiday shopping done? if not... you're not alone... but experts are seeing a shift in how many people get their shopping done early./// tedd florendo
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actually owning the animals in pahrump isn't against the law if you have a special permit. but the conditions they found some of these animals living in now has the folks in charge of taking care of the creatures facing animal cruelty charges. >> the exotic animals were loaded up into trailers today. it was a grueling process as you can imagine -- these animals aren't able to be transferred easily. they're being taken to a u-s-d-a the owners had the proper permits for the large cats. however -- sheriff deputies responded to the house this week after getting tipped off about a fennec fox and and candaian siberian lynx hybrids locked up in bedrooms where they were urinating and deficating on the walls and carpet. the fennec fox is illegal to have in nevada. detectives couldn't quite believe what they saw when they entered the home. (( sgt. michael eisenloffel/ nye county sheriff office: "well it's sort of disturbing. you know animals are living creatures and deserve to live in proper conditions and properly fed and taken care of and
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seeing the conditions they were living in were very disturbing and concerning.")) ((mauricio marin)) >> the animals were in the possession of jacki freeman. she wasn't arrested but has been cited for animal cruelty. and could have her special animal permit revoked. nye county permits people to own these types of animals if they can follow certain regulations. in place and sanitary living conditions. ((mauricio marin)) >> sheriff deputies say the owner could face more charges depending on the evidence they find here on scene. it's been a real struggle for authorities to remove the animals--- particuarly the black panther. but they were able to get all the animals out before sun set today. reporting live in pahrump...mauric io marin. 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) this investigation comes days after a similar one.. also in pahrump. trisha meyer is waiting to be extradited back to houston... where she's facing charges for
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exotic animals roam her home with only a teenager watching over them. animal control found three tiger cubs in the backyard.. and eight monkeys, a skunk, and a fox inside the home. the animals have since been taken into protective custody./// ((denise valdez)) the trial against the clark county school district continued today... over claims that reports of bullying went unanswered. today... we heard from the school dean in charge of discipline. 8 news now reporter karen castro has been following the case. she's in our ne karen? ((karen castro)) >> attorneys for the families asked the school dean if she had fulfilled her legal obligation, under state law, to address the bullying reports. there was a lot of back and forth about the steps taken to address the allegations. but on several occasions the dean did not remember key details. cheryl wynn testified the first victim filed a complaint with her office back in september of 2011. the student wrote... a boy in his band class was harrassing him. wynn said she could not recall
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she notified his parents. she does remember meeting with the accused bully and his mother. the dean documented the incident in a school system... where she also wrote administrators had receveid an email from the alleged victim's mother. in that email the mother informed administrators about a pencil stabbing incident. wynn was not listed in the email and says she was never notified. in fact, wynn testified she didn't know about the stabbing until the following year. still--- attorneys for the family questioned her about the initial report filed by the student. because of the nature of the case,e minors involved. ((john scott - victims' attorney: did you conduct an investigation of these allegations made by that was calling him names, messing with his hair, kicking his band instrument, and blowing in his face . wynn: no i didn't do an investigation on that.)) ((karen castro)) >> wynn also testified she doesn't remember seeing a second
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teacher. in that email another mother wrote her son was being bullied by the same boy. around the same time, the band teacher made a referral to the dean about the situation with the accused bully. attorneys said wynn now had three sources telling her about the same boy causing trouble in class and she did not do an investigation. wynn said by that point, the assistant principal told her he was taking care of the situation. ((karen castro)) >> the dean also testified she never asked the assistant principal about the testimony in this case picks back up on tuesday. ((denise valdez)) parents and students protested outside mack middle school today. they're fighting the possibilty that the school will be turned into a charter school. (( patti buono//mack middle school teacher "our principal has built a team of highly educated people out here and our entire focus is on the students. so it's very stressful for us to consider that team being broken up by the asd. we work very well togethe, we do a tremendous amout of interdisciplinary work here and it would break up our
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it's taken us the 5 year's since ms. kelly has been here to reach this point and it would be a huge step backward if we were to leave." )) ((denise valdez)) >> it's all part of the state's strategy to tackle nevada's under-performing schools -- and make them part of a new "achievement school district". you'll remember a similar protest happened at monaco middle school a few weeks back. that school was one of the 21 schools initially recommended for conversion -- but was choices were narrowed down. earlier this week -- the nevada department of education named which 9 schools it recommends to be changed. there are middle schools... baliey, brinley, mack, orr, and von tobel. and elementary schools... camberio, craig, fitzgerald, and kelly. so what's next? the state board of education must approve at lease 50% of those schools within the next 30 days. then the achievement
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and match them with new leaders -- who will work with parents and students on a vision for the school. the whole process should be complete by the start of the next school year./// ((dave courvoisier)) former republican congressional candidate danny tarkanian is suing his opponent... democrat jacky rosen... for defamation. the lawsuit stems from claims made in a campaign ad by rosen's campaign... about tarkanian's alleged involvement as an attorney who incorporated companies that defrauded seniors. in 2009... tarkanian successfully sued an opponent in a sta who made a similar claim during a debate on k-l-a-s five years earlier. tarkanian is seeking 8 million dollars in damages. ((dave courvoisier)) let's turn out attention to the weather now. what a difference 20 degrees makes. it was pretty chilly overnight.. and could stay that way for a little while. but that's not keeping tedd indoors. he's out at downtown summerlin where crews are gearing up for the annual parade to start tonight... hey tedd!
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finally dropped below normal. cold front that passed through last night. these are temps we we finally dropped below normal. temps today near 60 and unseasonably cooler than the mid 60's we're supposed to be at. winds still remain breezy at times as well but will decrease even more tomorrow and into our weekend. we have plenty of sunshine as well but become milder by the weekend. ....................... ............ ................................ .. neighborhood by neighborhood temps in the mid 60's and milder on the east side of town where we're lower in elevation and
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wind barreling through. regional temps also stayed chilly this morning and not too much of a warm up as well today as most of the state stayed below average ((denise valdez)) >> the national retail federation expects holiday sales to increase around 3.6 percent to more than 650 billion dollars this year.. so who's driving this increase and wr anchor christianne klein delved into the numbers and joins us now with more.. ((christianne klein)) >> there's a lot of interesting data out there about where and how people shop- and these numbers are important because the trends we're seeing could effect the number of physical stores and your shopping options long term. one of the biggest areas of growth is online shopping and away from those big box and department stores.. according to nielsen's 2016 holiday trend report, 58 percent of shoppers said they purchased
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box stores and only 25 percent in department stores. a majority of u-s consumers are planning to shop on black friday and cyber monday but perhaps the biggest trend is how they're shopping.. 50 percent of consumers plan to use their phones to shop on cyber monday- up from 39 percent last year. if you haven't started your holiday shopping you aren't alone- but there is a growing trend led by millenials to start their holiday shopping early... already started shopping, followed by gen x-ers, and baby boomers. and according to nielsen- african americans are leading increased spending.. 15 percent are planning to spend more- while only 9 percent of the total population is planning to spend more this holiday season.. ((christianne klein)) >> you also might have noticed several online retailers- like amazon starting their "black friday" deals much earlier- amazon started black friday deals week today... so you can take advantage of
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we took to facebook to ask if you'd be shopping on black friday this year... and not many of you were for it... barb says... "thanksgiving should be spent with family or those you love. not supporting the big companies trying to make money!" and lois agrees... "black friday use to be fun, but it's too cut throat now. there's no way i will be out there that day."/// ((dave courvoisier)) up ne. you'll have a chance to check out the newest casino on the north end of the strip much sooner than planned. and it's almost time for your chance to win 500 dollars! in just a few more minutes we'll give you the cue to call to win a gift card to help with your holiday shopping. you must be at least 18- years- old and be able to show you're a valid nevada resident to win! we'll be right back.///
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tedd florendo. this is 8 news now at five.")) ((denise valdez)) got a problem? tell michelle ... because she gets results. and this time she helped a woman with a d-m-v registration problem that saved her hundreds of dollars.
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options. guess what? she did. kevin malone the d-m-v pio told me she could buy a movement permit for the days before her move along with a "drive-away" permit to head out to ohio. also she had to do to get it was make an appointment at the d-m-v. stephanie did just that .. and got to ohio with no problems. several hundred dollars. and i'm always glad to help. remember ... if you have a problem .. tell me about it because i'm on your side ... watching out for you. ((dave courvoisier)) mccarran airport expects to be at capacity next week... as folks fly in and out to visit family for the thanksgiving weekend... so they're reminding travelers of ways to make their trip as smooth as possible. be sure to get there at least 2 hours ahead of your departure time... but if you plan to park.. leave even sooner. the long-term lots typically fill up fast this time of year... but both terminal 1 and 3 have econmy lots.
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your best options are short-term parking or curbside pickup./// ((dave courvoisier)) if your guests are waiting til the last minute to book a hotel... they'll have a new option... the lucky dragon! the property near las vegas boulevard and sahara had a grand opening planned for december 3rd... but we checked the website today and say room availability beginning tomorrow! we're told the celebration in december will still happen as planned./// ((dave courvoisier)) all week long... tedd's been around the valley checking out the holiday happenings. ((denise valdez)) first it was the cactus garden. lights. now he's at downtown summerlin waiting for the parade to start.. hi tedd.
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these are temps we haven't seen since february as we finally dropped below normal.
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60's we're supposed to be at. winds still remain breezy at times as well but will decrease even more tomorrow and into our weekend. we have plenty of sunshine as well but become milder by the weekend. ......... .......................... ................................ .. neighborhood by neighborhood temps in the mid 60's and milder on the east side of town where we're lower in elevation and obviously cooler for the westside near the mountain where wind barreling through. regional temps also stayed chilly this morning and not too much of a warm up as well today as most of the state stayed below average. ........... ... .................. satellite and radar composite shows clear skies after the clouds we had yesterday. we have cooler weather in the wake of that cold front so temps will take a while to recover. we're anticipating our first freeze of the season for some areas in souther nevada. freeze alerts have been issued but las vegas not under that freeze warming. we stay cold and but not under a freeze warning as we get temps we haven't seen since february 7th. ................................ ... ................. tonight expect a low near 40 and chilly as you'll need the jacket tomorrow a.m. winds become more light breezes tonight and less windy as earlier today.ore light breezes morrow expect a high in the d0'. ................................
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ouds by sunday. slight chance for showers onnday cool and more seasonably next week. overnight lows stay chilly in the 40's for much of next week.
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(( "you're watching 8 news now at five."))
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after launching it's "pool" option in las vegas this week -- uber is in the giving spirit. now through the end of the year american express cardholders can get a free ride from mccarran airport. just use the code on your screen... then pay with your amex card.. and you'll be credited up to 65 bucks. even bett. before the end of the year./// ((denise valdez)) that offer is also good at george bush intercontinental airport in houston.. where sports fans are already booking flights. the super bowl is three months away! tickets won't be the only big money maker for the city. families are opting to rent their homes and apartments for a quick buck. a one bedroom apartment is going for about 500-plus a night. the city is stepping in --
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short-term leases. but so far -- that's not stopping some from getting in filling the demand. /// ((dave courvoisier)) we have a winner of our 8 news now great days of giving contest! larry leece just won a 500 dollar gift card! congratulations! and remember we will be giving away 500 and 600 gift cards in the 5 and 6pm through november 22nd. so if you didn't win today.. there are more chances this week... just tune in to the 5 and 6pm newscasts. ((dave courvoisier)) thanks for watching 8 news now t leader. don't forget you can always find us on facebook and twitter. ((denise valdez)) the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// >> ((mauricio marin/reporter: animal control
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? ? ? captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: trump steers to the right. three conservatives are picked to head his national security and law enforcement teams. also tonight, the president- elect settles avoiding a federal trial over trump university. the biggest counterfeit bust in u.s. history, and it didn't happen here. >> this is just one stack of fake $20 bills. >> dickerson: and "on the road"i with steve hartman. a little girl's bold question tc a grumpy old man changed two lives. >> and i said, "you don't know.i this is the first time for quite a while that i have been this happy." this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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