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tv   8 News Now at 630 PM  CBS  November 18, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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when you'll want to avoid the area around the airport this weekend... ahead of the thanksgiving travel season. ((christianne klein)) after an election loss... danny tarkanian files suit. why he says the opposition defamed him... and why he might have a shot at winning the lawsuit. ((paul joncich)) plus... consolidation in the world o fanduel could help the companies survive and thrive.///
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215 at the airport connector is shutting down, in both directions, at 9pm tonight, staying closed the entire weekend, set to reopen around 5am monday. the 215 ramps to the airport connector will remain open, so you will be able to take 215 into mccarran, but should you is the question... i'd play it safe and use alternates because all traffic will e diverted onto the cause a lot of congestion. the eastbound 215 exit from the airport connector will also be closed during this time. the ramp to westbound 215 will stay open, however. if you're coming in from the east side, use surface streets to get to the airport. russell road will get you into mccarran. you can also stay on the freeway and exit early around eastern or windmill before the closure to avoid delays and then use surface routes to get where you need to go. those on the west side, should use alternates like tropicana
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paradise, and that will get you into the airport. ((paul joncich)) from the cactus garden at ethel m chocolates... to the glittering lights at the speedway... tedd florendo has to welcome in the holiday season! ((christianne klein)) >> that continues tonight... he's at downtown summerlin where they're hosting a parade... and lighting up the tree! tedd? ((tedd florendo)) cold air has arrived behind a cold front that passed through last night. these are temps we ((tedd florendo)) cold air has arrived behind a
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last night. these are temps we haven't seen since february as we finally dropped below normal. temps today near 60 and unseasonably cooler than the mid 60's we're supposed to be at. winds still remain breezy at times as well but will decrease even more tomorrow and into our weekend. we have plenty of sunshine as well but become mil ......... .......................... ................................ .. neighborhood by neighborhood temps in the mid 60's and milder on the east side of town where we're lower in elevation and obviously cooler for the westside near the mountain where wind barreling through. regional temps also stayed chilly this morning and not too much of a warm up as well today as most of the state stayed below average ((paul joncich)) democrat jacky rosen narrowly defeated republican danny tarkanian last week... by a 4-thousand vote margin. now tarkanian is suing his opponent... claiming defamation during the campaign. as politics now anchor patrick
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side. ((patrick walker)) in a lawsuit filed this week... republican danny tarkanian is seeking 8 million dollars in damages from democrat jacky rosen. ((jacky rosen/(d) u.s. representative-elect: "i'm jacky rosen, and i approve this message.")) ((patrick walker)) the central issue: rosen's claims that tarkanian helped set up scams costing senior citizens millions of dollars. ((voiceover: "danny tarkanian set up 13 fake charities that preyed on vulnerable seniors, fronts for telemarketing schemes.")) ((steve sebelius/rj columnist: "the question is, what responsibility does a lawyer have whea agent, helps a company, he may not know what that company does.")) ((patrick walker)) review journal columnist steve sebelius says a jury would have to decide what the claims imply. tarkanian has been down this road before. in 2004... democrat mike schneider made similar claims about those scams during a k-l-a-s debate with tarkanian. ((mike schneider/(d) former state senator: "and then you're setting up fraudulent corporations for telemarketers.")) ((patrick walker)) tarkanian sued schneider and won in 2009...
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dollar judgment. while defamation lawsuits aren't all that unusual related to political ads... sebelius says tarkanian has a shot at winning... thanks to the 2009 ruling in his favor. ((steve sebelius/rj columnist: "if she fights it, i think it could be interesting to see if what was said in the 2016 campaign, if a jury comes to the same conclusion as in 2004.")) ((patrick walker)) nevada democratic party spokesman stewart boss... who was rosen's communications director during the campaign... weighed in on the lawsuit on twitter. "this is pathetic" he trying to blame his loss on someone else so he has an excuse to run for office again." patrick walker... 8 news now. ((paul joncich)) >> a state democratic party official says similar ads aired against tarkanian during failed bids for office in 2006 and 2012... with no lawsuit. rosen has not commented on the latest suit./// ((christianne klein)) the first hotel and casino to be built from the ground up since the cosmopolitan... is welcoming its first guests this weekend.
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reservations for rooms starting tomorrow. they're not holding a grand opening ceremony until december third... but our cameras will be there tomorrow for a preview of everything the property has to offer. by the way we checked their website... a single king room will set you back 499- dollars tomorrow night. the property near las vegas boulevard and sahara will have about 200 rooms and a 27- thousand square foot casino floor./// ((christianne klein)) it's that moment when two becomes one... in the world of fantasy sports league. 'draftkings' officially announced their plans to team up... into a single company. the hope is that the new company will be better- equipped to tackl the many regulatory issues they're facing. you still can't legally play here in nevada. the two will continue to operate separately through the 2017 n-f-l season./// ((paul joncich)) a real- life look at what addiction can do. coming up on the valley's news leader... a disturbing example of a problem we were telling you about last night.
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tedd florendo. this is 8 news now at six-thirty. ((paul joncich)) a super heroin that's cut with animal tranquilizer - we told you about yesterday - just
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facebook live. someone found two men who'd overdosed and broadcast it live on facebook. first a warning, some of you may find this video disturbing. this is outside a macdonald's in sandusky ohio. a passerby noticed a man lying on the ground, another passed out in the drivers seat. the city of 25-thousand has seen more than 20 heroin overdoses and 4 deaths in the last two weeks. the police chief says with carfentanil or elephant tranquiler in some of the heroin, users are playing a game of russian roulette. hoping carfentanil doesn't become prevalent out here. to date, two local heroin deaths are blamed on carfentanil./// ((christianne klein)) in the world of politics... we're getting a better idea of what the trump administration will look like come january 20-th. today... the president- elect announced alabama senator jeff sessions as his first cabinet pick to be attorney general. he also tapped kansas congressman mike pompeo as c-i-a director... and retired general michael flynn for national
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says the process is going along smoothly so far: ((vice president-elect mike pence: making great progress. great working with president-elect. he is a man of action. we've got a great number of men and women with great qualifications come forward to serve this new administration and i am humbled to be a part of it. )) ((christianne klein)) >> there is some controversy in today's choices. general flynn once referred to is fear of muslims is rational. in 1986... the senate blocked senator sessions from becoming a federal judge... after he was accused of making racist remarks. sessions denies those claims./// ((paul joncich)) it was an encounter at a grocery store... that ended up changing lives: (( she stood up and said, 'hi old person, it's my birthday today.' )) ((christianne klein)) >> up next on the valley's news leader... the sweet bond this little girl made with a senior citizen... at a time when the man needed it
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it was an unexpected but powerful friendship... between a senior citizen... and a little girl. ((paul joncich)) as steve hartman shows us... an innocent encounter in a grocery store came at just the right time for one 82- year- old. not long ago, in a cemetery outside augusta, georgiaa loving couple was buried. the wife - buried below this
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mound of grief. bite dan covered "took me totally by surprise." 82-year-old dan peterson says after mary died, he fell into a deep depression -- spent days, just staring out at the squirrels. bite dan "steve: what were you living for? dan: i was trying to figure that out, frankly. steve: you had no purpose? dan: no. steve: e die? yea." for 6 months it was just that bad. bite dan continues "steve: then one day you go to the grocery store? (dan shakes his head, yes)" it all changed inside this publix. std-up / dan was nearing the end of the canned vegetable aisle. he hates grocery shopping and, by all accounts, the expression on his face confirmed his aggravation. but that's when this unapproachable man was approached by a 4-year-old girl named norah wood. in the security footage you can see norah
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her mom, tara, says it was quite embarrassing. bite tara "she stood up and said, 'hi old person, it's my birthday today.' steve: old person? tara: old person." bite dan "hi old person. steve: she says this to this cranky old man? dan: yea." and then had the audacity to demand a hug. bite dan continues "i said, 'a hug?!' i said, 'absolutely!' (steve laughs)" norah got her hug and then asked her mom to take a picture of her with her new friend. bite tara "s and she didn't want anything from him. she just wanted to make him feel loved and give him a hug. and his little lip quivered and he was teared up and it was just sweet." bite dan "and i said, 'you don't know. this is the first time, for quite a while, that i've been this happy.'" that all happened a couple months ago, and his grin has only
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sweetheart, come in, come in!" today norah visits at least once a week. nat dan "so how's my sweetie?" and every time -- it's the grocery store all over again. nat dan "i knew i was going to get a hug." bite dan "oh, it's unbelievable. totally unbelievable." dan does have grandkids of his own, but they're grown and gone. and norah does have grandparents - but her mom says this is a completely different kind explanation. bite tara "she fell asleep holding a picture of them. and i'm like, what!?" to dan it's equally miraculous but far less mysterious. he believes norah is, quite literally, an angel. bite dan "she opened me to a love that i didn't know existed. steve: dan, let me ask you - when your wife died, you felt like you didn't have
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do you feel like you have a purpose now? dan: of course - norah -- watching her grow up. i know i made room in my heart for a lot more." ((christianne klein)) >>. alright let's check in one last time with tedd florendo out at ((tedd florendo)) ((( cold air has arrived
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last night. these are temps we haven't seen since february as we finally dropped below normal. unseasonably cooler than the mid 60's we're supposed to be at. winds still remain breezy at times as well but will decrease even more tomorrow and into our weekend. we have plenty of sunshine as well but become milder by the weekend. ......... .......................... ................................ .. neighborhood by neighborhood temps in the mid 60's and milder on the east side of town where we're lower in elevation and obviously cooler for the westside near the mountain where wind barreling through. regional temps also stayed chilly this morning and not too much of a warm up as well today as most of the state stayed below average. ................................ ... .................. satellite and radar composite
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wake of that cold front so temps will take a while to recover. we're anticipating our first freeze of the season for some areas in souther nevada. freeze alerts have been issued but las vegas not under that freeze warming. we stay cold and but not under a freeze warning as we get temps we haven't seen since february 7th. ................................ ................. night expect night and less windy as rlier today. tomorrow expect a high in the d near averagfor a change.nny ski the workweek..................n nday and we clear up again. we turn mild by the weekend and week. overnight lows stay chilly in the 40's for much of next week.
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promoting his latest project. ((paul joncich)) >> step aside iron man, x-men, and spidey... stan lee shows us how we can be the real superheroes america needs right now. that's next on the valley's news leader./// announcer: you're watching 8 news now at
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comic book legend stan lee was in las vegas today... but it wasn't to talk superheroes. instead, the marvel comics co-creator is on a mission to spread the message of inspiring respect for all with his new project... a simple lapel pin featuring two clasped hands -- one black, one white -- underneath the word "respect." (( stan lee: "stop trying to think of eachothr friendly, get along with each other. it's such a simple thing and because it's so simple, i'm hoping maybe it'll work. maybe if enough people talk about it, maybe the very people that need it will see it and think, i'll try that.")) ((paul joncich)) >> the pins cost ten dollars. if you weren't able to get your hands on one at the treasure island event today...
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/// ((christianne klein)) thanks for watching 8 news now at 6:30. we're always on at las vegas now dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. ((paul joncich)) >> be sure to watch 8 news now at 11...
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from washington, d.c., this is the "jeopardy! teen tournament. here is our third group of semi-finalists -- a senior from germantown, tennessee... a junior from severna park, maryland... and a junior from darien, connecticut...
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here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] hey, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. what a week this is turning out to be. two semi-final games, sensational matches that were in doubt until the very end of final jeopardy! what will today produce with apurva, antonio, and michael? good luck. we'll start finding out immediately... as we discover the categories for the jeopardy! round.... hmm. followed by... next... and finally... all of those words in quotation marks, so one of them is gonna come up in each correct response. michael, start. southern history for $800.


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