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tv   Politics Now  CBS  November 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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don't wait! call now! )) ((patrick walker >> >> tonight on "politics now," senator harry reid not holding back on a floor speech about donald trump's election. >> a state senator switches side. the reason patricia farley is giving for leaving the repetitive party and caucusing with t the political ad in congressional district 3 has sparked a lawsuit. >> one claim that may have the rosen group sweating. >> from 8 news now, this is "politics now" with steve sebelius and patrick walker.
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stopped opponented from criticizing him. >> on tuesday, the nevada senior senator saying we shouldn't "normalize" trump. >> he appointed a man of white supremacy as a number one strategist number one. everyone else is underneath him. >> what message is sending to the young girl who woke up wednesday morning in rhode island afraid to be a colored girl. >> reid did not stop there, he went on to call on trump to
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>> the president of the united states, stop hiding behind your twitter account and show america that racism, bullying, bigotry have no place in the white house or in america. >> i don't think suspected that reid would go quietly into the night. >> there's no placating harry reid that's for sure. i think reid would have taken on any republican who won house, but trump i think is especially juicy target for him. even though reid is well-known for his willingness to say basically in politics if it gives him an advantage, his criticisms do have some basis and truth in this case. i think it may be getting in the way of his message at this
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owners. it includes a lot of trump's biggest campaign donors. they will be responsible for a series of events and raising the money to pay for them. >> is that a thank you of sorts for election help? or can we expect these casino owners to play a bigger role in the >> you got to raise a lot of money to pay for all of those inaugural ball. trump has run casinos himself, it is natural he'll have friends in the industry. are those people going to get those policy ideas enacted because of their relationship with president trump. las vegas sands has long wanted a ban on online gaming in the
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non-partisan.... and now will caucus with the democrats during the next legislative session. farley released a statement saying she wants her constituents to come before any labels. she told kxnt radio host alan stock this week that she is not the type of person that will just do what she is told and not ask any questions. new democratic majority leader aaron ford also sent a statement welcoming her into the fold. the democrats had a slim 11 to 10 majority in the state senate before farley's i >> so what kind of impact will this move have? ((steve sebelius)) it's interesting, because farley was personally recruited by republican leader michael roberson, and her defection is undoubtedly an affront to him. but in farley was personally recruited
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want labels, she really was an independent. she did a great job of chairing the elections committee. i think there was probably some independence going on there when she decided to make that switch. another issue that we saw her move from the fold on was marijuana. the state voted to legalize marijuana last week are and that law formerly kicks in january 1st. this week leaders are meeting it was more about than just learning how to buy and sell weed. >> they are spending week looking at all things marijuana. >> what we have done is to offer safe access in essence with a fun environment. >> these businesses offer a glimpse into what marijuana's
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in nondescript packaging. >> manufacturers like kush bottles are already working on meeting those standards. >> our efforts have always been about building a platform around child resistant pharmaceutical grade packaging. >> another issue marijuana businesses have had a hard time in finding buildings in which to set up shop. commercial real estate inventory is low and the number o landlords willing to rent to marijuana businesses is smaller. >> sometimes if they have a mortgage, the mortgage prohibits activities that are illegal, even if it is state legal, it is federally illegal. >> banks nationwide are doing
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do it. >> sales will not begin right away in the new year, state lawmakers tell me they will be working on a temporary program allowing medical marijuana facilities to make recreational sales until the full regulations are put in place. >> he has several. the state senator has several bills that will be coming forward. >> patricia farley behind some of those bills as well. >> definitely, there's going to be a ton of bills. piece, there's the banking issue, which is more of a federal issue. here at the state level, you got to address the dui standards. dui testing, workplace regulations, how all of that goes together. so yeah, there's a lot to doing this, it is not just pushing the button to say, yes, let's legalize it. >> future halted construction
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facility in north las vegas. >> the company is rumored to have money problems questioning the incentive deals that brought the company to nevada in the first place. >> saying the chinese billionaire behind the project simply doesn't have any money. critic simple continues about you officials say schwartz is wrong. >> state treasurer dan swartz doesn't mince words when talking >> they have all been boom boozeled. >> schwartz is talking about the governor, economic director steve hill and leaders. they passed a tax break and infrastructure package for $335 million. it has depended on investing the full billion dollar construction price tag for its three million square foot facility, but work here has stopped. >> my conclusion is, you know, pretty much the same as before, they don't have the money.
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says farrah day future received a financial boost on tuesday after the company announced it was halting construction until after the consumer electronics show in january. >> received a $600 million injection of capital. 300 million of that will be here state side. >> the project is backed by billionaire. one of its companies had stock suspended company. he says faraday has already invested in nevada. >> they said everything is fine, they are continuing progress and working together. >> i went straight to faraday future to ask about these allegations, they, so far, have not responded to my request for
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the infrastructure bond the state treasurer will issue it is contingent on $75 million, a bond, essentially being put down in front of it. that hasn't been put up yet. >> the city is arguing there's no need to put up the money until the bonds are ready and ready to start work on the infrastructure. i think it is most interesting, building the infrastructure for apex in general. it is like the expenditure involved in this whole thing. faraday has fallen on hard times. >> we heard from the governor's office and i believe from the city talking about they wanted to secure that first big tenant to get the infrastructure built. >> how is the hyperloop product going, maybe that will be the big tenant, who knows. >> they are moving out there.
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well, it is moving forward as well. who voted against it in the clark county commission and what happened, we'll have all of that
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((patrick walker)) county commissioners gave the go ahead to plans to build an nfl sta >> welcome back to "politics now." county commissioners give the go ahead on plans to build the stadium. the approval was welcome news. they approved more funding stadium among other things. tuesday's county commission meeting. >> it is a bad idea. >> opponents to a $750 million public contribution lobbied county commissioners to vote
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throats. in october, lawmakers approved senate bill one. >> everybody is going to vote for this about you me. >> a vocal opponent of the stadium deal voted against adopting sb1. it is not about whether you're for a stadium or against one. this is about the public policy of it. >> she wanted th convention products to be considered separately. she calls it an attempt to ram the stadium through. it went through for 15 nonts. then the legislature. i think we're familiar with the issues that are at hand. critics say it is the largest for any nfl stadium. it goes to the developer and the team.
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with. >> the public is going to get $35 million a year as a result of the stadium being built there. >> danny tarkanian who lost his run is now suing his opponent jacky rosen. tarkanian says rosen defamed him with this ad. preyed on vulnerable seniors. fronts for telemarketing schemes. it focuses saying seniors lost millions from scams that danny tarkanian helped to set up. basically it refers to
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fronts. it is nearly identical to opponents. tarkanian won the defamation lawsuit for comments made in ads, but those comments may have gone farther in those contained in the ad. the insurance company agreed to pay a 152,000 settlement in the state democratic party sweeted this this is pathetic. broke and trying to blame his loss on someone else. he has an excuse to run for office again. this was his fifth unsuccessful event to run for office. it seems like a steep amount really to be asking compared to what schneider got in a lawsuit
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me. >> i think he has to shoot high, because whatever settlement amount is a lot less. assuming there is a settlement. his lawyers are arguing that jackie rosen's people should have know that this was wrong. so they should have taken more caution in what they did with that add. >> we are revisiting a state senator switching sides. what does the fac that patty farley is not to blame for the move. >> a wall street journal editorial.
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y groups in nevada. it's what i want. and she gets what she wants! don't wait! call now! senator patricia farley flipp >> earlier in the show we told you about republican state
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sides. they put the blame squarely on somebody else. here is allen stock and deputy director maria teresa lieberman. >> she has switched sides, she won the election -- she was elected of course as a republican, she's filed to be nonpartisan. she's going to caucus with the democrats. i want to start with you. the republican had just a very slim minority, right? the bigger, surprised? >> i was a little surprise that she did change over. i'm not disappointed in her in the least bit. i have some understanding about why she may have made that change and my sympathy is with her. i'll be talking to her on my show. she wants to be able to be as independent, and i don't mean not republican, not democratic, liberal, but doesn't want to
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every moment that she's up in carson city. she got tired of it. i have a whole lot of respect for her for doing that. >> democrats were able to pick up another seat and work towards that 14-seat majority. they just need two moderate republicans to come over on their side. how big of a victory is this for senate democrats? >> i think it is a very big victory. they are able to work with someone who is a moderate, moderate in her going about her own way in carson city, now she's going to be open to caucus with the democrats and see what their pros and cons on legislation are. it is a pretty big victory for them to have someone as moderate as her to work with them. i agree with allen, this is something that is roberson's fault. he likes to control, he likes to
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whenever there's any sign of you thinking differently or wanting to have a different type of opinion than him he likes to control it. she was put in this position in order to act her own way and have her own thoughts as a legislator, she has to be as a party one as she said. like allen, i respect her tremendously for doing that. she's someone that has been a pleasure to work with with us. she's been very she's always listened to us. she's never treated us badly even during the stadium deal. she's always been someone who has really been an independent of thought. this is very big of her. she obviously takes her role as a legislator very seriously. >> i'm just going to say, listen, roberson is nothing
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crap. he's the worst guy ever probably since i've been in nevada in the state legislature when it comes to how a guy treats a woman. the republican party should be ashamed to have one was like that with an r after their name. i'm hoping with patricia farley's exit and people understand and see what's going on with him and in a few years he's asked to leave the legislature completely and never come back again. >> our panel talked about te change and partisan control of the legislature and what that means in enforcing question two the recreational marijuana initiative. you can see that on our website at las vegas >> time for the race now. we go over the other big local stories. governor sandoval says he'll be putting in the education savings program. it gives families public school funding to pay for private school or other costs.
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way to fund it, which may be tough, since all of the democrats in the democratically controlled legislature voted against it. he said he would fight any bid to provide the proposed nuclear waste depository. they ran an editorial suggesting donald trump should go back to the plan to explore the nation's spent nuclear waste. outgoing senator harry reid has kept the project at bay the years, but still the only legally approved solution for exposing of the nuclear waste. the governor has a plan to try to fund esas. that sounds like he's going to have to do some horse trading. >> he took a big risk when he had the republican majority there, he decided to not put on the agenda. i wondered what democrats would trade for this. this is an attack on public
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with that. >> maybe some sort of a tax. again, we've already had that. >> it would have to be something, i think pretty significant. >> coming up next, when we could hear when trump is appointing to cabinet positions and who on the secretary of state short list,
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pay attention to next week. president elect donald trump says he will st >> we tell you what to keep an eye on over the next week. donald trump says he will start making more announcements major cabinet appointments sometime around thanksgiving. one to keep an eye on is secretary of state where potential candidates are thought to be rudy giuliani, john bolton and south carolina governor nikki haley. the county commission will consider developer's jim rhodes plan. that one could be interesting. >> that's our show, thanks for watching "politics now." >> we'll see you next week, have
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: the president-elect's busy weekend. chris christie, rudy giuliani and mitt romney lead a parade of prominent republicans meeting with mr. trump, who landed a job. also tonight more insults in the trump "hamilton" dual. ? 50eu78's not throwing away my shoat. >> quijano: and the thanksgiving getaway is under way, airport workers threat toan strike at o'hare. snow and bitter cold roll into the east. how will it impact holiday travel? >> i'm trying to beat the rush by going a few days


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