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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  November 24, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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8 news now good day. i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) >> and i'm brian loftus. thanksgiving day kicks the holiday shopping season into high gear. over the next few days, retailers will be eyeing those shoppers' habits very carefully. ((kirsten joyce)) >> karin caifa is live in washington this morning with a look at what it all means ((karin caifa)) >> ladies and gentlemen -- get you wallets out. it's the biggest shopping time of the year. but are you ready for black friday? in today's consumer watch -- in today's consumer watch -- mary moloney has the things you
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the raucous end of a long presidential campaign, didn't quite put americans in the mood for merry. matthew shay / national retail federation president & ceo: there was just so much noise out there that it was hard to break through. so it was not only the fact that retailers were trying very hard to do that, consumers just weren't focused yet. now, retailers hope they have consumers' attention and confidence. october retail sales were better than expected. the job market is still making gains. gas prices -- lower,head of the last month, the national retail federation forecast more than 655 billion dollars in holiday sales -- an increase of 3.6 percent over 2015. c.e.o. matt shay says, that outlook stl federation president & ceo: we're going to continue to watch that. and we'll see how this weekend goes. but right now we're optimistic we're going to have a great season. wall street has been on a post-election roll but the holiday stretch will give clues about how main street feels about the economy, as a trump administration takes shape. so retailers will watch how much americans spend, but also, where they spend it, department stores, or discounters? and how -- checking off items early, or holding out for better deals. a penchant for value-hunting, carried over from the recession. brent schoenbaum / deloitte retail partner:
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the best possible deal. if and when that occurs, you've got to ready, willing and able to jump in and take advantage of it. ((karin caifa)) >> black friday deals can make these long lines worth it. this year -- the national retail federation estimates more than 137 million people plan to shop during thanksgiving weekend. from gray thursday through black friday and into sunday. that's more people than last year. from d.c karin caifa. ((kirsten joyce)) black friday is known to be valley. some, even camping out for days, to get the best bargains. many retailers run their discounts for several days and offer similiar promotions throughout november and december. so is camping out in long lines in the cold really worth it when most stores sync up their online and in-store deals ... making it pretty easy to buy a gift from your couch. campers say it's a tradition. anayeli bravo has been doing it for two years.
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since tuesday around 1. i came to set up the tent with my cousin. the first year because we wanted to get a big tv, and then there was a good deal and the other time was for fun as well and this time is for fun...just tradition.)) ((kirsten joyce)) >> but that doesn't mean the black friday hype is over. according to the national retail federation, 137 million americans plan to shop online or in stores over the thanksgiving weekend. 74 percent of that group will ((brian loftus)) these days black friday.. has become more like black thursday. most of the big box stores will be open tonight.. and here's what you need to know.. jcpenney opens at 3.. old navy opens at 4. best buy and toys r us... open at 5 in the evening. wal-mart and target both open at 6. k-mart opens at 7.. for a full list head to our website.. las vegas now dot com./// sherry how's the
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((sherry swensk)) we'll call it blue sky
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great eating and shopping weather this thursday and friday. ............ a few northerly breezes today with plenty of sunshine and in the low 60s. ...... snow in the sierra with a half-foot expected. ski resorts opening
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snow in the sierra mountains expect over 6 inches of snow on friday and saturday. many of the ski resorts in the mountain open on friday two of the resorts.. heavenly and northstar.. are open back to you!/// ((brian loftus)) security has been beefed up on this thanksgiving protect millions of americans kicking off festivities by attending parades nationwide. ((kirsten joyce)) >> the famed thanksgiving day parade is happening right now in new york city...authorities
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turnout. ((brian loftus)) >> jamie yuccas is in new york and has the latest from the parade route. members of new york's finest began taking position along central park west overnight....gear ing up to protect millions of spectators expected at the thanksgiving day parade. (sot bill de blasio/ nyc mayor) nypd is going to mount an even stronger operation this year new york city mayor bill de blasio detailed many of the unprecedented security plans last night. dozens of sand-filled cross-town traffic for the first time in the parade's 90 year history and officers on the ground...using radiation detectors, bomb-sniffing dogs and other thwart a terror attack: (sot nypd commissioner james o'neill) all police will have a smartphone and connect to incident command post if there is any issue. (standup: jamie yuccas cbs news new york, ny) the heavy police
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see the massive balloons featured in today's event...come to life. ian delbalso and his daughter were among them. (sot ian delbalso/ ca resident) to see the excitement in her eyes and watch thanksgiving kick off and the holiday season is a big joy. lisa steinmetz and her daughter, ava, also stayed focused on the meaning of the holiday: (sot lisa steinmetz/ ny resident) we have so much to be thankful for, that we're lucky to be here and live in america, live in the best city in the world. while there is no credible terror threat against the parade or the count. urging americans to stay vigilant, especially in public places. jamie yuccas cbs news new york. let's take a look at the roads with demetria ((demetria obilor)) demetria ((demetria obilor)) theres' a crash at the rainbow and spring mountain intersection. no delays along the south beltway. so if you're on you're way to
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shouldn't have much to worry about. back to you!/// ((brian loftus)) families struggle with details emerge in deadly tennessee school bus crash ((kirsten joyce)) ((pastor kevin l. adams / bishop, olivet baptist church) "it's something i've never never experienced before." butt too "i saw mothers
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all in the floor. the screams. i can still hear them." )) ((kirsten joyce)) >> coming up on good day.... we also find out when the driver of that will be in court./// ((you're watching the valley's news leader... with brian loftus,
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this is 8 news now good day))
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u-s celebrate thanksgiving...o ne community is mourning the death of yet another child after this week's school bus crash in tennessee. police say that a sixth child died due to injuries sustained in monday's accident. the man driving the bus when it swerved off the road with 37 students on board -- slamming into a tree. 24-year-old johnthony walker will be in court next week. he is facing numerous charges, including multiple counts of vehicular homicide. officials sayhi most recent accident he was involved in. sgt. austin garrett/chattanooga, tennessee police >> "the driver's driving history did include a minor wreck in september of this year investigated by our agency that's also part of investigation." ((kirsten joyce)) >> as for walker's condition at the time of the accident -- toxicology results do not indicate that he was under the influence./// ((brian loftus)) the mohave county sheriff's office in arizona is asking for your help identifying
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she was found between the hoover dam and kingman back in september. they describe her as approximately five-seven and between the ages of 13 to 17. if you recognize the teen from this reconstruction image... you're asked to call mohave county sheriff's office./// ((kirsten joyce)) metro police are also sharing some tips to keep you safe... because we tend to see a rise in crime this time of year. shoppers should only shop during daylight hours when possible... and with a friend. surroundings. don't overload your arms with boxes and bags.. in the event you need to defend yourself. and be sure to park in a well-lit area. of course -- if you ever see something suspicious... call police immediately./// ((brian loftus)) shave november is almost over. ((kirsten joyce)) >> coming up on good day we'll look at the significance of movember./// you're watching 8 news now good day. ((brian loftus)) get ready to say goodbye
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over. movember is men's health month, that's why some of us here at eight news now are a little hairy. it's to raise awareness about
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like mental health. doctors say men are more reluctant to discuss life issues such as trouble at work, relationship break ups or loss of a family member. doctor philippe lam from healthcare partners medical group says men who are reluctant to seek out a psychologist can consult their primary care physician - who can point them in the right direction to get help./// sherry how's the weather today? let's take a look at
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begrateful for... feasting on breezes today. ................ another system skipping across the northeast today will keep northerly winds along the river.
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with highs in the 50s. let's take a look at the roads with demetria ((demetria obilor))
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meet jameson and mitch... the ritter brothers. they're doing what many of us would consider a bucket list trip.
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football games in one season than anyone has before. the boise state byu game makes 23. and they still have about 30 to go. for the past 7 weeks and for the next 11 weeks the brothers call this rv home. taking turns driving and sleeping, many times driving through the night./// ((kirsten joyce)) the internet pet sensation grumpy cat got a message just in time for the holidays and she doesn't care how you feel about it. if you don't know who the grump cat pawculture dot com where she just posted her top 10 pet peeves some of her pet peeves are not being groomed, her food bowl, being empty, and social media. the grumpy cat is worth 100 million dollars. thanks to her endorsement deals, film and book projects, and products. ((brian loftus)) the most dangerous question this thanksgiving may question this thanksgiving may
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could ruin an otherwise pleasant thanksgiving dinner. a new c-n-n/o-r-c poll finds 53-percent of americans dread the thought of talking about politics on thursday. the results of the election may have something to do with the levels of excitement and dread. of the republicans who responded to the poll, 58-percent say they are generally eager to discuss politics. of the democrats who responded, 63-percent said they are dreading it. we'll be right back......../// sweetie, you know what we're craving right now? crispy chicken and fried egg with bacon-like brunch.
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((kirsten joyce)) >> plus...nearly 300 thousand visitors are expected to make their way the valley this morning... we'll be taking a look at the roads if you're travelling today with demetria. ((brian loftus)) >> and... the final countdown to the 2017 season opener for the vegas knights is on -- but a lot still needs to happen before the puck drops. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news no right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((kirsten joyce)) security has been beefed up on this thanksgiving protect millions of americans kicking off festivities by attending parades nationwide. ((brian loftus)) >> this is a live look at new york city's famed macy's thanksgiving day parade...authorit ies have taken unprecedented steps...anticipati ng record turnout. there will be a total of 42


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