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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  November 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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thursday... and shoppers are cutting time at the dinner table... to spend it at the store. but was it worth it standing in line for hours to save a few bucks? >> plus.. the feast you and the family enjoyed today... comes at a price. so how much harder do you need to work out at the gym tommorrow? the answer might surprise you. ((tedd florendo)) mild for thanksgiving and black friday, but changes are headed our way this weekend. we'll giving you a timing of what to expect coming up on the valley's news leader
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transformer./// ((christianne klein)) thanks for joining us this thanksgiving. i'm christianne klein. for many... the turkey dinner is done and over with... and now comes time grab some deals. as of late... the black friday offers have gotten earlier and earlier... and now meld into the thanksgiving holiday. shakala alvaranga has been catching up with shoppers tonight... and shakala.. many stores have already been open for hours.. ((shakala alvaranga)) >> yes christianne, many stores like walmart, target, shoppers have camped out for days, some sleeping in their cars ... just to save some cash this holiday season. ((shakala alvaranga)) let the games begin. "ha...pretty much we've been standing out here forever!" ((shakala alvaranga)) after days of camping out, waiting to get in... "we played a lot of games and got to know each other real well...haha" ((shakala alvaranga))
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themselves this holiday season. "this is for myself haha...early christmas present." ((shakala alvaranga)) and others, getting ready to play santa clause. "we are here for the 7 inch kindle tables for $33 bucks. i'm going to grab up so much and pass them out like candy for christmas." ((shakala alvaranga)) michael deang was the first in line at the best buy in henderson. and... the first one out. "i bought a camera bought a $200 tv 4k hd." ((shakala alvaranga)) some shoppers skipped the long lines entirely, opting for an online deal ... or a lucky ticket. "these were ticketed items so there were only limited so they gave us a ticket and we just went up the counter and got them." ((shakala alvaranga)) the best deals came from a cheap tv... "i don't get to get my kids much for christmas so this time of the year is the time that i can really splurge for them." ((shakala alvaranga)) to tablets.
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surface tablet for $599. it's normally like $900." ((shakala alvaranga)) though we didn't see the black friday frenzy we've seen in the past. there's still a lot of people that enjoy a good bargain. "we've been waiting for a long time. but yeah, the deals are great. you can't beat it." ((shakala alvaranga)) and they say the wait is certainly worth it. ((shakala alvaranga)) >> here at best buy, the doors will close in two hours -- morning at 8 to officially kick off black friday. reporting live shakala alvaranga 8 news now. /// ((christianne klein)) of course... after black friday comes cyber monday. but experts say the prices you see online might be different from what other people see. turns out... it sometimes depends on your location. a team of researchers at northeastern university tested
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sites.. and found on nine of those sites.. customers saw different results and/or prices. that's because once you're logged in... companies can see your search history... the type of computer you use.. and location.. to personalize a price: (( christo wilson / computer and information scientist "you really have no idea why it's showing you what's its showing you." "companies are always experimenting with different strategies and algorithms." )) ((christianne klein)) >> so what can you do to figure out if the price you see is the lowest price? well... setting your browser to "private" or "incognit but using a virtual private network or v-p-n will. you can download some for free -- better ones will cost you around 20-dollars a year./// ((christianne klein)) if you're sitting at home watching this newscast... you're probably still in somewhat of a food coma after today's feast. the calorie control council says the average american takes in 45-hundred calories on thanksgiving. to put into perspective what you'd need to do... if you wanted to burn that off...
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workouts. 15 hours of pushups... or row a boat for 5 hours straight... or just run two marathons back to back. fortunately.. there is some good news... the university of michigan found that eating an extra four thousand calories doesn't affect your body... as long as you exercised for two and a half hours at some point this week./// ((weather toss)) ((tedd florendo)) (( we had big storms that pushed through east clark county this morning but have not since dissipated. flooding was big in golden valley, arizona but now we're seeing much tranquil conditions. mostly clouds right now high
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this morning. winds breezy at times but cool 60's today and not 70's that's for sure. ...................... ............. ............. let's take you through the evening and show you what to expect. temps cooling off bigtime as skies beging to clear tonight. temps in the mid 50's and sunny and chilly by tomorrow a.m. for your morning commute. we'll have your thanksgiving forecast coming up in a few minutes
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to put on the event. this is the 51-st year the organization has served holiday meals./// ((christianne klein)) now that thanksgiving is over... we can all look ahead to the next holiday. and some of you are still searching for the perfect gift. so look no further than consumer advocate michelle mortensen's 5th annual holiday gift guide. tonight she is revealing her top holiday gift suggestions for the techie on your list. and be sure to log onto our website for a 2 screen experience.. so you can shop while you watch.
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((christianne klein)) coming up... a life-changing program for students. eight schools in clark county are partnering with a local nonprofit to offer it... but even though it's free.. some families are hesitant to take part. plus... some controversy is already brewing over the vegas golden knights... and the nhl's newest franchise hasn't even taken the ice yet. we're back in 3 minutes/
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teachers can tell when a student is having trouble at home. but they can't always fix it. luckily, there is a program that picks up on the need, and can fix it... in the home. dave courvoisier shows us how a boys town nevada program is a lifesaver for troubled families. (( )) myrtle tate elementary 3rd-grader adrian lerenas is a model student -- now. a few months ago, he was angry, disruptive. his parent's divorce left him without the means to cope. a lot of our parents just don't know where to go for help.
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they maybe came from dysfunctional families and simply they don't have the skills to raise the children they would that they want. luckily, myrtle tate elelmentary is one of eight schools in the district that have boys town nevada ready to answer the need. the counselor can either set up a meeting for me to talk to the family one-on-one or they can just write up a referral and send it over to us. teachers aren't they can't go into the homes and help the kids. but we can. we make sure the kids are prepared to come to school and learn and when they're prepared not only are they learning and other siblings are learning but they're not being disruptive in class so all the kids learn. there is no cost to the family when boys town steps in to help , but sometimes, there is reluctance. i think the biggest challenge is like what i just explained is that sometimes the parents are just afraid you know of having someone come into their home and you know work with them and their children
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you might call immigration on them and have them removed and things like that. but adrian's mom welcomed the chance to learn better parenting, and in doing so give her son the tools to cope. so mom here wanted to help her son and so when we came we just provided skills, resources, and you know support to make her be independent and to make her help him. ((christianne klein)) >> tomorrow, we'll see how boys town family counselor works with mother and son to turn things around in the home./// ((christianne klein)) once again las vegas entertainers are stepping up to help the marine corps "toys for tots" campaign. "las vegas cadillac" is spearheading the toy drive and benefit concert.. december 16th. last year's event raised more 200-thousand dollars. for tickets to the event... just drop off a new.. unwrapped toy to cadillac of las vegas on sahara...
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you can also donate to 8 news now's toy and gift card drive. we've partnered with tobin fiat at sahara and jones to collect gifts for the casa foundation. that runs through november 30-th./// ((tedd florendo)) day as some leftover winds are blowing down the colorado river valley. wind advisories there will be allowed to expire on time. sunny skies have innundated the region as winds in the valley are not as high as last night. our temps are seasonal and there's no chance for rain through saturday. expecting changes though by sunday. ...... ............................. ................... temps around the valley in the mid to high 60's for the east
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elevation. neighborhoods to the west and far north conisiderably cooler in the low 60's as chilly weather still continues up in mount charleston. ................................ ... ..................... regional temps also stayed mild today from mesquite down the colorado river valley to laughlin where we continue to see strong gusts. highs in the 60's there with some locales like mesquite and death valley in the 70's today and warmer. cooler with chilly temps expected by morning in the southern great basin. ................................ ... .......................... satellite and radar showw a dry southwesterly flow will continue through saturday. notice the big comma shaped pattern up in pacific ocean? that will bring the clouds, cooler weather and showers we're tracking for late weekend. we'll see those clouds develop as early as saturday along with wind. ................................ ... .............................. here's the forecast for tonight. dropping to the 40's under clear to mostly clear skies and winds starting to relax down to less than 10 mph. temps should be near average for our overnight hours before warming up tomorrow. sunny skies for your black friday again and we warm up to the mid 60's and seasonal again. ................................ ... ............................. extended forecast calls for clouds and wind by saturday.
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and stay that way through early week next week. showers chances end by monday but skies won't clear entirely until tuesday. still looking at 50's though through much of the week
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tritsch)) >>great football and great college basketballl how often do you get to see a top ten program right down the street? we've got highlights and behold a rebel rhyme..we rivalvy that no one else will - promise..sports is next ((jon tritsch))
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scene..while you were going for basketball powerhouses were going for buckets. coach sean miller and arizona.. on his bench..jake desjardins and ray miller- two wildcats from las vegas the number 8 cats taking on
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knocking down the 3.. but the broncos from the bay bringing it.. jared brownridge..with soul.. brownridge had no fear or conscience..25 points..1 point game with 3 minutes left.. but kobi simmons says bear down arizona.. tall athletic kid named chance of being anything but a baller.. swimming..wrestl ing..never an option.. and the cats stay perfect.. 69-61 the final the fremont cannon is the e comes to un-r and unlv..shots are always fired.. so it's only right to throw out the records and throw together a fun preview it's finale fixin to be great in a batle for the silver state reno and vegas a rivalry done right (tony sanchez/coach: "you better be ready to go because both teams will be ready to fight.") hey want the canon come get some (brian polian/coach: "we're not reno, we're nevada, i don't know where that comes from.") nevada is out for redmption and retribution..they 'll remind you
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the flagship institution.") so be ready for a matchup of extreme measures (tony sanchez/coach: "they all had interesting signs for us and gestures.") down don't see blue all the north (james butler/unr running back: "we don't wear red around here.") both are 4-7.. but losing this game feels worse than the stomach flu (tony sancehz/coach: "they're going to have fire in their belly and we will too.") do they get angry? it true? (tony sanchez/coach: "oh they do take this seriously, yeah they do.") saturday needs no extra spin.. (ryan mcaleenan/linebacker: "send it off on my senior night, going out with a big win." 16 rebl all to see (will kreitler/center: "it's definitely going to be an emotional game for me.") keeping the cannon is a glorious thing to say..even better (tony sanchez/coach: "we want to make sure we honor these guys and send them out the right way.") (jon tritsch) thanksgiving football is a lot like your aunt cindi's stuffing that you've been inhaling for the last 11 don't know what's in it.. you don't know what the outcome will be.. but you're pretty excited to find out dallas and washington..
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prescott..and he's hustling to the house like dinner is served.. tony romo..awkward thanksgiving.. washington responds..dallas defense slips on gravy.. kirk cousins and deshaun jackson have a connection.. 24-19.. but the cowboys have the best record in the nfl for a reason..they finish..ezekiel elliot powering to the other side.. 31-26 dallas maintains the best record in the league detroit hostim guys..clearly not asked to attend their family's ey just want to be accepted for who they are..i get it. we know who lions qb matt stafford is... a gunslinger... touchdown pass to anquan boldin.. game tied at 13..under a minute left.. vikings sam bradford throws the ball to darius slay..he plays for the lions.. detroit.. mo town magic in the house.. matt prater 40 yard field goal is perfect.. the lions are 7-4 and in first place in the nfc north punter pat mcaffee shows us a victory strut we can all relate to today... when the extended family
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perfection.. you don't burn the house down and you don't spill gravy on your nice pants..i see you pat.. ((christianne klein)) our strange stories for thursday... right after this.///
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((tedd florendo)) forget the ponies and lego santa has something else in mind for christmas. parents in rancho cordova, california are upset with this billboard from "ammo depot"... depicting saint nick exercising his right to bear arms. they fear it will tarnish some children's view of santa. but the store owner says it's all in good fun./// ((jon tritsch)) remember "the dress" last year... the one no one could decide what color it was? we'll a similar debate has started over our hometown hockey team. just 2 days after the vegas golden knights' logo was
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franchise for it's team colors. to him... the logo is gold and blue... not gray. for the record though... the golden knights are calling it "steel gray" ./// ((christianne klein)) finally tonight... an australian man is being dubbed a hero for catching a criminal. late last night... a driver crashed into the store next to daniel mcconnell's home... so he went outside to see if everything was alright. the driver ran off... and mcconnell chased after him.... wearing only his underwear! police eventually helped the stop the suspect... and mcconnell watched from outside his hom. ((christianne klein)) that's all for us live at eleven. the late show with stephen colbert is next... tonight's guest.. tom hanks! we'll see you back here tomorrow night.///
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> the cubs are going to the world series! yes, after 71 years of waiting, the cubbies have won the pennant and are facing off against the cleveland indians starting tuesday night. all thanks to a strong pitching rotation, hot cubs bats and the dark assistance of aal evil wizard who manager joe madden signed a blood compact with in exchange for a world series win. and the windy city is buzzing over the possibility that he might fulfill his dark prophecy and bring the cubs their first world series victory in more than 100 years. the cubs are favored in their match-up against the indians, thanks to their young, hungry lineup, as well as an ancient wizard who the elders in the village claim is as old as the


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