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tv   8 News Now at 630 PM  CBS  November 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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throughout the campaign season... donald trump made promises about what he would do his first 100 days in office. thanks for joining us at 6:30... i'm christianne klein. ((paul joncich)) >> and i'm paul joncich. we wanted to know what the president elect can actually do as soon as he takes office. politics now anchor patrick walker walks us through executive orders. ((patrick walker)) donald trump has proposed to do a lot of things on the campaign trail. among the most controversial -- the wall between mexico and the united states. ((donald trump/(r) presit a great wall along the southern border//and mexico will pay for the wall )) ((patrick walker)) that one would take the approval of congress... because it would require tens of billions of dollars to accomplish. but trump can do things like suspend immigration from terror-prone regions... freeze federal hiring... or approve the keystone x-l oil pipeline. and... he can undo a lot of what president obama has done with the power of his pen. ((dan lee/unlv political science professor: "anything that obama passed as an executive order, trump can overturn with an executive order.")) ((patrick walker)) unlv political science professor dan lee says that puts the current president in the
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((dan lee/unlv political science professor: "those are probably what the big things were when obama met with trump, he was probably trying to lobby trump to not overturn some of his executive orders.")) ((patrick walker)) president franklin delano roosevelt issued a whopping 35-hundred executive orders during his three-plus terms... which started during the depression and ended when he died in office at the tail end of world war ii. since then... presidents have issued nearly 42-hundred executive orders. harry truman... f-d-r's successor... tops the list with just over 900 orders over two terms. during his single term in office. president obama lands on the lower end of the scale... with 261. so where will president trump fall in that ranking? ((john tuman/chair, unlv political science dept. "i think it's hard to say how president-elect donald trump will proceed.")) ((patrick walker)) u-n-l-v political science department chairman john tuman says that is anybody's guess. ((john tuman/chair, unlv political science dept.: "i would caution about generalizing what his policies might be simply of the basis of some tweets and also some things he may have said on the campaign trail when he was trying to win the
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((paul joncich)) >> efforts to repeal and replace the affordable care act... and ending common core... would require congressional approval. that's because both are the result of laws that were passed by congress./// ((christianne klein)) the somali-born student who attacked a group of people at the ohio state university with his car and a knife seemed to warn about his intentions beforehand on facebook. brook silva-braga is columbus, ohio... where the first of 11 victims is speaking out about the attack. clark is still slow on his feet after getting hit by a car on the ohio state university campus where he teaches engineering. (sot: professor william clark/survivor of osu attack) 15:11:45 "i didn't really know what to think, people started shouting." the car sliced his right leg in two places and then flipped him into the air, but clark considers himself and the rest of the people who were standing outside watt hall on monday lucky. (sot: professor william clark/survivor of osu attack) 15:14:41 "fortunate there was a concrete planter, he could have hit closer to 40 to 50 people.
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(abdul ra-zahk ali-ar-tahn). (standup bridge: brook silva-braga/cbs news/columbus, ohio) "this is where authorities say artan drove his honda over the curbhitting several people in the courtyard. he then got out of the car wielding a butcher knife and slashing people nearby before a university police officer shot and killed him about 200 feet behind me." investigators are looking into whether it was an act of terrorism. artan's facebook posts prior to the attack included (graphic) "if you want us muslims to sto make peace" (graphic) tuesday, the islamic state claimed artan was a soldier, saying he did what they've askedby targeting citizens of international coalition countries. still, the ohio state students we spoke to seemed most concerned about retaliation against muslim classmates. (sot: joy edinger/osu student) this is just something that happened from one person, it's not something we can blame on other people at the campus union, students are leaving messages of love and hopepromising to stay buckeye strong.
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((christianne klein)) >> meantime a reno man has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to provide material support to terrorist. the u-s attorney's office says this man 42-year-old balwinder singh -- knew and intended that support would be used to commit terrorist attacks overseas. he faces uyp to 15 years in prison... with final sentencing to be determined in february./// ((paul joncich)) online sales over the holiday weekend set some and that includes right here in nevada. in fact, the retail association of nevada expects the final numbers to grow by 4 point 2 percent... outpacing national estimates. the association estimates about one point four million nevadans took advantage of discounts and promotions from thanksgiving day to cyber monday. in total... people in the silver state spent 400- point five million dollars on gifts, decorations and other items over the four-day period.
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outnumbered in-store shoppers by more than 84-thousand../// ((christianne klein)) now that you've gotten some holiday shopping out of the way... how about rewarding yourself with any of the many festivities happening about the valley right now. ((paul joncich)) >> meteorologist katie boer joins us from one of those places -- the ice rink at the boulevard pool. katie, you look awfully cold?/// ((katie boer)) good evening...i'm tracking some of the coldest temperatures of widespread freeze arriving overnight and early tomorrow morning across portions of clark county. ................. that freeze warning remains in effect from 2 am to 8 am wednesday with widespread minimum temperatures
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portions of central and northeast clark counties in nevada and the high desert zones of san bernardino county. temperatures are expected to remain slightly above freezing near downtown las vegas and the strip...but areas nearfreezing ns edge...and nellis air force base will likely see temperatures at or below freezing for a few hours late tonight. this will not be a hard freeze...but a 3-6 hour window of freezing temperatures may damage or kill sensitive plants and crops. .................. looking ahead at the next couple of hours we'll be dropping into the upper 40s as early as 7pm with temps down to 43 by 9. around 11pm 41 degrees and 38 degrees by early tomorrow
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look for our coldest temps. in the low the mid 30s between 5-7am. ................... ((christianne klein)) president elect donald trump is making moves. we'll introduce you to some of his newest cabinet picks. ((paul joncich)) >> plus... the democratic party is looking to shake things up after a rough election . who they're looking to for leadership, next on the valley's news leader.///
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president elect donald trump is a couple steps closer to filling out his cabinet. ((christianne klein)) >> he made a couple announcements today, about who will help play some key roles in his upcoming administration. former wall street executive steven mnuchin is president-elect donald trump's latest cabinet pick. mnunchin was tapped for treasury secretary. he is a former goldman sachs executive... and served as trump's campaign and labor secretary elaine chao is trump's pick to be transportation secretary. she served under president george w. bush and is married to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. earlier today, the transition team announced georgia congressman tom price was nominated to lead the department of health and human services. price - an orthopedic surgeon - is a vocal critic of obamacare. both chao and price have years of experience in washington and are considered members of the washington establishment... which has drawn some criticism
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drain the swamp as he promised on the campaign trail./// ((paul joncich)) tomorrow house democrats will vote on who will lead them. the election had been scheduled for the week of the presidential race, but it was delayed after they suffered a bruising loss. california congresswoman nancy pelosi has been the democratic leader since 2002... but her opponent says new energy is required to rebuild a broken party. weijia jiang reports from capitol hill. ohio congressman tim ryan hopes to capitalize on the country's desire for change... the 43 year old ryan is fighting to replace house democra who has had the job for 14 years. (sot-tim ryan-oh (d) house minority leader candidate) "i feel good. i feel like we're in striking distance." (track 2) ryan represents a shift from establishment politics... arguing he can appeal to working class voters who feel the democrats have failed them. (sot-tim ryan-oh (d) house minority leader candidate) "we're just not winning// we've lost 60 some seats since 2010 we're getting slaughtered." (track 3) earlier this month, pelosi was asked about those losses.
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"in 2005 and 2006 i orchestrated the take back of the house of representatives. i'm very, very proud of that...and i see an opportunity for that now." (sot--stand up bridge--weijia jiang/cbs news/capitol hill) "house democrats will vote by secret ballot. as of tuesday, about a dozen members officially announced they're supporting ryan over pelosi, but she is still considered the favorite." (sot--michele swers--georgetown university government professor) "she has raised a lot of money for a lot of different she's been in the trenches on policies. she has a lot of connections that tim ryan doesn't have." (track 3) georgtown university professor michelle swers says pelosi has also promised to alter the way leadership runs. (sot--michele swers--georgetown university government professor) " bring in younger members into the leadership circle, to have more vice chairs and committees" but swers says the question much change are democrats looking for? weijia jiang, cbs news, capitol hill. ((christianne klein)) a little bit of history
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muslim woman competed in the miss minnesota pageant. 19-year-old halima aden of st. cloud competed in her hijab sunday night... and wore a "burkini" during the swimsuit portion. she says she wanted to use the miss minnesota u-s-a stage as an opportunity to change misconceptions about islam. (( halima aden: "i just like the fact that people are talking about it and i've been getting lots of messages from muslim girls telling me about stuff they've overcome, like bullying or people calling them towel head or rag head, and just sharing with me that my story has ti just made all of this worth it.")) >> while she didn't take home the crown... aden did make the semifinals. meridith gould of minneapolis was crowned miss minnesota. she will go on to compete in the miss usa pageant in 2017... against nevada's lauren york -- she is on the left there, standing next to miss nevada teen usa../// ((paul joncich)) no shave november is
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it's almost time for the mo-bros here at channel 8 to break out the razors. >> up next we continue to educate men about health concerns-- and the significance of this month./// announcer: you're watching 8 news now at
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black friday and cyber monday are in the books... but there's still time to take part... in giving tuesday.
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season. last year... 700 thousand people in 71 countries across the globe donated a total of 116 million dollars to their favorite charities. according to wallet-hub... the most charitable states are minnesota and utah./// ((paul joncich)) we're raising awareness about men's health during the month of movember. that's the reason for all this facial hair. i promised my wife, mine is coming off this week. in fact all of my mo-bros at channel 8 are sharpening up our ra most common form of cancer among young men. it's testicular cancer. it is very survivable - if you catch it early. dr phillipe lam says the examination is pretty simple. the doctor will look for any signs of swelliing or asemtry down there. (( dr phillpe lam/healthcare partners: "if you notice any unusual swelling, any pain, blood in the urine, please bring it to our attention, alot of time these cases are seen by a pediatrician")) ((paul joncich)) >> dr lam says an ultrasound
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approximatly 9-thousand men in the u.s. are diagnosed each year with testicular cancer. bicyclist lance armstrong is one of many who've beaten it. the key is early detection. so don't let men's health month go by without assesing your health - and making an appointment if you're overdue for a check-up./// ((paul joncich)) let's take a look at the forecast. ((christianne klein)) o to meteorologist katie boer. she's working "hard" over at the boulevard pool at the cosmopolitan... which has been turned into an ice rink. katie? ((katie boer)) good evening...i'm tracking some of the coldest temperatures of the season with our first widespread freeze arriving
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county. ................. that freeze warning remains in effect from 2 am to 8 am wednesday with widespread minimum temperatures 28-32 degrees expected for the first time this season across portions of central and nevada and the high desert zones of san bernardino county. temperatures are expected to remain slightly above freezing near downtown las vegas and the strip...but areas near henderson...sum merlin...mountai ns edge...and nellis air force base will likely see
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hours late tonight. this will not be a hard freeze...but a 3-6 hour window of freezing temperatures may damage or kill sensitive plants and crops. .................. looking ahead at the next couple of hours we'll be dropping into the temps down to 43 by 9. around 11pm 41 degrees and 38 degrees by early tomorrow morning around 8am. look for our coldest temps. in the low the mid 30s between 5-7am. ................... your weather healines show our coldest temps lingering during about a 3-6 hour window.
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this week. by sunday and monday look for a slight warmup back to the low 60s--which is about where we should be temp. wise this time of year. .................. satellite radar shows a lack of cloud cover for the most part with will promote radiational cooling... clouds to blanket us in temps. will have an opportunity to drop swiftly. ................... tonight and tomorrow... look for lows tonight down to 34 at mccarran...but some spots as low as 28-32 degrees...a very cold night expected. tomorrow mid 50s with sunny skies. .................. your 7-day forecast shows temps remaining below average through saturday with a slight warmup to the low 60s for sunday and monday...but temps. fall again abruptly by tuesday. >> thank you, katie.///
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today, the world's oldest living person, rang in yet another year... her one hundred seventeenth! ((paul joncich)) >> check her out -- italy's emma morano blew out all her candles on the first try. granted, there were only three. to celebrate the milestone... friends and family gathered in emma's one-room apartment. italy's president sent her a special greeting, which was read and broadcast on live, state-run t-v. >> emma was bo ((christianne klein)) thanks for watching 8 news now at 6:30. we're always on at las vegas now dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. ((paul joncich)) >> be sure to watch 8 news now at 11...
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a medicare appeals coordinator from indianapolis, indiana... a data specialist from essex junction, vermont... and our returning champion, a technical engineer from boulder, colorado...
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and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] hey, john. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. wasn't that a big downer at the end of yesterday's program? all three contestants played brilliantly for two rounds, and then all three of them missed the final jeopardy! our champion justin had a chance to clean up yesterday instead, he won $1,199. i hope today is different. dan and jennifer, make it happen also. good luck. here we go. all righty, here are the categories... yes, that's what it's all about. good. ooh, ooh. and next...


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