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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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they were in a high risk eviction situation. they knew it could be contentious but tragically it turned out that way. this all happened in about 9:30 this morning when this began to unfold. as many as eight deputies went to serve this eviction. three went to the door where martin wirth lets them outside. then they went inside where he turned around and shot them with a rifle killing corporal nate carrigan , master patrol deputy kolby martin was shot in the legs and is in critical condition right now. captain mark hancock was treated and released. >> they are going to collect evidence and conduct a number of interviews. they will do whatever they can to build the complete picture that relays what today.
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it was really only seven hours into this when police talked to us for a second time today. there is a lot of information that is left to come it. we will update you as soon as we get anything more. we are live and 80 -- in bailey. the deputies involved in the shooting have long records with the sheriff's department. >> reporter: it is a sad day for the law enforcement community. the deputy killed was corporal the park county sheriff's office for 13 years. he is a father and leaves behind several children and a girlfriend. as a coach. the second deputy is master patrol deputy kolby martin who was shot several times. he has been with the sheriff's office for 11 years. earlier today he was listed in critical condition at st. anthony's hospital in lakewood and was in surgery for most of the day. surgery.
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mark hancock who was grazed in the ear by a bullet. he was admitted to st. anthony's hospital but there was good news ju the hospital. he has been with the sheriff's department for 21 years. we have been with those injured families and deputies since this morning. i am sally mann do -- sally mamdooh , denver7. tony kovaleski joins us now with more information. >> deputies knew it would be a difficult call for them.>> reporter: they did because they knew that the resident, 58-year- old martin wirth was very active in fighting his eviction. this was a man who ran for state office and was arrested ago.
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that -- shows that he was held without bond in the shooting death of a larimer county man. there was evidence outside of a trailer home being tracked. the daily camera also reported that he was being held for investigation of murder charges. when he lost the chess game he knocked over the chessboard with some of the furniture and began arguing with the victim. records don't say why worth has never been convicted -- martin wirth has never been convicted. he ran for senate -- state senator in 2014. he lost that it. >> i did not pay mortgage bunch of crooks. >> this is a 3 minute video where he justifies his decision to fight his eviction and fight his mortgage payment. it is on a were -- a website for the colorado flow -- foreclosure resistance
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wirth made this facebook post on the occupy denver page just a few months ago. before -- because i ran for senate i am a high valued target. some police know they need to be abolished. because i right such things, cops want me dead. public records also show park any sheriff's office knew about martin wirth at the time of the shooting this morning. he had a pending court case for alluding a police officer and obstructing law enforcement as well as driving under restraint. the big question tonight, 1994 shooting a larimer county. wino conviction and why is a record sealed? >> thank you tony. right now the town a bailey is coming together to honor the deputies. this is a live picture from platte canyon community church. we have noticed community members crying and hugging and lending support to one another during this difficult it. this small community is in shock tonight. lance hernandez is talking to people who live there.
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town?>> reporter: -- the feeling in that town? >> reporter: it is shock. i spoke with a number of people in this community. they say that violence is not unheard of but it is rare. a number of those people told me that they heard the gunfire this morning. some of them know some of the deputies who were shot. >> i don't know something like that going on in a little subdivision like this. it gets gary.>> reporter: he watched emergency equipment and police raced to the scene. he got an uncomfortable feeling after learning that a deputy was killed. so did [ indiscernible ] christiansen. carrigan. she says he went to school with >> a new naked. he was a nice kid. he was a wrestler. he did his job. >> reporter: this is the house today a s.w.a.t. team drove up to the house. several heavily armed officers
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this is our town. these are our neighbors and the people who protect us got her too. our hearts go out to everyone. >> it shouldn't happen, just someone trying to do their job and being shot by someone being evicted. it doesn't make any sense. it is sad. >> reporter: several neighbors have expressed those same sentiments. it shouldn't have happened. it is said. investigators will be here late into the night. if you look up at the hillside, you can see the snow is lit up by portable lights. officers are still at the house. we had seen officers within the last few minutes going door-to- door. they are no doubt talking to neighbors to find out what they may have seen this morning. they may be asking what they may know what they have heard as well. what do they know about the individual who engage deputies
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in a shootout? >> this isn't the first time tragedy has struck the small town of bailey unfortunately. back in 2006, you likely will recall a gunman went into by canyon high school and took this girls -- six girls half stick -- hostage and killed emily keyes before killing himself. she was able to send a text message before she died saying, i love you. there are other homes close by and neighbors heard the shooting. coming up, jennifer kovaleski spoke to some neighbors. now 14 law enforcement officers have been shot in the last three months while in the line of duty across our state. that includes a shooting just duopoly go so -- two weeks ago, derek geer who was shot and killed while trying to arrested teenager. he was taken off of life support after a couple of days in his organs were donated. we found that more today about the shooting of denver officer tony lopez junior. today he was cleared of
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shooting. he returned fire during a traffic stop. a fire got a home in evergreen. airtracker7 was just over the scene. it is on spruce road. fortunately no one was home at injuries. now to figure out what caused the fire. a frantic mom calls 911 after 4 offer 5 kids were mauled by great danes. it happened when she went to check on the dogs for her boss, a breeder in rural el paso county. what was his mother going through, nicole? >> reporter: you could here in her voice that she was panicked, as you can imagine. she didn't want to wait for an ambulance to come to her. she put her bleeding children in the vehicle and started driving. she told sheriff's deputies
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children along to her boss's property in brush saturday. she knew there were over 10 dogs in pens as she was attending some puppies she heard screams. that is when she ran out to find her kids on the ground covered in blood with three of the great danes circling them. that was scary. here is part of her call to 911. >> [ muffled audio ] i need to know where the closest emergency room is. my son has a large open wound on the top of his head. >> reporter: eventually emergency responders were able to stop the family between brush in colorado springs and started treating the kids right there. the sheriff's report says the 4 children mauled, one was believed to have life- threatening injuries and 3 had to undergo surgery. >> what a scare for that mom. as for the owner of the dogs, he was ticketed for owning a dangerous dog. yesterday we learned all three dogs were put
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living in the bailey area, residents are accustomed to hearing gunfire on occasion. othing like what neighbors of this morning. we are speaking to one woman who heard the moment that three deputies came under attack. it is quite across colorado. the radar is clean statewide. into the 40s.
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this press conference as very sad news. it is a dark day. he would ask for prayers. >> as deputies entered this house with an eviction notice, they knew it could be dangerous. it all ended with one killed and 2 others injured.
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was going on at that house.>> reporter: just a few months ago she saw someone waiting to deliver what appeared to be leavell -- legal papers to her neighbor. this morning she heard rapid gunfire. we talked to cheryl williams who was above the house where shots were fired on iris avenue. she had just gotten her granddaughter home and 50 minutes later she says she heard a shootout. listen to how she describes it. >> there was pop, pop, pop and we heard that three different times. >> a lot of scary moments. small mountain community for nearly 30 years. she says they are used to hearing gunfire were for the national forest but never anything quite like this. live and the newsroom jennifer kovaleski denver7. we will have more in this developing story on "denver7 news at 10". you can also visit the denver7
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website, what has become a popular spot at lake loveland has be -- is now gone. this sandbar was created during the flooding in 2013. managers say the sandbar walks water from getting into the like. it became a popular sunbathing and hangout spot. it's also used for irrigation in greeley and loveland. people in the area says they don't mind losing it if it means getting more water. >> this entire sandbar didn't exist at all before the floods. that is a huge reminder of how much debris cooes down the river. it was amazing. >> people can still use the sandy area on the other side of the lake where there is a public park. many applicants were being interviewed today for the rocky mountain region of the forest service. fire, trails, forestry and the ministry support are just some
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job offers will be made next week. a pretty nice end of the day along the front range. justin-cirrus clouds drifting from the north which made for a beautiful sunset. on the lower part of the screen, you can see cars going by east of dia. it has been pretty dry. we get dust flying around as well. there's all kinds of cool stuff to see. dosed -- 41 degrees downtown, 37 at the airport, wins from the east northeast at 11 miles an hour, partly cloudy skies. high temperature was 50, 24 was a low, normals are 48 and 21. the extremes are 71 in 1995 and 0 -- and -8 in 1894. there's a little weather front tomorrow. you will see it over the
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moisture with it. it will keep the temperatures about where they were today, about 50 for a hike, upper 40s over northeast colorado. most of the moisture with this monster storm -- is with this monster storm going all the way from southern canada into tennessee. earlier this afternoon this was in washington dc as well. over the next 24 hours that storm will lift off to the north these. it is a pretty good line of atlantic. in the morning tomorrow our skies should be pretty clear. the front to the north of us work with. it will be cold in the mountains tomorrow, zero gunnison, seven at craig, government -- -- 7 at craig. midshipman 40s around sterling and akron. low 50s on the sooth these plains, 30s and 40s in the mountains and to the west. front range numbers tomorrow our upper 40s to lower 50s for lower elevations, upper 30s to lower 40s in the mountains. if you're heading up to ski,
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bring your sunscreen along. tonight we expect clear skies, light winds and 23, good air the high temperature is expected to climb to 52 pleasant. looking ahead to friday, 55 degrees, saturday 67. that is our bright spot coming a beautiful day, sunday will inches of snow for the monday will be dry again. looking into tuesday, we will see a mix of rain and snow and high of 45 degrees. volunteers -- volunteers are often the colorado nonprofits. u.s. bank and denver7 honoring chris has been volunteering at opened last summer. she got connected with the center to the volunteers of america's retired senior volunteer program. she left he red cross where she had been volunteering for decades, to work here. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] i believe in paying it forward.
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face when she learned she was being honored with a $100 gift card from u.s. bank. to learn more about volunteers of america in the bill daniels veteran community center, visit our website, >> we appreciate all of the veterans. coming up, gary kubiak talks about the future the broncos and brock osweiler. that's next. the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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welcome to "7sportsxtra". the future with the broncos is not peyton manning. john elway patent in here to win a super bowl. we check that box off.
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today at the scouting compound, gary kubiik said there is no hurry for his retirement. he said it will not be for the broncos. not once have they mentioned that they want peyton manning back this next season. they did say this about brock row -- brock osweiler. he can sign with anybody because he's a free agent but it makes sense for him to stay here where he has been for years . gary told us today that brock is the guy. >> he's done a heck of it die for us. he started -- heckuva guy for us. he started six games for us or 7 games for us. we have a lot of guys that are free like that but he has been really special with the job that he has done for us this year. i think he has grown a great deal.
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is going for 22 wins tonight in albuquerque against new mexico at the pit. this is a chamber of horrors, i nightmare for visitors, loud and nasty. brian williams is actually looking forward to it. >> this will be one of the plan. it is good for us to go in 7000 in these adverse situations. at the end of the year, that is what we should have an you should have to play to that. >> check this out. a different car being brought to spring training each time. look at this sling shot. he has also brought a maserati, a big monster truck, and alpha remaal -- romero. i have set at this at the ccr show. it street legal.
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of these things built around it so you are saying this is your kind of car. >> not with all my children at home. >> are you looking a little cilli -- a little cilli -- silly . it will be 60s on saturday and money and a little bit of snow on tuesday. it will be a lot but a little bit on tuesday. >> i am not saying that i have
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over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. go paperless don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?! [ laughs ] bernie sanders -- the courage to stand up to big oil because he won't take their money. that's why sanders said no to the keystone pipeline and never waffled.
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to oppose fracking because fracking can endanger our drinking water and threaten our climate. sanders has the most far-reaching plan to fight climate change and build a clean energy future. bernie sanders -- people before polluters. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. okay, let's get hitched. the list starts now. not the most glamourous place for a wedding, but why it had to happen 35,000 feet in the air. and what's the deal with women in the workplace. three ways they're becoming the
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>> plus you're doing what at calvin klein? our list of the most bizarre events taking over your favorite stores. >> welcome to the show, i'm teresa strausser. >> the top of the list, in the newsroom, here is bradley. >> thanks so much. today, we've got a fun look at how everyone's parenting style is just a little different. manner of moms, number three. >> this afternoon, of. >> of course, we had to feature buzzfeed's latest creations, many different types of moms from the pta to the hipster mom. >> only listened to vinyl. >> oh, boy. even the one mini that they've dabbled in, hot mess mom. >> very funny and viral. 1.2 million youtube views, especially that gran knoll la
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>> i'll bring some raw milk, no sugar. >> sounds disgusting. >> funny to a mom attending her daughter's wedding, mid flight, number two. >> you may kiss the bride. >> love was truly in the air, for jim and christy larson, married on an alaska airlines to seattle. >> it was the best flight ever. it was. >> what made this mid flight wedding even more special, was that christy's mom, billy jo, could be there. >> 70 year old billy jo has lung cancer. she wanted to see her mary the love of her life. dorn and done. >> how does it feel to have that happen? >> spectacular. >> a spectacular wedding, no one on board will ever forget. >> i love you.


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