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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  March 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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>> are we still on that? >> have a great weekend, everyone. let's stop fighting. >> he referred to my hands, if they're small, something else be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. >> i'll support donald if he's the nominee. >> things got heated and personal. but despite the attacks it does not appear the candidates will be swayed by mitt romney's national plea to shun trump. >> find out why these kinds of debates are sending mixed first, we have to talk to daryl orr. >> police looking for burglary suspects.
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guys. here at the 4800 block of north lamar street in wheat ridge. two suspects wearing monkey masks broke into this marijuana dispensary in wheat ridge. police say they threw a rock through the window and there was a person who saw this and the suspects fled and led. police are here with k-9's searching for the suspects. this isn't the first time this place has been hit. apparently this is the third time and the last time police tell us two teens broke in and they were arrested. so right now we have k-9 on scene. police is surrounding the area. they've kept us across the
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details we'll pass them on to you. guys. >> thank you, daryl. we do have clouds out there. the clouds means our temperatures are nice and mild. downtown denver, 42 degrees. it is 50 degrees in broomfield. there are some 30s, longmont, fort morgan in the low to upper 30s. castle rock at 31. 62 our high later this afternoon. the winds, yesterday they were calm. today they are going to pick up yet again. we are talking about cold fronts that will bring a little bit of rain and snow. >> dayle, some rtd trains will be 10 to 15 minutes lane, all trains, d, e, f, h, w lanes,
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lanes, will be 10 to 15 minutes late. i-25 up to the north siie looks nice. you can see the hov lanes coned % off. that should not be the case in the next couple of weeks. take a look at the drive open. friday light commuting. thank you. 3 it was a night of a heated debate and lots of insults in detroit as the remaining gop candidates held their latest debate. >> trump was forced to defend his record. here's a look at highlights from the debate. [ no audio ] >> well, our computer is having a problem.
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package in just a bit. looks like it's rolling? no? yesterday mitt romney urged all republicans to not support trump. but did it work? >> donald trump lacks the temperament to be president. >> trump's rivals say they'll be behind him if he gets the nomination. last night marco rubio said he's committed to the party and that means supporting whoever is the nominee. cruz said he would prefee trump over any of the democrats. kasich ultimattly said he, too, would support trump. the former gop chairman in colorado says he thinks many peoole are going with trump to show their anger for the establishment now. the two democratic candidates will face off again this weekend. before that there are caucuses in four states and a primary in louisiana. sunday the democrats' caucus in maine and republican primary in puerto rico.
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debate in flint, michigan that same day. this weekend on politics unplugged on denver 7 we'll take a closer look at the fallout from super tuesday. this sunday at 4:00 p.m. here on denver 7. we have a troubling story out of western colorado. a man who was once on death row in texas is accused of keeping a homeless woman as a sex slave almost four months. he is accused of chaining up the woman with the help of a run away teenager who lives police say he repeatedly raped the victim. wilkerson was convicted of murder and was released after theejudge didn't retry him. the sheriff says neither of the deputies were involved in
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but one of the deputies is on other resigned. people in bailey got a chance to pay their respects to corporal nate carrigan. the honor flag was on display at platte canyon high school for 13 hours, representing the 13 years the corporal was on the force. >> it's a small token of -- [inaudible] -- thank you all for coming, it means a lot, and to his family. >> the funeral will happen monday the 14th. ten days from today. 4:36 now. plans are moving forward for a new multimillion dollar 911 center in denver. the city council approved the design for the facility. that will give the center more than double the space and allow
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last near 911 call volume increased by 16% in denver, mostly because of our population growth. >> the fact we can add additional people and provide the right work stations, that means the people doing the work today will have additional help and we can get to people quicker and process those calls. >> the city is asking for employee input on the new design. they hope the building will be completed by the end of 2017 or early 2018. north korea continues to lob threats against the world. kim jong-un says their nuclear war heads need to be ready at any time. the north also reportedly test launched another rocket system. it was a night of insults and name calling, again, at the republican presidential debate. >> while we may take some of it lightly, how about our kids that may be watthing? up next, how we should watch
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when our kids are watching. >> would you live tiny? lots of people say they would be on board in denver. temperatures nice and mild. in the 40s. 3 give them a light jacket. mix of sun and clouds early. that's going to continue through the day.
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20 minutes before 5:00. let's try this aggin. >> here's highlights from the republican debate. >> reporter: the debate on the fox news channel turned vulgar early on. >> referred to my hands if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. >> reporter: and while john kasich remained above the fray -- >> people say everywhere i go, you seem to be the adult on the stage. in terms of -- >> reporter: ted cruz and marco rubio slung the mud. >> you're misleading america. >> you're the one, excuse me -- >> reporter: those takes and an offthe record conversation with trump and the "new york times." and marco rubio asked trump how he can pledge to make america great again but not make his clothes in america. >> he could start tonight by announcing all the donald trump the united states.
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much about high record. >> reporter: when pressed by the moderator -- >> will you promise how soon you'll move your clothing china? >> reporter: he made no clear promises to move his clothing business to american soil. the now defunct trump university was under attack. meagan kelly asking about its d minus rating from the better business bureau. trump said the ratings were an a. the better business bureau saying overnight they had fluctuateed from a to d minus, though the d minus was the last one reported. >> the republicans did not hold back in that debate. >> there was taunting, insults, name calling, perhaps more suited for a school yard than debate stage. >> donald trump likes to sue
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did that to his face. >> he was putting on make-up with a trowel. >> what do kids think? >> kids really do look for us to set an example and it could be confusing for them. >> supposed to be setting an example for us as younger kids, because as we get older and we see that all the time, we'll think it's okay to do that. but really it's not okay to do that. tv when the debates are on? mine are too young for these. when they're teenagers, it's process.
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cooler today. going to have a front that will move in. hasn't come yet. but it's not really going to -`affect us that much. down side, the winds will pick up. do not blame the messenger, but it is going to be kind of a little bit cooler, which will weather-wise, dry across most of the state. we have quite a few clouds out and about this morning. but still, very quiet. the clouds keeping our temperatures a little bit warmer. in denver 40 degrees. greeley still chilly at 27. gunnison at 18. we have 20s and 30s in the hightry. we are in for a decent warmup. even with the front that will move through, it's not going to cool our temperatures off that drastically. yesterday most of us topped out in the mid-60s. today the low 60s. denver topped out at 62. 61 castle rock. possibly 64 in brighton.
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highs, decent temperatures up in the high country. looking for 40s. aspen may be 54 degrees. later this afternoon 60s on the western slope. and to the eastern plains upper 50s in the northeast corner. this is where the front really will drop into that section. those temperatures not going to be as warm. southeast corner, though, not affected at all, so they'll climb into the low 70s. very warm temperatures in the southeast corner. remember those winds will pick up yet again. we have a very slight chance to pick up some rain showers as a result of the front. therees not a lot of moisture in this system. but we could see a few of them anywhere from about 3 to maybe 7:00 o'clock this afternoon, into the early evening. then we clear out overnight. we're going to see a few more clouds tomorrow. then on sunday that's where we're going to start to see more changes. as we look at our seven-day forecast, we get warmer tomorrow.
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however, this is where we could start picking up a few showers late sunday night. most of us will be asleep. mountains could see activity as well. monday during the day, scattered showers possible. monday night as we cool things down there's a chance we could see a little rain/snow mix. >> the last update i had was about the rtd trains being delayed, they say they're back running normally again. morning. north and southbound side of i- 25 here at colorado boulevard, looking fantastic. maybe 15 minutes or less downtown to the denver tech center. a lot of green on the north side of town. all moving along just fine. the drive times looking pretty nice as well, whether it's coming in from the north side of town or going to the north side of town looking nice in the south side. going to start off, nice and quiet. 15 minutes downtown to the dtc.
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you could call it carefree or car free living. it's the newest trend in denver and tiny apartments, partly because they don't have parking. we have drawings of what one of those would look like. 56 units, they have 320 square feet each, no parking. block away or something. i might be one of the few, but yes, i'm willing to see how it goes. statement "it's designed to be affordable, minimalistic and perfect for those who don't have a car, just a block from station." a similar project in the works at 14th and court. denver continues to grow. it was just named the number one place to live in the country. unfortunately, that means it's getting more expensive. you need to make more than $68,000 a year to afford a home
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that will only go up. averaae rent within 10 miles of downtown denver is 1500 bucks. farther away communities are growing as well. castle rock growing so fast people living there already are trying to slow things down. one group points to the traffic bottlenecks getting up to i-25 as proof tte area is growing too quickly. >> it's grown seven fold in the seven fold. >> right now the current town council is rubber stamping any developer's proposal. >> he is now proposing a ballot initiative requiring annexation of 5 acres to go to a vote. currently green wood village is the only colorado city that requires a vote for residential annexation. first friday of the month so that means a lot of
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monthly jobs report coming out later this morning. here's how it's affecting the stock market now. s&p is up 2, nasdaq up 9, dow up 20. sports authority is closing another of its locations as it enters bankruptcy. the company now says it's closing the store off bowles and wadsworth. plenty more across the country are closing. 143 locations that are now going out of business. could marijuana help people with multiple sclerosis? they plan to look at the effects of long-term use of marijuana on ms patients. there's a crowdfunding effort to help fund the research. they say they hope to see improvements in motor functtons
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growing marijuana can be a stinky business as anyone who lives near denver can tell you. the city is looking to require certain businesses, including those who grow marijuana, to commit an odor control plant. it would affect the pot industry, but not limited to pot businesses. any businesses that gives off an odor, like the purina plant has to have a plant. >> wastewater treatment, and oil refineries. >> as people move in, they will start to experience these odors and they are going to demand something is one. >> businesses would not be required to completely eliminate the smells they create, but minimize them as much as possible. department of environmental health will brief city council next month and hope to have the new laws in place by the summer. `> i remember when i was a kid we used to drive by the stock
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here's a look at other stories making news hot on the internet today. paying for your license plate
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right? but that's not a reason to make your own and put it on your car. that's what a 28-year-old from new york state did. that's what she's accused of doing at least. maybe it would be more realistic if she had put one of those 2016 stickers in the corner. already times you start to do something and realize you better get back to safety. it's what it looked like here, as several people on jet skis heading to waves. a couple of people made it over. when the wave became a little bit too big, they sped back to shore. maybe they could jump the next one. with easter right around the corner, actor benedict cumberbatch is turned into a chocolate bunny.
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getting past the parking gate is usually pretty effortless. you push the button, take the ticket, drive past the gate. this driver for some reason can't reach the ticket through her window, so she opens the door, reaches through the open window, takes the ticket. it took her too much time to get back in to get it in gear. she tried it one time, tried it again, and again. she kept having -- see, she tries to get back in, the gate goes up and she can't get going gate. >> it's the big pedal on the >> i know. for her. she finaaly figured it out and tries. >> there driver has been in front of me in the left lane of i-25, i promise you. >> imagine being the cars waiting and watching this going, oh, my gosh. >> you're killing me, smalls. >> that's great. thank you. one of america's best known
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headlines, this time for her brain. >> brandy chastain plans to donate her brain to concussion research. brandy, best known for her celebration for a world cup win in 1999, announced she plans to donate her brain to research, she says she's gotten a few concussions during her career and now as a mom and coach she worries about the damage. >> she's having symptoms and living a normal life, but is so well aware of what could be waiting for her. >> it can only be diagnosed after death. it's not been diagnosed in female athletes as of yet. broncos fans waiting for what's going to happen to peyton manning.
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to keep brock osweiler to keep him out of free agency. we learned the two sides are about 3 million bucks apart. the broncos have until monday to negotiate exclusively with their free agents. von miller has a new gig. he'll be part of next season's "dancing with the stars." >> makes perfect sense, because everyone knows his on field dancing moves. you can watch him starting march 21st here on denver 7.
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referred to my hands if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. >> you may have thought nothing donald trump said would surprise you, but he's got people talking again tonight after last night's debate. >> we're following other stories, including a program that will give you another bathroom option downtown. >> von miller likes to dance on the field, but can he do it on the stage? we're told two people in monkey masks hit up a pot shop.


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