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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  March 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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when i look back on my nfl career, i'll know without a doubt i gave everything i had to help my teams walk away with a win. there were more players more talented, but there was no one who could outprepare me. and because of that i have no regrets. >> emotional goodbye from peyton manning. what's next for the broncos? sports anchor arran andersen will join us for a look ahead. first, homeless people could be kicked out of their downtown denver camp. >> protestors will rally this
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denver7's jason gruenauer joins us from that rallying point. >> reporter: good morning. a few people have gathered here, a few people with signs along with members of the media this morning in anticipation of that. we want to talk y they're actually here. it's because of the homeless camps. a lot of them have popped up here. this is one of the main gathering places along park. the city put up the signs yesterday giving 24 hours notice they could start coming camps. mainly the big itees that are obstructs the sidewalks. that's against the urban camping ban. city officials calling this %- area unsafe, unhealthy, unsanitary. last night they said there is no firm time line to do so. it would start with a verbal warning, then a written citation, then possible arrests. we talked to both a member of one of the mission organizations yesterday and a homeless person to get their thoughts. >> we have no other place to go. i mean, homeless is homeless, okay.
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came to your home and said, you can't live there any more? it doesn't matter what you have, what baggage you have, we're going to turn you out. >> we understand it's not a fun thing to take people's items and i know the city had to make a big decision about that. so, yeah, not going to be an easy situation no matter what. >> reporter: again, while the city could start clearing those camps starting today, they said they do not know specifically when and where they will start that enforcement. this is one of the main areas and that's why that denver homeless outloud group started, or put out the call, rather, for protests. one person had a sign that said, move along to where? that's one of the big rallying cries of this group here this morning. a few people gathering and there are obviously a lot of people here on the streets still sleeping. we'll keep you updated. reporting live downtown, jason gruenauer, denver 7.
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story all day and we'll keep you posted what happens on air and you can download that free denver 7 app you'll get alerts to your phone. want to get over to lisa for that first alert forecast. rained yesterday, can we expect more today? >> not here. in denver it will clear out nicely. more sunshine this afternoon. in the mountains you'll find more snow today. rain/snow mix across the plains. here's that storm as it moves out. behind this, clearing skies, cold temperatures. it's a chilly start. jacket. even this afternoon they'll likely need it. upper 40s to low 50s. there will be a chill in the air. 52 here in denver with more mountain snow. low to mid-50s it looks like covering northeastern colorado. and jason, 30s and 40s in the mountains. likely we'll see a couple more inches along i-70 this afternoon. >> within about 20 minutes of my driving home yesterday, i had about 8 different types of precipitation on the windshield.
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north side of town, you can see the express lanes about ready town. fantastic. a lot of good driving conditions all around town. one accident west denver, on sheridan, south of alameda. not a huge factor, but a minor inconvenience. fantastic. ten minutes out that way. easy driving also to the south side of town, no issues now through lone tree. thank you. it's just about five after 5:00. an update on breaking news we brought you last night at 10:00. this train near san jose, california derailed and crashed into a creek thanks to a fallen tree on the tracks. it's not as bad as first reported. originally police said 14 people were hurt. they say that number is only at nine. four have serious injuries. it's the end of an era.
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he gave the league 18 great years, four here in denver. >> arran andersen joins us with a look at his final goodbye. >> it was just the right time, and maybe i don't throw as good or run as good as i used to, but i've always had good timing. >> yes, and timing is everything. good morning, welcome to morning sports. i'm arran andersen. peytonnmanning picked the right time to hang them up. after 18 years, number 18 followed in john elway's footsteps, leaving the game of football on top with a walkoff world championship. the entire manning family was there along with dozens of peyton's former teammates. broncos auditorium wasn't big enough. needed an overflow room. manning able to hold things together fighting back teers. we know goodbyes are never easy. the hall of famer ended the press conference with one word. omaha! his teammates thought he hit a homerun.
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it's great and it's just that he had his moment. i think he could have went longer. so many things he's done, the ttpe of influence he's had on the game, it's just so much, you couldn't pack it into a short speech. >> taught me how to be a pro. the way to approach the game, how to be a good player and teammate on and off the field. >> you'rr not going to think about the game without thinking about peyton manning frrm here on out. there's few players who make you think about that with football, and few players who make you think about that with basketball. to know peyton as a teammate, is one of the things i'm greatly appreciative for in my life. >> no sign of brock, and more importantly, no deal. brock has hit the open market. broncos do have an offer. it could reach $15 million a
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go out there and have yourselves a great day. we've heard from the teammates and now we're hearing from the fans. >> they love peyton and in four years he has so many fans. fans stood in the rain outside dove valley. some of them in tears. they told us they not only love peyton for his talent, but because he's a good guy who inspired us all. >> even in adversity, he never gave up. >> the sheriff going to ride off into the sunset. time. >> they aren't quite ready to have to. some say they hope he'll come back as a quarterback coach. the fire department of denver honored peyton by turning their engine 18 to an homage to the qb. if you saw tributes to peyton, take a picture and post it on our denver 7 facebook page. there online you can also see
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about peyton manning and the broncos. you'll find plenty more coverage right there on our home page, developing in greeley this morning, parents, students and staff of greeley west high school want answers after the principal and vice principal were told to leave school yesterday. both now on paid leave. denver7 reporter lindsay watts joins us with more on what happened. >> reporter: this really has people talling here in greeley. the district has refused to go on camera, but administrators tell us this all has to do with parent surveys. evaluation forms that parents fill out every year about the school and its staff. the district believes there was something fishy with how those were conducted, but nobody is saying specifically what was off. i can tell you the surveys are part of the principal's evaluation. and scores have been exceptionally high for greeley west.
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diebold were both told to leave the school yesterday. we went to both of their homes for comment last night, but got no answer. the district did send a letter home to parents yesterday letting them knnw the school's top leaders are now out at least for now. we have put in an open records request, so we can take a look at those parent surveys that are now in question. live in greeley, lindsay watts, denver 7. thank you. it's 5:09. we're learning more about funeral arrangements for former first lady nancy reagan. they'll be laid to rest friday next to her husband. tomorrow there will be visitation at reagan library. >> there's also a condolence book. people can leave their tributes. nancy reagan died this past weekend at he age of 94. look at these weapons here. they could be in the hands of terrorists now if a shipment hadn't been intercepted. where they came from. >> a little girl passed out and
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it. >> it's now almost 5:10. first alert weather is tracking 20s and 30s now. but ww'll be where we should be to be around 52. >> we're pretty much dry on the
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book now at this tuesday. 27 degrees as we look over denver. want to check out headlines from around the world. thhse weapons. this is all from a small fishing boat. it included ak-47's, grenade launchers. our government believes they came from iran and headed to yemen to rebels. the 18 crew members on board
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weapons. in somalia, 150 suspected a u.s. drone strike. this is an area of the map where this happened. the pentagon says this stopped an emment threat against u.s. troops and helped africa keep the peace. our government says the terrorists were getting ready for a large scale ttack. our military is teaming up with south korea for war games. as you might guess, north kooea isn't happy about this and is threatening a preemptive nuclear strike. today voters in michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii will hit the polls to pick their gop presidential candidates. last ditch effort, senator ted
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him, saying he's the only one that defeat trump there. for democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders going head to head in michigan and mississippi. clinton has a big 631 delegate lead over sanders. here's one person who won't be running for president. michael bloomberg. the former new york city mayor was considering an independent bid. but changed his mind saying it was clear he couldn't win. two volunteer firefighters are back on the job after they were suspended because they rushed an unconscious toddler truck. apparently that's against protocol because the truck isn't licensed to carry patients. but the firefighters said they had to get the 18-month-old girl to the hospital before it was too late. >> we basically did the best it. she's doing great and that's what matters. >> amazing. international status,
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hitting me up international. it's amazing the out pouring the community came together to support us. we as a department couldn't be more happy. >> when this happened on the way to the hospital an ambulance driver wanted to meet up with the firefighters at the fire station. but the firefighters said no, because it wassout of the way and the girl was having seizures and vomiting. again, those firefighters are now back to work and the girl's parents said they are thankful for the firefighters' quick action. >> i can imagine. >> do what you have to do. >> interesting. when you walk outside this morning it is a little chillier. >> it is. we were in the 40s yesterday at this point. 50s in some spots. now dropping into the 20s, 30s. storm has moved out, though. so everything pretty dry. a couple of damp roads. temperatures starting off near freezing early on. we'll be close to normal by this afternoon. 52 the normal high today. that's what we're calling for for a high. greeley 32.
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in conifer and evergreen we're in the teens to low 20s. it's colder across most of the state. teens and 20s for the mountains and just below, well, close to single digit numbers in alamosa. you're going to find on futurecast pretty clear skies across eastern colorado. this is an idea of what we're expecting today. again, mostly sunny conditions for the eastern half. by 10:00 to 10:30, light snow in the mountains. no alerts in place. winter weather advisory and warning expired. but we'll see a couple of inches of snow through the afternoon and early evening along i-70, also down south across our southern front range mountains and closer to that new mexico/colorado border. denver a few clouds later this afternoon. there is a chance we could see a few light showers up and through the foothills. here's what that looks like closer in, by 11:30 this morning, again, near grand
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and by about 9:00, after sunset chance of light snow showers in jefferron county and to the west of that. overnight skies will clear. more sunshine expected tomorrow morning. highs today low to mid-50s. 3 broomfield, 52. parker 50. you'll find 40s in the foothills. 35 in bailey. state-wide near 60 to the southeast. more 40s and 50s on the western slope. gets a little warmer every day. our numbers increase heading into the weekend. tomorrow we're in the mid-50s. we'll stay pretty dry for the next five to seven days, heading into the weekend unreal. upper 60s friday. mid- to upper 60s on sunday. then near 70 on monday. i have a birthday party this saturday. it's not a mermaid party like you did for your kids, but 65 is a good number. party. the mermaid party was off the hook. wow. what you do for little girls. good drive overall.
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custer on the south side, southwest side of town. easy drive on c-470, santa fe, wadsworth. castle rock. 25 minutes overall the entire length of c-470. ten to 15 between wadsworth and i-25. easy along parker road or 225 getting out to dia. north side again, super quiet. maybe 15 minutes from the north side of downtown. right now denver police are hit-and-run. this is a look at the scene behind us here. -`happened over on colfax last night. three cars involved. one person taken to the hospital. no word on the car police are looking for. pueblo police say this man seriously hurt twin toddlers. they say jacob sandoval is friends with the mom. the twins were taken to the hospital. police haven't said what he did, but he is accused of child abuse. n denver this woman here, marlene rodriguez will undergo
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5:23. welcome back to denver 7. a look over colorrdo this morning. little cooler today. in the 20s now rather than the 40s like yesterday. we'll get to the forecast coming up. $55 million, it's how much erin andrews will get after a stalker secretly recorded some nude video taken in her hotel room. this is a look at her in court last week. took the jury about a day to decide. andrews said the marriott hotel put her stalker in the room
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tennis star marie have a sharapova's career could be over after she tested positive for drugs. she said she didn't realize it was banned by the doping agency. ler sponsors have suspended her contracts. she is the number 7th ranked mare in the world. facebook wants to live stream thursday night footbbll. other streaming leaders are interested. not clear how much this would cost companies, but we know the thursday tv package is worth about 450 million bucks. take a look at this van that looks like the scooby doo mystery machine, doesn't it? except in this case police in california say it carried a villan leading them on a high speed chase. it was serious, but dispatch found a little humor in this
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>> police say the driver took off during a probation check and caused many accidents during the chase. like the ghouls in scooby doo, abandoned the mystery machine and they're looking for her. >> looking for scooby snacks. >> if it wasn't for those meddling children. >> calmer across the state. we had everything yysterday, snow, thunderstorms. like jason said, gropple. drier on the plains and warmer this week. today highs in the upper 40s to low 50s. denver, 52. fort collins today you're at 52. we'll see 40s up and through the foothills near evergreen and decker. a little warmer in spots this afternoon and more sunshine.
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>> we're dry this morning. you can see the ramps off i-76, 270. 270 and i-76 drive looks nice. you can see that on the map. there were a couple of problems, one the stall now reported north field quebec near 270 and accident about cleared up at sheridan and center. the rest of the drive around town looks pretty nice. thank you. video of broncos' quarterback brock osweiler showing up where he probably doesn't want it on tmz. a late night pizza run almost turns into a brawl. >> local families are upset over an xcel project planned
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it's time for homeless people to leave their camps,
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>> some people are rallying now on behalf of the homeless. denver7 reporter jason gruenauer joins us live from downtown at the rally. >> reporter: good morning. about a dozen people or so have started to gather on corner to protest that potential clearing. there's at least one or two signs here. and this is what they are protesting against, they want people to be able to stay here on the streets in these homeless camps with tents and tarps and things like that. i'm joined, excuse me here as i scooted over, reverend amanda henderson. tell me what your position is on all of this. >> my position is heartbreak, that this is the state of affairs. i'm here to be present with the people who are living on the street and to ask questions as to why this is happening, why we as a community and a city aren't coming together to more creative solutions. honestly, no one wants to be living on the sidewalk. people would like to be living


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