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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  August 18, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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it is 5:00 a.m. now troubling new video proving a man accused of trying lure children has been in this neighborhood before. >> what he seemed to be up to in this latest video. >> reporter: a rough start for ssudents moving in for the fall semester at boulder. they don't have a live. why this apartment complex is deemed uninhabitable. that's coming up. >> reporter: i'm jason gruenauer on the 16th street mall. there's a new private security presencen the mall, but are they really present and how much of a difference will they make? details coming up. we start with breaking international news. more than 200 people hurt and at least six killed after multiple car bomb attacks on police stations in turkey. >> here's some video.
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attack on kurdish workers party there. last week the commander of that party promised increased attacks against police. at least 14 of those injured are in serious condition now. back here at home, denver 7 is still on the fire watch this morning. firefighters were able to keep a fire from destroying homes near carter lake. take a look at how close the flames got. you can see the house right there. the threat isn't over yet. at last check larimer county now, and 55% contained. there are some steps you can take to make sure flames don't get that close to your house. things like cutting back vegetation within 30 to 100 feet around your home. when making improvements on your house, use fire resistant materials. it's back to school today for students in jeffco and boulder valley.
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the bus stop. >> and also on that threat for fires. better chance for storms this afternoon. and you're going to find wind this morning through larimer county and near carter lake pretty calm at 5 to 10 miles per hour. it's going to be a nice start for the kids as they head out the door this morning. by noon we're at about 82. at that point yesterday we were in the mid- to upper 80s. here's your first alert that we have a better chance for storms this afternoon. and around 3:00 as the kids are scattered activity and temperatures will start to drop. so mid-80s today. a touch cooler than where we were yesterday. here's your first alert that we are in for low to mid-70s both friday, saturday. sunday looks pretty perfect. details coming up. looks pretty perfect on the roads now. no ccidents or stalls or other issues around town. you can see on the i-70 camera looking really nice all the way from pecos over to that north
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town, i-25 near 84th avenue, wide open, less than 15 minutes to downtown. you can see that easy driving conditions on highway 36, i-76 or getting out to dia. longest security wait timessso far is 15 minutes. we're following breaking news denver 7 brought you last night. a lot of outrage in boulder after cu students are eft with no place to stay. >> on what was supposed to be move-in day, the city of boulder said the sterling university peaks apartments eric lupher is checking out the situation for us today for students. >> eric, many of these students feel like they have few options now. >> reporter: yeah. it was from excitement to panic, because as of last night they had no place to go. they had filled their apartment with boxes, they were trying to get settled in, and they were told they had to get out. they got a notice from the apartment complex, i have a copy here.
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the residents we were talking to said those were all full. nobody is milling around this morning, so hopefully they were able to find accommodations. this is video from last night when they didn't know what to do. they had suit cases, trying to gather whatever they could to find a place to stay. this is supposed to be just temporary, according to the apartment complex. what does temporary mean exactly? how long will they be out of what was supposed to be their new home? i talked to >> i'm like, what? i was not ready. i'm from texas. i have nowhere to go. my family doesn't live here. my mom is 13 hours away. it's like, i just moved in. we literally just got our apartment pretty much finished. >> reporter: how sad is that? apparentlyythis is about book shelves, swinging bookshelf in these apartments. usually a two-bedroom turned into a four-bedroom and because of that swinging bookshelf it's
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be fixed. frustration for sure in boulder. i'm eric lupher, denver 7. we have new video in the case of a man trying to lure kids into his van in englewood park. >> one neighbor saw this pick and deccded to check his own home security system to help police track down the man. well, he caught this video and realized the suspect had been there two days in a row. >> i was wondering if he's been keeping an eye on my kids, and that's why he was coming over to m house. scared me. i'm going to be more aware now. >> police hope the new video can help them identify perhaps a license plate or somebody recognizes that man. if you know anything, you're urged to call police. it is 5:05. people may be happy to know there are now new private security guards on the 16th
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patrolling late yesterday. jason gruenauer has dettils. >> reporter: they continue to patrol the mall this morning. it took us a little while to spot them, but eventually we did. the new allied barton security service, walking pan the mall -- up and down the mall in pairs. we've been here about an hour. the big question here is this % real security or just the idea or image of security? that's because of the authority and th security guards don't carry guns or firearms ere on the mall. obviously as you mentioned this is in response to those videos that we've seen, viral videos of attacks and violent incidents here on the mall. so now the downtown denver partnership decided they're % going to hire their own security, because it was making them and the city look really, really bad. so this is now 24/7, these new guards will be going up and down, they have pepper spray and handcuffs, but they don't have the authority to make
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they'll still have a heavy presence according to the denver police chief, who when we asked him about the new security guards, he and those videos, he said, i'll tell you what i hope not to see any more of are those videos. yesterday we were out, one of those security guards spoke to a patron, asked them for compliance. this has to do with voluntary compliance and that man did. and as we're talking, there they go here, patrolling up and no major incidents we can report to you as of now. we'll keep on top of it, make sure everything goes smoothly so far on day one. live on the 16th street mall, jason gruenauer, denver 7. thank you. the new security guards are part of a $1 million initiative paid for by local businesses. the company in charge of providing the guards won't say how many will be on patrol. the department of justice has launched a review of the commerce city police
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after publicized misconduct by some police officers. one of them, kevin lord, said he was shot in the chest by a criminal last year. it was later determined he had shot himself, and he picked someone from a will lineup and said they were the shooter. >> we're here because so often resiination, defeat, and acceptance that somehow police and community relations have to be irreconcilably tense and negative. >> officials will hold a public meeting september 14th at adams high school. laws could change because of our reporting on forgee signatures. we spoke with a lawmaker crafting a bill to require thee
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signatures on petitions are written by that actual voter. >> is the legislature going to do something about forged signatures? >> i certainly hope they do. you know as well as anyone, interviewing people firsthand that had their signatures forminged we need to make a change. >> there's a conference call planned for this afternoon with members of the committee to discuss what is needed in the new legislation. >registering to vote has or co to 28683. then you get back an easy link to register. you have 45 days before the election to register to vote. we have new details in the gruesome attack of a florida couple. why their son believes the suspect could get just a slap on the wrist for a double murder. plus a new study shows obesity could be causing your
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the desperate attempt to save this dog in louisiana. you're waking up to a very mild start to our day. here's your first alert that we're going to see scattered storms today. but tomorrow on friday, there's a bettered risk for severe weather -- better risk for severe weather across the plains. the highway looks nice. the drive out to the west side in lakewood is affected by an accident just now coming in, just reported, with some injuries at alameda z22xez zvpz if you home is in the lane on the bench or on the range there's only one place to go. come to cabela's all week for great deals and more. save big on all your favorite trusted brands. get 20% off all walker's hearing protection
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welcome back. right now six kids are recovering after getting an electrical shock while at a theme park. it's the latest in a string of amusement park accidents. it happened as the kids were getting off a ride, this was in connecticut. investigators think wiring underneath the ride may be to blame. the kids had burns on their hands but should be okay.
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father and his father's wife in florida. the two were killed in a random attack earlier this year. >> the suspect was reportedly biting the father's face when police arrived to that scene. we've learned the suspect is a 19-year-old florida state university student. >> on his way home he stopped about a block short of where his parents lived and just, dad liked to sit in the garage, and walked into the garage and killed her.this isn't just a privileged white kid who will get it taken easy on who had priors. >> police believe the man may have been undee the influence of bath salts. the guy who climbed trump tower last week has been arraigned and still in jail. he apparently planned it and
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town before he drove to new york city with ropes and suction cups he purchased on amazon. the 19-year-old's lawyer says he's getting mental health treatment while in jail. we are getting new images from the flooding in louisiana. a dog left tied to a pole. fortunately baton rouge sheriff's deputies were able to rescue that dog. the dog was cut free, pulled into a boat, wet and cold and tired, but otherwise should be okay. the flooding in louisiana right now there's a state of emergency in california. wildfires are raging there. there are a total of 26 wildfires burning across the western u.s. that would include colorado. this bluecut fire is up to 25,000 acres and only 4% contained. tens of thousands of people have had to evacuate because of that wildfire. >> 26 fires in the west.
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that will help with our fire danger. cold front set to roll through tomorrow. >> will be a nice change. >> it will. one more day of, that's a typo, 80s, not 90s. one more day of 80s. the cold front hits tomorrow, and then we're going to see 70s through the weekend. here's your first alert this is going to be one of the biggest cooldowns we've seen so far this summer. mid-80s. mid- to upper 80s between 1:00 and 3:00. overnight tonight we're still mild. temperatures tomorrow morning will be in the no big change there. but by mid-morning as we watch there front move in that temperatures start to drop tomorrow. erie today 84. boulder 83. denver at 85. and low to mid-90s near pueblo and lamar. a little cooler on the western slope. grand junction today at 88 degrees. still warm, but a touch coollr than yesterday. we will see a few more storms develop in the northern and central mountains this morning. between 10:00 and 11:00, along
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loveland ski area camera, even copper mountain darker skies. between 2:00 and 4:00, scattered storms rolling east over denver. about 20 to 30% chance for storms today. a better chance than what we saw yesterday. overnight tonight some isolated activity. that threat for large hail and damaging winds is pretty low today. but there is a better risk that by tomorrow afternoon as we're tracking this front moving in from the north and northwest it will bring with it a tt temperatures will stay a lot threat for severe weather again, this is on friday, tomorrow, it will cover not only parts of northern colorado, but extending down south towards pueblo and lamar and covering the entire metro area friday afternoon and early evening. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. temperature-wise, low 70s friday, same thing on saturday. we might even see a few upper
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it's going to be nice, nice change. you're going to find for the broncos' game saturday night, temperatures by kickoff riter around 7:00 should be in the upper 60s. then the low 60s by the end of the game. there is a slight chance, about 10% chance for some storms late saturday afternoon and evening. we'll watch for that. mainly it will be the cooler air. you'll need a sweatshirt at the game. sunday looks great. 77 and some sunshine. not going sweatshirt in my living room. >> well, you might. >> exactly. i'll have all the windows open. with our waze map, i was checking out some kind of debris on the southbound side of i-25, an object on the road before 58th yeah. no delays because of it. if you want to be part of our waze team, you can join on yyur smartphone and report those
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out and about. one incident, an injury crash at alameda and kipling. slight delays, but traffic is ?ight. drive on 225, denver tech center looks fine. the drive at 225 and parker road, so far so good and light rail moving along fine as well. denver leaders know there is a need for more affordable housing in the city. now council members are trying figure out how to pay for it. >> mayor michael 10-year plan to build about 000 affordable housing units. one proposal will increase property tax in denver and increase fees for developers. developers worry the fees will get passed on to renters. >> 80% of the housing that this market is building is luxury housing. when they tell me they're concerned about the fees being increased on homeowners, most of the product being built is luxury housing. >> committee members will vote on this plan next week, then
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for consideration. boulder needs affordable housing, too. wildlife advocates do not want it at the expense of prairie dogs. residents debated this week about what to do with 100 prairie dogs. a developer wants to build 200 apartments there. instead of killing the colony, one anonymous land owner is offering up property to relocate them. parks and wildlife officials still need to check out the land. a new study says there is a degeneration. the study looked at the brains of hundreds of people between the ages of 20 and 87. scientists found obese subjects had brains similar to those of 10 years older. they want to do more studies, especially as the population ages and obesity rates continue to rise in this country.
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we'll have more details on that. check our facebook page as well. >> that's right. tomorrow in littleton. new developments in a bizarre story from the olympics. two u.s. olympic swimmers have been released from custody in brazil. they were taken off their plane for questioning about the robbery where they claimed armed gunmen dressed as police robbed them. >> police say they needed statements from them before they returned to the u.s. authorities are trying to find out medalist ryan lochte are telling the truth. authorities tried to seize lochte's passport, but he was already back home. they say they were robbed and but video shows them returning -?to the olympic village unfazeed. missy franklin will always be colorado's golden girl. look how the swimmer was greeted when she got back home.
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gosh. >> ler supporters filled -- her supporters filled her yard with pink flowers to show their support. missy didn't make it to the finals in any of her events in rio. she's vowing to come back for tokyo in 2020. we'll be there cheering her on. we've got a nice storms. >> i know you like those. >> no snow yet. do you know what the earliest snow date was for us? september3rd. that's not too far off. we're not getting snow with this system, but will be pretty chilly. 70s tomorrow. mid, upper 80s today. keenesburg 88. longmont 85. denver a high of 85. here's your first alert that we are pretty close to normal today. normal high is 87. we will be well below this number.
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friday and saturday. we're going to show you more on tomorrow's cold front coming up in a few minutes. pretty easy drive. we can see that. no problems up north, longmont, into downtown. we have one accident, over here in lakewood at alameda and kipling. tonight we're going to have the eastbound side of arapahoe road closed under i-25 for the bridge work we have there. and the drive in aurora alameda should be all open here. supposed to wrap up that work by sable, should have all lanes open here this morning. straight ahead, colorado try athletes sounding off about roads they feel are dangerous for cyclists. plus, law enforcement and city leaders taking a different approach fighting crime along the 16th street mall. but will we see change? a new homeowner dealing
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at 5:30 we are following breaking news out of turkey. the death toll up to nine and more than 200 injured after multiple car bomb attacks on police stations. >> one of those attacks caught on video. officials are blaming the attack on one of the political parties there. last week the commander of the party attacks on police. the death toll could go up, because about 14 of the people injured are now in serious condition. want to bring it back home for your first alert on your thursday forecast with lisa. one more day of 80s for the kids. jeffco goes back to school today. near 70 between 8:30 and 9:00. low to mid-80s by the time they're heading home. better chance for thunderstorms this afternoon and evening.


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