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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 24, 2016 2:36am-4:00am MST

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no mention of him having a gun, but police are still investigating. according to the criminal complaint, pulliam, expressed no remorse, saying the way i look at it, that's another piece of trash off the street. he later denied saying it. >> believe me, i didn't want to kill anybody, but they were going to kill me. >> reporter: facing first degree murder charges, and if found guilty, it could mean life behind bars. linsey davis, abc news, new
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long sentences for sexually assaulting two girls have been exonerating clearing the way for millions in compensation. the so-called san antonio four spent ten to 15 years in prison until one of the girls recanted and then some forensic evidence fell apart. a texas appeals court declared them innocent and criminal records expounded, making each one eligible to seek $80,000 a year of wrongful imprisonment. this system moving in central america, expected to land in costa rica later today. hurricane warnings have been posted in each of those countries. worried that otto could cause floodings and mud slides. areas could receive up to 20 inches of rain. amazon avoided a holiday disaster. a judge ordered flights who haul packages to go back to work. they forced cancellation of dozens of flights, and returned
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shopping season gets underway. pilots also handle deliveries for dhl worldwide express. for everyone found themselves stressed out in the grocery store over the last few days, you might appreciate this story. a cedar rapids, iowa mom loading up the cart with the son there, the nine yards, and realizes in the checkout line that she forgot her wallet. >> oh, the worst. >> at the register. can you imagine? she calls her husband in a panic and asked him to come to the store, but the woman in the line behind her jumped in and paid the bill. >> oh! >> nearly $200. she shared the story on facebook, and since has gone viral. >> it's just -- it's just been such a cool, amazing experience that is not only impacted me, but now, just, like, spread to the community. >> so get this. the woman wouldn't give her name or her address. she said that she just wanted to do something nice for the
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>> or she just wanted to get a move on, just, like, you know, i'll pay $200 to get through the line and out of the store. >> i have done that. i was at -- just yesterday, the woman in front of me didn't have an id, trying to get cigarettes, can i show you my id, and i will buy them just so that we can move it along. i don't even smoke. >> now you know, kendis behind you in line, say you don't have a wallet and get free stuff out of the dl. >> regardless of the motives, she said that she intends to pay it forward by paying for people's drinks in line at starbucks. >> that's $200 right there for both drinks she'll buy. coming up, countdown to black friday. >> so many stores opening early today, what do you need to know about the deals you can pass and those that you can't afford to pass up? >> yep.
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business from meals past with easy-off, so the only thing they see is that beautiful bird. go ahead.
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the dramatic double tornados caught on camera over the middle east country of qatar. the desert landscape provided the perfect conditions for this
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this happened in grand central terminal when his e cigarette caught fire in his pocket. he thought he had a pocket full of fireworks. and the victim suffered multiple burns. across the country, retailers bracing for an explosion of black friday bargain hunters on thanksgiving. >> millions of holiday shoppers are waiting in line and going online to find the best deals. but not every door buster is a deal or even a steal. here's abc's rebecca jarvis with a few tips. >> reporter: retailers across the country bracing for the deluge of deal hunters, but before you buy, beware of the mark downs masquerade iing the sales price. >> if you're buying a coat that's half price, you're getting ripped off. >> reporter: in fact, you're better off waiting until later in the season for the biggest bargains on clothes.
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tvs and electronics. this 49-inch tv available at kohl's for $249, and gift cards of $75 with purchase. apple watches discounted at best buy and target. need a phone? best buy, target, and walmart all offering up to $250 in gift cards with purchase of the latest samsungs and iphone7s. finally, talk to the sales associates. >> when you see the price on the tag, don't settle for that. walk up to someone and say, hey, is this the final price? are there more deals? i think you'll be surprised how often you can stack those coupons. >> reporter: the most discounted door busters go fast. the good news often, you don't have to leave home to get your hands on them because, of course, you can shop online. rebecca jarvis, abc news, chicago. >> beautiful shot there for rebecca. coming up, butterball's turkey talk line. >> we're live next with marge.
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? it's a big cooking day today, and who better than to ask for last minute advice than butterball turkey folks helping 50 million folks over the last 35 years. >> can you believe it's been she's in chicago. marge, thank you for joining us again this year. how busy have you and your talk line colleagues been? >> caller: well, it's been constant all day, yesterday, and the day before, and i'm sure it will be busy all day today as well. >> marge, what's the most common requests you get from people calling in and asking you for help? >> caller: well, really, most of the time our number one question
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people just don't understand how long it takes to thaw, and so we walk them through that, make it easy for them. >> do you get ridiculous requests that make you face palm? >> caller: well, sometimes people make one mistake they make, a number of mistakes, and then we have to kind of pull them back and help them through, sure. >> marge, i'm assuming i'm making a b my turkey is still alive at a farm on this hour. i have not even frozen it yet, but for us last minute folks, please give us quick tips on how to roast a great turkey. >> caller: certainly. we want to begin by, of course; having that turkey well-thawed, and then you want to brush it with a little vegetable oil, put it on a flat rack in a shallow pan, two to three inches deep, and then put it into 325 degree
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about two thirds of the cook time uncovered. and then simply put a little tent of foil over the breast for the last third of the cook time so you slow down the breast but let the thighs keep cooking. roast it until it reaches 180 in the thigh, 170 in the breast and you'll have a beautiful, wonderful turkey. >> and you gobble it all up. >> or diane does. >> increasing popularity, deep frying is the new thing, but that can get a little dangerous. a lot of people do it outside, but what about for those who don't have ability? any tips for indoor frying? >> yes. we have an indoor fryer that works well. put it near the exhaust fan in the kitchen, preheat of oil that takes a little time, and then make sure the turkey is thoroughly dry, no ice crystals,
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into the hot oil. it's a real quick way to cook your turkey, three and a half to four minutes a pound, and check the temperature. when it reaches 175, it's done and delicious. >> wow. >> make sure you test it in the friar with water to make sure you don't fill it up with oil, pop the turkey in -- >> right. >> all these things are alien to me. marge, have you burnt one of your own turke? >> caller: i have not. >> of course not. >> caller: well, you know, i'm fairly experienced cook. >> marge, how long have you been doing this now? >> caller: this is my 34th season. >> wow. very cool. >> caller: i also was a home ec teacher. >> you're an expert all around. >> 23th 34 season and finally you got around to doing the ultimate mannequin challenge with your colleagues?
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it really was. >> did you know what it was all about? >> caller: i had no idea. >> how did they manage to organize it? there were quite a few people participating. >> caller: they said, come on out to the kitchen for a photo shoot, so you do what you're told. >> and, marge, you're an expert, but it doesn't look like the experts were doing a great job. the tuey's on the floor, and this >> they were surprised, with respect they. >> and ends on you, looking not so satisfied with the performance, but, luckily, they have you to cook up a brand new turkey, and, marge, you're the best in the business. we appreciate you talking to us today. >> caller: well, it's been wonderful, and i hope everyone enjoys their thanksgiving dinners, especially the turkey. >> you do as well, marge. happy thanksgiving. that butterball talk line is 1-800-butterball. >> this year, you can text for the first time, if you want to be discreet, don't want guests
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turkey out the turkey, you can text butterball and marge is there to help you out. marge, thanks again. "the mix" is next. the mix" is next. "the mi. fine! i'll text you in 4 hours one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night! ah! david, please, listen. still not coughing. not fair y guys! waffles are my favorite! ah! some cough medicines only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. start the relief.
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? it is your thanksgiving day mix, and in keeping with the theme, we're going to start with something that has nothing to do with thanksgiving. okay go. the group, they've done crazy videos over the past. videos on where they were running on a treadll, here it goes again. went viral. well, they have a new crazy video for the song, the one moment. it is the fastest slow motion music video that you'll ever see. >> the fastest slow motion. >> fastest slow motion. i'm confused. >> okay. so they have hundreds of small events take place in a matter of seconds, and thanks to robotic arms and cameras that captured some very intense planning there, it all works. do you see all those things happening very quickly, but they -- >> it's a domino effect.
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cameras capturing it all. >> oh. >> i can watch this for hours. >> it is -- >> so cool. >> very, very intense. >> oh, i love that. good for them. >> they did it all in one take. >> wow. so drones have been growing in popularity in the theme of the holidays a lot of people heading out on black friday, buying a drone for a loved one, those who hate dron gift for you. meet the predator drone. >> that doesn't sound good. >> a drone designed to take out other drones. >> oh. >> air space systems think people want to get a hold of this. goes in the air with a net and you steer it to grab another drone via the net and bring it in. see the pesky white drone in the background. watch it come in and snag it. >> oh, yeah. oh. >> see you later, drone.
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>> only thing is the drone catcher is also a drone, so -- >> well, it's kind of -- >> maybe you need a catcher for the drone catcher. it's inception. >> it's a drone on drone crime. do nut, a traditional thanksgiving meal. these thanksgiving donuts combine your dinner and december ses all into one. >> wait, what? >> this is in rhod it's called pb donuts. it's changing the game with the latest creation, the friendsgiving donut, one smothered in cranberry sauce, topped with mashed potatoes, stuffed, and roasted turkey. it looks gross. >> i know someone who would love it, though. >> jack. >> jack and ron ron at fox who apparently loves thanksgiving. check out ron. >> happy thanksgiving, ron ron, yes!
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this morning on "world news now," heavy security among all the floats and millions of spectators to macy's thanksgiving parade. bomb sniffing dogs, thousands of officers and snipers will line the roof. an idaho police officer almost ambushed opening the trunk of the car and there's a fugitive inside. details on how it ended straight ahead. >> wow. new this half hour, president obama shows mercy to tat tater and tot. >> we'll tell you what was different about it this time and what habit the president is refusing to cut cold turkey. >> let's hope that's a habit right there. >> get it? cold turkey? creator of -- >> turkey. >> oh, i get it because it's thanksgiving day. you say cold turkey, and it's a habit, you referenced to it. >> right. >> okay.
3:01 am
the challenge on comedy central's drunk history. how he did? telling the story of hamilton on three quarters a bottle of honey whisky. we'll have that story ahead in "the skinny." it's thursday, thanksgiving day, november 24th. >> that's how we do the show every day. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now". well -- >> just kidding, just kidding. >> good morning. we kid. we kid. if only. it's actually just at 5:00 a.m. to you. happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving to you, too, kendis. >> thank you. >> we start with the situation in new york and philadelphia, many parades taking place across the country. >> big day. >> millions of people expected at the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. >> security will be extremely tight all along that route, which travels right near the home of president-elect donald trump, just one avenue away.
3:02 am
include rooftop snipers and thousands of officers. >> reporter: in new york, just hours before the famous thanksgiving day parade takes flight, crews are airing up those magical balloons. nearby, a different kind of prep work is under way, a massive security operation, the nypd positioning nearly 200 down the two and half mile parade route using them to lock off every single intersection along the way. and that's just one part of the plan including 3,000 officers, bomb-sniffing dogs, and rooftop snipers. >> nypd is more than ready to handle anything that is going on around us. >> reporter: while the mayor and police commissioner say there's
3:03 am
chatter using a truck as a weapon to kill pedestrians like nice, france, attack, has them on alert. recent unrelated arrests of a brooklyn man who prosecutors say talked to the times square point to the necessity of being hype vigilant. security experts say parade goers should plan ahead. >> position yourself in such a way at a parade route where, if you had to move and get away from it, you could. it's not something you need to be paranoid about, but you need to be aware. >> reporter: so far, the extra security seems to be a comforting sight. police you've got here as well. we feel very safe. hopefully by now you're in place for thanksgiving after one of the busiest travel days of the year. there were long lines at the airport as well as long lines of cars on the roads near those airports like this one in los angeles. >> oh, the infamous 405, look at that. >> yep. >> many holiday travels chose
3:04 am
of the year so far. more than 43 million people are driving somewhere for the holiday, but snow and ice in the north complicated the trip for many. if you're headed out later this morning or taking in the parade, the weather doesn't appear to be too bad. >> let's get details on today and black friday from cam tran, good morning. >> good morning, diane and kendis. much of the country will be dealing with very pleasant conditions here. green means go, so things are very nice acrs midsection. the pacific northwest has rains, problem spots there, and in the northeast, there's a system moving in to bring snow in new england. across the mid-atlantic, it will be mainly rainfall. as for the big black friday shopping forecast, it is looking nice across the midsection again. it's the northeast and northwest, the same spots dealing with the dreary weather thursday deal with it once again friday, and as for that weekend forecast across the nation's midsection's east looking very mild and dry, and a big storm system moving in west coast
3:05 am
back to you diane and kendis. hillary clinton's growing lead in the popular vote. >> after losing in the electoral college, clinton has been more than 2 million more popular vote than donald trump. a lot of the lead was generated by california where votes are still being counted. former green party candidate jill stine is still in many battleground states. donald trump's transition team is expected to announce he's chosen billionaire investor wilbur ross for secretary of commerce. he was an economic adviser in the campaign. >> the first two women offered top spots, nikki haley asked to be the u.n. ambassador, a rising republican star, sharply critical of donald trump, and has little foreign policy experience. trump's hiring another critic,
3:06 am
devos to lead the education department. dash cam from idaho shows a police officer ambushed by a hidden assailant. he suspects there's a fugitive hiding in the trunk of the car when he taps on the lid. going to let it play out there. the wanted man hops out and the pair fell to the ground during a struggle. police say the man continued to try to punch and spit on the officer until backup actually arrived and they were able to handcuff that man. in massachusetts, this encounter between a police officer and another man raising plenty of questions this morning. the cambridge police officer says clee ondeliberately bumped into him, but some say sergeant mishandled the incident. he is facing several charges including disorderly conduct. and two bystanders are also facing charges. the police department says he
3:07 am
street yesterday continuing a post-election trend. the dow rose 59 points, but mortgage rates have risen sharply since the election worrying some potential home buyers. the average rate for a 30 year loan is at the highest level in more than a year. football goes hand in hand with thanksgiving, and the nfl offered up a long day for you today on the menu. first up, vikings and lions with the winner taking sole possession of first place in the nfc north. then it's the redskins against the red hot cowboys who won nine consecutive games. finally, anyone castill awake enjoy steelers and colts. both those teams are trying to keep their playoff hopes alive. jack has a horse in the race. >> oh, yeah? >> i'm not sure who it is. it might be the colts. >> he has the rally towel out. >> terrible towel. >> looks like the redskins colors. last week in the nfl, there was a record number of missed
3:08 am
kick you're about to see. >> that happened. this is serbia. just watch this. it's a disaster. open net, he's going all the way, and he's got it, but, oh! he's going all the way. >> oh! come on! you had one job! >> he had one job! >> he could have moved out of in. >> i don't know how you miss that. >> oh that's -- that's sad. >> wow. >> head over your laces, people. head over your laces. >> norwood is, like, are you kidding me? oh, man. >> painful. it's painful. >> you have to feel bad for no. 15 there. yeah. he missed it. poor guy there. >> oh. okay. okay. >> it just hurts. >> we're going to move on from
3:09 am
coming up, two lucky birds who won't be on the dinner table today. president obama upholds the long standing tradition of the presidential turkey pardon, but this year, two noticeable absences and two new stand-ins. >> could we head back to the '90s? what we're hearing about a potential spice girl reunion and even a new mixed single. we'll have the full story next in "the skinny." you're watching "world news now." ? >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by
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a preview of the macy's thanksgiving day parade above new york. if you're up at this hour in the kitchen, likely in the first stages of brining and defrosting the turkey. >> two lucky birds wake up this morning safe and sound thanks to president obama upholding the decade's long tradition of presidential turkey pardons. joining us now is janae with the breaking news details on the pardon of the turkey. >> you went to journalism school for this, right? >> absolutely, big news guys, absolutely. big investigation. good morning, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> so it was the president's 8th and final presidential turkey pardon and president obama didn't hold back giving all of us one more chance to chuckle even shake heads as he dished out the best turkey puns. president obama letting the bad puns fly. >> this is the last time i'm doing this.
3:14 am
leftovers. >> reporter: even in the absence of the first daughters, the annual turkey pardon was stuffed full of dad jokes. >> i established another tradition. embarrassing my daughters with a cornucopia of dad jokes about turkeys. no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey. >> reporter: the president joined in the rose garden this year by his nephews, austin and aaron -- >> how a good? >> reporter: saying his daughters have a scheduling conflict or something. >> actually, they just couldn't take the jokes anymore. they were fed up. >> reporter: over the last eight years, the tradition has been a light hearted start to the holiday season. the president making the turkey pardon into more of a showcase of his punny dad jokes.
3:15 am
competed to make it to the white house and stay off the thanksgiving table. it was quite literally the hunger games. >> ha-ha. >> time flies. even if turkeys don't. >> that was good. that was good. >> i thought it was. >> this year, the two lucky turkeys spared to the table are tater and tot. >> he's the vice turkey. we're working on getting him a pair of aviator glasses. >> reporter: president obama poking fun at vice president joe biden and giving a nod to the turkeys who didn't make the cut -- >> who didn't get to ride the gravy train to freedom and prove they were not chicken. oh, it's not that bad, no. come on. >> reporter: turning almost somber, the president giving a good-bye of sorts reflecting over his presidency and thanking the american people before getting back to the puns. >> everyone knows that
3:16 am
>> reporter: and the pardons. >> congratulations! [ applause ] hey, oh, right on cue. >> and those two turkeys tater and tot will give out their days in a facility called gobblers west at virginia tech, which even the president admitted it was a >> get it? >> oh, i miss that. sasha and malia rolling their eyes. >> oh. >> the sympathy laugh. >> over this. >> so embarrassed last year -- >> like, no, we're done. >> couldn't take it anymore. >> we're done. you're not running again, we don't need to be here for this. all right. thank you. appreciate it. still ahead, we have breaking news on the reported leak of what could be a spice girls reunion. >> the brian ross unit is on this at this hour. >> absolutely.
3:17 am
to figure out if the spice girls are coming back. >> we need to know. >> "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now"
3:18 am
? skinny, so skinny ? is the banner there, breaking news banner? we have -- no, not there. we have breaking skinny news
3:19 am
selling girl group. >> while nobody was looking, spice girls scary ginger and baby reunited as a spinoff group called gem, a name formed with the initials of their real first names. >> now "people" magazine reports their single leaked. >> oh. ? this is a song for her ? ? you know you light it up ? ? because you know who you are ? ? stand up stand up ? ? she's got that boom boom ? >> oh, i like it. >> it's catchy. >> the 40-something spice girls are apparently spinning the tune for a feel good pop anthem for women looking for a little more girl power in their life. >> not finding sporty spice or the rest any time soon. beckham is busy with the fashion label and family and chisim said her career went in a different
3:20 am
>> she had a song in 1999 that was big. >> and in the last 20 years? >> i like the new one. i'm looking forward to that coming out. >> it's cute. next to drunk history, shall we. >> "hamilton" creator narrates an upcoming episode of comedy central's "drunk history" where inebriated actors and comics share stories from u.s. history and those drunk versions of history get reenacted. miranda was tapped for the story of alexander hamilton. >> meanwhile george washington asks hamilton, hey, be my aide-de-camp. aide-de-camp is a fap fancy word for secretary. no, no, i'm good, i want to fight because that's how i'm going to rise up. washington's like, mother [ bleep ] work for me, it's paperwork, sure, but you'll be in the center of the action. you'll be in with the guy who knows best. hamilton does the political calculations, and says, okay.
3:21 am
>> that's how it went down, totally. the black guy was allowed in the house. miranda looked coherent despite reportedly he downed three quarters of a bottle of honey whisky. that's good. >> yeah it is. maybe for tomorrow's show? this airs next tuesday night at 10:30 p.m. on comedy central. finally, who doesn't love a diamond engagement ring? >> apparently miley cyrus. >> she showed off her present from her fiance, a rainbow jewelled ring. >> she reminded everyone on ellen she's not a fan of standard engagement rings. i guess this is her response to that? >> in particular, the 3.5 carat sfark sparkler hemsworth proposed with. >> do you like it? >> she said the ring is not really her esthetic. >> what does that mean. >> he proposed, and, like, i don't like it, i want this one
3:22 am
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? ? turkey for me, turkey for you ? ? let's eat the turkey in my big brown shoe ? oh, i love adam sandler's version of the holiday song. finally this half hour, as we know, the turkey is very much the star of the show at most people's family dinners. and there's plenty of ways to cook that turkey, bake it, smoke it. >> probably the most, shall we say adventurous way to get that turkey ready is deep fry. >> reporter: it's the moment your butter ball turns into a fire ball. >> watch your feet. >> reporter: truly a stuff of thanksgiving legend and disaster, deep fried turkey. gettg the bird in the oil always an adventure. whether it's flown in by drone or dropped with unfortunate consequence. >> drop and run, dude, drop and run. >> reporter: our friend showed
3:26 am
everyone safe. >> while the oil is getting up to 350 degrees, it's a good time to remind all pets and kids they are not allowed anywhere near the frying apparatus. just to be sure, i usually tie my child to a tree. >> reporter: kidding, of course, but this is serious stuff. >> we treat about 50 patients each year with grease burns, most related to cooking. we burns can be. >> cooking oil, when it's heated enough, is just as flammable as gas leap. nearly any spark will ignite it. >> reporter: only deep fry turkeys outdoors and only on a surface that will not burn like brick or concrete. wooden outdoor decks are a no-no. when it comes to cooking, we ask the butterball talk line expert marge for her best tip. >> preheat the oil that takes time, but make sure your turkey
3:27 am
crystals, and lower it slowly into the hot oil. it's a quick way to cook the turkeys, three and a half to four minutes a pound, and check the temperature. when it reaches 175, it's done and delicious. >> another suggestion is to take the turkey, put the water in the pot, and put the turkey in that way and take the turkey out, and that's the line where you want the oil. people measure oil perfectly not thinking when they put the turkey in, the oil overflows all over the top of the pot. >> does it work for tofurkey. can you deep fry your tofurkey? >> i don't know. >> yeah. >> why not? >> you can deep fry anything, can't you? i might even eat that if you deep fry it. >> i won't eat it, but i'll watch you eat it. >> why make tofurkey then? >> pittsburgh, what do they have to do with turkey? >> announcer: this is abc's
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3:30 am
good morning, happy thanksgiving. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. here is some of the top stories we're following this morning on "world news now". >> the trump administration takes shape with the first two women. picks for u.n. ambassador and education secretary criticized him in the past, but they are ready to join team trump. we'll have a full report coming up. hillary clinton opened up a despite her electoral defeat, more than 2 million more people voted for clinton than for donald trump. the votes are still being counted. the nypd ramped up security for the big parade here in new york. thousands will be in full force millions of spectators expected to line the route of the thanksgiving day parade that passes close to the president-elect's home in trump tower. this is something to be
3:31 am
last night's power ball drawing, nobody won, so it's $403 million, and the next drawing is saturday night. that's some of the stories on this november 24th, thanksgiving day. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now". >> that would be -- >> try out our thanksgiving day luck with those lottery numbers. >> good thing is you have dinner with your family, and then you win the lotto on saturday, so you don't -- you don't meet them afterwards. they don't know you won the money. see you next year when i roll up in my mercedes benz. >> okay. >> it's the richest car i could think of. there's got to be more. we start the half hour with the president-elect donald trump. he's diversifying the cabinet a little bit with the latest batch of appointments. >> trump is now expected to name
3:32 am
as his commerce secretary and yestday he chose two women who previously criticized him in the campaign and backed his competitors. mary bruce is in palm beach where they are spending the thanksgiving holiday. >> reporter: donald trump's luxury resort now a secure florida fortress. the president-elect releasing a thanksgiving video message. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. >> announcer: after announcing five white men as his first round of hires, a jolt of diversity. trump nominated two women to join his cabinet, south carolina governor nikki haley to be ambassador to the united nations republican megadonor and school choice activist becky devos for secretary of education. both critical of trump in the campaign. >> trump is everything we teach our kids not to do in kindergarten.
3:33 am
the president-elect's biggest cheerleader, i did vote for him. waabsolutely thrilled to see him win. >> reporter: at 44 years old, she's the youngest governor in the country. the daughter of indian immigrants, she led the charge to remove the confederate flag from the south carolina capital. still, she has virtually no foreign policy experience, and trump has been openly hostile towards the u.n. >> the united nations is not a friend of democracy. it's not a friend to freedom. it's not a friend even to the united states of america. >> reporter: trump praised haley's track record of bringing people together. if confirmed, she'd be replaced by south carolina's lieutenant governor, mcmaster, one of trump's prominent supporter. the new picks come with trump's softening on a host of campaign promises, including his pledges to repeal obamacare, prosecute
3:34 am
paris climate change deal and reinstate torture. he's hedging on the vow to separate himself from the business empire. >> nothing is written. in other words, in theory, i can be president of the united states and run my business 100% sign checks on my business. i could run my business perfectly, and then run the country perfectly. >> reporter: trump insists he'll focus on the presidency while his children run the family business. now we're hearing there may be a role for ben carson in the trump administti trump's formal rival was offered multiple positions including secretary of housing and urban development. last week, he said taking a role in government makes him a fish out of water, but tweeted it's forthcoming. mary bruce, abc news, palm beach, florida. >> thanks. millions of americans hit the road yesterday for thanksgiving, but snow made travel a bit difficult in the upper midwest. >> three killed in crashes on
3:35 am
minnesota. many areas looked more like christmas than thanksgiving. the weather should be better today in most parts of the country. >> accuweather's cam tran has the complete forecast. cam, good morning. >> happy thanksgiving, good morning to you. tranquil conditions in the nation's midsection. where we could run into problems on the holiday is in the pacific northwest thanks to a frontal system bringing rain and in the northeast where we are looking at dreary and cloudy conditions as well as some snow in new england and in the mid-atlantic as for black friday, it is looking gorgeous in the nation's midsection. mild and dry. in the northeast, though, we are once again looking at some snow in new england, and the mid atlantic, rain, and in the pacific northwest, we are still looking at dreary conditions and higher elevation snow in the inner mountain west. back to you diane and kendis, perfect shopping weather for those in the nation's midsection. >> cam, thank you. the campus police officer shot in the head while on duty in detroit has died. wayne state university officer
3:36 am
support before passing away yesterday afternoon. rose was patrolling an area of two blocks from the campus when he was attacked. the suspect, deangelo davis, is being questioned in connection with that murder. in massachusetts two men bumping into each other on the street turned into a criminal case. the encounter captured on camera by two bystanders. the sergeant says cleon hodge deliberately walked hodge said he was looking down when he bumped him and he said he was reading a text message. he faces charges of assault and battery. some say the police officer mishandled the street. >> you bumped into me, i said excuse me. >> i said that's cute stuff. excuse me, you know, just walked into people like that, and he didn't like that at all. he stopped my sweater, began to pull. >> the cambridge police department says the officer did
3:37 am
another child died as a result of the devastating school bus crash in tennessee, that brings the total to six in this week's tragedy. we learned that the driver charged in the case was not on his normal route when the bus slammed into a tree. here is abc's david kerley. >> reporter: federal investigators revealing the 24-year-old driver of the crushed bus was on a road that was not part of his route. johnthony walker had no trace of alcohol or drugs in his system. 's police say the bus was traveling well over the 30 miles an hour speed limit when it swerved twice and flipped on to its side, sliding into a tree, killing six young children on board. as the memorials grow and funerals are schedules, investigators say they are not just looking at the driver but the company he worked for as well. durham operate the 13,000 busses and vans having 350 accidents in past two years.
3:38 am
many accidents they have what is the rate of accidents in terms of how many accidents per bus and per driver. >> reporter: last year the company was given a satisfactory rating, meaning it was in compliance. this tennessee community still struggling with the nearly unbearable loss. david kerley, abc news, chattanooga. north dakota's political leaders are urging president obama to authorize completion of the dakota access oil pipeline. today, volunteers deliver thanksgiving meal to dakota pipeline protesters, and controversial pipeline have become increasingly violent. earlier this week, both a police officer and several protesters were injured in a clash surrounding that. tokyo hit with snow for the first time the city saw snow in november in more than 50 years. the snow was caused by an unusual cold front over the city, but the above freezing temperatures kept it from sticking. funeral services set for
3:39 am
around the world. long time brooklyn dodger ralph branca died wednesday in a nursing home outside new york city wednesday. he served up the famed home run run to bobby thompson. he clenched the 1951 pennant for the new york giants. he was 90 years old. 24 hours from now, we'll be asking, why did it eat so much? >> i did that a few minutes before the show. average american will consume 3,000 calories for thanksgiving dinner alone. along with another 1500 for drinks, appetizers, and dessert. >> and it turns out overconsumption is also a problem for your garbage disposal. >> oh. >> plumbers say this is one of their busiest times of year in large part because people tend to overload the disposals after that big holiday dinner. >> i went in a customer's home that was cooking a smaller turkey, and the family didn't like it, so she cut it in half
3:40 am
>> oh, man. plumbers say potato peels, turkey skin, and grease do the most damage, blocking sinks and breaking down the garbage disposals. >> among the goodies doing the damage to your diet, mashed potatoes. >> oh? >> one cup is 238 calories and 8 grams of fat. >> that's not bad, actually. >> 238 calories, no big deal. >> yeah. >> there are tricks you can do to make them a little less fat ing. which i'm cooking thanksgiving dinner is using only the most health conscientious recipes today. >> if you make it the good way, lots of butter, heavy cream, garlic. >> it's called love. >> exactly. coming up, the dramatic high speed chase by land and by sea. it was caught on video. suspect evaded several police units, but he jumped into the river, and we'll tell you what happened next. and the suspense unfolded on
3:41 am
holiday weekend. what the critics said about the world war ii romantic thriller starring brad pitt and billy bob thornton's return of "bad santa 2," 13 years after the original. making us all feel old. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you mucinex dm. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night! ah! david, please, listen. still not coughing. not fair you guys! waffles are my favorite! ah! some cough medicines only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. start the relief. ditch the misery.
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3:44 am
let 'em judge. this one's dramatic, even for car chases. it took place in australia. the man in the white van tried to evade capture by all means possible, runs out of road, jumps out of the van and into a small river. he goes for a swim. officers in the water after him. others were waiting on the other side, and t the suspect was arrested. he was soaking wet, but it was a good audition and tryout for the 2020 olympics. >> not the best get away plan. >> not quite. millions of americans race to the stores for an early kick
3:45 am
>> bargain shoppers beware. not every deal is worth leaving the house for. here's abc's lauren lyster. >> reporter: it's not just turkey eating that peeks on thanksgiving. according to sales trackers, so do the holiday discounts. retailers are offering store busters like this 49 inch tv from best buy that's $250 off at $199. even online door busters, has have vizio for $3 ever. the gadget review site, wire cutter, found sales are not as plentiful as they seem. >> we found sma somewhere rnd 1% of the deals were actually worthwhile. >> reporter: tvs they say are an exception. >> you can get good discounts on great tvs and great discounts on good tvs. >> reporter: apple products rarely on sale can be discounted on black friday by 10 to 15%.
3:46 am
hottest toys -- >> it is called -- hatchimals. they are flying off shelves. >> you don't want to be the bad parent. that doesn't buy what your kids asked for. >> reporter: it retails $60 and found upwards of $200 online. do your homework before you shop, use websites to find lowest advertised prices and camel, camel, camel to track prices overtime. if you don't to want give up yoush turkey day to shop, abc reports that next best day is just around the corner, cyber monday. kendis and diane? >> i don't know about you, but my parents were fine being the parents not giving the kids what they asked for. you want to hear about my day? you know what we do to keep the lights on and food on the table? >> if you're going to shop, go online, amazon after you had a lot of drinks, and then it's a surprise in the mail the next day. that's, like -- >> drunk history, drunk
3:47 am
>> yes. that's how i ended up with a second bike. >> what a bounty of gifts. >> you don't remembered you ordered them. it's a gift for yourself. >> surprise. a special edition of insomniac theater. >> hitting the screens, a world war ii thriller, and the return of "bad santa." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:48 am
3:49 am
time now for our special edition of "insomniac theater" for thanksgiving day weekend. >> we start with the much anticipated world war ii romantic thriller "allied." brad pitt, two assassins fall in love in a mission to kill a german official, but after they are reunited in london, married with a child, max is faced with >> there's no easy way to say what we're about to say. we suspect your wife is a german spy. >> that's insane. >> if she is, you will execute her with her own hand, and if you do not comply, you'll be hanged. 72 hours we shall know for sure. >> here's what we know for sure,
3:50 am
thrilled giving it a tepid 65% on rotten tomatoes. phil writes, the director's old-school romance has moments, but lacks zip and chemistry to truly spark. our friend, peter, calls it dapper, but dead on arrival said the old fashioned tale of spies, sex, and intrigue tries to be this generation's casablanca. and misses by a mile. next to an r-rated christmas black comedy, a different twist here, 13 years after bad santa, "bad santa 2" is coming, and teams up as wiltly and marcus to knock off a chicago charity on christmas eve, the true christmas spirit. but could willy's heart be melted by the charity's director played by christina hendricks?
3:51 am
interested, you could join us. >> you're out of your [ bleep ], i'm not dancing around a bunch of can dpi di canes [ bleep ] because i'm all about the birth of christmas, you know, the wise guys kicked them out of the hotel [ bleep ], concession, the drummer that didn't have [ bleep ], perfume, and, you know, modest, one threatened to cut the kid in half, turn him into gold. it's a heavy deal for me. pretty damn heavy. >> ha! taught it in sunday school. >> not at all. >> the critics coming down heavy giving bad santa a 25% splat, on rotten tomatoes. even the profanity lost its zing in this cut-rate pretread. and another says, this lazy sequel is a lump of coal in a dirty stocking, not even a clean stocking. >> they didn't like -- not even
3:52 am
i loved it. i'm sold. >> billy bob thorton does no wrong. >> up next -- coming up, the song. up nex- all assembled e to look inside your oven. but you've cleaned off all the baked-on business from meals past with easy-off, so the only thing they see is that big, beautiful bird. "mmmmm" go ahead. ?when you've got...? ?...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!? ?nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!? here's pepto bismol! ah. ?nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!? if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything -
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my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf all thats left to remem... what! she washed this like a month ago
3:55 am
? i got greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, turkeys, dressing ? ? you need it ? if you've not heard the song, get used to it. it's originally based on a po with a hip hop beat. >> now taking off as the latest social media sensation challenging others to dance to the song, but let's break it down to you from the very start. let's take you back to six years ago in this moment -- >> look! look! i got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, lam lamb, hot dogs,
3:56 am
>> that is shirley caesar in a nine minute sermon naming off a number of things, some six years ago. >> amen! >> amen! preach. hallelujah, justify. >> just in time for thanksgiving, someone got ahold of that sermon and decided to make a song about it to the theme of what are you having on thanksgiving? >> yes, grandma, what are we having on thanksgiving? people are so excited they get excited about it. it. ? ? >> look! ? i got greens, potatoes, tomatoes ? >> it's a dancing challenge, everyone making up their own dance versions of the song. >> many, many versions online. chris brown's is good. look at this young lady's version of it. she had fun as well with it. you can understand it. it's a good song. the hip hop version.
3:57 am
>> it's in the thanksgiving day theme. >> here's the thing, right, my take on it is i feel like everyone is making up their own dance. i think the challenge should be to actually sing the song or make up your own version of it. >> what's your version of it? >> i have. i have a "world news now" version. i wrote it especially for you, kendis. >> oh, wow, here we go. >> give me a beat. ? i got greens beans, seconds please, turkey stuffing, you'll eat nothing but that's why we got wine ? >> you name it! nice job! >> that really does bring it down. >> are you -- you're going to do the dance? >> let's do it. ? i got greens, beans, potatoes tomatoes ? >> i thought we had the song. >> there it is.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, thanksgiving triple threat. snow, rain and ice, two systems moving across the country as millions hit the road for the holiday. we're tracking it all. president-elect donald trump names two women to his cabinet and hear his new thanksgiving message as hillary clinton's popular vote swells pa 2 a suspect jumps out of a trunk when a police officer approaches the vehicle. the struggle with what appears to be a gun in the suspect's hand. the dramatic conclusion. and the thanksgiving day macy's parade is just hours away. we'll check out the balloons, the preparations and the security as the parade route


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