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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  November 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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because of heavy traffic and increasing snowfall. gets get over to meteorologist stacy donaldson tracking the latest on the storm. >> a winter storm warning in that area for i-70. usually, when we have a winter storm warning, that's what we see, is the interstate shutting down. loveland ski area nice and white. the skiers and boarders were out there enjoying it. we had some rain move through eastern colorado earlier today. we still have snow through the western part of the state. we also have a high wi w in effect starting at 6:00 to midnight for the foothills. >> and those winds could gusty as high as 75 miles an hour. we have winter storm warnings in the pink shaded areas. we have had 3 to 8 inches of snow. we have a little more to go here over the next couple of days. these are in effect until monday night. the snow will continue. if you are going to the broncos game, it's going to be windy and chilly tonight. temperatures dropping into the 30s as the game goes on. we will talk about the start of
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at least rain and snow-wise in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you, stacy. well, all this new snow means warnings about potential avalanches in parts of the high country. the colorado avalanche information center warns the risk is highest in the san juan mountains. the sawatch range and parts of aspen, too. you should be really careful if you are back country skiing. well, today is expected to be a record-breaking day at dia as people make their way back from the thanksgiving holiday denver7's mark boyle is live at dia right now. mark, how is it looking out there tonight? >> reporter: well, a look behind me here, the security lines backing up a little bit. a half hour ago only to the tsa counters. now crowds are starting to back up the security lines. a lot of people we are speaking with say they are planning for eetra type and trying not to let the crowds stress them out. how big are the crowds this holiday season? a spokesperson for dia says
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1.1 million passengers to pass through the airport this thanksgiving weekend, and that's a 10% increase from this time last year, which could be a record-breaking amount of passengers. >> this is the largest crowd i have ever seen in my life. but, no, it doesn't stress me out. >> reporter: so in order to entertain all of these passengers, dia has something set up. they will have carolers through the christmas and holiday season. there is also the ice skating rink open until january 1st. that's indoors and the best part there, it's free to skate. live at dia. mark boyle, denver7. >> all right. thank you. a big afc west match-up is set to start in an hour and a half at mile high stadium. this is a live look at the stadium right now. the broncos are taking on the division rival kansas city chiefs. denver7 broncos insider troy rank is live at mile high. how is it going out there? >> reporter: molly, welcome to prime time football. as you can see, under the lights.
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windy. i am about a human otter pop at this point, but that's playoff football and that's how the players for the broncos have talked about this week. it's basically a post-season game. they know if they are going to beat the chiefs they are going to have to do it at home because they play them on christmas day at their place. they are looking to get a sixth straight afc west title. it starts tonight with the broncos feeling a sense of urgency. >> time to go out there and do whatever it is we are looking for this season. we have to go out and do it there is no time to wait for stuff to come. we got to take it one play at a timed go out there and make it happen. it's time. there is nothing else to wait for. it's week 12. >> every single game that we play is going to be that big playoff caliber type game. that's the mentality we are taking as a team. we are taking all these games seriously. this is a big game coming up. all of them. all six. >> reporter: a key for the
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turnover battle. broncos have won 28 straight games when they win in turnovers. back to you. >> all right. thank you so much. broncos linebacker demarcus ware appeared on fox sports this morning. he discussed his super bowl ring that was stolen last month, and for the first time ware says it seems like an inside job and his ring was stolen by two men who worked inside his building. that ring was recovered. the suspects were caught. developing tonight, denver police are looking into three shootings within 30 minutes of two people were killed. four others hurt in those shootings. this is a map of where this all went down. the first happened around 12:30 this morning near south cherokee and west arkansas. a juvenile was killed in that shooting, and another was taken to the hospital. 16 minutes later in the montbello neighborhood someone shot was. and then someone shot outside a bar.
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shooting say a warehouse in the area is often the location of late night teen parties. now, police aren't saying whether those evts are connected to the shooting, but others say it's highly likely. amanda del castillo reports. >> reporter: people described the area surrounding legacy traffic management as industrial. one that wouldn't normally attract crowds. >> a lot of people like that place. it's kind of out in the middle of nowhere. not too many people are around. >> reporter: so after learning about today's early morning juvenile and sent another male to the hospital. >> we are getting calls on shots being fired from there. >> reporter: many instantly thought about the teen dance parties hosted at this warehouse. >> no descriptions. only just teenagers. 40 of them. males and females. >> reporter: a source giving us this flyer saying these parties bring teens to the area at least twice a month.
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to 19-year-olds at 1390 south cherokee street. >> they are in high school. definitely high school. all were in high school. you know, sweaters and everything. they are definitely underage. >> reporter: many say that hasn't stopped liquor bottles and beer cans from littering the area after parties. >> i see liquor bottles all the time. >> reporter: we reached out to legacy traffic management and called the number we found on the party flyer. we haven't heard back. we asked about the warehouse parties. a department spokesman saying records need to be reviewed. do you feel safe? >> well, i did until this morning. >> reporter: reportinggin denver, amanda del castillo, denver7. >> if you have information on this shooting or the other two, please call denver police. we are waiting for information about how a man died yesterdaa in southwest denver. a man was found shot after a two-car crass near west kentucky and south hazel.
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where he died. nobody else was hurt, and it appears the man hit a parked % car. police are still looking into this. tonight we are still waiting to hear when funeral services will be held for a state trooper killed along i- 25. csp trooper cody donahue was hit and killed while responding to a traffic crash on friday. he was an 11-year veteran of csp. he leaves behind a wife and two kids. this man, 41-year-old noe gamez- ruiz, has been charged with reckless driving resulting in investigators say he was driving a box truck when he hit the trooper near toma road. remember this is the same area where trooper jaimie jersevics was hit and killed by a drunk driver last year. and we have a link to a gofundme page in support of trooper donahue's family right now when you head to it is a somber day in colorado springs. it marks one year since the deadly shooting at a planned
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admitted to the hooting and is currently undergoing hearings to see if he is competent to stand trial. a hike for one man on palmer lake reservoir trail turned deadly when he fell 40 feet. this is a look at the reservoir in el paso county today. the sheriff's office believes this was just a terrible accident. the man died as crews were performing medical help on him. his identity has not been released. right now a denver-based program is looking to ensure needy children in our area celebrate christmas. the santa's elves program was started by deborah sherman six years ago wanting to teach her child about giving back. well, last year the program helped more than 2,000 less fortunate kids get a christmas. this year they need to recruit more elves to help make sure christmas is special again for those kids. >> for the first time ever we still have about 900 children who need help. and if we don't get them help
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up to help them, then they probably won't have any christmas gifts. >> all right. let's help them out. if you want to help out, the deadline to sign up is december 2nd. we have a link right now on we are just getting started here on denver7 news at 5. the calls for an election recount keep coming in. now wisconsin election officials are set to give a timeline of when a recount could happen as president-elect donald trump lashes out over the process. widespread reaction to ued %- castro's death. what is planned for those rennwed ties we have with the island nation. and we are keeping our eyes on the mountains right now as the snow continues to fall closing i-70.
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this is new tonight. tomorrow the wisconsin election commissioner will hold a news conference to discuss calls for a recount in the state. this coming as president-elect donald trump went on a twitter
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recount. abc's gloria rivera has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump and his staff blasting a vote recount.. green party candidate jill stein started the effort last week. >> there were lots of hacks taking place around the election. >> reporter: and this weekend hillary clinton's team joining the fray. those announcements triggering a tweet storm from donald trump. the president-elect firing off seven tweets in 70 minutes, nearly all aimed at clinton. but her general counsel says clinton st participate to ensure fairness. >> it's a legal right. it's not a big deal. i don't think anybody, secretary clinton or anybody else, thinks there will be profound changes. >> reporter: trump had been criticized for stoking fears about the election's integrity. >> it's a rigged election, believe me. we know it's a rigged system. >> reporter: now trump and his team are accusing stein to use the recount as a fundraiser. >> it's ridiculous. this is a fundraising notoriety driven fraud by a person who
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>> i don't know why they are so nervous. no recount! just calm down. if you think you won, the recount will show the same thing. >> reporter: another member of trump's staff is on attack taking aim at mitt mitt romney who is up for secretary of state. >> he went out of his way to hurt donald trump. he gave two speeches i can recall, and they were both about donald trump. >> reporter: romney was one of trump's harshest the campaign. some feel betrayed he could be in the new administration. >> this is trump's party now. ?e won states that mitt romney lost. i don't think a cost of admission for party unity has to be the secretary of state position. >> president-elect donald trump and president obama have been in regular communication according to kellyanne conway. >> i can tell you from
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speaking with president obama, talking about the serious issues that face this country and the world. they get along nicely. they disagree on many things. that's not going to change. >> and obama spoke for 45 minutes yesterday as trump consulted with him on cuba policy. and widespread reaction continues after fidel castro's death on friday. plenty of u.s. officials have spoken out about the former leader of cuba. president obama says we have to stand behind the backs of the cuban people. republicans, on the other hand, are lashing death. >> i hope we don't see barack obama and joe biden and hillary clinton and demmcrats lining up to lionize a monitoreddous tyrant and thug. >> no u.s. officials plan to attend the funeral. two people have een arrested in connection to a
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new orleans. ten people were shot. one of those victims died at the hospital. take a look at the scene from the shooting overnight. there was increased police presence in the area because of the bayou classic football game. police are looking into what led up to that shooting. we are giving you a live look right now at vail pass. you can see that snow is coming down out there. much of the high country is receiving a pretty good dose of snow right now. the night and into tomorrow morning. let's check in with meteorologist stacy donaldson tracking the latest on this storm. >> in some places even until tuesday morning. this is going to be an extended period of snow for the high country. great news for the resorts. winter park got a nice fresh coating as well. loveland pass, we have had some issues up along i-70, but up towards loveland and loveland pass it doesn't look too bad right now. our denver camera looking great. partly cloudy skies out there. great weather for the game
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we go through the next couple of days. clouds for the front range. then it really cools down next week. temperatures stayyng in the 30s for the most part all week long. windy and chilly tonight for the game. temperatures will be dropping into the 30s as the game goes on tonight, and those winds will be picking up as well. right now the winds are at 20 miles per hour, and we could potentially see 30 and 40-mile- per-hour winds as we go through tonight, which will, of course, make it feel much colder out. this morning rain moved northeast colorado. still the snow in the higher elevations and especially here from steamboat all the way towards eagle, vail, aspen, and back towards grand junction. so it depends on your elevation what you are getting, rain versus snow. we have a ways to go here. everything shaded in pink is a winter storm warning. especially when we have winter storm warnings that are issued over i-70. most times the interstate gets shut down at some point because it's just too much with the
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next few days, and that warning is in effect until monday night and it will also be windy, too. winds around 30 to 40 miles per hour up through the higher elevations. starting at 6:00 we have a high wind atch here for the foothills frrm boulder back to conifer and idaho springs for wind gusts around 75 miles per hour. so this will be between 6 p.m. and midnight tonight. we already have 40-mile-per- hour gusts for broomfield, 24 for dia. down in southern have had gusty winds between 20 and 30 miles an houu as well. here is the high wind watch. then we have a winter weather advisory for 6 to 10 inches of snow. this will be in through monday as well, and then farther up into the hills 8 to 16 inches of snow. basically, over the next couple of days the snow continues ut west. clouds for the front range and eastern plains. not a lot of moisture to speak of. our temperatures will take a nosedive. we drop into the 30s.
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the mountains. we are looking at one to two feet in the highest elevations. your morning forecast tomorrow cloudy skies, 31 degrees by 7 a.m. cloudy skies and 35 by 9 a.m. partly cloudy and 42 degrees by 11:00 a.m. tonight temperatures in the 20s. windy and cloudy. our temperatures in the mountains in the teens and 20s. 30s for southeastern colorado. 41 degrees for us tomorrow. it will be breezy. it will be cool. after tomorrow we drop into the 30s and stay there all week long forecast. 41 tomorrow. 35 with cloudy, windy conditions on tuesday. we will stay in the 30s all the way through friday. another system swinging through, dropping us into the low 30s on friday. our bright spot being sunday of this coming weekend. 43 degrees. we have to look out that far to see just a little uptick in the temperatures here. those overnight lows in the teens as well. so keep everything bundled up. >> yeah. that traffic in the mountains right now does not look fun.
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>> yeah. take a look at this. this is some of the food your $7 donation can buy to put in a weekend food bag for a family in need this holiday season. whole foods and security service federal credit union are part of the denver7 holiday heroes campaign. to learn how you can donate visit es. just in time for ski season, a new report shows colorado has some of the most expensive winter spots in the country. so can you
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welcome back. many of us have dealt with cancer in our own families, and ago today th phone call came. kabbes took away her hair, but after rounds with the disease could it take awwy her fear? denver7's jason gruenauer has her story. >> reporter: sometimes it feels like obstacles are put in our life just to see if we can get over them. for terry, this is anything but this is a scene like in any
5:23 pm
lily dancing for the country. everything down the cookies seems normal. they are oatmeal butterscotch. but it's not. >> when i first discovered that i had a lump, i pretty much knew, you know. okay, this is probably not good. stage 4 breast cancer. spreading pretty quickly. >> reporter: to her liver and her neck. a double mastectomy and surgeon found even more cancer in her chest. >> there has been days when i did, you know, kind of thing, crap. you know, i don't want to die from this. >> reporter: nearly two years of chemotherapy and radiation and she thought she had it beat, until her last scan, and more cancer. why do you fight so hard? >> my family. i want to see my grandkids grow up. and there is things i want to do still. >> reporter: you would think five, going on six bouts with
5:24 pm
challenge this mother and grandmother. >> somebody asked me to do something weird like crawl down a building, i will probably do it. >> reporter: that brings us back here. 3 downtown denver. 32 stores up. this is the over the edge fundraiser for the cancer league of colorado. >> oh, good god. >> reporter: she spent months of fundraising with her family. her reward? rappeling straight down the side of this denver slowly into position, right before the point of no return. >> oh, my god. i can't do this. there is no way. >> reporter: fighting cancer can change your mindset on things. even get you to the roof of a building despite your fear off heights. but it doesn't make you fearless. >> i don't want to go down this building. let's go back and fight cancer over here because that will be easier than doing this. >> reporter: then again, if six battles with cancer, that's six, won't stop her, why should this? >> i thought, no, you need to
5:25 pm
doing since my diagnosis, is facing it. >> reporter: so that's what she did. >> you are going. >> reporter: slowly. her mind on fighting her fear % while her body continues the two-year-long fight against cancer. >> going over that edge was the epitome of facing my fears, i would say. so, yeah, i can easily compare what i am doing with that, and just face it. >> reporter: and after 15 long minutes, sometimes facing something you never thought you could helps you find strength to fight something you never thought you'd have to. >> you do something you don't think you can do, it kind of gives you that boost that you might need to get through something else, i suppose. >> reporter: over the edge and all the way down, anything but normal. >> thank you for being here. >> reporter: to get back to more of this. normal.
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now, terry has now completed her latest round of radiation. her next scan is set next month. as for going over the side of the building, she said god willing, she would do it again next year. breaking news to get to. a live look right now where crews are on the scene of a house fire. you can see that house is still on fire. flames shooting out of the roof there. this is just east of thornton on east 136th avenue. crews are in defensive mode right now. so far no word on or what started this fire. it is one of the most prestigious medals a war veteran can receive, but these medals were found in the dumpster. the search now for their rightful owners. and here is a live look at the eisenhower tunnel as the snow continues to fly in the high country. stacy donaldson is tracking the latest coming up right after the break. headline reads must win at mile high! okay. that's the attention grabber,
5:27 pm
broncos cannot afford to go down a game to the chiefs. we will go back live to mile high.
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we are keeping a close eye on the snow falling right now in the mountains. this is a live look from our cdot cameras on i-70 near loveland pass, and you can see
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this has caused i-70 eastbound to be currently closed between vail and silverthorne because of heavy traffic and increasing snowfall in the area. let's get right over to meteorologist stacey donaldson who has the latest on this. it's nice to see, stacey. >> it is. i mean, with the late starts that we haa for the resorts. it's glad to see snow moving through. we also have winter storm warnings over much of western colorado, including i-70. that's why we have having issues on the roadway. we had someai this morning for the eastern portion of our state. now we have the snow moving through and this going to be an extended period of snow lasting through at least tuesday morning. winter storm warnings shaded in pink for 8 to 16 inches of snow. in the purple shaded areas 6 to 10 inches of snow. that's in effect until monday evening, as well. we have a high wind watch tonight from 6 p.m. to midnight just off to the west of denver. the wind gusts up around 75 miles per hour.
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head through tonight. tomorrow morning though we will start out at 31 degrees by 7 a.m. and we will be in the 40s by 11:00 a.m. we will talk about our chances for snow in denver coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. if you are planning a high country getaway, it's going to cost you. a new report shows colorado has some of the most expensive winter spots in the country. this report from cheap lists vail as the most expensive winter vacation spot in the country. aspen was third. brec cheapest double hotel room per night. in vail the least expensive you will find averages 243 a night. in breck it's 241. >> it's slowly becoming an aspen and vail. popularity-wise they have a bigger name recognition. >> camping is free. the last month of the year is the cheapest generally. and you can save money tomorrow
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these ski resorts. there are plenty of deals for cyber monday. amazon will have more than 75,000 sales tomorrow. the deals continue all week with a variety of products on sale. electronics tend to be the biggest sellers on cyber monday. also you can get great travel deals. slow summer travel sales should result in big airfare and hotel deals. this is new video tonight. this robber thought he could get away from the law, but deputies were right on him. chopper video from the volusia county florida shows a man trying to hide in a pond after he robbed a store. now, deputies say when they caught up with the man, he said he was just fishing and his pole was in the water. likely story. well, the purple heart is one of the most prestigious medals a war hero can get. a symbol of combat injury, courage, and bravery. one of the esteemed medals was found inside of a trash dumpster in texas. an army veteran is on the hunt
5:33 pm
jolina okazaki reports. >> you know, this is just disgusting. >> reporter: disgusting when a medal representing a soldier's military sacrifice. >> somebody worked hard for this. >> reporter: completely disregarded. >> the honor. >> reporter: an army veteran received a call from the vfw in midland about a purple heart and other medals found in dumpster. >> he only received one purple heart for each time you were shot. if you did get shot, that means you werein harm's way and that means you were shot enemy. >> reporter: a small box, but inside holds years of a veteran's service. >> probably went straight over to germany and automatically went into combat. he had experience of war already. >> reporter: he is looking for who jim c. carter is. the world war ii veteran who served in the army. his name printed on the medals. >> we need to find the missing piece of the puzzle. >> reporter: gary has reached
5:34 pm
and poible families. the medals carry a valuable piece after soldier's history. >> we want to give this back to the family so that way they can have it and still cherish these stories that grandfather, great grandfather. >> we know it's a couple of states away. if you know who the family of the veteran is, give gary kennedy a call. his number is on your screen there. coming up, a restaurant in new mexico is putting karma to the why you won't find prices on its menu. a lucky powerball winner is
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you can visit a restaurant that has no prices on its menu. instead, you get to pick how much you want to pay for your food. the restaurant is appropriately named karma cafe. it's located in albuquerque, new mexico. so you have to drive a little bit to get to this one. the owner says opening this restaurant has shown him people really want to do good. >> most people are fair and honest and want to contribute. even if people are, say, homeless or struggling, they still want to contrite what they can. >> pretty cool concept. the owner says he wants people to pay it forward to keep that good karma alive. well, this is not the news we wanted to hear. a winning powerball ticket has been sold in a small town in tennessee about 60 miles northeast of nashville. the winning jackpot was more than $420 million, which is the 12th largest among all u.s. i could just do a million.
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>> just little bit. >> well, we are getting a lot of snow in the high country. we also have a high wind watch that will go into efffct starting at 6:00 tonight until midnight, and wind gusts could be around 75 miles per hour.
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5:40 pm
i am meteorologist stacey donaldson. what a day. a lot of snow in the high country. beautiful conditions down here, although a little cooler across
5:41 pm
early this morning. now the bright lights of the stacey donaldson are on. temperatures are in the 40s, but the winds are starting to pick up. they are out of the west at 20 miles per hour and we are looking for them to become more intense as we go into the evening. mountain snow will continue. we will have clouds for the front range and then very cold air moving in for next week. actually, our highs will be in the 30s for most of next week. so it's going to be a chilly one for us. now, early this morning we had a round of moisture move through. some rainfall here for northeastern colorado, and then in the mountains really just the snow all day long. the winds have been making the snow blow sideways at times. we saw that at loveland ski area. lots of folks boarding and skiing and enjoying the fresh powder. the snow continues to come down at this point. we have been having troubles on i-70. there is a winter storm watch along i-70 here. so from vail to silverthorne we have i-70 shut down eastbound. we are expecting 8 to 16 inches of snow throughout these areas, and the snow will continue in
5:42 pm
warnings are in effect untill monday night. also, the winds will be around hour. also a high wind watch in effect to the west of denver in our foothills from conifer west of boulder. the wind gusts around 75 miles per hour. so it will be an interesting night. we already have 40-mile-per- hour gusts in broomfield, 20 for allenspark and 17 for aurora. also 31 at dia. these winds have been picking up statewide, and this will become more of a concern through the rest of the ght. we have a winter weather advisory to the west inches of know. that starts at idaho springs. back towards vail and eagle it's a winter storm warning. the storm is going to continue tonight and tomorrow as well. this will be the picture by 1:00 in the afternoon. this will be by 9:00 in the evening. so snow continuing even into tuesday morning for our northern and central mountains, but here across the front range and the plains looks like we will remain dry, but very cold as cold air starts to push across the state. as you see here, by 7:00
5:43 pm
about a foot or so much snowfall. so some impressive snow totals by tuesday. morning forecast tomorrow chilly to start out. 31 degrees with cloudy skies. 42 degrees by 11:00 a.m. tonight hough 29. we will have mostly cloudy skies. very windy conditions at times. teens and 20s for the mountains and 30s down through southeastern colorado. 41 degrees tomorrow. breezy and cool. you will notice the difference tomorrow as our temperatures drop and then we will stay in the 30s for the remainder of the week. we and off, but we haven't had a stretch this cold in quite some time. 35 on tuesday with cloudy skies. overnight lows in the teens. then 32 degrees on friday overnight lows in the teens as -?well. so we just got some watch--ish weather today for the game, which is great news for everybody outside. >> it is. >> it's wind though, right? >> well, yeah. >> come on! you can't have it all. it is like november. [ laughter ]
5:44 pm
we will head back out to mile high where the pressure is on. the chiefs and the broncos. six games left. this is no time to fall into third place in the west. three words for you. sense of urgency. we will hear from gary kubiak and trevor siemian. and the apidssare trying to
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welcome to "7sports xtra" and welcome to a prime time afc west rivalry battle tonight at mile high. broncos-chiefs. the winner is only a game behind the raiders. the loser drops into third place with five games to go. not going to don't say it, molly. not must win, but got to have it. denver broncos and troy renk is live at mile high. troy, both sides know how high the stakes are in this game tonight. >> reporter: yes. this feels like a playoff game out here. cold and windy. the players have painted it like a post-season game, as you talked about. they know if they're gonna win the afc west, the broncos, they got to win at home against the chiefs. if they win tonight, we will be
5:48 pm
how their offense is perking up. if they lose, it is going to be a scramble to get into the playoffs. but again 7-3 record. not a bad place to be when you haven't plays your best football yet. >> i think this team is really excited. coaches, organization, we are there six weeks to play. a lot of big football games to play in. that's why we do what we do. we are all excited and you can feel it around here. we have some big challenges ahead. >> i don't think anybody on offense would say we have put we have shown some things that we can do, but a little too % mu inconsistency probably. i think it's exciting. we have won seven games. only know we can get better. i don't think there is too many teams that can say that and be in that position. >> we haven't played close to our best football. i don't know why. we just havvn't put it all together as a team. we have had great areas here, great areas there, some bad areas here, some bad areas
5:49 pm
so we got to figure it out. be consistent in all three phases. >> reporter: well, you heard them, lionel. this is a team poised for a big game tonight. you can see is and you can feel it. >> troy, the wind may play a factor. the weather could be involved. rapid fire here, give me three keys to the game and final score prediction. >> reporter: you got it. they got to run the ball. trevor siemian has to make plays with his feet pocket. third, win the turnover battle. the brrncos 28-0. 28 straight when they win the turnover battle. he predict broncos in a close one 17-13. >> 17-13. i predict 23-20 broncos win tonight. turnover is the key. all right. troy, thanks a lot. see you later tonight. nothing left to do but kick it off. of course, come back right here after the game. xfinity sports extra is live and in color on denver7 at 10:35.
5:50 pm
troy and wood by page will be live at mile high. we will see you then. now to the black hole. what a game. panthers and residents today. thomas davis picked off derek carr and jonathan stewart, the s train rolling into the painted dirt of no-cal. cam newton looking like the cam of last season. 44 pass to touchdown panthers. 25 unanswered points for carolina. ppnky in this game, wasn't done. walford on the other end of this pass. the two-point conversion was good. 32-32. and then the game winner from sea bass. get it, sea bass. oh, no. under two minutes left he kicked the game-winning field goal. 35-32 raiders. they are now 9-2. and the broncos now head to jacksonville next sunday after tonight's game.
5:51 pm
touchdown jack. 14-13. later the bortles again. allen hearns got the edge in the pylon. jags in the least. they lost it. down 28-21. got to have it. bortles to lee. not gonna get it. bills win. jacksonville now 2-9 awaiting the broncos. and now from mile high to dick's sporting second leg of the mls western conference finals. seattle won the first leg. rapids have the best home record in the regular season. welcome to the jungle. rapids 96. the supporters out in droves today. look at the windy conditions. chance to see their clubake it to the finals for the first time in six years. in minute 56 jordan morris found the net, and the sounders found their way into the final. it would end 1-0, and the rapids' dream season ended
5:52 pm
to look forward for colorado. now in the nuggets. sunday afternoon in the desert. raining down third rocks on the suns. jameer nelson from 25 feet bagged a long one. 21 points for the guard. wilson chandler. wilson! i love your work in castaway, man. great acting. third rock scored 25. nuggets win 120-114. the heat come here on wednesday. last night, you got check this out, ralphie title. the pac-12 championship. win and in for cu. and win they do. sefo liufau broke it open. buffs took the lead. won it 27-22. tenth win of the season. they stormed the field at folsom for good reason. buffs at levi stadium friday to meet number five washington.
5:53 pm
about a year ago. >> i told them before the game, i said, you know, the people came to see them. they have built the mystique of folsom back. it's really exciting. how we played tonight, how we kept fighting, kept working, kept pushing, that's what a championship team does. >> it's great winning. to finally get something out of it, we have been working hard here and we don't have much to show for it. this year we do.
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