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tv   7 News 10 pm Late Edition  ABC  November 27, 2016 10:35pm-11:00pm MST

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good evening everybody and welcome to ask vanity sports extra. the broncos in the chiefs tonight. i'm speechless and are never speechless. it was unbelievable!
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slow start running for his life and finally finding jordan taylor, a ray of sunshine in the lead in the 3rd quarter. the chief song in their -- tyreek hill scored 16-10 in the 4th. a stifling defense. 88 yard drive, a manual catching the touchdown pass. 17-16 and trying to run out the clock. we thought this was it. okay are good. big, not just %- a 76 yarder, 24-16 broncos. done deal right? no. last-minute touchdown drive. two-point conversion. broncos country shocked and stunned tied at 24 going into overtime. both got a field goal in ot.
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domestic. chiefs drove it into range. point he banged it off the upright and in. chiefs 30 31-27 devastating for the broncos. let's go live to gary kubiak at mile high right now. >> we found a way to mustered up, trevor has p across the board. we wish we could get out with the win tonight, that's part of being a pro. i'm proud of them they paid really well. i would not have been throwing the ball downfield, we are trying to think through it. we had one timeout left, it
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we didn't have any doubt that he could get the ball there. there was no doubt about that. the thought process was on the other end, if ww did punt do we have any chaace of getting the ball back. it's part of the process.>>reporter: is your defense giving up three scores, thatts rare. was the team gassed out?>> i don't know. we had them in a tough position, we were up by 8 three times on gassed, everybody's tired and that game. that was a great game. you just have to muster up and make the play. i know they are disappointed that we did not do that.>> gary kubiak talking about the last 30-27 in ot to the chiefs. here we are, the broncos in third place in the afc west with five games left. raters in front.
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paige on the field. they had the lead with three minutes left, the defense could ded up with the devastating lost.>>reporter: behind the eight ball. it was an historic night. i've been covering this team for 42 years and every in the history of the fat have they lost by giving up to scores and they did give up three consecutive scores. in regard to where they are, i think it's in a bad way because you are losing at home to a team that you are fighting down to the stretch. they have to go to kansas city at the end of the season. i think it was important and key to the day that the raiders came back and beat carolina. that puts the broncos in a bad situation. it wasn't handled well, i thought at the end of the game
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>> yes. to write. we thought the raiders were going down. then we saw this game, this was unlike the broncos defense. before that last drive, the defense was going to hold alex smith under 200 yards passing, they weee only giving up one touchdown. everything was looking great to being a run for the roses and all of that turned around. i don't know what's going to happen, they of the patriots i can tell you this, it's going to be a tough road for the broncos to make the playoffs looking at the schedule.>>reporter: you look at it, the dolphins have moved into, the broncos would have been better off punting the ball and taking the type. you have to go back in history, they once settled for a tie and
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in retrospect, if they had punted rather than the field gold it would've made it more difficult for kansas city to score in the tie would have put the broncos in the same situation as the chiefs. >> exactly. they would've een tied instead of a game behind. we are going to the locker roomm we take we have troy renck.>> there was and the desperation type kick. ?e will have one once a week.>>reporter: do you know right away?>> from that distance, there's a 5% chance to make it.>>reporter: what was
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ground so hard and i still got the distance. >>reporter: would you go forward in that range? is there a chance?>> there wasn't much communication. i was just urging them to go for it. i want the opportunity, we do it let's get this a long distance. >>reporter: even the circumstances were you surprised that he decided to go for the punch?>> i can't think about that when i am on the field. kansas city's at the top of their division. i'm not totally sure how it would've affected us down the road.
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giving me a chance from 62. i need to make sure i don't make that mistake again.>> that was brandon mcmanus talking about the loss and the 62 yarder he missed in overtime. the chiefs went down and one the game on a 34 yarder from their kicker. afc west after today the raiders are at the top leading the division. the panthers in the raiders, carolina came back from 24-7. thomas davis the train was rolling into the painted dirt. 25-24. panthers take the lead. 44 yard pass to benjamin, touchdown panthers 32-24. brandon carr wasn't done. tww-point conversion, 32-32 and the game-winner from seabass
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kicked a field goal 35-32. defense held the panthers and that was the final. raters now 9-2. the raiders are finding ways to win. we have broncos players saying every game is a playoff game for now and that's the case. they can't afford to lose another game being that far behind the raiders.>> you are in outside looking in right now. if you look back in this game, it's goiig to be forgotten that when they scored their final touchdown they would have been better off not scoring on the play. i know it's difficult to think about. it gave kansas city the opportunity to come back and not only score but go for the two points. if the broncos had just eaten up the clock and kicked a field goal they would've gotten out of this with a game in hand in
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with the game -- return game against kansas city. i think it's just a difficult situation. it's going to be tough to make the playoffs now.>> yes. it isn't over until it's over. we will check back with woody. let's check jacksonville and the rapids must win today at dick's sporting goods park.
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welcome back to xfinity sports extra.
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the portals alan burns turned up got the edge got the end zone. jackson lead but they lost it. portals to we the bills when jacksonville 2-9 awaiting the broncos sunday. from mile high to dick's sporting goods park. rapids ahead to eat the sounders since seattle won the first leg. it turned out to be the sounders of silence. rapids have record. welcome to the jungle. the supporters out in droves. windy with a chance to see their club make it to the finals for the first time in six years. minute 56 jordan morris found the net. the only game of -- goal of the game. the rapids season ended. a lot to bb proud of and look forward to. nuggets in the desert raining down rocks on the sons.
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points for the veteran guard. wilson chandler was great in's castaway. nuggets gonna win. the heat are here wednesday. cardinals falcons watch tyler gabriel he has speed and moves. this thing when right into the end zone like a rocket. falcons won it 38-19. drew brees with the background past two touchdown saints beat the rams
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welcome back to ask vanity sports extra. let's go live to the locker room. it our all. we battled and that's all you can do. we just have to keep moving on. thank you.>>reporter: emmanuel sanders was live here in the locker room after the loss.>> that was a tough one, they have
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final thoughts from woody paige. we talked about how tough it's going to be to make the playoffs. there behind the raiders and the chiefs. they've shown resilience, i don't think there will be any give up. it's not over until it's over. they can't afford another loss. we go to jacksonville for an next week must you have lost three division games, two were on the road. the best you can finish is 3-3. they have to do that. they need depend on other teams to help them out. the raiders could've helped out by losing. the patriots could've helped by losing. kubiak was wrong. think gary %- the defense looked gassed at the end. they were giving up yardage andd i've seen so many games here.
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night game between john elway and joe man 10 a. -- joe montana.>> thank you woody paige, we will talk to on our ask vanity sports extra extra show coming up on the denver anchnel facebook page. we will have troy renck, we will talk talk about the game and some of the decisions made by gary kubiak. a lot of people work questioning what he was doing going for the 62 yard field goal. they had it in the bag and they lead it out. three penalties by the defense on that chiefs game-tying drive. a lot of things to discuss. switch over to our facebook page. our denver7 facebook page we
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troy. the broncos lost in overtime. it turns just that quick. whether though, we have gone from 60s and 70s into the 30s
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>> this is japan's famed mount midoriyama... the world's most difficult obstacle course. the fastest american to conquer mount midoriyama will not only make history but will walk away with a $500,000 prize. who has what it takes to become the first american ninja warrior? >> welcome back to "american ninja warrior" for more of the mid-south regional finals. while you were away, two more runners hit the course and both were stellar, especially nathaniel spencer, the former pro golfer who finished in a time of 3:50:80. spencer's time was good enough to put him in second place behind big bob pondrom, while houston trainer tremayne dortch finds himself in fourth. that means extreme unicyclist arnold risvik is now in ninth, while todd stair, the oklahoma mascot, moves to 15th place. at the line now, out of thornton, colorado, it's


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