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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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5:30. we're following two stories. a 200 acre fire burning. evacuation orders lifted last night for 3,000 people. a man gunned down in denver. homicide investigation underway as police search for who did it and were. first, we're tracking a devastating wild fire in tennessee we're seeing incredible images of people escaping the flames in gothenburg. check out this video of someone driving right through he flames trying to escape this. we learned 14 people thousand people have been evacuated from -- 14,000 people have been evacuated accord to go management officials of the parts of gothenburg have been destroyed. more than 100
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an apartment complex and homes. we'll follow the story closely. it's 5:31. it's going to be another chilly day today. the mountains are picking up light snow, and we'll see snow showers through the day. you can see the clouds that are coming across northern colorado. we're going to be under a partly to mostly cloudy sky today. look at wind chills. feels like 14 at the airport. 2 one in greeley. 11 with chill there in estes park. highs near 40 degrees this afternoon. under cloud cover. now, in denver, jayson, today, we're near 40. across the southern part of our state, 40s. teens and 20s and it looks like a wintery scene behind you. >> weehave snowy condition and slick conditions. basically georgetown through
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tough drive. chain and traction laws along i-70 and the high country. you can see it's getting heavier here and there. overall, nice and quiet. off the highways, a couple of problems. one accident at highway 2 and quebec. an accident causing lights aren't working at kalamath and alameda. you can treat that as a 3-way spot. the search continues for near logan street. >> the adams county sheriff's department is treating this as a homicide investigation. denver 7, jason gruenauer joins us with more. >>reporter: a man showed up at a hospital with a gunshot wound. he told police where he had been shot. this is just north of the denver and adams county border. so
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scene and they found a crime scene and then that man later died at the hospital. that is why they're treating this as a homicide investigation. the scene is clear other than glass in the road along logan not far from 58 avenue and i-25 near the consumer mart. at this point, they're treating this as a homicide ?nvestigation. they haven't released the identity victim. in adams county, i'm jason gruenauer, 5:37. a woman suing the -- she claims she was forced out because of discrimination. jones was a communicatioo specialist. if her lawsuit, jones who is white says she was demoted and replaced by a hispanic man and the principal told her the community needed to see that man in her role.
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two hispanic women at the one is dr. robin. >> it wws something i've never . i think that was representative of a [indiscernible]. >> there were complaints -- she says she got fired when she started asking tough questions of district leaders. they won't comment. to see the full inve people living near green mountain are lucky to be waking up in their own homes after a 300 acre fire threatened them with evacuations. amanda del castillo joins us near green mountain. amanda, you can see flames from where you are right now? >>reporter: not from where we're standing. it's dark right now, but we're just in front of the green mountain. it's behind me right now.
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driving through downtown denver. driving in rush hour. they were able to see flames from where they were because the fire, it grew to 300 acres. crews say that is it's at 90% containment. crews kept their eyes on hot spots as well. as we look at what it looked like last night, that forced a dozen to evacuate last night as the winds were into nearby neighborhoods. another 3,000 other homes were on standby for evacuations. we spoke with a woman who says she left her home before 5:00 p.m. with no fire in site. when she got back, 90 minutes later, she couldn't get back to her home. west metro is investigating the cause. they fought the fire as the sun was going down, and for most of the night and if we come back out, you can see my
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that created a problem for crews yesterday. that wind actually forced the fire to grow from its initially 4 to 6 acres to 300 that we were telling you about. that fire at 90% containment. live in front of green mountain, i'm amanda del castillo. 5:36. the cu bucks played -- christopher hill facing charges over the b win in utah. they got outside of a fight -- police found what they believe to be cocaine in their possession. a woman is pleading for the killer of her grandmother. his grand daughter posted videos to craigslist asking for help. counselors on hand after
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kim was gunned down sunday at bannock and louisiana. police are asking for yourself to track down thieves. two men accused of breaking into a dispensary. they took off in a truck. it has a dark colored topper and dark rims. police tells us the suspect forced north suburban medical center into a lock down. they do not have a description of the guy other than the fact he as injuries to his 5:37. in denver, a search continues for a thief who robbed a coffee shop. the suspect broke into the store on sunday and stole the safe. he walked away with the money that the store made from black friday sells. uber driver was hitting
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joining a protest for higher wages. they're -- we also learned workers at the mcdonald at dia plan to strike for union rights and will not affect normal operation and this is happening nationwide. governor hickenlooper wants to use the marijuana tax money to help the homeless population. he wants -- right now, marijuana taxes are set enforcemenn, health care and substance abuse program and mmny we talked to on the streets say thhy don't want to go to shelters. >> it's not a comfortable setting when everybody is -- where everybody is arguing about a a matt on the street.
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-- where it's quiet. there's a -- >> the contaminated water flow from our state into new mexico. it spilled 3 million gallons of water filled with aasenic ann copper. it's a tale for the ages. two teens survived in the middle of a snow storm. today we're hearing from of them. you're looking at video of this rescue. 18 year old tommy hendricks and 17 year old matt smith say they continued to the summit during that snow storm because they believe it was their best chance to get cell service to call their parents and they say it may have saved their lives. >> have you to make decisions that's split. it was -- we felt we would have a better
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>> both teens have frost bite. they say it's not going stop them from hiking again when they recover. a woman tries to go on vacation to get quick r and r, but it was interrupted. >> she watched this across the country. two thieves ransacking her home. hear from the homeowner next. one -- that could happen. there's new fedal rules foo judging our schools. how it could impact your kids. winds speeds at 10 to 30 miles-per-hour. gustier over our state. it's another chilly one, but cold every later in the week. we'll talk about it coming up. one accident on commerce city, all of southbound cues beck at highway 2 is closed down for a bad accident as
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tragic story this morning. 76 people killed in a plane crash in columbia. many of them members of a soccer time. we're seeing the crash near -- the crew on
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annie remembering -- they reported an electrical problem. this was a team on their way to columbia for a match. six survivor were reported found. a goalkeeper among the survivors has passed away. five people did survive including five members of that soccer team. a kidnapping of a three weeks after vanishing. they're digging into her past. specifically looking at her online activity and her previous marriage. the person who found her is speaking out. >> my response was i could have hit her. >> two -- some incredible new video this morning. two thieves ransack a woman's home in vegas all caught on camera.
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the crooks are walking around the house and their arms full of her belongings. homeowner was watching this live when she was out of the country on vacation. >> people are coming through your house and through your stuff. this is not real. >> police are looking for thoses . the campaign vote car continues. wisconsin -- yesterday, michigan's results came president elect trump's win in the electoral vote. the tally stands at clinton 306 and clinton 2 -- jill stein is challenging the vote in pennsylvania and michigan. the those are two battle ground states that clinton loss. push for a recount says russia tried to undermine the election by -- so far no evidence has been found confirming the vote was
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adding fuel to this controversy. he claim he -- he claims he won the popular vote. those across the country are outraged over these allegations. there's no evidence for any of his allegations. when you look at the school your child goes to, you it's based -- >> the department of education just released new rules for house schools can be judged. under this new rule, states can factor in things uch as school climate and advanced course work as long as schools measure the performance of all students. now, states is given a new year to review schools and that's something a local school advocacy group says could present an issue. >> i think the challenge with
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the timelines have been extended, and with extended timelines, we see delayed action for kids and we really need support in these schools. so now, state was developing their new systems. they have to submit them to the education department for review by next september. it's cold -- >> we saw 50s every morning. wood creek picks up 20 inches of snow. >> that's good. you're going to find more snow in mountains. 24 in denver. winds at 5 to 15 miles-per-hour. it feels colder when you factor that in. 29 in boulder. 17 in evergreen. and 11 in conifer. with a wind chill in the single digit and teens across the -- bennett, 22.
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tomorrow, near 40 degrees. upper -- kingsburg at 42. parker and aurora mid to upper 30s. highs in the mountains in the teen and 20s today. montrose and grand junction get on the western slope, we're above freeze this afternoon. a number of he alerts remain in effect until midday. we're goong to pick up 2 to 4 inches over the higher mountain passes and the alerts we divide dropping off early this morning. on future cast, the cloud cover that settles in through the morning and afternoon, so for denver, and most of eaatern colorado, partly skies. spotty showers through the day today. it will lead to a couple of more inches by tonight. by 9:30, skies clear out. tomorrow, we'll see more unshine.
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under sunshine in denver. it's chilly with the sunshine. tomorrow, 40 grees. on thursday, 38. even colder on friday. it's the coldest day on our 7-day forecast. highs will be in the upper 20s to near 30 degrees. do you know where i'm going on be on friday? >> watching the bucs. >> do you know where i'm going to be? >> in lewisville. >> >> no, -- watching the bucs. >> we have a closure of the southbound side of quebec at highway 2 because there's a bad accident and the way the police and fire trucks are in there blocking the roadway. you can't use the old quebec because they blocked that off. so you can use some of the other roads. 74th avenue, 75th avenue might be
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to old quebec. there's good way to get around it. out to dia, that's easy. 225. so far so good. you can see it on the camera. the southbound side is getting more congested right here at the dc parkway going into the denver tech center. 10 until 6:00. are you doing online shopping. you can earn quick cash while getting gifts. >> some sites will put money back into your wallet. that back. you can take a certain percentage of your purchase. there's ibotta. check out store apps. >> if you're shopping today, then you're checking out reviews. can you trust what you read. >> amazon is putting a cap
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people can write five reviews for what they buy. dominos pizza is getting in the holiday spirit. that pizza delivery guy coming to your guy, you may be sporting antlers. take a look at this park attraction.
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welcome back. we're getting our first live pick turns from o'hare airport in chicago where the protest is underway.
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workers walking off the job demanding higher wages. we're going to keep an eye on how this is affecting air travel through the morning. take a look at this. under that nice, there's 5,000 fish with crab and shell fish. this is was apart of an attraction in japan. people did not like this. there was a big backlash. the park is closed. the managers point out that the they're hold a religious service for them he says and reuse the animals as fertilizer. reindeer are getting a new job. they are not just delivering presents, they're delivering pizza. domino's pizza in japan is training the animals at a driving school. it's the country's snowiest regions and the travelers -- they're having trouble. >> i'd like that.
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this. it's hilarious. >> i'm pepperoni, i'm dasher. we have a nice start to the day. it's chilly. near sterling from our vero wira and we have clouds moving fast and a few flurries over the colorado into wyoming boulder. we're expecting a chilly day. gusty and cold and upper 30s by noon and upper 30s close to 40 by 3:00. here's a look right now. jason, the mountains will pick up light snow and a couple of inches. >> train and traction laws on the road. the one bad accident, take a look at the map in commerce city where section highway 2 cues beck is blocked and closed off. we have it for another 15 minutes while they're cleaning up that one accident. new this morning -- it's
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the country according to the platt storm called four square. it comes behind minnesota and the jaclyn -- of course in new york city. at 6:00, we're following breaking news. a shooting ends the life of one man. latest.ruenauer brings us the plus a fire, amanda del castillo brings us the is quiet and different from the scene yesterday when thousands of homes were threatened by that fire. we'll have that next. a man says nothing can stop you from pprsuing your dreams. what he overcame and why he's lacing up his racing shoes.
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that next. >> i'm from denver 7. >> you tricked me. >> denver 7 has been surprising volunteers for 18 years. hi. >> oh, my god. >> you know what's happening, huh. who is the 6 everyday hero in your life? nominate them at
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6:00 a.m. one is dead. deputies are searching for the gunman. we're live across the scene. official was honoring donahue. how they describe their loved one. we're following an internationa a plane crash in columbia killed -- we're seeing image from the scene of the crash. a lot of yoo probably saw this fire burn ongoing green mountain. more than 300 acre were charred and hundreds forced to evacuate. we shot the individual yes from our downtown -- we shot video from our downtown denver studios. the weather, all that wind can't help.


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