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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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this is the largest fire in the last hundred years of the state of tennessee. wild fires devastating tennessee. in a moment we'll update youn the fire fight that has turned deadly. mother nature dealing a blow. we're tracking it in state after multiple tornado touched down. a home out of douglas county. >> a woman and two children are missing. jason gruenauer has details on the search, jayson. >>reporter: the douglas sheriff's department are looking for a mother and her two sons who went missing after they left school in highland's ranch. we're talking about jennifer and
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yesterdaa at 2:00. then late last night, the douglas county sheriff's department put out the alert that the three, the mother and the two children haven't been seen since. jennifer 36 years old. she's 5'6'' they were driving a 2011 country. license plate is if you see jennifer or adam, call the sheriff's department. we're trying to get more inforration and we'll bring it later. in castle rock in douglas county sheriff, i'm jason gruenauer. breaking news in tennessee, a wild fire killed three people. >> hundreds of home and businesses have been destroyed. the flames are still threatening
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that area may see rain today which could help in the fire fight. there's more severe weather hitting the same part of the country. tornado slammed northern alabama last night killing three people, four children are in critical condition after a 24-hour daycare was hit. we're seeing images ever homes and buildings destroyed by this. the national weather service confirmed three fatalities after a tornado hit mobile home in >>reporter: is a lee. four children were condition. chattanooga getting hit as well. let's go to lisa hidalgo with a look at our forecast. >> we have quiet conditions ask clear skies early on, and we're going to see sunshine state
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the mountains, the north western mountains could pick up light snow showers, but we're under a dry plan. for the next couple of days, today and tomorrow and as we get into tomorrow, things will change. we start off with temperatures in the teens and 20s and 23 at evergreen. and 11 in conifer. those are the temperatures whicr wind chills are dropping into the teens and single digits. by the afternoon, mostly sunny. low 40s and jayson, we're tracking two systems, one on friday and a bigger one next week. we'll talk about that coming up. next week, right now we're going to worry about today and that looks like a good drive for most of us. i have been looking at -- it has been registering on the speed maps, slowing on c-470. not seeing it on the cameras. taking a look at the cameras on c-470 at hamden. it's wide open. it looks like
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system. otherwise, everything else looks fine. overnight cannot instruction here and there. there was a victim in a deadly road rage. he was gunned down the day after thanks given. the suspect david garcia was driving in a stolen car when he came to a stop near the intersection of federal and kentucky. garcia says bara took too long and he honked and bara and killed and garcia is under investigation for another shooting. a student accused of sexually assaulting a student is out on bond. >> amanda del castillo joins us with details on the suspect. amanda. >>reporter: troubling accusations. we know 49-year old gary pastell was arrested yesterday on charges of sexual
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he had been hired back in 2014 as a campus security specialist here at ponda rosa high school. a letter to parents said that pastel would not be back on campus pending the investigation. all morning long, we'll dig inno these accusations and see what led up to pastel being a 49-year old man pastel working. he was working as a security specialist at ponda rosa high school. accused of sexual assault on a child. we'll have more throughout the . i'm amanda del castillo. a -- >> it's a picture of michelle obama followed up by a comment saying, and we quote, monkey
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english. i feel better and i'm not racist. under quote. it was written by -- and he's an assistant professor at cu school of medicine. >> you have to hold yourself at a higher standard and being a professor in a critical field. >> children's hospital and denver health this. heron declined to go on camera saying it's good good -- she says her comment was ignorant but she she's not racist. she removed the post and her facebook page. a grandmother accused of -- 50-yearrold najera was sentenced to five years of prison. she
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year after her ten-year old grandson who was develop mentally disabled was found dead in a bathtub. we're travel to our state to pay tribute to trooper donahue. >> colorado has become familiar with the honor flag and says our state's law enforcement is apart of the family. trooper donahue's memorial service is on friday. it will start with a small and it's going to get larger at 285 and kipling. it will travel to hampton. officers will be along the route closing off routes. the last two troopers death, donahue and jaime both happened on i-25 south of castle rock. that got cdot's attention, so they're working to make it safer.
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lanes from colorado springs to utah. there's a light rail through salt lake city. but utah has a higher gas tax for roads which means colorado needs to find a new way to pay for our roads. >> it cost to do 10 to 15 miles. so one direction $15 miles. so one direction iss3 $240 million. our budget is 1.3 billion. >> cdot is studying i-25 to million and it won't be done until may of 2018. the fight for higher rages continue. fast food workers protested at the airport and they joined hundreds of fast food workers who walked off the job seeking $15. colorado passed a ragin crease that's going to raise the wage to $12
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2020. michael baca and democratic delegates registered a nonprofit -- they only have three weeks until the electoral college votes until they meet. air conditioning condition carrier says a deal has been struck with trump to keep 1,000 jobs in indiana. trump in a facebook post called it great neww with more dettils to come. pence will be in that state. the announcement leaves the ffture uncertain for a few hundred workers and trump from going to mexico.ican jobs%- there's a tragic plane crash
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the attack that has his family confused. this video leaving people in shock, but it's what didn't happen in this video that has the owner outraged and in tears, we'll explain. it's 4:40. you're going to find sunny, but chilly conditions and highs in the low
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if you're just joining us, we're following news out of northern alabama. tornado have struck killing three people. this is video of a day carry mentioned earlier that was completely destroyed in this tornado. some very sad video you're seeing. four children critically injured at this 24-hour daycare. apparently this is a family-run district attorney care, and theeporter on scene saying that the peopll who lived in a mobile home behind it were affected. six people taken to the hospital from this. three people killed in a neighboring town of rosa lee. we're getting a clue of a plane crash that killed a soccer team. the charter jet may have run out of fuel. radar shows this plane circling in bad weather and the crew reports an electrical issue and declared an
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radar. the black boxes are being detected. three crew members and -- there was an attack at ohio state university. investigators are piecing together the motive including take taree -- including terrorism. >> agents are going through his looking at his online activity. family and friends says he acted normal before the attack dropping his siblings off at school. his mother said she knew nothing was wrong until police showed up to his door. >> his character was presentable. he didn't appear to pose a threat to anybody. >> 11 people were hurt after the attack he plowed his car into a crowd and slashed victims with a knife. in california, shocking
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vandalizing a car for six hours and all this while other people stopped and they took pictures of what was taking place instead of calling the cops. >> they didn't call the cops. in it happened in los angeles. the woman using a pipe and destroy this car. she jumped on top and starts jumping on the roof causing more damage. police caught her. she's being detained in an a 72-hour psychiatric hold evaluated and here's the kicker, it doesn't appear the victim knew the suspect. >> that's bazaar. the cause of this pipeline explosion near the kansas city international airport under investigation. firefighters says the flames are away from homes but it's a tough area to reach. the fire was in a field and there's a limited amount of damage. 4:45. the green mountain fire, 100% contained. good news. investigators haven't figured out how this fire started. forest officials says
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98% of the state is abnormally dry or worse as we speak. there have been smaller fires in the same area. for the most, the cases are being investigated. the fire on great mountain was a close call and a reminder of how -- one family in estes park fights with its insurance company over the cost to rebuild their home after the woodland fire. this fire destroyed auto owners haggle over the last $16,000 although she had full replacement coverage. >> we lost everything in the house. but dealing with my insurance company has been worse. >> we reached out to auto owners multiple times and they say% they're investigating the thompson's claim and have no further comment. the home was built in 2013, so the fight over the claim has been dragging on for three years. >> you feel for those people.
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it has been cold, but how about moisture. we need some. >> we'll see flury activity on friday. how about a foot of snow next tuesday? >> really? >> it's going to be heavier than what we have seen. >> there's a tease. >> 13 degrees in denver. dry conditions and clear skies. a chilly start. look at our wind chills. it feels like zero in denver and 2 in lineman. fort leadville, a wind chill of 14 degrees below zero. we'll see sunshine compared to yesterday. we'll still be in the 20s though at the bus stop early this morning. really cold for the kids with low 40s by the time they're heading home. denver around 40 to 42 degrees. congress park is going to hit a high of 42. englewood, you're at 40. lakewood, 42. highlands ranch, 43. a little r today. a few degrees above
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the mountains still cold. more teens and 20s there. in pueblo and lamar, close to 50 this afternoon. our highs are now, ourto tuesday.%- future cast shows dry conditions today. it's really not going to be until probably this afternoo3 where we'll pick up a few, very few light snow showers in the% mountains and then overnight tonight, we'll see a few more especially up to the northwest near steamboat and craig. we'll stay dry across the plains. more sunshine expected tomorrow. around 40 degrees. we're tracking two systems. one on friday. this is a pretty weak system. it will bring a few flurries and our temperatures will drop to near freezing to end the week. it's a cold end to the week with our temperatures in the teens overnight as we head into the saturday, not as cold. back in the 40s and a beautiful day on sunday. 52 degrees. that's where we put the bright spots. early next week, snow will develop later in the day,
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tracking the potential for heavy snow. keep in mind officially we have seen 1.7 inches of snow. by the end of today, we should be at 12.7. we're a good 11 inches below normal. >> that's not good. >> let's make it up on one day. >> no. >> we'll keep tracking the storm when it comes to totals. >> this is not good. >> yes, it is. >> we live in colorado. >> great, that's fine and dandy, but this is not good, baby. it's going to be a mess on the snow legs on yet. you can see the overall drive looks nice. no delays around town which is fantastic news. take a look at the buffalo highway. highway 36. it has been renamed the buffalo highway because the buffs here. take a look at the drive. wide open, eastbound and westbound smooth driving. lisa, listen up. you and anyone else who is a frequent shopper at cherry creek mall,
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you may have to pay soon to park and the prices are specific. follow me here for a little bit. the first hour is free. the econd hour is $3three. a full day if you choose to park there for workers is $16 and you will have to start paying once the new year rolls around >> it's coming soon. if you're dng christmas shopping online, you may be reading a five star review that isn't real. how do you tell if it's fake. we went to cyber shopper -- he's a cyber security expert. he says amazon has been suing sellers who buy fake reviews and banning pay reviews, but they can't catch them all. he recommends going on the website fake spot before you buy a product to see if the reviews are real. change your amazon review filters to show
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?ther red flags to watch out for in fake reviews, vague or over possibly reviews and a large number of reviews posted about the same time is a key or all five star reviews. that's probably too good to be true. gamers, listen up. your favorite games are available on facebook messengers and crafters we have something for you. there's a glue gun for cheese. we'll explain in this morning's tech bytes. >>reporter: facebook added games to messenger. >> you can use the chat app with pac man and much more and challenge your friends and show off your scores. goggle has updated its time lapse feature adding new data going back to 1984. this is a time lapse for dividing 84 and today. you can see how
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this is the fondu. it's for cheese like a hot gun. >> you squirt the cheese onto crackers or -- >> think about how much bet every everything is with cheese >> that's where the technology genus comes. >> it's going on my wish list this year. those are your tech bytes >> in tech. after the break we're going to tell y by cottons in elle. (laughs) (laughs) what does cleanripple texture do? catches all the stuff that you want to get out. this is really nice. this one is, like, it goes the extra step. it gets it all clean. how does being clean feel? kind of sassy. uh, breezy. hands up. weeeeeee. my bum is saying, "thank you very much."
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it's five minutes before 5:00. a couple stuck in the they were reunited with their family in california. >> it started out as a relaxing drive turned into a deadly situation ffr roy and suzanne. this is it took hours, but he found service and he sent a text asking for help. the couple was rescued and theii caught on camera. [ crying ] >> you weren't planning on being stuck, but we had sleeping bags and food and water, so yeah, you know, we did fairly well. we started to panic a little bit day. tomorrow was going to be,
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but they showed up, and just like we're -- i want to shower. >> we're not going back out again, that's for sure. >> done with that for a while. husband and wife are in good condition thanks to sleeping bags. they had food in the car. that helped. it's 4:56. it's not going to be as windy along i-25. to the north and east. starting in akron with wind gust at 15 to 30 miles-per-hour. so breezy out east it is cold this stop. we'll be at 26 degrees at 8:00. right now, we're in the teens. it's cold. wind chills near zero. bundle m up. this afternoon, it's going to be warmer. mostly sunny with a high of 42. looking ahead, we stay mild tomorrow and then it's colder on friday with a chance for flurries, you guys. >> thank you, liz sachlt here's a quick look at what we're working on at 5:00. a california mom -- this
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what happened to her. for the first time, we're hearing from the charleston south carolina police officer behind a deadly shooting. what he had to say when he took the stand. a crazy case of road rage caught on camera. what started this case that might have you
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it's 5:00 a.m. have you seen this mom and two young boys. overnight the douglas count eye sheriff's office sent out an alert asking for help to find them. >> they're from highlands ranch and reported missing nine hours ?go. we don't know if they're in dangerously or not. >> jason gruenauer joins the sheriff's office. what do we know about them? >>reporter: at least the last piece of information we got from the douglas county sheriff's department, the three are believed to be together. they were seen yesterday around 2:00 p.m. leaving a high lands ranch elementary school and haven't been seen since. we're talking about jennifer labor and her two young sons, adam and ethan. reporting missing yesterday. this is their photograph.


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