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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  November 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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. we're llve on county line road in the greek word police and median with bodies inside. everyone is in shock. >> reporter: friends who knew jennifer described as a great person and a they say they were blindsided by the news and many have started to leave flowers and stuffed animals here at the scene as they try to understand why. >> he saw her found a missing band with a woman in kids and it. >> it has shaken at -- an entire community. >> it is unfathomable. >> he said the female slumped
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>> three wounded. >> chemistry began tuesday or investigators investigators say jennifer labor picked up one of her kids early from school. this is surveillance video of the three leaving. when they didn't come home her and ryan reported the missing that night. >> she is originally minnesota. for the holidays she wanted to go back home. we're assuming she took them and went ck the case. >> brandon is a neighbor who knew the family well. he says is the russian may have played a role but no one ever expected this. >> the kids play together all the time. it is a tough situation. >> this is a murder suicide investigation. police say they don't have any such tax. >> we also do not believe that the week -- that we threat to the community. >> friends and neighbors are doing everything they can to
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>> neighbor said her husband ryan is doing as well as can be expected. they are planning a prayer vigil sometime tomorrow night in the neighborhood. a semi driver didn't notice when a truck hit and killed a cyclist in boulder until police stopped to tell the driver at 28 and arapahoe. witnesses say the man in his 60s was riding h turned hitting him. shortly after her family reported her daughter had run away 17-year-old girl was found in our families cabin. police say she was done with this man. he is a pe teacher at west jefferson middle school and coaches football. he is now facing charges of sexual assault of a minor. vehicles or face getting pulled over. stepped up enforcement of the states move over law begins tomorrow. this comes after a trooper was
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on i 45. we're live on interstate were police will be cracking down. >> reporter: police say too many people are speeding by and failing to tomorrow bright and early they will be stepping up enforcement here along i-25 because it is not only the law it could save a life's. when you look at the smashed the patrol car it is incredible. the officer inside >> i wasn't even aware there was a vehicle coming behind me at that speed. >> pulled over on the side of i-25 on a traffic. >> just barely. i just step back to the car. >> the car slammed into officer austin's cruiser traveling about 70 miles per hour. >> it caught me completely off guard. >> the driver apparently too busy looking at a cell phone and not following the law requiring
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over. it can end in tragedy. trooper donahue was killed and i-25 last -- less than a week ago. >> there are occasions where they will come really close at high speeds. >> this picture shows police clocking someone doing 93 miles per hour. >> drivers we talked to see it all the time. >> especially in rush hour traffic. i don't think the drivers and the other lanes move over for the other cars to >> police say if you absolutely cannot move over at least slow down. five different agencies are taking part in it's not only happening and i- 25 patrol officers will also be doing this just on regular streets as well. tonight we're getting new details about vaughn millers % next day.
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elizabeth will be his says she did not try to extort money from miller after the trip the mexico. she says in fact it was miller's lawyers who came to her with a cash offer not to release the video. to broncos fans say their constitutional rights are violated when they were sent to the drunk tank and now they're suing. michael cornl was at the broncos new england game last season. police took him and his girlfriend to detox where they were there -- but were never charged. now cornell says he was detained without due process. denver police say they haven't read the lawsuit yet. facebook and next-door for two of the most popular neighborhood site. denver police also uses it to get the word out. tonight dpd is changing its policies for facebook and getting off next-door entirely. >> denver police posted here on next-door we are moving weaving next door and facebook and directing people to go to the
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for the information they use to get there. no explanation so we wanted to know why. >> i love finding out what is going on in the neighborhoods close to me. >> every morning sharon the -- reads her neighborhood updates on next-door from crime alerts to community tips at this former hla president says they have not been good about dpd districts three to move off next-door and facebook. replies almost all neeative. >> it sounds like a decision made by someone who has no idea people are upset about having something that works so well dumped. >> what is the reason. >> t is a social site and we are making hours as more of a convention and information gathering and giving out to our citizens and -- in a more transparent way. >> district the commander says on next-door some don't realize dpd can't manage or monitor
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respond to this and we don't have access as it administrator. >> she also says maintaining administrator on multiple sites requires too many resources. >> we would have to have a full-time employee and that is all that they did. >> dpd is getting rid of the district facebook pages for just one departmentwide page and focusing on pocketbook of a site sharon says she hasn't checked out and doesn't plan to. >> we wi next-door with each other with just one -- we just want have communication lines with the community policeman. >> we checked and next-door has about 200 neighborhoods here in denver. district story is starting this as a pilot program depending on the feedback it will go departmentwide for all of dpd at the beginning of the year. a 17-year-old shop in
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were cleared and now the denver d8 wanted to see what happened when officer shot 12 times. >> i have a party with a gun. >> shots fired. >> officer say the team was running from a stolen car. he pled guilty to other charges last week. frontier airlines is about to go to cuba. just over an hour the first flight out of denver to depart. they will make one quick in miami before finishing the trip. frontier may at worst -- flight depending on how this goes. and aurora family is targeted by hate graffiti on the front door not once but twice. all in one week. leaders came together to say they won't tolerate it. >> let me be clear we will not allow anyone to be victimized based upon the way they look or
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>> or war as chief says there have been 25 hate graffiti incidents and were targeting churches of bike paths and homes is november 2015. six aad election day. city leaders say they will prosecute those involved. big changes could be coming to medical research. a bill passed today with loose in it that this was in the stannards to get medicatioos approved for your use. congresswoman diana deck is one of the sponsors and their pushing hard to the president to sign the bill for this se president-elect trump is considering sarah palin for secretary veterans affairs up. it is also lobbying for the job. palin's children are trying to help as well posting the video on face book outlining how she plans to help veteraas. vice president elect mike pence was back on capitol hill today meeting with speaker of the house paul ryan. pence told congress to buckle up. he interpreted to get to work
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military and two keep their promises. the fires in tennessee keep getting worse. today three more bodies found bringing the death tolls of the seven. and thht heartbreaking news there were some positives today. rain finally moved in allowing firefighters to search some of the 300 homes damaged. >> we are thankful to the big guy up above for the rain. that is for sure. we had rescued three people that were trapped we have some good that some positive news for the change. >> even more help for victims. dollywood is now offering a financial aid to the victims. atlanta saw three tornadoes and this is some of the damage of behind. tanana -- 200 so late in the 3 year it's not really unusual for a peak f severe weather this late. frightening moment just before the plane crashed in columbia killing almost
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on board. that's the pilot talking the air traffic control telling them what they lost interest in the onboard and the plane was out of fuel. there are several things that could have happened for the plane to run out of fuel and that is being investigated. more than a million dollars worth of gold stolen in broad daylight and caught on camera. how cops say this was pulled off. this is in your ordinary mary >> making people feel safe and confident is huge. >> why this little mama is a littleton mom want you to
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look at this the robber notices a pail full of gold flakes specifically just on back of this armored truck in new york city. this bucket of gold is worth one point $6 million. he picks it up and walks away. where were the guards. schedule pick up. ing the %- the other was grabbing his cell phone that was in the front of the truck. and this was none in the robbery. the pill weighed about 90 pounds. bank robbery in aurora didn't have that kind of luck. you walk up to the teller window
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without anything. new tonight at 10:00 move over where tupperware pampered chef jewelry parties make way for new type of at-home party experienced. a call over two mom has found a new niche. >> you know the routine. a steaay stream of women at some of their kids intel ready for a party. this is a party with a purpose. >> i will need everybody in that room. >> this is not your mother's mary kay party. even mom might be shocked. meet kate lusk. stayed home on by day to figure oot a way to make money and night. the company is called simple savage self-defense customs. >> as a mom i am way down low on my priority list but my safety is number one because of something happens to me what is going to happen to my kids keep using her black belt skills and
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targeting moms and selling things like batons of stun guns and pepper spray. >> put your fingers whichever to feels most comfortable to you. >> for this device that looks at the flashlight. she sells it to real estate agents. >> they could be showing houses anddbe showing things. it's also 10 million volts and has sharp barbs along the edge. >> a collection of products for sales is impressive and she finds this a much easier sell than other at-home party products. >> selling tupperware it doesn't give my life purpose but and able to teach their kids how to feel safe and confident is huge. ?> what she finds as her message his homes for the suburban moms who have big-city worries about their daughters. >> i think what if she actually goes for a customer and goes up for dog walking doesn't come back. just a block around the street and it terrifies me. >> she works the midnight shift
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are you on your way home. >> what these moms told me is it intimidating to go to the store. here they get to see and talk to the merchandise. >> will you walk out of here with the self-defense item tonight. >> i have a couple. >> if you're wondering if these are legal to carry and conceal yys as long as you 18 not using them to commit a crime. one denver neighborhood gets a whole lot brighter tonight. denvee seven there when they went door-to-door with clarkson. the added light helps cut back on crime in some areas areas. with porch lights are on officers the a drop in crime. france honor to world war
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quibble different global david lopez accepted the french legion of honor metal and a ceremony in our state capital. the french government wanted to honor those men to the contrary -- for the contributions to the liberation of france. starting tomorrow nor read the start tracking santa. norad's website will kick into gear tomorrow to start tracking safety net. but of course standout will not actually the north pole until christmas eve. at this very dry weather has claimed the victim. the dew tour next weekend had to scrubbed the competition next weekend. there is not enough snow even with all this week snow. >> it will get better. but november finishes up with 80 is the hottest day in denver. 10 degrees this morning with the coldest temperature of the month and the average was 45.2. a few weeks ago he talked with the fact that we were on track for the warmest november on record.
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colder temperatures stands at 50.9 back in 1949. we finish at x .7 above normal and that's ten place -- tenth place going back to 1870. this is starting saturday. will have fairly quiet weather here but let me put this in is the motion and show you what happens as we move into early next week. noticed the little blob right here coming down into the british columbia area and the pacific northwest. that is arctic air and it's wednesday. some snow and some very cold temperatures on ap. forty is the high and ten is the low. seventy-three 1883 in 18 a seven some minus ten. right now clear sky and 28 downtown and 25 at the airport pressure falling 28.90. when from the south southwest at 13. winchell at 40 degrees. around the nation scattered showers and thunderstorms continue across the northeast. a little bit of snow in the
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spread some light snow in the mountains tomorrow and a few high clouds on the planes. five at aspen 18 in denver. front range number of her teens to mid 20s along i-25 core door. single digits and teens in the mountains. tomorrow if you snow showers in the mountains. perhaps a couule of inches here and there. not a major storm. temperatures cool again with highs around 40 denver greeley. thirty for limon 25 at leadville. front range numbers tomorrow at mostly upper 30s to low 40s on the planes. twentys to low 30s and scattered snow showers in the mountains. tonight 18 mostly clear with southwind. tomorrow high temperature at 40 increasing clouds with a light mountain snow. friday night as you like. copy of their lives at five -- at 5:00 and 4:00 and 6:00.
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hello to a fairly nice weekend with 40s on saturday 50s on sunday and then the arctic air arrives late monday with a chance of snow. much colder with a few inches of snow tuesday and down to the big zero wednesday morning and high wednesday of only 18 degrees. >> than the bottom drops out. >> just like that. >> you will need a sweater. if you're looking for the perfect ugly sweater for holiday party there's an app for that. it's called swipe a sweater. it works just like all the dating you swipe what -- swipe right if you like it left if you don't and you just might find your perfect ugly sweater. yvonne miller's new ugly with the caption stack the halls. we have hoops happening here in boulder at pepsi center here
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trevor injured his left foot at the chiefs he was in a walking booth today. is a miracle is not in a full body cast. with the beating he took. no drama under center is the broncos get ready for the jaguars. denver seven broncos inside troy rain the latest from dove valley. >> went this bronco practice cut off on the literally. trevor missed with a sprained left foot. he is in -- and he he has been in the boot the last couple days. he is hopeful he will play on sunday but his the status is up in the air. >> to the store now. i'm just taking it day by day hoping tomorrow is better than today and today was better than yesterday. that is encouraging. were going for that way. >> trevor could play without this in his chest.
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>> paxton that lynch says he is ready for me to but sunday he said he is more comfortable with offense now that he was on october 9th at a loss to the falcons. he's going against the best defense in the league every day. >> the rep she got you can compare those to any other wraps is getting reps against the best defense in the league. when they get i get those reps i take them more seriously and i tried to make the throws every time. >> is doing a good job. i'm sure paxton will be fined. >> jackson revealed wednesday turned down $53 million of the broncos to get 85 million from jacksonville. he says now i am a broncos problem. they had to have to deal with me on sunday. final injury and begin a ditch lost -- lost for the season due3 to ankle surgery. college hoops rams in the drive-through ordering a
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west gordon in strong. the rams ran wealthy out. down the stretch into the page long ranger. csu by nine then butler finished it cutting through the box and the rams did it. 72-58 the final. epicenter tonight nuggets coach >> i saw it. >> not way i thought. >> third-quarter nelson to wilson chandler don't worry wilson out of the pattern use hang on. nuggets of by seven. heat got hot. coincidence. of 15-to know him. -- two run. the heat one it 106 -- 98
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who doesn't enjoy a frosty and when these. for just $2 you can get a junior frosting with any purchase. >> two dollars will cover you for whole year and the money goes to the dave thomas foundation that helps filter in foster homes find forever homes. there is one right across street. >> and we're going to send you over there every day. >> i will make many runs. >> better buys the new suits. 's reading of frosting -- speaking of frosty it will be a lot colder tonighttand colder by the weekend. a low 40s saturday and the low 50s on sunday. if you have not put out your christmas decorations yet i would highly recommend saturday or sunday. put a game on the radio and head out there. >> not wednesday morning when it
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that. thank you for spending the evening with us and will bb
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in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with,
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight bono, julia roberts, channing tatum, dj ka legal, neil patrick harris, and the killers. and now, ready or not, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy, the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. you are watching our second


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