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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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. it is 11:00 a.m. and we begin with breaking news. the cu professor and doctor who posted racist comments about first lady michelle obama, no longer takiig patients. >> still has a job, but an anesthesiologist is no longer seeing patients or providing services until further notice but did not say if she was suspended. what started it, a picture of michelle obama screaming and she wrote something about, monkey face, poor, ebonic
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racist. and she said it's taken out of context and responding to another post, saying whatever they want about melania trump and nothing about michelle obama. she works at the children's hospital in colorado and defr health getting a lot of response to that and more on how they're responding at 11:30. >> thanks, nicole important. a scene all too familiar in colorado, the honor flag coming to colorado. >> pays tribute to those losing their life in the line of duty. this is in trinidad now and flags will be lower to half staff tomorrow to honor donahue.
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move over law, moving over one lane at least while passing police pulling over people on the road. >> jason gruenauer is following it right now. what can people expect? >> we this is one spot, seeing somebody getting pulled over. this is near 25 in the tech center and if you pull over, you have to move over to there. within a half hour earlier this morning, saw at least a dozen people being pulled over and issued warnings or tickets for not moving over a lane for a police officer with the lights on. just last week, took the life of donahue. >> some of it is that there's other traffic and they can't merge, just ask that they would slow down at that point in time.
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educating the public about the law which has been o on the books since 2005. if you break it, expect to pay a fine of at least $87. this is going on today and law enforcement wants you to know that moving over the law every day. jason gruenauer, denver7. tomorrow morning, trooper donahue will be laid to rest. going to be heldr held at the denver first church of the and this is going to be along 285 and a group following him. expect delays in the area. the town of tacoma is -- identity has not been released just yet. the suspect was shot and killed by law enforcement this morning after an hours long standoff.
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and i think the community has suffered a great loss and i don't know how to put that into words. other than to say that everyone here appreciates the kind thoughts and prayers that are going out to us. >> deputies say the suspect was using two children inside the home as a shield, but they were unharmed. and they found multiple weapons inside the suspect's home. hostages being freed from a credit union in jacksonville, florida. he is in custody right now. the situation was this morning when a bank robber held everyone in the bank hostage. no one injured in that incident. really intense there this morning. it's going to snow eventually. >> that's good. we are colorado and it's dry.
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snow as the cold front moves through. we are pickling up in the way of snow showers in denver. a chilly start to the morning. right now, 32 degrees in downtown denver where we're seeing a mix of sun and clouds and clearing this afternoon with increasing cloud coverage tonight. loveland ski area, a beautiful shot from our network. sno capped capped peaks and could use more. in the teens and 20s in the mountains. and the front range forecast for the evening. 30s and 40s and a mix of sun and clouds and looking at the time ing of when we could see more. waiting on the autopsy reports of a mother and her two kids that were found dead
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gentlemen picked up her kids early on tuesday but never went home. the van was found in the loading dock of an old sports authority. neighbors say it was never anything they would expect. >> she was from minnesota. thought she went there and wasn't the case. >> the douglas county sheriff's office said there's no threat to the publii. right now, there is no word on when we will receive the autopsy reports. a middle school teacher facing charges after being found with a 17-year-old run away. he was arrested, a pe teacherer and bond not been set. this man has been charged with vehicular homicide and
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diving drunk the wrong way and hit another car. the two in the other car killed and he suffered minor juries. he is in jail and could spend the rest of his life if convicted. the funeral held tomorrow for one of those killed in the crash. seems to be an ongoing problem in aurora. a family has been targeted by hate going to use whatever resources necessary to track down the suspects. the police chief said it will not be tolerated. >> let me be clear. we will not allow anyone to be victimized based upon the way they look or what they believe. >> police say there have been 25 hate graffiti incidents in aurora, targeting charges, bike
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six of them have happened since the election. may be surprising to some of you, colorado ranks as the 8th worst driving state. this is from insurance wizard. accidents, drunk driving and traffic citations. and tenth for speeding tickets and 11th for duis. glenwood springs is going to purchase hotel colorado. reopening n 2017. been 30 years since they have been owned by the same company. placed on the national register of historic places in 1977. a day away from theepac 12 championship.
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mcentire. they're trying to win the first championship when they take on the fourth-ranked washington huskies. we will have full coverage of the game day here on denver7. a traffic alert for you this morning. the onramp from baseline to northbound 36 is closed. all this as crews worked to repair a water main break. -- 28th street frontage road. today is the first day of december and no shave november is over. the police officers shaved it off to celebrate. take a look at the shots of them getting ready to shave it off at floyd's barbershop.
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american cancer society. >> bet they're excited to get that shaved off. it's 11:10 and we're not seeing as much snow as we're used to, but business is not slowing down. not facing charges after
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. new this morning, cleanup across much of southeastern united states, powerful storms created tornados and killed five in alabama and in tennessee, the death toll from the wildfires is at seven. elizabeth hur has more on the devastation. >> the fire across is neighborhood, once home to nam home to families in alabama. >> please, god, let me live through this. >> this is all that's left of the day care hit hard. so many homes and businesses here levelled. in mississippi, the aftermath, equally devastated and they're beginning to pick up the pieces.
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water spouts off the coast and the large chunk of me tall off the roof of this recycling center and tossed it a quarter of a mile away. in tennessee, displaced residents are surveying the damage from the wildfireses. >> it's just gone. >> smoke still smoldering and the destruction overwhelming, dolly parton, who is from the area is ready to help. >> i always believed that care begins at home and want to make sure that the dollywood foundation wants to pledge a hundred thousand dollars for the families who lost their homes until they're back on their feet. >> president obama also reached outlet to the governor and promised more help is on the way, this as the search for others continues. elizabeth hur, new york.
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department, showing firefighters taking their first break in 30 hours. you can see them using the shade to get some sleep before heading back to the fire zone. we now know that this police officer will not face charges. keith scott was killed in that shooting. what evidence bradley vincent and others had. >> mr. scott's gun, cold 285 semiautomatic was recovered in the scene. the gun was cocked, loaded and the safety was off. >> this contradicts statements from the family that he never had a gun, but a book. and none of the video shows him directly taking aim at officers. back here locally, ggtting a look at the moment a 17-year-
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this happened back in august and police say the teen was armed and running from a carjacked vehicle. >> got a party with a gun. . >> (shots fired) . southbound. shots fired. shots fired southbound. >> pleading guilty to felony menacing. and the da said the officer had no choice but to use deadly force to prevent the escape. a girl credited with saving her newborn baby sister's life. she was two years old and spitting up and choking. luckily, big sister just learned cpr and knew what to do. >> heard her spitting up nd it wasn't coming out. so scary.
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so she could spit it out and i called a nurse. >> still wasn't breathing and she jumped in and saved her sister's life. what's in her future? paramedic or nurse? no. veterinarian. wants to save animals too. good for her. this sdrie drooi weather is not doing ski resorts any favors. announcing yesterday, it had t scrub the super pipe competition. just not enough snow. but apparently, the resorts are not suffering lower bookings. in snow mass, they're as strong as ever especially around christmas and new year's. >> just need some snow and lights are and the mountains are gorgeous. if the whole mountain isn't open, still worth it. >> that's how it was on
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it's december 1st. plenty of time to see a lot of snow and we're anticipating it in the next couple of days. a weak storm moving into colorado right now. seeing some scattered snow west of the divide, but for the weekend, we'll see temperatures a lot more mild before a strong system coming in monday into ?uesday. this is the satellite and radar as of this morning. seeing the increasing cloud coverage and activity in the foothills and more activist in the western slope. in winter park, snowy chilly and windy cold this morning and a chance to pick up more snow throughout tomorrow. in sterling, a nice and cool start to the day. mostly cloudy conditions in 35. winds are relative calm at dia at 13 miles per hour. 29 in evergreen, so it's been a
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teens in the mountains and 20s in estes park. upper 30s and lower 40s. westminster and thornton, 39 and du area, 32 in congress park. high temperatures, cold in the mountains, 25 in gunson, 53 in golden and eagle. going to be in the 40s in the southeast. here's the future cast hour-by- hour throughout the day today. throughout the afternoon and increasing cloud coverage across the metro. and we have a chance of picking up a few snow showers, light in nature, one to three inches. -?and thursday, more showers to the north and in the front range foothills and more moisture coming friday at 2:00 p.m. as you can see, down to an
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and how much can we expect? three to five inches in the mountain towns and a trace in denver. chilly evening. tomorrow for friday, starting the day cold, so make sure your bundle up as you head outside. and day time, cooler. 35 is the expected high. a few flurries in denver. and as snow, but still mild in the weekend. monday and tuesday, dropping the highs and lows into the single digits come early next week. ?> that looks brutal. >> doesn't it? it's going to be freezing. >> i like snow and just a little bit warmer temperatures. >> me too. >> i know.
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the grinch has a change of heart. a little girl's stroller was returned after being stolen
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. new for you this morning, seems that the grinch's conscious caught up to him. a stolen stroller from a girl with cerebral palsy was returned. had it stolen in massachusetts yesterday. father put it on the sidewalk when he went in to grab caitlyn and when he came out, it was gone. it. >> i didn't know it was a baby stroller. if it was, got to be expensive if it looks like that. >> by the grace of god. thank you so much. >> that special stroller cost $5,000. >> glad they got it back. a thereon church feeding
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>> going to need 15 cases of eggs this time. >> takes a lot to feed the needy. st. mary's church is up to the challenge. >> a pantry. up to the challenge. >> a small army of volunteers have been reaching out to those in need for 22 years. >> open for those who need it. >> usually means a thun families or more. and coordinating it all, debbie gorka. >> a people person. has it all. >> look what she brings. an incredible sense of inclusiveness. everybody is here. >> and the volunteers shop for food.
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-- a lot less waste. >> a big part of our mission is to offer friendship to those who come. >> st. mary's is wonderful. the volunteers, thank you. >> the residents in littleton and everyone at st. mary's should be proud of the 7everyday hero who has led it for 14 years. >> everyone was in on this except for you. made this a surprise. denver7 and trusted choice, the inspect insurance agents of colorado want to thank you for your service. >> to nominate someone as a 7everyday hero, click go to and click on the 7everyday heroes section.
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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. welcome back. we continue to follow breaking news right here at 11:00. a defr health anesthesiologist, posting racist comments on the first lady is no longer seeing patients.
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outraged that she's not out of a job. >> this just posted, she is not providing the services at denver health until further notice. many disappointed on it, but many slamming the hospital for not doing more. the doctor who made the racist post works as a pediatric answer -- anesthesiologist. saying monkey, poor ebonics. and said it was taken out of context, saying if someone said something bad about melania trump. happening today, this seems
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is on the way to colorado. just arrived in the southern portion of the state mcht this is the flag that pace tribute to those who have lost their lives in the line of duty. >> coming to honor trooper cody donahue, investigating a crash on 25 on friday. flags around the state will be lower around the state to honor donahue. >> this is the look of us tracking the honor flag. you can see that there -- you see the blue triangle there near trinidadd it's north on 25. >> following that, thousands will be out to reinforce the move over law in colorado. >> the law that says you must move over one lane when coming on a police on the side of the road.
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pulled over, move over or get pulled over today. you have to move over one lane if you see flashing lights on the side of the highway or pay an $87 ticket. we ere out this morning, drive driving on 25 and in just a half hour, saw several pull over by arapahoe county, giving tickets. the is to give the police officers safe room to work, avoiding the accident that took the life of donahue. and this one, mangle ld by someone who did not move over. the push, today's campaign through the denver tech center specifically runs until 7:00 today. the move over law is in effect every day. keep that in mind. reporting live along i-25, i'm
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tomorrow, troop trooper donahue will be laid to -- troop rest tomorrow at the first church of the nazarene. this will impact traffic tomorrow morning in the area. let's take a live look in the cameras over the city of denver. a few clouds out there, but still chilly out there. let's check in with denver7's katie lasalle with the forecast. snow in the western portion of the mountains and in the foothills. still some in -- few snow showers in the area today and the next best chance of snow will really be friday. highs in the upper 30s and lower 40s. if you're ready for the weekend, saturday and sunday
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throughout the day, temperatures rising until -- when we can expect snow throughout the day today, having a chance to have the scattered snow showers and showers in the denver tech center metro area. next week is the best chance of seeing snow here in town. parents wanting to get the kids on the slope, but don't want to pay a fortune, today is the day. kids ski free in key stone. few hours to go. changing the way they u use social media. not everyone is happy about this. dpd district three posted they will no longer be posting on next door or facebook. some say this decision is a mistake, but they say pocket gov is going to be the best way. tracking all the social media
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>> having a full-time employee, that's really all that they did. >> testing this on district three with plans to go to department-wide at the beginning of next year. we are waiting to hear the name of the man hit and killed near boulder yesterday. the bicycle rider, riding against traffic, not aware that he -- the driver not aware that told him. this is the man that police say led them on a wild chase. the 22-year-old, wanted on a robbery warrant. deputies found him when he crash crashed near riverside road in loveland. police also found a woman and
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two denver broncos fans say their constitutional rights were violated after being ?hrown in the drunk tank after a game, the police have not reviewed the lawsuit. the von miller sex tape scandal. the lawyers offered her money to keep the tape private. miller's lawyers tell a differenn story. saying she wanted two and a half million dollars for the tape and trying to be the next video from arvada, a man setting an american flag on camera. saying he wanted to express his first amendment rights and protest donald trump. >> heard about it, but never quite understood the meaning behind it.
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more than a thousand views and looks like the video was taken down overnight. this one will make you mad out here. some vanls in our skate scribbled in an ancient native american monument in utah. seeing the college log and 2016 on there. the school said it's unacceptable, help droning flying around, chances are you have seen one. they are popular and now easy to pack hak. russell haythorn has more. >> setting everything up. >> in the world of developingtologist technology. >> and our most popular. >> drones are going from strange to main stream.
11:38 am
>> one of the experts on the craze. >> very fast. >> as they take flight, cyber security experts warn about dronejacking. >> i think they overlook the risk. >> professor at msu. >> some definite risks. >> open targets for hackers. and after they overrode the system. dronejacking can be more dangerous than -- >> if you crash it into a crowd, chaos can ensue. >> as hackers become more tech savvy, there's more tactics available for law enforcement
11:39 am
you can call this massive looking gun, a drone baa zoo ka -- popularity, soars. >> vulnerability will be found and they need to be patched in an ongoing basis. >> russell haythorn, denver7. one team, the titan outlieu lawyers tell a different stories this 12-year-old team is getting some inspiration from a teammate. went to the doctor, the doctor found nonhodgkin's lymphoma. going to go, despite 15 more months of treatment. >> never give up. whatever is blocking your path, keep goiig and now you're going to get past it.
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field. >> this year, undefeated. you can learn more about simpson on our app. shoutout to the cross country team. going to the nationals in portland, oregon. the race will be saturday. good luck to the girls from mountain vista high school. we now and love sports in the metro area. performance level, average ticket price per game. speaking of sports, the denver broncos could be doing the quarterback shuffle again. trevor siemian hurt his food footd, in a walking -- hurt his foot, in a walking cast.
11:41 am
and if not siemian, ould be lynch. sacked six times in the last game. kick off against jacksonville is sunday at 11. the number of transplants here. 6% come from california. send us the most new comers of any -- most newcomers. >> we are both natives. >> we are. natives. this, the beaver, going christmas shopping. >> what? you can see the pictures. the sheriff's office tweeted out the photos. knocking off a few things from the shelves. no damage done and animal control ended up rescuing the
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rehabilitation center. >> only the bottom shelves. get more sleep. how much work is lost from those who don't get enough sleep.
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? .
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spotlight today as today is world aids day. a child is infected with ides every two minutes. 1.8 million children. . worldwide, 36 million with it. for years, a vaccine seemed out of reach. >> we are feeling optimistic about the vaccine. >> volunteers for the first vaccine trial in a decade. research is expected to finish up in 2020. i'm sure you probably know this. but sleep deprivation leads to health problems. on the morning show, we know this. less than eight hours, 13% risk of early death and lost about 6 six days of productivity.
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that could cost the united states $11.4 billion a year. who doesn't enjoy a frosty at wendy's? for two bucks, a junior frosty and that two bucks will cover you for an entire year, that money goes to the dave thomas foundation, helping kids in foster care find homes. state. colorado springs is one of the cities at the crazy night tour. going to play the brdmore in february. first of december and christmas is this month. norad is going to track him on christmas eve. this is he's not going to be leaving his home until christmas eve because he does
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night. until then, making the presents, the list , if you've been good, if you've been bad. >> crunch time. >> it is. love this time of year. beautiful here and in the mountains. we could use more snow. we are tracking our own storm system moving into colorado. in loveland ski area, we have some showers on the western slope, but here, under a clear to mostly cloudy sky and continue to see and clouds throughout the afternoon. a nice start to the afternoon, chilly so bundle up when you head outside. 35 in downtown denver. 30wise kroos the plains and teens in 20s in the mountains. the temperatures are a little bit cooler than what we have seen the last couple of days. 39 in aurora and congress park. upper 30s in thornton and 34
11:48 am
evergreen. below freezing in aspen and woep, mid to upper 30s. and in terms of what we can expect moisture-wise with this system, not heavy snow, but light snow showers are possible throughout the day today, mainly across the western side of the state, moving into the foothills and a slight, 10-20% chance of showers passing through. looking at mainly one to three inches of accumulation today. starting today with a few light snow showers and it will be friday afternoon and the evening hours with the best chance of pickkng it up in the afternoon. sunshine filtering in over the western part of the state and tomorrow as is it front moves through, going to bring us clear for the weekend, looking
11:49 am
how much snowfall can we expect over the next 48 hours? three to five inches in the mountains and an inch and a half in colorado springs and a dusting to two inches in the metro area. layer up today, chilly. tomorrow, colder. chance of light snow in the afternoon and evening, for the most part, going to stay pretty dry for the weekend. 43 on saturday, 52 on sunday, so a little bit warmer. and late monday into tuesday, tracking the next stronger storm system, the potential for bringing more snow,,colder conditions. temperatures in the 20s on monday and teens and 20s next week and overnight lows downright frigid. >> i ttink people are going to call in sick on wednesday. have had the 70s for so long. going to be cold. >> already feeling cold. not even close to it.
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every wonder what santa's north pole looks like? the home is valued at $600,000. one of the most valuable residential properties in the arctic. kinn of small. three bathrooms, two bath and the cabin measures 25 hundred 00 square feet and a gourmet kitchen and a garage. that's how you get in andout out. buying food for families in need. whole foods and the food pantry helping out in the campaign. to find out how you can help, go to and click on everyday heroes. giving back to a girl in
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. it's officially christmastime in new york city. the annual lighting of the christmas tree in rockefeller center was last night.
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50 50,000 colored lights to cover the tree. that's a lot of lights. gorgeous tree. a two-year-old girl in texas got a spectacular christmas display she had been hoping for thanks to people in the community. >> her mother died in thanksgiving. all she would talk about was the lovely christmas lights. thousandscame out with donations to help give her the christmas wish. all with it. means a lot. i have a two-year-old daughter. and i can only manual. >> she's going to be very excited. >> you can see how excited she was. look at her. going to hug mickey. and a scholarship fund set up for her. so sweet. it's not too bad out there right now. but this morning was frigid.
11:55 am
today, in the low 40s by friday and a chance of a flurry, mild for the weekend and really cold. >> and snowy.
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