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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  December 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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it is 5:00 a.m. new details this morning in the investigation into the missing mother and her two kids found dead. plus how their deaths are driving an uptick in the number of calls in the colorado crisis line. and a colorado state will be remembered in cherry hills this morning. we remember donahue. details on how why six people says -- but first happening today, another ski resort opening for the season. we're talking about telluride. >> they delayed their opening set for november her -- set for november because of the warm weather. we're going to pick up more
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towns, but for the most part, satellite and radar showing dry conditions. we could pick up an inch or two through telluride. and through the front range mountains, three to five" tops because it's a weak system. downtown denver, 23 degrees. a chilly start to our day. you want to bundle up yourself and the kids heading to school. 20 degrees under cloudy conditions and a chance for a to not measurable heavy snow, but a few flakes across the metro. upper 30s across the western slooe. 30s for the most part. upper 20s in the mountains and across the north eastern plains. if you're heading to the parade of lights, that's tonight at 8:00. it's going to be chilly. you want to layer up. temperatures in the mid 20s and in lewisville, there's another parade of lights happening and jason, you hear your girls are going to be
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batons. it will be fun and cold. we're going to wear lots of layers as everyone should. it's going to be cold in downtown denver. we're not seeing road restrictions at i-76 and 270. we had an early fatal accident and all ramps reopened. we have road closures and street closures around downtown enver for the parade of lights. they'll be a lot of pedestrian traffic and for the parade route, that will be closed down. heading into downtown tonight. >> thank you, jason. the entire state remembering state trooper cody donahue. the flag is in our state and all flags on public buildings are half staff. trooper donahue was killed investigating a crash along i-25 south of castle rock. it happened one week ago today. he's the third state trooper killed in 18 months. >> this morning is his funeral.
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eric luper joins -- joins us with more. >>reporter: they'll be a small group there and more people will join the procession. the procession will make its way down to 285 and hampton to cherry hills. let's remember this trooper. donahue was from north dakota. he had been with the force for 11 years and sawed at the castle rk he was a husband and father of two daughters. his family releasing a statement about donahue saying if part there's no words to express how great our loss is. cody was the rock -?of our family and he was there to lend a hand and give a hand. a go fund me page has been set up by the colorado state patrol to help funds for the family.
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on i'm eric lupher, denver7. a teen -- kyle was killed returning home from a concert in colorado springs. that's when police say alex rodriguez crashed into their car head on. rodriguez was driving under the influence and was heading the wrong way. today's funeral is happening in fort collins at 11:00 at the church of jesus christ of the ladder day saints. police are this highland's ranch mother bought a gun used in her death along with the death of her two sons. jennifer labor and her sons all died of gunshot wounds and police are not calling this investigation a murder-suicide, but the family close to the family says they're at a loss of words. >> the family's loss is leading to an increase in calls in the
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24 hours a day. they say more people are reaching out including mom is having trouble coping with things, people asking about depression and they're seeking advice on how to talk to their kids about this tragedy. >> what's most important to kids is that they feel safe in their own world. so that we can reassu them that what happened there is very sad, and we'll never know exactly why. what i can tell you is that you're safe in our home. >> t more than 600 people a day. you can also text them if you wish by texting "talk" to 38255. it's 5:05. teacher and soccer coach behind bars accused of sexually assaulting a student. he's matthew forbes. another teacher reported odd behavior between forbes and another student.
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information. there's fires around the green mountain area are called suspicious. police are stepping up patrols in the area. last night, the west metro fire chief met with those in this area worried about this disturring pattern. these fires happened in november. they believe someone is setting these fires around dusk. the latest one burned 96 acres and forced the evacuation of 500 people including this woman. >> it's you know, it's very disturbing, and concerning. and so i hope that they find out who is doing it and why. >> some residents say they did not receive -- they did not receive evacuation alerts. you can sign up. the doctor who made the racist facebook post -- first the school is -- children's
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provide services there. denver health sayy herren will not see patients or provide anesthesia. herren made comments about the first lady. we made several attempts to talk to herren. here's what happened when we stopped by. >> is she available. can we set a time to talk to her? >> no. >> is there anything she want us to know. is she sorry? she's not racist. she worked for denver heaath since 2007. colorado -- colorado is in need of teachers. the shortage is hitting math, science and world language. it's worse in
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disability students are -- in that lawsuit it says wheelchair patron was restricted to quote all but the most distant seats and they say that's a violation with the american's with disabilities act and the city of denver hasn't commented. leading the -- democrats hoping to take control over the dnc. they're facing off in a forum today. -?>> jason gruenauer joins us fm the hyatt today where they're leading today. just to clarify information we brought you at 4:30. one of the people up for that job, minute machine congressman keith allyson. he's the front runner and gotten the ost high profile endorsement and we're talking about schumer and sanders. the last three aren't going to be in denver, but allyson's competition is going to be to take place at that forum later on today. llt's show you what -- we'll start with allyson.
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first muse -- the first muslim of -- he calls himself the new age howard dean and former dnc chiee howard dean himself going backup for that job. a few labor and union official could be a possibility. they're going to be in denver to discuss future of the party. many political experts says there's reeling after losing he white house to the republican. where does the party go from here today should basically give a little bit more of an idea. we're not going to elect a new chair today, but this forum should go a long way in determining the future of the democrats. i'm in denver, live downtown, i'm jason gruenauer,
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oh, right there, that is the win that propelled the buffalos and they're ready to take over the bay area. getting ready to cheer on the buffs tonight as they compete for their patch 12 -- this is at levi stadium at 7:00 our time. recovery getting underway over the deadly tornado. >> there's glimmers of among the devastation. we're hearing incredible stories of survivals. coming up, you'll hear -- we have good news. details on a new rogram coming to dia in days. it's going to be another cold day across the front range. denver in the mid 30s. upper 30s in fort collins. we'll take a look at who is affected by the
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5:14. welcome back to denver7. a quick check at the situation at the airport on dia. parking lots open and security times about 15 minutes wait a new way tt enroll in csa pre-check is rolling in denver next week. it has a big rv that has an enrollment center. it's making stops at dia and it will tour other parts of the country. >> we have breaking news just in out of commerce city. police says someone opened fire on telluride court. when police got theee, that's when they found the suspect. here's a map
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we're talking about. they're piecing together what happened, but they believe the suspect assaulted a woman inside of a home and fired shots inside of that resident. there was a 3-year old child at home. the uspect has been taken into custody and will likely face domestic violence charges. the construction company responsible for killing 5600 fish will pay up. is apart of a settlement. contractors spill chemicals while working on highway 34 back in march: there's a $5,000 reward to whoel killed animals and left carcasses find a rock. this happened in eastern colorado. park and wild life says nine antelope and two deer were killed last month.
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okay. 33 confirmed tornado ripped through the states in days. you can see the damage. cleanup efforts continues todayg incredible stories of survival and one was a birth in the middle of the storm. amber took shelter in her bathroom with her family and 135-mile an hour tornado flew her house 250 feet into the hour. 4 hours later, little ava was delivered. >> 20 life >> dozens hurt. to tennessee and deadly wild fires -- mother nature lends a hand in the fire fight bringing much needed rain, but cruise says the threat sn't over yet. 11 people in all have been killed in this wild fire. rescuers still searchinn for
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dolly pardon promising aid. $1,000 a month to each family affected. those in tennessee have been working long hours. the johnson city professional firefighters association posted this on facebook. there's five firefighters sleep ongoing the siiewalk. they're so exhausted. they had been fiihting fires for 30 straight hours. they needed a little rest. >> those poor guys. they work so hard when those fires are moving through. just - >> well deserved. we are dealing with kind of the opposste. we're getting cold weather and a little snow. >> exactly. >> it's december, feeling like winter. we have snowwwe saw in the foothills overnight and in the mountains. we're dry this morning. a chance for snow this afternoon. here's our radar. we're not looking at a heavy storm. a light dusting. trace amounts of accumulation at
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mountain -- here's your cheat sheet for today. we're going to see a light snow chance in the weekend. the storm system will rollout and temperatures warmer than what we'll feel today. 40s for saturday. 50s for sunday and a big change will come late monday into tuesday. here's our 24-hour planner for today. it's colder than yesterday. so you want to bundle up when you head out the door. by 9:00, still uppe 11:00. mid 30s by this afternoon under mostly cloudy skies. and best chances of seeing a few flurries will come this afternoon into the evening hours. here's our temperatures. the du area, 36 is our expected high. same in littleton and highlands ranch. congress park around 35. and low 30s for centennial as well as in boulder. 37 in fort collins and greeley. 30s and upper 20s for the mountains.
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low 40s. future cast showing what we can expect at 12:30 this afternoon, snow showers streaming from the southwest three to 5 inches of snowmaybe accummlation across our mountain times. down more near colorado springs. by 7:00 tonight, we clear back out and skies by saturday into sunday, we'll stay clear and dry state wide. in terms of how much snow, about three to five in the mountains with a storm system and trace amounts across the denve most of the plains should stay dry through the afternoon. tonight, gettiig down to 15 degrees, so very cold if you're doing anything outside tonight, make sure you're bundled up, the hats and mittens and the warm jackets. 43 degrees is our high temperature tomorrow. not quite as cold for our weekend. bright spot is sunday. our 7-day forecast. monday into tuesday, a big change is coming.
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dropping below freezing. >> people are freaked out. a good job on the north side. there's been an accident not far from northwest parkway and we haven't been able to pinpoint it on the camera. no delays from erie, and 144th, so i'm going to call it clear. c-470 andd285 for now look okay. remember, for the procession, we're going to have closed. the rest of the drive looks nice. all through glen dade and throogh south moore, all wide open. oh, you can feel all the excitement there, the cheering for volley ball day at the adaptive athletic program. it took place in lakewood. 20 schools participates so the games are adapted to fit their needs so those in wheelchairs got to place. among the
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physical education program from -- >> the students participating get a sense of competition and they're having fun so they're engaging in these activities so when they score points you see where they get excited. >> jeffco athletic program features a new sport every month. 5:21. santa elfs are at their mission is a toy for every boy and girl. they expect to serve -- they're collecting new and gently used toys for newborns -- a boy brings a gun to school and threatens his classmates and a fire is shoo before his parents arrive. you know it's expensive in the denver area. the denver area. a report
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good friday morning, at 5:24. we're 23 degrees. 22 at the airport where winds ae calm from the southeast around -- sunrise after 7:00 this morning. but this afternoon, we're going to see chillier conditions and a chance for light flurries around town. 3:00, 4:00, increasing cloud cover by tonight and tomorrow for saturday and sunday, we'll see clearing skies and temperatures not quite as chilly through the weekend. jason. we want to show you the
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that ramp from came from westbound baseline, that's repaired and open. no delays in boulder up on the buffalo highway. take a look at the overall map. a lot of green including getting out to dia. no issues at the airport yet. new this morning, right now, the arapahoe county sheriff's office is looking for these two people who they say swindled this woman out of a lottery scam. this happened in october, but police releasing the information. ?>> fallen, believe it or not on the list of the most expensive places to rent an apartment. we're ranked 24th in the u.s. falling three spots since last year. rents have dropped slightly over the past month. the average for a one bedroom is more than $1200 in denver. more than $1600 for two bedroom. case case you're wondering, san francisco takes the top spot.
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one bedroom. >> that's insane. >> it's a beautiful city. >> 3300 a month. >> that's rent, not a house payment. >> i hope salaries keep up with that. more news coming up in our next half hour including a drug bust. >> officers come across 100 pounds of marijuana. we have this full story at 5::0. president elect trump continues on his victory tour as he's calling it visiting key swing states he won. the latest on the presidential transition next. how often do you get you're not alone. coming up, find out where colorado drivers rank in the country. fallen state trooper donahue
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just about 5:30. colorado
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respects to fallen state patrol trooper donahue. denver7 has coverage. jason lupher has how today might -- >>reporter: we're going to talk about the future of the party. who is the next leader. i'll break down the candidates coming up. let's look live outside. happy friday, everything. you made ithr we want to know what the weather is going to be like this weekend. >> katie, we might want to ennoy it because arctic temperatures are coming into our state? >> late monday into tuesday. today, it will be cooler, but this weekend, mild, pleasant. 40s and 50s are in store. let's talk about light snow across the metro. flakes are possible and not looking at heavy snow fall. this morning, we're starting off


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