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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  July 21, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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job at google, but instead, ended up dead on a street corner oakland. tracy grant is live in oakland with that surveillance video released today and that could prove crucial, tracy. >> reporter: absolutely, jessica. now, this street is actually somewhat empty right now. police say it was even more so on sunday night. and the only two people who appear in that surveillance video are some people who were walking down the street on sunday night. now, they actually were on this part of wester street and only 30 to 40 feet away from where the shooting took place. now, police say the surveillance video documents what these suspects look like. all they need now is for someone to call in and i.d. them. >> closer examination, to me, this appears to be a female. she has her hair slicked down on her forehead and she has a ponytail in the back. >> reporter: take a good look at this surveillance video.
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oakland police are counting on the fact that someone will recognize this couple. while police don't know who they are, detectives think they know what these two did. police believe the male on the left and the female on the right are responsible for shooting and killing 45-year-old jing hang kang just minutes after this video was recorded on sunday night. >> it was senseless. it was truly nobody's life is worth any amount of money to be lost at the hands of a bad person. you know, but for $17? that's ridiculous. >> reporter: kang came from fairfax virginia to the bay area for a job interview at google. he had just left a dental appointment on wester street and was with a woman from the dentist's office when the suspects approach. when the man demand kang's money, he handed over the $17 he had on him, but the man shot him anyway. detective mike gant says surveillance video helps jog a traumatized witness's memory. >> only get a good look at these suspects for a second but that helps when you have video
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because then it kind of confirms what they told you. >> reporter: kang leaves behind a wife and three children. in his fairfax, virginia, neighborhood, those who knew him are stunned by his tragic fate. >> the nicest guy, nothing but really good things to say about him. >> completely shocking. completely unexpected. >> reporter: detective gant says this has been an emotional case and he actually worked with on it for 23 hours straight immediately following the shooting. he says that getting the surveillance tape was a real coup and now, hopefully, the phone calls will start pouring in. live in oakland, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> all right, traci, thank you. the cash-starved city of oakland agreed to pay $6.5 million in damages to people who say they were harassed, arrested and jailed by the oakland police
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department based on faulty warrants. attorneys for the 104 claimants say oakland officers did not obtain search warrants legally and more than half of its undercover drug cases between 2001 and 2008. they say officers were ill-trained and in some cases, dishonest. >> it was a lot of improper police activities, houses were being searched that was the wrong houses, even at the time they knew them to be wrong. people were being harassed in these houses. and in some cases, we found that the informant that served as a basis for the police officer to claim the drugs had been obtained were, in fact, nonexistent. >> our city cannot afford anymore cases like this, not legally you not constitutionally, not morally, and now, not financially. >> reporter: $475 million will be paid by the city's insurance carrier. the city itself is on the hook
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for the remaining 2 million. a pot raid became a deadly operation today. sheriff deputies shot and killed a man as they seized a marijuana crop. it happened before noon on the eastern edge of santa clara county near the stanislaw county border, about 20 miles from san jose. deputies from santa clara and alameda counties were part of the remote operation. it is not clear why the deputies opened fire. we do know that none of the officers was hurt. midsummer is when growers usually begin harvesting marijuana crops. now to the legal crop. oakland is trying to figure out how to make its venture into the wholesale marijuana industry work. the civic council voted last night to allow industrial-grade marijuana farms. during the meeting, the council addressed issues with small farmers by promising to create regulations for small and medium-sized pot farms. now the city needs to figure out how it is going to tax those farms. the story has people all over the country interested, especially because so much money is at stake. >> tough look at the liquor
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industry and maybe the wine industry. you can get a bottle of wine force 6, $10, a bottle of wine force 150. you will have the same stagnation of price in this. you will have the artesian growers that can grow the best stuff and you will have the big gal these will produce, instead of a $400 an ounce, we can produce it probably $40 an ounce for people. >> is the end game philip morris? in other words, even someone like you get blown out by a massive corporate grower? >> no. the end game -- oakland took a real chance last night. they took a first mover position in this. so the end game is really to open this up to everybody, this is a social were enunusuenentre dream, i guess you can say it is about more than getting rich t is how do we change the laws and legalize? >> they will only be able to sell medical cannabis dispensies to those unless prop 19 is
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passed it november. that ballot initiative would legalize the recreational use of pot. richmond has its own new regulations governing medical marijuana. city council passed its first law regulating pot clubs last night. it requires pot clubs to be nonprofit collect tants managed by people who must pass criminal background checks. the clubs must be located in a commercial district and located at least 1500 feet from high schools and 500 feet from other schools and day care centers. the law does not limit the number of collect it wasives in city. the lake merit station was closed around noon today as police searched for a gunman fleeing from a traffic stop. police pulled over a driver from the the b.a.r.t. station when someone jumped out with hand guns and ran. one was caught and the other ran into a maintenance facility near the station. officers searched that station, even looked at a train but there was nobody found. b.a.r.t. determined the station was safe and clear and service
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resumed 30 minutes later. thanks but no thanks, 80% of riders surveyed by b.a.r.t. say they had don't want that four-month fare roll back b.a.r.t. is offering. when b.a.r.t. discovered a $475 million surplus, directors decided to roll back fares $3% for four months as a thank you to riders hit with the increase this year. riders said they would rather have longer service hours and cleaner cars. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors will vote on that roll back proposal tomorrow. day two in court brought two new felony charges against the man involved in a gun battle with chp officers. today, byron williams was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. williams already faces a slew of charges, including four counts of attempted murder other of a police officer from that shootout with chp officers along 580 in oakland sunday morning. police say williams was on his way to shoot staff members of the aclu and the tides foundation in san francisco when the chp pulled him over for
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erratic driving. he was set to enter a plea in court today but his case was postponed until august 11th. governor schwarzeneggerer's choice for next chief justice is a ucla graduate. right now, on the third district court of appeals. if confirmed by voters, she would give the california supreme court a female majority for the first time in history. she would replace a moderate republican who announced his retirement last week. california schools are in crisis and the budget woes are trickling down to early childhood education, forcing preschools to close down. tonight, seven are on the chopping block in oakland. nbc bay area cheryl hurd shows you how that is affecting families. >> cops and robbers plirngt bean bags. >> reporter: she is 6 years old, too young to be burdened with
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budget woes but smart enough too know the california budget crisis is affecting her. her early childhood development center is slated to close at the end of the month. >> sad. >> how come? >> because it is very fun. i don't like somebody to come over and south shut them down. >> reporter: seven centers are scheduled to close. >> it is always the children who suffer. >> reporter: preschoolers an school age children who qualify use the centers. their parents don't make a lot of money but 1,000 children will be affected by the closure. . a lot of the families don't qualify for some of the funding available for other -- to go to a center like -- and get, you know, funding in child care links, things like that. >> reporter: the state reduced funding for early childhood education to the tune of $1.2 billion statewide. to oakland cut $13 million from its $17 million budget.
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that is a 72 3% reduction. >> think the governor's decision to cut early childhood education a cynical ploy on his part because it allowed him to say we made no filter cuts to k through 12, which is what most the public focused on. >> reporter: we put a call into the governor's office. the press secretary responded to the cuts in preschool education by saying this every day that the legislature fails to act, the state loses an additional $52 million in budand budget is like these become more difficult and painful for california families, but these families are fighting back in oakland a group calls themselves oakland parents together are making a proposal tonight them want out-of-work teachers, volunteers and parents to act as full-time teachers to keep the centers open. they say it is not the best solution, but right now, it is the only solution they have are. in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. another bay area city is taking on energy giant pg&e
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tonight. also, surf's up. a great white danger lurks beneath. we head to a northern california coastline where one of nature's deadliest predators is spotted. and two drunken tourists returned an anonymous package. pictures that tell the story of a three-year journey of an arm. i'm tracking yet another mild day around the bay area. look at today's high, 75, san jose, 50s around san francisco. you can see the culprit right there already fog spilling into warmup 7armup on the way. have a look at that when we come right back. promise me low prices. and stick to it. like seriously low prices.
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first, fairfax, now scotts valley. city leaders decide whether to impose a moratorium on pg&e's controversial smart meters. the new meters have been criticized for providing inaccurate information and for
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being a source of potentially dangerous radio waves. yesterday, marin county supervisors asked the state public utilities commission to put a hold on meter installations so that hearings can be held on how the meters could affect a person's health. fairfax approved a moratorium earlier this month. more than 6 million smart meters have been installed in northern and central california. the utility intends for that number to double by the year 2012. with a slice of the pen, the president today ushered in a new era of financial oversight. mr. obama signed the financial reform bill today, making harder for loan sharks to operate and giving more protection to consumers. live at san jose city hall, people are on the verge of losing their homes and they got some very important advice today. damian? >> reporter: that is right, jessica. the people we spoke with at this workshop applauded the bill even though they might be too late to benefit from it as far as the housing crisis is concerned. but the bill is intended to
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prevent a future financial melt down. the signs won't go away, homeowners losing perhaps their biggest investment. >> we do not see lenders. we see the principal balance. >> reporter: dozens of san jose city workers set in on a workshop today to see if they could save their homes. leslie martin isn't sure. >> i put 80,000 down on my condo. >> reporter: stories like martin's the president is hoping to prevent by signing the laws. they hope it brings predatory lenders out of the shadows. it would have been better if it happened four years ago but better to have it now than to never have it. >> reporter: only a handful of republicans support the bill. most think it is a bad idea. >> when you cult through the talking points of what the regulation will do the practical real-world effect of this bill in the near term will be job loss. >> reporter: but at sure pass financial solutions -- >> that's one of the things that is going to be on the consumer's
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favor. >> reporter: maria was studying the bill's impact after counseling clients who are in financial ruin. >> there's going to be more relief for them. make sure that the terms are clear. they are going to make sure that lenders are actually offering loans that the consumers are going to be able to pay. >> reporter: and it may eliminate the need for workshops, like this one. >> every month? >> every month. >> reporter: the bill also establishes a hotline for people to turn in scammers and loan sharks. also men it is prevents future bailouts of big companies, forcing those companies to close instead. we are live in san jose city hall, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. it might have been helpful to have some direction from the fed but left to ask rally or more recession. wall street took a dive today went chairman of the federal reserve made his points, which were hard to decipher. tech reporter scott budman is here with that.
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>> that would be fed chair ben bernanke who told investigators today that economic recovery is probably not on the near-term horizon and that there is instead more uncertainty likely in their future. the stock market does not like uncertainty, equities doing about face. despite big numbers from am, we saw a trim-digit loss from the dow and drop of 1.5% on the nasdaq. after the bell we got a bunch of silicon valley earning reports. get comfortable. here they come. ebay, the online auction giant, saw the bottom line rise from the quarter, helped by the paypal payment service. ebay shares moving higher after hours. dot com dvd rent netflix saw the profit jump, added 1 million subxrishs the last three months. investors have been spoiled. shares dropping a bit as investors take postearnings profits. the bay area's biggest bank saw its profit rise by 12%. as well as fargo says more new accounts helped to boost its bottom line. bad news for santa clara-base
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aid plied materials, the world's biggestmaker of chip making equipment announced 500 layoffs today. the cuts will come from its solar panel position. some will be allowed to fill other jobs within the company if you are keeping up with your 499,999,999 friends, you must be on facebook. the social network soon to be the subject of a move very called requesting the social network", hitting the half a billion mark this morning, also launching an application called facebook stories for users to write about what the site means to them. as for when the company might go public, facebook ceo told abc's diane sawyer today that facebook will have an ipo "when it makes sense." jessica? >> thank you, scott. well, those california sea lions at pier 39 in san francisco, they are getting an entourage. they are a big tourist attraction, lots of fun to watch and now people will also be able to learn about them when they visit them. when you advice is the sea lions
6:19 pm
a naturalist will be station there had every day to answer questions, part of an outreach program coordinated by the pier and the bay institute and the bay and marine mammal center. the naturalist will discuss the comings and "of the mammals along with their habitats and and efforts to protect the environment. why they fight on the dock and push each other off. >> where do they go in the spring? we still need an answer to that. >> what do they think of us when we are sitting there looking at them? >> i think they tell us. rob in today with the weather, right? >> yeah. watching the temperatures around san francisco, probably wanting to stick together today, the seals, put the highs in quotes, because take a look at these numbers. only 56 today in san francisco. fremont, 67 for a high in july? that is incredible. you see 75, san jose. one area that warmed up into the 80s, livermore and fairfield, mid-70s today. those locations about 15 degrees below average this time of the year. you know the story, the low
6:20 pm
clouds still in and that strong seabreeze being felt in san jose right now, 66 degrees, even the clear skies it is cool outside, you want to take a jacket if you are heading to out around the santa clara valley, 59 degrees, 880, sluggish this evening and san francisco socked in by the low clouds, which really never left the picture there we switch over to the satellite view, see the low clouds punching into the east painted with bay will fill up wloet clouds again and the low clouds backing off this afternoon will sweep back into gilroy and fill in from north to south the bay area, no trouble inland that is going to start to compress some beginning this afternoon, that means tomorrow morning we wake up to more clouds and misty skies on the coast, but by the afternoon, you are going to notice a business byte of a change in the forecast, you will see toward the trivalley i suspect by tomorrow afternoon. 50s across the board, get the day started. look what's happening inland. these are areas east of concord
6:21 pm
and livermore, today mid-70s, today mid-80s, upper 80s, fairfield, gill roy, the first sign of a warmup that is going to take it through the weekend. we could even see 90s coming back, a look at that in the 7-day forecast a few minutes from now, in the second half of the newscast. back to you. >> okay, thanks, rob well, coming up, part two of the doyle drive construction project. what today's ground breaking will mean for drivers tomorrow. lefty o'dowel's long-lost left arm, home at last, a tall tale from the famous bar that takes us to a far off land and back. [ meg whitman ] if we could only do one thing, putting people back to work
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would be the most important thing. the human cost of 2 million californians out of work is devastating, and i think, often, politicians forget about that because they don't see it every day. i see it every day. i think raising taxes on californians today is absolutely the wrong thing to do. we have to streamline regulations, we have to cut taxes for businesses, and then we have to stand up and compete. california needs to lead the nation again, and i think we can do it.
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the defense rested today in the influence peddling trial of rod blagojevich without calling witnesses, including blagojevich. outside the courthouse, blagojevich says he was ready to testify but he didn't need to he says the government proved his case when it played audiotapes purporting to show that
6:24 pm
blagojevich tried to sell the vacated senate seat to barack obama. >> in the tape that the government played they can proved, as i said all along that i did nothing illegal. in fact they proved that i sought the advice of my lawyers and my advisers they can proved that i was on the phone, talking to them, brainstorming about ideas. yes, they proved some of the ideas were stupid, but they also proved some of the ideas were good. >> there it was, a sudden end to a case expected to last for weeks. jurors could hear closing arguments next week. a casino vote on the november ballot, richmond city council approved a measure this morning asking voters whether a casino should be part of point redevelopment. the measure is advisory only and not legally binding. the proposal, $1.2 billion casino hotel near the richmond/san raffaele bridge. leaders from the neighboring san pablo fear competition from the new casino could bankrupt their own casino and the surrounding community. measure will share a ballot with
6:25 pm
races for mayor and three city council seats. well, we were invited to what was called a reattachment party today. could you resist in the guest of honor was being reunited with a missing limb. >> it was an operation that took place not at a hospital but at a popular san francisco bar, of course. nbc bay area's photojournalist erin murphy volunteered for that operation. >> about three years ago, some patrons came in and they were having a good time and decided to take in the arm. in san francisco, a tourist took his arm. >> have a few little drinks and try do something, we think it is fun. we tried lock him down. we -- during this time, we had him chained down but they took the arm. urge who did it? >> i think he did it. >> three years later, the box came in the mail,ed to in, scared the cocktail waitress to death. >> yeah i was like, oh, my god, 'cause this is -- like i said, this is one part, you know, what
6:26 pm
is in here? and then i realized it was an arm. >> weird someone would steal the arm and take it around and be honest enough to bring it back. you really got to hand it to them. cute, huh? >> the arm represents a lefty, 'cause it is a left arm and traveling all around, having a good time and the letter they wrote was actually written by the arm. his trip to iowa is, he now has extended family and he liked the midwest. >> it's in his eyes. it looks like he is a proud abductor. >> dear bar patrons of lefty o'cools it has been three long years from my abduction of my home from the left shoulder of my mannequin by a drunken patron. imagine my terror terror as i boarded a plane and shoved into overhead storage bin. for my first flight away from san francisco to des moines, iowa. despite my initial reservation about the weather, cold winters, hot and humid summers, midwest culture and look of professional
6:27 pm
sports teams, i have come to consider des moines, idaho, my second home and the citizens of iowa as a member of my extended family. so he had a good time. it is signed lefty's left arm. from this friends wrote here, we felt like it was time for lefty to return home he will be missed, but long remembered. lefty's friends from iowa. this time, we are going to put a gps on him and we are going to put him back up on the high, so if someone is going to steal him, then it will be a little tougher. >> he got in he got out, nobody got hurt. >> we don't want him gone anymore. he needs to stay in san francisco. >> that is what it was, wasn't it? >> the owner of lefty o'cool's says not going to press charges, they are sending a case of bloody mary and margarita mix. they feel the resulting hangover will be punishment enough. that seems like a reward, not a
6:28 pm
punishment. >> i don't know. well anyway, he has been away long enough. >> yep. coming up, signs up tonight, watch out for great white sharks spotted off some popular northern california beaches. racism redo, the white house apologizing to a black woman who told the truth to teach but was fired before the entire story came out. what her ex-boss is offering tonight. and an investigation launched just hours ago into the severe turbulence into a yca hundreds oli hundreds on board. pan ssengers explain what it wa like. 'cause they're gonna have a good time, and they've got extra money in their pocket. those are happy passengers. how much does it cost for those snacks again? nothing. at southwest airlines, when we have a sale, it's a sale. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has flights starting at $49 one-way. book now only at [ rand ] how can you not want to get on the plane? come on and get on the plane. we're saving you money. now that's a plane full of happy. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ]
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very strong turbulence, people flying on a california-bound flight. the united flight from near washington, d.c. was headed to los angeles. suddenly, over kansas, the shaking was so severe, even the pilot said he had never experienced anything like it. 21 people were hurt. they are all out of the hospital tonight. patrick healy from our los
6:31 pm
angeles spacial spoke with them. >> the person behind me actually flew up and he landed like on the aisle on somebody else's head. >> reporter: descriptions of riding out the turbulence that shook the pass be jers aboard flight 965. one passenger shows the tomato juice splattered on the ceiling and ominously, the crack in the lining near the window where a passenger's head about had been slammed it forced the flight to make an emergency landing in denver where paramedics responded and transported 21 passengers five denver hospitals. >> most patient also head, neck and back injuries. >> reporter: passengers reported air the craft dropped abruptly. what happened? >> a severe downdraft, the aircraft goes down. the people if they are not fastened to their seats, they will stay wherever the aircraft was, where they were when the aircraft goes down. the passengers reported people hitting the ceiling.
6:32 pm
that is what happened. >> reporter: tom anthony says turbulence can stem from the jetstream, mountain updrafts, or in this care atmospheric instability caused by thunderstorms. and there can be turbulence when you are some distance from the clouds? >> certainly. >> reporter: weather service had reported a loin of thunderstorms in missouri and kansas. it is clear from the flight path that the pilot diverted south into oklahoma airspace to go around them, but still got surprised. >> even the pilot, when we landed, he said i think his years of flying, the first time he had such an unexpected pop. it was pretty bad. >> reporter: united captain has not spoken publicly about the incident but former airline captain, now consultant knows the feeling. he remembers a flight to japan. >> the flight had been perfectly clear we have the seat belt sign off and literally out of nowhere, this clear air turbulence air showed up and it was like hitting a brick wall.
6:33 pm
it was that severe. >> reporter: just two months ago, ten passengers were injured by turbulence on aly if the from london to l.a. >> i think we really do need to re-emphasize the importance of focusing on aviation weather. >> federal authorities investigate the incident. they say it is a top priority to figure out what happened. the incident marked the third time passengers have been injured in turbulence on united flights in recent months. >> that does sound scary. well, good-bye dull drive, hello tunnels and improved earthquake safety. city, state and even federal administrators gathered near the doyle drop construction site for another groundbreaking ceremony today. this one for the south bound battery tunnel. the heavy equipment already at work on the first of four tunnels that will lower the roadway leading up to the golden gate bridge, replace the aging doyle drive. >> built in 1936 that needs desperately to be retrofitted, needs to be structurally changed, needs candidly to live up to a 21st century model.
6:34 pm
>> the seismic safety improvements are expected to be completed by 2013. well, parts of the south bay woke up the middle of the night to a little shaking a 3.4-magnitude quake in san juan batista last night before ss midnight. the quake felt by a number of people in gillroy. some people even in san francisco say they felt it, too. well there are new sanctions against north korea. secretary of state hillary clinton made the announcement today during a visit to south korea with defense secretary robert gates. the sanctions forbid the sale of weapons to north korea and free some of north korea's assets and restrict international travel for some business and individuals. >> let me stress that these mesh slurs not direct ted people of north korea who have suffered too long due to the misguided and maligned priorities of their government. >> the u.n. security council has already imposed stiff sanctions on north korea for testing
6:35 pm
nuclear weapons and long-range missiles. a major blunder by the white house, the obama administration today admitting that shirley sherrod was fired from her job for racism before the facts were all fully explored. the white house says the president had nothing to do with it, but sherrod did receive an apology from the president's spokesperson and the secretary of agriculture. as nbc's steve handlesman reports, she was also offered her job back. >> reporter: with sherly sherrod's story all over tv, she won partial vindication at the white house. >> without a doubt, ms. sherrod is owed an apology. >> reporter: she got one from secretary of agriculture tom vilsack, who fired her. >> i did not think before i acted. and for that reason this poor woman has gone through a very difficult time. were. >> reporter: vilsack offered sherrod a new job, helping deal with tens of thousands of farmers alleging discrimination by the usda that had fired sherrod, who had said today -- >> we seem to be going backwards
6:36 pm
instead of forward, in terms of race relations. >> reporter: her supporters rallied at the usda in d.c. ♪ and in georgia, where sherrod was a federal chief of rural development, a two-day fire storm sparked by a video. this clip hit the internet, sherrod in march describing her reluctance 24 years ago to help a white farmer. she was called by usda and fired. >> it was just unbelievable. >> reporter: sherrod said she was told the white house wanted her out. >> there was no pressure from the white house here, this was my decision. >> reporter: later into the video, sherrod described overcoming prejudice but some in the media did not wait to see that. >> ms. sherrod must resign immediately. >> reporter: now, sherrod gets her reputation back and if she wants it gets a promotion. from washington, i'm steve handlesman for nbc bay area news. >> now, we should also note that the naacp initially also accused sherrod of race. but has now also issued an apology, however, the
6:37 pm
conservative blogger who took excerpts from that speech and posted them has not apologized. >> important points to make. >> mm-hmm. ahead tonight, the comeback kid, the bay area high school student and standout who is now a warrior. and catching ten and watching out. we head to the beach where there are signs posted about yes, jaws cruising the coastline. and news about the oil spill, not in the gulf, but this china, and the incredible pictures showing a heroic rescue. and sunshine in san jose, but you're going to need a jacket in july. look at that. 66 degrees right now it is breezy and cool around the bay area. but your 7-day forecast shows 90s lo asps. lookt that a when we come back right. w
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. new concerns in the gulf tonight, not about the cap but a tropical disturbance with potential to move into the gulf and strengthen what impact that will have on the cap? rob will show us how it could play out in a few minutes. tonight, the idea that mother nature could serve up another blow is almost too much to bear for gulf coast residents. with tourism way down and the fishing industry in shambles, many wonder if business will come back even when the oil is gone. >> i'm very concerned when we do go back, the public perception of our product is going to harm -- really going to harm the industry. >> officials are struggling to decide if the storms form at the gulf, should they leave the cap on without any monitoring, should they reopen the stroofl let the oil flow, all things being considered right now. well, china is dealing with
6:41 pm
its own oil spill troubles this evening. the government is trying to clean up the shores after an oil pipeline exploded last year, pouring oil into the yellow sea. china has stopped the oil flow but is unsure exactly how much oil is in the water. it has spread over 165 square miles during the past five days and environment lists stay is too soon to determine how much environmental damage this spill will do. and then there are these pictures. a man fell into the oil as he was trying to clean up the beach. he was pulled out alive. you can see that he is covered with the oil, but rescued an safe now. >> that is amazing to look at those pictures. >> yeah it is. here with what is coming up in sports. >> yes, local product made big now. very exciting day, judging by the amount of media on hand for this introduction, local product jeremy lynn already a fan favorite are. we will hear from the newest warrior and his parents.
6:42 pm
and another warrior injury, how long will david lee be out of basketball commission. . and it may take him years, but matt watson realized a big had-league dream today. those details in sports. if you were out at that a's game today, you know how cool it has been in the bay area, 66, san jose, 59, oakland. lots of low cs loudanin s clou francisco. a warmup finely if the forecast. we look at that when we come back.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
great white sharks just off the northern california coast. yesterday, fishermen told police they had seen what they thought was a great white and fipeople said that as well. garvin thomas went to find out. >> reporter: you no doubt notice the ritual before, a surfer, before ever putting on his or her wet suit, takes a moment to check out conditions, the break, the wind, the tide, and of course in capitola today, this was there was the sign, the one police putting up warning a shark had been spotted in these waters, just this morning, just the other side of that line of kelp. still, if you thought that would be enough to keep north cal surfers out of the water, one look at this crowd says otherwise. >> you can't even really think about it that much to tell you the truth. >> reporter: rocky romano is a surfer and extreme sports filmmaker. he says in order to surf these
6:45 pm
waters, one has to early on come to grips with the dangers of sharks or go looking for a different hob bit. >> you know if it's your day to win the lotto, so to say it is your day. >> reporter: fortunately, those days are extremely rare. the last shark attack on a human in these waters was all the way back in 1960. >> the incidence of shark attack is really almost nothing. >> reporter: sean van summer is the director of the shark research foundation. he says while many great white sightings are cases of mistaken identity, this picture, for example, taken off the coast of big sur is actually of a basking shark. the real things are out there, just not that interested ins. >> natural prey available, they are not really straying off and looking for a human or even really experimenting biting or bumping long boards or anything like this. >> reporter: which is why upon hearing news of the shark sight and checking out the conditions, james higgins will head not back home but into the water. >> in my mind, i always keep my mind on other things. >> reporter: in 30 years of
6:46 pm
surfing, he has never seen a shark and doesn't plan on seeing one today. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> there is one person on this set who would pay a lot of attention to that warning. that's me. two thumbs. rob here to test about the weather. >> could you have worn the wet suit in san francisco today. it would be just fine. only 56 degrees. >> down at union scare. this morning, lots of low clouds and drizzle, took time to break up inland. tomorrow, inland spots a run at the mid-80s we slowly get out of this mild weather pattern. air quality not that bad. for the coast, moderate spots looking good tomorrow. we show you the satellite view of what is happening now, sunshine in san jose. look at this, the low clouds felt -- filtering into the bay.
6:47 pm
inland spots finally start to warm up a little bit. we are keeping an eye on the tropics now. for the gulf of mexico, here is the oil spill area here in the northern gulf. unfortunately, there is two areas we are watching now, one around the dominican republic and forming in the the last couple of hours, the southern half of the gulf of mexico, either one of these systems could become a tropical storm in the next 24 hours f they make a bee line for the northern gulf, some computer models would suggest, looking at a one to two-week shut down, recovery operations out here in the northern gulf if either of the storms spill into the gulf of mexico. that is something we are watching, could see a tropical storm out there in the next 24 hours. the reason why our weather has been so cool, not just now but straight on through the summer, the summer that wasn't really for san francisco, is this trough pattern, giving us this stronger seabreeze, but it has some benefits. we have had had no spare the air days so far this summer, actually pretty incredible but not good news if you want to see
6:48 pm
90-degree temperatures. tomorrow, morning clouds, mild temperatures inland, warmer, should see 80s for inland spots, we go to friday and saturday, mid-80s, maybe near 90, concord, livermore, mainly areas east of 680, east of castro valley, see the warmup, same story south of san jose, cool around san francisco. so half of theby area warming up as we get into the weekend, we may actually see some 90s popping up by saturday. around the bay area tomorrow, we will see highs near 80 in san jose, so we are starting to see the warmup in inland spots tomorrow, but really not much change on the coast, low clouds, misty skies for the morning, low 60s around san francisco, 70s around oakland that is an improvement from the 60s of today, the north bay, 70s and 80s tomorrow, friday and saturday, i think our inland areas will make a run at the 90s, wimauma up some what live up to july standards for a change. >> it is not that hard to deal with. >> okay. rob, thank you. well, forget beaver fever it is lynn fever. >> yeah. i like it i like it. i think we can all get on board
6:49 pm
the jeremy train. he may be a point guard out of harvard, but jeremy lynn knows how to draw a crowd. the palo alto high grad was introduced as the newest warrior today and more immediate yas on hand than covered the draft night last month. we reported the news last night, today, golden state made it official, signing palo alto's own to a two-year free agent deal. he was an all ivy league selection with harvard and after going undrafted, played with the mavericks last month in summer league. lawrence scott has more from oakland. >> thank you. really is the stuff that movies are made of, unrecruited for division one out of high school, undrafted out of college, now jeremy lynn signing a contract with his favorite team growing up. >> more than a dream come true if that's possible. so, i'm obviously extremely excited to play here and i'm very thankful for the opportunity. and it is big that the warriors want me to come here, they have
6:50 pm
a need at the guard position and that speaks volumes for me, because other teams were talking about potentially having to develop me or this and that, but, you know, from my opinion, i'm ready to go i'm ready to play and contribute. >> i'm so proud of jeremy and also can say not only jeremy's dream, also my dream. >> i want him to be happy, do what he likes to do his passion. and that's what he want. a dream come true. >> when i walked into that locker room about an hour ago and i saw my name tag up there, that was pretty crazy. that was -- that was a -- that was a pretty fun experience and i just -- it just kind of hit me there and i just didn't know what to say or think at that point. >> so, jeremy will wear the jersey number 7 with the warriors and begin practicing with the team when training camp starts at the end of the september. warriors headquarters in oakland, lawrence scott, nbc bay area sports. >> thanks, lawrence.
6:51 pm
lynn might want to be careful, first it was fau, now david lee. some rrng the warriors new additions are struggling to stay healthy now. while top draft pick udo out for six months, the news is better for lee. golden state's big offseason acquisition injured his right middle finger during a training camp practice yesterday for usa basketball. today, lee had the finger examined here in san francisco. he was diagnosed with a mallet finger injury. what does that mean? he will wear a splint for six weeks and expected to be fully healthy for the start of the warriors training camp in late september. baseball's battle of the injury-plagued squads wrapped up, the a's hosted the red sox. neither team placed anybody on the disabled list, a few hours left to go in oakland the rub arer game with gonzalez taking the mound for the home team, trying to improve to 5-0 in day games this season. 9-6 on the season. bottom two great day for journey matt watson. he made his debut in 2003 but
6:52 pm
hit the first home run of his career today. it was a solo shot and it tied things up at one apiece. bottom three, same score, playing a little long ball this one in center, 3-1, athletics. the bottom of the fifth now the a's adding some insurance, turns out they would need it davis a single up the middle, going to score. davisson thrown out trying to get to second. the damage done. they win 6-4 now taken 7-8, move over .500 for the first time since june 11th. >> it is a big plus for us. like i said, we are showing life, showing that we can compete against the best of them. you know, boston's not an easy team to beat. you know we showed that we can go out there and play. plenty of fallout from last night's bean ball fest in los angeles. major league baseball has suspended dodgers manager joe torre for one game and clayton kershaw for five after both were tossed from last night's game when kershaw intentionally threw at aaron rowen.
6:53 pm
kershaw is appealing. torre will serve his game. in the top of the ninth, right before the giants scored their go-ahead runs, the umps removed brockton from the game because hitting coach don mattingly made two stops to the mound during the same at-bat. turns out the umps were wrong. seeing this a lot lately, haven't we? according to the rules, he should have been aed to place face curt rent batter and mattingly ejected, the third dodger and manager ejected that night. the dodge course have appealed. the game would have been replayed, however, the team did not challenge the call, thus, their loss stands. he may have wanted to considering they have not won since the all-star break, might have wanted to replay that. >> everybody was given so much credit for jump on that thing and knowing the rules. nobody knew the rules. >> he knew the rules to their advantage. okay. >> any case, we have a rivalry again, don't we? dodgers and giants. that is for sure. >> who's on first what i want to know. cgup, proof that
6:54 pm
everyone wants a piece of the king. that's coming up next. [ man ] my perfect summer is grilling up a masterpiece. daily. [ woman ] my perfect summer is having everyone over. and having money leftover. [ female announcer ] safeway lets you have it all. with thousands of everyday low prices and great club card savings. [ man ] my perfect summer. [ woman ] perfectly priced. [ female announcer ] safeway. ingredients for life. now introducing all new refreshe beverages. get four 6-packs for $3.49 with your club card. and any 2-liter 2 for $1. pour yourself happy with refreshe. exclusively at safeway.
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with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same. introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generation of does. tonight at 11ing:00, inside the whooping cough epidemic. >> she woke up in the middle of the night, 104 fever. >> inside the bay area hot zone where the contagious disease is thriving. >> do not go in these places.
6:57 pm
you cannot be too careful with this. >> tonight, the people who brought what is a disappearing disease back to love and why even vaccinations aren't totally working, that's tonight at 11:00. >> finally tonight, the craze to own a piece of elvis memorabilia has reached, you can call it a new low, even though demand is very high. a chicago auction house is preparing to sell off the instruments used in elvis presley's autopsy 33 years ago, including rubber gloves and forceps there is a comb and eyeliner used in the preparation, along with the coffin invoice, excuse me, and the hanger used to hold presley's burial suit. the items are expected to sell for up to $8,000. i would think they would go for more. as elvis says, only fools rush n. >> that has me all shook up. >> indeed. thank you for being with us.
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