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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  July 22, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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disshelved. there's something more dramatic that separates it now. police tape, at 8:45 this morning, a 2-year-old living in the home , walked into the garage. the five pit bulls attacked and the toddler is now dead. >> it's tragic. what else can you say? >> reporter: one neighbor now shudders to think of his grandson playing in his drive way, just doors away from vicious animals. >> god forbid those animals would have gotten out. >> reporter: at least one dog had gotten out, last saturday while the woman was washing her car. >> he came to me and he was barking at me, and i said -- i was scared. >> unimaginable to have five pit bulls. >> reporter: linda richardson also had an encounter with one of the dogs tied to a rope, barking viciously at her
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granddaughters riding their bikes. she was so worried, she called animal control. >> i hope they remove those dogs, i hope those dogs are no longer there. it's sad that it had to involve the killing of a little tiny 2-year-old child, innocent little child for this to happen. >> those dogs were not only removed, we learned late this afternoon, all five dogs had been euthanized. we also learned late this afternoon, that the 2-year-old has been charged, felony charges of child endangerment. at one point we saw out here today, animal control entered the house with picks and shove ems. we asked about that, they said at one point another dog may have been buried on the property. reporting live from concord. breaking news this evening,
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here's a live look at hundreds of hotel workers and their latest rally in san francisco. obviously they're in the march. workers are employees of the hyatt hotel. a few minutes ago, the protesters marched to union square where most of them are right now taking up half a street and tieing up traffic for blocks during the evening rush hour. the workers say they're angry with the family that runs the hotel chain. they claim the family cashed out hundreds of millions of dollars in stock while cutting benefits for employees, and intimidating nonunion workers from joining a union. the protest at san francisco which is right now moving down geary street, was coordinated with 14 other protests in cities across north america. we'll keep you up to date. we're learning more now about the driver of a greyhound bus that crashed in fresno this morning. the bus was traveling from los angeles to sacramento on highway 99 when it crashedust outside
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fresno around 2:00 this morning. nbc bt area's damian trujillo has the latest on how this tragedy happened. >> reporter: it was a scene of carnage. the greyhound bus was kaying 36 people when did struck an suv that had overturned in front of it. the bus slammed into a concrete divider, skidded off the road and went down a 15-foot embankment. this man witnessed the whole crash. >> there was a car on its side, blocking the two lanes. no lights, nothing. as soon as i passed it, he hit it, he hit it without hitting the brakes. >> reporter: three people in the suv were killed. the bus driver and two passengers also died. nine passengers were seriously injured. >> there was an emergency exit on the side, they were getting the injured out. it wasn't too bad. certainly, with the chaos that was going on, with all things
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going on, it's a little hectic. >> the bus driver has been identified as 57-year-old james jewitt of sacramento. he was ticketed in 2008 for failing to register his personal vehicles. other than that, he has no driving violations. dmv records show he had valid commercial and standard driver's licenses, and his medical certificate was up to date. toxicology tests will be conducted on both the bus driver and the driver of the suv. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. the san mateo county sheriff's office is investigating a case of arson at sfo. it happened early this morning since they were parked head to head, it's easy to see how the flames spread from one car to another. another car nearby has heat damage. airport officials almost immediately suspected the fire was deliberately set.
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>> they want to find out what caused this fire. >> airport officials spent the day trying to reach the car's owners, there are several surveillance cameras aimed at the packing lot's exits and entrance. one of the toughest jobs in the country right now has to be the police chief in oakland. today the man who has stepped up to the job stepped up to the mike to talk about all that's gone wrong in recent days. everything from snipers to layoffs, and what he plans to do about it. cheryl hurd is live in oakland right now at city hall with that story. cheryl? >> reporter: from warehousing marijuana to the latest on the murder investigation. anthony baht in the hot seat today. answering questions on how he plans to keep oakland safe. >> we've been very busy of late. >> that might be an understatement. today, chief baht came to a monthly press briefing to answer
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questions about violence in oakland. the first question, the impact is 180 less officers on the street. >> a minimal amount of service dealing with demand. we needed 80 more police officers above 803. we need to be closer in the area. >> the department is far from that now, the chief talked about department challenges like policing a city that is working to implement new legislation when it comes to growing and storing medical marijuana. >> we're starting to see a small trend. i wouldn't call it a problematic of robberies taking place at locations that are growing marijuana. there still needs to be some ferreting out of federal law. >> reporter: the homicide department is working to solve a number of murders including the latest one involving a virginia man killed earlier this week. yesterday police released surveillance pictures of two suspects in that case. >> we believe that the motive was purely a robbery, and we're
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looking at other robberies in the area to see if they're associated with the same suspect. >> reporter: arrests made following the park's shooting verdict. add to that, 50 to 70 are anarchists from berkeley and san francisco. >> they call themselves anarchists, they have a political agenda, and they're here to cause mass chaos. >> reporter: possibly the biggest story out of this news conference today, chief baht wants the federal government to come in and try to help him with his investigations. we'll have more on that story coming up at 6:00. reporting live in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. police are revealing what they found inside a binder that belonged to the 580 gunman, a man who says he wanted to start a revolution by killing people. >> he's facing charges of attempted murder and other counts. the chp got into a shootout with williams over the weekend on
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i-580 in oakland. he told authorities he was planning an attack on the aclu. in his truck, authorities pulled out a white binder, and today, investigators gave a little insight into what was inside that binder. >> there was just locations that he had identifies, and there were certain thoughts that he put down that still pretty much, we need to keep that close to us during the investigation, it was just basically his writings and some ramblings he had placed into this book. >> williams could receive a third strike and face 25 years to life in prison. meg whitman made a gop stop today at christopher's ranch before a group of about 100 supporters. whitman reiterated her priorities, job creation, taking on public employee pensions and tackling welfare. >> california, unfortunately,
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has become the welfare state. we have 12% of the nation's population, and 32% of the welfare cases. we have five times the welfare indications of new york but only twice the population fp. >> the most recent poll has whitman essentially tied with jerry brown. whitman leads 47% to 46%. today at the capitol governor schwarzenegger announced his nominee to be california's next chief justice. >> and i am reminded that what justice means to the public is that courts right the wrong. it advantage wishes the indignities and provides a forum for everyone to be heard. >> she still must be confirmed by the three member commission before she's placed on the
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november ballot for a 12-year term. still ahead at 5:00, experts say it is a hidden form of child abuse, what some parents are doing that could be putting their children in danger. also coming up, the surprising test that could help doctors diagnose a child with autism. who is really at fault? a childhood prank that left a homeowner and not the prankster facing charges? did the man go too far? >> the president steps in, details of his phone call today regarding a racial controversy at the usda. we saw a little bit of a warmup around the bay area today. san jose earlier in the 80s, right now, 77, a bit breezy. we have 90s pping up in your forecast. what this droid does will change how you do movies.
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jobs and politics. that's a flashpoint right now, and today the clash is over unemployment benefits. nbc's bay area business and tech reporter is here with more. >> reporter: more millions of people who have been out of work for six months or more. president obama signing an extension of unemployment benefits after a battle with republican lawmakers. the extension was approved today by the house, the senate approved it on wednesday. many republicans oppose the measure, because it would add $34 million to our nation's debt. if you invest in the stock market, you probably made money today. better than expected earnings from here in silicon valley. the dow and nasdaq both rose. microsoft after the bell seeing strong sales of its window's
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seven software. the software giant says its customers are starting to replace inventory, that's good news for the tech economy, and the overall economy. at least when companies like microsoft start to sell again, that means lots of smaller companies are starting to buy. i'm sorry an apology today from the president to shirley sherrod. she's the woman at the center of a video clip controversy that sparked heated debate over race and the media. it remains unclear what will happen next. >> from president obama a phone call, and an apology to shirley sherrod. her ouster has sparked a political firestorm. >> talked about experiences he had and written in his book, that in some ways were similar to the experiences she has written, talked about. >> reporter: hours earlier, sherrod laid out what she would like to discuss with the president. >> i would like to talk to him
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about the experiences of people like me, people at the grassroots level. people who live out there in rural america, who live in the south. i know he does not have that kind of experience. >> reporter: pushed out after a conservative blog posted edited video that seemed to show a racial virus. she's getting support from both sides of the political aisle. >> this whole episode has been unfortunate, and i think this lady's been through hell and back. this is not the way to treat a fellow american. >> reporter: the obama administration is taking criticism for its handling of the case, and racial issues. >> timid at this point. they have not realized that they can create an environment to courageously talk about race without making race a major platform. >> for the white house, another moment that's as teachable as it is uncomfortable. sherrod has been offered another job at the usda dealing with
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race relations. it is unclear if she will accept that offer o. arizona's controversial immigration law moved into a courtroom today, just one week before it's set to take effect. demonstrators on both sides of the issue gathered outside the phoenix courthouse where today's hearing ended without a ruling on the law. the hearing focused on whether enactment of the state law violates the federal government's authority to set national policy. the law requires police to check the person's immigration status if they suspect the person is in the country illegally. the cap on the well in the gulf will remain in place due to a tropical storm moving in. it could be two weeks before they can resume efforts to kill the well. which would significantly push back bp's timetable for sealing permanently. crews spent the day pulling in
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containment booms, since they will do little good if the waves pick up. >> if yes we do have to evacuate, we're prepared to cap the well, and we'll get back as soon as we can. >> president obama and his family will vacation along the florida coast next month. coming up on nightly news at 5:30, in depth coverage of preparations for the storm. and how people like you are helping laid off workers in the gulf. a little cooler today. >> but when i went running, i was huffing and puffing. >> you're in great shape, so it must have been a little warmer. >> thank you for not making me say that. >> air quality's pretty good. some spots did warm up a little bit today. out toward livermore, we're running about 10 degrees warmer than the same time yesterday. san jose, 77 degrees, a little breezy. our typical sea breeze, clear
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skies in san jose. oakland, typical traffic for your evening. san francisco a little bit of sunshine, can you see the low clouds on the west side of the peninsula. the sea breeze cranking up now. northwest winds at 20. air quality, if you happen to be outdoors and exercising tomorrow, not too bad, we have moderate air quality levels on the coast and peninsula. for inland valleys, it's a pretty nice treat. the coast socked in by low clouds from north to south, in fact we give you the wide view here, can you see the low clouds all the way down to santa barbara. we took that trip down the coast, you will find fog everywhere. that's what happens when you have a trough along the coast. high pressure strengthening just enough inland to squish down
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that air. same story as we get into the weekend. morgan hill likely seeing temperatures into the 90s to start the weekend. the sea breeze stronger again. the second half of the weekend, temperatures are going to cool down again. after the brief two-day warmup, tomorrow into saturday, into the weekend, temperatures are going to be cooling off once again. this mild summer pattern continues around the bay area. low clouds tonight, locally inland, as we go through the evening, a bit breezy, we'll see patches of low clouds inland for the morning, high temperatures mainly to the south of san jose tomorrow. out toward gilroy, the garlic festival gets underway tomorrow evening. 65 in san francisco. so we're talking about this warmup, it will not impact us or oakland. but the east bay hills, heading out to the trivalley, that's where you'll see 80s and 90s over the next couple days. the story of the weekend, the
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sea breeze. >> all right. thank you. still ahead at 5:00, caught on tape. a fright thing encounter with a bison. a homeowner is facing charges after pranksters targeted his home. the technology that could help>> drsoctoia de gnosdr doct with autism. ch
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a warning tonight about a rare and disturbing form of child abuse. adults giving kids medications or drugs for nonmedical reasons. the study published in the journal of pediatrics says abusers drug kids with painkillers, stimulants or cold meds. and the results are potentially deadly. it's not very common, but they hope to raise awareness among doctors and nurses in emergency rooms. early diagnosis for autism has been found by researchers at
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the university of kansas. they did voice recorders among children from 14 months to 5 years old. they compare the speech patterns with children already diagnosed with autism. doctors say an early diagnosis can lead to early treatment. new yorkers are taking sides in an unusual suburban dispute between a homeowner and teenagers who played a prank on him. they approached his house late saturday, pounding on the door, ringing the doorbell before they ran off. 37-year-old danielman took their prank for a home invasion, and now he's the one facing charges. >> i was afraid. i thought i was being robbed. i have two little kids. put yourself in my shoes, you're going to bed. you know, it's scary. >> he chased the kids before he tackled the 14-year-old near the street and brought him into the house so he could call police. in new york, minors cannot be
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charged with trespassing. the boy had cuts and bruises. next month, he guys to court, charged with endangering a child and harassment. we'll be right back with the bison attack caught on tape, and a surprising find at stone henge. those people are happy
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a team of scientists believe they've discovered the remains of an ancient wooden monument near stone henge in england. they found it with a single turn of the shovel. they found a circular pit about 1,000 yards from the stone. they believe it's the remains of what could have resembled a second stone henge, but one made from wood. it's hard to believe that 4,000 years after it was built, stone henge is still hiding secrets.
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every year thousands of people visit yellowstone national park in wyoming, of course. very seldom do we hear a report about a bison attack. but kathy hays of utah is the first to admit it was her fault. holding her video camera, she watched her friend get too close to the animal, and then ran when the bison turned on her. she ran for her car, but she didn't make it. >> i was behind the trees and there was only this much room between the two trees. he ran over in between those and turned on a dime and came after me. >> she was badly bruised, but otherwise okay, apparently. yellowstone ragers say on the video, it appears that something might have been thrown at the bison. if so, charges could be filed. >> wow! >> there are some rules for yellowstone. don't feed the bears and don't throw anything at bison. "nightly news" is coming up
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next. >> more local news headed your way at 6:00.
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