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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  July 23, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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innocent man sparking outrage tonight. a retired navy veteran who worked for kaiser was killed near the intersection of east 15th in oakland this morning. take a look at this surveillance video as gunman storm a restaurant. jodi hernandez is out there with more. >> reporter: the owner of this restaurant is shaking after what happened last night. two men entered mr. green bubble about 10:40 last night as people were enjoying their frozen yogurts. they burst in with guns and told them to go to the floor and give all their valuables. police are worried some are getting more brazen. a terrifying night at a popular north oakland restaurant as two
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armed men forced customers to hand over their wallets and purses. surveillance cameras caught them in action. on the other side of town, a 53-year-old kaiser employee returning home from work is gunned down near his front door. >> according to witnesses, he died there. somebody shot him and he went upstairs for help and he came down and just died there. >> reporter: the victim's brother believes he was an innocent victim. he says he was a family man who didn't even smoke or drink. >> we have no idea who would have done this to him. he minds his business. >> it's scary. i don't want to live here anymore. >> reporter: that sentiment seems to be growing. with 80 fewer police officers protecting oakland, many don't feel safe. >> the gentleman jumped over the
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fence and attempted to pry open the kitchen window here. >> reporter: someone tried breaking into his home tuesday morning. he believes the bad guys feel they have a free pass. >> it shows you that the criminals are not afraid. there is not a deterrent. there is not enough police for deterrent. >> reporter: police say even with fewer officers on the force, crime is down in oakland. >> even though we've been in the paper and media the last week, crime is down 18%. >> we are still at levels totally unacceptable to community and public safety. the elimination of 80 officers doesn't make that better. it makes it worse. >> reporter: we are back live at mr. green bubble where things appear to be back to normal. the owner is still trembling over what happened here last night. she did say police response was
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quick. police got here within five minutes of the abarm being sounded. she wishes police would be able to patrol this area more often. with all the lay-offs, she realizes that is probably unlikely. >> thank goodness she wasn't hurt. we have developing news in concord where we keep an eye on the new hall community park. police evacuated the park and closed it off after a pipe bomb was found there a squad detonated that device. two pipe bombs were found on wednesday. they are focusing their attention where soccer fields are located. the device today was about 100 yards where the two similar devices were found earlier this week. whether it was overlooked on wednesday or placed there more recently is unclear right now. the park is surrounded by residential neighborhoods along with several major streets. police say none of those streets around the park is closed as of
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right now. the surrounding neighborhoods have not been evacuated. officers and crime scene investigators scour the park to determine whether it is safe to reopen. the father of the 2-year-old boy who was mauled by pit bulldogs yesterday came to the defense of the man in jail tonight. both men spoke with nbc bay area news about the horrible death and how it happened. nbc bay area cheryl hurd is live in concord. the boy's father says his father should not be in jail. >> reporter: he told me he knows his father loved his son. yesterday 2-year-old jacob bigsby woke up, went downstairs but altered his routine. we are told by the family he usually crawls in bed with his grandmother. he opened the garage door with three of the family pit bulls
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were being kept, according to police. the dogs who had had never been introduced to the boy according to the great grandfather attacked and killed him. the father's step grandfather was not at home at the time, but he is being held responsible. >> i hope we get him back. my family needs him to heal. it's not just the loss of my son. my family needs him to heal. we can't heal without my dad. he doesn't deserve to go to prison. >> reporter: he is in the contra costa county jail right now. he is facing charges including child endangerment. his bail is set for $120,000. he will be arraigned some time next week. the family had five pit bulls in all. two of them just happened to be in the backyard at the time of the attack. all five were euthanized by animal control. live in concord, cheryl hurd,
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nbc bay area news. >> impressive compassion begin the tragedy. something i have to live with for the rest of my life. those words today from jail from stephen hiyashi. >> reporter: stephen hiyashi broke down explaining his role in all this. those were his dogs. normally the 2-year-old would wake up and lay in the room with his grandmother. instead the little boy went downstairs to the garage where the dogs were kept. one of the dogs killed a chihuahua before. he explained why he decided to keep the dog. >> i love my dogs and it's hard to get rid of a dog you love. i actually drove home, there was
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already a bunch of cop cars there. my wife tried to administer cpr. the last thing i heard her say to me was he died. those dogs cost me more than it's worth. they cost me. the life of a 2-year-old boy? >> reporter: steven hayashi told us he feels he is to blame but doesn't feel his penalty should be very severe because he doesn't have any history with the law. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> a painful loss. we posted the raw video of that interview online. go to nbc bay and search jailhouse interview to watch yourself. >> a reminder. a earthquake struck the bay area today. it hit offshore from daly city 2:30 this afternoon.
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the depth of 4.2 miles. some people as far away as sacramento say they felt the quake. there were no reports of damage or injury. >> the body of a napa soldier killed in afghanistan last week arrived home tonight. 21-year-old army specialist chase stanley died july 14th. when the vehicle he was riding in triggered an ied. three other soldiers were also killed in that blast. stanley's body arrived at the napa airport about an hour ago. his family invited the public to pay their respects. by lining the routes the hearse took. the mayor runs the bases around major league baseball. mayor chuck reed announced he will ask the city council to put a ballpark measure on the november ballot. team owners have not voted on whether to he allow the oakland as to move to the south bay. giants remain adamantly opposed to that move saying it would
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violate their lucrati lucrative territory rights. the plum job. >> it is wonderful here on the gourmet alley. i give the cue to our pyro chefs to do their thing. wow. i don't know if you could see that. that was a ten-foot flame. the food we are cooking here you're seeing everything from scampi to dumplings to stir-fry and calamari. it's wonderful food you can take in and enjoy at the gilroy garlic festival. the weather shaping up quite nice. team coverage from the gilroy
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garlic festival and what kind of weather you can expect. and good news. we have brought a lot of this food and will bring it back to the studio. we're thinking for you back there. >> thank you. there is a reason to stick around. gravity defied charity work. over the edge for skyscraper charity like no other. the case of the tree killer. it has police stumped. way in a very eading the way in a very critical category. [ female announcer ] jobs leaving. a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california.
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[ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more.
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12% of californians may be unemployed. those in the bay area who do
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have jobs make good money. scott budman has the explanation. >> reporter: we start with money. good news is bay area workers make more of it than anywhere else in the country. the u.s. bureau of labor statistics says workers here earn about 20% more than the national average. it's the second consecutive year the bay area came on top. it doesn't count stock options. you won't be able to use that hard-earned money to buy a white iphone any time soon. apple is delaying sales until later this year, releasing a statement today making the white model is more challenging than expected. how much did you spend on your laptop? the indian institute of technology just rolled out a model that costs $35. you heard that right. $35 to put the laptop in the hands of students. it will install broadband internet access in 22,000 of its colleges so students can use the device which can run on solar
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power. scott budman, nbc bay area news. the wireless industry filed a suit over the new law requiring cell phone stores to post each cell phone's energy level. the industry trade group ctia says posting that information is going to be misleading to consumers. especially into thinking one phone is safer than the other. the objective is to block the law from taking effect next february. studies have not conclusively found evidence that cell phone radiation is a health risk. b.a.r.t. trains aren't running from glenn park and balboa park in san francisco tonight. the tracks had been shut down 40 minutes this morning because a man was spotted running on the tracks. b.a.r.t. resumed service after police searched the entire stretch of tracks and did not find anyone. 152 people were arrested yesterday outside the grand hyatt in san francisco. by the time everything was wrapped up, hotel workers and
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labor union supporters are asking for better wages and working conditions. estimated 1,400 people were part of thursday's demonstration. organizers say hundreds were arrested in similar rallies across the nation. san francisco police say the people were arrested after they disobeyed orders to leave. >> it is garlic to the rescue. the gilroy garlic festival opened today. it's not only a great time but turns out to be a big money draw. it does more than line people's pockets. rob mayeda is out there. but first, damian trujillo says why it is so sweet to local charities. >> reporter: we are in front of the garlic torch. this is the olympics for gilroy. since this festival started 32 years ago they raised more than
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$8.5 million for local charities. the more money you spend here, the more money those charities will get. >> we have wild cod american shrimp. 4,000 pounds of garlic. >> reporter: it's the reason they come from all over the world. more than 100,000 over the weekend. >> i'm here to enjoy garlic. >> reporter: the aroma lured paula weiner from l.a. >> calamari, later the scampi and for dessert pepper steak. >> reporter: pepto bismal when? >> never. >> crab garlic fries. >> reporter: that's more money going back to local charities. it couldn't come at a better time with diminishing state and
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county funds. >> economy is in bad shape. grants and money available for nonprofits is more and more difficult to come about. >> bottom line is it's all good for gilroy. >> reporter: the mayor bridged a local budget gap with firefighters concessions and some lay-offs. the festival will help city coffers a little. for local charities, it's never sounded or smelled better. i had to take garlic when i was a kid and swore i would never like garlic but it's never smelled better. >> never say never. that's the lesson here. >> i'll have a list of everything they need to bring back. >> let's join rob mayeda.
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>> fantastic weather. i could not stand the heat in that particular kitchen. that is done by volunteer work, by the way, at gourmet alley. incredible stuff. joining me now is incoming president of the gilroy garlic festival. kurt, we couldn't have picked a better weekend for weather in this event. 32 years running. >> it is a great festival. we have perfect weather to come out and enjoy our stages, our expanding cook-off stage. fabio will be out there the next few case. it is a perfect weekend to come out and raise money for charity. >> reporter: we talked about the charity angle with damian's story, but the it's more than the food. >> we have three different stages that have live pusk going all day long. like i said, we've got our expanding cook-off stage, seating for 1,700 people. fabio is going to be emceeing it. behind gourmet alley is another
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stage people can enjoy the day. get advice on cooking some of this wonderful food we put together. there's arts and crafts to browse around. there's all kinds of stuff. great day. >> reporter: i'm going to try to hold up my end of the bargain with the weather forecast. let's show what you can expect here and gilroy. we take you into your weekend forecast. it's been the story we've seen throughout the last few days. we've been having morning clouds come in, just like right now. if you're going to head out to the garlic festival, it is a nice breeze going on right now. low clouds will break-up inland late morning. by mid afternoon we'll get to the mid to upper 80s. there is garlic ice cream here. around 3:00 our temperatures warm up. this is nice and comfortable for this time of year. we could see temperatures soaring well into the upper 90s. not the case this weekend. hour by hour, breakfast time we've got morning clouds and
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mist on the coast. around lunch time you'll see temperatures climbing into the mid 80s towards livermore. san jose looks face at 78. finishing off with warmer temperatures inland. this brief warm-up not going to be impacting san francisco or the coast. you will continue to see the low clouds and highs in the 60s there. we are going to see temperatures climbing up over the next few days and cool downing as we head into monday and tuesday. we call this 3-d garlic fries. we are bringing back lots of food at the studio. >> that looks awesome. there is the commercial for the garlic festival right there. >> sounds good. >> all right. rob, thank you. new allegations tonight that bay area teachers helped students cheat on tests. >> big bucks, big brother. a tracking tee advice major retailers are putting in some things you're buying. >> city manager with 40,000
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people making $800,000? 40
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>> za za gabor is this critical condition tonight. has not responded well to hip surgeon monday and is unable to answer questions or recognize who is visiting her. she broke her right hip saturday when she fell out of bed. her husband tells "the los angeles times" doctors took her off the morphine drip in hopes it was the painkiller making her condition unstable. he was a legend to broadcast journalism and person who made it on to president nixon's enemies' list. daniel schorr died this morning in washington, d.c., at the age of 93.
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rising to prominence in the '50s, he was a high-profile reporter and commentator for cbs, cnn and the last 25 years on national public radio. once describing himself as a living history book shore reported on most of the major news stores since world war ii. hired by cbs by the legendary edward r. murrow he broke major stores home and abroad during the cold war and during watergate. he learned he was on richard nixon's enemy list as he was reading the names during a live broadcast. shore who once taught at berkeley is survived by a son who lives in oakland. a wall street rally pushed stocks to a month-long high today. general electric parent company of nbc bay area fueled the rally when the board approved the stock buyback and a 20% dividend increase. strong earnings from at&t and american express helped fuel that rally. dow gained 102 to close at 10,424. nasdaq at 2269 after picking up
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23 points. help for homeowners and people across the country are in washington, d.c., for a chance to save their homes. with mortgage foreclosures set to hit a record this year, bright spots are hard to find. thousands of distressed homeowners are attending a huge anti-foreclosure clinic. it beganed at the d.c. convention center. the goal was to help homeowners lower their payments and stay in their homes. one lowered his $1,100 loan payment by $200 a month. >> that substantial over a year. when you put that out over 30 years it's really substantial. >> all is part of president obama's $50 billion program to help banks help borrowers. homeowners talk with counselors and major lenders to try to cut their rates and save their homes. the neighborhood assistance corporation is running the clinic the next eight days around the clock. >> standardized test scores for an entire school in oakland have
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been invalidated because a teacher allegedly helped her students cheat. an investigation by the school district found a teacher at redwood heights elementary returned reading and math tests to students so they could fix incorrect answers. a high school in the oakland hills was scrutinized after a biology teacher allegedly let his students use their books during the test. district leaders say they'll consider disciplinary action for both teachers after the summer break. >> a different investigation found california school districts are spending too much on roofing. legislators say taxpayers pay double what they should to repair or replace roofers. the cost is restrictions on competitive bidding for those projects. the school will request a particular roof paid by a certain company driving the cost up further. law makers are looking into legislation to fix that problem, too. >>.owe defying charity work.
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>> tree killer, wildlife lovers react to news someone is senselessly cut downing dozens of trees in one bay area park. >> and barry rich regular nation. es ign io. chl 4.
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jshg. they thought it was a nice gig. three city leaders resigned last night after an investigation found they were drastically overpaid. bell's chief administrative officer was making $800,000 a year. that's actually twice as much as the president. now many are demanding the resignation of the mayor and even more council members. report e report craig shawbell gives us the numbers. >> reporter: as loud and heated as the emergency council meeting
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got last night, it's nothing like at monday's regularly-scheduled meeting. the resignation of city manager robert rizzo paid nearly $800,000 and police chief randy adams paid $457,000 is not enough. revis and other residents want four of the five council members gone, too. >> we'll show up on monday enmass and show how ineffective and inept they are. they are not in control of the city anymore. the people are. that's what we plan to show monday. if they don't do the honorable thing which is resign, we'll have to recall. that's the only way. >> reporter: the lone council member backs is valez. he has been paid only $8,000. he led the charge for transparency in bell city
6:31 pm
government. >> more is needed. >> reporter: even the bell police officers association is seeking further governmental change. it released this statement backing the resignation of highly-paid chief randy adams. >> we stand in solidarity with them to continue the pressure to try to clean up city government and city of bell. last fight was a good start. there's still a lot to be done. >> stunning, isn't it? adding fuel to the fire though is all three people who resigned, they are still eligible for their very, very generous pension. >> $650,000 in one case. the second tropical storm of the atlantic hurricane season has now weakened into a tropical depression, but it could gain strength as it moves northwest over the gulf of mexico. with that, a race by oil spill crews in the gulf to get out of the way. >> national hurricane center
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forecasters say bonnie lost strength today as it hit landfall over south florida. the center of bonnie now over the eastern edge of the gulf and forecasters say once again that it could gain strength as it passes over the very warm gulf waters. bp and the federal government have begun evacuating the oil spill site in preparation for bonnie's arrival. bp is leaving the containment cap on the well. >> we are convinced there is enough integrity to allow us with a good basis to leave the well cap over the passage of this storm and return as quickly as possible. >> today an electronics technician who was on the rig when it exploded in april told an investigative panel that an alarm system was partially shut down on the day of the deadly explosion. the technician says the alarm was turned on but its sound and light alarms had been disabled. >> general stanley mcchrystal ended a 34-year military career
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this afternoon with the full pageantry of a 17-gun salute, army marching band and acknowledging he is not leaving the milton his own terms. in a source, public comments being fired by president obama for making disparaging remarks about vice president biden and other leaders, micchrystal admitted regrets. >> i was given the unique opportunity to serve with 46 nations under the leadership of nato. we were stronger for the diversity of our force and i'm better for the experience. >> reporter: mcchrystal fell out of favor after a "rolling stone" magazine published an article with quotes, scathing remarks they made about the president and their bosses. there is a double dose of bad news tonight for bay area nature lovers beginning with the investigation into who killed
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hundreds of thousands of bees. organizers at the hayes valley farm in san francisco said someone sprayed pesticides on their hives killing up t to 200,000 honey bees earlier this week. they filed a police report but doubt anything can be done. the bees were there to teach about you are been farming, bee keeping and provide honey for sale to support the farm. in golden dpat park there is a tree tragedy under way. someone has been killing el many, dogwood and cherry trees. traci grant visited the park. >> reporter: not only did someone commit a massacre of these trees in golden gate park but if you look over here at this tree that has been k cut down, right in here looks like the beginnings of a bird's nest. they'll have to find a new home. >> i was shocked. i can't understand why anybody
6:35 pm
would want to kill a tree. >> reporter: this family is stumped. they took a day trip to golden gate park and found themselves surrounded by dead trees. >> looks like some power tool was used to cut it off. it's a very smooth cut. relatively little saw dust. something sharp and powerful went through quickly. >> reporter: san francisco's department of recreation and parks says a total of 44 trees have been chopped, yanked out of the ground or had the roofs sliced since may. these next to the park band shell are the latest victims. 14 attacked wednesday night. the tree lives were cut short. some were planted by staff and volunteers just a few months ago on earth day. >> we are stunned somebody would do this. unfortunately, there are people that behave very badly in our parks. it's very damaging. >> reporter: the department constantly deals with vandal whose cut the irrigation system or spray paint the walls, but these latest incidents have been particularly disturbing. the staff is working closely with the san francisco police
6:36 pm
department to figure out who the tree killer is to catch them in the act. they have a message. >> i would say someone to get some help. this is sick. >> reporter: the department of rec and parks is going to try to find a way to get more patrols out here. traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> odd. next, big box retailer putting tracking devices in your shorts. >> and brad pitt filming in the bay area this wkend. the role he is playing. wrapping up day one of the gilroy garlic festival. there is still time to enjoy garlic chicken, sausage, bread, scampi, you tethedesca. what about your weather forecast? what this droid does will change how you do movies.
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with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same. introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generation of does.
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a powerful storm is expected to move into southern wisconsin tonight bringing the potential for more flooding. heavy rain is already caused widespread flooding in and around milwaukee. the city's airport was shut down. it has since reopened. as much as five inches of rain could fall tonight. >> central arizona also bracing for rain. many in the area are cleaning up after massive flooding damaged their homes already. monsoons pushed mud and dirt inside. earlier this week a 12-year-old girl died after being swept away. a bay area icon took off today. when it lands it will be part of an unprecedented weekend reunion in the west. it was the departure point for one of the few dc-3s still flying. one time more than 14,000 dc-3s
6:40 pm
filled the skies. it was introduced in 1935 and it was the plane that revolution e revolutionized passenger flying. >> it's one of the most fun airplanes to fly. it's very basic. there's no auto pilots. it's just you're free, you can fly at 150 feet or fly at 10,000 feet. doesn't make any difference. >> today fewer than 100 dc-3s are still in the air. >> there are some more concerns about privacy after walmart decided to put electronic id tags on certain merchandise. next month merchandise like jeans, underwear and socks will have removable smart tags. the clerks won't do the removing. the tags carry radio frequency technology that can be read from a distance. a worker will tell what size are missing from shelves and what's on hand in the stock room.
6:41 pm
privacy advocates retailers could have other personal id like id cards people carry. walmart says customers can remove the tags as soon as they buy the items. >> i wouldn't want to walk around with that. >> a little signs for this weekend series. suzuki will keep it up a while longer. a's might want to be taking notes on the white sox. a scary incident for stephen jackson that involved his wife. held at gun point. details in sports. >> back live in gilroy where we have a gorgeous evening. day one of the gilroy garlic festival a look att'e.s
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
in san francisco today, fund-raising taken to new heights, 38 stories, to be exact. >> they repelled down the side of the grand hyatt hotel to raise awareness and money for special olympics. san francisco personality donna
6:44 pm
sashay kicked things off raising $1,500. >> all is about a cause. once you hear the cause, the kids get a chance to compete. they get to train. all free of charge because of the money we raised here and other events. >> the fund-raiser is saturday from 9:00 to 6:00. nothing like repelling in sequence. it will be a lot of fun. so far more than 100 people pledged to go over the edge. >> it looks like fun, doesn't it? >> it does look like fun. >> let's rejoin rob mayeda who spent the evening at the gilroy garlic festival. apparently it gets better and better. >> it does. we find all these new types of food. as you saw earlier with the ten-foot flames shooting up to the ceiling, that was part of gourmet alley. i brought in mike davis. amazing to hear the stories of folks doing all this hard work.
6:45 pm
this is a voluntary staff feeding all here. >> we have over 2,000 volunteers in gourmet alley. we work three days during the festival. our set up starts one week before on saturday. we bring in 100 volunteers on sunday and set this up for one full week. takes us two days to tear it down. 10% of population of gilroy population here the at gourmet alley. >> outstanding. you also just standing in that and doing that work, how do you get used to dealing with those flames? >> you keep your face away from the flames because i lost eyebrows and hair on my arms. it's a lot of fun. the piyros, we have chefs entertaining the crowds. sometimes we get up to 12 feet high above the pan. >> i singed the bang of my hand.
6:46 pm
it's a great show and fantastic food. you can sample that food all around the festival here. mike davis, again, thank you for joining us. excellent work. the weather has been comfortable. chefs are right in the middle of the heat. weather has been great. let's show you what you can expect. you can see here with some weather headlines. low clouds hugging the coastline. then as we get tomorrow, we'll see warming temperatures inland spots. out toward the tri-valley probably making run at 90s inland. at the gilroy garlic festival, nice and comfortable. last weekend in july, many times we have to worry about 100 degree heat. that is not the case this weekend. maybe close to 90 saturday. temperatures nice and comfortable. 80s for the afternoon. then cooling like we are seeing right now for the evening. your hour by hour forecast. low clouds on the coast. 50s around as we head towards lunchtime. 80s and 90s inland. 78 around san jose. as we wrap up the afternoon, you cap see inland temperatures mainly out to con toward,
6:47 pm
fairfield and livermore. we'll start to see 90s. close to 90 in gilroy. there you see warming temperatures inland. pretty comfortable weather. in fact, as we wrap up the weekend, we'll be cooling down some as we get into the start of next week. that's the old-fashioned forecast. we have four the 3-d weather forecast seven-day brought by the lead chefs. phil is playing the part of saturday. >> i'm the pharmacist of gilroy. your saturday prediction for tomorrow, and we are going to have fantastic weather here in the south bay. i'm going to tell you, coast is going to be 65. best part is going to be gilroy at the festival, a beautiful 85 perfect degrees. >> would you like to do the 11:00 news? fantastic. i found a new metro atlantic conference today. k quickly, let's go down the line. sunday, what do we have? >> sunday, mountain -- there it
6:48 pm
is. thunder. >> we've got rudy with monday. >> monday going to be cloudy. perfect recovery day from the garlic festival. >> tuesday? >> mild again. >> it will be hot again. >> friday warm again. hot, hot in the hot tub, hot. >> there you go. your forecast for gilroy and beyond here in gilroy. some of the sights and sounds. we'll see you back at 11:00. >> bring saturday with you, too. he was pumped. bring saturday. >> money ball. paying out a little cash. kirk suzuki is the beneficiary of this. a's had an off day yesterday but
6:49 pm
billy bean working on keeping one of his most productive players in an oakland uniform for years to come a four-year deal for kirk suzuki. scott mcgrew has more. >> a's making a big announcement. catcher kirk suzuki will stay here. four-year contract extension through 2013. a large plot when he is at the plate and behind the plate. a lot of this, too, for what he represents in the clubhouse. >> i'm blessed i came up through such a great organization. they do take care of the young players. they give you a chance. they gave me every chance in the world to be an everyday major league baseball player. i can't be more grateful for that. >> with the contract comes a certain amount of personal responsibility. up to this point kirk has been a model citizen as far as a teammate and guy you want playing for you.
6:50 pm
>> tonight it's suzuki catching trevor cahill. mark buehrle takes the mound. >> the a's has work to do to climb back into the pennant race. if they need proof it can be done, they need to look in the dugout. it wasn't long ago white sox found themselves looking way up to the top of the al central. chicago was nine games under .500 june 5th. since then they have 11 to 9 game win streaks. a's won seven, but to make up the 7 1/2 games they trail in the west, they are going to need to do more of the same. >> we are on a roll right now. >> hitting has been really good.
6:51 pm
>> the giants are looking to continue their second dominance tonight as they play game two of a weekend set against the diamondbacks out in the desert. that's not the only thing to get excited about this weekend. sunday, the baseball hall of fame will have a new class of members, including the bay area's own jon miller. to get you set for the inductions, tune into giants clubhouse tomorrow night. we'll sit down with the voice of the giants on the eve of his call to the hall. panda has an older brother. a look behind the scenes of at&t park with the official scorekeeper. that is on "giants clubhouse" tomorrow at 6:30. steven jackson demanded a trade to the warriors during a fan question and answer session in new york. this summer he is gaining attention. his home in charlotte was broken into by armed men early wednesday morning. according to police, those men held his wife at gun point
6:52 pm
before locking her in a bathroom. jackson was not in his $1.7 million home located in the gated community. his wife was not injured, however, no arrests have been made. he is not too bad at negotiating deals for vincent chase. ari gold, mad basketball skills. the actor who plays the superagent on tv. he has them taking part in a charity event in southern california. look at that crazy shot. on a third-story balcony in los angeles. he drains it. >> ari can shoot. >> thank you. >> brad pitt is somewhere in the bay area. whu e ert ghyo abeto se pot m.hi
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tonight at 11:00, big or small, bad behavior can make any dog dangerous. how do you know if your dog has potential or a dog you come in contact with is safe? tonight we'll show you three common things dogs do that should be a red flag to every pet owner. felt like i put my friends, micahs at jeopardy. >> what's in a name?
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if you're a hacker, just about everything. just a matter of minutes, social networking can turn into a social engineering. your face, your name, your friends, all of them hijacked. we'll show you how easy it is for hackers to steal your personal information. their secrets revealed tonight at 11:00. we are going to jump into the middle of a fight here. our nbc bay area morning team started the fight. at issue, which kid video from youtube is cuter? you may have seen this contender. little bill who lists all the wonderful things in her life. it's been around since 2001. rival is a video from kurdistan of a little boy trying to eat his way through a watermelon. you can vote on the morning team's facebook page. they'll have the results on monday morning's program. oakland a's never looked so good. we are not talking about their record this season. that's not bad either. we are talking about brad pitt
6:57 pm
joining the team. it's for a movie, of course. he is coming to town to fill "money ball" based on the book how general manager billy bean built a winning team in 2002 despite having the smallest payroll in the league. pitt will play bean in the movie. how cool is tt to have brad pitt playing billy bean. the crew is looking for extras. to find out how you can be an extra, go to nbc bay and search money ball. >> i want a job as a lady who sells the frozen lemonade. i can do that in the stands. i think i'm perfect for that. and a sign for billy bean. >> have a great weekend.
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