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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  July 29, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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george gas con was the chief in mesa, arizona, before he came to san francisco. what did he have to say? well, jessica, he had a lot to say. it's ironic that the next step for this arizona law may be heard here at the ninth circuit court of appeals but the chief says following the laws should not be afraid. >> when you have a local police department that begins to do enforcement of immigration laws is you start developing a look of trust. >> and that's what police chief george gascon doesn't want do. he says he doesn't want to generate mistrust in the immigration community. >> people are coming here to work, here trying to do the right thing. they're the victim of an economic process. it's much larger than police can
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handle. they shouldn't have to fear us. >> reporter: fear that they shouldn't have to worry as long as they're not breaking the law. this afternoon dozens of people breaux testing outside jerry brown's office demanding. >> we've been a sanctuary city for 20 years and we want to continue to be a sanctuary city. >> they went en masse inside his office. >> sb-1070, we're here to say we don't want it here in california or arizona. >> reporter: chief gascon say follow the law. >> if you're committing crimes or selling dope, we're going to come after you and use every tool in the bag to make sure we deal with you. >> reporter: chief gascon says he'll be watching the situation in arizona very closely.
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live in san francisco, i'm cheryl hurd. >> and in 30 minutes we're going to talk to legal expert steven clark about where he thinks the case is headed next and what happens in the interim. some breaking news for you right now. a fire burning in southern california, in santa clarita. two fast-moving fires erupted this afternoon. one burning near a state highway, the other near antelope valley. both fires are relatively small at the moment but they are spreading. prison camps in the area are evacuating the area. two fires destroyed eight homes earlier this week. a morgan hills man is facing charges after police say they saw him dragging a dog. he was pulling what looked like a dead dog by its collar tuesday
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afternoon. when they ordered him to stopped he allegedly threatened to kill them. he was charged with animal cruelty, resisting arrest and threatening an officer. in oakland, a different story. a blind pit bull will be moving out of a shelter and into is a halfway house. phoenix house was named after a pit bull who was blienlted in the fight. that mean's kimmo's new home will be set up with needs. they'll work with him every day and their goal is that key mow will soon be adopted and have his own permanent home. a live look at tonight's commute. nbc bay area's reporter spoke with people. >> the toll has definitely
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affected people's commuting. >> reporter: he doesn't need a pile of research to tell him something's different about his daily commute. >> i don't know if this is the time of year or what, but there's definitely less traffic, far less. >> reporter: constructers is among commuters who slog down i-80 cross the bay bridge. both congestion tolls rising. he's rethinking his commute. >> motorcycles aren't free any more. i don't have any incentive to ride over the bridge anymore. >> reporter: since tolls went into effect starting in july car pooling went down 30%. >> we think that because the congestion is so much lower now, the incentive to go through the car pool lane isn't as high because you don't get as great a travel times savings. >> the interstate 80 corridor
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which runs from berkeley to the bay bridge, we've seen travel times savlings of substantial amounts, up to ten minutes. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. may also be reaping the rewards from the toll hike. >> the last measurable is it's up by about 45 passengers per day. >> they caution the studies don't show how much of that is directly related to toll hikes. constructers doesn't need that to tell him. >> reconsidering where i live makes living in oakland. word tonight china is not blocking google. they posted a notice earlier saying its website, online ads are being barred by mainland china is because of a server
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problem. again, right now we're getting word it is a server problem. well, the department of justice is suing silicon giant oracle. the doj says the corporation cheated the government out of hundreds of millions of dollars under a contract signed in 1998, or kakel agreed to give the customers the same discounts as its customers. oracle has not yet responded to those charges. >> it's an antique hunter's dream come true. a yard saler's purchase that cost $45 that turned out to be worth $200 million. are they real? garvin says maybe not. >> i thought they had been authenticated. >> depends on who you ask. it may be a story that's just too good to be true. the world of photography is a
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lot newer than painting so discoverying like this don't happen too often but some folks in the bay area have uncovered evidence that makes this not a discovery at all. >> reporter: he may have studied the man, may even know his family, but nicholls does not claim to be one of the world's most foremost experts in an sell adams. still he knows enough to know who they are, which is one reason he's not buying the story of the adams negatives found at the yard sale. the fresno man who bought them claims to have had a team who verified the find yet nicholls said he nor his peers never heard of any of them. >> it's a rather small community and you tend to know everybody. >> what's more is ansel adams was famously proticketive of his evidence and to think so many of them were never documented before and found their way to
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pasadena just doesn't sound right either, but this may be the smoking gun. a photograph provided to him by an oakland woman who says it was taken close to a hundred years ago by her unclearily brooks. it is remarkably similar to one of the ansel adams negatives. >> but the shadows are virtually identical. >> reporter: so today they're examining in brooks photo. during the first half of last century, many people took pictures like ansel adams, just not as well. still, he thinks any numb were of them could be good enough to fool anyone less than a real expert. >> and another thing coming into question is that $200 million price tag. interestingly in this case these are negatives but people say the real value, the magic happened in the dark room. so this is only part of the
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process. the analogy is like discovery a song written by john lennon, that's different than a song written and sung by john lennon. >> is it a matter of someone pulls a fast one or a mistake. >> it could be a mistake. they didn't do it as well as ansel adams, didn't have the dark room technique but it could be similar enough. >> it is disappointing for as of us going to garage sales. thanks. >> thanks. >>. coming up, protecting best man on the jobs. how the canine vests work. >> my little pony attacking their cell phone. how they let their wallpaper learn everything about them. >> jeff live in san jose.
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sweet weather and free music. it doesn't get any better than that. we'll have san jose's music in the park coming upful. those people are happy 'cause they're gonna have a good time, and they've got extra money in their pocket. those are happy passengers. how much does it cost for those snacks again? nothing. at southwest airlines, when we have a sale, it's a sale. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has flights starting at $49 one-way. book now only at [ rand ] how can you not want to get on the plane? come on and get on the plane. we're saving you money. now that's a plane full of happy. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ]
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a california entrepreneur is fighting the epa after they slapped him with a $100,000 fine. he started worm gold in 1998 after discovering that high concentrations of worm droppings could be used as fertilizer for plants. the epa fined him for not registering it as a pesticide. it would take several years and millions of dollars. he accuses the epa of unfairly targeting his small business. >> it appears what they're doing is extending what they're doing so they can collect bigger fines, so they can make more
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money for the state. >> reporter: cal epa says anything that repels insects qualifies as a pesticide. the court will hear oral arguments tomorrow. it's available for preorder tonight and will ship on august 27. in an accompanied video and zon claims it's smaller, lighter, easier to read than previous versions and it has wi-fi. it sells for the same price, $189. a cheaper version is why five only. it announced a week ago it's selling more ebooks than hardbacks, about 80% more. word of a new scam targeting your personal data as well as the device. scott. >> at least a silicon security company says the target is your smartphone and the way the
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danger is delivered is through your smartphone apps. >> reporter: we love our mobile phones and trust our mobile phones but that trust is under attack these days as hackers target your mobile devices and the personal data you keep there. for example, a downloadable wallpaper app for android base phones has been found to snatch personal information from that phone and send it elsewhere. it was discovered by the security team at san francisco's lookout. that's eric, vp of engineering. his company makes an app that acts as a security blanket for your smartphone, protecting you from apps like the wayward wallpaper. >> you think of it as wallpaper but for some reason it seems to be accessing a fair amount of personal information. >> reporter: in fact, with as many smartphones in the office as computers, lookout knows we use our phones the same way we
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use computers. they also recognize hackers know that too. >> for example, most mobile devices these days have gps installed on them so unlike in the pc world, apps out there, for example, can track your locations. that wasn't a potential threat before but it is now. >> enjoy your apps, but along with the games, the google, and the gps, you might want to make a little room for security as well. >> speaking of google, which makes software for the android phone, the company tonight says it's disabling the apps that were found to collect pernlt data. a san jose mayor has cut a lot of ribbons. instead he plugged in an electrical cord in the parking garage. with that move he officially opened the first charge point station. eventually there'll be 8,000
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coast to coast. >> we're not the only place. in fact, we have a collaboration as part of a bay area effort to be the electric vehicle capital of the country because we know it doesn't matter if it's only san jose. people drive lots and lots of other places. >> it will bring some 1600 home and public charging stations to california. well, jeff is in charge of music in the park. right now. jeff --? it's time to go, ladies? >> yes, it's time to go. strike up the band. let's see you jazz it up for us. >> i'm all jazzed up for this. yes, i'm chilling out here. it's hard not to. it wasn't for free.
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i had to bribe my friend here, rochel rochelle, and you know the interesting thing is you're not even from here, are you in. >> no. i'm from los angeles. >> did you say you heard the music and came out? >> i was looking for something fun to do. was staying at the fairmont, i walked across the street and i found this. >> you would recommend it? >> totally. i love tortilla soup. >> we've got a little feet for you, too, from fahrenheit that also has food out here. we've got you some drinks, kabobs. hang out with me. i'll treat you right. thank you so much, rochelle. and, you know, i'm the multitasker of all multitaskers. this is danny chu from fahrenheit restaurant. we've got food and music. tell us what this is all about. >> what a better work environmental than this. we're out enjoying ourselves.
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the weather is beautiful. we're serving great food, great cocktail and great music. what more can i ask for. >> the best part is this is free. the food smells amazing. >> thank you so much. >> i'm going to be getting in on this. we'll see if there's any left for you guys back in the studio. we know there is plenty of weather forecast of the great temperatures as we head into the next couple of days. so as you'll see in our weather headlines we're seeing patchy fog for tonight. that will keep it cooler at the coastline and then the weather becoming a little bit more mild as we head for the next couple of days but no real heat expected in the forecast as we head throughout friday and also saturday. now, in terms of temperatures for tomorrow, we're looking for things to heat on up with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s, and we'll also be at the fremont festival as we head into
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saturday and sunday's forecast. now, on our seven-day forecast, which will be coming up, we have plenty of low 80s coming back into the mix. ladies, are you going to come out and join me? >> sure. you're like festival man. you're going from one party to another. >> all right. >> and i've got drinks for you too snow and root beer. >> thanks, jeff. >> exactly. root beer. totally. >> thanks, jeff. coming up, $100 million spent and where does meg whitman stand against jerry brown? there's a new poll outtonight. it i>> a little too much for your eyes.
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snoot round of recalls for toyota. this time, steering problems. mostly avalons are being called in the u.s. and another 16,000 are being recalled in japan. the model years are from tow to
6:22 pm
2004. they have a steering lock problem which could lead to a crash. so far no injuries reported. toyota is calling 30,000 lexus models because of different steering models. customers just need to make sure they take their car in for a new part. they're one step closer to making changes on terminal two. it's a new sfo business center. airport spokesperson say they expect terminal 2 to be completed in 2011. virgin america and american airlines are expected to go in and out of that terminal. newpasses will be transferr to the clipper card. they're reusable and people can
6:23 pm
add money to them whenever they want. 3-d'd lately? blockbuster titles like "toy story," "avatar," and " "despicable me" is making people sick. 3-d isn't for everyone. >> reporter: joshua brown is a filmmaker, a self-proclaimed movie buff but when it comes to a certain type of film he can't bear to look snow after a while it starts to hurt. >> he has a relatively common problem where the eye has trouble focusing on 3-d images. >> it's like your eyes are moving frequently, trying to adjust themselves, you can feel them like working too hard. >> when he goes into a 3-d movie, there are two images to see, one out of each eye. the way his muscles are controlling his eyes, the
6:24 pm
muscles get tired very quickly and so they tend to have a problem maintaining that same viewing angle. dr. glasser says as they become more popular, he's seeing an influx of patients who actually get sick from watching these types of pictures. it's because these programs use two images to create that three-dimensional effect. >> if an individual has a problem where one eye sees cl r clearer than the other, 3-d become as real problem. >> reporter: that can lead to uncomfortable symptoms, headaches, dizziness, even nausea. >> they take off their glasses, rub their eyes and wait for their eyes to calm down before they can put their glasses back on. >> reporter: studies show that 3% of the people who watch 3-d movies experience vision problems but as the movies and 3-d television becomes more popular, glasser says it will be
6:25 pm
more like 8% to 10% getting sick. >> i thunk they should find out ways to accommodate everybody so my eyes don't hurt. >> says an eye exam can help. helping a big bay area police officer in the biggest battle of his life. you've seen the protests all across the west. will the law they're protesting be overturned by the supreme court. we're going to have legal analysis with our expert coming up. saving canines, a fund-raiser to put bulletproof vests on canines in units who can't afford dog-saving equipment. ok, this is from... aunt stacey. introducing chase quickdeposit. just photograph the front and back of your check using the chase mobile app on your iphone, and hit send. it went through. this is so cool. this is so cool. you wanna try it?
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yea. ok. all right. who's next? make a deposit from anywhere, anytime-- with your iphone. to mister and misses walker. why would they send my parents a check? chase what matters. ♪
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breaking news to tell you about. immigration rallies happening across the country. one is happening right now in downtown san francisco at 24th and mission, and that's where
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our jean is right now. what happened there? >> reporter: this rally started about 5:30 and organizers say they expect hundreds of people to attend. there's a large crowd here and it's steadily growing. there are lots of people with signs, listening to speakers and chanting. it was organized before the controversy was halted. they say rally must go on because the legal battle is far from over and it's time to stand up against racist laws. people here at the mission are full of emotion and fear. they turn to the communities law. under that program every fingerprint collected in san francisco is sent to immigration and customs officials. critics say that's leading to an increase in deportations, and it's rinning families apart. lots of people say i'm a citizen of planet earth. protesters say if there are enough people here about 6:30, which is right about now.
6:29 pm
they say if there are enough people here, they plan to march down mission street to the b.a.r.t. station. a protest yesterday ended with arrests. police are standing by here. there's a big line of motorcycle police monitoring this protest and will escort them down the street if they do indeed decide to march. we'll let you know how things progress. >> jean, i imagined you talked to some protesters here right now. are there heated words? how hot is it? >> reporter: i still think there's a lot of fear here in the community and the mission. what the judge did in arizona is a step in the right direction. that's what people say. it's the beginning of a long legal battle and that's just one law that they say they feel is unjust. >> thank you very much. live there at 24th and mission. of course, we'll have the latest at 11:00 tonight.
6:30 pm
a recent poll shows california is divided on the crackdown on illegal immigration. the "los angeles times" poll found 49% of the voters here support the law while 45% oppose it. that was conducted in late june. across the nation it appears that the majority of the nations favor the law. 55% of those support the law compared with 40% who oppose it. that survey was conducted last week by cnn. >> lots of opinion and compassion on the street. legal analysts steven clark is with us now to help us wade through what's going to happen next. steven, arizona's governor appealed the judge's ruling in san francisco. can you walk us through what will happen? what the procedure is? and is it a given that it will end up in the supreme court? >> i think that's where it's headed when you think of the immigration format. certainly this is the case that supreme court needs to give guidance. what jan brewer has done is she's filed an appeal.
6:31 pm
she says we want to appeal it immediately. the court of appeal now in the 9th circuit will hear this probably with a three-judge panel to decide the constitutional questions that were decided at the court level. i think you'll see the ultimate hearing here in september. >> now, is there any way that the arizona lawmakers could go back and rewrite the law so that they don't have to go through this court procedure or alter it in in any way? >> i think you'll see this abandoned. certainly the unlimited detention while you're trying to ascertain someone's immigration status is very problematic for a federal court as well as that warrantless arrest issue where you can arrest them without a warrant because you believe they play be in a country illegally. those are things that are likely to cause a lot of problems for
6:32 pm
the superdome court, but the arizona law in effect now, they still will be able to enforce that, the part that wasn't gutted by the federal ruling. >> 18 other states were looking -- or were before looking at installing their own version, what kind of impact is this law going to have on that that. >> they're going to think closely before they decide to go forward. they're going to look for guidance and ultimately any supreme court decision is. this is on russly a political hot button issue and particularly in the border states. they're going to be looking do we want to start our own law. very, very important issue for the supreme court to weigh in on this. it's essentially a federal function and it's very cumbersome when states start having their own laws. so i think that you'll see the supreme court of the united states ultimately deciding this issue. >> steven clark, we always appreciate your insight. immigration reform is a hot
6:33 pm
button issue. in the elections this year, the biggest races are still very close as e head into the final month this summer. attorney general jerry brown leads his opponent meg whitman 3 37%-34%. whitman has spent $14 million since the primary where she spent $90 million fighting off steve poizner. in this same public policy poll, barbara boxer still holds the lead against her opponent. concerned citizens joined forces today to find a lost boy found crying in an intersection. a driver pulled over after seeing a crying 3-year-old. in fact, several people called 911 as police were arrived a pedestrian actually recognized
6:34 pm
the boy. when the officers took the boy to his nearby home the mother said he unlocked the door and simply slipped out. police departments across the bay area are slashing budgets and in some cases jobs, but a group has come forward to help the smallest members of the force, police dogs. . we're shown canines who could use some cover. >> now, if you wash whtch when runs, he's not affected by it at all. >> he's quick, he's testing out the latest in canine protection. >> what this does is allow the dog to get good ventilation, but it's also designed so he can move real well. >> shoulders out, vital organs covered and ready to take all that a criminal has to dish out. >> it has its own panel. >> panels that have protection
6:35 pm
against bullets and knives. >> we want them to be able to defend themselves, have it light and yet still protect them. >> a group called cover your canine is trying to outfit police. >> the teams are going to be coming out, and the public is invoigted to come down, learn about the dogs, learn about the jobs that they're doing and help support our canine team. >> each vest can run about $1,400 which may seem like a dog, but protecting dogs like baker is important. >> dogs cost anywhere from 6,000 to $10,000, you know, and the amount of training that we put into them, we put thousands of hours into these dogs before they're even really street capable. >> it's not just the money and the time. he's a loveable dog who takes on the worst of the worst. in oakland. >> cover your canine is also trying to raise money for heat
6:36 pm
sensors for police cars and medical care for police dogs. you can help at any pet food store. from police dog to police officer. after years of helping people, a help to find an officer help battling cancer. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff raniery live at music in the park. it's happening right 'lnol have. we'll have detail on this plus your forecast coming up in just minutes. d
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6:38 pm
the retirement fund took a hit for the second day in a row after disappointing earnings so that clapping really overrated. traders also learned that new jobless claims fell last week but remained high. 4, 750 filed their first unemployment claim.
6:39 pm
the dow closed at 10,467. the nasdaq closed at 4,251. freddie mac says the national average for a 30-year fixed is 4.54%. bp has announced they may have a permanent way to stop the oil leak. they pump in mud to push down the oil. they'll seal the top with smnlt. it's been spewing into the gulf of mexico for 100 days now. bp says if they start the process tomorrow, they'll be done by the end of the week. crews are trying to fix a busted wellhead in a south louisiana waterway. a barge slammed into an abandoned well yesterday causing a shower there of water, natural a gas and oil. they've used 6,000 booms to contain the area. officials don't know how much gas and oil is being sprayed but
6:40 pm
it will taken ten to 12 days to fix. a lesson in not casting asperkss or jumping to conclusions. shirley sherrod vowed she will sue the conservative blogger who put part of a speech on the web, andrew breitbart. last week he posted a portion of the speech in which she appeared to make rar shall remarks. as a consequence she was asked to leave her job. she got an apology and then her job was offered back, a new job. breitbart was not to get sherrod fired but to show what he think is hip pock kracy. he may have to tell that to a judge though. the clinton wedding guest list got a little less secret. president obama did not get invited. >> he said it will be tough
6:41 pm
enough to have one president at the wedding. he she'll mair investment banker marc mezvinsky at a private wedding in new york. >> if he can do that, he can run the country. >> what do you have on store. >> the giants running into a big double problem today, but first we begin with the raiders. today they hit the field. the good news, their top rookie was among them. plus the giants. yep, they found trouble on the mound today with anabel sanchez and posey streak. the top starting pitcher moving out of houston into a pennant race. we've got details coming up in sports. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri live at san jose music in the park. we're half hour away from jazz ndlege. legend. we'll have updates on this plus your weekend forecast coming up. those people are happy
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'cause they're gonna have a good time, and they've got extra money in their pocket. those are happy passengers. how much does it cost for those snacks again? nothing. at southwest airlines, when we have a sale, it's a sale. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has flights starting at $49 one-way. book now only at [ rand ] how can you not want to get on the plane? come on and get on the plane. we're saving you money. now that's a plane full of happy. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ]
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martinez police took time out to save one of their own. they started a bone marrow drive. they diagnosed him with nonhodgkins liymphoma last year. he initially beat the cancer into remission. and now it's back. he needs a bone marrow match. today the public was invited to join the registry to find him a match. >> even if you have a family member who has nonhodgkins
6:44 pm
lymphoma or another blood disease, 70% of the time they'll find a sibling match but the other percentage of the time they won't. it's important to get as many people in the registry as possible. >> joining that registry is pretty easy. volunteers simply swab their mouths several times. the samples are checked for six dna markers. well, it's a smooth jazz thursday and of course jeff ranieri has a front row seat as he does all the time. hey, jeff. >> hey, ladies. you know, the music just stopped but the party has not stopped here for the music in the park. you can see back here. an hour and a half ago there wasn't anybody here but now that work has let out, people are lining up. how are you, sir? doing good? doing good. >> he's great. they're setting the stage for jazz legend pete easy ka veto.
6:45 pm
you can smell the food. with us raich night now is blag. tell us what's going to be happening. >> people are having a great time. pete is co-veto is here and he is jamming. we'll get people dancing and lots of fun. >> this is great. it really filled up quickly. it's not only tonight but how much long doer we have left? >> we've got four concerts. next week is michael jackson night. >> you want to mention one other thing, right? >> tons of fun things going on in downtown san jose. outdoor movies, farmer's market. come down. join us. >> very nice. it's been a pleasure to come out
6:46 pm
today. i've had a little to drink, a little to eat and a lot of relaxing. they're quite busy turning out this mild forecast for this time of the year. we're going to see the fog return tonight and it's going to be a combination of the fog coming back and the cooler air aloft. that is setting us up for one of the cooler summers in july in san jose ever in history. now, high pressure is offshore but it's so far offshore it's not going to heat us up too much. so we're calling it mild as we head throughout friday and also saturday's forecast. sunshine for the afternoon, even for those folk on the coast that are dealing with the fog right now. as for the morning forecast we're going to go low to mid-40s here. santa rosa expecting 49. by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow we're going to see some heat and possibly a few more isolated 80s for the east bay from fairfield to livermore down to pleasanton
6:47 pm
and dublin and also coming up, we're on nbc bay area watch. you've got the fremont festival of the art happens saturday and sunday. we're going to be out there. the weather saturday and sunday. 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in central free month. on our seven-day forecast. we're going keep it cool just like this jazz music out here in san jose music of the arts with low to mid-80s and a lit bit of fog with 660s at the coastline. the sun shining down not only on our computer dprgraphic right h in person. it is magnificant. we're going to give you a little bit more insight. we're going to start off with friday. who are you guys? >> i'm cool, grace, luke, and jude. >> what are you going to tell me about friday.
6:48 pm
>> the weather for friday is 83 inland and -- >> sunny. >> sunny. who would have guessed. >> let's head down tomond. you look nice and cheery like we all do. flawless make-up. what are we expecting on monday. >> 83, inland, 63, coast. >> perfect. can you do one of these for me? can you point? do a vanna? >> you're hired. we need you in the mornings. all right. so we've got plenty of great weather coming your way. come on down here to san jose music in the park. we've got a couple more day. the best part is free. >> free, sunny, and good looking. what else can you look for. >> do you still want those drinks? i've still got the root beer. >> root beer pong. on that note let's move on to another sunny outlook. yesterday they reported up in nappa. today the raiders at the
6:49 pm
football field. they held their first official workout day which means the 2010 season pretty much here. there was good news right off the bat. orlando agreed to the terms of his contract. this morning he was with his new teammates on the field. the eighth overall pick deal is worth $40 million over 5 a years. 23 millilitm il is guaranteed. with more on the buzz -- >> the raiders of summer have breezed into nappa which seems like less drama. for starters it's no surprise jason campbell entered camp at the top of the depth chart. >> we have one goal, one goal only. all that takes care of itself when you win and our only goal and motto if this season is one
6:50 pm
game at a time. >> the top athlete need as breakout year and for that he needs a mere tell pactic rapport with campbell. >> we come to practice with a perfect. we know we practice the right way and do the right thing, you know, that things will happen. >> and having rolando mcclain ready to go also critical because the man in the middle is being counted on to lead from the start. >> for so reason, that's what they really like about me. it's something i do. >> on both sides of the ball with not just optimism but with a new belief that things are headed toward a rinning record, the first in eight years. >> i've been around championship caliber football and i like what i see. i mean even though the record was what it was last year, but, you know, i think that we just play better in some key positions, i thrng woe would have been a lot better.
6:51 pm
>> i'm different. you can tell the fans really want to win. it will be special. we can win this year and do something to help turn it around. >> in nappa with the raiders. lawrence scott, nbc bay area ports. with five no-hit ters alreay in the books you can make a good amount that this is the your of the pitcher. they're the hottest team in baseball but all it takes is one eighth of a performance to put on the brakes. coming from marlins' anabel sanchez. he was trying to help florida split the series. today, bottom two. facing the red-hot buster posey. 0 for 3. that means it hits one shy of the giants' rookie record. that's his second double of the game. second rbi double. this one, jorge cantu makes it
6:52 pm
2-0. complete game, one hit shutout. the marlins win it 5-0. as for the a's he hoped to be healthy enough to pitch for the current series. his back is still bothering him. the a's all-star closer is once again unavailable tonight. now a dl decision, if there is one, likely will come in the next couple of days. with the trade deadline less than 48 hours a way it was a flurry, especially out west. they shored up their infield by adding miguel tejada. as for the biggest straight of the day, the phillies went after roy oswalt. he waived his no trade clause. the defending national championship league champ. they have roy halladay but they
6:53 pm
hope oswalt will help them. they trail by 3 1/2 games heading into today. thinks are heating up. probably not too many trades going on but we have to the keep us entertained. >> coming up next, redefined big band g music withus b bstge ou tp er sevbeo igned. treats dogs... ( barking ) but destroys fleas. beage,sk yr an rir foadntage, the flea specialist for gentle, but effective, flea control.
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tonight at 11:00 after law and order, see which fire houses will close and which neighborhoods will be affected. see how millions of people are making big bucks off one of the phonies newest features jo and what's the latest attraction in las vegas? it's a pawn shop. tonight at 11:00 we go behind the scenes of the hit reality show "pawn stars" and show you what makes it sizzle. what started out as a small community choir of united kingdom has become a few music phenomenon. the song is old but the concept new. rock choir has 5,000 singers across the uk. it makes it the largest group. it has even bigger plans.
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the songs are a collection of motown, gospel and put out by universal decca records. wow, that is big band. >> thanks for watching us here at 6:00. of course, we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. we'll see you then. bye-bye.
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