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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  September 6, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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what a way to end the summer. a hot, sunny day for most of the bay. don't get too used to it, if anything this year has proven, once you get used to something it's going to change and a cool change is coming our way. a significant temperature drop in the next few days, rob is swreho to show what to expect. hey, rob. this summer, it seems like we've only had five or six hot days and today was one of them. san jose, 92 degrees. it is scorching around the south bay. look at the humidity, way down and bone dry, 13%. as we head north, winds are picking off and we're cooling off at 83 degrees. san francisco, the sea breeze is cranking up. you can see 79 degrees and northwest wind at 17 miles an hour an the fog that's moving up around slee pass in area. the low to the north will drop the temperatures big-time and
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may toss drizzle our way. we'll have a look at the rapid changes coming your way in a few minutes. tom? thank you, for california law enforcement this labor day has been busier than last. too many people are drinking and driving. as of this morning, california officers had made 990 arrests for driving under the influence. that's 67 more than the same period last year. fatalities are up, eight people have died over the labor day weekend and one of those deaths happened here in the bay area. a two-mile long oil sheen in the petaluma river was being traced by a tugboat. the fire department says the oily smear was first reported near the petaluma marina near 8:00 this morning and the spill is estimated at under 600 gallons. cleanup will last another hour or so and resume in the morning. no wildlife is believed to be harmed. searchers spent another day looking for a missing man who
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may be the fifth victim in an east bay killing spree. 20 searchers have been digging through an acre of garbage. it's a slow and tedious task but they have reason to believe it will eventually pay off. jodi is learning why the police are focusing on this landfill. >> reporter: police say there are three reasons they are searching the dump. the trash from a hercules business park where they found the car of one of the victims was taken to the to the landfill and that's close to one of the murder scenes and the suspect used to work at that very business park so investigators speculate he could have disposed of the body in one of the dumpsters. but we also learned today the landfill isn't the only place they're looking. >> it's very hot and smelly out there. it is a tedious process. >> reporter: searchers spent a fourth straight day at a pittsburgh landfill combing through 3,000 tons of garbage
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looking for any trace of a missing hercules man. the 35-year-old frederick solace hadn't been seen or heard from in more than a week since the police say the suspect bludgeoned to death his 73-year-old father at the hercules home where they rented a room. the police shot and killed the suspect during a high-speed chase has been linked to three other killings. the police fear solace may be victim number five. >> they're following any possibility as most of the major players in this case are deceased or missing. any possibility they're going to follow-up. >> this afternoon, hercules police also searched the backyard of a vacant house across the street from the home where ricardo solace was found dead. >> anything found back there? >> no. >> so the neighbors thought they saw something suspicious. >> somebody did. it came in anonymous so we have to follow up on that stuff. >> reporter: neighbors say they're hopeful the nursing assistant is okay, but they fear
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the worst. >> i hope he's still alive. but up to now, he is not showing up, so my presumption is that he's -- >> we hope with all these volunteers they can find the body so we can give him a dignified funeral. >> reporter: the searchers have called off the search for the day. they did not find anything today at the landfill but they will resume the search here tomorrow. when i asked one of the investigators why they are expanding so much time and energy to the search at the dump he told me that there is a, quote, good chance that the body is there. reporting live in pittsburgh, i'm jodi hernandez, bay area news. >> such a disturbing story. thank you very much. newark police identified a body found near the site of an out of control hotel party. the they are saying how the 26-year-old julius hughes died. he's from the east bay near
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brent wood. his body was found behind businesses and a hotel where the police were called to break up a pool party last night. officers at the hotel reported hearing gunshots from the parking lot. at 7:00 this morning, hughes body was found in bushes behind a neighboring business. investigators are asking anyone with information to come forward. we go back now live to our developing story in san francisco. this is the millennium tower. that's a stuntman. we can't tell from this particular angle exactly where he is right now. this is 58 stories tall, this particular building. a residential building. you might know it better where the rn 74, the restaurant is at street level. but this man is climbing to the top of the tower. we believe him to be dan goodwin because somebody said he's working with dan is on the street passing out flyers saying, this is, indeed, "skyscraper man."
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is whole idea to call attention to the vulnerabilities as he calls them, of sky scrapers. we'll let you now about his progress. you can see he's not working with a net and when he gets to the top, that's where the san francisco police say they will make their arrest. we'll keep you up to date as this man progresses towards the top floor. jerry brown is now if i believely in campaign mode with eight weeks left until election day. some democrats have been antsy to say the least that brown hadn't responded more aggressively to make whitman's spending and heavy campaign schedule. tracy is live in oakland where brown is speaking to supporters. i'm sure they'll want to know when brown is going to spend some money, tracy? >> reporter: absolutely. we were in fairfield earlier today as brown addressed some of his supporters and now we're here in oakland, his hometown as he spends the remainder of his labor day with some labor
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unions. all of us are going to see a lot more of jerry brown from now until november at campaign appearances and finally, on television in campaign ads. many, many months after his opponent meg whit man launched a full-on assault against him on the airwaves. gubernatorial candidate jerry brown was received warmly by supporters in fairfield today. >> the campaign, we're working hard. >> reporter: brown finally released his first campaign ad over the weekend. >> i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. >> reporter: the meg whitman 2010 campaign responded by saying after 40 years of politics protecting the status quo, it's no surprise jerry brown kicks off his campaign with a misleading historic renovation of his own record. jerry brown is the last person we can trust for major change in sacramento. brown takes exception to the accusations that when he left the governor's office the state was flat broke, flirting with bankruptcy and with 11% of
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residents out of work and he says he was able to reduce taxes and create nearly 2 million jobs despite a recession. >> we're dealing with a campaign on the republican side that has no regard for truth. when california came out of the recession the revenue came pouring into the state because i left it healthy and structurally sound. >> reporter: brown's campaign claims that meg whitman has run 45,000 ads just since the primary. he says he thinks people are tired now of listening to her negative attacks and they're ready to hear his platform. live in oakland, bay area news. >> tracy, thank you. jerry brown faces off against meg whitt nan a debate next month in san rafael. tom brokaw will be the moderator and you can watch it live on october 12th live here on nbc bay area and on the fight over california's furlough friday headed to the
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state supreme court. on wednesday the high court is set to hear arguments on whether the governor has the right to force unpaid days on tens of thousands of state workers. this was started last year as a cost-saving measure. the lawsuits claim the governor's order violates the state law setting a 40-hour work week. the governor's attorneys claim the state constitution claim he can order furlows as a means to address the budget crisis. the big question is should i eat a hot dog or hamburger, for many, can i find a job? families hit local parks on this holiday, attention has turned to loved oning struggling to find work. more than 12% are unemployed in california and more than 11% in santa clara and alameda counties. some families say it's tough to make ends meet especially when you have kids. >> you can't just take any job. you have to take something more or less to what you're used to making and it's tough realizing
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that nowadays companies aren't pays that much. >> there is a little bit of good news. businesses and companies hired 67,000 new workers in july. the figures for august will be out in a couple of weeks. president obama hit the road this labor day to push his plan to jump-start the economy and create new jobs. but republican leaders have made it clear already that he should not expect their help to make it happen. nbc bay area brian mooar takes a look at the president's $50 billion proposal. >> reporter: on this labor day 2010, president obama was on the job in milwaukee, rolling out a plan to rebuild the economy by fixing roads, rails and runways. >> i am going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every single minute, to turn this economy around and put people back to work and renew the american dream. >> reporter: it's a tease for a larger economic turn-around effort. some might call it a stimulus, that the president plans to
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unveil on wednesday. but this election year plan won't create jobs right away, and congress has to approve it. the president is all be daring the republicans to say "no." >> "yes, we can," remember that was our slogan? their slogan is "no, we can't." nope, 2340e7, nope. >> and labor day events across the country, candidates in the upcoming races were reaching out for votes. this election year isn't looking good for incumbents. and the tune has changed dramatically for democrats who are riding high just two years ago. unemployment has edged up to 9.6% and the recovery is dragging along. summer may be slipping away but the uncertainty isn't. and as election day approaches, voters are demanding a lot more than promises from washington. the president unveils the rest of his jobs' plan on wednesday
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in cleveland. in washington, i'm brian mooar, nbc bay area news. ahead, flu shots for everyone! why the cdc is issuing new guidelines for the flu vaccine. look at these numbers. 90 in san jose? we have big changes in your forecast. a look coming up. investigating what went wrong in the bp oil explosion. how a giant piece of evidence could provide the answer to what caused the worst environmental disaster in this nation's history. also, the well-known leader who is trying to help free the three graduates imprisoned in iran. and the millennium climber making his way up the 58 stories of this millennium tower in san francisco. he's about to get to the top. he's a stuntman who has decided to show how he can make it to the top to prove that buildings
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like this are vulnerable. he's at the top and you see the police officer right there. san francisco police have vowed to arrest this man when he got to the top and it looks like that is about to happen. >> there he is. he's been on -- climbing this building all afternoon. we believe this man to be dan goodwin. he's got somebody, an agent, i suppose, on the sidewalk down along mission street at millennium tower handing out a press release saying, yes, this is "skyscraper man." he's done this in spots around the world. the san francisco police said we won't make an attempt to make things dangerous in an attempt to arrest him until he gets to the top. so they are keep his distance because he's still standing on the edge of the building making sure no accidents happen and allowing this man to unhook from his equipment. >> and one more story to go. they're going to allow him to make it to the very tippy top of the building. the police officer is stepping back when he put his suction cups on the wall so he could
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make it up that next story. >> and if you're not familiar with the millennium tower this is 58 stories. but this is all residential. it never opened until april of 2009 so obviously, it caught the eye of skyscraper man pretty quickly. but there he is, at the very top. again as you pointed out, jessica, we're not clear why it is that -- whether the police are going to allow the man to climb that one more ledge. the police officers are talking to him, saying -- here's a summons for your arrest. >> he's very casual about the whole thing. you have to be casual when you climb without a net. you'd be very casual about getting arrested as well. he's done other buildings before, tom. >> we talked about the sears tower and we're talking about other buildings, too, at the world trade center. he's well-known. he's done other buildings around the world as well. and, again, he says that his whole objective is to point out the vulnerabilities, particularly as it relates to terror attacks of these highrise
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buildings, although it's not exactly clear what it is that he intends to demonstrate except that people can gain access but doing what he does, i suppose. >> and the connection between labor day -- why he chose today, the significance that might have. it would be interested to find out why he chose this day. >> he only has about ten more feet. once he gets to the top our assumption is -- more san francisco police officers are up there. maybe they're extending a hand to him to help him up and say -- you've had your fun. time to go away and they'll book him and, obviously, it's not some enormous crime that they're worried about as much as it is safety. we saw earlier as we were watching along the streets, that a crowd had gathered and they were looking skyward to watch what's happening. "skyscraper man" just five feet left. he's pulling out some kind of flag. is he going to -- >> i'm reading information on
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him, tom, and in 1980, he witnessed the burns of the mgm grand hotel in las vegas and he felt those people that died in that building would have been able to get out had they had better skills of being able to get out and ever since then this has been one of his missions as you said earlier, to talk about better safety in buildings. and being able, he says, people in that building should have been ferried out in baskets. so h has some of the buildings that he has climbed, the sears tower. the renaissance to you her dallas, texas. he's climbed the central complex in venezuela as well and as you said, the world trade center. the north tower of the world trade center as well. >> interestingly, this is right near the terminal. very close to the financial district. if it's a crowd you're looking for at this time of the day, you probably could have chosen a workday as opposed to labor day. but there he is and maybe his thought process is that that
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would have made this whole situation more dangerous, who knows. he's holding up his american flag even though i think he's a frenchman. he's not in a hurry to -- >> he's from maine. >> he's just got five feet to go. and there, now the firefighters are leaning over the side wondering what their next move should be. we're going to sit here and watch what happens as dan goodwin makes his statement. >> and when looking at this here, it seems he likes to pick holidays to do his climbing. on memorial day that goodwin climbed the tallest building in the world, the sears tower in chicago, illinois, so he picks a holiday and then highlights it by climbing. look at how high he has climbed without any safety harness, without a net underneath him. it is spectacular to see this. he's a well-renowned rock climber as well. he has climbed to the top several times of famous
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buildings. >> and he does climbs a lot of others won't do. that's very obvious. so the firefighters, again, right there you see them at the very top of the building saying -- come on, get up here. >> in the past he's been known to wear a spiderman outfit. today he's not wearing his spiderman outfit. >> that's interesting because a lot of people call him "spiderman" and he says, "no, i'm skyscraper man." we're almost to do end. he's 58 stories above the ground. we just saw that incredible shot of how high it is. the firefighters are actually helping him put his american flag up there, hoping they can move things along. we may as well be a help rather than a hindrance. >> it will help move this process along a little quick fer we help him put the flag up. >> that's what they're thinking. we'll let you know what happens. we'll go to breakoyou u whatat' on..ndw u wh's going on
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well, there is the man who we believe to be dan goodwin, the "skyscraper man" still at the very summit of the millennium to you her downtown san francisco. he's been climbing all afternoon. >> we understand he started at about 2:00 this afternoon going up the 58 stories of the millennium towers without a net, without a harness, just using the suction cups that he has used in the past to climb to the top of the building. you can see now that there are a handful of people at the top of the building including some firefighters and personnel. also, police officers are standing on the side of the tower waiting to arrest goodwin. he's done this before. climbed many, many other buildings before. the sears tower, the john hancock center in chicago. the north tower of the world trade center, always trying to bring recognition to the fact
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that there should be more safety precautions related to high skyscrapers and the ability to protect people inside the skyscrapers. he did it on memorial day and now on labor day. >> and he's had a running discourse with the officers and the firefighters who are waiting for him and they'll take him into custody as soon as he gets to the topessum wl wil ssum will be momentarily. weather in a minute. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪
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well let's just check back in most briefly at the top of the millennium tower in downtown san francisco, that's 58 stories tall and that's dan goodwin, "skyscraper man" climbing the building throughout the afternoon and it looks like he's gone down a few feet. the cops have been sitting there watching him for the last 15 minutes waiting for him to scale the last 15 feet that's taking a while but maybe he's going down and will surrender himself right there. let's bring in rob, what kind of conditions? he doesn't have a net, he's got to be awfully hot and what about the wind? >> and it's 5:00. in the summer you get that late-day breeze. it looks like he's trying to step off here, maybe turning himself in. we've had winds at 20 miles an hour -- there he is. >> the glass partition there so at least he's protected from the wind. but there, the officer is saying, okay, come on and let's not have any problems. take your gear. we know it costs a lot.
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we'll help you take care of it. >> as peaceful as kit be. >> rob, sevenays for us? >> the northwest at 20 and that, by the way, is the reason why the seven-day forecast starting tomorrow, everybody starts to cool off. you see temperatures on wednesday actually can start off with drizzle. 60s and 70s for highs after today, we get into the 90s and probably broke a few records. a look at that coming up tonight at 6:00. >> itwaey. that way. rob, thank you. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools.
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but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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talk about a labor day for dan goodwin, "skyscraper man" been arrested by the san francisco police after spending his labor day climbing the 58 stories of the millennium tower in san francisco's financial district. this is video from him earlier when he was scaling to the top of the building. took him since about 2:00 this afternoon. dan goodwin, a renowned climber and the self-proclaimed "skyscraper man." >> he's done this before on many, many buildings. the sears tower among them. maybe the 58 stories that looks monumental to us is not such a big deal to him and he got up the side of the building relatively quickly. it was interesting to watch the
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san francisco department and firefighters who were up there keeping their distance and literally, helping him get to the top and then saying -- okay, show's over, folks. >> as he unrolls the american flag. see you later. !%
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