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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  September 7, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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you and your phone. hidden thieves that can talk to you plenty. an investigation that could save you money. emergency landing. the anonymous threat that forced a jumbo jet to return back to california late tonight. and extreme high school hazing forces changes in one east bay school district tonight. good evening, i'm jessica
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aguirre. >> and i'm lisa kim. >> vicky nguyen is live at the hospital. apparently the principal is asking for local help? >> reporter: yeah, he is, lisa. the principal calls this the worst he's seen in a long time. he's reached out asking the stores to stop selling eggs to teenagers. students we talked with tonight say no matter what school leaders or stores do, it's going to be very difficult to crack down on this tradition. >> a lot of my friends had eggs thrown at them. >> reporter: paul says so far he's escaped freshman fridays where students drive by younger students and pelt them with eggs. >> you see kids in cars going down the road with sweatshirts over their faces so they don't get noticed. they have really bad aim. so no one usually gets hit. >> reporter: but a 13-year-old albany middle school student whaent so lucky. friday night on his way home from a football game, police say
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a group of students didn't just throw eggs, they threw punches. the teen suffered a school fracture, and his attacker was later arrested for felony assault. >> he did a foolish mistake. >> reporter: he graduated last year. he says he knows both boys and that a retaliation could be coming. >> if anything, things could get ugly. >> that's not really what it's about. not physically assaulting them. >> reporter: albany editor emily was on a ride-along with police friday. she says the attack was one of five egging incidents police responded to that night. >> we all know this is a tradition. with the eggs and this has gone too far. >> reporter: she says the 17-year-old was taken into custody to apologize. >> it seems very apologetic and since sincere. >> that wasn't enough. the principal says that boy will be expelled and any other students caught hazing or
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bullying will be given zero tolerance. >> our stance is very clear. we do not expect student hazing or bullying. in any way, shape or form both in school, before school or after school. >> reporter: school leaders say they're doing everything that they can to stop these egging incidents. but they say most of the attacks happened after school hours or off campus. now, we contacted safeway. the chain says it is sympathetic to what's going on, but it simply cannot stop selling eggs to teens because that would be discrimination. cvs stores plan to enforce a three-carten limit. meanwhile, the other students involved in friday's attack have been suspended. reporting live tonight in albany, i'm vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, vicky. well, not on the backs of our students. a packed city council chamber in richmond tonight. parents, students and teachers fighting to keep three schools open including kennedy high which is the anchor of that struggling city.
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nbc area's cheryl hurd is live in richmond. cheryl, any news on what happened? >> reporter: jessica, we are still awaiting a vote here outside richmond city council chambers. but earlier today, one of the counsel members he believes that the school needs. meanwhile, people got up to speak their minds tonight, and all of them were filled with emotion. >> sick feelings to my stomach. >> reporter: many people staying up late fighting to keep their school open. >> if we allow the schools to be closed, think about the millions of dollars we'll have to spend to try and deal with these youngsters in the jailhouses, in the prisons. and the only people that don't are on the table. >> it would be like shutting down to the schools. >> reporter: on the agenda, the fate of richmond high school along with two elementary
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schools. to put it straight, we lost $39 million last year. out of a $280 billion budget but to make she's decisions. the school board making the decision in february to close schools. it needs one per million and a half. according to co-councdo council deability and that the district has to puhave one. >> reporter: still, communities' community leaders and kennedy high school's principal says they will fight till the end to keep their school open. >> we have passion. we have heart. it is not about a building, but it's about the people that are in the building.
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>> reporter: faced with the one city council member who was very critical on giving the school board the money that it needed to give -- to keep the schools open, although he says that he will vote in favor to give the school district the money. meanwhile, he was the one who says that he is tired of the school board treating the city like an atm. we'll give you an update on the vote later on in our newscast. live in richmond, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. and developing news at l.a.x. tonight. the fbi is investigating passengers on a thai airlines jet that made an emergency landing just a couple hours ago. now, the tsa says someone wrote a threatening message on the mirror on flight 794 from bangkok to los angeles. the pilot declared an emergency and immediately took the jet in where firefighters and police took in those passengers. every passenger had to be rescreened at the terminal. sunnyvale fire investigators
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released this sketch of a man they say could be a firebug who's getting more daring and dangerous. someone has set 15 fires since may. many of them near old san francisco road and garland avenues. that arsonist has torched mostly dumpsters until last week when he set a car on fire with someone sleeping inside. ifeouav a hny information, call sunnyvale police. new at 11:00, cell phone video of a house fire that left an already struggling trio of siblings homeless over the weekend. we shared their heartbreaking story with you at 6:00. tonight we have the iphone video of the fire that gutted their sunnyvale home. sue came back this afternoon to try and salvage a few of they are things. the 23-year-old earned custody last year from their drug-addicted mom. since then she's been juggling a full-time job and attending college. the fire, she said, is just
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another obstacle they'll tackle together as a family. >> it's brought us a lot closer. every time we have something that happens, it just makes us stronger with it. this is just one more thing that we can look back at and know that it's about or family. we're going to be okay. >> the american red cross has put the family up temporarily in a motel. neighbors are also pitching in trying to establish a fund at a local wells fargo branch. happening also now, state of emergency in colorado declared. and this is why. a massive wildfire burning, building after building, showing in sign of slowing down. happening near boulder. flames have already destroyed 92 structures there tonight. and it's unclear how many of those are homes. we do know that more than 3,000 people were forced to evacuate the area. the fire doubling in size from this time last night, charring more than 7,000 acres of tinder-dry land. investigators know it started with a car and a propane tank
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monday. a charge of gunning down a bay area cop. dozens of fremont police officers flooded to the courtroom today to see him get formally charged. the 20-year-old suspect faces ten felonies including carjacking and attempted murder. he did not enter a plea. in an earlier statement, he admits shooting to young but said he didn't know he was the cop. authorities say that detail is crucial. only in berkeley. a memorial is growing for the victim of a police shooting. that victim, a restaurant romping mountain lion. located at the corner of cedar and shattuck, it features flowers and posters bearing emotional supporters in support of the big cat. the mountain lion was shot in front of a house last tuesday morning after it strolled through restaurant row. onces s
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onces -- how a california man tracked his ex. and how mysterious charges could be showing up on your cell phone bill. charges you may not even know you're paying for. what you can do now to stop those extra fees. and what's so special? why dozens of people are sleeping out in the cold tonight in the easnyt bay. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking that cold for you. right now 50s and 60s. tomorrow, only low 60s at 10:00 a.m. we're tracking more o wyourcoeec the rest of your week coming up. big fish too... you know why?
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'cause i'm a papa bear. you -- look at you, mr. high-tech hollywood, with all your high-tech gizmos. it's how i roll.
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you roll like a dinosaur with that tiny interest rate. try new school banking at your savings will be earning three times the national average. hmm. you gotta stop earning zippo, t-rex! get a higher rate, pterodactyl. interest plus savings at three times the national average. go to what's in your wallet? two spoons please! unrepentant. the pastor of a tiny evangelical church in florida says he will go forward with plans to publicly burn the muslim holy book the koran on 9/11 despite warnings that it may cost american lives overseas. religious leaders met with pastor terry holder today hoping to persuade him not to burn the koran. the bonfire planned by the outreach center in gainesville is intended to, quote, hurt and offend.
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but the church's leader said he's standing up to islamic extremists. general david petraeus has warned holder that his actions could kill u.s. troops and endanger the war effort there. talk about a creepy way to get back at your ex. a 36-year-old man is in jail tonight after he was caught hiding in the attic of his former wife's house. he was arrested this morning in the coastal town of oceano several miles south of san luis obis obispo. hernandez was hiding sending text messages to her cell phone. in those text he allegedly described the interior of her house. when deputies arrived, they found hernandez hiding in a cardboard box. he was booked on burglary charges and violating a restraining order. game on, and the games haven't even begun. during an intramural sports team at uc berkeley is so popular that students are camping out tonight. there are dozens of students outside cal's recreational
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sports complex on bancroft avenue right now. they're going to spend the night outside so they have their first shot at intramural sports which include basketball, aenndni ts. obviously, that's not the right video. joining teams has been become very popular and competitive in recent years. in a line like this that you saw earlier becoming more calm. sign-ups begin tomorrow morning at 7:00. well, we've got some breaking news just in at the top of the newscast. we talked to you about richmond schools on the brink of being shut down because at, awe reporter on the scene at the richmond city council tonight. that those schools have been
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talking about two others. the schools will stay open after impassioned pleas from parents, students and teachers who ask g asking. and for now those schools will remain open. tonight, an nbc investigation reveals how er er. our reporter has uncovered a problem which could affect millions of wireless customers. >> reporter: when you buy a phone from verizon these days, there's a good chance you might be getting features you won't want. when kim bought her verizon phone two two years ago, she noticed it had two games on it, pac-man and "are you smarter than a if i have grader?" she assumed the games were free until last month when she looked at two years of verizon bills
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and noticed a $6.98 a month charge. >> i wasn't sure what that was. >> reporter: in fact, refer vic vicen. i didn't download it, and there it is. >> you didn't authorize those charges. you shouldn't be paying for it. >> reporter: that's the head of the national consumers league who missed with me. she also sits on the company needs to give consumers a lot more details on their bills. >> one of the things that's so frustrating for consumers is that when you get some of these charges, they're not explained. >> reporter: so how did those names get on there. but the company did admit to us that many verizon phones get
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gamed on a without my permission. >> reporter: she's not the only one with problem with data charges. just a year ago, someone from the school's biggest newspaper wrote about her rise risen could never clear ly. they, too, are getting hit with ultimately charged. >> reporter: and getting verizon to remove those mysterious charges for manila. >> initially, there was nothing they could do. >> reporter: she wouldn't take no for an answer. >> we were on the zone for at least an hour not.
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>> look at your bill. know each month enter is your question, call. >> verizon that tells us on in blg the with says is to activate the password protection knee tour on the device. if any warts bates unauthorized charges. >> you called for this one. >> yeah, we did. whether you like it or not, that's another story. we've gone from hot to cold to hot to cold back to hot again and then cold again here in the bay area. at least over the past couple weeks, as we just can't seem to get stable here across the bay area. you'll see temperatures from 20 to 30 degrees cooler today. while we did have a little bit of heat out here like in santa
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rosa. anywhere there were 80s today, we're talking about 60s and low 70s for tomorrow. so everyone's going to be feeling the impact of not only the fog at the coastline but also cooler air aloft. right now temperatures not too out of the ordinary here. 57 in san francisco. 57 in san mateo. 61 livermore and 64 in san jose. as we continue through tomorrow, what you're going to notice is we're not going to get much warmer in here. not only is it going to be breezy, but 60s and 70s inland. this trend really looks to last over the next tw. it's going to be dry. no rainfall from it. once again, the air behind it is all going to into the last part of october, early part of november. england spots once again in the upper 60s to low 70s. that means 50s at the coastline.
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fog and drizzle for the morning. and by thursday, this pattern stays in place. the only good thing, we'll still get sunshine. if you're not a fan of cool temperatures, we'll sunny skies for the north and also for the south bay. east bay tomorrow, 10:00 a.m., only 65 degrees. that's it. and not much warming after that. you need a jacket as you head out in the morning with the kids and for your yourself as we look at cool weather coming back for our wednesday for the bay area. let's get a look. 72 in gilroy. 73 in santa teresa. 69 in pleasanton. 67 in dublin. that is it, folks. 70 in livermore. and mid-60s from san francisco into san mateo. and we'll see pittsburg and also fairfield in the mid-70s. north bay, anywhere from 50s at the coastline to 60s in novato. and 74 in santa rosa.
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more anytime on the weather channel on kmd. as i look ed next, a a 49ers cheerleader who got a minute to win it. ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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with my citi thankyou points when it happened... [ glass breaks ] ...again. ♪ [ child ] run! [ man ] first it was the mailbox. then my squirrel. and now, this. so i used my points to make a donation to get the park down the street built. when it finally opened, i also used my points for... car repair. [ male announcer ] use your citi thankyou points for almost anything, even local charities. what's your story? citi can help you write it. a google tonight gets more mysterious. late tonight they paged its logo from the bouncing balls to this
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doodle. the letters change colors when you type. normally google lets us in on its doodle designs but not this time. the company is holding a search event in san francisco and the anticipation surrounding it is growing. what does it mean? we'll let you know. the 49ers had a minute to win it tonight, and a bay area charity was watching very closely. >> there we go. gold rush cheerleader amber wright played on the game show tonight. she won $145,000 and she'll be back tomorrow to try to win more. wright is donating all that money to a bay area women's sports initiative. that program helps young girls and their families with leadership projects and community service. minute to win it airs 8:00 p.m. here on nbc bay area news. >> they should give her the $100,000 just for having that flat stomach. that's what i say. >> so football is coming up? a couple days from now. right here on nbc. yes, we're talking unplugging.
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gosh, what a great network this is. the peacock. all good news for the giants. and another singing s bears. e cal bears. everyone on this team sings. we're back in a moment. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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good evening. it's fun to watch these guys when we have a giants team like that this captivates the bay area, it usually comes with a high-profile manager. remember roger craig in the '80s, dusty baker more recently. but what's happening with our friend bruce bochy? nice man but no slogans. bochy might deliver something that those guys have not delivered. to san francisco. a world series title. aubrey huff tonight with a two-run homer in the first inning. nice way to start things going. tim lincecum, dominant. 11 strikeouts. had a one-hitter into the seventh inning. and then the hot-hitting freddy sanchez, watch this home run. it goes into right field. who's there in phoenix to catch
11:29 pm
it? a couple of giants fans. nice catch, by the way. and a nice celebration by these guys. they are very happy. all smiles. giants win, 6-3. they remain one game out of the division race. and now just one game out of the wild card. the a's big story line tonight, they've hired an architect. the lead office is yet to approve their new stadium. but the team is moving forward. more on that in a moment. first, the game at the coliseum. mr. perfect, dallas braden gets roughed up by ichiro and the mariners, a little bloop rbi single at the coliseum. seattle took a 4-0 lead. a's made a little comeback at the end but not enough. adam moore with the home run here. seattle beats oakland tonight, 7-5. now for the stadium. back to lew wolff. a's announced they've hired 360 architecture to design two stadiums in downtown san jose, cisco field.
11:30 pm
they also own the quakes. 360 has designed several ballparks including the jets and giants shared stadium and the twins' new ball field as well. the big buzz in college football. conflicting reports tonight that former usc running back reggie bush will be stripped of his 2005 heisman trophy. bush received improper benefits while at usc. the story at cal, we have a new star on our hands. golden bears freshman wide receiver kenan allen. at practice today. one of the most sought-after recruits in the country out of north carolina. why come all the way to cal? well, his brother also plays on the team. electrifying debut last weekend in the bears opener. and then there's also this. ♪ >> you love me like he does? it's not bad. he's starting out. second cal player that sings as a moonlighter here. but yeah, football is still his priority.
11:31 pm
>> i just came in here and did my job, did what i was supposed to do. >> you knew he was going to do something special, which he did. and we'll are going to get excited. it's just good for our fans. >> just keep getting better helping my teammates out. >> the singer and wide receiver, cal hosting colorado this saturday in strawberry canyon. when we return, odd behavior by the umpire. ever had a tffice? he office? back ia ckmoment.a advantage topical solution treats dogs...
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... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪o as we wrap it up tonight, someone needs a hug. we've seen umpires eject coaches like this guy tonight. the same umpire then ejects a player. here's the player. this is the brewers/cardinals game, by the way. you're out of here. and then can he eject a fan? that's what he did. >> the umpire did? >> yes. the fan is cursing, sure, get him out of there. you can call anyone a bum at ao ndy' not ejected. i've been called a bum a few times.


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