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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6AM  NBC  September 9, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> we have 40s and 50s to get started, today's highs, 73 san jose, 64 around san francisco. close to 68 in oakland. the wind looks more like september. warming up. a full look at the forecast coming your way in a few minutes. this morning four people are recovering after a chain reaction crash in oakland. a dump truck driver is blaming bad brakes for losing control on an exit ramp from 580 last evening. when it was all over 13 vehicles had been damaged. oakland police say in all four people were taken to the hospital, but did not suffer life threatening injuries. the truck driver told the chp his brakes had fail. this morning the man found living inside a house with the bodies of his wife and another women is free on bail. police found explosive materials in his vallejo home along with
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the bodies. yesterday a judge lowered rittenhouse's bail from $2 million to $25,000. police are still looking at any possible connection between rittenhouse and efren valdemoro. chp officers killed valdemoro last week. they say he was behind the east bay killing spree. police think valdemoro killed his girlfriend, a hercules man, that man's son is still missing and could be dead. police are investigating whether valdemoro killed allen and smart. 35-year-old frederick sales is that man still missing. police will be at a landfill searching for his body today. the sixth day of the search. >> first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bush will be in shanksville, pennsylvania on saturday. they will both be there for the ceremony to mark the ninth anniversary of the crash of united flight 93 on september 11, 2001. that ceremony will be held at a
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temporary memorial sight. a permanent memorial is under construction. it is set to open next year on the tenth anniversary of the attacks. joining us this morning is alice, she will also be in shanksville. she will be flying out this afternoon. her son mark bingham was on flight 93 and took part in the fight to overcome the hijackers and take over that flight. you have a busy day ahead and a busy weekend ahead. but it's important forward to you being in shanksville. >> i'm looking forward to seeing mrs. bush again. she has been to the crash site several times, she and her husband. i'm looking forward to meeting michelle obama. the security is very high. we have to be there at 0700 and be prepared to be frisked, interrogated. >> interesting. >> but it will be fun, i think. >> exactly. how is it for you going to the memorial site? >> well --
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>> it's a temporary memorial site, as i mentioned. >> oddly enough i like it the way it was. whenever -- by the time we got there as families, we were always treated cordially and with a great deal of deference, but i wouldn't have minded going back and witnessing what the emt guys did on that very first day, when flight 93 was nothing more than a hole in the ground smoldering. >> really. >> it was pretty frightening. it hit the ground with such force that there was really nothing left of the plane. the people who were there to rescue living people were determined to find people who had survived. >> anything. >> but it was grim. no one, of course, survived that impact, upside down and going 580 miles into the soft lomb out there in southwest pennsylvania. i'm grateful that there is a
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memorial being built. my heart goes out to the people in new york city who have had such a terrible time trying to memorialize the lives of their loved ones. new york, of course, has different problems. it is heavily populated, the pressure -- >> limited space. >> but shanksville is different. >> it is. and new york being different as well. and so much controversy with the mosque. >> oh. >> what do you think about that? >> well, i -- i have -- i have had the pleasure of meeting daisy kahn, the wife of faisal rauf, of course people should be allowed to worship when and where they please. it's not a question of religious freedom. it really an issue of propriority of appropriateness and sensitivity. i really urge the imam to go back to his former stance of promoting peace in the world and
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advancing the cause of women in the world. islam really needs people who are willing to speak up for the plight of women. >> mm-hmm. >> but to insist and to be so intransigent in your insistence on building a mosque two blocks from the world trade center site in the face of this mounting controversy, i really wish that things had worked out differently. i'm sorry that that particular issue has taken away the solemnity of the september 11th anniversary. >> exactly. it's hard to believe we are on the nine-year anniversary of it. next year will be ten years. >> it's gone by. >> has it for you? >> it seems like a heartbeat for me. i miss my son every day. i know almost the 3,000 people who were lost all had loved ones who miss and love them every day. i'm just one of a bunch. >> yeah, but you're a special one too, it's got to be hard to
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recall it. you've been so gracious to talk about it. >> it's healing for me, too, laura. >> how hard is it for you to get on a plane and fly, or is it? >> that's hard. i know as a retired flight attendant that the aviation industry has done as much of it can to avoid paying money. for example, the ntsb ten years before 9/11 urged all of the commercial airlines to reinforce those cockpit doors. if they had done that it would have saved the lives of everyone who died on 9/11ment. >> we wouldn't be where we are today. >> soon after 9/11 all the cockpit doors were reinforced. they were designed to be flimsy so flight attendants could burst
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in and call how the any injured people and get them down the chute, that's good, but when you deal with armed hijackers on board an aircraft, you need to seal yourself away. >> you tell the tsa, for example, who you are and your connection to 9/11. >> not that it makes a lot of difference. but every time i go through i observe and i congratulate them if they're doing a good job. but it has become quite routine. it's not an easy job, that's for sure. and the security screening is considerably better than it was before 9/11. the real problem is not that they scrutinize our purses and our carry-on. the real problem is that just below us, under our feet as we fly, there is an entire cargo hold full of stuff that we don't know what it is. >> mm-hmm. >> it has not been adequately screened. there is inadequate supervision who have unfettered access to
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the airplane, cockpit, cargo, cabin all the time when it's sitting on the ground. we don't have proper security training for flight attendants or front enders, pilots. the tsa a few years ago relaxed its restrictions that could be used as weapons on board the aircraft. screwdrivers, matches, those are things that we know were used on september 11th. we are going backwards. >> we are going backwards in terms of the airlines and their bottom line. she has such an interesting perspective, working in the airline industry and the mother of mark bingham who was lost on that day. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. it is a big day for hundreds of parents and their kids. they'll be getting free school supplies. if you want to take advantage of the program, you better hurry. christie smith is live in oakland with more on this
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project. anyone who had to do back to school shopping can appreciate how important something like this is. >> absolutely. it's really an expensive thing. i had do it twice for both my kids. i can tell you that franklin elementary school in oakland will be a popular place a bit later this morning. they are giving out 850 kits of free school supplies thanks to a group called k to college. we are hear this morning with bonito delgato olson. you are the founder of this, can you tell us how it works? >> the way this will work this morning, the kids here at franklin elementary school in oakland will be the first 850 of over 150,000 throughout the bay area to receive school supply kit with about $60 worth of grade-appropriate materials. >> reporter: there's a couple kits they're giving out, but what we have spread out on the bench is from one bag.
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can you explain why you started this and who it is geared towards? >> the organization began with my colleagues and i when we were seniors at uc berkeley. over the years, the mission evolved to provide tangible resources to students in need. the way we identify those students is we target schools with high enrollment in the free and reduced lunch program which, i'm sure, as you know, is not much money in the bay area. so really this is our first big program where we are looking to provide students with materials they need to take full advantage of their education, and in all likelihood would go without. it's great for them. great for the parents, saves them money, in some cases debt. saves the teachers money who have a lot of out-of-pocket expens expenses.
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it's a win-win situation. >> reporter: how can people help if they want to? >> by going to our website, which is and figure out how they can get involved. >> all right. great. thank you very much for being out here. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. want to check the morning commute once again with mike, helping you get out the door. >> construction going down through oakland. a live look out at the coliseum where traffic is bidding up here. smooth right now, but from time to time a burst of traffic, especially in the southbound side. we saw slowing on this map. the construction zone has cleared between oak street and 23rd, as it was clearing we saw some slowing. because of that burst of traffic as well as the fact when caltrans is moving trucks,s that mo causes more of a delay.
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we will follow the rest of the east bay build in the next report. >> let's check in with rob now and get a look at the forecast. overcast yesterday. one of those days where it never really cleared. >> it was making soup and cookies weather. >> exactly. i wish i could put that on my seven-day. the system that brought the soup and cooking weather around the bay area, that's heading off to the east. behind it, more sunshine. 40s and 50s this morning. as we head towards lunch time, we should see mid 70s. 73 in san jose. if you want to find 80 degree temperatures, tomorrow inland valleys, and that trend should hold up through the weekend. >> 6:12 now. it looks like it is getting safe tore hit the highways. and thousands of people are out of their homes because of this, wifi, we'll tell you how many homes were destroyed.
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it's looking like the california supreme court may uphold the governor's furlough friday orders. at a hearing in san francisco, while some justices were skeptical that governor arnold schwarzenegger has the power to cut employees work weeks when the state runs out of money, a majority also appeared to agree that the legislature had to authorize the furloughs. a judge said the 2009/2010 budget lawmakers passed called for the exact amount of reduction in pay that schwarzenegger was cutting through furloughs. the number of people dying on the nation's roads is at its lowest level since 1950. traffic deaths fell nearly 10% in 2009 to 33,808. transportation secretary ray lahood says the report shows that america's roads are the
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safest they have been but he wants themselves to be safer. he is leading the national crackdown on distracted driving. a school district in louisiana is taking a new step to crack down on drugs. the district will take hair samples from students who want to drive to school, play sports or join a club. those samples will be used for drug tests. after that, random tests will take place every month. parents who have kids in that school don't seem to have a problem with it. >> i love it. any time we can keep drugs out of the school, more power to them. >> i agree with it. >> the district is looking for everything from marijuana to prescription drugs. a guy in miami probably got himself into more trouble in a bond hearing for attempted murder. >> if you don't let me out of here, i'll [ bleep ] kill you. i'll [ bleep ] if you don't let me out of here. >> he was yelling, as you can see, at the judge. that man was mad that he was not going to be out of jail for the
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jewish roholiday. >> thousands of people in colorado are out of their homes. at least 135 homes are completely destroyed. firefighters have contained about 10% of that fire. flames have scorched about 6,000 acres, or nine square miles. that's an issue larger than the size of san francisco. this morning one person is hurt and several businesses are damaged after a tornado touched down in dallas, texas. look at some of this amazing video. an employee at one of the company's caught the twister on video. the twister flipped a semi crashing it into a building. a good samaritan helped to pull the injured driver to safety. >> the driver of the 18-wheeler stuck his hand out of the window yelling help.
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me and four other people went over and pried the door open. >> the tornado also snapped telephone poles and took down trees and left a lot of frayed nerves. >> my goodness. the time is 6:18, hopefully it is calm on the roadways. >> southbound 880 in oakland, cleared about 40 minutes ago. things have been moving smoothly. no major slowing here. 580 westbound is moving nicely. 24 out of the caldecott tunnel, mild slowing. east shore freeway is nice. folks will notice as you go through the streets of treasure island a couple blocks are blocked off because of equipment coming in, that will effect the muni line that takes you on to and off of treasure island. that only goes until 6:00 p.m. the bay bridge toll plaza, we have had a nice burst of traffic
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coming through the area, off of 880 and the east shore freeway. no metering lights yet. yesterday they were turned on early because of a disabled bus on the upper deck. a live look out there, we see that 19 minutes now out of the altamont pass through livermore, over to dublin interchange, slower than we saw a half hour ago, but much better than a day ago. a nice, smooth flow. speeds still registering on average about 45 miles per hour. that's pretty pleasant coming through livermore. this is also a note for folks heading through sunol, 680, i will get more traffic because nobody is held up in livermore. the golden gate bridge, clear flow here. a chilly one, but rob will have more on that coming up. >> when you hear that music it can mean one thing -- the nfl is back on nbc tonight. the fantasy football kicks off
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as well. we will have experts from yahoo! sports coming up. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america.
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jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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welcome back. waking up to patchy low clouds, a chilly start. jacket weather to say the least across the north bay. mid 40s around santa rosa. san jose, 56. got a south wind at 5. there you see some of the broken low level clouds, good enough for mist in some spots but not rain showers like yesterday. the trough heading off to the east, a cool day by september standards. looking at 70s inland. beginning tomorrow and for the weekend as high pressure builds in, that should bring 80s back into the forecast. today 73 in san jose. 64 around san francisco. 68 in oakland. inland, vacaville, about 75.
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and 68 later today in petaluma. the seven-day forecast warms up. the coast will still see the low clouds, finally 80s popping up beginning as early as tomorrow. if you are looking for a job or someone you know is, palo alto may be the place to be today. pharmica will host a job fair to hire members for its new menlo park store. they are looking to hire pharmacists, herbalists, estheticians and cashiers. the job fair is from 8:00 to 6:00 today and 8:00 to 4:00 tomorrow. 108 shopping days until christmas. toys "r" us plans to put some people to work this holiday season. it's opening 600 temporary express stores in malls and shopping centers. the toy store chain says it will hire 10,000 seasonal workers. about 300 of the express stores
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are already open. the rest will be opening november. most will close in january, but soon could become permanent stores in sales go well. you know what the giants would like? an early christmas present. the post-season appearance. the team is waking up in san diego this morning to start a four-game series against the padres. the team is two games out of first place in the nl rest. they are also in the hunt for the wild card, trailing the slumping braves by two games. the giants didn't help themselves last night, losing a game in the standings after suffering a 3-1 loss at arizona. while the giants were falling, the padres were pounding the dodgers. san diego finished off l.a. with a 4-1 win and the series sweep. today is like christmas for football fans across the country. opening weekend of the season kicks off this afternoon at 5:00. talking about nfl football. the saints will get things
6:25 am
started against brett favre and the vikings. pregame show starts at 4:30. and with that, millions of american also start their own season, their own fantasy football season. >> scott mcgrew joins us now with a look at how the fantasy game is growing thanks to the work of a silicon valley company. >> that's right. nearly 5 million people, laura, i'm not among them, but 5 million play fantasy football on yahoo! alone that makes the south bay site the largest player on the field, which includes espn, even nbc sports site. andy berrins is a fantasy sports expert. this is not child's play this is big business. >> no, you're right. it's big business. nearly 5 million people playing on yahoo! sports. we hosted online leagues for over ten years. a great way to stay connected with old friends, a great way to
6:26 am
learn the league. >> what are guys in fantasy football looking for this year? what is the big talk among fantasy football players? >> well, this is a grade kickoff tonight between the saints and vikings. this is basically a fantasy buffet, right? this is an outstanding game featuring two of the nfl's best offenses, new orleans averaged over 400 total yards per game last year. 30 points per game. an exciting time. i think we have seen just during the fantasy era, we have seen the game change a bit. it's much more of a quarterback and passing game intensive league now. >> this becomes -- players themselves become more important to fantasy football. it comes down to the player level, not the team level for people playing this sort of g e game. >> that's right. you develop attachments with specific players. maybe you lose touch with your hometown team. i know for me, i'm a life-long bears fan. i have not given that up no matter if i have aaron rogers in
6:27 am
my lineup or brett favre. >> you know as head of yahoo!'s fantasy football there that you are costing american businesses billions of dollars in productivity. any guilt there, andy? >> i have no guilt in the slightest. i used to be part of that problem before i joined yahoo!. it's also a great way to build camaraderie. you have to think of it that way. i rarely have leagues that i enjoyed as much as my old work league. >> you have perhaps the greatest jab on the planet, playing fantasy football as your job. >> there is nothing like, you know, being at home and setting my lineups for fantasy teams, and my wife says what are you doing and i say i'm working. it's great. >> andy, thanks for joining us today. if you tell your kids, do what you love, everything else will come in behind it, laura. >> it looks like he found just the ticket.
6:28 am
thanks. 6:27 right now. the a's get some major support from the south bay. see who is endorsing a possible move. and a man found in a house with the bodies of his wife and her friend is out of jail today. the latest in the east bayg omip
6:29 am
6:30 am
some heavy hitters step up to the plate for the a's. we'll tell you who wants them to move to the south bay. >> and some kids have a chance to get free school supplies today. we'll show you how. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm garvin thomas in for brent cannon. we want to check the morning commute. >> a quick note if you're heading to the bay bridge, head out the door first if you can't find an alternate or if you can
6:31 am
head to the san mateo bridge, hit there now. a slow-moving vehicle after a hit and run. the vehicle slowly making its way up over the incline. folks are bunching up, moving smoothly but slower up the incline. that car still not cleared from the upper deck. any time anyone hears about the upper deck, they will head away from there. i can see behind that bridge shot we have low clouds. we are seeing that throughout the bay area, south bay, misty skies for the morning commute. 40s and 50s outside this morning. pack a jacket with the kids as they head off to the school. for the afternoon, 60s and 70s today. the weekend, it will finally start to warm up. a look at that in the full forecast coming up. move the a's out of the east bay and bring them to san jose, that's the message from 75 power brokers in the south bay to
6:32 am
major league baseball. bob redell is live at the proposed site of the new stadium with more on what they're saying. bob? >> good morning to you. that message being sent to major league baseball commissioner bud selig in this two-page letter being signed by some of the biggest players in the south bay. 75 silicon valley ceos including the ones at cisco, adobe, yahoo! have put their signature on this letter urging selig to let the a's move out of oakland and build a new stadium here at this proposed location or elsewhere in the downtown area. a move that would be controversial considering that san jose is considered to be san francisco giants territory, not a's territory. the silicon valley leadership group which crafted this letter makes a few arguments to selig for bringing the a's to san jose.
6:33 am
a, there would be a lot of corporate support considering this area generates $2 trillion in global revenue. b, a major league baseball team would be a huge boon to the downtown economy in terms of jobs and economic development, and the bay area is the only two-team market in major league baseball where the territory is divided between not shared by both teams. a's have the east bay, giants have the peninsula and south bay. you compare this to chicago, l.a. and new york, where both team there's share the geography. lou wolf also signed this letter. a couple days ago he hired an architect to design a new stadium for downtown san jose, even though he doesn't have permission yet to move his team here. commissioner she' eer selig for committee about a year ago to discuss the move, it's not sure when that group will come up with a recommendation. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >> this morning four people are
6:34 am
recovering after a chain-reaction crash in oakland. a dump truck driver is blaming bad brakes for losing control on an exit ramp on 580 last night. when it was over 13 cars suffered damage. oakland police say four people were taken to the hospital but did not suffer life-threatening injuries. the truck driver told the chp his braked failed. yesterday rittenhouse made bail and was freed. rittenhouse's attorney says he did not kill the women. this man has been through a lot. his wife was murdered. he's been in custody for over a week.
6:35 am
vallejo police say he is still a person of interest, but prosecutors say efren valdemoro is the suspect in the case, valdemoro was shot and killed after a high speed chase in the east bay. google has changed the way it gives you search results. scott mcgrew walks us through it. >> it's called google instant. it happens really fast. the best way is to get on google, try it yourself. let's look. the company announced the big change at a press conference wednesday. what's happening is if you watch this, the ads and the actual results are changing in real time as you type. google has a television ad that can show it much better than i can using bob dillon. take a look. ♪ ♪ ♪ there you see the results changing as we go using an old bob dillon using the classic to
6:36 am
do that. it's super cole. totally changes the way that you search and also the way that advertising works, because the advertising will pop up earlier and you may click on it much earlier. this is a big boost for the way that google does business. >> it will be interesting to see if people like it. thanks, scott. kids who don't get their zs risk gaining lds. kids who get less than ten hours of sleep a night are at increased risk for being overweight. the national sleep foundation recommends toddlers 1 to 3 years old get 12 to 14 hours of sleep. preschoolers should get 11 to 13 hours of sleep, and teens 9 hours of sleep. the bay area toll bridge
6:37 am
commission is adding an additional 2$293 million to the project. the added money will pay for extra construction work and cover unexpected problems that could arise. the overall estimated cost for replacing the bridge's span remains at $6.2 billion. the bay area toll authority says the project will still be finished on time in late 2013. time is now 6:37. speaking of the bay bridge, it's not good news, is it? >> wasn't good news. i have a good news/bad news situation now. the good news is that slow-moving vehicle is still moving. that's the good news, it is still clearing. the bad news is that it already caused slowing through the area, and in san francisco, slowing off the upper deck. all approaching towards the bay bridge looking good. we'll give you a live shot and show you what it looks like. they just moved the camera from the incline, things are moving smoothly.
6:38 am
speeds still 40, 45. here is the back-up at the toll plaza. both metering lights turned on when that hit and run was reported. that lane was blocked 10, 15 minutes. should be cleared at treasure island. the fast track lanes, your advantage over the cash lanes. folks may head south coming through oakland, headlights past the coliseum a steady flow. speeds 50, close to 60. getting to the san mateo bridge, the construction zone. highway 82 moving smoothly but slows at the transition. toll plaza, you see the low clouds hanging around, but visibility okay across the water. livermore, we had livermore right there. a big concern yesterday. today typical concern, i guess. 25 minutes out of the altamont pass. this is good news, folks, we don't have major accidents for
6:39 am
580. >> thanks for the update. i thought today was one where you wanted to snuggle in bed just a little longer. >> with temperatures in the 40s and 50s, you plight want to take the blanket with you san jose, 56 degrees in september. that's little unusual. look at santa rosa, novato, napa starting off the morning in the 40s. jacket weather to say the least. you can probably put the umbrellas away today. you can see the system that brought us light rain heading out of the sierra. we are still expecting 73 around san jose. 64 in san francisco. 68 around oakland. north bay, 60s and 70s for today. tomorrow and moving into the weekend, should see temperatures climbing into the 80s as we warm up. back to you. >> i guess we're spoiled. thanks. it's 6:39 right now.
6:40 am
a restaurant is ruffling some feathers. and a snake that's too hard to handle. and kids willise omate surprise at some east bay schools today. a live report next. as
6:41 am
6:42 am
the church leader at the center of the koran burning continroversy is standing firm.
6:43 am
pastor terry jones says he will move forward with plans to burn the holy book of islam, this in spite of warnings that doing so would put u.s. troops in danger. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. with more on the outcry and news this morning that president obama is stepping into the fight. >> reporter: good morning. we now have an update. the pastor had said that if he was contacted by the president or the secretary of state or the pentagon or someone like that, he might reconsider doing his koran burning on saturday. that's now happened. in an interview earlier this morning, president obama called this a stunt and urged the pastor to call it off saying that it could be a recruitment bonanza for al qaeda and put troops around the world for danger. before this, despite pleas, the pastor said he was not backing down, despite death threats also. an fbi bulletin has comoe out saying they have credible
6:44 am
information that things may happen, though there are no specifics. the church's websites are now down. the internet service provider deciding to pull their hosting capability. muslim and christian groups are getting together for peaceful protests, trying to pull the attention away from this koran burning. >> thank you very much. today thousands of kids will be lining up at schools across the bay area to get free bags of school supplies. christie smith is live in oakland this morning with a look at who's behind the giveaway and how you can take advantage. good morning. >> reporter: buying all these supplies is expensive. with state budget cuts, families are asked to do more. that's where k to college comes in. they are giving 850 of these school kids at franklin
6:45 am
elementary school, every kid here will get one. this is what will be inside each bag this morning. with me is bonito delgado olsen. how does this work? it's free for everyone? >> yeah. we target schools that have high enrollment in the federal free reduced lunch program which has 185% income ceiling, so we know these are needy students. and the way it's going to work is that at 10:30 this morning, the students will come into the auditorium. it will be a brief assembly, each of them will get to go home today with one of these kits that has about $60 of grade-appropriate school supplies. >> it's expensive to supply this. how do you do it? >> about 80% is funded through federal dollars, appropriated by each county. it's part of the recovery act. and the other 20% is taking care largely by business partners, give something back business products. then also through private donations through individuals. >> 75,000 in alameda county.
6:46 am
this is also going on elsewhere. this is the first 850 of about 1 100,000 kits going out today. >> if someone sees this and wants to make a donation, how do they do it? go to it's $22 to cover one student and give them everything they need, and in all likelihood otherwise they would go without. >> that's the latest from here, reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> can you imagine the excitement of the kids digging in the bags? thanks. this morning a heavy metal frontman is offering cold hard cash for information on guitars that were stolen from his home.
6:47 am
one of which was given to him by a metal pioneer. there were a couple of suspicious cars in the neighborhood. >> we had one tip from the corner here, a green teal american-made pickup truck ta drove very slowly up around the corner, came back, drove very slowly. >> flynn earned a grammy nomination for his band machinehead for the 2007 release "the blackening." >> the san jose police department will honor officers and members of the community today. the department will hold its annual major awards banquet to recognize people who acted selflessly to protect others. the banquet is at 5:00 at the fourth street summit center in san jose. it looks like two thieves stole the wrong snake. they stole the 5 foot long python yesterday, they got caught when they were at mcdonalds. people put down their burgers and called cops after they saw them wrestling with the snake.
6:48 am
>> they were pretty dumb. >> police arrested those guys, they were accused of stealing a lizard as well as the python. the problem was that the python asked them to get a kid's meal. they came back with a happy peel. the python wanted a kid. >> ugh. all right. cool new way to save you money at fancy restaurants. >> this is a group on the coupon thing, it's a bit like that except you can do it individually. it's called village vines. you sign up for free and pay about $10 to make a dinner reservation at a specific san francisco restaurant. so when you show up at the restaurant, your waiter or waitress knows ahead of time to make a major deduction on your bill at the end of the night. sometimes 30%. you can think of it as priceline for restaurants. restaurants look around and sell empty tables there at a disco t
6:49 am
discount. an interesting article in the "new york times" pointing out that saving money does not pay well because interest rates are at record lows. great for borrowing money, lousy for simple savings accounts. recent average interest rates for savers fell below 1%. the head of the securities and exchange commission pointed out recently mom and pop investors have pulled out billions since this. they are saving money but they don't know where to put it. >> nice to have a nest egg. >> thank you very much. some parts are steamed about a restaurant's plan for some peace and quiet. the owner posted a sign saying no screaming children in her restaurant in carolina beach, north carolina. she said she heard complains, but on the flip side business is booming. the owner says kids are not banned, but if they start screaming, they must go outside.
6:50 am
screaming babies are allowed. >> some south a baylayers a hoping the a's will call them home. see what they're doing about it in a live report.
6:51 am
as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and
6:52 am
no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again. some of silicon valley's biggest heavy hitters are making a pitch for the a's to move to san jose. bob redell is live in downtown with the latest move from 75 ceos. bob? >> garvin, the ceos of yahoo! cisco, ebay and 72 other silicon valley companies signed this two-page letter directed to bud selig urging him to move the a's out of oakland and here to downtown san jose so that the team could build a new stadium here in the downtown area.
6:53 am
now, they argue that there would be a lot of corporate support, the a's would bring in a lot of new jobs, economic development to the downtown and they point out that the bay area is the only major league baseball market with two teams that is divided in two territories, the a's have the east bay and the giants have the peninsula and south bay. you compare this to chicago, l.a. and new york, where both team there's share the geography. bud selig is looking into the issue, but no word when they will come up with a recommendation. the a's have hired an architect to start designing the new stadium. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. organizers had to double security because of larger crowd at the annual event in june, but
6:54 am
next year they may have to confine the festival to the northbound lanes of columbus avenue, that's because they want to restore the italian heritage to the festival and avoid the $23,000 cost of the permit just to use the park. it's gone up considerably because of care of the park after the event. 6:54 is the time. time so get another check of the traffic. mike will start out in the south bay. >> yeah. taking you to an accident, the clean-up after a party we always have the aftermath after an accident. a minor one southbound 880 at 237 a solo spinout, no injuries but it caused a distraction. this is the time we see slowing in both areas so that means increased volume of traffic. no slowing past mission boulevard, but slowing northbound 101 off of tully and
6:55 am
hellyer, jamming up off the transition to 85 heading into downtown. close to 50 all the way through downtown. construction starts at 9:00 a.m. going through 3:00 p.m. for campbell. that effects the surface streets because of construction resurfacing. it's improvement but it will cause slowing. camden avenue, white oaks, slowing time to time because of construction that will clear for the evening commute through the south bay. take you back out there and see how things are moving coming through sunol. slowing already. no one has been held up through 580. yesterday you got a break through sunol because of the sig-alert. no major accidents for 580. 25 minutes out of the altamont pass until you get here. 10 minute wait from pleasanton to free front.
6:56 am
rob, we have the gray skies, the good news is the incidents are cleared from the bay bridge, the bad news is that there is some clouds. >> not much in the way of light rain, maybe mist and fog around the peninsula. jacket weather today for the area, except the inland spots, trying to climb into the 70s livermore, 64 in san francisco. just in time for tomorrow and the start of the weekend, inland valleys warm up, 80s back in the forecast tomorrow. staying in the 60s along the coast. back to you. you will be seeing more ads pop up at the b.a.r.t. station at sfo. they are part of a deal between b.a.r.t. and the airport to lower fares for sfo employees. last year b.a.r.t. raised the fare from 1.50 to $4 to close its budget deficit. the fare will drop, but now b.a.r.t. will get to put ads in the airport station, and b.a.r.t. will now pay monthly
6:57 am
installments on its $2.5 million a month rent. >> can i do installments on my mortgage? i guess that's what i'm doing. >> is this enough. >> you mean i can do that? >> this briefcase -- >> ran out of room on the check. >> thank you very much for joining us. the "today" show coming up next. >> local news for you every half hour. have a terrific day. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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