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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  September 10, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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special edition of nbc bay area at 6:00. i'm lisa kim. >> i'm jessica geary here with tom sinkovits in san bruno. last night the scene of armageddon. when a 30-inch pipe with natural gas in it rumbled then roared and then devastated this neighborhood, engulfing it in flames. today the story here is about survival, about searching and about finding answers as to what happened and about recovery. recovering people's lives, recovering people's goods. >> we hear so many extraordinary stories of humanity. certainly, there are numbers that also tell the story. let's get you up to it date on where things stand. we can tell you that there are 38 homes destroyed. that number was 53 last night. they now say upon closer inspection today that 38 homes were destroyed. seven others were severely
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damaged. 45 homes in all likelihood are not going to be occupied again. the five has now been fully contained, and investigators say there are no reports of anyone missing. it is good news that this fire is contained because the winds are picking up. they're legendary here in san bruno. the last thing you want is any ambers. crews are conducting a house-to-house search of homes that were too hot to search overnight and early this morning. down in those ruins, nancy pelosi, jackie spear and maria shriver toured the devastation and are in the process of offering help to the people who lost their homes and cannot get back into the homes, even those many hundreds who still have homes but who are evacuated and have no idea when they'll be able to return tonight. >> some of the big questions tonight is exactly what
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happened? ntsb investigators are here at the scene. they handle pipeline safety. >> reporter: we are going to bring you up-to-date in a minute. the lieutenant governor is giving a statement. >> they want to see their property, they want to see their houses. they want to see their property. it's a dangerous area and we are asking them to please understand that safety is first. the outpouring support of the community of san bruno has been amazing. the community stood together and all of us here has watched it and seen it first hand. i want to first say that if anyone who is listening, if they want to help the victims of san bruno, please go to it is a website that is there to
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help. california is cutting red tape for victims and their families by the executive order that i signed earlier today. i want everybody to know that about two hours ago, president barack obama called me. he is concerned. he is watching from afar. he sends his prayers to the victims and he says thank you so much for the first responders. he's with us all the way. i think what's important for me also to add just in closing, is that we need answers. we need answers to the incident. the community of san bruno needs answers. the people of california need answers. we need to know why this happened, and we need to know how this happened. and we need to make sure that this never happens again. i'll repeat myself. i was just down there.
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it is still devastation and it must be fixed. we will continue to monitor this evening as the evening goes. we will be back tomorrow. there will be more search dogs. there will be specializing in these areas to see if we find any more fatalities. last but not least, we must continue to pray for the families and for the victims. thank you. next, we'll have our secretary. >> good evening, and thank you all for your patience. i want to give you an update on where we are in terms of the damaged and destroyed homes. we have completed the inspections with building inspectors out there, tagged the homes. we were able to get this done. as the lieutenant governor said this is still a dangerous area. safety is our number one priority for our first responders, fire, law enforcement and the utility folks that are there. we still have not restored power in many areas. that's one of the reasons why
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the evacuation zones are not going to narrow. i will release the list of the status of the homes. we provided that out at our assistant center to the folks that are there. the only change, the only change in terms of the assessment and the numbers we have, we've been talking about 38 destroyed homes and seven with major or minor damage. it is 37 destroyed homes based on the comprehensive inspections that we did with the fire personnel and the city inspectors. 37 destroyed homes. eight rather than seven homes with major or minor injuries. we are moving into the next operational period for the incident command. as lieutenant governor said, we were just up there. had our briefing with the incident command and also inspected the facilities. we are working hard, very hard
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on the reentry plan. that is the priority for this next operational period. we've got to identify the hazardous material zones that exist. we also have to restore power and utilities. we also had sewage problems because of the explosion. so we have to make sure that this area is safe. safety for first responders is different than safety for the potential residents returning to their homes. we want to be able to allow entry, but we don't believe that this is going to be able to be done tonight. they are working very hard on the re-entry plan. again, we will get the power restored, identify the hazard zones and we want to narrow that focus of the evacuation areas as soon as possible. but we have to go through that. the search has continued. amazingly, the unfortunate
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tragic numbers of four confirmed fatalities remains the same. despite extensive work, as we told you at our last press conference we brought in to irvin search and rescue teams. we had 12 canine teams up there searching, and so far we have not found any additional fatalities. law enforcement is working on matching to make sure we are looking at missing person reports and matching that. we also made sure we've got the phone number available for people to call in. we added additional operators and phone lines to make sure that phone can be used and answered. we are going to continue the search with six more k-9 teams tomorrow. a difficulty in terms of doing k-9 searches is, this is still a warm and hot area, which can effect the ability of these dogs to detect. we'll have a more narrow focus
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for the six k-9 teams tomorrow. we are working on the next operational period as we identify the hazardous material areas in terms of debris management, so we can move on to recovery. because we are in the recovery phase, as well. we like to say in emergency management, as we are responding, we are thinking about recovery and moving to recovery. the governor, the acting governor's executive order and the declaration helped us to be able to move those things forward, bring state agencies together. we have opened up the local assistant center. state agencies are responding. insurance companies are there. we will have more additional folks from state agencies. >> you're listening to a news conference right now where they are bringing us up-to-date and updating the numbers of what happened here. the good news, two very important points, they have not found any more fatalities in this the number of homes destroyed was downgraded to 37
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homes destroyed and eight homes damaged. before we heard from the lieutenant governor acting as governor since governor schwarzenegger is in asia right now. one thing we haven't mentioned before, very good news came today from the federal government saying that fema would be picking up 75% of the fire fighting costs to help aid in this, as well. >> that is considerably lieutenant governor declared san mateo a disaster area. that makes this county and its residents eligible for state help, as well. something else i heard that i picked up on which is very important to people around here. they are finally publishing a list. i don't want to say finally as though they weren't doing their job. this is a difficult scene to get a handle on. people are still wondering whether their homes are standing. a woman named betty was standing
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on this roof with us just a couple of hours ago and looked out over the landscape and said, "that was where my home was standing. it's gone." she was grateful, nonetheless, i must tell you because just a few minutes before that she told me her husband grabbed their 3-year-old daughter and ran out of this neighborhood. right there is where the home used to be where you see the cherry picker. her husband picked up their daughter and ran to the top of the hill to save his daughter. at the top of that hill suffered a massive heart attack. he has survived. he is in stable condition tonight. despite that extraordinary loss she was witnessing, things were in perspective for her and she was grateful for their lives. >> so many stories of survival coming out of here tonight. also one of the big stories coming out of this is the charity, the donations, how people are opening up their hearts to try and help these victims of the fire. our own kimberly perry is stand buying live at one of those
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donations centers where people have been coming in droves figuring out what they can do to help, hond how they can offer a lending hand. >> reporter: san francisco resident ryan used a taxi to get to san bruno's veteran memorial recreation sent they are morning. >> i came down here to drop off a backpack full of clothes. >> reporter: once he saw the need he jumped in to help. >>ess's personally never been to san bruno and never have been here. that's the way a lot of people are. it's beautiful to see something like that, honestly. >> reporter: a massive explosion and fire left families displaced. almost immediately people started bringing in supplies. >> we had a traffic jam coming up the boulevard since i got here. the amount of donations flowing in is really spectacular. people are really stepping up. >> i brought what i was thinking was needed the most, baby supplies, diapers, formula, i
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wanted to bring it up, drop it off and carry on. >> reporter: people are dropping off what they have. those affected by the fire are picking up some of what they need. those here are saying every little bit counts. >> a nickel is vastly important. you would be surprised what a nickel can buy. my nickel and your nickel is 10 cents. think how much better we would be. >> there has been such an extraordinary outreach by people in the bay area. i think that you can't help but look at what happened yesterday. if you're home watching television and realizing here is a neighbor of families going about their lives the way every neighborhood does and the next second there is a conflagration and so many homes are gone. >> you're looking at the 30-foot crater. the pipe broken in there, the gasoline which is the culprit oa
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he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth. >>. >> you're looking at the aftermath of that san bruno gas explosion yesterday. 37 homes destroyed, eight damaged. four people dead so far. 50 injured, some in very critical condition with serious burns.
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they're at sf general, also at st. francis in san francisco. right now, officials are working on a sort of re-entry plan for the residents to go back inside. it has to be a safe area. they're identifying hazardous materials in that area. they've got sewage problems, power problems. right now the search does continue. they are going to have canine teams go in tomorrow. right now, that area is still warm and hot from that massive explosion and fire ball yesterday. the stories of survivable are unimaginable. we are hearing people describe what it was like when they first saw that giant fire ball and had to run from their homes with the clothes on their back. this is their story. >> i looked out the front windows to the house and i could see the sun was just red, orangey. i could see the smoke and debris flying everywhere i was
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panicking. my sister called my dad. i didn't know how to react. it looked like the world was going to end. my sister's boyfriend was like, we need to get out of here. he opened the front door and it just swung open. >> when i opened the door the first time, it just flew open, like it just, all the smoke came in and it just flew open. >> my sister's boyfriend, i said, can you save us? i was like, please save us. i didn't know what to do. he ran outside quickly. started the car and swung the door open and we jumped in the car. he got us out of there. >> we did not look back. >> i did not look back. i looked forward. >> the taillights were melted. you could feel it. >> everything's gone. my car and the house. it's all gone. nothing there. >> so many stories of survival and loss. in fact, four of the fire victims are in the hospital this evening with serious burns. nbc bay area is live at st.
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francis hospital in san francisco with a look at their latest conditions. george. >> reporter: here is the latest information regarding four patients there. three of them are in critical condition. one in serious condition. two with burns. the other two breathing in too much smoke. we have four victims here at st. francis. all of them are in critical condition with severe burns. in the meantime, people are donating blood and trying to do their part for these victims. megan nix is one of many bay air why resident whose decided to do something to help out. >> the fires that have devastated san bruno, all the residents and people injured from it, it's right here in our bay area, in our backyard. if i can do something i want to do something. i can't do much, but i can do this. >> reporter: a flood of donors walked through the doors of the blood center on the pacific. on a typical day would you see 40 donors. today 125. >> it's amazing to walk into our donor room and see all these people, especially new donors.
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we haven't seen something like this since 9/11. >> reporter: the donated blood is going to area hospitals. >> all patients are in critical condition. three patients have burned over 50% of their bodies. another person has 40% burn. >> reporter: doctors will begin removing nonvital skin tissue for skin grafts. >> the initial phase was last night, resuscitation. next phase will start this weekend removing the nonviable tissue. the next phase will be the grafting. this could go on for a year or two. >> reporter: doctors here telling me they'll have a better idea of the victim's progress some time this weekend. >> thank you, george. right now reality is sinking in for those people who were not seriously injured. tom and jessica are out in san bruno tonight with the latest on
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that. >> lisa, right now there are so many. evacuations zones are still in effect. there are a few people who have been able to get a peek from afar. for the most part the only people out there are the firefighters, hazmat units and ntsb. i want to show you between us. if you look behind us, you can see a giant plume of water being sprayed. still hot spots in this area. firefighters are dealing with still a very dangerous situation. no power in this area and no entry for those residents. >> you can see in the foreground -- we just lost the shot -- but the trees are swaying down there. there are significant winds in san bruno tonight they want to make sure if there are any hot spots they doused these things. we talked about a list coming out because people still don't know about the status of their
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homes. one woman learned for herself this afternoon as she watched, she lost her home. garvin thomas was with man earlier today who had the opposite experience. watch what happens when he looks out for his home. >> still standing, okay? >> fantastic. >> it's that green one with the two windows and small window there. my car is in front. >> they don't let anybody have access. i've been driving around and i went behind some neighbors' yard. our house is still there. i'm not kidding you. everything around it looks like it -- the houses down from us all look there, too. >> i am not kidding you. those words from that gentleman phil. his story was so touching because you interviewed him last
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night. last night when he got out with his children, he was saying to you live on tv he didn't care about his house at that point. he was so grateful he had his family. >> that's right. he had a 3 and 5-year-old and his wife. they were sitting around the dinner table. all of a sudden there is an explosion. he was so grateful he had his family with him. together they jumped in the car and drove out of their neighborhood trying to avoid people because most of the people were evacuating this neighborhood on foot. they just wanted to get out as fast as they could. >> tonight a bonus for him.or e e.casethor l 37 other people.
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overlooking the crestmore neighborhood in san bruno, and you see firefighters are spreading down what we suspect
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would be a couple of hot spots. just to make sure in this wind in san bruno, something doesn't get started again. if there was good news for homeowners here whose homes survived this conflagration, it is the officials in the news conference a few minutes ago promised it is a priority of theirs to get people back into their homes. they could not say when. they said we can't let them back in their homes. there is no electricity in many cases. there is no gas. the gasolines are shut down around here. there are sewage problems as a consequence of this explosion yesterday and the fire in the neighborhood. people are still with relatives or friends for the most part. there are some evacuees at the center in san bruno tonight. >> those are people who have homes to come back to.
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you can see it is just ashes. from those ashes, so much compassion is rising. so many people across the bay area proving tonight that they are their brothers' keeper. lisa kim is in the studio with that. >> just an incredible outpouring of help. red cross is getting an overwhelming response of donation, food, clothing. they are collecting those donations. they say the best way you can help is to give cash online or at the veterans' memorial recreation center. people can contribute to the san bruno relief fund set up by the san francisco foundation. dozens of people also posting pictures and videos online. we've seen the videos all day from yesterday, today. jeff ranieri has been tracking all of them. >> reporter: it is incredible. some of the video posted with how far technology has advanced. we are getting video that happened moments after the initial explosion that left a
6:26 pm
crater in san bruno. we've been seeing those pictures of the crater. let's look at the pictures. our first video, this man walking up on the explosion. you can hear the panic in his voice. >> what happened. what happened? >> what was going through people's minds for the first half hour of this, and that was after the initial explosion. flames are already 30 to 60 feet in the air in some cases sending cars in the other direction as they were fleeing for their lives. moments after the crash, these two guys driving through the neighborhood, seeing the smoke and searching for the flames. they come upon the flames. what you're going to see is likely areas that are now destroyed from this fire. it grew intensely and quickly. this had to be within the first ten minutes after this
6:27 pm
explosion. we know within the first hour after those flames were some 300 feet in the air. as we know, et has killed four people. there are burn victims. there are dozens of people without homes. we are tracking it all on nbc bay we have picture slide shows and ways for you to reach out, if you would like to. as we know, lives have been lost and they still need your help. >> i'm sure we'll see a lot of that video and pictures in the coming days. you're looking live at that neighborhood where that san bruno explosion occurred yesterday. today, the reality is just sinking in. once again, 37 homes destroyed, eight damaged, four people killed, 50 injured. we'll have moren thter is.nthex. ♪
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and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard of the world. as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again. welcome back to our special coverage here from san bruno. what you're loobing at now are live pictures as crews examine
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that 30 inch gas pipe that created so much misery. gasoline that turned this neighborhood into hell on earth, is how some of the neighbors here have been describing it. a gasoline that basically obliterated the crestmore neighborhood 24 hours ago. neighbors went running into the street to save their lives. today trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces of their lives now. >> in response to that crisis, another storyline has been the extraordinary giving nature of the bay area community. people just moved instantly to get up, start gathering clothes, start buying food. last night we witnessed this unbelievable benevolence. the american red cross is saying, i think we have enough to take care of most of the people who need clothes and who did need food.
6:31 pm
now the need, as it always turns into, is cash. cheryl hurd is standing by where one fund-raiser is being held tonight. >> reporter: tom and jessica, it's hard not to get emotional on a day like today. we come in and cover these types of stories. i don't live here, but i certainly feel the pain of everyone i talked to here today. this dinner started about 5:00 today. it is still going strong. about 150 to 200 people are here right now. they spent the afternoon making spaghetti for people who need it. sarah devine, the tooking teaco teacher came up with the idea. the school wants to be the place people can come if affected. they are using the dinner to raise money. they also want to be the place where people can come and talk about what happened, and they say that's what they need the most right now. >> it was difficult to watch. i watched it on television all
6:32 pm
night last night. it was very difficult to talk to the students who are as much a part of my life as my own family is. it was hard seeing their little faces crushed this morning, receiving texts all night long from students that i'm close to. former students and students today. it was really -- how do you tell these kids? what do you tell them on days like this? >> that is the big question, what do you tell the children? the principal and faculty have been up all night. they have the grim task of making sure students are accounted for. if someone didn't come to school today, they are telling me they went through the process to see if they were okay. that hasn't been easy. that process is still going on right now. this spaghetti feed will end about 8:00. it will probably go longer if they need to. they wanted to make a point to give a big thank you to lucky stores. they donated the food for
6:33 pm
tonight's event to feed about 200 people. they wanted me to make sure i put out a big thank you to lucky stores. reporting live from san bruno, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> all right, cheryl. thank you very much. we know the people affected by this fire are so grateful to all this outpouring of support from so many people and so many companies. the support is coming from the government, too. fema, federal emergency management agency announced today it is going to pick up 75% of the cost of the emergency response to this extraordinary fire last night. you know that is a great deal of money. the acting governor of the state, lieutenant governor came today and declared san mateo county a state disaster area. that means there is financial assistance coming from sacramento, as well. >> the true cost of this tragedy, we know, is the loss of life, unfortunately. despite the size of this blast, it has been relatively low. tell that to the people who lost someone. these are the numbers, four
6:34 pm
people killed so far. 52 injured. some of them critically still at a burn unit. tonight we have the first confirmation of one of the those fatalities. sadly, it is a woman, 44-year-old woman and her daughter jacqueline gregg. our condolences go out to her family. killed last night in this inferno. the number of homes destroyed has been lowered, but only by one. we now know 37 homes were completely obliterated by this inferno. another eight damaged. there is a list available of those damaged homes. the list that has been circulated so people know exactly. they don't have to continue wondering. there is a list that will tell you whether your home is still standing. i do want to point out that as this recovery begins and people start reaching out to their insurance companies, people should know pg&e does have a
6:35 pm
$992 million liability insurance policy for just this kind of tragedy. they have a $10 million deductible but do have liability insurance that if it proves they are actually at fault in this, would become a great factor. >> certainly woruld, particulary for people not insured themselves. >> a lot of frustration for those victims. a woman whose mother lived in the fire zone got a rare glimpse inside the perimeter this morning. she was allowed in before anyone else. she is a photographer and took eerie shots of that neighborhood she grew up in. here is melissa stone in her own words. >> reporter: it's pretty quiet. cars are melted, burned up. it's a lot of smoke. it smells bad in there. there are firemen all over the place. really serene. like a war zone. when you're walking down the
6:36 pm
street, people obviously ran out of their houses and left belongings. we saw a couple of pairs of shoes laying in the street, outside cars. makes you wonlder. people were probably afraid and running out of their shoes to get out. i know the streets. i grew up there. that little park everybody is talking about, we used to hang out there as teenagers, you know? it's gone. it's just gone. there is a big crater there. there are chimneys, there's smoke. burned staircases. it's pretty crazy. just the cars. you can tell how much heat. you can see where the fire came to a certain place. then the houses are okay. you can see the windows shattered, the heat, the car, the tail pipes are burned. plastic parts on the car are burned. it's very intense.
6:37 pm
it was a bad fire. >> so many homes lost many memories, as well. melissa stone in her own words. her mother is fine. her mother's house did survive the fire. let's go back outside to san bruno once again. you're looking at the crater, the pipeline where that explosion occurred yesterday. 37 homes were destroyed. we'll get that website address for you after this break. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america.
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go to!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. what a difference 24 hours make. last night at this moment we were looking at that extraordinary 100-foot tall plume of fire. with so many homes ablaze, wondering exactly what was going on. there was so much conjecture. so much fear of what might have happened in this neighborhood. obviously, all the fears were well founded when you look at what happened here. we lost 37 homes in this san bruno neighborhood. we lost four lives. the search through some of these burned-out homes has not yet been thoroughly conducted. we do know that some firefighters are spraying a plume of water on a hot spot right now.
6:40 pm
that is exactly why some of the homes haven't been searched yet. they are still very hot, the foundations that burned down. you see that plume of water right there. this neighborhood is so quiet except for what you're looking at right there. you can look around. there are no cars moving, no people moving. it's deserted because the entire neighborhood is evacuated. >> there is such a sense of calm here. we are sitting above the church of the highlands where the church is holding a vigil for the people. it is serving as a center for some volunteers where they can seek shelter. they, like every other organization here in san bruno, trying to offer itself to the people of san bruno. we want to mention the list of those homes we mentioned earlier is on the san bruno city website. if you think you lost your home,
6:41 pm
that is the place to go. >> we are locketed at skyline boulevard and snead lane. the people here would love to see you come by. >> we've been showing so many stories of people that just rushed out at the last minute with their children. for so many people, their pets are also such a part of their family. there was a gentleman last night, you interviewed a gentleman with two dogs. he said these are my babies. other people did incredible acts of heroism to try to save their pets. this is one man. >> i'm looking to get in to get my dog. you know, the police already, they don't let you. i saw barricades. the police don't let you get in. i sneak around behind a tree and i went down. i come down and saw another barricade. that's the closest i can get.
6:42 pm
i was thinking about my dog. i was thinking about my dog. my dog. you can imagine the big flames and the houses go up like a volcano. you know the flame goes up and down. i turn to my left and i see three little kids. one in the middle got my dog, got my dog. oh, man, i felt something like, oh, man, to cry or jump -- really strange feeling. >> the heroism of the human spirit. the love that we have for our animals is amazing. they are family. the way he described it, it looked like a volcano. that it's first time i heard that. that's true. >> it did in some ways. we'll be right back. is soft on cats.
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there it is, the neighborhood in san bruno that was 24 hours ago up in flames. we were talking about how eerily quiet everything is. the only thing you seem moving from time to time would be a police vehicle at times. you know what? there goes some people walking down the street. we do know this. we know that they took some reporters in to take some pictures. >> our own jodi hernandez is one reporter inside looking at the epicenter of this. >> if we can't talk to jodi by the end of this broadcast, we'll have it by 11:00 tonight. other than that, you might see an occasional police vehicle. there was one report of losing last night. >> you have the pg&e workers and a still large coterie of
6:45 pm
firefighters. lisa, a lot of other things have been happening in the bay area today. >> that's right. despite promises by iran, one of the american hikers held captive more than a year will not be free tomorrow. iran says it cannot release uc berkeley grad sarah shore pictured right there, because the judicial process is not complete. she was supposed to be free tomorrow. iran has not set a new date for her release. she, along with two others were detained in iran july 31st of last year when they allegedly strayed accredits the border into the country. there is no word on if or when fatal and bauer will be released. >> police found a body in the same home where near body was found two weeks ago. investigators returned to the hercules home to gather more evidence. they found a second body in a closet in that home. the coroner is trying to determine if it's the body of 35-year-old frederick salas.
6:46 pm
he was not seen since his father was found bludgeoned to death in the same home two weeks ago. police say the body was wrapped in plastic and hidden behind a make-shift wall. neighbors cannot believe officers missed something that big. >> i probably have the same model house. there are not that many places to hide. >> the home is probably 2,400 square feet. even the smell of a dead body in a home. i can see if it's buried somewhere. >> investigators have been searching a pittsburgh landfill for salas the past week. that search has been called off. the chief of the hercules police department says he is disappointed his officers did not conduct a more thorough search the first time around. what about weather conditions today? >> we'll still see windy to breezy conditions tonight. that is a cause of concern for
6:47 pm
the firefighters. we have plenty of hot spots. they are treating it like a wildfire in some areas. you still have so much green vegetation nearby. let's take you in closer and what you'll see here is right now we are tracking winds out of the north and west at some 9 miles per hour. that's sustained. we are getting wind gusts around 15 to 20 miles per hour right there where this explosion once again took place, killing at least four we know of at this point. look at this picture of the cars charred in the aftermath of that explosion. as we look throughout the early morning hours and tomorrow, winds will be 5 to 15 miles per hour. temperatures in the mid 60s. it is going to get warm for them out there tomorrow. we are not looking at any major heat wave or wind event. that is great news overall. meanwhile right now, we did get
6:48 pm
heat today in the east bay. 83 in concord. upper 70s to 80 in san jose down to gilroy. you're going to see warming continuing for this weekend. it's still going to rain breezy at the coastline. yes, we are even looking at potentially some early rainfall coming into bay area as we look at our seven-day forecast. we'll be monitoring a system as we head into next week. right now we are monitoring high pressure. that's going to keep it warm here inland for the east and south bay for our saturday as we start off our weekend with plenty of 80s inland. for sunday, lots of sunshine here coming back to the bay area. it doesn't look to be too consistent or too thick as we head into saturday and sunday. starting off in the south bay with upper 50s tomorrow morning. low cloud cover by 11:00 a.m., mostly sunny and low 70s. for the east bay by 11:00 a.m., temperatures slightly warmer. looking at mid 70s for those in pleasanton, livermore and dublin. tonight, low to mid 50s in the
6:49 pm
east bay. we'll see the same scenario in the south bay and for the peninsula, upper 50s to near 60. cool spot in the north bay with upper 40s expected in santa rosa. saturday numbers are going to be warm, comfortable. feeling like summer. we had that up again, down again pattern here across the bay area lately after near record-setting heat on monday. temperatures well below average with 60s there that we had on wednesday. we'll finally level out as we head into saturday's forecast with conditions right down the middle of the road with mid to upper 80s here up to oakland. more weather on the weather channel and on cable. we'll see things warmer for saturday, slightly cooler sunday. by next thursday and friday, we'll watch an approaching system that will back temperatures off and could mean the chance of early season rain by friday. that's a long ways out. we'll keep monitoring that and
6:50 pm
monitor conditions on >> also monitoring the conditions at the san bruno site where tom and jessica are. tom, you mentioned earlier it's still gusty out there as it is this time of the year. >> it sure is. jeff was talking about 13 to 15 mile-an-hour winds. i can tell you we are feeling it. the sun is going down over the san bruno hills. just to reiterate for you, particularly for a group of people wondering exactly what the condition of their homes might be tonight. that list of homes is now published on the san bruno website. the list of homes and status is right there foto as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power
6:51 pm
and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
6:52 pm
but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it.
6:53 pm
he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth. we have been looking at these pictures of devastation in the crestmore neighborhood of san bruno all day long today. 37 homes burned away by this conflagration. we are about to get our first look what it looks like on the grown. >> jodi hernandez just came out from the neighborhood. jodi was walking around getting an upclose look at the damage. i know you're with us now. tell us what it was like to actually see up close the fact there are no homes there, to see some of these homes completely
6:54 pm
just obliterated. jodi? >> we'll try to re-establish some communication with jodi. we are dealing with cell phones. in some areas we have a difficult time with that, as you can imagine, in this area right now. we have been seeing over and over the stories of people just jumping up from their tables or from whatever they were doing. a lot of people said we were watching the football game. we were on play number three when they heard this extraordinary explosion. they realized walls of flames were giving them seconds to get out. here is the story again in their own words of some people who had to get out of this neighborhood in a hurry. >> when we heard the big boom, we didn't know what to do. >> it was real loud. my whole house was shaking. we were standing, a little
6:55 pm
stunned. didn't know what to do. it wasn't an airplane. it was big. loud. hot. and the noise. that hissing noise. had about two minutes. had a bag packed for my weekend getaway. took my bag and got in my car and just took off. we are still really stunned. want to see our home. that's number one. i think my house might still be there. i heard half our block is gone. my family knows we made it out. most important thing, you know, we're alive. i feel bad for everyone that lost a life, lost a house. >> she may not have seen her home, but jodi hernandez has been on the ground there and she has been looking at those homes up close. she joins us live on the phone.
6:56 pm
what was it like to see that devastation up close? >> reporter: i'm standing at ground zero as we speak. it is something else. an unbelievable sight to be here. i can see the home closest to that big crater that you've been seeing in the aerials is still smoldering. all that's left of these homes are the chimneys. i can't tell you, there are dozens of cars that have been melted. i walked up san bruno avenue towards earl. as we walked, at first you could see the homes looked intact. some had green notices on the door that meant they had been inspected and okay. shortly after the notices turned to orange which means the homes are inhabitable. cars along the street, head lights were bubbles. as we began walking closer to earl, the cars were just destroyed. it is an absolute mess. i'm looking at that big crater.
6:57 pm
i'm standing just a few feet away from that 25 foot piece of pipe, that 30-inch pipe we heard so much about. i did send in a photo of that. i don't know if you're able to see that. >> we are looking at it right now. >> reporter: it's incredible, the distance that pipe flew out of this hole. it has to be 75 feet. an enormous piece of pipe to fly that distance and land right here in the middle of the street. i can only imagine what it was like to be here. these poor families that must have been sitting down for the dinner hour about this time yesterday. >> jodi, we are going to interrupt you right now. we'll look forward to your derri descriptions of what you saw at 11:00 tonight. these amazing parallels, nothing left but chimneys, automobiles melted. this was such a hot, hot fire that moved through this neighborhood so quickly last night. >> thank you for joining us.
6:58 pm
our thoughts go out to everyone who lost their homes. we'll see you at 11:00. introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon. super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming and access to thousands of free apps. all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. the samsung fascinate. only at verizon.
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