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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 11, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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inside the blast zone an up close look at the san bruno neighborhood destroyed by flames. >> trying to build a house. you can't rebuild a family. >> as the smoke clears and reality sets in strangers help survivors. >> the tragedies the best of people come out. >> this morning a community sifts through the ashes from what's left of their homes as investigators search for clues. this is today in the bay.
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good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. federal investigators and the people who survived the san bruno blast will return to the nabd this morning looking for the same thing. answers to how could this happen. we have live team coverage today in the bay's bob redell has a story of the people who live there and lost so much but we begin with christy smith with the latest. >> reporter: good morning to you. you know, ntsb investigators are beginning their work but they have already met with pg&e for sometime and they asked for an extensive history of this pipeline. things like excavation work around it that may have perhaps damaged it. but they say it will take time to get to the bottom of why this pipeline exploded and the fire that followed it leveled a neighborhood. here's what we know t. 30-inch gas pipeline was installed in 1956. investigators will send part to a lab in washington, d.c. for
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analysis. the toll is staggering, four dead, 52 people injured, seven people hospitalized with critical burns and there are still three homes left to search. if it's cool enough dogs will be searching today for additional victims. you may recall even on that first evening after the explosion neighbors reported smelling gas in the days and weeks leading up to this. investigators say they want to know more about that. >> one of the things we'll do in this process of investigation is to interview anybody that -- who has claimed that they noticed a gas odor, in that regard i would say if there's any person who is a potential witness to this event who has not been interviewed contact the local authorities. >> reporter: they say that they will pick up that information from authorities if you report it. 37 homes were destroyed in the crestmoor neighborhood, seven
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have major damage. the ntsb is looking at who operated the pipeline, any drug testing, also perhaps if fatigue was a factor. we should mention that senator boxer is expected out here as well. she'll hold a news conference and tour the devastation, a private tour with politicians and others involved, first responders. that's the latest. reporting live, christy smith, today in the bay. >> thank you. the four people killed in the explosion we know who they are. 44iard jk 0 lin and her daughter lived yards from where the line exploded. she worked 20 years at the public utilities commission the very agency that regulates pg&e. one of her jobs was to review data that pg&e uses to justify gas rates. co-workers called her an advocate for consumers. her 13-year-old daughter also died in that explosion and fire and so did 20-year-old jessica
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morales. the coroner has not released the name of an elderly woman who died in the explosion. the family of liz torres say they are afraid that it's her. she was home in her wheelchair when the explosion happened t. family says that she was waiting for pg&e crews to check her gas stove which had not been working. the people who survived are wondering what they will find when they get to go home. for some a giant crater is all that's left of their houses. bob redell is live where many people are still in shock. we heard people say they have been to war zones and even that doesn't compare to what's in san bruno now. >> reporter: that has been a comparison hearing from the people let into the neighborhood. that is still not the case for many with the road blocks are set up. that could change today. the city manager saying it is possible that homeowners could be let back in the neighborhood
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today to take a look to see what is left of their homes. it's going to depend on the safety of the neighborhood and how the investigation is progressing. right now road blocks have been set up to keep the public out because this neighborhood has been considered a crime scene. no one is is suggesting there is a crime. this is more standard operating procedure until foul play can be ruled out. the general thought is that this was an accidental rupture of a pg&e gas line. authorities gave us a tour of the neighborhood yesterday. a different perspective from what we see from the helicopter footage above. amid all of the destruction was a 25-foot section of that 30-inch steal gas pipe that ruptured. we're told the section was blown 75 feet away. that gives you a sense of how tremendous that initial explosion was. that inferno thursday evening turned the neighborhood into a
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waste land. some neighbors reported the smell of gas in the days leading up to that explosion. one telling us that pg&e did send out a crew about a week and a half prior to investigate but then pg&e left without saying anything. we were curious, we spoke with an engineering researcher at uc-berkeley to see if he thought this alleged lack of communication was to blame and based on his research telling us that 80% of the time people are the main it factor. bob redell. >> you said maybe those folks might be able to check it out. is there a timeframe for that? >> reporter: no. the quote was the best case scenario that they could go back as early as today. whether it would be this morning or sometime later in the afternoon. the city manager wouldn't specify. >> thank you, bob. sometimes you just have to step
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back to take it all in. on the left we're going to show you some google. street level view of the crestmoor neighborhood before the explosion. on the right is an image by our chopper about a day after the blast. what a difference one day can make. almost as impressive as the explosion is how quick and eager neighbors and even strangers were to pitch in to help. right now there are four victims with serious burns at san francisco's st. francis hospital. in one day more than triple the number of blood donors rolled up their sleeves. in a regular day the hospital blood center gets about 40 donors. yesterday, 125 people showed up. the blood center workers say they appreciate the overwhelming response and they will need more blood in the weeks to come but encourage people to wait a few weeks. there are other ways to help.
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the red cross says the community is responding with food and clothing donations. if president to help, that cash is the most efficient way. you can make a donation of money online or at the veterans memorial recreation center, that's at 251 city park way. people can contribute to the relief fund by the san francisco foundation. many are so desperateto mind it may take years but some answers will come in san bruno today. leaders will meet to get information on accessing services and details about the response of thursday's explosion and fire. that will happen at 2:00 this afternoon at st. roberts catholic church. the address, 1380, crystal springs road. you can find it on our website and stay with nbc bay we are constantly update our
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website with new information and pictures like the one here. you'll find lots of raw video of the damage and personal personal stories as a people affected by this disaster. zpl still ahead. it is a day to remember. this is the ninth anniversary of the september 11 attacks, a nation comes together in healing and hope. and hope turns into despair. a cal graduate promised freedom from prison, then a legal loophole that keeps her behind bars. a pastor's plan to burn the koran is igniting country but is he having a change of smart we'll hear from that pastor ahead. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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around this time nine years ago people here were waking up to news that four planes
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crashed. one of those planes united flight 93 was on the way to san francisco. until the terrorist attacks changed the path and the course of history. today families will join our leaders to remember the heroism of that day. michelle franzen is live at ground zero this morning with a look at some of the tributes happening today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kris. ceremonies are under way at the three locations where the planes slammed into buildings and crashed. as you mentioned united flight 93 headed to san francisco, crashed into a remote field in shanksville, pennsylvania. you're looking at a live picture of ceremonies under way there. first lady michelle obama and laura bush attending that ceremony. keynote speakers today. and honoring the 40 members, passengers and crew, who had fought back on that flight and before that crashed in the field. back at the world trade center
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ceremonies throughout the morning have been taking place, four moments of silence, two to mark the times the planes slammed into each of the towers and also the times when each tower fell, also a music program and as you mentioned, leaders here, vice president joe biden here today with dr. jill biden speaking along with family members, reading the names of the victims that died here that day. and as well president obama overseeing ceremonies a at the pentagon this morning, participating in a wreath laying ceremony and asking the country not to think that we are at war at islam but that this was a band of bad men who had created this attack nine years ago. kris. >> thank you very much, michelle. and michelle mentioned the memorial for flight 93 in shanksville. one of the people who will attend that ceremony is alex hogland. her son mark was one of the
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passengers on the flight who stopped the hijackers from hitting that target in washington, d.c. before she left the bay area for her trip she spoke exclusively about the last time she heard from her son. >> he said i want to tell you i love you, i'm on a flight from newark to san francisco and there are three guys on board, they have taken over the plane and they say they have a bomb. >> she says she hopes people will honor the memory of her son and the other 9/11 victims by making today a day of service. >> the status of one of the three bay area hikers being dough trained remains in doubt. this after iran abruptly cancelled plans to release her. her release is held up because of what officials call unresolved legal issues. the postponement has been confirmed by the office of president mahmoud ahmadinejad. one professor says he doesn't think that's the case. >> they are being used in a
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larger game in the middle east between iran and the u.s. if they had been really suspected of spying they would have been charged. as you mention they had haven't been. they have been kept. >> she and the two graduates were taken into custody in summer of 2009 accused of spying and entering the country illegally. the three insist they walked into iranian territory by accident and that they are not involved in espionage. the florida pastor who postponed his protest to burn the koran is spending the morning in new york instead. this is video just in to the newsroom of reverend terry jones arriving at laguardia airport in new york. he is trying to get a meeting with the imam, trying to open a muslim prayer center and convince him not to do it. this morning on "today" he announced he will never hold a protest. >> we feel -- we feel whenever we started this out, one of our
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reasons was to show, to expose that there is an element of islam that is very dangerous and very radical. i believe that we have definitely accomplished that mission even though we have not burned one koran, we have cotton over 100 death threats. >> thousands of people from kabul to afghanistan held protests over the proposed burning of the koran. many chanted death to america. bay area muslim leaders will join other faith leaders in urging peace and unity in response to the original ek da rags to burn copies of the koran t. muslim community center in bay point and the council of contra costa county will hold a day of unity and healing. more than 300 people say they will attend today's event in walnut creek, that begins at 2:00 at grace presbyterian church. yesterday the council of churches hosted a similar event
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at the santa clara county administration where holy scriptures were honored. coming up on today in the bay, preparing for disaster, the steps you can take too keep your family and your home safe from gas explosions like the one in san bruno.
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the images are so striking you can't help but wonder if it could happen to you and your neighborhood. there is a website where you can find whether there is a natural gas pipeline running under where you live. we've put a link on our facebook page, search nbc bay area morning news. if you do smell gas, a leak, the most important thing you can do is call it in. experts also say your ears can be just as useful as your nose. they say if you hear a hissing or whooshing or roaring sound from the main pipe in the home
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you should leave and call your gas company or fire station. once you are away from the situation. the fire chief tells us the kitchen and laundry room pose the biggest risk. lint and grease are fuel to burn so it's important to keep the stove and laundry room clean, that exhaust that shoots out of your drier, that gets very linty. >> closer to winter and a lot of gas fireplaces as well. >> you can call pg&e and they are supposed to be able to come out and check it out right away if you smell gas. of course the folks in san bruno debate whether that's the case. over the course of the fire we were watching because we were hoping that the wind wouldn't pick up. and now that fog that we got used to. >> it helps and then the day before the rain. the ground was saturated and the fog came in so that helped out. winds weren't too crazy. there was a lot of moisture in the air. right now there is not a lot, there's clear conditions as we
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look toward san francisco. kris, not much in the way of fog. you can make out most of the upper deck of the bay bridge, most of the skyline and on the left side of the screen the top of the north tower of the golden gate bridge. in the south end of the bay, this is san jose, over toward the santa cruz mountains, 87 and 280 on the freeways, and over the mountains there a little bit patchy fog along closer to capitola, santa cruz, the rest doing fine. temperatures are in the 50s and 40s for the north end of the bay. not a lot of cloud cover in the north end of the bay, you've got some of the 40s in place, 54 san francisco, this is the setup with the satellite. we've got a ridge of high pressure, this is almost what we saw last weekend. the cold air bottled up in the gulf of alaska, that comes in friday and saturday. but for now with this ridge in place the wind out of the north and the northwest, look at the numbers, 70s at the beaches, bayside communities lower 80s, inland in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees.
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your daily planner, some 90s by the time or close to 90 by the time we get to 3:00 and till about 5:00. forecast, city by city, 75 in san franciscosh 87 in livermore, 87 through san jose, lots of 80s for the north end. sunset at 7:23. the remainder of the week ahead your seven-day forecast. fog in the morning hours, patchy for the next two days. afternoon sunshine. then tuesday and wednesday we start cooling off, the sea breeze is back and strong with the fog on wednesday. kris, look at friday. rain to the north bay, i think. on friday afternoon. and possibly a little for everyone on saturday. so. >> all right. the rainy season is almost here. thank you very much. glad to hear that the weather's going to be nice. the investigation into what happened in san bruno the explosion and fire is taking so many resources that investigators say they are having a hard time getting to the autopsies of a body connected to the east bay killing spree. it was hidden behind a door in a
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home thursday night two weeks after an original search at that home. the home is the same place ricardo solace was found killed. his son has been missing ever since t. contra costa office is waiting to confirm the identity. the expert is helping in san bruno. the body may be linked to a killing on august 31. a bay neighborhood up in flames, federal authorities put together the pieces of the investigation, neighbors try to put together the pieces of their lives. live team coverage on the san bruno gas line explosion just ahead. >> coming up in sports, first place in the nl west on the line in san diego, plus a battle of cy young candidates in oakland.
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now for much needed news in relief. the giants are neck and neck
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with one california team for the coveted wild card spot. plus college football takes the field with big bay area games just hours from now. laura behnke has the hults in morning sports. >> good morning. maybe jonathan sanchez got his padre series mixed up. the prediction last month that the giants would sweep the padres didn't exactly go as planned. that was then and this weekend's rematch with first place in the nl west on the line. san francisco took game one thursday night, last night at petco park, sanchez trying to put his game where his mouth is. the giants entered one back. we're scoreless, sanchez in a jam. adrian gonzalez to ground into the double play. sanchez five scoreless innings, one hit but he walked seven, that tie add career high. top seven runners on the corners for uribe. the grounder, this could be a double play. the great slide, they can't get
7:27 am
the second out. it's 1-0, giants. would that be all they need. going for the five-out save, gets him swinging. 42nd save of the year. the giants win. they are tied for first, still one game back of the padres in the lock column. right in the bay area, it was a battle of heisman award candidates. tough one, the sox the lead-off man. ryan kay lish going long. check out coco crisp t. leap, pulls the ball back to rob him of the home run. we remain scoreless. buchholz in trouble. for the double, both runs score. buchholz, five in one-plus inning. cahill his 16th win of the season. that's your morning look at sports. have a great day.
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one more reason to love the bay area baseball teams, the a's will donate a portion of ticket sales to the victims of the explosion when they play today. the giants will do the same when they come back home next week. much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up next, sifting through the ashes for clues. federal investigators are back on the scene of thursday's deadly gasline explosion. >> reporter: i'm bob redell live outside one of the road blocks keeping us out. we're getting word that possibly homeowners might be able to go back in today to assess the damage. we'll have that coming up in a live report. as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created.
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california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
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you talked about the oakland a's taking the field today and making a donation of the proceeds of sales. that's awesome news. >> awesome. >> awesome day for baseball. >> you need the sun screen
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especially through the afternoon because it's sunny. it's pretty clear now. by game time, more of the sunshine and by the afternoon and the evening hours, fairly clear. >> sounds good. >> air quality as well, the moderate category for the central coast down to the santa clara valley. we'll have that in place today. we've got 54 san francisco right now, same for livermore. 40s for the north end. there is your daily planner. 80 by noon. a couple of upper 80s in the warmer spots. kris will have more which includes the chance for rain. >> it's that time of year. thank you. investigators will try again to search the last of the homes damaged by the san bruno explosion but the heat from the blast is still holding firefighters and investigators at bay nearly two days later t. ordeal has been heart breaking for the community and the people across the country who watched it play out on tv. today christie smith is live on green view near the source of the explosion. we heard folks as far as observe land saying they could smell
7:32 am
that fire that it was so hot. do you still smell that today? >> reporter: you know, i don't. when we were out on the first day it kind of had the smell of like after a fireworks show but now you don't smell anything. we drove up closer to it and didn't smell anything there either. i can tell you that ntsb investigators are expected to be back on it today. they have already met with pg&e quite some time and asked for extensive records on the history of this pipeline. we should also note there are at least three homes left to search later today and if it's cool enough around the homes, dogs are expected back out looking for additional victims. as it stands, the human toll is staggering, four died, 52 injured, seven people hospitalized with critical burns. 37 homes were destroyed. we'll answer to why the pipeline exploded will take time. we do know that the 30-inch natural gas pipe line was
7:33 am
installed in 1956. part will be sent to washington, d.c. for analysis. the ntsb saying, again, they don't establish liability or blame but they find a cause. there were also reports of people smelling gas in the weeks leading up to this explosion. if you're one of those people, the ntsb does want to hear from you. they are saying to contact local authorities and they will get the information from them. meantime, lieutenant governor maldonado expected out for a press conference and expected to tour the devastated area once again. but this time with senator barbara boxer. reporting live in san bruno, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you very much, christie. we mentioned that three of the homes destroyed in the fire are still too hot for investigators to get in to search for answers or possible victims. neighbors are anxiously waiting to get home to their homes. bob redell is live at one of the road blocks that could start
7:34 am
letting people home. i imagine a lot of folks, i mean, they know that they are not going to find much but are anxious to find out. right? >> reporter: and there's probably the question of the they haven't been able to look at the helicopter footage whether their home is standing or not. it's possible that this road block could be temporarily lifted. the san bruno manager saying that it's possible that the people could be let in to see their home just to get a glimpse of the damage inside that neighborhood or what's left of the homes, as early as today. whether that would be later this morning or afternoon it's not clear. until then the neighborhood is a crime scene shut off from the rest of the world. i spoke with the fire chief and he said the fact that it's a crime scene is standard. no one is suggesting a crime was committed. the general sthaut that this was an awful accident. an accidental rupture of a pg&e gas line. authorities gave nbc bay area a tour of the neighborhood
7:35 am
yesterday. the first video we've seen from the ground it's a different perspective from the helicopter footage we're seeing. amid all of that with a 25-foot long section of that 30-inch steel gas pipe that ruptured we're told the section was blown 75 feet from its original location. i tell you that to give you a good sense of how tremendous that initial explosion was. that turned this neighborhood in a wasteland. killing four people and sending many more to the hospital. some neighbors reported the smell of gas in the days leading up to thursday's explosion. one told us that pg&e sent a crew out to investigate and then left without saying anything. they said it happened about a week and a half ago. we spoke with an engineering researcher to see if he thought this alleged lack of communication might have been to blame in what happened on thursday night. he told us based on his
7:36 am
experience, research, that 80% of the time, man, humankind is the main factor. the main cause. in engineering disasters. reporting live, bob redell, today in the bay. >> hope flee they get the answers soon. coming up, a look at ground zero where nine years ago today lives were lost, heroes made and our lives as americans changed forever. remembering 9/11 just ahead. and freedom on hold. the legal loophole keeping a cal graduate behind holes in iran.
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good morning. you're watching today on the bay. first lady michelle obama is speaking at the memorial sessions for the victims of united flight 93 which crashed into a field in shanksville, pennsylvania. >> and pushing ahead to build this permanent memorial you are
7:39 am
ensuring that their memory will always be a part not just of your own lives, but of the life of this nation. and know that because you kept going and because you persevered that long after you're gone, people will come here, continue to come here to shanksville, and they will stand at this plaza and listen to the echoes of those chimes. >> that is first lady michelle obama speaking at the site of the shanksville disaster. we know that one of the folks who is listening to the speech in person is alice hogagland wh lost her son. nine years after the worst terrorist attack on our nation's soil people across the country are gathering for ceremonies to remember the victims of september 11th.
7:40 am
>> thomas brennen. >> edward a. brennen iii. >> gary lee bright. >> jonathan eric reilly. >> friends and family have started to read the names of the victims at ground zero. >> the final moments of the loved ones whose lives were taken so cruelly. at these memorials in your presence today remind us to remember the fullness of their time on earth. >> that was president obama speaking moments ago, 2,700 people were killed when the towers came down. there were four moments of silent marking when the moment that the planes hit each tower and when those towers fell. the president spoke just about an hour ago at a ceremony at the pentagon. the families of the 184 people killed at the pentagon also
7:41 am
attended that ceremony. iranian officials will not release detained bay area hiker sarah shourd until an investigation involving her and her friends is complete, they say. on friday the situation changed in a matter of hours. earlier in the day iran's foreign ministry confirmed that shourd would be released. late yesterday a spokesman for mahmoud ahmadinejad said her release would be delayed. shourd and fellow graduates shane bower and josh fattal were arrested along the border in 2009. they are accused of illegally crossing into iran to spy but shourd's mothers is her daughter has serious health problems. she and her friends were hiking, not spying. still ahead, it's about to feel a little more like fall. meteorologist.
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we know that you likely have weekend plans that you would like the weather forecast for.
7:44 am
>> we'll take you live outside toward oakland, then where we normally have the sunshine. plenty of sunshine, and then through the afternoon and into tomorrow more of the same. not till the middle of the week we lose that. 54 now in san francisco, about 54 through livermore. i'll give you the perspective from the satellite. we have quite a bit of cooler days, that's going to happen closer to, say, as we go through saturday and into sunday of next week. next week we're actually going to start to see some of the cooler conditions start to happen here. so, expect that as we go into this weekend, some nice warm weather will be with us. 80s in some of the warmer spots, then as we get into, say, wednesday, thursday and friday, the cool returns. it's going to be rainy friday and saturday i think. maybe not a lot. 75 in san francisco today, 87 in livermore. same for san jose. not much change in the numbers. there is the seven-day forecast. friday, saturday next week, more cooler air comes in, looks like
7:45 am
a good chance for rain for the north bay on friday and into saturday from san francisco and north again stay tuned. that's a good seven days out but it's time. enjoy the sunshine this weekend. >> we see labor day, the kids go back to school but it's the first that drives it home. >> thank you very much. up next on today in the bay, going behind the lens, behind the fire lines, a bay area photographer gets the first up close look at the gas line explosion. her story coming up. ♪
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the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. a woman whose mother lives in the fire zone in san bruno got a rare glimpse before any one else was allowed in. she happens to be a photographer and took eerie shots of the neighborhood where she grew up that is now in ruins. here is melissa stone in her own words. >> it's pretty quiet. the cars are melted, burned up. there's a lot of smoke. it smells really bad in there, there's firemen all over the place.
7:48 am
really serene, like a war zone. when you're walking down the street you see people obviously ran out of their houses and left belongings and we saw a couple of pairs of shoes laying in the street. you know. outside cars. and just makes you wonder if people just were probably very afraid and running out of their shoes to get out. i know the street because i grew up there and that little park that everybody is talking about, we used to hang out there as teenagers, you know. and it's gone. it's just gone. there is a big crater there. there's chimneys, smoke, burned staircases. it's pretty crazy. just the cars, you can tell how much heat because you could see where the fire came to a certain place, and then the houses are okay but you can see the windows were shattered from the heat and the cars, you know, the tailpipes are burned, that plastic part on the car burned. you can tell it was very intense for a couple of blocks up.
7:49 am
the heat. and it was a bad fire. >> that was journalist melissa stone in her own words. we were relieved to hear that her mother is fine and her childhood home also survived that fire. coming up next on today in the bay, the latest on the federal investigation into the deadly san bruno gas line exsplogs. a live report ahead. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before.
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almost two days after the blast the people may get to go home if only for a little while to see what's left. christie smith is live at the command post near the source of the explosion with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ntsb investigators expected to be back out today. we know they met with pg&e for some time and asked for extensive records about the pipeline. we also wanted to mention when we were coming here this morning we saw about a half dozen urban
7:52 am
search and rescue trucks going into that devastation zone. we should say the firefighters tell us there are still three homes left to search if it's cool enough dogs may be back out there looking for more victims today. the toll now, four people died in this natural gas pipeline explosion and inferno. 52 injured, seven hospitalized with critical burns. the 30-inch gas pipeline was installed in 1956 and investigators will send part of that to washington, d.c. to be analyzed. investigators say the answers that everyone wants to know which is why did this explode, that may take time but here's insight into what they are looking at. >> they will be looking at the history of this pipeline from the installation in 1956 through today, they will look historically at excavations because there's always a possibility that an excavation could have damaged it so they will lube at the history, they
7:53 am
will look at the integrity management system that the operator maintains for the pipeline. they will look at the qualifications and training of the operator. >> reporter: right after the explosion we started to hear stories from residents saying hey, i smelled gas in the weeks leading up to this. if you are one of those people that smelled that, the ntsb wants to hear from you, they say to contact local authorities and they will get the information from them. also wanted to mention that lieutenant governor abel maldonado is out here, he is going to look at the devastation later this morning with senator boxer. reporting live in san bruno, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you so much, christie. and keep it here on nbc bay area news for the latest on the san bruno blast, the investigation and what's next for the people who live there. and all of the rest of the day's news today in the bay. and we'll update 24/7.
7:54 am
the next news at 5:00. i'll see you tomorrow at 7:00.
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as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.


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