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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 14, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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major news out of iran. a hiker is now free. today is september 14th on today in the bay. good morning. i'm laura car sia cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. we have major news and we want to get to that big news. nbc news learned of big developments. the bay area hiker is free to some extent. we are trying to figure out where she is. sarah shourd has been released from jail in iran. the graduate was jailed on spy charges with fellow hikers josh battal and sean bauer. they were seen heading to the swiss embassy, but we have other reports that looks like she may be in the prison going through
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some sort of processing. >> she was arrested in july of 2009 along the iraq border with josh and sean. they helped negotiate her release which was delayed because her family couldn't afford the $500,000 bail. it's not clear if they lowered that amount or the family or someone came up with the money. the u.s. couldn't do that. >> she reportedly had health issues that may have been part of the factor why she got off and the other two are still in. new developments and it looks like good news for sarah shourd. we are continuing to follow this and will bring you the latest. we want to help you get ready for work. checking out the forecast and jennifer hill is in this morning for rob. >> it feels fallesque out there this morning. the temperatures got chilly and they are cool right now. starting out with the 50s and 52 in santa rosa.
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today that starts a warping trend. we will see the low clouds and the fog burning off early. there is a look at the forecast highs today. >> looks good. thank you very much. new to new information on the san bruno disaster. right now investigators are searching for the people missing since thursday's deadly explosion. we have the latest overnight developments covered from several angles. chris sanchez has a look at the new proposal that would leave taxpayers footing the bill for similar disasters, but we start near the epicenter with the latest on the the investigation. >> the ntsb revealed new information about the 28-footlong section of gas pipeline that blue up and levelled the neighborhood. it could be crucial to the investigation. it turns out that the section of 30-inch steel pipe that was blown 100 feet from the grown
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has welds in it. they pieced the pipe to make a curve and fit the terrain. >> one of the wells was the clean break end where you could see a very distinct between break at the weld. we will be exploring to see if it was a well defect and the other part was much less clean. >> that are section of pipeline is on the way to a lab in washington, d.c. for further analysis. meantime, ntsb has finished up work in the blast crater itself. now it's on reviewing do you means from pg&e and videos shot by residents and caught by surveillance camera like this from the econogasoline station a few blocks away. customers turning their heads fors the whooshing sound and debris followed by the massive fireball.
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police are arriving on the scene within a minute and a half. the ntsb will begin interviewing residents and others. they received reports of people who live here that they smelled gas in the days leading up to the explosion, but so far the ntsb said they don't have documented reports like calls to 911 or calls into pg&e of people complain being a smell of gas. live here in san bruno, today in the bay. >> amazing to see the video again and again. we turn to chris sanchez who is also live in san bruno. you have stung details on a proposal that is bound to upset a lot of people. >> in the last couple of days since the disaster, we have seen pg&e step up to the plate, promising homeowners who were affected $50,000 and the city $3 million to repair streets and what not, no strings attached. whatever good will they get from
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that response could be under cut by a discussion in san francisco today. the public utilities commission is talking about creating a fund for disasters like the here, but funded by rate payers themselves. they are calling it a wildfire expense balancing account. whatever the name, the people in san bruno will come up with their own. in the disaster, pg&e reports that if they have the money, $10 million. enough insurance, almost $1 billion related the to the pipeline disaster. they will seek a rate hike to cover the cost of response. what they are discuss suggest making the hike automatic. this is an idea floated by the gas and electric after the fires that ravaged their region. those really had more to do with weather and less to do with utility, but any fire larger than an acre would trigger a rate hike. the reasoning is it's getting
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harder for utility companies to get insurance and harder to pay for them because as it becomes more difficult to get insurance, it's more difficult to pay for the insurance. they will discuss that in san francisco. there is a preliminary step, but could trigger a vote later on next year. we should mention that pg&e does back the proposal. chris sanchez, today in the bay. >> we will be watching. >> new this morning, four aid workers got released from a zimbabwe jail. two nurses, a doctor and volunteer from the baptist church which is based in oakland are in the country helping aids patients. they are charged with suspicion of distributing drugs without a proper license. they were released on bail this morning. lawyers for the church are working to try to push off the september 27th court date and gee the aid workers back home. >> new information for your bottom line. >> good news this morning. we top the go to scott in the newsroom.
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there is a lot of stuff to track this morning. >> it's a busy day. we got the latest retail sales numbers and boy, are they good. the best numbers we have seen in more than five months. particularly if you take out cars. cars have been a problem. if you remove cars from the data, retail sales like electronics at the best buy increased more than a half percent. more than economists expected. why are we excited about this? it is the possibility we are not entering another recession and that the economy started to move again. other news, a bit of history made in the south bay. for the first time, the demo conference will meet in the south bay. demo is where a lot of companies burst on to the scene. companies like e trade, palm, tivo, all announce their existence at a demo conference in the past. the conference never has been in silicon valley before. when you think about it's
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ironic. tickets are just $3,000. >> i'll wait and hear your report, thank you very much. we are moving on to a man accused of a hit-and-run spree, injuring 18 people. he will not stand trial at this time. a judge suspended the case against him while he under goes treatment for mental illness. he is accused of using his suv to run down 18 people in 2006. an hour before that, he hit and killed a 54-year-old man in fremont. he spent months at a nappy state hospital before he was convicted in that murder. >> the man accused of trying to blow up a plane on christmas day needs a new lawyer this morning. he fired his court appointed lawyers monday and asked if he could plead guilt to some of the charges. the judge reluctantly agreed and will appoint new lawyer act as consultants for him.
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some carry life sentences. >> a reward to find the person who set fire to a san jose elementary school. firefighters will donate a $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for setting fire to trace elementary school. the fire on july 5th gutted most of the classroom. amazingly, the school district was able to repair enough damage to open at the start of the school year. >> fire crews are working to put out the second fire to threaten homes in a week. fires burn being 30 miles north already destroyed two homes and crews say they have lines about 25 percent contained around it. the fire that burned down 166 homes closer to boulder is now under control. >> 6:09 and want to check the traffic with mike. one of the things we have been watch suggest whether or not there would be a sickout at the muni. you have the latest on that. >> that's right. no official word from muni. they are great with the
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information. they told us that was a rumor as far as the sickout goes. our photographer is monitoring the muni stop. they are leaving the dispatch yard and the signs will be changed to the route lines, but he talked to a driver who would not comment on camera, but said there is not going to be a sickout. folks, we have been monitoring twitter as well and no one reporting delay or problems. the muni system still reporting on time and no sickout. we continue to monitor that through all of the storms and the media and the social network and the wires and our friends at the met toll tan transportation authority. heading into the city and there is the lighter volume. the metering lights with another 15 minutes. the approach looking nice. some of these folks might be reaping the benefit because of the disabled truck. it is clearing so in the next half hour, sorry. pleasant and no more break for you. back to you.
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>> no more break for you. grab a jacket. the feeling of fall is in the air. >> we will see temperatures warming up. we are starting a warming trend that will last through thursday. patchy clouds around this morning that will burn off earlier than they did yesterday. great air quality and all in the green as you look at the radar. nothing happening, but it might get active as we look ahead towards the weekend. here are the forecast highs. 78 in fairfield. it will be warmer today. >> thanks. >> time is 6:11. a school district is about to get a face-lift. >> squaring off in a debate that is bound to affect your paycheck. >> claims of harassment in the locker room. a reporter who just got an apology from an nfl football coach. [ female announcer ] why choose between delicious
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so let's continue to make a difference one lid at a time. >> a cool start to the day. not too bad. grab a light jacket as you head out the door. these are expected highs in east bay and oakland. san jose not too shabby at 73. san francisco with a cool overcast 64. >> a bay area school district will be a step closer to going green. the mount diablo school board will meet it approve a timeline for measure c construction. that includes solar projects on campus and the district will look at several district-wide goals today. they include making students fluid in english and passing the california exit exam. >> east bay schools are getting good news and bad news with their latest test scores. many of them are meeting state standards in english and math, but they are failing when it
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comes to federal standards. the state is looking for an academic index of 800 that shows most are efficient. every year they raise rimts by 10 percentage points. the goal is 100% proficiency in 2014 or api score of 1,000. >> we're could get a better idea of how high speed trains might travel through the south bay. the city council is supposed to vote on whether the rail will run under ground through downtown san jose or on a track 60 feet above the ground. the underground route is a lot quieter, but costs a lot more. it would sake seven years to complete and 2.5 billion. the elevated tracks may only take three to five years and costs 1/5 of that. >> i want to see it in my time. >> republicans and democrats don't see eye to eye on what to
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do with the bush tax cuts expiring. democrats say tax the wealthy meaning anyone who makes more than $250,000 would pay more in taxes. republicans say keep all the tax cuts as they are. the obama plan means three out of 100 taxpayers would pay more. extending the cuts for everyone would cost $4 trillion. >> we continue to get developments on the release of one of the cal berkeley hikers in iran. big new this is morning. we are trying to sort through it. >> sarah shourd has been released or will be released. what's confusing at this point is where is she specifically? her lawyer said she left the iranian prison where she had been in prison for more than a year. however the swiss ambassador is waiting for her at a hotel, presumably the same hotel she
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visited when her mother came into town. the ambassador said she is not there. we are not sure where she is, but she has been released after the iranian jail who said there will abe half million bail. the family couldn't pay it and legally the u.s. government was not allowed to pay it. we don't finish it's possible that they went without it or someone paid it. again, we don't know. sarah shourd released from prison. josh fattal and shane bauer are still in prison. we don't have any more news about them. we continue to watch this. we have news crews waiting to feed us tape the minute someone knows where she is. >> hij news. hopefully it will pan out here in the coming hours. >> opening statements begin this morning in the trial of a man accused of killing angels rookie nick adenhart in a drunk driving
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crash. it will begin in more than two hours in orange county superior court. andrew gallow pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the hit-and-run. the 22-year-old adenhart hours after pitching six scoreless innings in the season debut with the los angeles angels. two of his friends also died in the crash. the nfl is looking into a report that new york jets players and coaches harassed a female sports reporter. she worked for azteca in mexico and a coach threw passes in her direction so players could get close to her. she said they made inappropriate comments. we talked to meredith i havary and the association for women in sports media have not called for an investigation, she probably would have never reported the incident. >> i tried to focus on my job. i say it's okay. it's an environment.
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it's what i need to be to make my interview. let's pretend nothing happened. >> sheer told meredith she never felt like a victim. you can see her interview starting at 7:00 on the today show. >> should over the counter cough medicines be put behind the counter to curb drug abuse? they are considering cracking down on more than 100 over-the-counter medicines that contain dxm. there is a growing trend among teens to drink an entire bottle of robitussin or other dxm medications to get high. a lot of teens think robotripping is safe because the medicine is easily available. there five things you might notice if your child could be abusing cough syrup like that. first of all, empty cough medicine boxes or bottles. changes in friends or physical appearance. changes sleeping or eating patterns. hostile and uncooperative attitude and unusual chemical or
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medical smell. they are trying to crack down on it. >> we want to check in and we have seen slowing in the east bay. >> this is about the time when everybody starts hitting the road and that will be a heavy flow of traffic until about 8:00 when things ease up a bit. the east shore is looking nice so far and approaching the toll plaza. we will get a live look. there no lights just yet women expect them to turn on any minute. 6:20 about the time when they turn it on. typical for a tuesday. we are looking at the volume now and start to see the cash lanes backing up first. we will follow this map. the approach to the east shore freeway, there may be an issue because there is a report of a hit-and-run through san pablo. we are watching for slowing, but so far i don't see any problems across the bridge. that's 680 southbound towards walnut creek. nice easy drive. look over here.
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westbound highway 4 is bad this morning. speeds below 20 miles per hour. all the way from before you get to a street past harbor. that's longer than we see as far as the distance and the slowing as things don't let up as you get towards pittsburgh. two lanes reported blocked until 11:00 a.m. we will watch that slowing and everybody's got flowing traffic. right here, south of 580, things are moving nicely out of pleasant and fremont. as the disable vehicle clears, no major slowing in through the south bay. 101 just starting the slowing at the interchange. back to you. >> thanks so much. let's hear it for the women. we will get through a new study in a bit. i am joined by jennifer. >> i thought you were talking about us. >> looking good. of course we are. >> temperatures that seem cool outside, but we will be warming up. patchy clouds around that will
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burn off earlier today than yesterday. we are looking at 60s and 70s and looks great to head out for lunch and by 4:00 p.m., warmer and more sunshine and more spots today. warming trends continue and we will talk about the weekend coming up. it might include rain, laura. >> we will brace for that. thank you very much. >> turns out babies are pretty smart and we have a preview of that story coming up tonight. >> good morning. nice to see you. tonight at 11:00, gimmick or genius? babies learning how to read. chances are you have seen the ads. >> you are saying no way. they are 14 months and can read? no way. >> we investigate whether to spend the moneye save i. decide. see you tonight at 11:00.
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as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working.
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i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again. >> developing news on sarah shourd being released from her
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captors in iran. barbara boxer releasing a statement saying or hopes and prayers have been answer and we cannot rest until shane and josh are allowed to returnly to their families. we are this developing story. >> 6:25 and a beautiful shot of the bay bridge and some of the temperatures you will see and notice that even in the east bay and inner locations where it's hot, you will not each crack 80. it looks like a cool on tap. we will be checking the forecast and the commute in a few minutes. >> check this. let's hear it for the women. we are now dominating every level of higher education. a study by the counsel of graduate schools finds that women earn more doctorates in 2008, 2009 than men. it's the first year that ever happened. women have been earning more bachelors and masters degrees than men since the 1980s.
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there is still a gap. most women graduate with educational and health degrees and men far out number them in math and engineering. >> workers at what was once a popular sandwich shop are going to have to report to different locations. dozens of hungry diners lined up down the sidewalk for a last chance at ike's sandwich shop. the shop closed yesterday after the owners could not fight a city eviction order. neighbors complained about the crowds and the smell of bacon. the owner said he is out searching for a new location someplace in san francisco. >> that are smell would be nice. >> makes me hungry. bacon sandwich. >> a good day for a picnic. jennifer is filling us in. >> i heard breakfast was part of my gig. 54 n novato and we are right. temperatures are cool this morning, but we will slowly start to warm up and continue through thursday.
6:27 am
at 8:00 a.m., slow clouds around and the fog will burn off earlier than yesterday. the same thing with the low clouds. the forecast highs were cool, but warmer than they were yesterday. as we look ahead, here's the seven-day forecast. we have clouds around today and then on friday, it looks like it will see rain and might linger through the weekend. >> enjoy it then. cooler weather. >> it is 6:27 and we're rolling along here on today in the bay. >> just ahead, more major news out of iran where one of the cal grads is being released this morning. you may soon have to pour more of your budget down the drain.n a awiorol anlcohollc ta one bay area city.
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>> pg&ewas quick to respond with cash to homeowners and the city,
6:30 am
but any good will could be did shed to make rate payers foot the bill. developing news overnight after more than a year at an iranian prison. one of the cal grads is free this morning. you are looking to get the latest details on her release. >> look at this. the metering lights are on and a few minutes for this. the commute is on. i will show you where things are really slow and whether you can get a break for the morning commute. >> we will get to the top stories in a moment, but first jennifer hill is in the n this morning for rob. taking a look at today's weather. >> chilly outside, but thins are going to warm up. today will slowly see the temperatures warminging up into the mid 70s.
6:31 am
60 in san francisco and 67 in redwood city. things are looking better than yesterday and more sunshine. the low clouds and the fog will burn off earlier, but we will look at the possibility for rain this weekend. >> thanks a lot. the investigation into the san bruno explosion continues to move forward. four people are dead and four are missing. the ntsb finished look@the pipe and interviewing witnesses. bob redell will have new information on the investigation. who pays for disasters like last week's fire in san bruno? if pg&e gets its way it would be victims and customers. joining us live with the break down on a new proposal. chris? >> we are really seeing two sides of the same company this morning on hand, a quick response and a promise of $50,000 to affected homeowners and $3 million to the city.
6:32 am
no strings attached. the backing of a proposal that creates a fund created by rate payers for disasters like this one. this morning in san francisco, the public utilities commission will discuss a wildfire expense balancing account to pay for disasters like san bruno. pg&e reports it can pay the deductible and has almost $1 billion in insurance to cover related costs, if the cost goes higher, they could seek a rate hike to cover the costs. they will talk about making the rate hike automatic after any fire larger than an acre because that makes insurance more expensive and harder to get. the proposal could be discussed in san francisco and would trigger the rate hike. by the way, regardless of whether pg&e is at fault. today in the bay. >> thanks a lot, chris. >> now to a developing story we have been following all morning
6:33 am
long. sarah shourd is out of an iranian jail this morning. >> we are still getting details from iran on this. scott is trying to track it and piece it together. he has the latest. >> good morning. we talked to the crews and we have news crews in tehran. we talked to the state department as well. here's what we do know. the hiker, share is shourd, who had been jailed with two others after crossing allegedly into the iranian border more than a year ago has been set free. there had been talk about a $500,000 bail. we don't know if that got paid or by whom. the other thing we don't know specifically is where sarah is specifically at this point. we understand she will be out processed out of an iranian prison and sent to a hotel where the swiss ambassador will meet her. the latest we heard is that she has not shown up yet. iranian state television is saying that sarah shourd is free.
6:34 am
the other two, jash fattal and shane bauer are not. in fact, the prison system there said they will keep them longer. we assume they are waiting a trial, but this has been a confusing system even in the political system. we thought she was going to be released last week and we know she is free. where specifically, we don't know. we will keep an eye on her. i'm sure her parents are waiting with baited breath. a man accused of ordering the murder of chauncy bailey. change of venue will take place for the bakery leader and codefendant antoine mackey. they are charged with three murder, including bailey's. the case is so high profile, his client wouldn't get a fair trial. bailey had been working on the story about the financial
6:35 am
problems at the bakery when he was murdered in august of 2007. the star witness in the los gatos murder for hire trial is expected to take the stand. tessa donnelly is the woman at the apex involving paul garcia and mark. she dated both men off and on in the months leading up to the murder. garcia is accused of ordering a hit on her. a witness said garcia was jealous of her relationship. >> bars and nightclubs in city could be charging you more for alcoholic drinks. the san francisco board of supervisors will talk about raising city alcohol fees. the city said that money will help cover the cost of dealing with problem drinkers, but mayor newsom said he would veto the measure. >> 6:35 and when it comes to the commute, the metering lights are now on.
6:36 am
>> the meters lights had 10 minutes to form this back up. look from the toll plaza back past the overcrossing and making a way back to grand avenue with the cash lanes. the bottom of the screen, the carpool lane is an advantage, but the fast track lanes are moving more smoothly because you don't have to stop for the fast track. the bill of getting there, let's show you the maze. an easy drive and slowing at the berkeley curve off of the freeway making your way to the toll plaza. it's close to the speed limit that will change over the next half hour and we will show you livermore where the back up has held steady coming through the pass. a slow and steady drive about 45 miles per hour through the heart of livermore and not bad through pleasanton. just off to the left of your screen, things are slow there. holding up steadily, but we will
6:37 am
give you a live shot in the next report. back to you. >> time now is 6:36. a new push to bring jobs to the east bay. we will tell you what kind could be open soon. >> who is to pay for the san bruno disaster and the latest in the investigation. we will take thru in a live report. >> today we are looking at temperatures in the 50s, but things are going to warm up slowly for the next couple of days until the rain could come this weekend.
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barbara boxer. she fought to get our veterans the first full combat carecalifornia. her after school law's keeping a million kids off the street and out of gangs. and she's fighting every day to create new jobs. boxer: i'm working to make california the leader in clean energy, to jump-start our small businesses with tax credits and loans, to create thousands more california jobs. i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message because i want to see the words "made in america" again.
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>> we are going to warm back up and continue through thursday and see more sunshine than we did yesterday in places like san francisco and the water. the strong flow made for good air quality. a look up to the north and we see clouds and rain and nothing happening across the area. later a big system setting up in the pacific and that might bring us rain for the weekend. here are the forecast highs with 60s and 70s and maybe 80s far to the north as we go inland. otherwise we are looking at temperatures staying cooler than normal for today, but slowly warming back up. thursday looks like the warmest day on friday. you might see showers coming our way. >> maybe. we will see what happens. thanks a lot. a million dollars is on the line in the finale of "america's got
6:41 am
talent." four acts are left. fighting gravity, 10-year-old superstar opera star, singer and guitarist michael graham and prince poppy caulk. they say no matter what happens, it's been a great life. >> no compare to where we are now. >> it's amazing. >> butterflies. it's a wonderful feeling. >> hopefully i will have the career i dreamed of. >> no matter who wins, all four will go on tour. 25 city tour along with the other six semi finalists that starts next month. >> we have new word that a sickout that threatened havoc on the morning commute. we will keep you updated. >> breaking news on the release of sarah shourd at an iranian prison. you are looking at a live shot where we expect to hear live from nbc's andrea mitchell in a few minute t.
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>> it's picking up traffic-wise and in the warmer spot, look at the temperatures into the 60s. we will check your forecast in a minute, but the commute right now. >> there was a possible sickout and talk of that could definitely wreak havoc on the commute. >> good morning. we have been following that on twitter and facebook and all over the web. they say there was no official strikes planned and that rumor of a sickout.
6:45 am
we talked to one of the drivers there and the photographs are out there and said there is not going to be a sickout. there no major delays and nothing out of the ordinary for the muni system. you are driving into the city. the peninsula with no delays. the transition on to or off of 101 or out of san francisco. the golden gate bridge moving nicely. a note from the city, 7:15, beat l.a. will be the chant. take muny and bart and caltrain over to avoid the congestion. be aware there will be a lot of cars towards the at&t park. we know the back up formed and it's going towards west grand avenue. we are moving with speeds in the 50s and continuing to slow a bit off of 238 in the castro valley. southbound we have an issue. more cars hitting the roadway and to the south.
6:46 am
let me show you the maps on the southbound side as well. heading down towards the transition towards highway 92. the construction is distracting as well as the folks heading over across the bay on highway 92. that's causing the slowing and speeds in the 40s. let's get a look out there and show you highway 92. the south bay at the limit with a little haze in the air. we will send it over to you westbound with the taililates over towards the peninsula, highway 1 where are 1. back to you. >> new details on developing news for you this morning. today in the bay, we first broke the information about jailed berkeley grad student, sarah shourd is free. we turned to the power of nbc news and correspondent andrea mitchell in tehran. this is great news for people here in the bay area. her family a wading word.
6:47 am
>> it is indeed. it's great news for them. there so many conflicting reports that is what you would expect with the way this evolved. from government sources and diplomats say she has been freed. we don't know if money has been exchanged. some people say she is on her way to the airport and may be reunited with family members. some were in this region. we don't know precisely if she is here or not. not in iran. in the mideast. we will be seeing sarah shortly. obviously you have been following this closely and know that she has had some physical problems and medical problems. the government does not have confirmation of her release which we reported 2 1/2 hours ago, but what is concerning of course is the state department. there two other hikers and two
6:48 am
men. shane bauer and josh fattal who are still in custody. >> there was talk of the bail and the family saying they couldn't come up with the monskpet u.s. government saying they weren't allowed to come up with the money. we don't know if money was exchanged. >> right. >> we don't know. i expect we will not get those details until we talk to sarah shourd herself or she does an interview when she comes back to the states. it's very difficult to ascertain from diplomatic sources and iranian sources and from the lawyer representing her whether or not moan was exchanged being accurate. we are told it was not government money. >> it will be interesting it see as well because there was talk of last week that she was going to be released and it was taken back. i'm sure for her family, not until they have their daughter in their arms. >> right.
6:49 am
this is mixed in with iranians and it's seen as an important gesture if sarah shourd returns home. she no longner prison and she completed the last minute paperwork and we don't know if that involves money. >> thank you for joining us this morning. there was a slight delay from tehran. >> this breaking news, new developments trying to sort out where she is and if she is being processed. we are stale awaiting the fate of shane and josh. we will keep you posted all morning. we have new information about secretary of state hillary clinton in egypt for round two of israeli-palestinian peace talks. they will continue talks that began in washington earlier this
6:50 am
month. secretary clinton said israelis and palestinians have to resolve a dispute over a settlement that is said to be in the west bank that has been a point of contention. she remains optimistic about the chances of an agreement. she told reporters she believes that the time is right for the two sides to make peace and reach an agreement. >> 6:50 right now and president obama will be talking to your kids today. he is going to be delivering his back to school message. this beach is said to encourage kids to make the most of their educational opportunities. they will emphasize how important an education is. >> there is a new push to bring more jobs and affordable housing to the east bay. acting governor maldonado will be in oakland to expedite the land agreement. the land development project for governor schwarzenegger said it's job creation and they will bring affordable housing and
6:51 am
they could generate millions in tax revenues. maldonado will be in the estuary park to sign the agreement. as we mentioned. governor schwarzenegger is in asia and he was in china and meeting with troops in seoul, south korea. he is out of the country and abel is taking on the duties. >> the market has been open for a little bit. >> we just turned to the negative. dow down 40. we expected to get a hit with the retail sales that we talked about earlier, showing very good sales. best buy with better than expected numbers, but dow down 40. this is an ad for the news day ap on i pad where you can read the newspaper. there is the commercial right there. the one reminder is don't treat it like a newspaper. >> the new news day ap is better than the newspaper in all kinds of ways.
6:52 am
>> you knew where it was going, but still a good ad. >> we were talking about one of the things that's rare these days aim rubber band. you used to get them off the newspapers. you don't get them now. >> right. >> appreciate it. we want to check in with bob redell in san bruno this morning. he has been monitoring the latest on the investigation. it continues into the explosion in san bruno and he has been checking out what the ntsb is doing today. bob? we have a problem here with bob having problems with his audio as the camera pans down the street where the crater is. it locks like the investigators are trying to piece together what happened there. we will sort out what's going on with bob's mike. we can huh you. we can hear you. >> i don't know what's going on.
6:53 am
>> he can't hear us. we have problems with bob there. >> we also have today in the bay's chris sanchez live on the skene in san bruno as well. talking a lot about who will pay for all of this. she has the latest for us. >> pg&e backs a proposal to create a rate payer-funded account that pays for disasters like this one. certainly the massive explosion here in san bruno is going to cost a lot of money. today in san francisco, the commission will discuss a wildfire expense balancing account to pay for disasters like this one and in fact any disaster larger than a one acre wildfire. they can pay the $10 million deductible and has almost $1 billion to cover the explosion costs. using that makes getting insurance in the future more difficult and costly. the rate payer backed fund would pay even if the utility is at fault. by the public utilities
6:54 am
commission, it's one of the early steps in making this happen. it could lead to a vote early next year. in san bruno, today in the bay. >> thank you very much, chris. she is in san bruno and so is bob redell. we tried to getting to w him and had a problem with his signal, but got it worked out and he has the latest on the ntsb investigation. >> good morning. the ntsb is focusing on wells that has been made on the pipe, the rupture from the crater at the end of glenview drive and levelled the neighborhood with the explosion last thursday night. investigators are also reviewing videotape of the explosion and in particular, this is video from the econogas station up the street from the blast site. this footage will be helpful because it shows the explosion itself. you can see customers responding to a sound and there is a blast of debris and the massive
6:55 am
fireball. one drives off without filling up and the other runs inside. what's interesting is how other people respond. in one shot a woman is running away from the fire towards the gas station with her baby in her arms. in another shot, people are running towards the fire presumably to get to home, cars or loved ones. this documents some of the first response. it took about a minute and a half or just under for police to show up. a rupture and pipeline caused this inferno and blows out a 28-footlong section. that section has several welds in it. pg&e had pieced itting to to curve along with the terrain. investigators got that pipe and they are driveing it to a lab in washington, d.c. there was a dreen break and they want to see if that was caused by a defect in the wells. live here in san bruno, bob redell.
6:56 am
>> a long investigation there. pretty cool when you step out the door. what are the temperatures like? >> we will see more sunshine and things start to warm up. that's a look at the forecast. the warming trend continues through thursday and believe it or not, there is a possibility of rain. coming in this weekend, especially north of the bay. >> is it just spritzes or something measurable? >> some of the models are trying to pick up the rain and i think rob will be back to handle that. >> spritzes on the weather monitor. >> the messenger. i don't think it will be ape rain out tonight. the giants taking on the dodgers for a home stand. they need to win. san diego won and they are a half game ahead in the national league west. giants are going honor the victims of the san bruno explosion. $3 from each ticket sold will go to the victim's fund. we love the bay area that we
6:57 am
stand behind everyone and support. we will get through this. >> outstanding. start the chant now. beat l.a.! as you go to work, chant it in the car. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> the "today" show coming up and the local news update in a half hour. see you back here in the pit. ah, focus group. so what are we testing here?
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