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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 22, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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a bay area city is getting an unflattering title this morning. find out which one has the worst roads in the state next. $4.50 a day for food. that's what many of your neighbors here in the bay area survive on. what about you, can you accept the challenge? i'm bob redell. we'll tell you with this coming up in a live report. keeping your family safe. what you really need to worry about when it comes to your kids. we'll have those stories plus
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traffic and weather today, wednesday, september 22nd, on "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm brent cannon. straight up 5:00. just turned 5:01. we want to check in with jennifer hill who is in for rob this morning. >> it's breezy outside and cool outside for the first day of fall. we're forecasting temperatures only in the 50s at the 8:00 a.m. hour. not seeing a lot of clouds around. if you're heading out for lunch it will warm up to the 70s and 80s. 71 in fairfield, only 62 in san francisco. coming up, a warm weekend is in the forecast. >> all right, jen, we'll look for that. also those breezy conditions could mean you could get caught in a gust crossing over the water. we're watching 101 heading out of san jose into morgan hill at bailey avenue. report of an accident maybe still in lanes. no major slowing. most folks heading north into
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san jose starting about now. the roadways are moving nicely. there are your speeds. we have that construction zone marked on 101 with that repaving project that's going on but it sounds like most of the major construction is coming to an end so all of those spots should be picked up. you may still have a closure, the off-ramp over at oakland road. otherwise no major slowing. that is great news for the south bay commute as folks start to head in this area in the next half hour. new this morning, the worst roadways in the state are right here in the bay area. san jose tops the list. transportation california says 64% of san jose's roads are in poor condition. san francisco, oakland and concord are not far behind. a little later in the newscast mike will talk to a transportation california authority about the list and why the bad roads hurt your pocketbook in the end. also new this morning, an earthquake rocked peru's central coast. it registered a preliminary magnitude of 5.9. as we zoom in on where the
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epicenter is. so far no reports of damage or injury. congress will take a look at the recent egg recall today. lawmakers will talk to the owners of two iowa farms at the center of the massive salmonella outbreak that sickened more than a thousand americans and triggered the recall of millions of eggs. the food and drug administration will also be on the hot seat. lawmakers want to know about inspection practices and the government's response to the recall. state budget negotiations will pick up again today even though the governor is still out sick. senate president pro tem darrell steinberg says he's not waiting around in sacramento for things to happen, he will fly south to los angeles to continue negotiations and meet with the governor. now, we checked the governor's twitter page which says he is calling for a big five meeting today in l.a. at 1:00. today marks the 84th day without a state budget. state senator pat wiggins per deem payment is raising some eyebrows. the santa rosa lawmaker claimed
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more than $22,000 in taxpayer money for daily living expenses. now, that money is supposed to help lawmakers with housing costs while they go to sacramento to work. but records show that she was not at the cap titol any of the days the legislature was in session. her staff says she has a serious medical ailment that keeps her working from home. the mayo clinic says the top five things parents worry about are kidnapping, school snipers, terrorists, dangerous strangers and drugs. that's a far cry from what the centers for disease control say parents should be worried about. car accidents top that list along with homicide by a person they know as well as child abuse, suicide and drowning. now, when it comes to acar accidents, the biggest issue is kids are not strapped in correctly. most parents don't realize it's an issue. coming up in 30 minutes we'll have a live interview with the
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chp about the dos and don'ts of strapping your child into a car. if you enjoy a cold one after a long day, you'll appreciate this next story. the cost of alcohol in san francisco will remain the same for the time being. a few hours after the board of supervisors passed a higher tax on alcohol wholesalers, mayor gavin newsom vetoed it. the board wanted to help cover the cost to care for chronic drunks, but mayor newsome says that new fee would hurt jobs. the board would need eight votes to overturn the veto and right now they don't have that many. supporters say they will take the issue to the voters. the alcohol fee may be out, but san francisco is moving forward with a ban on tobacco sales at stores that have a pharmacy. supervisor eric mawr voted for that legislation and said pharmacies should promote healing, not selling cigarettes. meantime another supervisor also voted no but he says there's a
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line between government, big brother infringing on your freedom of choice. california transportation leaders will take up the oakland airport connector project this morning. they're going to talk about the possible allocation of $20 million to build a tram that goes between bart's oakland coliseum station and the oakland international airport. it would replace a bus shuttle that ferries bart riders to and from the airport. the meeting will be at the fresno convention center in fresno. thousands of bay area commuters are not happy with their commute to work this morning. muni riders and their satisfaction is at its lowest level since 2001. 52% of muni riders are happy with the service. that's a 3% decline, though, since the last survey that was in 2007. more than 700,000 passengers ride muni through san francisco each day. more than 5.6 million californians, including two million children, are living in poverty. many of them have to live on a $4 a day diet because that's all they get with food stamps.
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today in the bay's bob redell joins us live from san jose with more. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. this is hunger action week and it's actually the number is $4.50 a day per individual. that's what they must survive on for food if they are on food stamps. so the united way of silicon valley and the second harvest food bank of san mateo and santa clara counties have teamed up and done this eat on $4.50 a day challenge. we've got the ceos of the respective organizations, carol and kathy here, you started this on monday. how's it going? what was the most startling revelation you've had so far? >> okay. the biggest discovery is that it's expensive to buy groceries. we're sitting here in the produce department. fruit is a lot more expensive than i realized. vegetables are a lot more expensive than i realized. >> reporter: which means you've got to go without that, i assume.
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>> or have very little of it. when you're not paying attention to the prices and not managing your budget that closely, you find yourself probably enjoying a lot more fresh foods, meaning nutritious foods. when i did my grocery shopping for this challenge, i really struggled with the produce piece of it. >> reporter: at the second harvest food bank you're helping people supplement their food stamps with food, obviously. i assume this has given you a new appreciation? understatement? >> that's an understatement. what i realized in the course of the last few days is that having to find food, having to feed yourself and your family on just a little bit of money every single day, $4.50, i could knock that off in a breakfast without breathing hard. >> reporter: absolutely. >> that is a level of stress, a level of difficulty for the families that are dealing with this that i had no idea how tough it is. when i came into the produce department over the weekend, what i realized was i really
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didn't know which fruits were inspns i've. i didn't know. should i be heading for apples or bananas or should i head for god only knows what. but really, really difficult. >> reporter: we're going to head through the supermarket here in san jose. we've got a shopping cart, just to demonstrate what it takes to try to get by on $4.50 a day. we'll be doing that coming up throughout the show. >> thanks, bob. well, the giants will try to make it three in a row in chicago tonight. last night buster posey scored the only run of the game with a home run. nice way to do it. giants win 1-0. but the padres won as well, so the giants keep their half game lead in the nl west, with just ten games left in their seen. the a's won't get into the playoffs but they beat the white sox last night. trevor cahill picked up his 17th win of the year. of the final score 7-2. it's chicago's eighth loss in a
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row. they're eliminated from post season and the minnesota twins win the al central title. the time is 5:09. we want to check in with mike and take a peek at the roads. a couple of accidents and some construction to watch out for. >> for the most part that is good news because we're getting ready for that morning commute to hit hard in places like past the home of the a's. we had northbound from high street up to broadway. that may still be around in portions but we don't see any major slowing and very clear at the high street interchange northbound with these taillights. overnight chp issued a high wind advisory still in effect but a light volume you might get caught with that. we'll follow that very carefully as we always do for the bay bridge. in the meantime let's check in with jennifer hill. she's in for rob taking a peek at our forecast. today i guess is the start of the day of change. >> yeah, it's fall and it feels like fall outside today. as you saw on mike's cameras, they're all shaking and the winds are up, that's all thanks to a trough.
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that's what's keeping our temperatures on the cool side right now. we have pretty good visibility, though, this morning. only a few spots around the area are seeing some low clouds. 71 degrees at noon in livermore, 71 in fairfield, 62 in san francisco, 66 in santa cruz. forecast highs today with a lot of sunshine are still staying on the cool side. 68 in napa, 69 in fremont, 72 in concord. where is the heat? the heat is here this weekend. for the first weekend of fall, we're forecasting highs in the 90s in many areas. >> summer just hanging on. thanks, jennifer. it's 5:rec11. a new book due out next week details some tensions in the obama administration. we'll have details coming up next. due in court, eight employees of a southern california city will have to answer to charges they took millions out of city coffers. and a lesson on why setting your facebook privacy settings is so important. a teenager learns the hard way about what happens when you
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don't keep things private.
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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good morning, everybody. the time coming up on 5:15. another live look outside this morning across the san mateo bridge this time. looking at some of our highs. still kind of mild throughout most of the bay area today but we are expecting a few changes. we'll have your forecast and your commute coming up in a few minutes. there is still hope for peace in the middle east. the palestinian president says even if israel resumes settlement construction in the west bank he may consider continuing peace negotiations. mahmoud abbas has threatened to walk away from talks but is softening that. israel says the slowdowns will not be extended. from city hall to behind bars, eight city officials in the southern california city of bell are supposed to be in court today to face accusations they ripped off their constituents. ex-city manager robert rizzo was
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escorted from his home yesterday in handcuffs. the l.a. county district attorney says rizzo was the ring leader in a scheme that cost the blue-collar city more than $5.5 million in excessive salaries and illegal personal loans. rizzo earned an annual salary of $800,000, twice what the president makes. a new book says president obama came up with his own strategy to get the u.s. out of the war in afghanistan. journalist bob woodward has a new book out called "obama's war." he said the president was consistently at odds with his military commanders. he says they consistently offered mr. obama options to increase the number of troops in the war effort. the book also centers on the president's war strategy and the distrust and infighting that consumed his national security team. that book is due out next monday. the president also giving his take after republicans blocked a defense spending bill that included the dream act from getting to the senate floor for debate. the act would have allowed
5:17 am
certain undocumented immigrants to become legal u.s. citizens after serving in the military or attending two years of college. >> well, i'm disappointed. here's something that makes sense across the board. you've got young people in this country who for all intents and purposes are americans. they're american kids. they have grown up here, they're going to school here. oftentimes if they're not legal citizens, it's through no fault of their own. >> the president says it makes stoe sense to give these children a pathway to citizenship. the dream act would have applied to undocumented immigrants who were younger than 16 when they arrived in the u.s. living here at least five years and earning a high school diploma. bad news for at&t this morning. a new study finds what many of us already know. fans of the iphone are not fans of the service provider. the study says close to half of apple iphone users would be very
5:18 am
interested in dumping at&t and switching to verizon. at&t's chief executive says he's not worried by the report. he says most iphone users are in family plans which makes it difficult for them to cancel their service or they got their phone through their business. a new bundle of joy came into the world with the help of a hand-held electronic device. marcy woodson admits she loves technology. her ipad played an important part in the birth of her son. she used an ipad to keep an eye on her contractions but then came human error. she realized she waited too long so she woke up her husband and told him the baby couldn't wait any longer and neither could she. the little bundle of technology actually came in handy. >> i got it for mother's day which i guess is appropriate that it came in handy when this one was born. >> a 911 operator tookd her husband through the delivery of his son, who was three weeks early. medics finally arrived and helped the couple through their very unique delivery.
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a british teen made a facebook mistake and nearly had tens of thousands of people attending her birthday party. instead she ended up celebrating alone. the 15-year-old sent an invite via facebook to some of her friends but she forgot to make it private, which means the entire facebook community got the invitation. 21,000 people rsvp'ed forcing her mother to cancel the party. among those saying they would come, justin bieber, stephen hawking and susan boyle but it is possible some of those rsvps were phony or fake. 21,000 people. >> that's quite a party. a lot of refreshments. >> always worried about having enough food. but 21,000 people and i wasn't invited. >> and you've always got to plan for a little extra. >> all right. look over here where we're looking for extra cars to start hitting the roads. not actually extra, just the normal amount.
5:20 am
that's when we'll see the slowing showing up. 67 right there horizon lane, but about this time we'll see a lot of folks heading to the area just about 5:15, 5:20 is when that starts. you'll see that slowing coming up in another 15, 20 minutes as those sensors adjust to all the folks. pittsburg and bay point will be around 60 miles an hour for the next hour or so. right now we're at 14 minutes. in the earlier slowing we saw just a little patch coming out of the altamont pass. that has cleared up. a nice smooth flow toward highway 84. that's also the area where you join on with 680 just before the new express lane. yesterday we had slower drives but not as bad as monday. a lighter volume on wednesday might keep things moving smoothly. we'll watch for that slowdown starting at 6:00, 6:30 here. we'll show you what it's like crossing the bay. san mateo bridge. that camera is shaking because
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we have a gust of wind as well as the bay bridge so watch crossing over the water. jen hill will have an idea for you of how that wind is affecting your forecast as well. >> thank, mike. well, it's not even halloween yet and we're already getting an idea of the must have toys for christmas. we'll tell you a few of them coming up. and nbc continues to roll out its new fall lineup tonight. a couple is pulled out of retirement and back into duty as globe-trotting cia agents in "undercovers." fhe new nbc show is the lat o brain child of j.j. abrams. it day pews tonight at 8:00. [ male announcer ] as the ceo of hp, carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs,
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breezy and a bit cool outside this morning. starting out mainly in the 50s. 56 degrees right now in concord, 57 livermore, 56 san francisco. cool in gilroy where it's only 49 degrees. the winds are up especially through the passes. some places we do see calm winds like in novato but towards livermore it's blowing at 12 miles per hour, 14-mile-per-hour wind in fairfield. this morning is a bit cool thanks to the wind and the temperatures are on the cool side all thanks to a trough. that trough will be replaced by high pressure and that means we're going to see a warm weekend. cool today with sunshine, pretty
5:25 am
clear conditions around this morning and great air quality. we're all looking green across the north counties all the way down through the santa clara valley. beautiful day today with all that sunshine around. our forecast highs today, 74 in fairfield, 73 livermore, 68 in hayward, 68 in santa cruz. like i said, a lot of sunshine in the forecast today but even with all the sunshine thanks to the trough in place we still have a bit of cool air coming our way that will be replaced by sunshine and hotter weather for the weekend. our forecast high today for the first day of fall is 70 degrees. on thursday we start to warm up. tomorrow forecasting a high of 78 degrees. friday it's going to be summer-like. we didn't really have a summer but now we're getting all this hot weather in time for fall. we're forecasting highs in the 90s inland, 70s along the coast. so i guess we're making up for it. >> i guess it's going to feel hot. thanks a lot. it is more than a month until halloween. however, toy makers are already pointing out some of this year's holiday must haves.
5:26 am
>> you'll want to get a pen and paper out. thingamajigs may become a must have. online searchers have doubled since july. google's spike for hasbro's popular version of the dart blasters show a 1700% increase over the past month since the company unveiled the toy. quite popular. toys r us has its own predictions. its list includes squishy pencil poppers, monstrous fashion dolls and collectible critters along with 33 other toys expected to wow kids. the entire holiday hot list is on the toys r us website. >> some fun ones to check out. we have a new sketch of the man that police say is attacking women at lake merritt. we'll show you that next. and a live interview on how to keep your kids safe while you travel in the car.
5:27 am
we'll show you what you need to do next. a live look outside. one of our favorites, the old bay bridge. we'll check your morning commute, traffic and latest wstayitalh usrnlong.. stay with us. first day in our new house! does it el le home, yet? first day we care t in our new house! ♪ fls like home [ dagoodor. male announcer ] gran! bisc.
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keeping your family safe. we'll tell you how to make sure your kids are strapped in safely in the car and who can help if you're not sure how to do it. here we go again. it's the second water main break in days for one east bay neighborhood. i'm christie smith. coming up we'll tell you whether neighbors have water or not when they're mawaking up.
5:30 am
that story "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. 5:30 already. this is "today in the bay" and that means it's time to check the forecast. meteorologist jennifer hill. >> we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall day. when you go outside it does feel fall-like. just a little bit of cloud cover around today. most of us are enjoying clear conditions, although it is windy outside. the winds are making it feel cooler than it is. coming up, even though it's fall, i have a summer-like forecast. thanks, jennifer. we'll check back in a little bit. in the meantime, new this morning, democrats are promising to fight on after senate republicans delayed a decision on don't ask, don't tell. they stalled a vote on a bill that would have forced them to decide whether to continue the policy or reverse it, allowing gays to serve open ly in the military. ac transit will consider
5:31 am
another round of deep service cuts tonight. the agency is looking at a $56 million budget deficit. to close the gap, it's talking about slashing weekend service in half and getting rid of all but two of the overnight bus lines. those cuts would save about $12 million and union reps say that the cutbacks really are not needed. it's a soggy start for families in one east bay city. they are dealing with another big water main break this morning, which is the second in a week. today in the bay's christie smith is live this morning in pleasant hill with the latest on the overnight cleanup. they have got a mess, christie. >> reporter: they do. it's going. but this is a messy repair job and it's also really loud. i'm not sure how neighbors can sleep with this going on. if you're in the area, you'll have to find a way around it because morello avenue is blocked and they're pumping water out of this large hole as they try to get down to this water main break. i wanted to get to some new video that we just shot this morning of the break in this
5:32 am
eight-inch water main. a manager with the contra costa water district tells me they have to keep it lightly pressurized while they make the repair this morning. they say it's just how the system works. now, this broke yesterday around 7:30 p.m. there was some concern about flooding, but that didn't happen, into homes. neighbors in 40 homes had no water for at least a few hours into the night but overnight they were able to reroute some lines out here so water is flowing again. meaning everyone can wake up to a fresh shower and a pot of coffee. this break is on the same line as one that broke on september 13th. why does it keep happening? i asked a manager out here. he says he doesn't know, perhaps the ground is settling, but they really don't have any hard answer for that. we can tell you that they are looking to at least move some of this heavy equipment out of the way as they keep working on this street because it is a main thoroughfare and they say there are at least three schools in
5:33 am
the area, so come daybreak they're going to have a lot of traffic on this street. reporting live in pleasant hill, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thanks for the update there. in the meantime oakland police have a sketch of the man suspected of robbing and sexually assaulting two women near lake merritt. this is an update to a story we first told you about tuesday. the suspect is described as a man in his 20s about 5'10" to maybe six feet tall with a medium build. investigators are not giving much more detail at this time. both women were attacked in relatively secluded areas while on their way home sunday evening. police advise women to stay in well-lighted, populated areas and to be aware of their surroundings. a murder trial will stay in oakland for now. a judge made the ruling yesterday but he said the decision may change if an impartial jury cannot be seated. former black muslim bakery leader is accused of ordering the killing of chauncey bailey in 2007.
5:34 am
a co-defendant will also stand trial in oakland. both have pleaded not guilty. a military controversy is swirling around a bay area company known for fun and games. but when the pentagon wants to ban you, that's not good news. scott mcgrew broke that story and he joins us with the latest on it. >> reporter: sure, it continues to develop, brent. the army, navy and air force have decided to ban sales of the latest medal of honor video games on military bases. we are starting to hear more reports about this game in the mainstream media. we have been talking about it for a couple of weeks. the controversy surround the fact that players can act as the taliban in the game attacking american forces with ieds. now, the military says it will not allow the sale of the game in its big post and base exchanges, but won't restrict soldiers, airmen and sailors, from actually playing the game. medal of honor is made by electronic arts in redwood city. a spokesperson says the game is a form of art and, like books,
5:35 am
should not be banned, pointing out in these sorts of games, somebody has got to play the bad guy. >> controversy continues on that one. thanks, scott. car accidents are the leading cause of death for children between the ages of 3 and 14. most of the time it's because they're not strapped in correctly. this week is child passenger safety week and we're trying to make sure that your kids are buckled in safely this morning. laura has gone outside of our studios to show you what to look for and what to do. of course we've got three of them to buckle in. >> that's right. we've got a lot of car seats to keep people safe and that's the number one thing. it's sad to report that car accidents are the number one way that children die. so much of it can be prevented and so much has been done to save the lives of at least 9,000 kids because of car seats. we are joined by officer tom bowen from the chp. he's going to show us some of the common mistakes that are made with car seats when putting them in that's so important. thanks for joining us this
5:36 am
morning. >> you're very welcome, thank you for having me over. >> you know, it's kind of confusing to new parents. are most car seats considered pretty safe in the first department? >> child seats are safe. certainly a lot safer than you might do without a restraint system. the difficulty comes in in putting them correctly into the vehicle and also making sure that we put the children correctly into the seat. >> exactly. because if you're one year or younger, less than 20 pounds, the infants have to be rear-facing. >> true. with that said, though, it's important to know that your kids are safener a rear-facing seat than a forward-facing seat. so don't feel like just because he's a year old and 20 pounds, let's turn him around so keep them rear-facing as long as you can. >> let's check these out. we have three in here. we have triplets. so it's very important. it's very crowded. i don't know if that makes a difference as well. some seats have the latches and others you have to use a seat belt.
5:37 am
is there a difference in the safety? >> no. we can install a child seat just as safely with a seat belt as we can the latch belts. they do exactly the same job. the national highway traffic safety administration recommends putting it in with either or, either the latch belt or the seat belt but don't use both. >> can you quickly look and tell us how we're doing? >> you're doing fine. you asked me if it's okay to have the seats right next to each other? it is, as long as they're not playing off each other. if one seat is pushing on another, that might not be a usable position. even though it is kind of crowded in here, they're not pushing against each other. we've got enough room to where we can have these seats right next to each other because it gives you some access on the other side. >> and we have a third in the back. >> yep. so we're using our latch belt on this child seat to install it. it's almost in there secure enough. >> so a little tighter. you can probably tighten that with a seat belt.
5:38 am
so you do a little shake test and know how you're doing. >> it gives me kind of a quick idea. then just eyeballing it, the seats seem to be a little incliei inclined. so we need to go a little further back. the child seat has an adjustment for the recline because each vehicle manufacturer makes their seats a little bit different. one thing that's common is that your bottom rides a little lower than your knees. >> and for the comfort of the kids as well. thanks for joining us this morning. we want to tell people the chp is great because they're available for folks. you can actually head to -- call the non-emergency number for the chp or head to our website as well. we're going to give you more information about how you can get checked for free. they're so accessible and we appreciate you coming out today. >> you're welcome, thank you. >> brent, back to you. >> maybe ask him, i've tried putting towels and things under there for your next hit what works and we'll see if we can get that seat because it's just
5:39 am
the way the seat is made by the car maker. >> right. we're going to check back with him coming up in our next hour as well. >> thanks, laura. see you in a bit. right now we want to check the forecast. jennifer hill in this morning for rob mayeda and we're talking about fall officially here but it doesn't feel like it. >> exactly. it feels like it today and this weekend we get the big warmup. everyone wanted to know where summer was this summer because it was so cool. we're starting out with temperatures at 56 in livermore, 58 in san jose and 58 in los gatos. haven't seen a lot of cloud cover around this morning, just some hugging the coastline. we're expecting another sunny day just like yesterday, but the winds will still be up. 71 degrees at noon in fairfield, 71 in livermore, 67 in san jose. at the lunch hour. 66 in santa cruz. by the time we hit 4:00, our forecast highs still feeling like the first day of fall. 66 oakland, 70 in san jose, 72 in gilroy. but coming up this weekend, it's
5:40 am
summer yet again. temperatures in the 90s inland, even 70s along the coastline. brent. >> thanks. the time now is 5:39. the two farms behind the nationwide egg recall will have to answer to congress today. we'll have more on that coming up in a live report. and the worst roads in the state are right here in the bay area. we'll take a look at which cities top the list. >> reporter: and this is bob rede redell. think about how much money you spend on food each day. do you think it's $4.50? unfortunately a rot of your neighbors, that's all they get each day. thhth cgeenn going on in e utso bay and see if you can survive on $4.50 a day coming up.
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bold. daring. capable of moving your soul. ♪ and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard of the world. welcome back, everybody. 5:42. a live look at san jose this morning. 73 degrees there, but it's in the news for another reason today. we'll get to that coming up in
5:43 am
just a couple of minutes. the two companies at the center of the nation's largest egg recall will be put on the hot seat later today. they're going to be grilled by congress starting at 9:00. today in the bay's tracie potts is live in washington, d.c., with more on what we can expect. good morning. >> reporter: laura, good morning. you can expect to hear what the explanation is from these two companies as to why salmonella was found in their plants. the focus in particular will be on one owner, jack decoster. he's had a lot of problems before in multiple states, various issues, fines for health and safety violations after an fda inspection revealed some filthy conditions there. he's also had some other fine settlements, guilty of hiring illegal workers. he will be asked why he didn't turn over positive salmonella tests, there have been over 400 of them at his plant in the last two years, specifically 73 tests that were the exact same strain as that salmonella outbreak that got so many people, 1500 or so
5:44 am
people sick across the country last month. he is expected to say that he is sorry. in fact in a statement he said he prays for those victims every day. but he will be asked to explain what was going on at that plant. the fda will also be there. they'll be asked about their oversight and whether they were lax. there has been legislation sitting here on capitol hill for a long time to give the fda more authority. unfortunately, it just hasn't passed yet. live from capitol hill, i'm tracie potts, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, tracie. new this morning, state senate president pro tem darrell steinberg is flying to los angeles today to try to hash out a budget deal with the governor. governor schwarzenegger is sick and has cancelled the meetings the last couple of days but is calling for a big five meeting in los angeles today at 1:00 this afternoon. by the way, today marks the 84th day without a state budget. we're going to soon know who the richest man or woman in
5:45 am
america is. bill gates, warren buffett, open ra winfrey all possibilities. "forbes" releases its list today. last year bill gates took the top honors with warren buffett right behind him. it's 5:45 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. we'll get to weather and traffic coming up but in the mean time a list of the worst roads in california is due out and a bay area city has the unfortunate honor of topping that list. however, it's not alone on the list. in fact there are a number of bay area cities in the top ten. mike inouye is live outside with a look at some of the worst roads. i know what city you're going to say but i do know progress has been made probably since this report came out. >> reporter: that's right. we'll ask my friend, bert, from transportation california who is out here in san jose, we are ranked number one for the worst city roads in the country, is that right? >> i'm sorry to report to you that's true.
5:46 am
the commissioned a report on the quality of roads and potholes in the nation and san jose has the unfortunate distinction of being the number one in the nation with 64% of your roads in poor condition and only 8% in good condition. >> reporter: so that goes based on percentage of roadways and potholes. you mentioned specifically potholes. we've heard a number of reports citing hayward with the worst roads in the bay area but we are talking about san jose and this particular study. the criteria was potholes and what else? >> poor condition of roads that cause drivers extra expense in repairs. >> reporter: how much expense? >> san jose tops the list at $756 a year drivers spend on things. the national average being only $400 a year. so you're well above the national average here. i'm also sorry to report that
5:47 am
six out of ten of the largest cities in california ranked within the top 20 nationally. >> reporter: i mentioned hayward is also in there but san francisco and oakland commute as well as concord? >> los angeles is second on the list. >> reporter: so they got in there somewhere. >> and san francisco is third. honolulu being fourth, interestingly enough. >> reporter: wow. >> the focus of our study is on california at the moment. >> reporter: now, we're talking about those studies that were done. the cost for drivers is about twice as much as on the average? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: for road damage. what's the cost of repairing those roads? i know we've had a lot of repairs done. there's tremendous expense because of closures, reroutes and the materials involved. >> just maintenance alone in california has been a shortfall of $4 billion over the last 20 years so you can multiply that number. the problem is that it grows increasingly as you do not maintain the roads, it becomes more and more expensive to fix
5:48 am
that pothole. as you know, they grow, as you've seen, when it rains. >> reporter: of course. >> weather has an impact on the quality of the roads as well. >> reporter: you were talking about the expense of repairing the roads. you're kind enough to stick around with us the next hour. meanwhile i'll give the folks a quick look at the roadways outside. a live look at the commute out there, a live shot shows you where traffic is flowing nicely right now. no major issues going on through oakland. keep in mind that you have a 12:35 defame for the oakland coliseum. a live look -- we're seeing a slowdown we told you about earlier. the bay bridge, the upper deck moves smooth he towards san francisco. a good volume of traffic but no major delays. we'll see that pick up over the next half hour. jennifer, of course, we've seen that camera shake from time to time. gusty winds, how does that play into our forecast today? >> our forecast for the first day of fall does include those
5:49 am
winds yet again. temperatures will still be on the cool side. when you walk out the door this morning you probably need a jacket, especially if you're driving through the passes today you'll really notice those winds blowing through. at noon 70 in concord, 71 in livermore, 68 in gilroy and 64 degrees the temperature forecast for redwood city at noon. now, it's going to feel like fall today because it's the first day of fall. if you like fall weather, it's not sticking around for the weekend. 68 degrees in redwood city. we're getting summer back in time for the weekend. so for the first day of fall it feels great and cool and then things warm up starting tomorrow and hanging out through the beginning of next week. new this morning, crews are working to clean up flooded roads in one east bay city. a water main broke again in pleasant hill. today in the bay's christie smith is live with an update on the cleanup. >> reporter: good morning to you. we've been hearing jackhammers and generators humming for some
5:50 am
time now out here so i'm surprised we haven't seen more neighbors out here complaining about it. we did see a few walk by so i think they're just starting to wake up. now, the water main is in the hole that you see there in the street. i have to tell you it's gotten bigger since we've been out here. what they have been doing is they're pumping water out of the hole into the street as they make the repair, so it really is still a mess out here. now, we have video of that eight-inch main that's broken this morning. a manager with the contra costa water district tells me that they're keeping it lightly pressurized while they repair it. that's just kind of how it works. this busted open yesterday evening around 7:30 p.m. there was some concern about possible flooding here on morello avenue, but that didn't happen, at least into the homes. now, for neighbors in about 40 homes, though, they had no water for hours yesterday. this morning, though, good news to report, they will have report flowing in their homes. crews have temporarily rerouted the water lines around the break, so, again, water will be
5:51 am
flowing. now, this is as you said the second time, though, that this has happened. the same thing also happened on september 13th, same area, believed to be the same pipe involved. why does it keep happening? they tell me at this point they really don't know, they're just trying to work on making the repair. i also wanted to mention that earlier one of the things they were concerned about is getting one of the lanes open. we can see that southbound is reopened because one of the concerns is there are at least three schools in the area so they wanted to make sure that people could get by. reporting live in pleasant hill, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. new this morning, family and friends are going to gather to remember a vallejo hairstylist who died in a highly publicized string of killings. >> a service will be held for cindy tran at noon at the twin chapels mortuary in vallejo. police say tran's boyfriend strangled her in a car during a chp pursuit last month.
5:52 am
chp officers shot and killed him. police think he may have also killed two men in hercules as well as two women in vallejo. tran leaves behind four sons. a bomb set off at a military parade in iran has killed ten people this morning. one official blames that attack on kurdish separatists. the blast happened close to the borders with iraq and turkey and injured at least 57 other people. most of the victims they say were women and children. the giants will try to make it three in a row in chicago tonight. last night buster posey scored the only run of the game and it was a nice one with a home run. the giants won 1-0. the padres won as well. the giants keep their half game lead in the nl west with just ten games left in their season. uc berkeley students will host a debate tonight on proposition 19 which would legalize marijuana in california. a coalition of campus groups including cal democrats and berkeley college republicans will meet for that debate. it's open to the public and
5:53 am
admission is free. it's tonight at 7:00. 500 jobs will leave oakland this morning, but scott mcgrew says they're not going far. >> reporter: they're going off to pleasanton, so just down the road. but the move of 500 employees out of clorox headquarters in downtown oakland to the east bay city is going to hurt oakland's tax base. another 200 contract employees may go with them according to the "oakland tribune." clorox says it will keep as many as 1,000 workers in oakland. in fact the company just spent millions renovating the clorox building downtown. >> tough time to be laid off, that's for sure. more than five and a half million californians, including two million children, live in poverty. many of them have to live on $4.50 a day diet because that's all they get with foot stamps. bob redell joins us live from san jose this morning with more. $4.50 a day. that's not $4.50 a meal.
5:54 am
>> reporter: no. it's brutal. it's hard to get by. to illustrate this point second harvest food bank here in the south bay and the united way of sill cop valley have issued this week the $4.50 a day hunger challenge. taking on that children, carol lee hutton, the ceo of the united way. you started this and you're going to show us what you put in your cart. first off, there's not much here. this is supposed to last you for the week? >> this is an entire week's worth of groceries with the exception of 21 cents that i had left over when i added up -- >> reporter: $22.50 is the total that you would have. >> one of the things you'll notice is that this cart is filled with starches. >> reporter: they have got sandwich bread, cottage cheese, let's see, green beans, fruit cocktail, pasta, pasta, boy, not much in the way of fruit.
5:55 am
some apples here. rice, potatoes, corn flakes and oatmeal. >> it's almost exclusively store brands. you'll notice there's no meat. i couldn't figure a way to work meat into this budget. i couldn't figure a way to work fresh vegetables. there's nothing organic in this cart at all. >> reporter: so this diet is more about sustenance than actual nutrition. >> absolutely. it's counter intuitive that less money would mean less nutrition because you'd think, well gee, you're eating less. in fact the cheapest canned fruit was the one in heavy syrup. the cheapest foods from the starchiest foods. so it's very, very hard to do good nutrition when you're on $4.50 a day, you know, on a food stamp-type budget. >> reporter: only about 20 seconds. for you at home what's it like trying to get by on this? >> this is very challenging.
5:56 am
it's combinations of food that aren't particularly appealing. there's nothing fun in this basket. >> reporter: it's pretty boring. >> very boring. it also takes a lot of thought and a lot of planning. much more than i would normally do at the grocery store. >> reporter: and people can try this on your own? >> you can go to, our website. >> reporter: brent and laura, you can see if you're unfortunately in that situation, it's not easy. among the other stresses you have in your life, just trying to get your tummy well. >> and try to do it nutritiously. is it for a family of four on average? >> reporter: say that one more time? >> for a certain number of people on average? >> reporter: $4.50 per individual. if you have a family of four, it's $18 a day. but imagine everyone, you multiply and figure it out. yes, if you have $18 a day you'll obviously buy a little
5:57 am
more in bulk, but you're not feasting here. it's not a smorgasboard by any stretch of the imagination. >> it's just an interesting lesson or kind of -- to try to do yourself in this day and age. thanks so much, bob. we'll check back with you later in this newscast. the time is 5:57. two krds tucandidates are turni the efforts to raise campaign funds. the fight over san francisco's alcohol fee is far from over. see what's next after the mayor vetoed it. a water main break is causing big problems. a live look at what's going on erthminecop u.ngxt
5:58 am
5:59 am
the health care reform bill kicks in tomorrow. we have answers to your questions. >> reporter: it's the second water main break in days for one east pay neighbod


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