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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 24, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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>> new this morning, a way to go green as an auto dealer opens a first of its kind show room. >> 86 days late, but california finally has a budget breakthrough. coming up in a live report. # are expecting warm condition this is weekend. if you like the cool temperatures, you will like it this morning. 59 in fremont and 84 degrees at noon in livermore. 84 in fairfield. we expect a lot of sunshine to heat things up and as we get into the afternoon, we pop into the 90s.
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this weekend might see triple dimits. >> let's go to mike inouye. >> across the bridge, you will have an issue westbound 80. the on off-ramp, an overturned truck carrying grass, you will not get it today. we don't know when it will clear. maybe 6:00 a.m. it is the commute direction as we head out towards the bridge. the rest of the travel is moving smoothly. early starts with the back up and even friday can cause major problems. it's get away friday for a lot of folks. new this morning, the first of its kind in the bay area car dealner oakland will open its unusual show room today. the nearly 11,000 square foot
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facility will feature a hybrid and ecofriendly cars. the civic and crz, the honda of oakland show room will be opened today. auto dealerships are one of oakland's top sales tax producers. in other news, court proceedings could come to a stop for the convicted rapist accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard. if the judge ordered a mental evaluation of phillip garrido. the sacramento bee argues he could argue he is not mentally capable of standing trial. me and his wife nancy are accused of holding jaycee captive in their back yard. they have been in jail for more than a year. a trial date for the man accused of ordering the killing of chauncy baily and two other men. an alameda county superior court
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judge ordered yus of bay the fourth to stand trial november 8th. the trial had been delayed several times and is expected to take quite sometime. jury selection won't begin until after the first of the year. he is accused of ordering the shooting of bail whoa is working on the story about financial problems. >> those who want to be mayor squared off at a standing room only night. nine candidates tried to set themselves apart for different approaches to solving the city's problems. candidate don paradda said the current leadership left with a high crime rate. city councilwoman and candidate jean quan is not the best approach to reducing the high crime rate. if there further cuts to parks
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and recreation and after school programs, there won't be a reduction in crime. oakland getting an infusion of cash to fight the violence. the federal money going to three violence prevention programs that are a key part of measure y. the largest portion, $2.2 million going to a ceasefire program that provides alternatives to gangs and violence. it includes street outreach, management and case opportunities. $750,000 will help the strategy designed to reconnect children with school after release from other programs including juvenile detention. another $750,000 will help young men and women release friday jail find jobs. >> the senior service road repairs waiting on a budget deal and looks like the wait may be over soon. christie smith is live in oakland with live on the framework of a new deal.
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>> reporter: good morning. it's believed the framework includes $7.5 billion in cuts, much less than the governor and republicans had been backing. they were looking for $12 billion in cuts. slightly less than democrats proposed. the so-called big five spent a second day in los angeles where negotiations were going on because the governor was not feel willing and unable to fly to the capital. they are trying to solve the $19 billion budget deficit and some of the plan relies on federal dollars that haven't been promised yet. it meant stalled projects and certain checks not going out. >> it's a good sign for the state workers and the vendors not getting paid by the state and college student who is don't have the loans to pay for the books. we are far from the final agreement. >> the state is now without a budget for 86 days.
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that's the longest delay in state history. they returned to sacramento with details to be hammered out and possibly a final agreement by monday. live in oakland, christie smith, today in the bay. >> friends and family will remember victims of the san bruno explosion. a couple die and it killed five other people as well. the memorial will start at 4:00 this afternoon at the first presbyterian church of burlingame. they sprayed homes with water to prevent potentially dangerous material from kicking up into the air. >> it's difficult. two weeks after the event, we are going in and removing their home for them. they have been positive and thankful. it's basically taken it off of
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their heads. >> the clean is up expected to last at least a month. >> a well-known singer from the 50s died. 82-year-old eddie fisher passed away in his home due to complication from hip surgery. he had dozens of hit songs including thinking of you and any time. he was just as well-known for marriages to debbie reynolds and elizabeth taylor. he is survived by four children including carrie fisher. sarah shourd shared intimate thoughts for the first time in public, including how she kept ongoing after being in an iranian prison for more than a year. >> only one day i really gave up, but i didn't get out of bed or eat. just cried. didn't even speak to the guards. i had to pick myself up because i had to keep going for my mom and everyone else that loves me.
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and for god. that's what makes you not give up. >> shourd hopes to meet with the iranian president while he is in new york. he sparked a walk out at the united nations general assembly when he said most people believe leaders staged the september 11 attacks. uc berkeley slashs hundreds of workers to cope with the budget crisis. the cuts will be added to the 600 positions already gone. this after the state forced the school to reduce expenses by $140 mill yen. they are expected to happen after january, saving berkeley some 20 million more dollars. . we will get you started with the bay bridge toll plaza moving lightly and you should see a lighter flow. we will watch for changes and no
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major changes to the metering lights. we will look at the east shore. as the morning progresses and 10:00 through the afternoon and building towards the evening because of all the folks heading into the city for activities. 19 minutes off of the bridge and that's an unusual extra minute for the drive. pocks of slowing throughout the east bay. antioch westbound and a through l and pitsburg through bay point. no incidents and we are tracking down the reasons. we're all trying to wake up and we will see if there issues there. westbound 580. that's the commute direction and eastbound around 2:30 or 3:00. out of livermore and into tracy towards sacramento and tahoe. back to you. >> let's check in with jennifer as well. a hot weekend ahead. >> you will need to find a pool.
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maybe head to the mountains. mild temperatures and 55 degrees in santa rosa. 59 in fremont. 83 in concord and 84 in fairfield and 84 in livermore. highs into the 90s. 92 in livermore. 90 in gilroy and 88 in napa and 92 in concord. we will hold on to the heat through the weekend. if you want to cool off and head to the beach or up to the mountains. we could see areas getting into the 100 degree range. if you have to be outside, i expect the air quality to decrease and not be so great this weekend. monday will be the hottest day. things should cool down to 90 on wednesday. >> you are saying absolutely no on mowing the lawn? >> i am saying you are not allowed. jennifer hill says no. >> got it, everyone. thank you. time is 4:41.
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congress not the playground bully could take your kids's school lunch money. details in a vote and could stress prevent pregnancy? iojust need has you just need to relax. to
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>> welcome back. high temperatures going to be high and even higher this weekend according to jennifer. we will check back in. students at panoel valley high
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proud of one teacher. english and sign language teacher is the teacher of the year. she is humbled, excited and thrilled over the honor. she has been a teacher eight years and serves as adviser for several student groups. east bay cancer patients will get a visit from olympic swimmers. 1988 olympians will visit cancer patients at children's hospital in oakland. they will take part in a swim across america's san francisco bay swim as a fund-raiser for cancer research. 140 other swimmers including cancer survivors will take part in a swim from the golden gate bridge to crissy field. let's go to some sigalerts in the east bay or north? >> north heading into the east bay. vallejo has the sigalert and an overturned truck.
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unrolled in my back yard. closure getting on to columbus parkway. if you are heading through the area, you have to get off at redwood parkway. you can loop back on and get over there too on the east side. keep that in mind. there may be slowing later on, but light volume and we will watch for slowing there. the westbound lane too. back to you. >> thank you, mike. hot weekend ahead. >> hopefully you are using my name well. i got you out of mowing the lawn this weekend. >> every man in the bay area is officially excused from mowing the lawn. >> for will be way too hot. the air quality will not be good thanks to the heat. nice temperature this is morning in the 50s, but this afternoon we are really going to feel the heat pumping up. that's going to last through the weekend. it's going to continue to get
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hotter over the weekend. the beach is the place to be. the air quality will go down and we will have bad air quality on sunday into monday before things clear out on wednesday. if you want to cool off and head to the eaches, we are looking at inland at least in the 90s and triple-digits or head to the mountain this is weekend. no relief from the clouds and the forecast highs are way into the 90s. this weekend it's going to be hot. >> thank you. looks like wall street investors looking to end a roller coaster week on an up note with more news. we turn to courtney reagan at world headquarters. >> good morning. futures are up about important economic data. durable goods numbers in about 45 minutes and home sales out later this morning. the new home sales are expected to see a 7% increase and the market will like that if that's
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what we get. most asian marketses are higher and europe is a bit lower. as for the markets, we lost 76 points and we open today's trade. the nasdaq was off seven points to 2327. good news for senate incumbents. democrats they would postpone a contentious floor fight over the bush tax cuts until after the november elections. it not only protects incumbents from potentially controversial votes from the highest earners, but increases the likelihood of compromise with republicans. if no action is taken, they are set to expire at year end. back to you. >> history could be in the making. the brazil state-run oil company could raise up to $79 billion which would be the world's largest public offering.
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if successful, the deal would easily top the offering of a japanese telecommunications firm and agricultural bank in china. brazil's government will use reserves to buy itself $43 billion in stock. the shareholders will pay cash. the offer will dump money into the company for the largest oil exploration ever. the program makes his company a major exporter of oil. the people who try to get you to buy gold coins still realing for the tongue lashing they took in washington. some members of congress want gold sellers regulated. they said gold selling ads sell on fear, lies and rip offs and encourage people to buy when prices are up. gold sellers often try to sell gold coin instead of straight
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gold because the coins only have 1/10 as much gold. legislation would force sellers to disclose that to buyers. >> one of the richest people in america will be lighter for a good cause. mark zuckerberg announcing that $100 million donation to the newark still district in new jersey, believed to be the largest donation he ever made. yesterday foeshs magazine reported the 26-year-old has a net worth of billion was dollars. recently two men who are also in the top 10 on the list, bill gates and paul allen are definitely in the top 10. they made headlines for large donations to urban schools. zuckerberg is in the movie social network that paints him in a less than charitable light. >> as you get ready for school, handing out lunch money, here's
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a story that affects what your kids eat at school. if congress does not act by friday, money will run out for the federal school lunch program. it looks like a final vote could happen as soon as today. >> what washington sends your school to pay for lurch hasn't changed in over 30 years. congress wants to bump it up by about a nickel per meal. it's not enough. fairfax county, virginia loses 58 to 77 cents on every meal. >> we are adding fruits and vegetables and whole grains. it raises the cost, but we are walking the talk. >> this would require the government to eliminate junk food in the lunchroom and vending machines and school events. >> to help companies and banks and we are trying to ask them to help small children. >> it's not enough to stick an apple on the tray if the child
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doesn't like it. they are not going to eat it. >> the controversy is over how the $4.5 billion program is being paid for by cutting future food stamp benefits. >> we have more people depending on food stamps to feed their family than any other point. >> the obama administration argue it won't happen for three years. hungry kids need healthy school lunch today. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> now for a look at what's coming up later. good morning, brent. >> we will be right there. a full day ahead including exclusive interviews with the people behind the hemp conand expo supporting the legalization of marijuana and they will answer questions on about what happens if proposition 19 passes and how that would impact your kids. it kicks off education nation on the networks and today show host
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matt lauer gets it started with a 30-minute live interview with the president and i spoke with him earlier about that. we will hear from that about what he expects. those stories and a little something for your sweet tooth on today in the bay. >> i will join you for it. it is long suspected that stress can affect a woman's ability to get pregnant. for the first time ever, scientists found evidence that stressed out women do have a harder time conceiving. british researchers took saliva samples from 400 fertile women and measured a compound produced when people conspiracy stress. women with low levels were 12% less likely to get pregnant. women and partners should try destressing solutions before turning to fertility treatments. there is evidence a massage
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may boost your immune system. they took blood samples as people got a massage and took them and found that a significant decrease in stress hormones were in the blood and increases in white blood cells. 86 days and counting, but the wait may be over for a state budget. that's good news for people who rely on money from sacramento to pay the bills. it could mean big cuts. more on the belt tightening. >> reporter: the details will be worked out this weekend, you it is believed that state lawmakers agreed on about $7.5 billion in cuts. they are also apparently relying on federal dollars to come in and boost the bottom line though they haven't been promised to them yet. this announcement came after a second day of meetings in southern california where these negotiations are going on. they are trying to solve a $19 billion budget deficit.
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it comes as caltrans had to announce it had to freeze money because of a back of a budget. the state paid most of the bills while this is going on, but some checks can't go out without a budget in place. certain clinics and child development programs and others have not been paid. certainly a sign of relief for people who have been watching their mail boxes for checks that haven't been coming yet. it is believed a deal could be in place as soon as monday. reporting live in oakland, christie smith today in the bay. >> the pitching continues to amaze and the team is back in first place. juan uribe sends it completely out of the ballpark. later on again, he will clear the bases as he circles the diamond with a grand slam.
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six rbi innings. baumgartner was the pitcher and yielded no runs to the cubs. the giants have a modern era record of 17 straight games, giving up three runs or less. this eclipses the a's record. the giants move back into first over the padres and they have nine games remaining in the season. they open at a crucial series in colorado. tim lincecum is on the mound. the rangers can clinch the west with two wins in their four games at the coliseum. the a's will look to follow-up on dallas braden's strong showing yesterday. he pitched eight innings with just hit. go giants. go timmy lincecum. go jennifer. >> here we are with hot weather headlines this morning. feels great outside.
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might need a hoody or a jacket. it will be about sunscreen and drinking a lot of water. we will warm up to the 90s in the east bay and in the southern valleys. this weekend we might see a 100 degree temperature. that means the air quality is going down. we have a strong onshore flow that kept it cool, but also kept us in green colors for the air quality. this weekend see see it going down if you are sensitive. we see 40s and 50s out there. at 8:00 a.m., we stay mainly in the 50s and even in the city, 75 degrees and at 4:00, 90s and 80s and like i said this weekend, smoking hot. it's interesting. according to the national weather service, last year at the same time we had another heat wave. amazing. >> that are is interesting. fall got weird. will california resume executions? a judge's crucial role in deciding the fate of inmates on
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death row. plus, attacked on a popular bay area trail. we will have a look at who may be behind it all. gavin newsom adds new new ad f lieutenant governor and why accusations are not sitting well. [ female announcer ] jerry brown and oakland's schools.
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what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases...50%.
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the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad...the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.


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